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J, p. FISHER, No 171% Washington street San
Francisco, is our only authorized Agent fur that
RANDAL & CO., fil D street Marysville, are an
thorized to receive advertisements and subscrip
tions for the I‘ress at that place.
The New Daily. —For sometime past, it has
been a matter of public notoriety, that a daily
paper was to be established at Nevada. Time is
foil, and the fledgling, hight “The Morning
Transcript,” has been received. (“Fledgling”
is here used in no offensive sense, more than the
term calloic would be, applied to a brood of doves;
but, on the contrary, is deemed artistic and poeti
cal.) Well, the Transcript is edited by General
James Allen, our whilom predecessor, fellow
townsman, messmate, and forever—God so dis
pose it I —friend, in the bonds of a true brotherly
affection. In addition to what we have hereto
fore said of the man and his abilities, we might
briefly add, in such language as the General
would perhaps himself use, were he speaking of
some one equally meritorious—that he is a pro
found scholar, a graceful and graphic writer,
with thirty or forty years’ experience in his pro
fession, and an urbane gentleman, with a heart
as big,, open and deep as the crater of the Eureka
diggings, and as rich in generous wealth, when
you get down to its exhaustless treasures.
The publishers of the Transcript are all prac
tical and deserving men. Nat. Brown has the
reputation of being one of the most accomplish
ed business agents in the State. His co-laborers
in the printing office, Messrs. Skelton and Cas
mayou, are finely quallified from inclination and
education, to give him a hearty support; and we
feel well satisfied, that if the concern does not
increase, expand, multiply, replenish and pros
per, it will be from want of public appreciation,
and not on account of any deficiency cither in its
editorial or business departments.
The Transcript will be published every morn
ing, Sundays excepted, for $8 a year, or twenty
five cents a week. It is a small daily, containing
five columns on a page, in brevier and nonpareil
type, entirely new, and presents a decidedly
handsome appearance. The number before us
is full of spirited reading matter, after the Gen
eral’s usual happy style, and commends itself to
a liberal patronage. Success go with it and— it's.
From ax “Overseer.” —We have received a
communication postmarked “Sweetland” and
signed “Overseer,” which is probably designed
as an answer to our article of last week, noticing
the dilapidated condition of certain parts of the
road between this point and Tirabuctoo. The
author indulges in allusions to other Overseers,
which, to say the least, are in very bad taste, and
for that reason we refrain from giving his article
publication. He says, by way of justification to
his short-comings as a public officer, that “he
has about five and-a half miles of road to keep in
repair, and only six hundred dollars to do it
with.” Now if this is a fact —if “Overseer” has
collected all the money and applied all the avail
able labor under the law, to an improvement of
the roads in his district—he has done all that
could be required of him, and is amenable to no
censure; but it does look singular to find the
roads in such an excellent state of repair on
both sides of him, while his are broken, full of
boulders, chuck-holes, pools of water, and the
bridges in some instances torn to pieces and dan
gerous to cross.
In concluding, “Overseer” says; “I have no
money to pay for newspaper puffs; I ask none,
expect none. All I ask is [for yon] to look at
both sides with an impartial eye.”
This is a fling at us. In answer to it, we would
merely suggest, that if “Overseer” is the man
we think he is, he shall have the benefit of all
such “puffs” as this for nothing, if he will be
good enough to square a small book account
which we have against him for eight dollars, or
such a matter.
Improvement in the Camera Obscvra.—
While at Grass Valley the other day, we were
shown by Mr. T. M. "Wood, daguerrean artist, a
camera recently received from New York, —the
only one of the kind in the State, we believe—
which takes twelve miniature pictures at one sit
ting. Six are taken during the first few seconds
of time, when a spring is touched, the plate
pushed up, and six more impressed on a lower
parallel line. The principal object of the inven
tion seems to be to supplant the use of visiting
cards. Instead of leaving this style of indicator
at the door of a neighbor, as heretofore, a lady ,
hands in the counterfeit presentment of her
features, which is placed in the usual receptacle 1
on the center-table, to be gazed at, and, if hand
some, admired by all the gentlemen visitors of
the house. What next ?
Strange Companionship. —When Trinculo,
one of Shakspcare’s characters, crawls under the
sheets with the monster Caliban, to gain protec
tion from a storm, he makes the remark, —“Mis-
ery acquaints a man with strange bed-fellows.”
