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|»r. J. C- Voniig,
Corner Montgomery and California streets,
over Welts ', Fargo \ Co.'s Express Office,
Son Fro nr ism.
1* tin' Pioneer Advcrttilng Physician of Califor
nia. and nly one who received » Collegiate
Medical education, and is heller qualified to treat
■uni hue cured more case - of private disease, than mu
other physician. For reference,see all ofthe papers
throughout the State.
C CONSTITUTIONAL Debility, or seminal weal;
J news.—Dr. Young addressee those who have in
jured themselved hy private and Improper indul
gences In that secret and solitary habit which ruins
the laxly and mind, unlit ling them for either busi
ness or society. The following are some of the sad
and melancholy effects produced by earl) habits ol
youth, viz : W eakness in the hack and limits, pain
in the head, dimness of sight, loss of muscular pow -
er. pal oi tat inn of the heart, dyspepsia, nervousness,
irritability; derangement of the digestive functions,
general debility, symptoms of consumption, Ac.
Mbntai.i.v the fearful effects on the mind are
more to be dreaded, boss of memory, confusion of
ideas, depression of spirits, evil forebodings, aver
sion to society, self-distrust, love of solitude, timid
ity. Arc., Arc., are some of the evils produced.
All persons who arc afflicted w ith any of the
above symptoms should not (ail to call on Dr. V.
and be at once restored to perfect health, bet no
false delicacy prevent you, but apply immediately,
and save yourself from the dreadful and awful con
sequences of this terrible malady.
Weakness of the Organ- immediately cured, and
full vigor restored. Dll. .1. C. YOUNG,
cor California ami Mongomcry sts., up stairs.
IMPORTANT romikkiui, wuvxujnw, >rt There
is no malady of deeper importance, either in a
medical or moral point of view, to which ttie hu
man family is more liable than that arising from
impure connection.
As a medical man, it is the duty of every physi
cian to look at disease ns it affects health imd life,
and his sole object should lie to mitigate, as far as
lies in his power, the bodily sobering, lluniuii na
ture at best is but trail: all are liable to misfortune.
Of all the ills that affect man, none are more ter
rible than those of a private nature. Dreadful as
it is in the person w ho contracts it, frightful as are
Us ravages upon his constitution, ending frequently
In destruction and a loathsome grave, it becomes of
still greater importance w hen it is transmitted to
innocent offspring. Such being the case bow ne
cessary it becomes that every one having reason to
fear that they have contracted the disease, should
attend to it at mice by consulting some physician,
whose respectability and education enables him to
warrant a safe, speedy, and permanent cure. In ac
cordance with this necessity. Dr. Young fcelscalled
upon to state that, by long study and extensive
practice, lie has become perfect master of nil those
diseases, which come under the denomination of ve
nereal. and having paid more attention to that one
branch than any other physician in the United States
he feels himself better qualified to treat them.
Syphilis in all its forms, such ns ulcers, swelling
In the gruins, ulcers in the throat, secondary S) phil
is. cutaiii ous eruptions ulcerations ferliinry syphil
is. syphilis in children, merciireal syphilitic affec
tions, gonorrhipa, gleet, strictures, false passages,
inflammation of the bladder and prostrate glands,
excoriations, tumors, postules, etc., are as familiar
to him as the most common things ol daily observa
The Doctor effects a cure hi ire out cases iu a few
days, and finds no difficulty in curing those of long
duration, without submitting the patient to such
treatment ns will draw upon him the slightest sus
picion. or oblige him to neglect his business, w heth
er within doors or without. The diet need not be
changed, except In cases of severe inflammation.—
1 hue me in t alforuia patients (amounting to over
two thousand in the past year) that could furnish
proof of this; but these ,;r" matters that require
the nicest secresv. which he always preserves.
All letters, enclosing #lO, will he promptly at
tended to. Office hours from aA. M. to g I'. M.
Address, J, YOUNG, M. 1)..
Express building, corner ot Montgomery and Cal
ifornia streets, over Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express
THE AFI'EICTED. Persons troubled with
.1 Disease should peruse the following letters o(
recommendation, from Or. J. C. Young s patients
They are voluntary oth rings of gratitude to him for
benefits received, and are proofs as strong as Holy
Writ of bis scientific attainments. No onecan read
them w ithout at once having confidence in him. and
we confidently make the assertion that peoplo uf-
Hicted with private or other diseases w ill call upon
him in preference to any other physician in Califor
nia. Head them carefully, ye that need medical as
sistance. and then lose no time in consulting him
while there Is time left to cure you in;
Marysvu.i.e. June 10th, IS‘>s.
Dr. .1. C. Yot-xo— Dear Sir: Phase send me
some of the medicines yon prescribed iu my case.
1 have a friend here who is troubled in exactly the
same way that I was. He has nightly emissions,
ringing noise in his head, weak back, loss of memo
ry. and he is generally dehilifatcd ; he is discoura
ged and has not confidence enough to enable him to
call and see you. 1 told him how I was. and that
my friends all said I was in consumption, and the
doctors up le re gave me up and advised mo to go
home and die. but instead of going home I called
upon yon. and here 1 am as w ell as any of them and
likely to live a long time yet. with strength enough
to work w ith the strongest of them. Doctor, 1 will
send every one to you that looks as though he maul
ed a physician, it shall not be my fault if any one
dies tor want of medical treatment. I w ill do all
1 can to keep the afiiieted away from those pests of
society, yclept professors and high-sounding titled
men. who, if the facts were known, are men who
left ther country for their country's good. Publish
this. Doctor, if you wish, and 1 hope some of those
who humbugged me may sec it. and sleep trad for
ouc night. Truly yours, GEO. DAVIDSON.
