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TOl. %.
tMßce. in QrwnTl ‘fefeconA Story.
bausmaw & Waters,
t«fai for the-
TeSkstfcrarUbl; in France .|5 '6o
'Us Months, ** “ “ .... 8 “CO
Ihw* “ u u u 2 06
Terms for Advertising.
‘ Ob* Square, (12 line*) fint Insertion, $3 00
1 Bach subsequent insertion, 1 00
49* Bulineal cards not exceeding four lines of this
1 type, will be inserted for $6 00 a quarter.
Gold Mining Inventions.
Among all the various classes of men, who
1 have become domiciliated in California, there
•re few, ar none, who do more for the pros
| pe'l'tty of the Srate than the inventors of la
bhr'-aaring machtrte*ry for mining purposes.
Indeed, to utter an *tf!f!tssailab!e truth, all
pion'eters in mecbtffricflfl "ScWarfe, Vbose fasVcn -
tions ttehd to relieve Irtfrnaifi fn'ngbles fro**n
, the drudgery of labor, by t buc J k i f?wg T*t *<m tftfe
back of machinery, are theTfeal aft'd fegiti
' mate builders of civilization. However
much poets arid ‘bratete may W¥Tte arid de
claim in praise of labor, tfrtd go ?nto rap
tures ovtr* its dignity, the honest phllosophi
■«al fact is, that the mass of mankind have
bat little love fOr hard work. Necessity,
more than anythfbc else, fs We tv hip tfbat
drives them to it. Th W 4 state,
'the strong and the cunning cofd»el the weak
■Wid tide'simple to labor, while they control
Vffffl 'dtfjby. Labor is naturally so distasteful
Wr*n that is constantly on the T.'fttc'te
to Wtftflave som&ody or something *C6 per
form tlfrw him. He enslaves otfcter men, ei
ther by vtofrfnee by practicing on their
wants, and he thettcfrge, the ox, the
donkey, the camel, artdWCn 'the ponderous
elephant, and makes IhCHft drudge for h?ft.
As h* grows in civilization, with his Wtih
led and moral seniiments expanded, WirasS
about to enslave the elements. He entraps
the running brook and the rushing breeze
into his service and makes them grind his
’ corn into flour, saw his logs into boards, and
fashion the crude iron into forms of osgfA 1 !
ness. The greatest trophy of man’s cftyWi
ving propensity, that now labors, without
werves to suffer and a heart to be crushed, is
the steam engine. He is, indeed, a glorious
specimen of a slave, and his owners are in
debted to him for the inventiveness of me
chanical genius.
There is a man in this county of Nevada
%ho, by one boldly inventive stroke, has
‘done more to increase the wealth of Califor
'WfH : than all of California's Governors, Sena
V<fi*», , Oongressmen, and Legislators put to-
The man we mean is V'dward A.
dlliilleson, %*'?« invented the hydraulic mining
process, -feWd bequeathed it to liis fellow
Vdtdc'Ors without fee or reward, and without
VrA asking a patent right for it. By this
process the hills of auriferous gravel, whose
stubborn sides are, and will forever continue
to be, impregnable to the puny assaults of
the spade and pick, have been made to dis
jporge their millions of long-bidden wealth.
Wfere is a slave, furnished to the California
tairfgr by the genius of an inventor—an ex-
tbe sciences of mechanics a¥i\i hy
draulics —that is a slave of infinite value.—
There is no accessible data by which toes-
Vftfe’M'e bis worth. His labors, like the
Vffkglc of Aladdin’s lamp, have broken into
the innermost caves of the gnomes, snatched
Vhfeir imprisoned treasures, and poured them,
Vn golden showers, into the lap of civilised,
This same Edward A. MattgsttVl, We learn
from the KeVwdW does not permit
fcis inventive gtebiPs Vo sleep. Besides the
hySWftlbe process —for which he deserves
the fortune of a nabob and the statue of a
hero — he has given to the world several oth
er curious dumb agents that help to take the
strain off of human muscles. Some of these
he has been induced to have secured to his
pwn proper use and behoof by patent right.