So do politics. Two or three years ago, at Sac
ramento, we heard a certain public speaker de
nounce one of his fellow-citizens as a “ land
grabber and hog-thief,” and, of course, unfit to
associate with honest men and gentlemen.—
From the Union of Thursday we learu that this
same public speaker, who is now a candidate for
the State Senate, condescends to address a ratifi
cation meeting over which this “ land-grabber
and hog-thief,” presided as chairman.
Water Wheels. —A gentleman who came in
from Downicvillc yesterday, informs us that he
had the curiosity to count the water wheels used
for mining purposes on the North Yuba, between
Durgan’s Bridge and the mouth of Goodyear
Creek, a distance of four- miles, and found nine
ty-six, all in working order.
A SrccEss. —Geo. W. Demckson, who re
turned from Marysville on Thursday, says the
Northern District Fair is a great-success. Thou
sands of people were in attendance, and the
number of articles and splendid, stock on exhi
bition was surprising.
The Prince or. “ Whales.”— Queen. Victo
ria’s son is a. big fish. The Atlantic pictorials
axe full of engravings, representing him in all
conceivable shapes. A- biographer says, equiv
ocally, of him, that he “hardly comes up to the
ordinary standard of intelligence, and has a pas
sionate fondness for dancing.”
Cockt of Sessions. — This body meets, as
per adjonnneut, at Nevada, on Monday.
“But He Can’t Keep a Hotel.”
The man who travels much, will discover a
pertinency in this slang phrase which few other
persons may have dreamed of. The smallest
number of men know how to keep a hotel.
Twenty years ago, the landlord of a country Inn
sat on a bench at his bar-room door, watching
for customers. If a horseman rode up to his
sign-post, in an instant he had hold of the bridle
rein, called the ostler, assisted the traveler to
alight, took charge of his saddle-bags, conduct
ed him into the house, inquired after his health,
how far he had rode, and finished the kindly re
ception by setting out a bottle, from which the
stranger, if he felt so disposed, might pour,
and refresh himself. Such a greeting made a
man feel at home. It went directly to the heart;
and if his animal happened to be jaded, this was
the place he would select to lie over a couple of
days and rest him.
Now, the case is quite different. The traveler
alights from a stage coach, walks into a spacious
saloon, sees a young man sitting behind a coun
ter on a high stool, making entries ; looks around
in vain for some one to take his carpet-bag, has
to ask “if he can get accommodations ?” wants
to know if there is a servant about to dust him
off—in fact, meets with decidedly a cool recep
tion ; which makes him feel sorry that he did not
stop at some other place!
Who that travels, has not noticed - these defi
cienccs on the part of most of our hotel-keepers ?
The reason, in a general way, may be ascribed to
the fact, that the business of the modern hotel is
conducted by a “clerk,” instead of a “host.” It
is the clerk’s business—that functionary reasons
to himself —to attend to the books of the con
cern, and leave courtesy to whoever else about
the premises may think proper to practice it.
It would be safe to say, that according to the
excellent customs which prevailed twenty years
ago, there are not a dozen «W/-kept hotels in the
State. We have no longer such a personage as
a “host.” It is now a proprietor —one who does
not pretend to receive his guests, or care to know
if they are properly entertained. Indeed, one
might be a regular boarder at the public house,
and unless he read it on the weekly bill-head,
remain ignorant of the existence of any such
person as either a host or proprietor!
Monutain Expresses.
Post offices are not very numerous amongst ns,
but readers abound in every mining camp and
precinct of the county. In fact, there is not a
more liberal class of newspaper patrons in any
portion of the State than here. Nearly every in
telligent man takes from two to five copies of
California weeklies and dailies. In order to ac
commodate them with the news, the private ex
press system is being generally adopted. We
have, for instance, along the main route between
North San Juan and Columbia Hill, including
a populous neighborhood on Shady Creek and
Little Grass Valley—both requiring a considera
bly detour to be made in different directions —an
efficient daily express rider in the person of Mr.
A. L, Smith, who delivers papers, letters and
miscellaneous packages at the door of his pat
rons, with even more promptitude than is done
by Uncle Sam’s coaches at the different post
offices. Mr. E. T. Jordan supplies, in the same
manner, all that section of country lying between
San Juan and French Corral.