Gn.vss Vau.kv, June W. 18<»5.
Dear Sir: The last medicine you sent me Ims
done the business. lam now perfectly well, ami
wish to give my testimony to the public in favor of
your skill. 1 was troubled w ith a complication of
discuses brought on by that soul-destroying habit
of self-pollution, and complaints caught by cornice
tion w ith bud persons ol the opposite sex. I have
been treated by some of the best physicians as well
ns those quacks who infest this stale, and by them
all given up ns incurable ; but being ml-, isid by a
friend who bud been benefit ted by your scientific
treatment tocall upon you. I did so. and feel grate
ful to him for the information, but still mure grate
ful to you for the care and good adi ice you gave
me, »» w ell as the sßeacious medicines you pre
scribed. If any of the afflicted should see this, let
them la' sure that it is a voluntary ottering in grat
itude for the blessings of health ruceived front you,
and also given with a fervent wish that it may be
of service to those suffering as 1 did ; and now may
God bless you in your effort to lessen the sufferings
of the human family, and may all good citizens as
sist you to drive trout tin- community those leeches
that prey upon the public by false pretensions of
/eminence in the medical world.
Your* eternally,
To Dr. J.C. Yolnu, San Francisco.
Six Fiuncuh'o. June 2d, 1855.
Dear Sir ; —1 have not had one single (it ginoe I
commenced taking your medicines; | tt)n „| S() u ; u .
ing strength every day. The trouble that I had.
which was the cause of the lit*, is also leaving me
vety fust. In fact, 1 think I out entirely well, hut
if you think it best, I «ill take medicines a short
time longer. It is only about two mouths since i
commenced taking your prescriptions, and although
you told me it would take from three to four mouths
yet 1 feel well already. 1 feel sorry that 1 did not
visit yon at fust, and not allow myself to lie led
away by the vain boasting of those quacks that copy
your style of business, end thereby impose upon
the public. They despoiled me of inv money, and
if I had not stopped taking their vile stud, they
would have robbed me of my life also. Thanks to
your superior medical skill, I am beyond danger,
and shall always consider you the savior of my life.
Dear Dr. —Publish this if vou consider it worth
your while, for 1 wish to proclaim to the world your
worth, that every one who needs a physician may
know where to call, and be sure of u\ aiding deceit
end imposition.
Yoon, till death. GEO. MARSHALL.
To J C. Yocvo, M. D
W. AVER, n. D.
o*c« two doors South of the Empire Hotel,
oct 27, 1 qy
.1 oik s. Tobin A C'o.,
ARK now prepared to offer to the Trivlo, a largo
. and well assorted stock of desirable Kail and
Winter Hoods, received per recent arrivals,compri
lionnot ribbons,
Illaek and colored velvet ribbons.
White and black silk blonde luces,
Artificial (towers, feathers and plumes,
Jsckonet and Swiss insertions and edgings;
Ladies' embroidered collars, sleeves and cbenii
zelts ;
Thread edgings and laces;
English black orape;
and a general variety of the latest and moat approv
ed styles of Millinery Goods, Laces and Embroide
Rogers', Wostcnholm's and I’nrnes A Son's pock
ct knives, sci/zors. razors, and razor strops :
Huttons of all descriptions ;
Threads, needles, pins, tapes and bindings;
Combs and brushes of aii kinds;
Ladies' and children's hosiery ;
Ladies' and gentlemen's gloves and handkerchiefs;
Zephyr worsteds, trimmings and braids;
India rubber balls; assorted toys;
Game bags, shot pouches and belts;
I’ortemonnaieg, envelopes and letter paper ;
Assorted b ad pencils, steel pens and ink ;
And an extensive and choice assortment of I’KR
-ITMEUV, Yankee and German Notions. Ac., Ac.,
all of which w ill be sold at the lowest rale for cash.
T.-ir NEW GOO US received from New York by
every steamer,
oct 27 1 3m
I’ljvCKUViu.li, .May 28lh, 1853.
Dn. J. C. Torso- Dear Sir :—Words cannot ex
press the prat Unde I feel la due to yon for the Ism
etlt I have received front your truly valuable course
of treatment of my case while prescribing for me.
1 think 1 cannot justify myself without giving this
small token of my thankfulnew and esteem, for you
have been the means ol ianng my li/r. and restor
ing to me that health which 1 Inal so long despaired
of again enjoying. I had for a long time (four
years.) Ism troubled with that most dreadful
scourge of young people, seminal weakness or noc
turnal emissions, w hich so weakened me both tasty
and mind, that 1 was obliged to give up mining ni
together. 1 consulted one of the land physicians
(so called) in the mountain districts, and after a
careful examination of my case, he gave mo medi
cines. ] continued under his treatment for three
months without receiving any bcnellt. in fuel I grew
w orse from week to week, until at last I got discour
aged and asked him for his opinion. 1 toll) him not
to fear to tell mo the whole truth, for I should mill
er know the worst at once, than to live in suspense.
I had lost about thirty pounds of flesh, and knew
that he at least could not cure me, and us I was
then going on, death must soon count me as one of
its victims. This physician then told me that my
ease was incurable: that I had better not take any
more medicines. He said 1 was in a decline, which
was fast tending to pulmonary consumption.