HislteU* veqtion is an improvement in the j
derrick, which gtV&wV lewotH? the labor of
lUfriug and removing rocks. He ibtends baV
models made of bis mining improvements,
«|id will exhibit them at the State Fair.—
{Should he do so, the ‘managers and other dig-
Oltaries of that institution Witt hwve an op
bortunity of showing honer to the greatest
benefactor California can boast. —Nevada
, SrfcMAaiHK Lantern.— An interesting tri
al with a.tieW feUbPlaHtte lantern of peculiar
cobltrbction, has been recently made at the
Portsmouth Navy Yard, and the result elicit
ed great commendation. The lantern was
first- lowered down to the bottom of the riv
ter, then separate tests were made as to the
exact distance rays bf light could be seen
from the surface; also, the distance light
eould be thrown, so as to distinguish ac
curately distinct objects. An oar, lowered to
Vhe depth of six feet from the bottom, the
lantern being sunk four feet, was so clearly
eehn that the grain of the wood was dis
tinctly visible. The rays of the light were
visible upon the surface of the river when
Ibh UMltern was sunk to the depth of twelve
ibel. These tei’pteriments Were made In thick,
Jnttddy water, and it ll Slatted that, bad 11 not
been tnStl the board bf examiners in atterid
bace were satisfied as lb the principles in
volved, the lantern would have Bteeh kept
Whine under water for three hours. The
tamte pHnciplea which govern at the depth bf
sixteen feet, Will, it ia claimed, prove equally
Successful at the depth of ninety or One hun
dred and thirty feet.
■ *-Sa
Astonishing PiSrOBMASCK —A tffflH Wag
saying in company that he had sect! a jflg
glerplace a ladder in open ground upon one
end, and mount it by passing through fhe
rounds, and stand upon the top erect. An
other, wbo was present, said he bad no
doubt of It, as be had seen a man who had
done the sane thing, but with this addition,
that when he bad arrived at the top. be
the ladder up after him!”
’Peculiar 'Caitoios of the %b!Uie>e.
Notwithstanding the thirty-five thousand
‘Cfrrrfese fn California, we'really know little
‘of 'tfrfcfrTeculiarilies as a’people, and areas
ttftrhihed'in the perusal of such accounts of
tHeir feahfc'ers and custofhs ks the following
from Dr. Taylor’s recently published volume
‘of “FlVe Years in China.” ‘The extract is
amtsing as well as instructive. -Says the
The Chinese aVe our antipodes, hot only in
positib’fi, but they do so thahy
‘things ; ih k Wanner directly the reverse of ohr
'o%‘fi Wrbfies, fhat a most amusing 'chapter
Wight be wdifen 'On tfieSe porints fcf dfffcr
'dttce. The following afe sbme ot the partic
tritfrs: They tfhaVe the hair ‘from the bead,
inStea’d 'Of tftat'O'h the face, after they reach
full mtWhdOd. The lather-brfesh looks like
a nti'd they ‘!i*ihCr with warm
water only, 'Without soaip. They n6t only
always wash and bathe in bbt water, but
will also drink warm water in preference to
cold. They begin at life end Of a - book to
read, and read trom the lop to the bottom,
beginning at the right band,instead Of across
the page and beginning at the left. Explan
atory notes are always at the top of the
page instead of at the bottom. The title of
a book is always at the outer margin instead
of at the top. The leaves are all doubled
■and primed on one side, instead of being
nmgfe ftnd printed on both
The in school study as loudly as
they ck'a sch’eate, fn'Stend of silently, and on
“reciting stand with ‘tlbfe back to the teacher
of fo the face. They locate the scat
of inte’K'fgeffi'de in the stoma'Ch instead of in
the head, in salutation, they 'ehch shake
their own hands instead ot others. \Vith
■them the magnetic need’le is always said to
point to the sotifh-, and in naming the lour
cardinal points ‘tTi’ey say east, south, west,
north. Instead of southeast and northwest,
they always say eastsoulh and westnorth.—
■Aailfngis ttsed for mattrasses, instead of on \
floors, and they hse hard pi : ft6't»-s,‘(sometimes
a block of wood) instead of a soft. Long
nails are ornamental; if three or four inches j
they are of quite an aristocratic length.— i
They .put the given name, or the title by I
fvbicb you are called, after the family kan’ie '
instead xtf before it. So it would be Smith
Tr , instead of Mr. Smith. It is impolite to
td'ke o*' Vottr hat in the house. Th*ey piast
er and kvhitewash buildings Tn the outside
ofterttr than on the inner, ft is a strong
rtWf*k of filbil regard f*r a son to buy a ‘cof
fin as a present to his IVi’th f 6r white Vet living.
On presenting it, he Says, “inky yoti lice ten
tfronsand years-.”
