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'Mlt 'UTAH aHT 10 ;W33 .mi
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. ,. , . ---- " .-.-(. IV 1 '.' .
1 A 11 O il 1 Id iifr o
t . . ' zr-- ' ,t' - ' -If !L''-:,., ,, u -r ' vv
' j - ; ft '- ..'' - . .i i ... -... . "' 1 ...;!..'.
Myok John Norflect.
CoissiosER3 Benj. Norfloet, Jiwevl Cobb. H."
C. ChPrrv and G.-orge Mathewsoti.
SecrktIbi amd Teeascrer Robert Wnitehutst.
Const ah" J- Hyatt.
Tows Watch Harry RlmonJ, Bill BuU ami
j-nmcs F. Simonson. ,
Superior Court Clerk and Probate Jutlje
H. L. Suton, Jr.
Register of Deeds -Alex. Mo'.V"'.
Sheriff Joseph Cobb.
Treasurer HoW.li- Austin.
Surveyor ,Kbn E. Baker.
School Examiners.-ll. H. Sluuv, .in. A.
DueL'an and K. S. Williams.
Kerper Poor Howe-Vim. A. Dtij.au.
Com,iyier Jno. Lanoaslcr. t.huiriuan,
VlleS Well, J- B. W. Norville, Frar.U Dew ,
M. Exem. A. McCftbe, Clerk.
Armeaffarboio'aa;;y)at - -JuP.Jl.
I.aa Tafboro' rfily) 4 i ? - A. M.
Arriv. at T-xbotodailjO at . V - t.-f.-.
Xl "igtit and t lie Places of hireling.
. . ' s .
Coucord R. A. ChtipteT No. 5, M. 'M. Law
reuee, Hit;U Priest, Masonic Hall, monthly
convocations iirst Thursday in every inouth at
10 o'clock A. M. , '
4 Corxrord Lodife ' No. 5S, Thomas GalLn,
.IstL-r MaionH- UllT, meets first Friday iiijjrht
it 7 o'clock P. M. and third Saturtlay at 10
o'clock A. M. in every month.
Ketnton Encaraprucct No. 13. I. O. O. F.,
Dr J". 11 Baker, Chief Patriarch, Odd Fel
low' Hall, meets every first and third Thurs
day of each month.
F iecombe Lod;e No. 50, I. (. O. F.,
J. H.Baker, N. G., Odd Fellows I2a!l, meiits
cery Tuesday night.
Edsceombc Council N'o. Vi2, Friends ot
Temperance, meet every Friday nijrlit at the
Odd Fellows' Hall.
Advance Lodge No. tiS, 1. O. i- T., meets
every Wednesday night at Odd Fellows' Hall
Episcopal Church Services every Sunday
at 10 1-3 o'clock A. M. and .j P. M. Dr. J. is.
Cheshire, Rector.
Methodist Church Services every third,
lundayatll o'clock. Kev. C. C. Uodson
Presbyterian Church Service every Sun
day, Ke'v. T. J. Allison, Stated Supply. Week
1' Prayer meeting, Wednesday night.
'Missionary Baptist ( 'hurch Services, the
2rd Sunday in every uiOLth, at 11 o'clock.
Riv. T. R. Owen, Pastor.
?rimi'.ire Baptist Church Services first
Saurday and Sunday of each moctb at 11
Adams' Hotel, corner Mala and Pitt Si
O.F.Adams, Proprietor.
Irs. Pender's, (formerly Gregory Hotel,)
Ian Street, opposite " Enquirer y, OiUee,
Mrs m. rcnaer, rropricircno.
Bai.'i of New Hanover, ou Maia Street,
next dir to Mr. M. Wcddell. Capt. J. D.
C it mmtt k. Cashier.' Oluce hours lvow 'J A.
M. to 3 P. M.
Southern Hxpress 0rice, ju Main Street,
closes ever; tnoi-ninf: at 94 o'clock.
N. M. Lawrence, Apeut.
. ' Main Street, j
- Tarborp N. C." I
0. F. ADAMS, Proprietor.
L aceomod.aion of the f.ive!iiivr .public,
and no pain will he.0parcd m.iUe ail v!i: i
stop at this Jlotel -CttiiitorUiOle and. learnt.
1 he table win ic flrrprdW wltn the Wt the j
market AJfords and erVf-f tn1 esforlcnc'-d !
hands'. The proprietor uiy aek u trial, for I
the public to be eor.vinted. I
Jan. i, 1ST4. tf. j
J. now ready tj supply th.-people of Tar
boro and vicii.ity with all kinds A
Bread, Cakes, French and Plain
Candles, Xuts, Fruits,
cVC, $C, A'C,
embracing every th'.ii(? usually kept in a Firrt
Class Establishment of the ki-il.
Thankful for the liberal p itr.ina'-y of the
past the tind' rsiLrned nsks a continuation,
with tile promise of Batisfaeiiun.
rrivntp Fainilic ca;i silwayn have
tucir Cakes fluked here ul aUnti
cst iiulit c.
Orders foe Partlc- Baits
promptly filled. Call and e.iainine our tock,
next door to Bank of New Hanover.