I then despaired of obtaining any relief, and saw
that unless something was done to mitigate the com
plaint. that I should lie nnmhcred with the dead, or
what is w orse, lie a raving maniac. Happening I
see one of your books, the Pocket .Esculapius, I
made up my mind at once to call and consult y n
w ith Hie determination of trying once more to get
relief if you would undertake the ease. oh. how
thankful iam for this determination! I commenc
ed taking the medicines prescribed hy you, and I
am now. through their healing powers, restored to
perfect health. I shall nut fail to recommend you
to any of ray friends that require assistance, for a
man that can cure a case us bad as mine was, can
cure every disease that tlia.li is heir to, if there is
life enough left in the system to build upon.
Receive mv most heartfelt thunks and esteem.
nov 17 4-ly
Syphilis ixi) (JoxoßßMiKi, -Hr. i.. .r. oapkay
would ask especial attention to syphilitic and
gonorrlneal diseases. In the tir.-t stages of tiiese
complaints he guarantees a perfect and effectual
cure in a few w ithout hindrance to business or
the slightest inconvenience. The Doctor’s method
of treating them combines all the latest improve
ments. hy the medical faculty, with discoveries made
hy himself more effective limn any tiling vet known
which seen res* the patient from the possibility of sec
ondary symptoms, and removes the disease in the
shortest possible time.
Secondary syphilis which appears inconsequence
of the absorption of the poison into the system, and
produces Dulses, I" ice rut ions in the throat and nose,
which destroy the soft parts, mid cause the bone to
mortify, separate and come away, disfiguring the
patient horribly. Nodes or painful swellings in the
itones; splotches upon the skin, eases of which the
Doctor sees daily in his office, and which are the re
sult ol improper treatment. Also, ulcers, sores and
pimples, ami injuries to the constitution, which af
ter a long period of snlfering. destroy life. * - It w ill
also he remembered that these disorders are heredit
ary. liaising from parent to child, and entailing
upon the offspring a ruined constitution. For the
cure of all tiles,' forms of diseases, the doctor guar
antees a cure or asks no compensation.
The Doctor can be consulted by letter or other
w ise free ol charge, and invites all who are atttict
ed to call upon him. where he w ill give them such
satisfaction as they can obtain nowhere else. His
rooms are Nos. I and 2, Armory Hall, corner of
Sacramento and Montgomery streets, San Fran
nov 10 3-ly
CI’KUM ATOKHIICEA. nr I.ikai, Wkakm -s. Dr.
H C/AI'K AY late lecturer on Diseases of women
anti children, and chief Surgeon of the Military
Hospital of I’esth, Hungary., would call public ai
l ilium to spennutorrho-a or local weakness. There
is not hi the catalogue of burouu nmladlea one more
In be deprecated than this, as well because of pres
ent distress, as the ultimate results. The tone of
the sy stem under its deteriorating iullncnee is
either impaired or entirely destroyed, and n class
of symptoms Ruporiuduced. that uulils man for the
performance of any of the ordinary duties of life,
fbe injures done io the physical part of man un
truly lamentable, tail trilling when compared to
I host- of the eensorium, the great nervous centre,
and to the great nervous system generally. This
disease w hich Is too often consequent upon that sol
itary vice, sell-abuse, involves pathological condi
tions beyond the comprehension of the uninitiated,
hut which arc well understood by the regular prae
tltloner. Among the symptoms most conspiseuuus
arc the following ; Love of solitude, aversion to
business and society, distressing timidity, nervous
excitement from slight causes, loss of memory, con
fusion of ideas, inability to reason, correctly, low
spirits and lassitude, dullness of apprehension and
misanthropy. These la-lug functional derange
ments. are often the harbingers of horrid organic
lessons of the brain, which produce* fatuity, demen
tia ati-1 death.
For the cure of this and all kindred of diseases,
Dr. O.apkay has established his Institute, w here nil
map rely w ith perfect confidence upon that skill
which long experience am) thorough devotion to
his profession has given. Those who sutler should
call w itbuut delay, and use the means by which they
may recuperate and live. All consultation, by let
ter or otherwise, free.
i:itl\ON FRENCH and ENGLISH aever
al shades for Ladies* Riding dresses, at
Tin* Mli/euS Wore.
f T I III. undersigned cull the attention of the cit!-
1 sens ot Volcano and the surrounding country,
of their general and well-selected stock of Groce-
V ni OM ' Mining Tools, Hardware, Boots and
Clothing, V lour. Barley, Ground Feed Ac., which
they otter for wile at reduced prices.
, ruin a long residence and acquaintance with the
mines, we Hut Ur ourselves that we ore able to make
wlecUoilKof Goods tlmt will giro r.Uire B*ti«luc
,ion , ... TITUS * CO.
* I 3®
Or. 1.. .1. C'/.npknf**
Corner of Montpi mery and Sacramento sis.,
San Francisco.
DR. L. J. CZAPKAY, lute In the Hungarian
Revolutionary War. t 'hief Physician to the iOth
Regiment of Honveda, Chief Surgeon to (be Milita
ry Hospital of Postli, Hungary. ami late lecturer mi
Diseases ol Urinary Organs, anil Diseases of Wo
men amt Children, would most respectfully inform
the public of California, that he has opened an in
stitute for the cure of Chronic Diseases of the
Lungs. Liver. Kidneys. Digestive and Genital Or
pins. and all Private Diseases, viz: Syphylltlc ll
eers. Gonorrhoea. Gleet. Strictures, Seminal Weak
ness, and all the horrid consequences of self-almse.
and he hopes that his long experience nod success
ful practice of many years, will insure him a share
of public patronage. By thepractiee of ninny real's
in Europe and the United States, and during the
Hungarian war and campaigns, he is enabled
to apply the most i (Hcienl and successful reme
dies against diseases of all kinds.