VV’hen ti \KWtet* 'kt)fc, ’6ne Ofthe'first
itrtVfes'bT ffh rWtVire he boys for him-elf, is
his coffin! It is often used as a bench or ta
hie for years. When it heroines tenanted it
is frequently kept in the house for many
longer, instead of being taken out and bur
ied; arid when thus taken out, it is often
plaeed on the surface of the ground, instead
of beneath it. The inscripthyrt is always on
the end of the coffin, instead of on the lon.
They wear white for mourning, instead cV
black. At funerals, women must weep,even
if they are not grieved; men must not if they
are. More lanterns are carried at the time
of the full moon than at any other. They
sell wool and fluids by weight instead of by
measure. At a dinner the dessert is always
eaten first. The seat of honor is on the left
hand, instead of at the right. They eat with
two slicks, both in one hand, instead of with
a knife and fork, one in each. Their bools
and shoes are higher at the toes than at the
hVrels-. a*hl ab*c mostly made of Cloth instead
of leather. They use whitening instead of
blacking. In laying floors, they lay thepla*Ac
with the smooth surface down On tV.C limb
ers, while the tippet is felt rough an 1 un
In 'dViiitti'ng 'tea, the saucer is placed on
the top of the cup, instead of at the bottom.
\Miey kill themselves to be revenged of an
enemy. Men wear gowns, petticoats, beads,
embroidery and garters, and women wear
pantaloons, (not, however, ''the pAntaloohs.”)
They always mount ft horse on the wrong
side, and Women ride as the men. Military
officers carry fans instead of pistols. The
plume is on the back of the cap and hangs
down, instead of being on the front and
standing up. In battle they wait for a ship
to sail In line With the cannon, on a fortifi
cation-, instead 'of moving the gun and di
teciibg itto the position of the ship. In the
dress of m‘en, the drawers are large and
loose at the bottom, and have no strings,
while the pants are tight as possible,andare
tied around the ankles like drawers. In
othVr Words-, itViilght be said, they weftr their
tbowsers outside of thetr pantaloons.
Among us, young men and women choose
for themselves add dii their own courting,
when they become grown (and sometimes
hefpre)| in China this is all done for them by
their parents while they are infants. With
us, ladies have the preference; with them,
gentlemen. We educate and honor our
wives, sisters and daughters, and bring them
forward in society; they degrade theirs, keep
them in ignorance and out of sight. Women
have their feet bound—their waists, never.
The circumference of their dress is greatest
at the waist and least at the tinkles; They
wear their breastpins on the forehead. Tin*
young lady goes to the residence of her be
trothed to be married, and she wails and
weeps along the whole way to the wedding.
They always have feasting and music at
their funerals. Green plums are preferred to
ripe ones. They abominate milk, hatter and
thCese, but relish castor oil,stlai!*, arid many
other articles that are to us horribly offen
sive. They shave off nearly the whole of
the eyebrows; leaving ft mere pencil of hair,
while that On the Opposite side of the head
is allowed to grow till it reaches the ground.
Although men do not exactly acton the eggs,
they yet do tflosl Of the hatching, thus
suming the prerogative of the bens, add de
priving them Of that ffleftstlte and privilege.
A tlllon politician iately asked one of our
yoiihg men if he thought the people would
elect Bell whether or no? ‘‘Elect Bell Weth
er?” replied Snooks, “I should as soon ex
pect them to elect Ewe.”
Mr. Lyon declined fighting a duel, and was
called a dog for it. “Ah, you may call me
a dog, but a live dog is better than a dead
V a r iety.
watchmaker and Je-vt&ller,
9lc.iu street, Nfcrth San Juan;...
I take this method of informing my
friends hint the public that | have removetl to
the FIRE PROOF BTtlCKjkEcwn as the. San
Juan Drug Store, where I am prepared to repair watch
es, clock's <tc., at very loir rates and in a satisfactory
mtthhdr. I keep on baud im-assortment of
Consisting of Bijckles, Bracelets, Necklace's,. Chaths,
Chaims, tine Gold ahd Rhameled Lpc.kfjts, Brooches,
’Jter Rings, Finger Kings, sleeve Biiffsna,, gold and
silver Thimbles, Gents’ Fob
jb Buckies, Pius, rings, studs
&.c., all of which will be sold at fair prices.
Jewelry made to Order*.
Plain and Fancy Jewelry made in a workthaatike
Sign of the Big Watcfr,
my 19tf
a .11 onse and L6t fV>r SSile.
Ci IST. I*OAVEB S offer's fcfiisble Idb House and
I • Lot on Jlierokee Street, ih the town of North
San.luan. , , .
s'be Tot Fql'-O feet square, is neatly fenced and plan
ted with sixty Fruit Trees, some of them bearing, and
provided with stable and other out-houses.