Nov. 4.-ly. JACOU WEBEK.
Watches Sterling Silver K, f
Ware Silver Plated W"are,
Bc7 Fine Watches Repaired Faithfully
and Scientifically, and Warranted. ?a
Jan. 5, 1S72.
Have received upwards of FIFTY FIRST
PREMIUMS, and are among the best now
made. Every instrument fully warranted for
live years. Prices as low as the exclusive
use of the very best materials and the most
thorough workmanship will permit. The
principal pianists and composers, and the
piano-puredasin,' public of the South espe
cially, unite in the unanimous verdict of the
superiority ol the STIKFF PIANO. The
LI It ABILITY of our instruments is fullv
- suiblished by over SIXTY SCHOOLS AND
OLLEOKS in tha South, using over UO ol
our Pianos.
Sole Wholesale Agents for several of the
I'linei Dal manufacturers of Cabinet and Par
lor Organs ; prices from t'jO to $000. A Jili
'ral discount to Clergymen and Sabbath
A 1 irge assortment of second-hand Pianos,
prices ran-iiij? from $75 to f 300, always on
"ami. . . .
S-nil for Illustrated Catalogue, containing
''' nauicrs of over U,(!O0 Southerners who hive
'ought and are Using the Stieir Piano.
War.roujuj, No. 9Norti Liberry at.," - '
,. . ' LTrMOK E, M." D.
fa- tor ies, 84 A So Camden St., and 45 fc 47
lcrryS:. Junel2,-tf.
Dr.J. Walker's California Tin
Cgar Hitters nro rt purely Tc.irctablo
preparation, inado chicly fro:t!jo na
tive lioj'ba foiutfj on the oi; ranges ot
tte Sierra Nevada niofcntiins it VidlUv
i:ia,: tlie "ipedictr.al propcittici ofAVhich
aro cxtiacttd tbcrcfropl vJMit tlic
ofiAkoUo!:.' Tlio estirnis' r.titiost"
dally asked. "What is tin? car.se of the
unparalleled success of YixrxjAit Hit
ters Utir answctTs. that they rcniovo
thb'c'aViSO of'di.scasc. nndihe patient re
covers his health. They are the great
blood p:iii2cr and a liie-giying pnjfcph
a perfect Uicnuvator and Invignratur
of the pysttan. Never before in tho
history of tlioJ world has'a rredicir'.e beea
compour.deil . possessing tho reniarictbio
qualities of Vintoar Littkks ia:eaii::g tho .
tck' of every iltscase jr.aa is heir to. The;,
are a geir.lJ Purgative a well as a Tohio.
rehev:::g Congestion r Iall.usnnatiou o
tho Livwr ui:J Visceral Org.tus in Bilious
The properties of Pil vtalke;:
Vixega Bittkrs are Aperie:;:. l:ai:!;orct:-,
Carmiaative. Nutritious. L::xslir?. Diuretie,
Sedative. Co;tr.t.'r-Irrita:.t Sadcritic, Altera
tive, aud Ai-ti-Liiio-a-.
v : . .:U"S !: " : "':.-
KUAJt Hit sfi.s tit? nost v u :-.-::ti'. 5n-
v :2"nu
s"..st ua-
pe stp-y;.
't tVi'son t .ii
according t- d.irvv
unwell. p"ivid-.i t
droved iy r:.:::"
means, and v'.t.d i
;p Bitter:
l. e l.ot de
irs. and r
;aii3 wtir-ivd. b
JUliOilri, li'.'Ulitti'tH
i i toi; t V
evers, wme
lent in tl
vaibva of
-.it the
i -
ta;e.-:. i s:;
tlio:-e uf tho :
i'iinoifi, Teiuu
r-issjppi, Oiiirr, !iso
c. Cutr; .?r!an.!. Aii
s"i?, Kci, t'oiorad'. Hra':o
I'm:!, Alaba:!::;, H;b:-.e,
anohe. .lanir-?, ;::;d ;.:.;;:y
1 iieir vtiit tr:br;!;irii -. t'n
t ntirt" country h:ri,,g tin
A ui-.-.u n ;iu.ik r:.'i - 'ift'.ily ;
StRfcofVHi.MLi: ii;. t a'.pl
.:-;My :v,'n-p:!. .1 y
, . i i i ou:nr : 'dr'U'.'u '! '- "
I:;o Grand.'.
iva;:n:::i. Uo-
' artic fir ;
'"a Milieu's
." eedii
V I O'i'.iOVf-
i. at., the sa::
t!:o :
i' .:
1! I r. No
; v. a:', a t u:
:.. A
,e h.ld
c 1 1 '.:
II -.
tee. lXai ::i
l(i.J s - i 1
,le iit-o-jof V.'-tLKKa'a
i "T;i--ioan'l y.
!5:!';isi:s. Krupiiu::.-?, Tct-
. Hi. ,rel, Si.-r- . Pimples.
. . Carbaiieh--. Hn.g-wt.rin '.
Kye--. HrydnehH. He!:.
