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J-. V
Friday, : : Jantiaay 22, 1875
The two Murfreesboro female col
Jtges have 270 pupils.
The fishing season on the sounds
and rivers is near at hand.
Jr:o. S. Lorin, of Clay county, has
found a gold vein on his farm that
promises to prove very rich.
The Bank at Windsor, Bertie
county, was broken open on Sunday
last and robbed of abont 350.
A negro by the name of James
Simmons has been cornniittod to
Bartio county jail, charged with kil
ling his wife.
Hon. T. S Ashe has had the pos
tal route bill so amended a3 to take
in the route between Lancaster and
Goldsboro needs a more
foliee system, better policeman and
more of them in order to preserve
the pence, quiet and dignity of the
tow n.
Charlotte seems to be taking hold
of the Centennial matter in earnest.
A meeting of the citizens were held
last week and committees appointed.
The Eastern Conference of the
" Evangelical Lutheran Synod of North
" Carolina will meet in St. Peter's
k Church, Rowan county, on Friday
before the fifth Sunday of January,
I A lady in Charlotte has a quilt,
under which Gen. LaFayette slept
during the Revolutionary War. It
'will be one of the curiosities of the
,20th of May Centennial celebration.
I Carrington's band wagon has
1 been attached in Charlotte, by the
I advance agent of the broken down
concern, for a debt of $192 for ser
vices renderou.
Mnj. J. C. Mann., formerly Supe
rior court clerk of New Hanover
county, has been appointed to a poai
tion in the U. S. Mint at Sanfrancis
co, Cal.
The committee appointed by Epis
copal Convention to select a location
for the Diocesan College met at Char
lotte last week and decided upon Mor-.
gunton, Burke county.
The Raleigh News says : Col S. D.
Pool has removed his family to Ral
eigh which place he will probably
make his homo permanently, his two
magizens becoming permanent insti
The Legislature Convened on the
lHh. Resolutions denouncing tho
Louisiana outrage were promptly in
troduced. Nothing else of much im
portance as yet. The convention
marshling their hosts for the ques
tion The Wilmington Journal says:
The German barque Bertha, Capt.
Schutt, cleared at this port yesterday
for Liverpool, by Messrs. Williams &
Murchison, with a cargo of 1,051
bales of cotton. This is the largest
shipmen of cotton ever taken out at
this port.
Says the Concord Sun : 'Theie
have been found in this county some
beautiful specimens of agate and
amethysts. Some opal nearly ap
proximating the the 'noble opal' have
also been discovered. Several young
gentlemen her have had these stones
cut and set in rings, shirt and sleeve
buttons, and some ladie's jewelry has
been made from them. They
are very beautiful and the wearers
have the satisfaction of knowing that
thoy are in possession of genuine
stones and not colored glas3 or burnt
The Lincolton Progress records the
following distressing accident ;
'On last Friday morning, the 8th
inst., as the son of a Mr. Dixon, who
lives about six milos from Dallas,
Gaston county, was preparing for
the day's work, a most distressing
accident occurred. It seems that the
young man had taken the mule from
the stable, with the harness on, and
started to the field when it took
fright and threw him olf. Ilia feet
became entangled in tho harness
some way, and not being ablo to free
himself from his perilious condition,
he was dragged some distance. When
tho mule was stopped the unfortunate
young man was found to bo dying,
though he lived about twentyfour
hours after the occurrence.'
The mass meeting of the citizens of
Boston last Friday in Faneuil Ha'.l,
to express their sense ot tho late ac
tion of the Federal Government in
Louisiana, was attended by three
thousand persons. Every class and
condition were present. Merchants,
professional men, hodoarricrs, labor
ers, Republicans and Democrats,
tamo amicably together. The pro
codings were orderly and resolutions
1 apsed forcible and appropriate.
Brooklyn Argu9 'Wo see it stated
that Colonel Sam Pike, of Ohio, Ids
slatted no less than forty-two Tjapers
during his eventful career. Col. Sam
Bard, of Georgia, has started about
the same number, but in each the
hrjiilf started bo soon for Bam,
that ho never could tell whether he
was meant for a journalietor a ilying
niaehine. Things seem to be going all right
now in South Carolina. Chamber
luiue i3 making an acceptable Gover
nor, whilo the peoplo have quited
down and appear to be working con
tendodly and happy for heir material
reconstruction. Exchange.
Gi-ffit attraction at BELL'S. Now re-
C'ivintr !L snlendid assirtmont of Jewel rv.
r- - -i J 7
Lings for children, ladies and men, Studs,
oliar and Cu'f Buttons in various styles,
lies and chudrens Ear Rings and Breast-
i"i!, 25 different styles of Bracelets, 50
Ui.Ki-cut patera Watch Cham. Charms
till vou can t rest. Silver rl Iambics,
N"'' tatl(s, Gold Pens, &c, Ac, Good
Clocks nt. ft.l wiiiDintnl. M.inv other arti
-lcs too tedious to mention. Come see ?
