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If AunouncimouU under this bead, (o cout
l ; 'l the meeting of the County Convention,
■ :,r $6— invariably In advance. *“
111 not bo departed from.]
, will
This rule
Count) Treasurer.
Ann-junce the name of I). M. GOFF, of Fiddle
1, n , n* s candidate for the office of County Trims
hr. subject to the decision of the Democratic
nnty Conreution.
|v .ounce the name of J. R. JOHNSON
[, ’.date for Sheriff, subject to the decision of the
,ocratio County Convention.
To the Voters of Amador County.
sketbis method of informing you that I am ;
' liepcndent Candidate for the office of |
v Assessor at the ensuing annual election, 1
■ct to no party or clique, but to the will and |
Idiot of the people.
kquednet City, July 10, 1858
[OJTOKS LEDGER: -- Picas • a;, mee my
name a* an Independent Candidate before the
ertz Mills of Amador and Calaveras counties,
|t! - -poi.sible office of Engineer in said Quartz
[|», end I lieve me, I will perform my duty as
Engineer to the best of my ability, and for the
gesl MiUry'l can get. Person* wishingan Engi
»eill please address the undersigned at Juck-
10 18 tf
Election Notice.
To the Voters of Amador County.
HB take tuts method of informing you that 1 am an
County Clerk.
inauunco A. M. BALLARD, of Volcano, aa a
didata for County Clerk, su.iiact to the decision
he Demo,-rati a Convention.
ependent Candidate for the office of COUNTY
[RK of Amador county, at the ensuing annual
tion. Ido not believe la th principle of men
ting together In convention and saying who the
pie must vote for and who -not; but bvlitve in
doctrine that every man has a right io vote for
I he pleases—l therefore respectfully solicit
r vot-s irrespective of parly or party influences.
I'oleano, June 25, 1858.
Justice ul tlK* Prune,
th Voters of Township No. I.—After one
I t; .1 I find that the ofli -’ of Justice of the
kte pays wall, and I think I can make it pay
ler the coming year,—therefore I most respect
| ly solicit your votesat the coming election.
o. s. Smith.
niionnc the name of W. HU PEAK Lit as a
lid Ate (or Sterifl, nityeet to the decision of tbu .
tooral.'r CV,i»y Convention.
jtnounce >h name of A. LEONARD «» a can- I
da for the o See of County Assessor, tutyecl to
decision of he Democratic Co. Convention,
{'nskawor-ht. —On the Bth of July the (
unseawor.hy hoik called the Cvmmodjrc,
;d with ivo hundred miners, from Sen
fc Frarer river. On the 14th »he
aged to pet bock to San Francisco ia a
V '*o' iition. She was heavily freight
reight had to be thrown orei
■h of the baggage of passengers
am« fate, and it seemed a miracle
iseugers themselves did nut find a
ve. The vessel had encountered a
as unable to breast it. After the
•an Francisco the passengers came
I'.anging the owner of the vessel,
quiet when lie refunded their pas
y. Most of the vessels that have
I’M for Fraser have been miserable
-floating coffins—and it is a great
at one-half of them have not been
e murderer who kills one man is not
the murderer at heart who scuds
red men to sea in a vessel {list he
> lie unsafe and liable to founder in
J gale that may spring op,
I—Dr, L. G. Lyon, late of lone City,
Her $2,000 bond\ on a charge of hav
sed the death of his wile, has left for
’-.known. His bondsmen were secured
rlgage on his fann in lone. Wheth
the Doctor’s intention to return, and
.he action of the Grand Jury is, of
, a mystery. The Coroner’s jury had
ind a verdict, but were awaiting fnrth
imony, when the accused went away.
1 sidle. — A friend in the northern part
i county, writes that in that region the
r river fever has entirely disappeared,
I hat very many have given out an inten-
I mniey to Queen Vic’s dominion*, pre
I g to remain with our venerable Dad*
I » little longer. Yes—and people are
I.g sensible all over the State, Fraser
low par, and is still on the descending
advertisement, it will lie seen that the
■of Pratt A Cartlar.fi, saw mill proprie
•at “ Pratt’s ranch," has been disolved.
■ P. continnes the business.