He uses no mercury; charges moderate: Irenlshis
patients in a cored and honorable way—has refer
ences of unquestionable veracity from men of re
spectablity and high standing in
ties consulting him. by letter 01
ci ive the best and gentlest trea
All par
isc. will re
ad implicit
i i.i. Spermatorrhira, nr Local Weakness, Nerv
ous Debility. Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weakness of
the Limbs and Hack. Indisposition and incapability
for Labor and Study, Dullness of Apprehension.
Loss of Memory, Aversion to Society, Love of Sol
itude. Timidity, Self-Distrust, Dizziness. Headache.
Involuntary Discharges. Pains in the side. Affection
of the Eyes. Pimples on the face. Sexual and other
infirmities in man. are cured without fail by the
justly celebrated Physician and Surgeon, L. J.
CZA I’K AY - His method of curing diseases is ne«.
unknown to others, and hence the great success. All
consultations, by letter or otherwise, free. Address,
L. J. t'ZAPKA V, M. Ib. San I r,un i-no. California.
ItliciimiitiMii mid IVvcrt
I thi' speediest nnd safest maimer liy Dr, Czapkay.
the celebrated Hungarian Physician. These dtaeaa
es are treated by Dr. C. In the most scientific ami
agreeable mode, lie particularly incites to his es
tablishment those suffering from Chronic Rheuma
tism. who have heretofore failed to obtain relief.
To those suffering from the Fevers incident to
this eon t. he would promise immediate relief.—
Call and consult with the Doctor at hi' Medical In
Vi. Dr. C has n new nnd efficient remedy for Di
nrrhonnnd Dysentery. Call all; consult: consult
ation free. Office hours from ft M. to n I’. M., at
the (.rand Medical and Surgical Institute. Armory
Hall lliiilding. corner of Monlgumery sts., San
I .1. Cr.apky. M. D.. Physician, Surgeon and Ac
coucheur. invites the attention of the sick and af
flicted femalgs laliqring under any of the various
forms of diseases of the brain, lungs, heart., stom
ach. liver, womb, blood, kidneys, and all diseases
peculiar to their sox. The Doctor is effecting more
rufi s lhan any other Physician in tie' State ofCali
fornia. Let no false delicacy prevent you but ap
ply immediately. and save yonralcves from painful
siilb rings and premature death. All married la
dies, whose delicate health or other circumstances
do not allow to have an increase in their families,
should call at Dr. f,. J.Oapkay’s Medical Institute.
Armory Hall, corner of Sacramento and Montgom
ery streets, and they w ill receive every p. e slide re
lief and help. The Doctor*B Offices are so arranged
that ho can lie consol ted without the fear of moles
tation. If desired Dr. C. will visit the. ladies at
their residence. •
The attention of the reader is called to the fol
lowing: A lady of high -landing in society, and
great respectability, published a card in the Phil
adelphia Sumlai/ Dm/ialrh, September 14th. Dial,
w hich is us follow s:
** A CARP. The undersigned feels it her duty
to express her heartfelt gratitude to Pr. Czapkay.
for tlir* successfnl cun* of herself and child. The
hitter, hasing born afflicted by a severe attack of
‘Cholera Infantum,’ wan given up as incurable by
Homo of Ur* most celebrated physicians, when she
called on Pr. Czapkay -of a horn she hear*l very fa
vorable report and who, afti r a short period, resto
red the child to perfect health. Kncouraged by
this extraordinary result, she sought advice herself,
for the scrofulous malady with which die had been
afflicted for eight yedrs. add w hich withstood the
treatment of the best jdiysicians in iairope and
America. Hut Pr. Czapkay has succeeded in atfor
ding her permanent relief, so that she can now en
joy life, which, after eight years, had lost all
charms to her. She therefore deems it due to hep
self and to all sick ami afflicted, to recommend Pr.
Czapkay as one of the .uust skillful physicians in
the United States.
Cor. Walnut A 7th sts.. Philadelphia, Pa.
A. Gt.aski:, Notary Public, l2(>7tli. street.
r |MIF qrkatkst ' oi.srovKirv of thk auk! threat
I to Mankind ! Innoct nt. fmt Potent!
I>r. L. J. Czapkay's Frophilacticum, (Self-dislnfect
iug Agent.) a Min* preventive against Gonorrhoea
and Syphilitic Diseases. and an unsurpassed reme
dy for all \fMioreal: scrofulous, Gangrenous, and
Cancerous V leers. hcidid Discharges from Vagina,
I tcrus and I* r« thru, and all cutaneous eruptions
and diseases. For sale at I>r. L. J. Czapkay’s office,
Armory Hall, corner of Sacramento and Montgom
ery streets. San Francisco. Ah inoculation in a pro
\entire against small pox, so !* Dr. J. Czapkay's
Frophilactic uni. a preventive against syphilitic and
Gonorrhoeal Diseases. Harmless in itself, it posses
es the power of chemically destroying the syphilit
ic virus, and thereby saving thousands from being
infected by the most loathsome of all diseases. Let
no young man who appreciates health be without
Hr. Czapkay’s Prophilactum. It is in very conven
ient packages, and will lie found convenient to use.
being used as a soap. That the disease can he pre
vented by the use of proper agents, is as well an
established fact, as that they can ho cured alter
their establishment. This principle, which is now
universally recognized, was received, even before
the day of demur, the discoverer of vaccination, in
IT<»<». and its multiplied benefits ever since have re
ceived, as they deserved, the attention of the med
ical faculty. It was in pursuits of this branch of
the medical science, that Hr. L. J. CzayAwv fortu
nately made the discovery of hU
which lot tiie prevention of Sy
(’ancerous and Cut ancons Disorder*,
ed by any agent in the IMiarmacopu a.