.. .'ions ;f ! F-kil:. II raitor.:
f the ;-!:;: ! wh.-.tc. i-r ii.ntn-
! !1
r i.' '
T V (
. many tiiin
an.i r!iisovci
" Una ho::;
i an-
h!:e ti;(
or old,
e i:;--er .
i.;i''ried or
Aiiiis. ;r. y..-.:r.g
t t!;e d;i',va of v-
mnnl.oe,'. or ;;.e t
Hitters ili-'pi.-.y so
i:iiproveme;it i-; r-- . . 1 1 p
Cleanse tin Vii?
f hie. these Tonic
d r,-:
d j'lood wben
turrstiiiir through
ever veil !i;.d i: i i:il'i
tho skin i:i 1 iii'.pii'.
ck'iiai'u it v.!i;::i y; :
shigghh in tlie vein
foul ; vou: lecliags w
'iri-.dioii;:, or Seres;
::d it obsirueti.'il and
c-'e.'Uise it whe:i it is
rs wiil teil you when. Keep
id iliii hcailh of tho system
the blood pare
w;ll loilov.-.
it. ri. rrrno.i.r & cr.,
DriicrL'i.-is ami Gen. Aut.. S .a !-'r..neise.. ('alif-trnia
ai;d eor. ef Wiilu:iL'to:i and 'i.aril'Mi Sts., N. Y.
Sold ly uli l.i ii.ud ilculeit.
r. h. Mcdonald & co..
DrnpiZiKts anil Gen. Arts.. Sun Francisco. California,
and eor. of Washington ami Charlton Sis.. N". V.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealcn.
Just received at the
Tarbaro Book Storfs
a supply of
. t . . . -
' Standard Ai thorns.
Alsrj quite an ass'oTtfnet'l of
.''-'Miscellaneous. Books,
iit New York teUiil price?,
April 10, lfc74. tf.
Is ij.ri.iueully a i'amily Meilieiutt ud by b '
iug kept ready f'r immedtatc report will save
'luauy au hour ol" sutl'jving- arid fiiany a dol
! i in time and doctors' bil's. '
After over Forty Years'' trial-ft is stil! re.
ceivin? liio most uuqualiiled ti stimotsials to
its. virtues from persons of th-; highest char
acter and responsibility. - Eminent physieiaus
Minutcad !i na the s - tt ! f'
For al! Oi.caicci id the. J.iver, StomaSi and
Tub fcY.'.'.i TOMS oi Liver Complaint are
a biinr or iuu taste iu tle month; Pain in
the Back, bides 'tr Joints, often mistaken for
Ulieui'.iatui.-n ; Sear Stoma elj ; Jaws of Apcp
tite ; Jiowcls alte nately costive and hix ;
it. -adaeln -; '.-s of mvmvry, witlia paiuful
sensndon f has ing tailed to do soiue'.hing
which ourrhL to have bJirTi done; Debility,
Low S;i l's, a thbk yellow r;y,c ir.uice of the
Skin and Eve-, n dryCou-h often luisraken
for Consumption. ... .-.
SSoujciiues im.uy oJ lfi(M- sj rxptOCiV atte-;d
tjc disease, a: ot!er'verVlevHtitthe Liver,
th .nrgest organ iu tUvrbwdv, ugcneia iy the
seat of the dise.r se, ai-.d if UvU Itegula'ed in
t me, great sniWir.g, wi it.-Kdacss anti Death
will erisnr.
For Dyspepsia, Coutipa;loi, Jaundiee,
Bilious attacks, fiek liaadache, Colic, Dc-pre-sion
of 'S; in'.s, Sour Stoiuaeh, Heart
Burn, Ac, Ac
Th- Chrnp.-st, Purest end li st-Juimiiy Mcd.:
tins in the W'urfi! .'
MatiUfuciured oulv by
J'. H. Z2IL1N A CO.,
Macon, Ga., iind Philadelphia.
Pric.-, itM. Sold I y all Druggists..
Piedmont Air-Line Railway.
rrcqr rnrjr TTf-r
HRN N. C. It. W.
In clfect on ami after Monday, Aug. 10, lbT-l.
Leave Charlotte 7.4o P. M.
; Air-Line Jct'n. HJ5 "
" Salisbury, 10.44 "
Greensboro' 2.15 A. si.
" Danville. ".1.'l "
IHniuee. 5.2." "
" Burkvi'V, 1 1 .;:.
Arrive at Pdehuioad -.'2- v. M.
co i no south.
8.35 a.m.
SoG " I
10.54 "
1.15 P.M.
:h-is "
11.04 "
station. - Maih Express.
Leave Uiel;t,Km1,' " -'l.'sf Tt V 11.04 r..
' Burkviiie, I'll f . ( 2,W i. ji'.
Dundee. " '.i.2 . 7.4-
: HaiiViilo. O.ti'J " ' 7.41
Giceirsbr, '. I'lM A.'m. ll.oi)
Salisbury. 3.1-".' 1 21 r. M.
" Air-Line J;.irL': .0 15 :' o.25 "
Arrive at Charlofc, C2t . i80
(10ING EA8TTTfldikd.VErr'.
station.-;. M-dh Mai!.