I f is Useless to Attbmpt. to cleanse a
Mremii w hile the fountain is important. lys-
l"'l'M;i, complaints of the liver or kydnies,
e,ui'tions of the skin, scrofula, headaches,
a!) diseases arising from impure blood,
ar! at once removed by Dr.. Walkers Cal-
'yJKMA isegak Bitters, punher ot the
Lloorl, and renevator of the system. It has
""' hmn to fail.
kati:s of ABVi:itns(;:
Advertisements will be innerled in Till! K.vyum
Ep.-SocTiiEEN;:tt at the following rates. Ten lines
of minion, or one inch iuugthwise will constitute
Oue HiiuHid one inortion, - - - Jl tut
Eae-u subsuquent insertion,
12 mos
1 mo ? moa.
3 roof .! inns.
One square.
Two "
Three "
Four "
One eo in run,
3 00
5 00
7 00
9 "0
12 50
18 UC
'II &(
5 00
7 00
10 00
10 W
15 00
20 no
25 no
27 50
40 00
60 00
12 50
2.1 01
27 50
5 (O
4o 00
60 00
10 00
8 00
15 HO
18 0"
25 (XI
S3 on
lf 00
IS 00
SSI 00
30 00
o 00
Court advertisements inserted 6 w eks for S.
M;ii rine, Funeral and Ooitimry notices, not
more than ton lines-inserted kvdk of ikailck.
Subscript iou S2.50. If paid cuh at
time o!'sulcr'biiir 32.UO.
ifS. M. PETTENGILL & CO.. 10
State Street. I.i.-.lnii, 37 Park 1J, New
York, and 701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia,
are our Agents for j-roctiriti-j advertisements
for The Exqcirer in the above cities, and
authorized to contract for ailverti.ir:g at our
lowest rates.
S.W A Request. Will friends, in noticing'
advertisement in our paper, and reFponding
to same please state to parties adiirei-sed, " 1
saw your advertisement in Kn'.ji i Rich-South
ernsk?" It is little trouble, and will help
our business wonderfully. Hemenihi r us.
AitKsi. The Senior being absent in
attendance on the meeting of the Democrat
ic Suite Executive Committee in Raleigh,
we hope our readers will excuse us for any
short comings in this issue.
Pamlico Insurance Co. Application
will l made this week to th? Legislature
to incorporate the Pamlico Insurance Com
pany. Supeemk Corur. Reside, J., has de
livered the following opinion of the Court :
J. E. Rsyett vs. Archelaus Braswell,
from Edgecombe. Error. Venire de
If you want to build up the Soutii en
courags home manufacturers. t
Ci'.owdud Oct. Owing to the crowded
state of our columns, we were compelled to
leave out the communication of Zara. We
will try and not let it happen again.
Sad Death. Mrs. 1 S. Vines, wife of
the late John A. Vines, died Saturday
night after protracted illness. Her death
is a vcrv sad one indeed.
Fourth stock tie' Calicoes
just received at G&iUh's.
al I'hhrz
Vhitehurst, Agent W & VT 11 11, gives no
tice to those who have freight lying in the
ware house at tho Depot, that if it is not
called for iu 15 days, it will be sold at auc
tion. Accumulative Stffekaoe. The Legis
lature will be called upon in a few days to
amend the Charter of the town of Tarboro
soas to authorize Accumulative Sufferage.
A spiel. did ide.i.
Axothee. Madame Rumor says an
other marriage is billed for the first week
in February. AVe congratulate our young
friends on the happiness that i.s in store
for them.
Peksoxal. We were pleased to have a
call last week from Capt . R. A. Watson,
of the Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta
Railway. Always glad to see him.
IIeaw Loss. Mr. II. S. Novell, of
Halifax, N. C, says the Petursburg Index
Appeal of the 12th inst.' while passing
along Sycamore street yesterday, lost his
po;ket-book containing the sum of $150.
It is supposed he dropped it somewhere ou
the pavement. A reward of 25 is offerred
for its return to the owner.
Bur.XED to Death. Last Saturday
night about 10 o'clock, while iu a state of
intoxication, near Killquick iu this county,
Dempsy Williams laid down before the fire,
his clothes catching, and was so horribly
burned that he died from the effects the
following morning about 0 o'clock.
Good. We invite those of our young
lady readers who are extravagantly in
clined to a ,very sensible communication
in another column from "Ceres" of Little
Creek Grange whose article we shall always
be pleased to publish. We will be glad to
hear from her as often as she may feel
disposed to favor us.
100 Bbls Flour for sale bv
R B Alsop.
Thank You, Sin. We were placed un
der obligations last week by Gen'l. Lewis,
who presented us with a fine pocket knife,
a fair sample of the excellent cutlery which
i3 embraced in his extensive stock of hard
ware, &.c. Those in need of knives can
find a superior selection at reasonable pri
ces at Gen'l Lewis'. Call and get one.
Lectct:e. Frank S. Wilkinson, Esq.,
delivered at the hall of the Friends of Tem
perance this evening a week ago a very in
teresting lecture which was highly appre
ciated by his intelligent audience. Subject:
Napoleon as a boy. We wish all the
members could have been present.
Mr. J. J. White will follow him ou the
2nd Triday in February.
All persons (Farmers or others) who
have bought liquor outside of the State
and sold the same to their Hands or others
since July 1st, 187-1, to January 1st, 1875,
are required by law to list the same to the
Register of Deeds on or before the 10th day
of January 1S75, under a penalty of Two
llundcred dollars. A. McCabe,
4t. Register of Deeds.
