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African Spiders. —Dr. Living
stone dcsciibes some very curious
members of the spider family which
he encountered in Africa, and some
particulars of which we shall give at
the risk of startling our lady readers.
One kind, a very largo, black, hairy
spider, ho frequently saw. It is an
inch and a quarter long and three
quarters of an inch broad, with a
process at the end of its front claws
similar to that at the end of the scor
pion’s tail, and when the bulbous por
tion of it is pressed, the poison may
be seen oozing out from the point.—
He mentions another kind which
leaps upon its prey from a distance of
several inches, and can spring about
a foot away from the objects of its
Another kind, a largo reddish spi
der, runs about with great velocity,
behind and around every object, in
search of its prey, exciting the horror
of strangers by its size and rapid mo
tions, though never doing any harm.
It makes a hinged cover for its nest,
about the size of an English shilling,
the inside of which is ot a pure white
silky substance, like paper, and the
outer side is coated over with earth,
precisely like that in which the hole
is made. This cover is only seen
when the spider is not at homo, as it
leaves it iying back when it quits iis
nest. If you lift it back you .find it
fastened by a hinge on one side, and
it fits the hole so exactly, and its up
per side so closely resembles the sur
rounding earth, that it is quite im
possible to detect the nest.
A large, beautiful yellow-spotted
spider, whose webs are about a yard
in diameter, exists in great numbers
in some parts of the country. The
lines on which its webs are spun, are
suspended from one tree to another, i
and are as thick as coarse thread.—
The fibres radiate from a central
point, where the insect awaits its
prey, and as the webs are placed per
pendicularly, it is a common occur
rence in walking to get the face en
veloped in them as in a veil.
Another kind of smider is quite
gregarious in its habile, and forms so
large a collection of weu3 placed at
every angle as to completely hide the
trunks of trees surrounded by their*.
A piece of hedge is often hid in the
same way.
Bight Manly. —McDonald, edi
tor of the Trinity Journal , having
■ spoken harsh things of the San Fran
cisco Times for words in that paper
■which he wrongly understood, (and
the Times having explained in kind
approving language) responds as fol
We are reproved,abashed, and as
hamed of having sought to wound the
feelings of men noble enough in heart
to return good for evil. We desire
to recall each severe offending word,
and to deplore the weakness and in
justice betrayed in a moment of mor
tification and anger. Our offence has
been public, our punishment has been
of that god-like kind which turns the
other cheek of forbearance when once
wrongly stricken; our atonement is,
we trust, of that manly sort which
will soothe the throbbing wound of a
'Cruel and misguided blow.
The St. Paul 3linncsotian speaks
■with much pleasure of having just
visited the first fountain ever seen in
That will be a great State. Pos
sessing a soil which is covered for a
great part with plenty of timber—
black walnut, hickory, black ash,
basswood, slippery elm and sugar ma
ple; yielding abundance of hay; bles
sed with a climate favorable to all the
varied growths of northern States;
abounding in garue of many kinds—
ducks, geese, wild turkeys, pheasants
pigeons, wolves, bears, deer &c., and
plenty of fish; the country consisting
mostly of fine rolling uplands, free
from ague, and abounding in beauti
ful lakes and streams of pure water;
—how can it avoid greatness?
A machine for skinning eels has
lately been patented. We hope they
will be able to get used to it as well
as they are to the old manual method
A CURIOUS freak of nature has
been discovered at Hightown, New
Jersey, in the shape of a log contai
ning three different kinds of wood—
Oak, maple, and hickory—all grown
together in the most perfect manner.
The outside of the log had the appea
rance of white oak, and only after
cutting off the end could the strange
amalgamation be discovered.
From the Kxtra Press of iheCtb.
Robbery of the Forest City Siagc.
Wo learn from Billy Wilson, tbo
driver of the Forest City stage, that
early this morning, while it was yet
dark, just as the stage was going up
i the Forest City bill, it was stopped
by four highwaymen armed with re
volvers, one of whom ordered Billy to
“hand out that bag”—meaning the
Express bag. Wilson being armed
' only with a small Derringer pistol,
; could make no defence, nor could the
•passenger's who were also unarmed.