■ imocrats, turn nut to the Primary Elec-1
this evening. It is by the masses of i
pB mrtv taking an interest in these elections
• good nominations are made nnd hurmony
If will explain to our friend " Observer ’’
I Hhi» letter does not appear. He will
tßiisfied—of that, we are confident.
B Alla Express has poid the $7,000 of
!■ they were robbeil near Yankee Jim’s,
|H * time since.
latest prom Phaser.
Tils llitMnro More Apparent.
The Cortes arrived from Victoria on Thura
; d*y, bringing upwards of two hundred pus
i sengert.
The humbug is more apparent than ever—
nobody has seen more than a few ounces of
Tcu thousand miners waiting at Victoria,
and much destitution
The river higher than ever and stili rising.
Ke r rison, who wrote many of the accounts
that caused the excitement is reported prob
ably huug by the exasperated people.
[For the Ledger.)
Messrs. Editors; The Know Nothing par
ty are still in the field of political intrigue to
carry out their principles, so far as in them
lies, under the name of Democracy. Al
though they cannot carry out the term of ser
vice of twenty-one years on foreigners or
otherwise yoke them in servitude, as they
sought to do in 1855, under this new name
as they seek to belong to, and become iuniti
ated into the Democratic party, begging for
office nndcr this assumed garb and name. In
these ranks, and fully open for intrigue when
ever occasion msy present itself for them to
mount their bobby. Should they be admit
ted into the Democratic pnrty, which they j
now consider the strongest, the principles of
tiiat party will be lost so far ns they mingle,
and it will be divested of Us dignity and bear
ing within five years, provided the Know
Nothing wing should exceed the honorable
portion thereof. As to numbers, most of the
applicants, who are now knocking at the door
for office, have, heretofore, belonged either
to the Anti-Masonic, the Whig or the Know
Nothing. Foremost in the ranks for the se
curity of office, and the loudest proclaimed
against the Democratic principle*. In fact
•they would adopt any course, however desti
tute of principle, to break down, annihilate
i and crush its priuciples nud erect their own
1 corrupt iustaution upon its ruins.
View, at once, their " dark lantern" priu
ciples which they sought to rush into exis
tence, as n ruling power, in 1855, assuming
to themselves the control of the Government,
denouncing the principles of Democracy and
' the tights of foreigners who were entitled
j to privileges to the elective franchise under
j express provisions of our Government. That
party were ready to project and consumatc
any course that their imaginations could in
-1 vent or harrow op, to effect its destruction.
But the wisdom of the people crushed the
monster in its infancy, and prostrated, at one
fell stroke, the basis of their evil and corrupt
machinations. Still these restless destroyers j
—the “ Know Nothings,” are seeking noini-:
nations at toe hands of the Democratic par
ty to the highest offices in the gift of the peo- |
One of their movements a! the County
Convention, to Amador county, held in July,
1851, was to effect an election of delegates
to the Democratic Convention, who could
be influenced by those seekers of office to re
main at home Aud they bargained with
' them for an appointment as a substitute to
I the State Convention, whu h movement, or
project, was fully carried out. Will the Am
ador County Convention, to be held on the
20lh of the present month, allow delegates,
iso chosen by the Convention, to sell their
right cf representation, and the Democracy
! of Amador county be represented in the State
I Convention by those not of their choice,
1 merely because a delegate, so chosen, wishes
to sell his chance and make some excuse, de
! daring it impossible for bira to attend said
1 Convention.
Will not the County Convention appoint
! supernurunries to fill the place of every mem
ber to the State Convention, provided it
| should so happen that such member could not
attend himself, in person ; and thereby pre
vent this bargain and sale, and select the su
pernumaries w ith as much cure as they would
the delegates, aud thus fully carry out the
principles of the Democratic party 7
Yours, Ac.
Jackson, July I.4th, 1858.
Arcade - Mr. S. Sanders has removed the
Arcade saloon to the “ New Young Ameri
ca," lately occupied by Geo. S. Stevcos, The
room is one of the most convenient and com-
I fortable in the town. ** Beverages" only
one bit, and billiards two bits. Sanders is
doing a good business at his new location,
Couktt Surveyor. —Jan. Mostersou, Esq ,
County Surveyor, is at present absent —being
engaged in the mountains. Persons haviug
business with him will be directed os to where
| he may be found by inquiring at T. Master
| son’s livery stable, in Jackson.