Mis(s)taxe. We were amused, sas the
Roanoke News, at a young man on the
cars from Franklin, Saturday morning ;
who seeing a young ladyjwhom he presumed
to know, walked up to her and spoke to
her, calling her by name, as he thought
Suffice it to say it were not she. lie wilted
and came round proposing to treat This
young man thought like "Parker" dreampt.
Buy your heavy 4-4 Brown Sheeting,
your Cotton Yarns and your Plow Lines,
of Battle & Son's Rocky Mount Mills, t
Bacon, Folk, Flour, Plows, Shovels, Axes
and Grub Hoes, just received at Gatliu's.
Pastot-ial Call. Rev. T. J. Allison,
Presbyterian - minister I at this place has
been called to preach at Kinston, N. C
every fourth Sunday in each month, there
fore the people of Tarboro will be deprived
of his valuable services on that Sabbath.
Will Removz. On or about the first
of February, Dr. G. L Shackelford, Den
tist, will remove his officefrom its present
location, to the rooms over Messrs. S. S.
Nash and Co., where he will he glad to
accommodate all his customers.
A Good Templar's badge has been found
and left at Mr. A. B. Roane's store to be
claimed by the owner.
Another sleet this week and moie slip
ping down.
Read the new "Ads" in today's paper.
Drs. Macnair and Baker have entered
into a copartment. Read advertisement.
Drs. Macnair and Baker are handsomely
established in the brick office rear of A.
The sawdust on the street crossings is a
Several new houses are going up.
Often "he who runs mav read," but
oftener he is not able to read while run
ning. Put your advertisement in a news
paper rather than on the fence."
If there is any truth in the old sistj we
are to have a big fruit year.
Rabbits and robbius will pick up now.
Nashville wants to amend i'.s charter.
So do wc.
If our friend, Willie Bryan, is uot the fun
niest man on the hemisphere then we can't
judge fun. Right Bro Thorpe.
Our thanks to the committee for an in
vitation to the Goth Anniversary celebra
tion of the Washington and Lee universi
ty which was held on Tuesday evening
J.m 19th.
The Thespians are preparing for anoth
er performance.
What has become of the Fire Company.
You cannot wear too many feathers on
your hat or bonnet now to be in the fash
ion. Where would you look to find the names
of the most successful men you are ac
quainted with ? Is your own name beside
theirs ?
We plant and the crop grows ; but we
do not harvest it until the end of the sea
son. Most people look too soon for the
effects of oilvet tising.
Gentlemen who pride themselves on their
luxuiieut beards will take comfort in know
ing that the mustache is a natural respirator,
defending the lugr against the inhalation
of coU and dust.
Choice Stock Groceries at
R B Alsop's.
Tuf.simaxs. There will be a meeting of
the old Thespian Corps this (Friday) even
ing, at 8 o'clock, at Teel Hall, for the pur
pose of reorganizing and getting in work
ing order to give our citizens more amuse
ments before the winter months are over.
All those who wish to assist in its re-organization
will please report.
Chamberlain & Rawls are offering great
inducements to purchasers of goods in their
line. A splendid assortment of Clocks just
received. A full line of 13Iv Rings, Vest
and Opera Chains, cheaper than they were
ever offeied before in Tarboro. Every
thing else in their line " dirt cheap." Fine
repairing a specialty.
Look Oct FouBreakfks. 1 hereby no
tify all persons that have not paid their
Town Taxes for the year 1874, to come
forward and pay them as further indulgence
will not be given. I mean what I say.
2t. J. B. Ihtatt, T. C.
Notice. All job work done at this
office must from this date be paid for when
delivered. Our compositors have to be
paid regularly, material comes to us C O D,
subscribers pay in advance, and those who
have job work done must do likewise.
Those with whom we do business require
the cash of us, and we are necessarily
compelled to do the same with our custom
ers. We will give notice also in this con
nection that permanent advertisements are
payable quarterly and transient ones at
their expiration. Our advertised rates will
be strictly adhered to.
Notice. There will be a meeting of the
Tar River Jocky Club on Tuesday, 2d tlay
of Feb., at the Court House in Tarboro.
All the members are requested to attend,
as business of importance are to le trans
acted. By order of the President.
t Wm S Claek, Secretary.
If you wish to buy Confectiouaries,
Cigars, Toys, and Fancy Goods, at reduced
prices for 'Cash,' call at the well known
Confectionary Store, of J. M. Spragins, 2t.
Save money by buying your Groceries for
cash from R. B. Alsop.
Mateimosial. The matrimonial fe
ver is still rife and every body seems in
a notion to leave this world of "single
cusseduess ?" So much bo in fact that the
unmarried editor of this paper has a "han
kerin " now. too. and if their is a young
lady in town left who will have him, the
Associate will call to see her and arrange
the preliminaries at once.
Tap.boho Cibccit. The appointments
for the Tarboro Circuit are as follows :
Rev F D Swindell, P C.
Temperance Hall, 1st Sunday, 10 o'clock
Noble's Store, 1st Sunday, 3 o'clock A
M, and every 5th Sunday, 10 o'clock AM.