Without the transporting facilifics furnished
by these separate gentlemen,, it would be difficult
to receive and retain a list of subscribers between
the points of mail delivery’ here named. With
them, there is every inducement for a reading
people to support their home paper,.at least; for
we hold to the principle,, that it should first be
provided for, after which,, every one who desires
can go abroad to patronise such; paper or papers
as his inclinations or means will permit.
We invite an increase of subscribers, in the
towns and along the road. The gentlemen above
named, who are punctual in the discharge of all
their duties, will take pleasure in receiving names
and delivering the Press anywhere within the
limits of their prescribed routes.
Bedlam Rampant.—Lovers of Chinese dis
cord, should scat themselves on the hill-top op
posite town—that being about the proper dis
tance —on Sunday afternoons. The delectable
creatures constituting the jennies of that filth
begotten clan, give full chorus to their cracked
voices at such times; and although domiciled in
Chinatown, they can be heard at least two miles
off, should the breeze prove favorable. If hell
contains a swinge-cat capable of giving forth
such whining, clattering, creaking, hysteric ut
tcrings, Spangles thinks it must be a horrible
place to go to !
These heathenish rhapsodies, chants, incanta
tions, or what not, it is said, arc elicited in the
performance of the “Whisky Game.” Venders
of blue-lightning ! —let your Chinese consign
ments hereafter consist of doubly-concentrated
extract of aquafortis!
“The Victims of Fate.”—Miss Rowena
Granice, the authoress of the novelette bearing
this title, called on us yesterday, and laid a copy
on our table with her own fair hand. We have
not had time to peruse it, but learned, some
time ago, through the newspaper press, that it
had some reference to the life and doings of D.
C. Broderick. Without stopping to inquire into
the merits of the work, it is enough for us to
know that Miss Granice seeks to make an hon
est living by the sale of her little work, and she
therefore has our best wishes for abundant suc
cess in the undertaking..
Bell and Everett State Cb n yentton-
This body met in Sacramento on Wednesday
last, but we had not, at the time our paper went
to press, received the news of what it had ac
Up in the Bills.—The Marysville papers
speak of Stark’s theatrical troupe, performing
at that place, as one of the best that ever did
give entertainments in. the State. Of course
with Miss Mandeville performing such parts as.
W hy is It ?— What have we done to deserve
the neglect of the Nevada Transcript folks ? No
copy of that paper has yet been. sent, to this
Well Done,, ’Sui ire !— Judge Earquhar, of
this place, receives credit in the Nevada Journal
for a box of delicious ripe peaches. Waite is
Pain Made Endcrable.— Let no sensible
man or woman suffer with the toothache while
Dr. Crossette, with his chloroform is about. He
reduces the sensation of tooth-extracting almost
to a positive luxury.
Waoliey’i Flat Correspondence.
Woolset’s Flat, Sept. 5, 1890.
Messrs. Rditors — A man named O’Connor,
at work on Sailor Bar, on the Middle Yuba river,
on Tuesday last, was picking under a bank about
six feet high, when it came down suddenly and
caught his left leg, breaking it aboat midway
between the ankle and the knee.
This is the only item of any account since I
saw you last. The place where you saw the
wounded man put, while you were here, is be
coming quite an hospital in appearance, thefe
being four patients, all with broken legs. I
think it would be a pious notion for some of
these rich claim holders who are making more
money than they are able to take care of, to
found a hospital for the reception and care of
disabled miners, many of whom are not situa
ted so as to hire assistance, and become a bur
den to their immediate acquantances, many of
whom arc not in a fix to help themselves, much
less those who have no claims on them other
than a casual acquaintance may give.
By the way, another item: A man by the
name of C. 11. Keller, an owner of mining
ground on this Flat, and an old resident of, and
well known on the Ridge, being rather unfortu
nate in finding “mucho oro” in his claims, made
a “clean up” on Saturday last and left for parts
unknown, leaving many a creditor to mourn his
“untimely departure.” His liabilities will foot
up about $.5,000.
There is a pretty good joke told about one of
his creditors, to whom he was owing about S2OO.
It appears the creditor had known that Keller
intended to leave, but assured him he would not
tell a- soul; Keller telling him that he would
pay him if he would keep quiet. This he faith
fully performed and “opened his head” to no
man until after K. left, who unfortunately for
the creditor, forgot to reward his silence.
Spunky. —An exchange says, that a Virginia
gentleman of distinction refused to give his age
to the census-taker. He was reported to the de
partment, and a correspondence ensued. He
finally submitted to the law, but forwarded a pro
test occupying three sheets of paper, to the De
partment, with his views on the constitutionality
of the question.