Removal. —The Post Office has been re-
I moved to the drug store of Drs. Sharp &
I Crawford, and Ic under the charge of our
young friend Cbas. H. Ingalls, who is very
accommodating to the patrons of Uncle
Catholic Preaching. — By reference to no
tice elsewhere, it will be seen that there will
be Divine Service in the Catholic church at
this place to-raor"ow, at 10J o’clock. Rev.
P. A. Ward will officiate.
Primary Election. —Haud bill* have been
issued, Bunoundng that the Democratic Pri
mary Election, in Jackson precinct, will take
place at the Court House, at 8 o’clock, p. m ,
of this day —Saturday, July 17th, 1868.
Thames to Geo. S. Andrews-for various
favors. There are few men so well calcula
ted for en express agent. Don’t mean to
flatter you, George.
New Ad’b —Naraetous local and general
items crowded out by a mass of new adver
tisements. ___________
Thanks to Geo. Bceker for a sample of
pur# California wine.
v Mu in mo fin.
County of Amador. f
In the District Court of the Btb Ju tic iat District
Henry Roberts, Plaintiff
® S. Mannon, O, B. Knowls,
C, H. Wetherbee, Clias Smith!
I’ M Randall, B. P, Pendle
ton, (~ V. Wnitt, Jas Barnes,
VV A. Story, I) U Gant*, and }■
A. Hu,. ward, Defendants. )
Action brought in tb District Court of the Fifth
Judicial Di-tnc:, stul the complaint file.) in the
county of Amador, iu ;hc office of the clerk of
the said District Court.
The People of the State of California,
S.S. Mannon. C. H. Wethcrbee. Chas. Smith, P. M.
Randall, B. F. Pendleton, C. W Waitt, James
Barnea, Vt. A. Story, J. R. Cant* and A. Hay
ward, 1
VOL’ *ro hereby r. quired to appear in an action
, . bought against you by the aboVe nam-d
plaintiff in the District Court of the Fifth Judicial
District, In and for the county of Amador, and to
answer the complaint tiled therein, (acopy of which
accompanies this summons,) within ten days, (ex
clusive of the day of service.) after the service on
you of this summons—lf served within this coun
ty; if served out of this county, hut within this
Judicial District, within twenty days; or if served
out of said District, then within "forty days—or
judgement by default will be taken against you.—
The said action is brought to obtain judgement
against said defendant Mannon for the sum of eight
thousand dollars with Interest thereon at the rate
of three per cent, per month from the 29th day of
June, a. D. 1857, upon a ceMain note of last named
date, executed by said defendant Mannon to plain
-118; —plaintiff also prays for a decree of foreclo
sure of a certain mortg.-v.- executed by said de
fendant Mannon to plaintiff, dated Juno 29ih. 1857,
and given to secure the payment of the above
mentioned note, for sale of the mortgaged premises
“described as an undivided one half of the capi
tal stock of the Keystone Quart/, Mining Com
pany, consisting of a quart* mine, one twenty pes
tle steam quartz mill, and also a twelve pestle
water quartz mill all situated on the east side
of French Gulch, in the village of Amador, coun
ty and State aforesaid,” tor application of pro
ceeds of sale to payment of plaintiff’* demand:
that defendant Mannon, and ail the other defend
ants and ail persons claiming title under said Man
non be barrel of the equity of redemption of said
mortgage premises, for costs of suit, and for such
other and further relief as to the Court may seem
just and equitable. Plaintiff also prays that he
may have execution for the residue of his debt if
upon the sate of mortgaged premises enough is not
realized to pay the same.
By order ot Hon. M. W, Cordon, County Judge.
And if you fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint a* above required, the plaintiff will apply
to the said Court for the relief in his aid com
plaint demanded.
V Given under my hand and seal of the Dis
triclCourt of the sth Judicial District, this
[L.S.] 9th day of July, in the year of Our l.ord
one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight.
H. S. HATCH, Clerk.
By M. Snnraim. Deputy Clerk,
jy 10 38-1 Cw
shprKPa Sale-.
BV virtue of an execution to me directed and de
livered, issued on the Ist day of June, A. D.