A cocked revolver was presented to
; the breast of one of them, who coolly
| said to the robber, “a little higher,or
: a little lower, if you please, if its all
| the sa'nie to you!”
j ilson threw • out the mail ba".
imnking to deceive the robbers and
I pass on without farther loss, but, it
was tossed into the bushes, and one
of them said, “come no fooling—pass
out that box ! ’ Billy pretended he
could not Sud it, when the indepen
dent knight of. the road aided his
search by threatening his life if he
did not hand over the box at once.—
After obtaining that, he called for a
carpet sack which lay under the back
seat, and which contained $15,000
—the property of Mr. Nichols of
Moore’s Flat, who was a passenger. -
They appeared to know some.hing
about the sack, for ono of them called
to his companion in front to see to it,
and he replied “all right.” Wilson
said he knew nothing about that, and
for sorao reason it was not taken.—
Billy being ordered to drive on was
proceeding to do so when he was or
dered to stepy- but again told to go,
which he then did with great willing
ness and speed.
He thinks there was net much
treasure in the box, as it was very
light. There was one woman on tiic?
seat with him, who held, the reins
while he possed out the hag and box.
The Telegraph wire was cut between
Bcpc’s Ranch and Forest City, so
that no information of the robbery
could be transmitted by that means;
but Wilson sent the news of it by a
horseman from Bope’s Ranch. The
Mr. Nichols who was in tho stage
was a passenger on the Nevada stage
which w r as robbed some time since,
and saved bis treasure ou that occa
sion as on ibis.
If i*he Express Companies would
supply vroapons to passengers, under
charge of the driver, these robberies
might be prevented in future. If
some precaution is not adopted they
arc certain to increase in frequency,
and render the transmission of treas
ure through the mountains always
We have since learned that the
box was empty—the treasure having
been shipped the preceding morning.
Than a modern printing office,
there is nothing more emblematic of
the quickened step of the time.
We enter the composing room,
where the printers stand in ranks,
and the themes of which the world
talks march letter by letter into col
umns; we listen to the click of the
types, like the clicking of twenty
clocks, and we think it marks, more
truly than resounding hammers, the
progress of the ago.
We venture down into tho damp
misty region where tho steam-press
clanks its nervous arms; the broad
sheets are fluttering on either side,
and it seems a great monster of black
iron that flaps its white wings, just
ready to fly.
There is music to us in that rude
clangor; for what is it, but the footfall
of thought ringing on the iron thresh
old, as it goes forth upon a returnless
journey.— Chicago Journal.
It is proposed to raise a large fund,
for the purpose of renovating Mount
Vernon, —restoring an old church
which Washington built and beautify
ing the grounds with trees and flow
The Bost. Courier suggests that when
the property shall have come into the
possession of the nation, a statue of
bronze or marble, in some appropriate
part of the domain, be erected of Ed»
ward Everett—the orator by whose
efforts it has been secured.
Extra Work. —An English gen
tleman, wishing to cultivate piety
amongst his numerous operatives,
promised to give them regular
for the Sabbath if they would go°to
church on that day. Upon which
they sent a deputation to inform him
that if he would pay them for over
hours they would also attend the Me
thodist chapel in the evening !
Men as anxious as that for religion
ought certainly to be rewarded.
Shoulders and Noses. —lf a cat
alogue of our national sins be ever
completed, it should embrace those of
having round shoulders, so called,
and speaking through the nose, eo
snivelled. We are very largely a
nation of stoopers, from the farmer in
his shirt-sleeves, to the advocate at
his tabic. There is not the slightest
necessity for this; and it is as ungain
ly as it is unhealthy. Boys, who
have a tendency to “lop,” should be
raadeto straighten themselves; and if
kind counsel will not bring them to
their perpendiculars, ridicule should
be resorted to, and persevered in un
til the thing is done. There is, prob
ably, not more than one pair of stoop
ing shoulders in a hundred which
stoop unavoidably. Free exercise of
the IT.Udco Oi tuc chest, back and
abdomen, in the erect position, will
cure the evil. Walking has no ten
dency to do this.
As for the nasal twang, of which
some give such noticeable exhibition,
it is far more general than people
have any conception of. To a sen
sitive and observant car, nothing can
be more disagreeable, yet we know' of
public speakers, rather vain of their
oratorical powers, whom one would
think were afliictcd with an incurable
catarrh. B ‘he side of sucb 7 and
by the side of the Yankee nation gener
ally, the round, free and open-throated
enunciation of. the well-bred English
man is like the rich full voice of Ni
agara to the delivery of a mill-flume.