The Dwelling is commodious and comfortable, and
the neighborhood, consisting entirely of dwelling bou
ses, quiet and respectable.
The proprietor de-ires t" move onto a larger lot in
another part of town, Whitt Is his only motive for
For terms and other particulars call at this oftce, or
at Colev's store, Main street, on
maylttlf C. E. POWERS.
f I ''HE copartnership heretofore existing between
X the undersigned, is this day dissolved by
mutual consent. W. J. Maldoon is alone au
thorised to sign in liquidation.
Mr. S. S. B. PECK is this flay admitted as a
partner with me in the
Cigar and Tobacco Business,
which will be continued at the old stand,
side Maiii street, under the name and style of
l*erk & Ualtjoon.
Thankful for the very liberal patronage here
tofore bestowed on me, I would respectfully soli
cit its continuance to 'the new firm.
JTT'Frcsh FRUITS on hand.
North San Juan July 21, 1866. jy2B-3w
I. t, s vvitv
HKREBY iiitVirrfrh TiTs friends
aud tfse i>u<dic tliiit Tie lias removed
Sew and CoMrtootoßS stables,
At the tPhot of 31ain street,
and havingas'-.'.dated himself with the Messrs. Huffa
ker, is betteV pi—pared tmm ever to bullish excellent
accommodation- for stock ofal kinds, and to snpp'y
ofthe best quality, at the lowest market price.
Rctu ning thanks lor the past liberal pafronage.they
most respect fully -olicita continuance of the same,
Hiv and Oka n delivered to any part of the town,
free of charge.
North San Juan, JuneGOth, ISOO. tf
C. L. tow f. low
Cor’isVlr P.aza ana High sis., Marysvllie
Gold Dust purchased at ttie highest market rates.
Advances made on Gold Dust for Assay, or Forward
ed tothe Mint for coinage.
Checks at on Parrot A Co.,
San Francisco.
Our Sight Exchanges
For sale on
Also, on the other principal Eastern cities.
Purchase city, comity and state securities, certificates
Cf Deposit, and other Exchange, at current rates,
... and transact a . ,
June Ifi 3m
I¥>WE undersigned having been ap-
JL pointed hy the
GAttft Uerclin Manufacturing Co.,
of New York, sole agents for the sain of their Goods,
are now prepared to take orders from the trade, for
quantities, at the lowest New Y'ork prices.
Tlw article, Gutta I’orcha. is now well known to lie
an entirely different thing from India Rubber, (with
which, however, It is often confounded,) possessing
qualities which make it useful for every pirposeto
which the latter can he applied, and possessing othei
valuable properties which that has not. Unlike India
Rubber, it is not effected by oils er acids, and is, War
ranted not to become sticky or, decqrtpOMd, In the hot
test climates. It also possesses that great property of
value in Rubber, cheapness, costing no more, and an
swering a better purpose. The article of
Jit achlne Bcltlngi
Made by this Company, is how greatly in nse among
the large factories of the Hast, universal testimony
having been given as to its vast superiority over India
Rubber Helling, and its equal goodness with the best
Leather article, while the cost is far less. Flexibility
and Durability are here combined. We can supply any
size or thickness that may lie required. The
Hydraulic Hosfc
Made by this Company, is very popularert account of
it« great strength and durability. It mftv tie subjected
to the hardest usage without fear qf its being torn or
cut by sharp stones or tile r'jligli character of the
ground. A size is no\V being made which i 6 believed bo
be very superior for the purpose of .
Hydraulic Mining',
CqniViii'f g a? it does, the qualities of STRENGTH,
F LEXHJILItV and DURABILITY'; and it can befhr
blstied at a niodeWte cost compared with Any thing
else that Is capable of doing the same anlount of work.
This we cAn supply Recording to order.
From the vast superiority in ail itsrejpects of the
GiitlA Perchd Clothing;
Made by this Company, large orders have been receiv
ed from the Government, for, the use of the
United States Arnly,
Of coal*, (touts, riding leggins. ponchos, etc. Also, of
cauip mattresses, blankets. Knapsacks. Tent Knap
sacks, etc. These last will be found of value to mi
ners, and for camping purposes,generally.
Tile thule are invited to examine our samples.
35, Commercial street,corner Battery.
Jnne 23 3m San Francisco.
Dried cherriisi ,
English riirrjatnts,
Fttsh Prunes,
Jrist received and for sale by V>. C. COLEY.