1858, out of Hon. District Court in and for Amador
county and State of California, on n judgment
rendered therein on the 1 lib day of March, A. D.
1858, in favor of Joa. Barnes against the Keystone
Mining Company, for the sum of Fourteen Hun
dred and Twenty-one Dollars and twenty-four cents
with interest from the 12th day of October, 1857.
at the rate of 2 percent, per month, together with
Forty-two dollars and for'y cents coats of suit and
accruing costs, I have levied upon and seized, and
will expose to public sale, at the door of the
court house, in the county of Amador on Ssxt
iirdiit, the (Otis day of July, A. I».
ISSS, at II o’clock. A. M . all the right, title, in
terest ami claim of the Keystone Mining Company
of, in and to that certain property known as the
Keystone Mining Company's properly, sitnatc, ly
ing and being at Amador City, State and county
aforesaid, and consisting of a steam qnartz mill of
20 stamps, and a water quartz mill of twelve
stamps, and all the machinery attached thereto:
Also, the Keystone Quartz Lead, being 2600 feel
in length, iaclading all the dips and angles of tbo
same, steam engine and boiler at the shaft, with
railroads, rights and privileges and appurtenances
thereunto belonging: Also, the Keystone Boarding
House; Also, that certain tract of iand upon which
all of said buildings and improvements arc erect
ed, together with all and singular the tenements,
hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belong
W. J. BAUGH, Sheriff.
By A. B. Am disk wa, 1 uder Sheriff.
Dated June 19, 1858.
june 19 35-4 w
Is hereby given that the above sale is postponed
until Saturday, the 24tb day of July, 1858, at 2
o’clock, P. M. WBAUGH, Sheriff,
Jackson, July 9, 1858. 38-ts.
Public Auction.
BY virtue of a power of attorney to me given by
Levi Darling, 1 will expose at public sale, on
the premises, on Saturday, the 31st day of July,
1858, at 10 o’clock, a. u , ail the right, title and in
terest of Jno. H. Mill- r. f, in iI; iho following de
scribed property situate in the town of Volcano,in
the county of Amador and State of California, to
FIRST—A certain Lot of Ground with house
thereon, on Main street, in said town of Volcano,
bounded on the north by other property of said
John H. Miller, and on the south by Lot of J. Levy,
said lot containing in front on Main street afore
said seventeen feet ten inches, more or less, and
extending back to Soldier’s Gulch.
SECOND—That certain Lot of Ground with the
buildings ami improvement! thereon; also, situate
on Main street aforesaid, in front thereon, thirteen
feet more or less, and running back to Soldier's
Gulch, being bounded on the north by prop'-rty of
Abrams & Co., and on the south by the property
above described, together with all and singular the
hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto be
The above sale will take place under and by
virtue of a power contained in a certain mortgage
bearing date the 26th day of December, A. n. 1866,
executed and delivered by the said Miller to said
Darling. J. H. Mci-ADDEN.
Volcano, July 6,1850.
jy 10 38-3 w
Hioirtz Lode for Sale.
fipilE underaigned offers (or sale 2000 feel of the
X continuation of the Lone Star Quartz Lode,
at a great bargain. This vein bos been thoroughly
prospected, and has proved very rich, and as I am
not able to put machfenry on it, I will sell it cheap.
There is attached to the claim a water privilege
sufficient to run from ten to twenty stamps.
JOHN CARLOS, near West Point.
6fcb IMf
N-OTICE is hereby given that the co-partnership
heretofore existing between Samuel Hanford
and Wm. T. Wildman, doing business aa merchants
in the town of Sutter Creek, under the name and
style of Hanford * Wildman, is this day dissolved
by mutual cousent.
Sutter Creek. Mav Bth, 1858.
jy 10 BMw
Senator Gwin, of Onlifoj.in, challenged
Senator Wilson, of Mns eclusetts, for words
spoken in debate The affair wen settled
Static or CxurouiA, |
Amador Comity, ) ss '
Justice’* Coart, Township No. 7, before H. Kever.
The People of the State of California to I VILI*-
IAM MART IX, Greeting:
\rOU are hereby summoned to appear before the
undersigned. at hi* office, in Upper Uancheria,
in Township No. 7, on the 9th day of July,*. D.