(TTThis man must be an old bachelor, fond of
female admiration. He exhibited the true John
Hampden spirit. The latter preferred spending
a fortune in litigation before the courts with his
monarch, to the payment of five pounds illegal
ship money.
What Sykes Says. —J. 1, Sykes, the Repub
lican nominee for Senator in this- county, con
cludes a card to the Journal, by using this lan
guage :
“Personally, and as the nominee of the Re
publican party for Senator from this county, I
am uncompromisingly opposed to the Bulkhead
scheme, regarding it as the chief of swindles
ever attempted to be put upon the people of Cal
* .
Robbery at Orleans Flat. —On Friday
last the banking house of Marks <fe Co„ at
Orleans Flat, was robbed of about $3,000
in coin, during the absence of Mr. M., who
had come down to this place. An employee
by the name of Richard Curtis, stole the
money and left for parts unknown. There
was some $20,000 in the sate at the time.
Kentucky Ranch Ball. —Uncle Edward
Allison and his excellent lady, we are in
formed, had a full attendance at their social
ball on Thursday night. Nearly a hundred
couple sat down to a splendid supper,and the
dancing continued merrily until daylight of
the following morning.
■ ■ ■■
A Finished Poem. —The poem delivered
by John R. Ridge, Rsq., before the Northern
District Agricultural Society, at Marysville,
on Wednesday evening last, and which is
published ia the Democrat, is a classical and
highly finished production.
Turkey S’hooteng.— Mr. G.W.Koeh, as will
be seen by referring to our advertising columns,
will hold his Turkey Shooting Match on Sunday,
16th inst., —a week from to-morrow. Marksmen
may be getting their rifles ready.
Passive.— We hear of no movement, as yet,
among the Bell and Everett men in this county,
towards an organization. Why don’t they
arouse, like a giant, refreshed by sleep ? Arise!
shake the dew-drops from your garments and
“ bile in.”
House Raising. —Our fellow-townsman,.
Mr. W. M. Cohn, is raising bis building up
to the new street grade.
Rich Mikes fo-h Sale.— The Winham
Brothers advertise some rich mining claims
for sale, on this Hill and at Birchville.
IT Judge condition continues to
rapidly improve.
An Intimation. —The Nevada Journal con
tains the following. We know nothing
about the facts ourselves. Mr. Elliott can
speak for himself, when opportunity offers:
“We notice in the Hydraulic Press, that
Mr. J. G. Elliott had paid a visit toNorth San
Juan, and was endeavoring to raise from
$2,500 to $3,000 for the purpose of making
a survey, for a railroad from Marysville
through the Henness Pass via San Juan, re
porting upon and mapping the same. The
Press also states several of the leading men
were interesting themselves in the matter.
“We have no other object in referring to
this matter than to protect the people of
San, Juan, for whom we have great respect,
from imposition. It becomes our duty to say
thateertain facts have been brought to our
knowledge which do not leave Mr. Ellioft the
reputation of being any better man than he
ought to be in money matters. Further and
full particulars can be obtained by address
ing Geo. W \V elch, of this city, whose con
tra ots with Mr. Elliott in blnek and while
will show for themselves.”
W. W.—The schooner Araminton, from
Ruatan the oth tilt., landed at New OH cans
the crew of the schooner Clifton, on lhel9tb
ult., recently captured from Walker by the
British. Gen. Walker landed at Truzille on
the sth; and.took possession of the town.
Only one gun was fired by the troops, by
which two of. Walker’s men were wounded.
Test Questions.— The Mountain Messen
ger submits the following test questions to
County Convention delegates: “Do you con
sider General Jackson thoroughly dead ?
and do you regard him as a greater man
than General Government?” “Do you be
lieve that A. R. Melony spelled God with a
little g.”
Amador. —The claim of Wm. Pregnell
yielded in three days last week, $425. The
claim is situated at Volcano.
A few days since one hundreds large Am
erican horses, from Monroe county, Wis.,
passed through Jackson, to Sacramento.—
They came through by way of the Big Tree
One of the Indians who was arrested for
participating in the killing of Miles Hunts
man, at Laucha Plana, has been committed
to await his trial for murder.
Two insane persons, a man and woman,
have been sent from Lancha Plana to Stock
ton. —Ledger.