Li've firenshoro'. V 2.1" a m. . A rr.l 1 .1 5a m
Co. Shop::, 2. -Uiy " 10 CO"
Raleigh, . S.I'Ia.m.'S 5.41 "
A.-r. atGcld. b ro. 5 hi.5 ! " L've 2.30p.m
a02TH WSfJTEEir r. C. P. P..
Lcavfi Grpeirshro 2.00 a n
Ar- ive at Salem . . .
Leave t:aieui
.V'live at (iieeusbof
. 3 30 ,:
,. !.20 p m
.11.15 "
r...-iei!ger train ieiving Raleigh at 5.41
i . M., connects at Greensboro,' with the
Northern bound train ; making the quickest
time to all Northern cities. Price of Tick
ets snme a"; via other routes ' -
Trains to and from points; Eat of Greens
boro' connect at Greensboro' with Mail
Trains to or from points North or South.
Trains daily, Loth ways.
On Sundays Lynchburg Accommodation
leave Richmond "at 0.00 A. M., arrive at
IJurkeviile 12.13 P. M., leave Hur kevihe 4.35
A. M., arrive at Riol.moml 7.58 A. M.
Pullman Palace Cars on all n;glit trains
between (.'harlotte and Richmond (without
change. )
For further inforriia'ion address
th K. ALLEN,
Gen' Ticket Agent,
Greensboro, N. C.
Engineer & Gen'l Sunorii.lendent.
1 , S v
: i Jf-LYt -a : r,l u ; c
,". .r fry- a-M s 1
O o i 'j
h-i m i: z
Hi !
i9 no visions.
Boots & ShcssTjiVaiAfA Wood
en Ware, &c. .
3Xtiin iifc r'of."lonoS 34'
,Arrn - if .
itl-J . :
ii i1
For sale by
Tarboro', Ms
r. 13, 1874.
TARBORO', N. C, FRIDAY!e;rj3BElV30,4874y.,t.
OCT. 30, 1874
Extract fro. : a Sneech of Gen. Cu'ieu A;h
J'auie, at Tuscumbia.
Ddrinr yinter of 1803-'O4 it was"
my fortune ta bo Pre-dilent of one
oi the flourtp martial of tbe Army
of Northern Virginia. One ide'ak
December morning, v.-hi! tlio-isnow
covered the roitinl :mil the winds
howled around the camp, I Mx my
livjuacfir.- to attend the ws-inm ,f
the court. Winding for miles Jilong
uncurtain paths, atlen;!h arrived
at the court g-round :f, l'wun l Oak
Churcii. D;ty
been oar duty
if' had
the oraliatit
bohliers of that army, chat -red with
violations of military law ; but never
had I, on any previous occasion,
been greeted by such anxious spec
tators as on that morning awaited
the opening of the court, (jasc sif
ter case was disposed of, aftd at
length the case of ' The Confeder
ate States vs. Edward Coopvr,' was
called ciuiixe, desertion. A low
murmur life tpoiiiiiiieuiiMjr iioiii
the buttle scarred spectators as a
young artilleryman rose from the
prisoner's bench, and in response to
the que.s ioTi ' Guilty or not GuiityT
answered ' Not Guilty.'
The Judge Advocate was pro
ceeding t open the prosecution
when the Court, observing that the
prisoner was unattended by counsel,
interposed and enquired of the ac
cused, ' Who id your counsel lie
replied, 4 I 'nave no counsel." Sup
. .. ' -i .. r...,. !
nosifiii tnat it was his purpose to I
represent himself before tho court,
the Judge Advocate was instructed i
to jtrocecd. Every charge and I
specification against the prisoner !
was sustitincd. The prisoner was j
then told to introduce his witnesses,
lie replied, ' I have no witnesses.'
Astonished at the cahnne's with
winca lie secmcu to De suumittmtr
111 1 .
to what he regarded a3 inevitable
fate, 1 said to l.itn, ' Have you no
defence ? Js it possible that you
abandoned your comrades and de
sorted your colors in ths pretence
of the enemy ivitliout an reason:-'
lie replied, ' There was a reason,
but it will not avail me before a
military court.' I Eaid : ' Perhaps
you arc mistaken ; you are charged
with tho highest crime known to
military law, and it is your duty to
make known the causes that influ
enced your actions.' For the first
tin e his manly form trembled and
his blue eyes swam in tears. Ap
proaching tho I 'resident of the court
he presented a letter, saying as he
did so, 'There General, is what did
it.' 1 opened the letter, and in a
moment my eyes filled with tears.
It was passed from one to another
cf the court until all had seen it,
and those stern v,arriors who had
passed with Stonewall Jackson
through a hundred battles wept like
littLe children. Soon as I sufficient
ly recovered my self-possession, 1
read the letter as the defence of the
prisoner. It was in these words:
Mv Dp.au Edward : I have al
ways been proud of you and since
your connection with the Confeder
ate army I have been prouder of
you than ever before. 1 would not
have you do anything wrong for the
world; but before God, Edward,
unless you come home we must die !
Last night I was aroused by little
Eddie's crying, called and said,
'What's the matter, Eddie?' and
he said, ' Oh, mama, I'm so hung
ry !' And Lucy, Edward, your
darling Lucy, bhe never complains,
but she is growing thinner and
thinner every day. And, before
God, Edward, unle93 you come
home we mu3t die.