1858, at 10 o’clock, *. a., to answer unto the com
plaint of Mrs. Hater, F. K. Harney and J. A. Rob
bins who sue to recover the sum of $l5 6 25, bal
ance due them from you on account and note lor
boarding, water rest and clothing since February.
1858. when judgment will be taken against you for
the above amount, with coats and damages, if you
fail to appear and answer.
To the .Sheriff or any Constable of said county:
make due service and return hereof.
Given under my hand, Ibis 7th day of July,lBsB.
H. KEY Ell, J. P.
It appearing to my Satisfaction that a cause of
action exists In favor of Hie above named plain
tiffs ami against the above named jAkr.l. and
that said defendant cannot be tuuiflWordered
that service of summons be publication,
three successive weeks in the “Amador Weekly
Ledger,” a newspaper published in the town of
Jackson, in said county ol Amador, and that said
defendant be required to answer to said summons
on or before the 2d day of August, 1858, at 10
o'clock, *. M.
Given under my hand, this 9th day of July, 1858.
Jy IQ •_ 38-3 w
State or California, I
Amador County, f**
Justice’s Court, township No. 3, before Justice
George Muncklon.
The People of the State of California to JAMES
D. RRESELTOXand IV. T. Me VJt JF.Greet
\ r OU are hereby summoned (o appear before the
undersigned, at bis office, in Volcano, in
town-hip Nc. 3, on the Ist day of July, *. D. 1858,
at 10 o'clock, *. m., to answer unto the complaint
of A."Klauber and F. Mandlebaum who sue tore
cover the sum of $l6B 16, with the interest due
op a promissory note executed by you dated
April 23d. 185", in the name of J. D. Hruselton and
Co., when judgment will bo taken against you for
the above amount, with costs and damages, if you
fail to appear and answer.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of said county:
Make due service and return hereof.
Justice of the Peace.
Given under my hand this 21st day of June,
State of California, )
Amador Comity. )
To J. I). Breselton and W. T. McVay: You are
hereby notified to appear and answer to the above
summons on the 20lh day of July, A. D. 1858, at
10 o'clock. A. M.. at the place therein mentioned,
or judgment will be taken against you for the
amount therein demanded, with damages and costs.
Justice of the Peace.
July 1, 1868.
JyS _ 37-td
State of California, )
Amador county, j s
Justic: s Court, Township No. 3, before Justice
George Munokton.
Tnc People of the State of California to 11 AF s
/). BRE SE L TO.Vand IV, T.McVAV, Greet
YOU are hereby summoned to appear before tin
undersigned, at hia office, in Volcano, in town
ship No. 3, on the Ist day of July, *. n. 1858, at 2
o'clock, r. m.. to answer unto th<- complain* of A.
Kiauhcr and F, Mandlebaum, doing business under
the tirm and name of A. Klaubcr A Co., who sue
to recover $145 88 balance due them from you
for goods and merchandise sold and delivered to
you between September 14th, 1857, and April 9lh,
1858, when judgment will be taken against you for
the above amount, with costs and damages, If you
fail to appear and answer.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of said county:
make due service and return hereof.
Justice of the Peace.
Given under mv hand,' this 21 * dav of June,
State of California, |
Amador County, )
To J. D. Ureaeltou and IV. T. MeV*v, yuu arc
hereby notified to appear and ans .er to the above
Summons on the JUth day of July, *. n, 1858, at
10 o’clock, *. at the place therein mentioned,or
judgement will be taken agnirst you for the
amount therein demanded, with the damages and
Justice of the Peace.
July 1, 1858.
jy 3 87-td
li. Gunn,
Saddle mid liarucsi .flaker, Jlaiu
SI rod. Jackson.
CA THE undersigned take* pleasure In an
PuUKk nouneing to the public <rf Jackson and
vicinity, that ho has fitted up bis shop in
the best style and furnished it with an extensive
assortment of everything usually kept or manufac
tured in similar establishments. The following ar
ticles, in part represent his stock, which be will
ever keep on hand for the accomodation of the
A well selected stock of Californio, American
and English saddles, harness, bridles, martingales,
spurs, nets, whips, bitts, combs, brushes, leather
halters, collars, trunks, belts, holsters: Ac., Ac.