A good many white miners, and scores of
Chinamen, are at work in the Moquelumne
river above and below Lancha Plana.—Dis
Tuolumne. —On Wednesday last Mr. T.
Willis and partner discovered a vein of al
most pure gold, varying from one half to ons
and a half inches in thickness, in the vicin
ity of Rawhide Ranch, on the west side of
Table Mountain. The vein has already been
prospected for some fifteen or twenty feet in
length, and a hole sunk to the depth of five
or six feet, shows the quantity of gold to be
increasing. Several hundred pounds of
gold and quartz, estimated to be worth $lO
per ounce, have been taken out.—Sonora
SiSKivor.—The house of Mr. E. L. Day, »
short distance below Yreka, was burned to
the ground last Saturday, during the absence
of that gentleman and his family. Loss,
Dan Rice’s Circus performed at Yreka last
Thursday and Friday.
Eight coaches and eighty horses belong'
ing to the Cal. Stage Co., passed through
Yreka last week, on their way to Portland,-
Oregon. They are designed to run ou the
road between the places named..
An immigrant train of seven wagons and
some fifty souls, reached Yreka via the
Plains, last Sunday.—Yreka Journal.
Sierra.— Mr. Frederick Slauring, while
prospecting among the rocks on Durgan
Flat, was accidentally shot last Friday by a
man who (•nine out of a house near by and
carelessly discharged a gun at random. He
was not seriously wounded.
John Chaty was brought to town last Fri
day, by officer Heiidei, and lodged in jail,for
shooting a man by the name of N. Weaver,
at St. Louis, on Thursday evening, the 234.
Weaver has since died from the wounds lie
There are six prisoners now in file Dbwu
ieville jail, awaiting trial upon (he following
charges: Three for murder, two fur larceny,
one for burglary.—Citizen.
A Model Officer and Honest Max.— Col.
Lander, Superintendent of the Wagon Road
Survey, in will be remembered, returned
some $40,000 to Government ■which had been
appropriated fortbeabore sendee and placed
at bis disposal. Many people thought it a
strange proceeding on the part of a Govern
ment officer, and we are templed to think it
was for that reason the California delega
tion asked him to resign Rat the Colonel
didn't do it, and is now using every effort
in liis power to facilitate the incoming im
migration. Every person who crossed the
plains this season, speak in the highest
terms of him, both ns man and officer. Fish
er’s company found him at Rabbit Hole
springs, in the Carson Valley country, where
he had sawed lumber and built pools to catch
the water from the warm springs, where it
could cool for the use of emigrants and cat
tle. The Colonel was always found with his
working garb on, and boasted that he could
do as much hard labor as any’ man under
him. Several of the new comers tell us that
bis advice to the emigrants was to come to
the north—that it was the place for their
families. We can readily imagine that the
Colonel is capable of giving such good ad
vice, and we hope no further effort will be
made by the California delegation in Con
gress to have the man removed, who by ev
ery means in bis power is striving to benefit
Northern California, the section which at
election time they all so dearly love. We
are for Lauder, now and forever. —Trinity
Nevada Items.—Court of Sessions.—
Geo. Taylor plead guilty, on Thursday, to
robbing the house of Mrs. Hill, on Sacra
mento street, and was yesterday sentenced
to three years imprisonment to the State
prison. The trial of the three Chinamen for
burglary in breaking into Welch's book
store, is set for Monday, the 10th inst.; that
of Ed. Richardson, for grand larceny, on
Tuesday, the Htb'- Viotoritte Escobar, for
stabbing Fisher at San Juan, will be tried
on Wednesday, the 12th; D. Gillespie, for
grand larceny, on Thursday, the 13th; He
Fung, anotherChinaman,on Friday.the 14th.
John Castiana,who shot Monier at Humbug,
in July last, and Mrs. Monier,who afterwards
stabbed Castiana, both of whom have been
indicted for an assault with deadly weapons,
have been given nntih next Monday to plead
to the indictments.
District Court. —The esse of Charles
Nichols, indicted for the murder of a negro,
at Grass Valley, some months ago, was tried
before the District Court on Friday and Sat
urday last. The jury found a verdict of
murder in the second degree. Nichols will
be sentenced next Saturday. Anthony-
Brown, indicted for manslaughter, was ad
mitted to bail and discharged from custody.
The case of Brown, and the arson cases,-
have been postponed untif the October term
of the District Court.
Messrs. J. K. Sale k Ce. have established
a stage line between Nevada and Virginia
City. The first stage started out Tuesday
morning fast.