One is the open diapason of the' organ,
the other is the crcmona stop. A
man who can stand, and carry him
self erect, and deliver his voice from
its natural passage, without conduct
ing it through any of the tubes it may
incidently meet on its way, is a man
who can stand before kings.
[*S]p/7, (/field li,cpublic an.
Afraid of Fat. —Byron, amongst
some other unworthy things he did,
ate potatoes and vinegar to prevent
corp/ulency, which he constantly
dreaded. There was this excuse for
him, that, besides hating too much
flesh on its own account, ho might
have feared its effect on his mentality.
There is no such excuse for those la
dies who use acids to keep down obe
sity, for they are not often Byrons
nor Sapphos.
The Scientific American gives at
some length the effect of this habit of
using acidulated drinks, which is
much more common than some folks
think. It is said that ladies who
dread the appearance of their graceful
outline in curves of plumpness, ex
panding into fat, may arrest so dread
ful a result by liberal potations of
vinegar; but this can only be accom
plished at the far more dreadful ex
pense of health. The amount of acid
which will keep them thin will des
troy their digestive functions,produce
a wasting of the vital powers and may
end in death. If ruddy, healthy
young ladies are afraid that there
will be too much of themselves, let
them adopt a temperate regimen and
active habits, and avoid too much
sleep, which implies much inactivity
and is favorable to the accumulation
of fat in habits predisposed to its
Dr. Stearns, in the course of an
address before the Mount Holyoke
Female Seminary, lately used the fol
lowing language concerning woman as
compared with man ;
“Grant if you please that man has
the most head, woman has the most
heart. Has man the most courage?
Woman excels him in fortitude. Was
man first in order of creation? Earth
doubly refined constitutes woman.—
It requires great intelligence to tell
which is the superior, the rose or the
lily, the Charter oak or the Wash-*
ington elm, a poet or, a mathemati
cian. Diversity does not make ine
quality. There is as much strength
in persuasion as in force. The thun
der bellows about the top of the shaft
ion Bunker Hill without anv effect,
while the hot sun, bathing its
i sides for a day, will bend it a little.
I The love of woman is like the power
of gravitation, usually irresistible.—•
She captivates the lover, governs the
husband, and trains the son. Mind
invariably follows the mother. She
gives constitution and intellect to the
child. Great men cannot have weak,
soft-headed, empty-minded mothers.
Give me the first fifteen years of any
forest, and I will alter it beyond the
power of any but God to alter it.—
Woman has the first fifteen years of
man, and her impress is never ef
Health is the greatest of all bodily
pleasures, but the least thought of.
f7nl o ii Hot e 1 9
Main street, North San Juan
EDWARDS & SWAIN Proprietors.
THE undersigned would respectfully announce to
their friends find tlio public generally, that they
have fitted up thcHaiou Hotel, and are now preparedtc
accommodate Travelers and Boarders, in a manner that
will not fail to give entire satisfaction.
The traveler may rest assured that he will here fin
Good Rooms and Beds,
and a well supplied
TAHIjE and
with such other conveniences as come within the range
of possibility.
Is large and commodious, and attended by an attentive
Hostler, who will he in attendance to take charge of
travelers’ animals.
In connection with this House is one of the most
commodious Barns in the mountains, well provided with
Hay, Barley, &c.; also designed for Storage.
Leave this Hotel Daily for Sacramento, Marysville, For
est City, DovmieviUe, Cherokee, Mrutezuma and Nevada.
also.. .
Columbia Hill and Humbug !
Corner C and Third sts.,
The Proprietors would respect
fully inform their friends and the public
that they have recently, at great expense
fitted up this new Hotel in a style unsur
passed by any house in the city, and are
now prepared to accommodate all who may "desire good
living, a well vontillated room, or a good bed.
Mr. Stokes is well known as the former proprietor
of ‘-Charley’s Restaurant,” where he was acknowledged
as. the best caterer in the city; his reputation is, there
fore, most, favorably established. His old friends are
respectfully invited to call at his new house.
Board per Week
Board with Lodging.
Single Meals
28 3m
<6B 00
lO 00
National €xd)ange
No. 34, Broad street, Nevada.