He would respectfully ask. those wishing to pur
chase any of the articles kept or manufactured in
his shop, to give him a call before purchasing else
where, as his prices arc lower than any other e»
tablishment in the county.
California saddles made to order. Repairing
promptly attended to. ED. GUNN,
feb IS 17-3 m
Jackson Saloon,
MARTIN STSCKLER respectfully invites hit
friends and the puclic generally to drop in at
his Fine New Saloon, as above, where the very best
of Plain and Fancy Drinks are dispensed, at the
low price of OYE HIT. N dhing but the pur
est Liquors arc kept in thin cstubiisnment, and the
‘mixing’ is executed in the most scientific manner.
N. B. Free Luch every day at II o’clock, a. u.
and In the evening,
june 26 36-3 m
Every Article
USUALLY' kept in Grocery and Provision Stores
can be found at my establishment, and that of
the best quality. [may 1] C. STECKLER
rpilE co-partnership heretofore existing between
I the undersigned is this day dissolved by mu
tual consent. F. McCarthy is alone authorised to
collect the outstanding debts due the firm.
f. McCarthy.
Dated July 2d, 1858.
The undersigned, wishing to retire from busi
ness. now offers the old stand of McCarthy A Dris
coll, situated on Stony Point, Y'olcano, for sale.—
The house ha* a good run of custom, and any oue
wishing to engage in the Grocery and Provision
business will find this a good opportunity.
f McCarthy
jy 10 38-4 w
Shfriri Sale.
nV virtue of an execution to me directed and
delivered, issued on Hie 24th day o! June, a. n.
1858, out of the District Court for A mail or county
and State of California, on a Judgment rendered
therein on the 23d day of June, a. n. 1858, in fa
vor of John Gillie and against the Union Qurla
Mining Company for the mm often thou and nine
hundred imd forty-four dollars and sixty wren
cents, trilh Intereal on the same from the 23d day
of June, 1858 at the rate of 2| per c-nt. per
month; ALSO, lor the sum of eleven thousand
and Bfly-one dollars and 33 cents, with interest at
3 per cent, per month from the 23d day of June,
1K38: ALSO, for the sum of one thousand and
sixty seven dollars and twenty-five cent- with in
terest at 10 per cent, per annum, together with on»
hundred and twelve dollars and 45 cent* coats and
accruing costa, 1 have levied upon and seized and
will expose to public sale at the door of the court
house, la the town of Jackson, county of Amador,
On Saturday, 17th day of July, A D 1858,
nt 11 o’clock a ¥., all the right, title, interest and
claim of the Union Quart* Mining Company of. in,
and to the following described property situate, ly
ing and being in the county or Amador and State
of California, and known as lb" Union Quartz
Property, consisting of quartz mill of 8 stamps,
situated on the north bank of Sutter Creek, about
one mile west of the town of Sutler Creek, with
all the machinery and fixtures attached to and be
longing to said mill; also the ditch, flume, dam and
water power nod privilege belonging to said mill;
also, a boarding house situate adjacent to said
mill. A quartz millet It! stamps situate on the
north bank of -aid creek about on > quarbrof a
mile west of said lowa Of Sutter Creek, with the
ditch, flume, dam. water power and privileges be
longing to said mill; also a boarding bouse and
blacksmith shop, barn and out-houses situate ad
jacent to said mill; also a quartz lode commeucing
at the northern terminus of a claim formerly own
ed by lames Hitchens, running theuce in a’nortb
crly direction 250 feet more or less to the lode of
the Eureka Quartz Mining Con.nany’s iode known
a* the Wiley claim; also a quartz, lode commenc
ing at the iihaft or engine house known ns the
Union Company's shaft, running thence in a south
erly direction about 600 feel to a certain oak tree,
said tree being the boundary line between the Eu
reka quartz lode and the Union Company’s lodju.
and commencing at the shaft aforesaid, runafSg
thence in a northerly direction about 1300 ft. more
or less to a pine tree, said tree being the dividing
lino between the Eureka and L’nyn Company's
lodes: also on- engine, boiler, pumps and all the
machinery belonging thereto situsAe on said lode,
nod one engine house; al-o that certain tract or
parcel of lau<i upon which said buildings and im
provements are erected, coutaiuiug two hundred
and sixteen acres of land (with JPicu’» title,) taor-.
or less.