Fho effect of this agent alter coition is immediate
a'id prevents the possibility of u contraction of dis
ease. Jt. however, the disease has been contracted,
it is useful in neutralizing the poisonous secretions,
u hu h by absorption, produces the horrid consequen
ces known as secondary syphilis. It has been ad
ministered by tie l Doctor in many thousand cases,
and lie has yet to find the lirst in which it has failed
to subserve the purpose for which it was adminis
tered. I’rice f.i. hull directions are attached to
each package. Incases where the Prophllocticum
is used usa curative, Dr. 1,. .1. Czapkay will furnish
(gratis) a prescription fur his blood purifier.
All cumumicatiun from the country addressed only
to Dr. L. J. t'/.apkuy. San Francisco will be strictly
and eoulldeutiully attended to, and tin remedies.
«illi the greatest care and security, Immediately dis
patched, by Express or other conveyance, to their
\M AIL is despatched from this office Tri-vrceklv,
on Monday, M odnesduy mid Friday nights, bo
tween 12 and 1 o'clock, which closes at’s I* M
The Mail for the Atlantic Stales and Europe
edoses at this olfici on the 2d amt llith of eaeli
The Mail for Oregon, Washington and Utah terri
tories. is dispatched regularly w ith the San |>an
oiseo mail.
Hoik.- This office is open daily. Sundays
M°3fl At *'m * u M ~UlVil, ,U 1 V il M »nel from IJ I*
M. till 5$ 1 . M., Hox delivery open till xl* M
fir - On Sunday, this office a ill Is, open from 8 to
10 A. M., and from 1 to 3 I*. M.
T . . „ GEO. madeiua, r. M
' oleino Oct. .*3, 1655 lv dh
■toad mill
Quick Cure* and Lent Prices, at the eld
established office, Sirth street, be
tween ./ and K, Sacramen
to, California.
DOCTOR TOZER returns his thanks to his nu
merous patients for their patronage, ami would
embrace this opportunity to remind them that he
continues to consult ou those difficult cases of Ve
nereal. which have twilled the skill of some of the
most celebrated physicians of the age, and upon
which he has never failed to
Dr. T.’s reputation as a Physician stands unequal
cd. Ills exclusive attention to diseases of theOen
ilo Crinary Organs for so many years, renders him
perfect master of Syphilitic diseases.
The large nmmher of aggravated eases that he
has perfectly cured after they have been given op
by many others, is the only proof that a Physician
requires of bis ability. Doctor Toter would state
that he can cure any and all varieties of the dis
ease. no matter how long standing, or w hat progress
the disease has made, every patient can rely upon a
Doctor Tozcr has, it is well known, taken patients
from the very verge of the grave.and restored them
to perfect health, lie would further state, he deems
it sufficient to attract the attention of those who
might need the services of a Physician in all cases,
tail particularly those enumerated in the advertise
ment. expecting they would lest my merits as a
practitioner, and the result of my practice, thus far
inis been satisfactory to my patients and to myself.
Nor do I deem it expedient to til 1 columns of the
newspapers with fulsome empiric ami bombastic
advertisements, professing my ability to cun' all
diseases that Mesh is heir to, for to do that I must
be more than man. but to give those who are afflict
ed with Venereal, Chronic, and other diseases, to
understand, from my long experience, I am fully
competent to treat them successfully-
Mi regard for the dignity of the Medical Profes
sion! to which I have the honor to belong, deters
me from committing any act savoring of rank
quackery, and regard for my own dignity would
prevent mr placing thyself before the public on a
par with the quacks and nostrum venders of the
present ape.
I offer no genuine or fraudulent certificates, or
puff of my superior qualifications as a practitioner;
neither do I assume to my self MEDICAL H( )Nt IRS
to w hich I am not entitled, but merely a-k those
who arc diseased to read the different advertise
ments relating to the cure of Private Diseases, and
judoe for themselves where to apply for relief.
My rooms are so arranged that lean be consulted
in privacy at all hours of the day. from 9 o’clock in
the morning until 8 in the evening.
Persons with Chronic Diarrhoea, Disentery.
Local Weakness. Nervous Debility, Low Spirits,
Lassitude. Weakness of the Limbs and Hack, Indis
position. Loss of Memory. A version to Society,Love
ol Solitude. Dullness of Apprehension. Timidity.
Self Distrust. Dizziness. Headache, Paines in the
Side. Affections of the Eyes, Pimples on the Face,
Sexual and other Infirmities in Man, Ac . Ac . will
find it important TO APPLY TO DOCTOR (’HAS.
II ToZEK. at his office, tilh street, between J A E.
Sacramento. CALL AND SEE.
1-1 y. C. 11. TOZER. M. D.
Mil. Eiiitor: Sii -It is a duty we owe fu the
puhlie, uad olxo Dr. C. II To*er. of Sacrumento,
that induces us In come lieforo the public with the
statement we are now making.