V lute s 2nd Sunday, 10 o clock A M.
Battleboro, 2nd " " 3 " P M.
Bethesda, 3rd " 10 " A M.
Tarboro, 4th Sundav, ?11 o'clock A M,
and 7 P M, 3rd Sunday 7 P M, and every
5th Sundav 7 P M.
The item of cotton rope for plow lines
seems a small matter. In the aggregate it
is worth keeping at home. Order from
Battle & Son's Rocky Mount Mills, Rocky
Mount, N. C. t
10 Tabs Goshen Butter for salo by R. P,
Wiiitakers. We clip from the Roanoke
News of the 13th inst., the followinsr
Whitakcrs items :
Mr. W. It. Ilines of Toisnot succeeds
Mr. J. II. Overstreet as R. R. Agent at
this place.
Elias Powei;; colored, has been arrested,
and committed to jail in Tarboro for al
leged complicity in the Cohen murder.
The store of D. Cohen & Co., has been
closed since the murder.
The Post office building is closed and
the following posted on the door, will ex
plain things :
Notice the post office at this place is
strayed off. It is stopping at the west end
of Mr. J. II. Pippen's store a few days.
If a Whitaker na bob should happen to
pass and wish to know where the store is
the first idiot he happens to meet will
please inform him it is on the west side of
the AY. & W. R. R. a small red oak in
front of the door and a cheap John near
the big hickory on the left, and oblige,
J, H. Cajslisuc, P. M.
Negro Shot. One of the strangest
tricks done here a week or so a;o by Prof.
Sands was the one in which he allowed a
pistol to be fired at him, catching the ball
in his teeth. Some darkies arc smart
enough to discover the " pint " iu almost
any trick, and so sure was the fellow of
whom we are speaking that he hr.d the
whol j thing in a nutshell that next day he
got one of his friends to stand ten paces off
and fire at him, telling the crowd that gath
ered to see the fun, he coidd catch the ball
like the professor. No. 2 did as he was
directed, but the load took effect in the
guttural legions instead of the dental.
Don't suppose he will be qui e so anxious
to imitate the next trick lie sees.
B;t:gi.ai:v. A colored individual whose
name we have forgotten, by means of a
false key entered the store of Mr. S. Wool
lard on Water Street one night this week.
In divesting the money drawer cf its con
tents, he concluded to appropriate Mr.
Woollard's pocket knife Swhich happened
to be in there alSv). Next evening his con
duct excited suspicion and in the search
which followed, the knife and other arti
cles which were identified by Mr. W. as
his property, were found in l.is possession.
Thereupon Justice Taylor committed him
to jail to await the coming of his Honor
Judge Ililliatd, who has little fondness for
rogues and who will doubtless give him
quarters in the Civil Rights Hotel at Raleigh
for a few years. He deserves it.
Bacon, Pork, Flour, Plows, Shoveli, Axes
and Grub Hoes, just received at Gallin's.
The Late Wm. Bagi.ey. Mr. Wm.
Baglcy, jone of the oldeot and most respec
ted citizens of this place, died Monday last
after a short but painful illness.
Mr. Bagley was a gentleman of fine
character and was much beloved in this
community. For a number of years and
up to the time of his death, he was a mem
ber of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
and his constant christian walk through
life assures us that he has departed to a
land of eternal joy and rest.
His funeral was preached Tuesday morn
ing at 10 o'clock, and the remains were
carried to Martin County on the same dtry
for interment, bis brother-in-law, Mr.
Short, of Wilmington, and several inti
mate friends, accompanying them.
Thus is broken one of the links that
binds us to the past.
Hit the Nail on t;i Head. The
Peidmont Press gives as it's experience in
news paper life, and it is about the same
thing down here. The Press hits the nail
on the head in expressing it as follows :
"See here, don't get excited when wc
send you a statement of your account with
the Press, and swear lfore you think, that
you don't owe us anything. Time flics
my friends ! Here is the way they come a
bout these misunderstandings. After one
has been getting the paper about sixteen or
eighteen months he will sing out to von
some da, 'helloa old fei, 1 owe you $2.00
for your pa-icr, here's the money.' We
haven't the courage to tell him its $1.00,
since two years subscription is due. So
when we send him a dun for the other
2.00 he says: "Thunder and blitzen ! I
just paid you the other day." 'Sichis
newspaper life.' We will have the same
thing to do Shortly with a good many on
our books and hope such parties will read
the above and understand.
Edgecombe Co. Reoisteh's Office,
Tarboro', N. C, Jan. 0, 1874. )
Sections 12 and 13 of the Revenus Law
of North Carolina rea ls as follows :
Sec. 12. " Every merchant, jeweler, drug
gist and every other trader who, as princi
pal or agent, carries on the business of
buying or selling goods, wares merchan
dise of whatever name or description, shall
pay one-eight of one per centum as a priv
ilege tax on the total amount of purchases
in or out of the State. Every person re
quired by law to list his purchases shall,
on the First day of January and July in
each year, list on oath to the Register of
Deeds the total amount of his purchases
for the proceeding six months."