W. J. PAAGU. Sheriff,
By A. B. Andrew*, Under Sheriff.
Dated June 20,1838.
June 26 3G-4w
THi: .31. V. KAACII.
fHAVE lirst rate pr.itur ge for two hundred
head ofStock, with good f. ~ces, and will guaran
tee the safe return of all stock entrusted to my
Terms reasonable. Application to be mode at
the New York Ranch, on the Volcano road, five
mile* above J ackson.
June 18 35 3m
Nhiujfle* aiul ii ock Riffle*.
OPAULDING A BARLOW respectfully inform
O the public that they are prepared, at their mill,
ore mile from Clinton on the Pine Grove road, to
fit Ikiiji of »ev#«.f QM-fD. ’
to any manufactured in the Slate, at the ahortest
notiae. A i.'-O, Block Riffles lur flumes and
sluices, sawed to auy thickness required. These
riffle Mocks w ill bo furnished at prices much lower
than can be procured cWcwher .
a-*, A constant supply of our Shingles will tic
k- pt un hand by D. L. Williamson at the Union
Livery Stable. Jackson, pul up in convenient pack
ages of two hundred filly.
Juno 26 Si’-Sm
R K S T A I K A A T ,
I WOULD resp > tfully inform my friends and cit-
I 'Zens generally of Amador county that I have
lately purchased the old slaud known as the "Peo
ples Restaurant,'' on Centre street, to which I have
added many improvements, and am now able to
accommodate those who will favor me with a call
on very reasonable t( rms.
ThO Tabic will always be furnished with
the best the market affords, THE BAR with good
Liquors and Cigars, while the BED ROOMS have
been entirely refitted aud furnished with new bed
The house will as usual be kept open DAY AND
NIGHT, which is the most convenient for the com
inunity; and in conclusion I would say that I will
spare neither pains or expense to serve and ac
commodate ia the best manner those who may fa
vor the house with their custom.
June 1# 83-3 m
.Hini'i'w Ifni# store,
Corner of Main and Water streets. JACK'SO.V.
At this establishment can always be
found a complete assortment of Pure
Drugs and Medicine*. Every article
in this line sold at this establishment
is warranted genuine, having been
carefully selected by a Physician aud
Chemist. Prescriptions are put up
aud Medicines compounded by a prac
tical Physician, so that uo fear* need
bo entertained of mistakes being made
in their preparation.
and all other orticle* in that line, usually found at
a Druggist* can lie obtained at the •
may 8 29 3m
2 k co
Hi! A K V ARP El* A CO.
Wholesale Dealers in all kinds of
No. 138 J street, between sth and Cth,
All Order* from the country promptly at
tended to. mar 27—23-3ra
Fraser River.
To the Ladies of Mokelumne Hill.
\lfE will sell our entire stock of STAPLE AND
As we intend to close business or the Ist of August
next. Ladies will do well to call before purcha
sing elsewhere, a* we dispose of our goods without
auy profit whatever.
Frauco-American Store, opposite the court
bouse, Mok. Hill
jnns 26 36-3 m
O. li. lUuCSYN,
Sole agent for Jackson and vicinity
inn# 24 • 36 8m
Scott 6c Jolmwn’s flentAnnuit,
On the Place.
TTTr nderv'-fiied be Icfcw tojj
announce to the citiacn* of Vo!-*
cauo *nd the public jreneVAlly.
that th«y have opened the well known stand for
nr rly kept by Spangle A Gavcr, and solicit a ehare
of public patronage.
The ruittnr department will be nndtr the *opet
Intcndance of Mr Johnson, who i« an experienced
imat and pastry cook.
Picnic at all Honrs.
The Bar 1« supplied with the best of Liquors sod
Cigars, and will be attended to by L. S. Scott.
We are prepared to get up Sappers for pleasure
parties, Balls, Ac., at the shortest notice.
Meals, 80 ct*.
Lodging,.... 50 eta
Board per week td 00
N. B. No lightning sold hers.
June 12 54-So
A. Kfllpr & Co.,
Dealers la
SHOES, &c„
Nest door to ReicliliUg’e Jewelry Establishment,
Mi In street.