I i e that it is the custom of aomc Physician* to
adverliae their own pud's, w hich read as though you
you yourself had put them in your paper. There
are live of us that have lieen under Dr. Toaor’scare
for the last fortnight, with diseases of an extraordi
nary nature. One with an old chronic complaint of
some years standing, from which he had given up
all hopes of ever getting cured, for he had employ
ed several Physicians without getting any relief,
lie was covered with spots and sores from his ank
les to his head, and he is happy to inform the puts,
lie that he is now free from every appearance of
disease, ami is in better health limn he has been for
Another of the number came down from the most
northern mines, suffering from what is called Semi
nal weakness. He had become so weak, he could
not work for loss of memory, dimness of sight, Ac.,
and he will lie happy to speak forj himself; if any
doubt it, lie can !»■ seen at the above mentioned
Doctor’s office. The others were recent complaints
and were perfectly cured in six days, and urf now
perfectly well and hearty. 1 myself have lieen
troubled with a disease for the last six months, and
could not get cured in the country, and came down
to Sacramento. and,ara happy to say, I am now well
lor which 1 shall ever feel grateful, for I think Dr.
T.'s great success is in consequence of his unremit
ting attention, and I can recommend him as the most
judicious practitioner 1 ever knew.
\\ . Nixon, near Jackson; J. Hampton, Shasta;
11. llavnkk, Nevada; M. Hi nsus. Marysville.
1 wish to inform those who may need a Physician
that I can unite with the above gentlemen, and fur
ther state, some weeks since, 1 applied to Dr. Timer
for relief. I hail been under a doctor's care since
last October, and was in such a state from saliva
tion. that I could neither eat nor sjieak, hut at pres
ent I am pleased to say, that I am able to attend to
my business; I am much belter than I ever expect
ed to be. and would like the opportunity of public
ly thanking him for Ids unremitting attention to
my case and its perfect cure.
(1, ll Hampton, near Sacramento.
Since" the above name* were attached, a gentle
man who resides ulsml 211 mile* from this place, baa
called at my office and given Ida consent to the
statement of Ida case, if his name lie omitted; hut if
this statement be doubted, X have a letter from him
with his name and address.
Mr. (' called upon me last February, and
stated that In' Inn) employed a number of Physi
cians for the last three years, hud paid one in San
Francisco seven hundred dollars, and had been per
fectly swindled, anil w'as tired of lieing humbugged.
l(js case was que of three years standing; it was
contracted In the western country, and he supposed
himself cured, but in the course of some months,
his limbs became stiff, his throat very much swollen,
his teeth loosened and sores broke out on parts of
bis Ihhlv ; I warranted his ease us I saw he, to
be depended on, and would pay when he if as cured.
He remained under my care one week, after which
I supplied him with medicine and advice. In two
months I received a letter of thanks from him. in
which he says, he has done more work this ftpring,
than at one time, and never enjoyed better health.
By this it can lie seen, that persons afflicted with
disease need nut go beyond .Sacramento City to Hud
I am to Is' found at my office on Sixth street. Sac
ramento, from 9 in the morning until s in the even
ing- Persons at a distance can obtain advice by
communicating to me through the Express. am) en
closing ten dollars, post paid. My office is perfectly
private, and all persons can be accommodated, if
they wish to remain any*time under mv immediate
care. ,
t-ff" Ors'iog, 6th street, between .1 and K. Sacra
mento. uov d—2 ly C. 11. TOZKU M. 1).
.tledlral Card.
D rs j - w GOODIX &G. K. SMITH having re
(■i-ntl.v associated themselves as Partners in the
practice of their profession, take tliis method of in
tornupg the citizens of Volcano and vicinity that
' they arc at all limes prewired to attend all cases of
Disease or Surgery, and as they have taken espe
cial rare to provide themselves with Instruments
proper for the performance of any an 1 every kind
and as their skill in operation Surgery has been test
isl by the elotnl itruliiiy, they have no hesitancy
in calling the attention of the public to that branch
of their Profession particularly.
Particular attention given to diseases of the Evk
and Eva. (iperatious performed for Cataract, Stra
bismus (or Distorted Vision) Ac.. Ac. Surgical pa
tients from a distance can lie accommodated with
Rooms and Nurses while undergoing treatment. If
desired. In all important cases the attention of both
will Is l directed without extra charge.
iraSt'Oftiec Main st., next door to lloy A Smith's
Drag Store.
J. rr GOOPIN. M. D c. K SMITH. M f>
tVhnlrwlc nnd retail ('i(ar Store*
BF,r,S leave respectfully to announce to the citi
zoiif of Volcano that bo ha* opened a Whole
sale and Retail Cigar Kmporium. and will lie pleas
ed to furnish Public Houses, Restaurants, and nil
who may favor him with a call, at the lowest possi
ble rates, ns he ha- mails arrangements a ith a large
house in San Francisco he will be able to sell at
lower prices than any other establishment in the
mountains. Those who w ish to smoke a good eigar
will please call. My slodk consist* »f a full assort
ment of all the different brands of Cigars. from $lO
to *125 per thousand. Choice brands of Chewing
German. French and Spanish Smoking Tobacco.
Pipes, ail sorts and sires.
Matches of all kinds.
I nl-o have on band a full assortment of Cutlery,
Plank Hooks. Paper, Envelopes, Ink. Ac. A nice
assortment of Toys; also a good variety of Musical
Instruments, and a good assortment of Italian Vio
lin nnd Guitar Strings.
Call ami examine aud judge for themselves.
Main street,opposite Fry A Roy's stone building.
Volcano. Oct. 27, 1855.- 1 If.
Tin* Nlar More*.
KEEPS constantly nn tmml a largo (‘took of For
eign and Domestic Liquors, consisting in purl
French and American Brandies;
English Ale and Porter on draught and in bottle ;
Scotch and Irish Whiskey;
Port. Claret, Hock. Sherry. Madeira. Saulurne.