Your Mary.
Turning to the prisoner, I asked,
' What did you do when you receiv
ed this letter?' He replied, 'i
made upplication for furlough and
it was rejected ; again I made ap
plication and it was rejected ; a third
time I made application and it was
rejected, and that night as I wan
dered backward and forward in the
camp, thinking of my home, with
the mild eyes of Lucy looking up
to me, and the burning words of
Mary sinking in my brain, I was no
longer the Confederate soldier, but
I was the father of Lucy, and tho
husband of Mary, and I would have
passed those lines if every gun in
the battery had fired upon me ! 1
went to my homo. Mary ran out
to" meet me, her angel arms ems
braced me ; and she whispered, 'Oh !
Edward, 1 ana so happy ! I am so
glad you got your furlough !' She
must have felt me shudder, for she
turned pale as death, and catching
her breath at every word, she said,
' have you come without your fur
lough ! 0 ! Edward, Edward, no
back ! o back ! Let me and
down together to
gfave, but O, for Heaven s sake,
save the honor of our name !' And
here I am, gentlemen, not brought
here by military power, but in obe
dience to the command of Mary, to
abide the sentence of your court.'
- 'Every officer of that court mar
tial felt the force of the prisoner's
words. Before them stood, in bea-
ifj.g, visiondhneloquent pleade fot,
a bjisband'aiamV'' father' S yrronp::-
!,ljntthyibd been'trffrried' by 'thsirJ
grafe:) lesderf Kobert J&. Lee, to
tread the pttth 1 of duty, 'thoiigh the'
lightninoy 8 tlash'scoTChed the ground
fctieath thtif ftfet and each in his
Mftrn pronorancM-thc'verdict, '.' Gnif-
Y 7roTuaaterj', ior ,. numanity,
'ir3ftunatety f9Vl".Con4jeilQracy, taJ
p'oceeutings'lif court, were re
viewed by" fbe 'CjQrtjeiandingi -.General,
and ujpoK'-eppi.d -was. writ-
tCn :".ai,4. ,JtM - . -' : i-
.- , ,,..I.fltl,"artr8: A. N- Y.
The finilingj. of the- court 4 is ap
proved. ..The priseweHs pardoned
and-' ilLreporiiddTrSicparry!. ,
DurinVrnheVfJcnd battle of Cold
Harbor, wKeris6tVa(I ' shell, were
ia mil
? '-- r - v-
directed toth'e fajjtjtfyat ooq ,q
uatteries was uc.ng. aiiencea.oy-
concentrated, fire -.of. the, enemy.
hen i reaeiieidhe .battecy,' ererj.
gun but?.orhU ia?n dismantled,
and by i rii.jfoiiDr ry Confeder
al j soldier ,Y;th-.,iUf MooistreUiLV-.
ing from his. side- ..A h recoftiz-.
ed me, he. elevated 'his voice abbvie.
the. i,oa;- tl '-,ii.kebat;l and" "said :
, General, I Lave onephel' left ; tell
me have I saved the honor of 'Mary
aud Lucy V I'rliised iriy hat.
Oiioe; moreaf (Confederate shell
cru.sh i-ng-through' - tri'ranks of the
enemy, and the hVr'a 4'ank ty hi
gun to rise'no more'. ' . ' ,
Heaven' kiicws, my countrymen,
I loved that lost cause, but this, in.
which we are now engaged is no less
sacred. We will do our whole duty
in this campaign, aud, , if need be,'
iu the moment of death, fire tho last
j shot in cur battery for the honor of
Alary and Lucy. . . .
A Story cf Nature' '
A little incident related the
'Life of Audubon," forcibly illus
trates the patient, persistent, pains
taking manner in which men of Sci
ence, a3 well as 'men of Letters
prosecute their investigations. It
wasjvbi'e he was' hunting in the
forests of Louisiana- that he dis
covered a tiny little .woedbird hith
erto unknown to tho ...ornithologist.
It wa not' so bTgas a wren, and
was clad in a coatT of 'such "plain,
sober gray, that, rtpoefcupraetrced
eyes woujd detctct it. fitting: ia and
out among the similar oolored
branches of the peculiar species of
trees it inhabited. But," however
humble the btreLmihtei tf) Aud
ubon it was on-.jf a- charming and
curious race of beinga,tbat interest
ed him above allother livings and to
ascertain its histdry'ahjcl habits was
matter or hb mucn importance -as
though it .were hief of tfi ' lr1be'.'
He, therefore; bent e wry--J energy
of his intense and eagcrnatura. to
the study of it." .One nighthe came
home witk thVexcitirfg. news jjhat
ho had found a "pair ' Which were,
evidently prepariffg'tO'bwrtF'a Tnesf.
Next morning h waa trp atid 'off to
the woods at ' Uay.breaV r taking
aloug with him telescopic .micros
cope. ' Erecting tins' under the tree;
that'shcltere-il theaniost invisible,
little creatufes he was "anxious "to"
observe, he made ' himself a pillow
of moss, and then ly quretfy down
on the ground, with, his eye-- to the
instrument, and remained through
out the live-long hours until night
fall, watching the movements of the
iecret and unsuspecting architeets
This course he repeated every day for
three weeks, without respite or in
termission, and then ho was able to
tell, with minute and accurate de
tail, just what material these . buil
ders in the heart of the wild wood
choose for their dwellings, just how
they put it together, and the num
ber of days required to complete
the process of incubation.