\\7 OCLD respectfully announce to the cit.reu*
V r that they have i.n band a superior stock of
Clothing, Dry Goods, loots, Shoes, Hals, Lips,dtc
which they now offers*, the
Lowest Prices for Cush.
Wc invite those wishing to purchase to examine
our assortment, os w« ire confident that we can
please those who may favor us with their custom
Don't forget 'be place. A. SELIG * CO.
may 29 32-3 m
Ilt meuvi u} ’s Pictures.
Finest in the World.
J WOULD call the attention of the citiacna of
JacK°on and vicinity, to the fact that 1 have just
received a lot of new mat rial and am now prepat
ed to take, in the very lateu style Daguerreotypes
Ambrotypes. Mclancotype* Stereoscopes, Photo
graphs, Ac.. Ac., and at price! to suit the times.
The public are respectful!., invited u> visit my
rooms, in the rear of A. C.Tlrowns Lsw Office,
foot of Main street, Jive son.
jar Not open on Sunday.
spr 10 23-lf
Livery und Fe ed Stable,
Fire-proof Brick Building, Main Street, Jackson.
ryUE undersigned respictluUy announces to bis
I customers and the public in general that he
keeps for tbeir accommodation none but
for Ladies and Gentlemen, and hopes to receive s
share of the public patronage in this lino.
Horses fed, or boarded by the day, week or
month, on the mo.-t reasonable terms. F rst quali
ty of Hay and Barley constantly on hand.
Remember at the fire proof brick sta >le. Main
street, Jackson.
apr» __ „ JS4-6m
Rook*, stationery. *-
.'SSJSv.w n sues as
Would respectfully infom the
oil :■ Jackson and v ';it -ok»
tl. v they have received the most extensive
st kof New Books and Stationery ever brought
into Jackson, and offer them for sale at lower rates
than any ether cstablUhmcnt in tbc county; also, a
largo variety of
Pipes, Tobacco, Cigars, &c.
The Finest Lot of Cutlery, Canes, sod Fancy Are
tides always on band at their store. Our aasorf
meal of Sheet Music, Musical luetrumenu. and
a general variety of Violin and Guitar Strings is
We return our thanks for the liberal patronage
heretofore extended to the establishment, and hope
for a continuance of the same, promising a strict
attention to the wants of the community.
Paid for Gold Dust.
may 1 ib-tf
Fire-proof Brick Building, Main Street,
O ESF ECTFCLLY announce to the Ladies and
JCvilenlleiiK-n of this place and vicinity that they
ha . i usl received tbeir.
Stock of Spring Goods,
Consistng of every variety of Lawns. Prints, Sot
ins, Silks. Cambric*. Bereges, Shoes, Hoisnry, Ac
Also a superior quality of
Gentlemen’s Clothing
Of every quality and pattern.
All of our goods are waranted as represented, and
will bj sold LOW FOR CJtSH.
may 1 28-tf
Main Street,
I TAKE this method of informing the eltiaena of
Volcano and the public generally, that I have
opened a Restaurant in the house adjoining Klau
bor’s store, on the east side of Mam street I
will always have my table furnished with the beat
that this ’market afforda. and the viands will be
served up in the most palatable style.
Meals furnished at all hours.
Pleasure parties accommodated on the shortest
notice to order.
The BAR is tmpplb-d with the best of drinks,
and every effort will be made to please those who
may favor me with a call.
may I 28-Sm
Provision A Grocery Store.
Fire-proof Building, comer of Main and Court ata
A iron,l) respectfully inform the cltlacns of
VV Jucknon at id it* vieinitv, that he has now on
band and is constantly receiving at bis new brick
store, a large and welt selected assortment of
Provisions, Groceries, Liquors, Mining Tooli,
and Miners’ Supplies generally,
Comprising every article which can bo expected
in ibis market, and which he intend* to sell AT
THE LOWEST PRICES. A ihare of patronage Is
solicited, and the public are invited to call and ex
amine his stock. mav I—2B-tf
Books uiul Static
A well selected collection of
articles t-f every style and of the
quality, consisting in part of
Gold Pens, Inks sod Envelopes,
can always be found at the
may 8 * 29-3 m
SUPERIOR article just received at

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