Mr. L. W Morrill has purchased A- S.
Olin’s stage line, running between Nevada
and Omega.—Democrat.
> - ■
Wheatlands Sold. — A report has been in
circulation that [’resident Buchanan has
sold his residence near Lancaster. Penn. r
known as Wheatlands, and that he has pur
chased, or is about to purchase, a property
in the vicinity of Baltimore. It is also
said that a Mr. Potter is the purchaser, to
whom the place has many cherished asso
ciations. it having once been the property
of his father.
Foolhardy. —A young man at the West,
for a trifling wager, coiled himself up be
tween the ties of a railroad track, and al
lowed the train to pass over him. He esca
ped with a trifling burn from a coal whicb
dropped from the locomotive'. The tender
passed over him tenderly, and even the cow
catcher would not condescend to catch a
Grains in a Bushel.— Some individual
has discovered that the number of grains
in a bushel of wheat, weighing sixty pounds
is upwards of six hundred and thirty-nine
At the residence of Mr. Henry Curtis, Colum
bia Hill, on the 4th inst., by Rev. Mr. Cummings,
Dr. M. Vrooman, of Oroville, to Miss L. C.
: Curtis.
IL/'Thc cake was received, in large quantities,
and of a very superior flavor. To the married
couple we say, pax robiscum !
< On the 4th inst., at Virginia Ranch, Dr. Jamks
Gii.lespie, a native of Ohio, aged 61 years. The
remains of deceased were brought to this place,
and taken in charge by the Masonic Fraternity,
Under whose auspices they were buried, with’a
procession and after proper funeral ceremonies
in the Methodist Church, on Thursday last.
Special Notices.
x. o. of o, a*".
SA X JUA X L ODGE, XO. 67, I. O. of
7’. meets every Monday evening, at
o’clock, at the Odd Fellows’ Hall,
East Main street. North San Juan.
Brothers of the Order in good standing arc invited
to attend.
M. S. Cbaxdus, Sec’y.
ggsaJirs. Winslow, an experienced fln’rse
and leinaie physician, linsa eootniog Syrup for
children teething, by softening the gums, reducing all
inflauiation—will allay all pain, and is sute to regulate
the bowels. Depend upon it. mothers, it will give rest
to yonrselVes. and relief and health to your infants.—
Perfectly safe in ull cases. See advertisement in an
other column.
of Potass is prepared’ from the finest red Ja
maica Sarsaparilla and English lodide of Potass—ad
mirableas a restorative ami purifyer of the blood. it
cleanses the system of all morbid and impure matter
removes pimples, boils and eruptions from the skin—
cures rheumatism and painsot all kinds. All whocan
afford should use it, as it tends to give them strength
and'prolong life. Sold by Druggists generally, at # 1
per bortle 1!. HXLb & CO ,
Proprietors; 'Wholesale Druggists;
marl 2 Cm 143 and 145, Clay street, San Francisco.
Sitcramcnto st., below Montgomery,
Opposite Pacific Mail Steamship Co's. Office,
Established in 1854. for the Permanent cure off all chron
ic ami Private Diseases,
And the Suppression of Quaclery.
Attendant and Resilient Physician. L. J CZ.vPKAY.
I M.K. lafei’.r lh<- Hungarian Rev. >l iltionary War;Chief
Physician to the 20th Regiment of I lon veds; Chief
Surgeon to the Military Hospital of Pesth. Hungary
I tb'e bi’e Lecturer on Diseases of Women and Children
and Honorary member of the' Phitadelidihr CtnWe
of Medicine,
' Honrs-—Front!} a. m. to 9 p. jf.-
Commuiiiciitions strictly codfidentinl.
i’ermanent Care, gUarantet/d. oi no pa ,*.
Consultations, by K Iter oFotherv-’ise. fre,*;
Address; L. J. CZAPKA?,
San Francisco, Cal.