The Head of a Whale.
The head is one-third the entire
length of a sperm-whale, and in
obtaining the valuable spermaceti
which it contains the whalemen
divide it into three parts-the 'case,'
the 'junk,' and the bone. The
junk,' is first hauled on board and
stowed away, and then the 'casa is
bailed. The 'case' is a massive
part of the head, cellular in the in
terior, the wal.3 ..of the cells run
ning vertically and transversely.
It is filled with an oily tubstance of
a faint yellow tint, translucent when
warm. The oil-bearing flesh forms
about one-third of the mass, and in
a large whale it has yielded three
and a half tons The caso also
contains the, respiratory canal, and
a cavity of extraordinary depth
rilled with oil.. Ark: opening is
made at one end for . the. purposes
of bailing, and it is next, hauled .to
a vertical position beyond. the reach
of the water. A deep and' narrow
bucket attached to a line arid putty'
is then lowered, and brought ''up '
full of . transparent 'TspeYmabe'ti,'"
mixed with silk integuments 'haW
ing the odor of freshly-drawn-milk;
The sore. , hands f:th - crew,'
bathed in this, riqh substance ar
relieved and healed, andjhejgreen
horns dabble in it with the ineffable
satisfaction displayed by city
youngsters in a mud puddle.
Harper's Magazine.
mi' j
- ' 'A A . - . .
'l lix irt
to sat wkt fovmmf&cixiil
6UC'C.e8f; JSafe4'ttMi!P
ifiSS vSSihA SM Wifi
-i.rJJ -,1TC-!wr. j-
senber a copies. . Hja returned after
tne papers lie Lad
ail, ,
office. ,!TJiey1..hal,Aiffeceuditheir-
AaErff.ew (sanner. bill Is, del fre r -
bed-idarwkiV--Ili50a: re
uDana sti
. eeptvcaie,. wuiuuwjr iiawi.nau
found them in tJi fihrninflTTiiininripd
- r Z J 7 f 77.
Hgainac uie ,uirM xarougir wic
window Utbedift'oitg'' slips
tnrouga onTentKeie8Gimea
.1 . - m , , , mi .a , . i
tp-donrage. tq fprocoed,
same can With ithVioaornina's ,nulk.K- ha&U 1J tf2 k.J
.nJ'..Ji.ii :'4il
ne 9ub?cnber who wailed For samft4
a: A-.tJ.Lir-.-- l.'i4'tL".' -
i i. Las. .SwV" .
time at th? bffice.: oQn$Afm ,a
? onicp. IHJLTj.lOn
ite'rview jWithjlWai
personal iryiwua: .ea
iuUj WW,4i.i.uuBTr
oea room),, torn w..,miB;i ars oi
rarre in his evej thafthiv hiaxil rfpn
--or - :
aatweueu aw uvi; uuiwe vy- a moafc
i .i - . c i 1- i ...
hideous yelling .below his window ;
that on ri8iag,;jiri-igreaV agitafadn,.
he was startled-byhe, sVoTdenr ip
pearance -of The hera'Star," '
rolled hard and benf into the firm '
of a boomerang pastlndian,clab,
that sailed into the window, de
scribed a number of fiendish circles
in the room, knocked var'the light,
slapped tho baby 'a . face,'-" took "
him (the subscriber) 'itt the jaw,"
and then returned out of the win
dow, and dropped ' helplessly in the
area. During the rest of . the, day
wads and strips 'of soiled" paper,
perporting to bef copies' of!,. "Che
Northern" Star "Jpthat, moriiing'i
issue, were brought Jyidigaanilyt at
the officel .An twlrnirable teditorUI
on , The, Uefiour eet Humboldt
Pountyi':hicbI:ihad coflsfriMted
fevenirig:liefore ahd which;" I
had reason tobe!rete,5tnfght hay
changed the whole Balance "of trade
duting th' ehiurag'v la'i4 andT left;
San ' FraTidsct)" bankrupt atVJheA
wharves, was in this -Jiiay .lost to
the jnb&Scrpnieit. : ..u.
er -tnina -tnM iwottid e
" - ' . - - . . .
quite, sure strikV,ny '.eye -ronsthis
and on'alL subsequent - fidest , y-hug ;
the enormousumber'dfTTrfdS-Kntf daws long and curved But . they
fowls of various kinds thatrewSrrhea iaro ehieflr remarkable; for the won
in thenir or coVerettKe . cround. derfal development of various parts
in the air or eorered.tKe
It was truly amazing.. Jtvseeoied
as if the feathereJffieT "of a., whole
continent laust . haye.been concen
trated upon tis island. Iiideedj;-1
doubt if a sweeping, together of1 all
the,Tbirds of the;JJnited' Stales into
any two of the largest-States wduH
people the earth andair more 'fully.
crow, a robk,"a 1bldckl5ird"atid a I.
sparrow, to every fquare yar'd of , 8 Sl0s om'ssion or commis
ground. They lfnow, the vaw-sof ' s?orf' ; alce" any time hut bedtime
t- - .l-i i'tl -l . for thai! . .If -mvr lionrrl a l,ftla
birds in Britain-rthat .they are the
friends, not the enemies of the far
mer. It must be the paradise of
crows and rooks. It did me good
to see them so much at home about
the fields and even in the towns. 1
was glad also to see that the
British crow was not a stranger to
me, and that be differed from his
brother on the American side of the
Atlantic only in being less alert
and cautious, having less use for
these qualities.