Muscat and Champagne Wines ;
Case goods. Preserved Meats and Fruits ;
Pic Fruits Hrandy Peaches :
Syrups ; Cordials and Hitters ;
Sugars ; Tobacco ; Pipes ;
ami a select assortment of GROCERIES AND I’UO
Purchasers will always find a goes! article anil the
public generally will find it to their advantage to
patronize JOHN DOVI.E.
pit" Goods packed to all parts of the surrounding
country FHEE OF CH.IIWK.
oct 27. • 1 3in
llmlv'o Saloon.
Main Start, three Doors from the I'm pi re
nniUS .Saloon has hcon fitted up in comfortable
I style. and the liar will nl all times lie supplied
with the choicest Liquors, ami persons can oldaiu
Fancy Drinks, such as
Sherry Cobbler*,
Milk Punch.
Queen < Tiarlottcs,
Cocktails. Ac.,
Give me a call ajiil
H. H. 11VDK.
I 2tn
Jenny Lind Punch.
Tom and Jerry,
Egg NoKK.
satisfy yourselves,
oct 27
Opposition I.iiie of Mn|;c«.
CO At THCS will lea\ e Volcano
every night, hereafter, at 12 o'-
clock, for Sacramento, passing
through Kiddletown, Willow Springs. Michigan liar.
Cook's Bar and Live Oak City, arriving in Sacra
mento at 12 o'clock, M.
it ft' Passengers railed for at their residences, and
the utmost care and attention paid to them and their
Office nl the Empire Hotel, Volcano.
oct 27 1 3m
fit Her A Ncoll,
RBBPEcrreu.T infonn the citi
r.ons of Volcano ami vicinity that
Jlhoy have a large assortment of
Hoots anil Shoos on hand, which they will dispoae
of on the most reasonable teams.
A good assortment of Shoe Findings constantly
on hand.
We arc also prepared to manufacture Bools to
order. We warrant all work done by us.
N. 11.—All kinds of repairing done in a suitable
manner and at the shortest notice. GIVK ISA
ocl 27
1 .dm
tten. 1.. Ualr,
Justice of the Peace, Township .Vo. Three ,
OFFICE first door South of Hanford A Downs’
Store, Volcano.
1,, h. SciiK,
Office with Geo. L. Gale. Eeq.
A. I. Iloiiiflilailinu.,
Office witli Geo. L. Gale, Esq., Volcano,
oct 27 I 3m
\< ( oiniiio<l:ifion Line Of Stages.
THE undersigned rospecfltlly
to the Public thul he
ihas commenced running a.Stage
between Volcano and Jackson, leaving Volcano
every morning at 7 o'clock, leaving Jackson imme
diately on the arrival of the Stage from Sacramen
to. Letters, packages, Ac., delivered promptly.
The Proprietor hopes by keeping good Horses.
Coaches, and an attentive Driver, to receive a liberal
patronage. W. H. LOBDELL.
oct 27 dm
I.iti'l't Slsililt'.
Corner of Jerome anti Kutmuil sts., Volcano.
UJO\ I.!) invite I lit* public to call and examine
their superior stock of Horses, having been
selected with care, and adapted for Ladies' and Gen
tlrmcn’a Saddle Horses. Baggies, either single or
double, with superior Horses in harness, always on
Horses kept, and gropmed by the day, week or
No pains will be spared to render this establish
ment in every respect worthy the confidence and
patronage of alt >vho may favor us with their cus
CiuttoKS .Moosiutk. "tS-tf
Notary I* nbl i c .
Volcano, Amador county Call
oct 27 1 i T
IkiKlt* Thoalro.
r pilii Undersigned respectfully informs Theatrical
I Companies, and other similar traveling amuse
ments. that he has titled up a comfortable and con
venient theatre, capable ol seating an audience of
500 persons, and will let either by the season, week
or night, on reasonable terms.
noylO s . t f
/ TLOTHING—Gents’ Fine Ureas Coats, Early
vr Vests, Cravats and While Kids, at
r TMIE Subscriber would respectfully announce to
I the citizens and miners of Volcano and vicin
ity. that he is now in receipt of a splendid assort
ment of h amily Groceries, Provisions, Liquors and
which he now otfer* f*>r sale, at his store, under
Mahoney Hull, on the most liberal terms. His slock
has been selected w ith great care from the latest ar
rivals from the Atlantic States, and be is willing to
warrant any article as represented. He would call
particu'ur attention to his slock of Liquors, w hich
are unequalled in this market. Give me a call and
examine mv stock.
nor IP 5-Sm
imow* a
Jackson, California.
nor 10
3-3 #
F. W. ( LITE
Dealer in
Groceries, Provisions, Miners HstppUt, s
r PIIK subscriber Luring opened a .Store
I West half of the building known \| a j'
Hall, will keep on hand and for Ml | ( . „ „
assortment of Dry Hoods. Boot* and Shoes ii
Ware, Crockery, Groceries, Provisions, l,j<
Minoru Implements if
Conducting hi- business on the CASH SYsf
e pledges himself to sell goods as h,v „
... ..ir l. I sk. a; .A- .. U;
ran la l afforded in this section of the country
invites all to call on him and examine hi« L s
and prices, before making their purcbai
feels assured they will !«■ satisfactory. Be
f -ri
wlole time in the cities of San Francisco a'lld*
ramento he is enabled to take every ailvanU ■'
the market and purchase his goods at tin- I '
Under Mahoney Hall, Volcano
Empire Livery, *>itle and Kjehnii..
r |MIK undersigned respectfully inform (herd -
I of Volcano that they are now prepared n
nish the very best saddle horses, Douhle and -
Our Stable is in the rear of the Umpire lb-*,
where gentlemen will find us at all times, pp. pl r
to accommodate.
t-ir Particular attention paid to buying and
ing slock. Horses kept hr the day or week „n r
give us a call
tamable terms.
oct '^7
I 3m
r piMS favorite place of resort baa been mater ?. T
I enlarged ami improved, and in now op,. r i ;
the reception of visitors. The BAR will Ik. .
plied with the very la-el Liquor* that can he p,’.
cured. Also. Genuine Burton and English Al--
The Proprietor respectfully invites strangers ic.;
others visiting Volcano, to give him a call.