«-Tii«f..llowitnr letter, which emphatically speaks
for itself, was written by the Dean of the Faculty of the
Philadelphia College of Medicine, to the editors of the
‘•Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal," San Francisco,
for publication:
Philadelphia; January 17, 1859,
To the Fedors of the Pacific Medical and Surgical
Journal: —(lent Jemeft—-My ill tenth.rt has ht-eli railed to
an art ice in the Dec.Tnber nniuher of yonr journal, in
regard to the ad cuc.urm degree granted by the Phila
delphia College of Medicine to Dr. L. J.Czapkay, When
tile application (or the degree was made tothe Faculty,
if was accompanied by affidavits and testimonials to the
effect that Dr.Cwtpkny was a regular graduate M. I>.
of the L«iverstty oi Pesth. had served it 9 Surgeon in
the Hungarian Army.and was a regular Practitioner
of Medicine. On the strength of these the degree was
granted. Them/ eundem degree. »»Its name implies, is
conferred or graduates rode, and ytvec ns new prlvile*
ges. Had tliere heen (f,e slighted snsjncion af irregu
larity. the application would have been refused. liy
inserting this in your Journal, you will do an act of
justice to the tv-,liege, mid confer a favor on
Yours, very respectfully,
IT Rand.
Doan of the Facu ty ofthe Philadelphia College of Medi
Dr. L. J. Czapkay's Private Medical and Surgical In
stitute is on Sacramento street, below Montgomery,
opposite the Pacific Mail Steamship Company’s Office.
San Francisco, California. The Doctor offers freecon
snltation, and asks no remuneration unless he effects a
rn ro.
Seamens’ Benevolent Association.—
At a meeting of the Seamens’ Benevolent Asso
ciation, held at their Hall on Sunday, September
i the 2d, the follow ing officers were elected for the
ensuing year:
President —Francis Soule.
Secretary—Win. King.
Treasurer—Louis Buhring.
F. Soule, A. Shullcr;
N. Langrccn, Win. Welch,
Wm. Boniface.
Relief Committee:
R. Litlc, A. Lee, N. Langrccn.
Sept. 8,1860. 1m
Democratic County Ticket.
For Senator,
For Assemblymen,
Turkey Shooting’ Match.
A Turkey Shooting Match will come off
wgk at Koch’s Brewery, North San Juan, on
Sunday, 16th lust Sportsmen aro invited
■ to attend. The Turkeys aro in excellent
condition, and will “serve a good turn” for either
Thanksgiving or Christmas times.
Sept-8, 1860, 2w
Valuable Mines for Sale.
ftIHE undersigned wish ta sell one—
■ half of tile claim* known as the San Joaquin
claims.at liirchville, on Johnson's Hill, or any part
thereof, to suit purchasers. Also, the entire set of
claims, on an Juan Hill, known as the Smith Brown
Claims, adjoining the Eureka and OoMcn Date, and
will sell them low; For particulars, enquire of
North San Juan, Sept. 8. 1860. tf
I will not be rssponslhle for any debts
contracted for Hie Kale Hayes Co , near french
Corral, by any of thecompany, as no one is authorized
to contract debts for said company. I will he respon
sible for toy one-fonrfb interest atone
Sept Bth. 1860. Sw- pd
At the SanJiMn, Theater,
On whirl) occasion, in addition to a
Splendid Entettefantat,
$6,750 In Gifts will be Distributed I
Among which arc
9300 in Gold !
Magnificent Watches !
Costly Jewelry I
A Sewing Machine,
And many other articles, for a description of which re
fer to the printed list.
The articles are all warranted as represented, sod
can be seen at Schardin’s faloon.
Tickets, One Dollar.
juue 9td.
.Marysville Pioneer Assay Office
11. HARRIS & CO.,
[Successors to Harris A Mart-hand,]
E st., near I lie corner of Second
Also—7 3, J street, Sacrament*,
105, Sacramento st., San Fran*
Will continue to carry on tlie Imsincsßof
Gold and Ores 9
Of Every Description.
Wo guarantee the correctness of our Assays, and bind
ourselves to pay tv. difference that may arise with any
of the U. S. Mints.
Returns made In from 0 to 1% Honrs/
Specimens of Quartz Assayed and valued,
Terms for Assaying—Same as in San FraUCiSC*
Wholesale and Retail
Maiit ■ treat,
North San Juan.
Turpcrlfifie, TarnfslicS, Ai’ibhol, Catiiplietlo and
Burning Fluid.
Glrre, Potty, Whiting, Chalk, Sal Sola.
Win iow Glass.
Brushes of every description.
SELECT WVA ES and L/QCOKS. for medical use.
Physlcinn,’ Prescriptions
carefully eoinpuuinied
mar 12 30 qrytf
The Court of Crtesus,
Subscribe, everybody! to
E. T. JORDAN. Agent,
North San Juan,
Or enclose to
San Francisco.