See. 13. "Ou the gross receipts of Ho
tels, Boarding Houses, Restaurants and
Eating Houses, the tax shall be one-fourth
of one p?r centum."
Any person or persons failing to comply
with the above Sections are liable to a pen
alty of Two Hundred Dollars for each and
every offence. A. McCabe,
4t. Register of Deeds.
Fourth stock new Calicoes and Chintz
just received at Gatlin's.
Tar Rivek Navigation Co. We are
requested by the President to contradict ru
mors which have been circulated by certain
parties to the effect that the steamer North
east would shortly discontinue her trips,
and to state that the company is more de
termined now than ever to keep the boat
on the river. In this connection, we would
also remind the public of the necessity of
sustaining this enterprise. The Tar River
Navigation Company -was organized to pro
tect the people of this section against exor
bitant freights. It is a home enterprise
and it is the duty of the people along the
river to sustain it. If the Old Dominion,
which is now making every effort which a
monopoly can to run the boat olf, is allow
ed to do so, they may look for unheard of
charges for transportation of their produce.
It is a matter of dollars and cents to them,
and if the present reuterprise is allowed to
go by the boa d, good by, John ! No
such available chauce will ever be offered
them again. Now or never.
Economy in Dress.
Editors Southerner-Enquirer :
The ladies of the Little Creek Grange
have concluded to purchase no other goods
except calico for the purpose of making
dresses. Thinking thus to economize.
A calico dress is neat looking ; and is by
far the most convenient, and cheapest dress
worn. ; It is made of cotton, therefore the
Southern ladies should be proud to wear it.
Cahco is generally considered a common
article, and many will not wear it on that
account ; but 1 dare say girls have worn
handsome dresses, when their fathers were
not free from debt. How independent to
feel that your dress is paid for, even if it is
Ladies, throw aside the idea of being
milliners, signs and merchants drays.
Woman wa3 intended to fill a nobler sphere.
So go to work with a set determination to
do all you can to assist your husbands and
fathers in curtailing expenses, and remem
ber that dress is not the only tiling that con
stitutes a lady, but a head full of practical
ideas, a miud well cultivated, graceful
manners, industrious and neat habits, an
economical disposition and best of all a pure
heart, which will beat as tenderly beneath
a calico dress as if robed iu a most delicate
Little CrecK Grange.
If you dont believe Dr Staton sells drugs
cheaper than any one else, give him a
Nakeow Escape. We learn from the
Washington Echo tlrat Mr Fred F Hanks,
Engineer of the steamer Northeast, while
that steamer was within a few miles of
this place, was accidently thrown from
her deck, and would have in all probability,
been drowned, had it not been for the
timely arrival of the Cotton Plant, which
picked him up. It seems that the two
boats were racing, and had on full steam.
The Northeast, being in advance nearly a
niile, was going at such speed as to prevent
her from turning back and reaching the
unfortunate man in time, and immediately
blew four whistles of distress, and was an
swered by the Cotton Plant, which reached
our young friend, we are rejoiced to say,
in time to save him from a watery grave.
Peesosal Our cotempbraries liave been
very generous indeed in their compliment
ary notices of the new management of the
SocTnEiiNEK-ExQriEEK, although some
may attribute it to a lack of modesty on
our part, we cannot resist the following
from our esteemed friends of the News
and State Agricultural Journal. Says the
The salutory of Mr W I' AVilliamson
appears in the last issue of the Soutiiekx
ek Enoxihei of Tarboro. It breaths the
right spirit and speaks well for tho head
and heart of the new editor. We gladly
receive his outstretched hand and bid him
welcome to the corps editorial, trusting that
his career may be as brilliant and success
ful as his best friends could desire.
And the Journal :
Messrs W P Williamson and J G Charles
have purchased the Southerner-Enquirer of
Tarboro, the former Incoming editor. We
welcome the tallcnted young editor in his
new sphere of action.
A. Whitlock. This firm advertise in
another colum that they are disposing of
their Fall and Winter good:, at greatly re
duced prices to make room for their Spring
Have It Stoited. Sunday night ahout
1 1 o'clock six or seven shots wee fired from
the river bridge by negroes passing into the
country. It is dangerous. Can't the po
licemen put a stop to it ? This is not the
first time it ha3 been done.
Additional Policeman-. Mr
Madrid, the warehouse guard at the depot
has been also employed by the town Com
missioners to take charge of the public du
ties in that part of the corporation. He
makes the fourth a sufficient force to keep
perfect order.
Com --lain r. A gentlemen living in the
upper portion of the towu who does not
wish to report the parties to the towu au-
thoritieSjComplains to us of the habit game
sters have of shooting birds iu the grove on
his premises. It is very annoying and we
hope they will desist at once.
IIiucug. Several merchants who re
ject the columns of their home paper have
advertised in a " Southern States Directo
ry." As an advertising medium this direc
tory is a humbug. How many country
people will ever see it ? Not one, whereas
nineteuths in the county read, the Soutii-EnxEii-EsejuifiEE.
But, of course, it was a
ne-.v thiii"
N'O CmLDHO. a NiOilK lor both ses
es done by MUS. EMILY G. J1EIIGAN.
ov. 16, rsi4. -tin
William Baslet, son of D. W. and
Elizabeth Bagley, was born February Sth,
1S21, entered into rest January lyth, 18(5,
in the olst year of his age.