N. ll.—Ginger Beer and Effervescing Cider cm
staidly on hand.
nov 10 .V2m
*>iirgl<al mul .tlerlimiirnl l>rnli«i.
Formcr >y °f Philadelphia. I’*., a
he found at his office on Main at.. 01 •
J Mr. J. Hoyle’s Store, Volcano.
All operations in the profession warranted, or th*
money refunded. Those who have bud Teeth
find it to their advantage to give me a call,
oct 21 1 3 m
imi'OKl) A !>«« >*.
lilt A I.KItS IN
BI'TTKR, Cheese, Lard. Pork.
Beef, Bacon. Hams, Potatoes,
Tea, Cotlce. Sugar, Flour,
Bariev, Ac.
Nails, Powder,Fuse. Bar and Sheet Iron. Steel.
Axes, Shovels, Picks, Uandlw,
Oils. Paints, Cumphene, Windosi
Lumber, Ac.. Ac.,
Clothing, Dry Goods. Hats,
1 touts, Shoes, Crockery,
Glass, Tin Wart,
And every variety of Miners', Mechanics', aad
Ranchers’ Implements, which they offer to the pub
lie on the most reason Me terms, at their Firepr
•Store, Engle Block, Volcano,
oct 21 1 33,
*. HI. Fit ATT,
Havimi recently opened a 'hop for the -IN
«"<■ business. respectfully solicits a
share of the puMic patrurmp**.
.Gold Rings. Chaim. Cane Heads, and all othe
kind* of California Jewelry manufactured to order
Particular attention will be paid to cleaning ant
repairing Chronometer, Duplex, Patent Lever aci
all other descriptions of watches,
oct 27 1 3m
a. tkiibs.] [r. r. Johnson.
UMLL Practice in the County and District coon
of Amador. Calaveras anil El Dorado.
All business entrusted to their care will remit
prompt attention.
Office, on Main street, adjoining the Tost office
oct 27 1 qy
It. laVA' E X ('ll A XGE.
AS rets i\ etl a new st<»ek of choice Wines, Bras
die* and Cigars. Main street Volcano.
oct 27 ! 3lu
<*r«‘al Attraction at the San Fran
fi«eo Store.
II is with pleasure wo announce to the inha'.
I tants of \ olcano and surrounding country tb>
completion of our new and spacious Airs Prof
store and that wo are now prepared to offer a lard
and well selected stock of
We shall Is- constantly in receipt of the Isles
and most fashionable style of Silks, Barege'-
Moreno’s. Coburg - AUpoccas. Delaines, Gingham
r rench and American Prints, an d all styles of Dr *
( iCMmIm.
Our assortment of Millinery Goods. Ribbon
Ilonneta, Shawl*. Hosiery» Kid Glovm and Vink*
Notions— Dress Trimings and Domestic Goods »i..
ul all timoxhe complete.
M e shall keep a full assortment of goods In this
line, including Gents line and heavy Clothing; fin'
and heavy Boots, Ladles and Misse* Gaiters. Sin
and Shis-.- Boys Boots and all kinds of Hats aii
taps. Also Hardware, Cutlery, Crockery ai
Wood ware. Carpeting, Matting. Wall Papers
Cigars, Powder, fuse. Camphnie, I HI. Ac.. Ac.
In addition to the above, we oiler a large ant
well selected stock of
pn re hosed directly from importers. To this bran A
of our department w e especially invite attention.
One of our firm will make San Francisco his per
uianent place of residence, and devote his persons
attention to the selection of all goods received by
us. By this arrangement we shall he enabled t
take advantage of Hie niurkVt and aecure for our
customers bargains w hich would escape the notice
of a transient purchaser. Keeling confident that
weeau give entire satisfaction to all who will favet
us with their patronage ami esteeming It a pleasure
to show our goods we extend a cordial invitation to
all to cull and examine our stork.
N. B. We also desire to give m tice, that in com
plianre w ilh the high mom) tone of this cominunilv,
and our own oonrielions of duly, our Store will be
closed on Sunday : feeling confident that a gens*
rou* public wilt sustain until our position.
Goods sent free of charge loam portion of tit
surrounding country.
Main St., nearly opposite the Empire Hotel.
* olcano, Oct. 27th, [l~Sm]
Vruceriit and Frov isions.
r Pi |,; undersigned having just conipleteil tbeeroc
-I tion of a large and commodious Fire-Proof
brick building, are now prepared to keep on hand
the moat extensive assortment of
CIUAHS. See .,
to be found In Sacramento, which we are determin
ed to sell at prices that will defy competition. W
cordially invite ail before purchasing elsewhere, t
call on us, examine our goods, and take our prices
Corner of ,1 and 7tb sis Sacra neuto.
oct *7 1 Ihu

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