$4 00 for 1 year; for 6 months.
TV ilh the March of Improvement
rjMIE undersigned takes pleasure li»
Jl announcing to the citizens of San Juan and vi
cinity that hr has removed to the new tire pmof brick
building, corner Main and FI nine streets: where he is
prepared to offer to the public a most complete assort-"
ment of
which, in point of variety and elegance, cannot be'
anfpiis-ed in the mountains.
Mi's stiff! COT •sists ill part of clocks, fine chronometef
watches, ladies diamond and enameled watches,
otrnseansetts, bracelets, pin and earrings,
w ith ruby, garnet, carbuncle and pearl,
cameo, coral, lava, ijnartz and mosaic
settings. Snpeibetruscan brace
lets. nedaces. vests and fob
chains; plain and col’d
and enameled l>clt and
fob buckles; gold
lockets and
Quartz cane
heads, sleeve but
tons and studs, of In l
finite variety. Diamond,
euivraid,ruby.garnet and pearl'
finger rings. g. nts’ cluster aAd quartz
pins, pet,dents, slides, MasoD+e emblems,
watch keys, gold pens Ac., —a* of which ho
offers at a very slight advance on San Francisco
prices, lie particularly invites attention to the facf
that he has made arrangements nt San Francisco by
which lie will be constantly receiving fresh supplier
of floods of the latest styles and importations.
Trusting in his now facilities to be able to meet the
demands of the community, he begs a continuance of
the patronage so liberally bestowed upon him hereto
fore. G. HANSKN.
X B. The above Goods will be raffled off on the Ist
September. Any article being sold in the meantime,-
w ill be replaced. aug ll;f
Hydraulic Sewing Machines.
THE undersigned fakes this method of informing
the Miners and Merchants throughout the mining
districts that they have located themselves in SAN
FRA NCI SCO, at 139 Front street, under Tubbs A Co.,)*
aud are prepared to manufacture
Hydraulic Hose
Tn a manner superior to anything of the kind boreto
frre used for mining purposes. The Hose are manu
factured on one of Kice’s newly invented HYDRAUL
IC SEWING MACHINES (aCalifornia invention).and
we flatter ourselves that we can make hose cheaper by
fifty per cent, than it has ever been heretofore: and that
each stitch has an equal strain, aud is tighter in the'
seam than hand sewing.
The Ilnsemade by this machine has been fairly test
ed and in operation since the last of March We sew
three seams at once, and only charge twenty cents per'
yard for sewing. A liberal discount will be made io
the sew ing to dealers. Wo have arrangements mode
for thread from 12 tc 24-ply. and larger if necessary.
Send ns your orders through Wells, Fargo A Co’s.
Express, and they will lie promptly attended to.
Oar motto is, •‘smalfprofits.’' Our capital is our la
We a re prepared to- protore Duck, at the lowest Sals
Francisco prices
N. B. Circulars Cor. t,- lining testimonials from miners,
in Nevada county, as to the excellence of this kind of
Hose, are in onr possession, and can be sent to any one
desiring to see them. HORTON ASTAATfc.
139. Front street gtrfi FTanrisco.
R Horton anglB3m 8 D Staats.
Mercurial, Chronic and Secondary?
Syphilitic Diseases,
Stubborn Ulcers,
Cutaneous Eruptions,
Swelling of tbe Glands'
And all diseases arising from ao injudicious nse ef
Mercury, and for re-invigorating and strengthening
tlie general system.
N.B.—lt contains no mercurial preparation. None
genuine unless the written signature of Jas. K, Boyce'
appears on the label Prepared onlv bv
Wholesale and Retail Druggists cor. K and 2d streets,.
Sacramento. Cal.
Porsalc by R. REAMER, -an Juan.
July? 3in RUDOLPH A HUNT, Agents, Nevada.
Truckec Turnpike Company.-
NOTICE. —The Stockholders in the Tnicke*
Turnpike Company are hereby notified that an
assessment (5) of Twzntt per cent, on the capital stock
of said company—or twenty dolarson each share of
stock—has been ordered awl tbe same is required to b-»
paid on or before the 25th day of September, A. D. 1860.-
By order of the company:
JNO. S. BOWKER, Sec’y,
Aug. 25th. 1860.
N. B. Payment of Assessments must in all cases bo.
made to me at the office of the company at -North Sam,
Juan. J>o- B, BOWJtEB
aug 25 td

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