Now and then the train would
startup some tempting game. A
brace or two of partridges or a
covey of quails would settle down
in the stubble, or a cock pheasant
drop head and tail and slide into
the coase. llabbils also would
scamper back from the borders of
the fields into the thickets or peep
slyly out, making my sportsman's
fingers tingle. Scribner's Monthly.
The power of chemical agency
has a singular illustration in its
modifying effect upon the proper
ties of cotton. When examined by
a lens, the fibre of cotton is found
to exist of a flattened or ribboned
shaped tube, but when ' treated by
chemical process, with a cold strong
solution of caustic Voda, it appears
to shrink, and assumes the' form of
aaimple cylinder; thus. . tfiree irn j
portant jBtfdVe'ryrlaaikjahli 4atr
ations oijcuf at tnesametlmei that
is, tne nDre e becomea, stronger, it
acquires 'increased, atracton' ' for
coloring matter, and it - becomes
smaller. , In onost 'ease's '-wfiefe
chemical agenay is" employed' TnTthe
preparation' of 'ee,tahJe, 'fibres,'
either tarefflTTmfjufitiltofle
Itroyeolor, or indeed for any "other
purpose, tne object in view is gen
erally attained at tha sacrifice of a
little strength, but in this case
there is increased tenacity imparted.
V.ll - X"
p i Tka fintrani.w nf . AYirVrmlo ,'i
phats to;the JEpgli3harmy during
flia Alwcatnion Avrvflrlif An Lava
iSr.T - t TS.
- Johe osaftcHesfc nhualirtl war.
WarfeWnt.as that de-
liIx:&9t.w iliL-
li,iio nvrer, Tjut Biuwiy, uwiug
5aW. "TrTea-
, v i -xj.ul
I i vi
I . ,.'.' , , .. '
noticino-nia ternrJacicea still tor
ty. vi... TlnU , .ntt hi
buYtAphm-k gerltreand encouraging
t0Qe : &U the horse Tiad
" . f , . i
- ' - jt j- i.
i wave 4Drw ik rwumea ou araaoas
Undertaking. - It sfeems 'almost, sai
crilegeto coix&mplita. .employing
r' i -I . i -
an. considerate and reason.
aW t,m-nBttr.r,ai A-..ftA,
I . - "
or man acramst man.
. j Birds of Paradise
; The birds of Paradise " received
their name-from -.: the idea, ' enter
tained at one time, that ikey inhab
ited the region , of the Mosaic para
dise. ! They live" in a small.- area in
vtustraliaj including Papua or New
Guinea, and a few adjacent islands.
They are-tot easily tamed and kept
confined, and few have been brought
alive from their native locality,
Mr. Bealehadoneat Macao, China,
tnat naa been in captivity nine
years ; but very few have been car
ried to, Europe, although specimens
of the skins and prepared birds
were taken more-than three hundred
years ago." In form and size they
somewnat resemoie our crow or
bluevjay, 'but some are smaller.
They art iisually included in the
tribQt.. of cone-bills, though their1
bills are quiet slender for thai
group,. , and -,a ..Jittle .compressed
rhe tiTIs are . covered ' at the .base
with downy. prf velvety feathers,
whiV xtend , oyer,..the nostrils ;
.their 'wirgs are lpqg and rounds the
tadl Consist of ten .feathers two of
thefif, in gome vgeciesv yery Jong
legs and ieet very lone, large and
itfD) f longer than ianer;
t0 the .middle .one-to
ol their plumage, and. for" ' the -metallic
. splendor of ita , rick .hues.
The sides of the body, . and some
times the head, neck, breastor tail,'
are- orftame1ited'"wrth lengthened,
peculiarly cdeVeloried, and showy
feathers, : ict ' -
How lo tut ChUdren to Bad.
Not with renroof for anv of that
for that! -If yotiver heard a little
creature sighing or sobbing in its
sleep, you could never do this.
Seal their closing eyelids with a kiss
and a blessing. The time will
come when, all too soon, they will
lay their heads upon their pillows
lacking both. Let 'them, then, at
least have this sweet memory of a
happy childhood, of which no fu
ture sorrow or trouble can rob them.
Give them their rosy youth. Nor
need this involve wild license, The
judicious parent will not so mistake
my meaning. If you have ever
met the man, or the woman, whose
eyes have suddenly filled when a
little child has crept trustingly to
its mother's breast, you may have
seen one in whose childhood's home
" dignity " and " severity " Btood
where love and pity should have
been. Too much indulgence has
ruined thousands of children, too
much love not one. Fanny Fern.