THE undersigned, late proprietors of the United
States Hotel, having leased Bicknell's Block and
fitted it up throughout, are now prepared to accommo
date permanent and transient Boarders, in a style Un
surpassed in the State.
will at all times be supplied with all the varieties the
market a fiords.
The Beds and Furniture
are all NEW, and for style and comfort "annot ho ex
Particular attention will he paid to the accommoda
tion of Ladiesand Families.
Having had long experience in the business, we are
confident of being able to make the National one of the i
most desirable Hotels in the mountains.
This Block is substantially built of Brick, and
withstood the late disastrous fire—the rooms are airv
and well finished, andjrom the Balconies you have a
splendid view of the surrounding country.
The Bar will be undertlio supervision of Mr. Thom
as Henet. and will fit fill times be supplied with the
choicest Wines, Llf(uors and Cigars.
PEARSON <t HEALV, Proprietors.
Kevadd, April Btli, ISSB. 21 dm
TIIK Subscribers would re
specffully inform the traveling public that they
still keep that popular Hotel at Orleans Mat, known as
the Orleans Hotel, which they have Hi ted up in a supe
rior style, and fill who may favor them with a call, may
rest assured that the study of the Proprietors will be to
make them comfortable while guests in the House.
Thflr Table
Will always be furnished with the best that lltc market
afford s, and
The Baa*
will nt all times be supplied with such articles as will
satisfy the most particular.
THE Sahscrlbcrs having abandoned fbe
Hoarding department of their establishment, will
hereafter devote tli sirentire attention to the Bakery and
Ear. The patronrge of tlio public is solicited.
The Ba r
will be furnished with the choicest 'Wines and Liquors
iu the market.
The Bakery
Ts in charge of a competent Baker, and will furnish
fresh Bread,cakes and pies of all kinds every day.
Bulls and Parties
V> ill he furnished at short notice, in a superior manner,
and at low prices.
It is the intebtion of the proprietors to keep a choice
and complete assortment, fresh from the oven, at all
North San Juan, Apr. 23,1858. 11 my
Lumber, Lumber!
THE undersigned take this opportunity to inform
the public that they have recently purchased of
French & Sawyer, their new aud splendid steam saw
mill, situated at Central Ranch, near San Juan, where
the} are now prepared to furnish on the shortest notice
Sluice and Building Lumber,
and Blocks of all kinds.
All Orders satisfactorily filled and promptly dclivercu.
_ -1. B. JOHNSON.
Central Ranch, April Bth, 1858. 21 ff
Restaurants & Traders
J have determined to close out my entire stock of
Crockery and Glassware
Within the next sixty days, and will se 1
It consists in part of
Stone China plates, cups and saucers, dishes;
Bakers, chambers, pitchers, ewers and basins;
Sugars, batters, bowls, Ac., Ac.;
French and china dinner and tea sets;
Plates, enpsand saucers, dishes. Ac.;
Gold band china tea sets, cups and saucers.
Plates, dishes, bakers, bowls, Ac.;
Mould and cut tumblers, goblets, salts, dishes.
Nappies; bowls on foot, pitchers, decanters,
Bitter 1 Kittles, bar sugars, celeries, sugars.
Butters, lamps, etc.:
A large ass >rtment of Brittania ware, lamps, mirrors,
ami every article usually found in a well kept crockery
store. J
As the stock must be sold, and an opportunity is offered
that is rarely met with, to furnish your Tables hand
somely at Importation cost.
p . A. P. FLINT,
100 First street, between D and High, next door but
one to Brumagim and co.. Marysville. [ang 14 Im]
DRIED BEEP of a snperior quality just re
ceived by PECK A COLEY.
San Juan Drug Store!
B. p.Tvery.
Druggist 8l Apothecary
Main streU, nearly opposite the Post Office,
North San Juan.
Has on hand a large and good stock of Drugs,
Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Toilet
and Fancy Articles.
White Lead, Paint Stuffs, Linseed Oil, Lamp, Machine,
Neatsfoot,Tanner’s, Olive and castor Oils,
Turpentine, Varnishes, Alcohol,
Glue, putty, window glass, brushes of every description.
The particular attention of families is tailed to my su
Assorted Spices,
Flavoring Extracts, Essences; Tapioca, Teramcelii,
Maccaronl, sage, pearl barley, arrowroot, farrina,
Starch, oatmeal, fresh hops, culinary herbs,
Tamarinds, flalseratus, pure cream tartar.