The inomory of the jat is l.les-ed, Prov. x, 7.
The inlluence of a good and holy life is
never lost. As the rippie on the bosom ot
the placid lake undulates from shore to
shore, so the savor ot a christian s i;ie is
felt through boundless eternity. Such an
iuilucuce has been left by William Bagley.
He was converted to God in Ins 1 1 th year,
two years thereafter he lomed the Metho
dist Episcopal Church. For more than 30
years lie enjoyed communion and inter
course with her people, exercising the tal
ents God had given him for His glorv, and
at last he sank to rest in her folds, beloved
by all who knew him. The prominent
points of his character were his deep and
abiding trust in Jesus as an all sufficient
Saviour, and such a bold had the religion of
Christ on his soul, that the weak points,
and defects of his nature were obscured,
and the beautiful loveliness of his life im
pressed all who knew him. His walk Mas
consistent, his christian principles well de
fined ; he w as quiet, polite, unostentatious ;
the theme of his every day conversation was
the mercy and goodness of God. The earn
est desire of his heart and the burden of his
prayers, Jwas the conversion of sinners, and
the prosperity of Zion. To those with
whom he vas at all intimate, the subject
of their personal salvation was tenderly, and
affectionately pressed upon them. Who
can estimate his worth? A Prince in
Israel has fallen; life's battle has been Avell
fought, and the faithful soldier of Christ,
Victorious, has gone to receive his reward.
"His summoned breath went forth ca
As folds the spent rose when the day is
Without a sigh,
A change of feature, or a shaded smile,
He gave his hand to the stern messenger.
And, as a glad child seeks its Father's house,
Went home.
Asleep in Jesus ! blessed sleep,
From which none ever wakes to weep.
The gifted Thomas Lowe, in a funeral
sermon over a departed saint, said, " With
out gainsaying, Methodist die well. His
was not a triumphant rejoicing over the
last enemy conquered, but God s hero, firm
ly trusting in the promises of the Gospel,
laid his head on the bosom of Jesus, and
breathed his last out sweetly there.
We shall listen no more to his holy coun
sels, no more feel his strong grasp of friend
ship, no more mingle our voices with his
iu singing the songs of Zion here, but we
trust to meet him around the throne of God
and of the Lamb, and join with him there
in singing mat new song wmcu me reueem
ed alone shall sing in heaven.
'And I heard a voice from heaven, say
ing unto me, write, Blessed . arc the dead
which die in the Lord, from henceforth :
Yef, saith the Spirit, that they may rest
from their labours ; and their works do
follow them."
Main Street,
Near the Bridge,
Sept. 30-tt
For sale bv J. M. SPRAGINS.
Tarboro', Mar. IS, 1S74. .tf
Tarboro' Market.
R. B. ALSOP, Grocer,
Cor. Main it Pitt St.,
Homo production are quoted at the buying
price, and all others at the selling price from
Bacon . C. Harns.in canvass, per lb. 1719
Shoulders "
Sides, back bone aid rib, 15ICc
bulk. Meats. Shoulders, per lb flcglOe
Sides, clear, 12(313 c
Beef. Fresh, per lb. 4tic
Spiced J! amily per lb rKc
Ragging,. per yard, 1417
ttKBSwAx d. aac
Butter " 4050c
cotton, per pound, 100:1214c
Cotton l ar-, per bunch, $1500 00
Uokn, per bushel, ....7ucS0c
Cheese, jp lb 2025c
OUICIENS, ""Ociaaoc
Kaas, per dozen 15t220c
1.0 UK ratapsco lamily jH bed $10 25
Other brands S62S9
Hides Dry p tt. 910e
Green. lb. 3c
Iron Ties, 73 lb. 10c
Lard, ji &. 1S20:
A1e.l, i.er bushel 80c
Molasses Sugar House s irallon,-" -50(370
Uuba " tJ0(S75
Onions, per buihei, II 502 00
Fork Muss per bbl. $23 50(200 00
Rump, " 21 50(z$00 00
Potatoes, sweet, per bushel, (57e(a75
Irish, per bushel .$1 50(S.f 75
Peas, per bushel, 80c$1.00
Salt, O. A. per sack, 1 752 00
Liverpool, per sack, $2 50
Sausage, per lb, ,20c
Tea, per lb, .tl 50$2 00
Tallow, per tt. 010c
New York Markets.
AewYork, Jan 20. 6 P. 31
Cotton in demand but freely met with 4,
402 bales at 153i8al53-4.
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, Jan. 20. 6 P. M.
Cotton firm ; middling 15 1-2.
xj a certain Indenture of Mortgage made
by Llewellyn G. Estes and his wife Julia W.