Explosive Oils.
A warning to the- public .' is giv
en by the Maine State Assayer and
Inspector of Oils, Mr. Bartlett, in
regard to certain ' non-explosive '
oils, so called, now being sold by
agents ' throughout the State un
der various names, such as areline,'
gasoline,' 'liquorine' etc. 41so,
in some cases, under the name of
4 kerosene.' He has recently tested
samples ot tne liquids, ana m every
case.it his5 pro'mr to be in some
form5 bf betttziae or - naphtha, taking
fire fit som.e cae below a tempera
gYin4ffe?Pl.o8ivQ.Xapor aj; a teia
perafu're Tielofjr het'dt an ordinary
sUft. roem. ''Two- of the samples
ppaldariot be disnlgtrislretF'frdm
commercial benzine, and the others
were a trifle better. One sample
.""."ti vM-SfJ-v9r $M4.reuneicr ana
was called kerosene, which, on test
ing, proved to be nothing but pari
fieri t hfn?nd
NO. 44.
' Little Graves.
Sacred places for pure thoughts
and holy meditations are the little
graves in the church yard. They
are the depositories of the mother's
sweetest joy, half unfolded buds of
innocence,' humanity nipped by the
first frost' of time, ere yet a canker
worm 'of. dorruptien has nestled
aaone its embryo 'petals. Callous
must be. the heart of him who can
3tand by. a little grave-Bide and not
have holiest emotions awakened to
thoughts of purity and joy which
belong-alone to "God and heaven,
for.thfl mute preacher at ' his feet
ells pf life begua and ended with
out stain; and surely if this be
vouchsafed to mortality, how much
'purer and holier must be the spirit
ual land, enlightened by the sun of
infinite goodness, whence emanated
the soul of that brief sojourn among
us 1 How swells the heart of the
parent with! mournful joy while
standing by ' the earth-bed of lost
Jiitle-Vones ? Mournful a 'sweet
treasure has been taken away
jpyful, because that precious jew
el glitters in the diadem of the Re
, ,. . Beautiful Sentiment.
I' confess that increasing years
bring with them an increasing res
pect for men who do not succeed in
lifer as those words are commonly
used-r-Heaven is said to be a place
for those who do not succeed upon
earth; and it is surely true that,
celestial graces do" not best thrive
and bloom in the hot blaze of world
ly, prosperity. Ill success some
times arises from a superabundance
of qualities in themselves good
from a concience too sensitive, a
taste too fastidious, a self forgetful
ness too romantic, a modesty too
retiring. I will not go so far as to'
say, with a living poet, that "the
world knows nothing of its greatest
men," but there are forms of great
ness, or at least excellence, 'which
die and make no sign;" there are
martyrs that miss the palm but not
the 6take; heroes without the laurel
conquerors without triumph.
How we Fade.
As the trials of life thicken, and
the dreams of other days fade, one
by one, in the dim vista of disap
pointed hope, the heart grows weary
of the long continued struggle, and
we begin to realize our insignifi
cance. Those who have climed to
the pinnacle of fame or revel in lux
ury and wealth, go to the grave at
last with the poor mendicant who
begs by the wayside, and like him
are soon forgotten. Generation
after generation, says an eloquent
writer, have felt as we feel, and
their fellows were as active in life
as ours are now. They passed
away as a vapor, while nature
wore the same aspect of beauty as
when the Creator commanded her
to be, The heavens will be as
bright over our graves as they are
now arouna our patti ; the world
has the same attraction for offspring
yet .unborn that she once had for
ourselves, and that she now has for
our children.
. ' Eain and Pine Weather.
" I don't like the rain," said lit
tle Octavius, "it hinders my run
ning about and getting a good game
of play in the garden."
-44 1 like it," answered Colin, the
gardener's little boy, " It comes
just in time to spare my father the
trouble ot having to water the
flowers and vegetables."
This is a history of the world
what pleases one displeases another ;
but nothing od does is wrong, and
when you are inclined to grumble
at the rain coming to hinder your
out-of-doar amusements, think of
the poor gardener, who is, perhap3,
old and weak, and who now will
not have the trouble of watering
the plants.
The ruins of Iona, so venerable
in the history of Presbyterianism,
are about to be repaired. Mr. It.
Anderson, of Edinburgh, has been
commissioned by the Duke of Ar
gyle to repair and restore as far as
possible the long neglected ruins in
Iona. On digging into the mounds
at the walls, recently, Mr. Ander
son found several relics of ancient
sculpture, and altogether saw
enough to satisfy him that a
thorough search would bring to
light many characteristic features
of the old cathedral, The mounds
are to bo opened, and material so
recovered will be used in making
good, defects in the cathedral's
The Nativity of Jefferson
Davis. In relation to the nativity
of Jefferson Davis, a writer in Notes
all J Queries says : I have no recol
lection of 'having heard him state
that he was of Welsh extraction ;
referred .incidently to it. On one
occasion, during his recent visit to
England, in describing some opera
tions m a slate quarry in Wales, he
expressed astonishment at the large
number of workmen, whom he liken
ed to swarms of flies, saying he
never thought hr had so many cous

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