Super carbonate soda, washing soda, dye-stuffs.
Jndio-n. lioui.l blueing. ’
Select Wines and Liquors,
for medical use.
G-ardoii Seeds,
by the pound or small package. Seed peas, beans and
corn; clover, grass, flower and bird seeds; Onion
sets in their season.
The subscriber la always at home, and will give his
personal attention to the preparation of PHYSICIANS’
PRESCRIPTION'S, and Family Medicines.
Nov. 14th, 1857. [1 3m*]
Hncqualleh for tl)e (Jure cf
And will not injure the most delicate
Truth has many a long
conteft with prejudice,
but {boner or later it
So far as this preparation
is concerned, that victo
ry feems to have been
achieved. Experience is
daily confirming the pu
blic, in the opinion long
entertained, that it is the
belt purifier of the Blood
and remedy for Difeafes
of the Bones and Joints,
Scrofula and other Ul
cerous Maladies that has
yet been prepared. Do
not be deceived by other
preparations bearing the
name of Sarfaparilla, as
this is the genuine and
original preparation.
For further proof and
Certificates fee, Family
and Medical Almanac
furnished by our Agents,
Prepared and sold by A D. & D. SANDS
Wholesale Druggists, 100 Fulton Street, cor,
of William, Nevv-York.
For sale by Dewitt, Kittle & Co., H.
Johnson & Co., Redixgton &, Co., San Fran*
cisco; Rice & Coffin, Marysville; R. H.
McDonald & Co., Sacramento; and by
Druggists generally.
For sale by B. P. Avery.
CHAIRS, Bedsteads, Bedding &c.,
[1 tf j For subs by PECK A COLEY.
A CHOICE lot of Ladies gaiters, slippers, ami
shoes, for sale by A. SPERLING.
County of Nevada. \ s3 ‘
I SARAH A. SMITH, residing at Cherokee
• in the county of Nevada, and State of California,
wife of Thomas G. Smith of Cherokee aforesaid, desirous
of availing myself of the benefits of sn Act entitled ‘An
Act to authorize married women to tarnsact business
in their own names as sole traders,” passed April 12th.
1862, do hereby declare that I intend to carry on the
business of mining and trading in mining claims,, ran
ching and buying and selling stock.
And from and after the date hereof, I will ho indivi
dually responsible in my own name for all debts con
tracted by me on account of said business and that the
amount invested in the -ami is less than five thousand
Witness my hand this 14th day of August, A. D. 1858.
In presence of J. B. Johnson.
State of California, County of Nevada, J ss.
On this 14th day of August, a. i>. 1858, before me
personally came Sarah A. Smith, to mo known to be the
individual described and who executed the within dec
laration, and acknowledged tiiat she executed the same
ami being informed of the contents thereof, she ac
knowledged on a private examination by me made
apart from her husband, that she executed the forego
ing declaration freely and without any fear or compul
sion of him, and that she does not wish to retract the
same. ,T. B JOHNSON, J. P.
North San Jnan, Aug. 21, 1858. [1 3tJ
Mining Claims for Sale.
ONE undivided third interest in the “LAST
CHANCE” Claims, situated on Manzanita
Hib adjoining the Manzanita and Kentucky Claims; to
gether with Tunnels, sluices, Ac. belonging thereto
„ , . ST. CURTIS.’
Sweetland, Aug. o, 1808. 38
Very Cheap.
Located near North San Juan.
Apply at thisOffico. 30tf
To Miners.
are prepared famish any articles not nsnal
r in lie stores in tills place at TWO
NOTICE ; such as Anvils, Blocks, Ropes,
Pulleys, Hose, cad every article wanted.
Noitl) San Juan.
The Proprietors of this Establishment
have an excellent assortment of
11 FJ &&
Ami everything pertaining to the Printing Business iu
the very host style, and at the
Gold, Silver and Copper Bronzes
Executed in an elegant style.
Entire Satisfaction to All 1
Execution and Prices,
Defy Competition!
Challenge Comparison.
RMDAL & t'O.,
Gesicral Sews Agents,
OKALLR3 in California, Atlantic and European
Newspapers ami Magazines, blank Rooks, Station
cry, uoiici anu L'lle-ap publications, 61, D
street, MARV.SViI.LE, Solo Agents in Marysville for
tlie Sait Francisco and Sacramento Dally. Weekly and
Steamer -Newspapers. Also.