Estes of the county of Edgecombe, bearing
date the 15th day of August, 1S73, and duly
registered in the proper office in said county
iu Book No. oo at page 371 and following, the
undersigned as the Attorneys of " The Eeal
Estate and Loan Association of Wilmington,
N. C," a?sis;nee of the debt secured to be
paid hy ku;1 Indenture of Mortgage, and of
nil the l ights and powers thereby created and
given, will un Tuesday, the lGth day of Feb
ruary next, at the Court House in said coun
ty ot Edgecombe, sell by public auction, for
cash, the following described tract or parcel
of l;ind situate in said county of Edgecombe
on Fishing: Creek, viz: Beginning at a white
oak in said creek on its West side, thence
running West 50 poles to a ditch, tbence
South Ti deg. West p-jles, thence South
(it de. West 5 poles, thence South 57 deg.
West 3 poles, thence South 42 deg. West 0
poles, thence South 51 deg. West 10 poles to
a ditch North 11 cleg. West ID poles to a cy
press bush, thence West 10 poles, thence
North 0 deg. West 22 poles, tbeuce North 74
deg. West 42 poles, thence North 87 deg.
West 14 poles, thence North 4'3 deg. West 9
poles, thence North 55 deg. West S3 poles,
thence North ;7 deg. West C poles, thence
North 00 deg. West 4 poles, thence North 49
deg. West 11 poles, thence North 51 deg.
Weft 4 poles, thence North 77 deg. West 4
poles, thence North 42 degrees West 2 poles,
thence North 25 degrees West 2 poles to a
cypress corner of Grarctts, thence South to
."S degrees West 200 poles, thence South
i ilegrc'-s West of.J poles, to the Wilming
ton !c Weldon Rail Itoad, thence along said
liail Road to the aforesaid Fishing Creek,
and thence wkn the various courses of said
Creek to the beginning, and containing
llOS X-Q Acres.
And ou Thursday, the ISth day of Februa
ry, 175, at "Llewellyn Place," being the
laud above described in further pursuauce of
the provisions of the Indenture of Mortgage
bcfo.e referred to, we will as Attorneys as
aforesaid, sell by public aucliou for cash the
following chattel property conveying by said
Idt.entnre of Mori gage that is to say 32
horses and mules, 22 head of cattle. 2 Cotton
Gins, 3 Mowing Machines, 2 Horse-Rakes and
2 Tedders, a Family Carriage, 2 Buggies, 22
Dump Carts, a Spring Wagon, 2 two horse
Wagons, 2 fonr mule wagons, all the other
agricultural tools and implements on said
Lien ellyu Place, and four hundred head of
Jan. 11, lb75. t,w
rplIE undersigned have just received a
choice lot of P. of 11. Smoking and Chewing
Tobacco which they offer at
Granger's Prices.
Call and see their Celebrated
Cultivator & Labor Brands.
Also a large lot of
Direct from St. Louis Mills.
200 Sacks Salt.
300 Bundles Ties.
50 Rolls Bagging.
lo Sacks Coffee.
25 Barrels Sugar.
New Mess Pork, Bacon &
D. S. Sides h Shulders.
S. S. Hash & Co.
Tarboro, Nov. 27, 1874.
sss-'n i
lAvcryi Sale
rsVIIE. undersigned takes pleasuc in inform
X ing 'the public that he has established
in Williamston a large and nrst-class
Livery, Sale and Exchange
at which he is prepared to board horses by
the day, week or montn. Having a good
stock of horses always on hand, he wih Bell
or exchange ou reasonable terms. He will
also 6end passengers about the country at
moderate rates. Drovers will always find at
his Stables ample accommodations.
Williamston, N. C,
P. S. Any person communicating with him
can have a crveyance sent to any part do-
sired. J. M. L. S.
HfK7B4(jil I O s o5 ? a
EH i. H
Pi Q E3
Jan. 30, 1874. ly,
JAS. R. TIIIGPEN, President.
j. b. coffield,
Elias Cark.
Maecellus Moore.
The New
is now making her regular trips from
going down on
and returning on
Tuesdays, Tluxrstlttys Saturdays.
The farmers will find it ereatlv to their advanln t.n r,; i . .... ...
or the Agents at Tarboro, Greenville and Washington.
To the people of Edgecombe, Beaufort
As President of the Tar Ri
trn.t you will patronize this linerbecauT bvTod
enterprise that exists in your midst. The object of thi" Company I not to " Ho ? P "
the public, even if there was n n.i,i,t J ' m,pany " not t0 extortion on
RATES. Therefore. I trust vou will hln no t
' " - f
Jan. 8, 1875.
READ ! !
Pure White Lead, Linseed Oil
From Prof. W. G, Simmon, Wake Forest College, N. C.
AVake Forest Collkge . W. C. ri.tnlo a ic-o
Mr. C. P. Knight Dear Sir : We have for
Patent Enamel Paint on our College Builkimr
was applied by one bavin; no experience in such work, yet we have a good job. We shall
continue to keep it believing that in point of economy, durability and "facility of applica
tion, it is superior lo any other pigment offered in the market. . G. SIMMONS
From Messrs. Englehaid & Saunders, Editors and Proprietors "Journal "
w A t ., . , WiLMiaGTos, N, O.Dec. UC,' 1872.
e desire to call especial attention to the advertisement of "Bradlev's Vxtnnt i',m,i
Paint." We can recommend it from a knowledse of its merits. Som nf !.
of this office having purchased some of this
nave usea it, ana speak m the highest terms of
it is as durable as ordinary paint, it has a much
wi'l recommend it to all iu need of paint.
Fron S. McGill, M. D.
Tue Plains, Faquiek, Co,, Va., Feb. 20 1S73
Mr. C. P. Kuight Sir : The paint came safe to hand as ordered. 2 Iccto ,-, n'un
each and 3 buckets, 1 gallon each. As practice was slack, I did the job myself. Two
weeks (not constant) work completed the house, two coats; the last coat I applied thick
and it is now generally conceded that for 'enamel.' like hardness, and body aud harmony
of colors, there is not a handsomer joI in the place. I saved sixty-live dollars by the
oderation which is an item just now with the 'Southern people.' "it should be "enerally
adopted in this State. And country lad can apply it. I have never dabbled "in vnrh
tock as 'testimonials,' but feel so forcibly the
to the wants of our people is excellency of material, in beauty of color, and in the fact of
its being 'ready mixed,' that I nive you permission (if it is derirable to you) to make what
use you tnuiK proper or mis letter. ery respecttuuy and truly, S. McGILL M D
Mr. C. P. Kmqht, Baltimore. Mil., Sole Aatr.t
Sir : After a fair trial with your paint, I would
experience with other paints, yours is the best that I ever had used. 1 have been usin
No. 32 in priming and painting window sash. I Hud that it dries quickly, and leaves a
smooth, enaruel-like surface that no other paint does. ,f t is like good ink compared with
bad. Your paint flowers so freely that an inexperienced hand can spread it without
daubing. I hope to be able soon to send to you for a lot of your paint for house paintim?
I am, very truley,
E.y Always ready for use and easily applied.
yards, two coats.
gr Specimens and Price List furnished gratis.
Liberal inducements to the trade-
Jan. 8th, tf.
Turbine Water Wheel.
Manufacturers for the South and Southwest.
Nearly 7000 now in use, working under heads
varying lrom a to 240 feet ! 24 sizes,
from 5 to 90 inches.
The most powerful Wheel in the Market.
And moet economical in use oi water.
Large illustrated Pamphlet sent post irec.
Portable aud Stationary Steam Engines and
Boilers, Babcock & Wilcox Patent Tubulous
Boiler, Ebaugh's Crusher for Minerals, Saw
and Grist Mills, Flouring Mill Machinery,
Machinery lor W hite Lead Works and on
Mills, Shalting Pulleys and Hangers.
Feb. 20, 1874. Cm
Tarboro Book Store
And examine the Largest, Finest and Most
Beautiful assortment of
Ever brought to this market. The stock has
been selected with great care in New York
ani Philadelphia especially for the CHRIST
MAS TRADE. You will do well to visit the
TARBORO BOOK STORE before milking
your purchases. II. M. WILLIAMS,
Dec. 18, 1874. Proprietor.
Lager Beer & Wine
KEEPS constantly on hand all the Fine
Wiues and Liquors, Tobacco and Cigars,
opposite Mrs. Pender's HoteL
Not. 27.-tf. Proprietor.
" B. J. KEECII, See'y & Treas.
P. II. Mayo,
and Pitt Counties:
c,Ii.l 1 sm t0 rll at LIVING
READ ! ! !
and Zinc, and always ready
several months been usinrr your Brat-ley's
anu are well ulead with" it ti...i;
paint from Mr. C. P. Knight of Baltimore
it, after a trial of several months While
liner finish, and its cost and conveniences
great adaptability of vour 'I'nnmM Vi-m1
Gastoxia, N. C, October 2, 1874.
for I'rndlei's Paint J. '.liflMfl l'niitt lion,.
unhesitatingly say that, after fifteen Years '
yours, &c, It. M. MARTIN.
Sold by the gallon covers twenty square
C. 1 KNIGHT, Sle Agent,
93 West Lombard Street Baltimore, M. D.
Female Academy.
rSlIIE next Session will begin tho 1st Mon
i day in January.
We feel assured that vi can offer as thor
ough a course of instruction and as careful
training in manners and morals as any school
in the country, and, in soliciting the patron
age of the public, we have only to say that
every effort is made to deserve it.
Terms, per session of 20 weeks, invariably
half in advance.
Board, including tuition in English, $100 00
Tuition, exclusive of board, ?10, ?19, $22
according to advancciia-nt.
Musie, with use of Instrument, $?,0 00
Languages, each, 10 00
Charges made from date of entrance, after
which no deduction tcill be made.
For further information, address
Dec. 11, 1S74. Principal.
of the best quality, for the Lome
Orders from prompt customers filled without
TERMS : Net Cisb, within thirty days,
Dec. 4,-tt Rocky Moui.t, N. C.
Greensboro Female College,
Greensboro, N. C.
THE Spring Session of 1875 will begin on
Wednesday, the 13th of January.
Prompt attendance at the opening of the
Session is highly important and is earnestly
Charges per Session of 20 Weeks
Board (washing and lights not inclu
ded) and Tuition in regular Col
lege course, $125 00
Charges for Extra Studies, moderate.
For Catalogue apply to the President, Rev.
T. M. Jones, D. D.
Pres't Hoard ot Trustees.
Dec. 18, li74. 4w.
sold in Tarboro, just received and for sale by
Oot.2. 2

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