Ageist for thcllj draullc Press,
Xortli Californian, Sierra. Citizen, Democrat, Mountain
Messenger, Plumas Argus, Tehama Advocate, Ac.—
tibserifiticr ns a:el Adverti- ua -nts taken at office rates.
, 1 Ik'* arrival of every steam *r from the Kust we are
in receipt ot a lull assortment of tlio leading Foreign
ana American NV.v -pap rs and .Magazines, and on the
Departure ol each steamer v.c have fur sale a variety of
the l.ahloraia Steamer Pap rs. Pictorials and Magazines
•3- Any article in our line not to be found in this
market will be ordered from San Francisco or Now
York, if desired. RANDAL & CO.,
61, D-treet, opposite the Theater.
A DVB 11 TI Z 1 j\T G AGE.V C V
3VTO. I P ashiiigtou stmt, uj> stairs, nearly op
-LX !> ei ■ .Maguire's Opera Hou.-e.
h. P. Fisher is the authorized Agent of tho
North San ..’can Star,
Marysville Herald ;
Sacramento Union,
San Joaquin Republican, Stockton.
Pa-fie Met hi fist, Ssocl.ton,
Sonora Herald,
-V. end a Journal,
Grass I alley Telegraph,
Sal Blur/' Beacon;
O-Iu m 1 ia Gel telle;
Tuolumne Courier;
Mountain Democrat, Placereille;
Empire Courtly Ary us, “
iShatla Courier;
Mariposa Gazette;
YreJ:a Weekly Unions
_ . ‘ Folsom Dispatch';
Trimly Journal, WcavcrviUe;
Wee Ay ledger, Jack-son;
Calaveras Chronicle. Molelumne Hill;
S ■noma County Journal;
California Mining Journal;
Los Angeles Star;
Santa Barbara Gazette;
San Diejjo Herald;
Alameda Cottn/g Gazette;
l‘lae r Courier, Yankee Jim's;
IS pa County Reporter;
Sierra Democrat. Downieville;
Humboldt Times, Union;
Oregonian. Ihtrtlaiul, O. T.
Oregon Wally Times Portland, 0.1.
Oregon Statesman. Salem. O. T.
Pacific Christian Advocate, Salem ; 0. T.
Jacksonville lb raid, Jackson, 0. T.;
Pioneer and Democrat, Olympia, W.T.;
Washington Republican. Sleilacoom, W. T.
Polynesian, Monolulu, S. I.;
Pacific Commercial Advertizer, Honolulu, S. It
Mexican Extraordinary, City of Mexico;
Hongkong Register.
Advertizing in the Atlantic States.
L. P. F. has now completed his arrangements for th e
forwarding of advertisements to all the principal larges t
circulating Journals and Newspapers published in the
Atlantic State*.
A fine opportunity is hero offered to those who wish
advertize in an y part of the Union, of doing so at the
lowest rates, and in a prompt and satisfactory rnanni *
J. Carpenter
■yS prepared to receive and promptly execute all work
J. in his line, in the best style of tho art. Such as
House or Sign Painting,
Graining, Gilding, Glazing, or Lining and Paper Hang
ing. My motto is,
“Live and Let Live !”
Work as good as the best! Prices to suit tho Times t
Shop on Alain si. opposite Thomas' Stable •
North San Juan, Nov. 16, 1557. [1 ' ]
And Tavern Stand for Sale.
tpilE Well known Kentucky House
. and I ann is hereby offered for sale at a good har
gatn. It is situated about one mile east of French
Corral, Nevada county, at the junction of the roads lead
mg from Sacramento to Marysville, to North San Juan,
Carnptonville, Forest City and Downieville, with one
leading to Cherokee, Moore’s Flat, Orleans Fjat and Jfiu
roka. The farm consists of over 3,000 acres, enclosed
with a fence, and making the best
in the country. Thirty acres are in a good stats of
cultivation. On the Farm is a good Two-story HOUSE
with a new and substantial stable, 100 feet long by 32
wide; together with numerous outbuildings, and good
water privileges. Any person wishing to purchase the
best mountain Ranch in Ca ifomia, will do well to ex
amine the premises. It will bo gold at a fair price.
For particulars Ac., apply to
Kentucky House.

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