HAIRS, Bedsteads, Tables, Ac. at
reduced prices. \V. G GOLEY
IAVRS. SARAH COOK offers her services to
jLvJlthe mothers of San-luan and vicinity asa nurse
Recommendations of the highefl order given.
Inquire at this office
Canvas ! Canvas !
A LARGE quantity of every size from I—Oto 10—0
marl? at MLGCK A FUHTH'S
Kerosene Limps!
ANEW lot of these celebrated Lam -just received
Business Cards.
R. H. FAROtftAR, ( . ,
•. 11 c e of the Peace, i,
Bridgeport Township. Office, in the old Masonic Hail
Main s reel. San Juan. 1 tl
0. B. .STIDGERj .
Att6rney at tW )
And Conveyancer. Office on the north side of Main
Afreet, one door west>pfß V. Hatfield’s store,
bppositethe Pioneer, NORfff SAN JUAN.
Nov. 13, 1857. 1
o. , Attorn'ey a't Lair,
Willaitend promptly toall busiuessconfidedtohis care
.. ~ in Nevada ahd adjoining counties.
Of fice —ln Abbott’s Building. NEVADA. tflfi
t C. E. De LONG,
Attorney at Law,
Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, up stairs, juulfi
Carriage, Sign and House Painting 1 ,
Paper Ua.noi.no, Ac.
Done In the best manner, by
Shop on Main st., opposite llelfrich’s Sodk Factory.
, Agent foT^
. The Rest and Purest Article in the Si ate I
To st Office Building, North San Juan, Nevada ccnnty.
♦ . , E. T. JORDAN,
NcwS Agent aud ExjpVeiimiD',
huns a Daily Express from
North San Juan to Sebastopol, Sweetland, Birchvlile
and French Corral. California and Atlantic papers for
Runs Daily from North -San Juan to Shady Creek,
Cherokee. Little Grass Valley and ColP&'Kii
and Atlantic Newspapers for sale. Let
spapers I
ters and Packages carried, cortiftri-ahms attended to
and collections made. Agent for'the'Hydraulic Press
Dealer in
Bdjaer..Card:, and Printer's Sloe! generally,
13* VlAy street, n'e'&r Stusoiue,
jan 21 ly
1 Sdnsome street, San Francisco, Cal.
TYPE FOUNDRY, aud dealers iu all kinds of
Printing materials.
I Waters will find it to their advantage to call on us
before purchasing. apr2o Cm
Dr. T . Crosse ff ,
Operator In all the dlfleredt ITsplart
nifnik of DiuOstvy,
office. Nos 3 and A, Lid Fellow’s Hall.
Marysville. D >t)rset, betwVfk third
and P^Virth’,
Teetti fil.leo with cheitiically pnre .Gold.—
flow else, J. W , can yutl'make gold pUTe ex
cept by chemicals?
My Skeleton Atmospheric Plate is still predominant,
aTid niitst be. as it occupies but little, If any, mdVe
fpjt'pe. thaVi the natural teeth, thereby rrlj(fr£ijg tjse
voluMe cf the voice; making theft coftlortabls and
regulating ‘contour. , , , ..
Dr. Winter —why do yon come pMt ijre a man
and test the matter, in ‘place of descending to bil
lingsgate. Von say that you inserted skeleton Atmos
pheric pWV'T' fifteen years agO. Yon assert What ronld
w'nt tioseiurV
pc) poseibry haye, ■pth'er'vv ise ll Would have
been in use frofr. that lime forward, tvhereas Skeleton
Atmospheric plates on my plan areof recent date,
jun 16 3m
Nos. 3 and 4, Odd Fellows’ Hall,
North San Juan.
In the Mechanical DewulrneijT.J Will'lgf;-
nish either an upper oV aVi .inner set < f Teeth
on Gold Plate,at prices ranging fr0m...... .575 to siiK).
Silver Plate 25 to 50
In the surgical departhVoVi't, teeth will be filled with
gold, small cavities $2 50
Large cavities, «3,t0 10 00
KxtV?."fing. per Tooth 1 to 2 50
Cleansing Teeth 2 50 to 5 (X)
Pivot Teeth inserted upon healthy roots, 2 50 to 5 00
I am determined to work cheap, for a Dentist.
Kntire satisfaction guaranteed in all operations.
I have made uirangements with Dr. Crossett, who
will be in constant a 1 tendance in the office, and my
patrons can rest assured of every operation being per
formed in the most approved manner. jttly 14tf
Dentist, C Rerokee
HAS an Office in the Tnrn>>y Hotel', on .Vain
Street, where he is prepared to perform all ope
rations on tlic TEETIT, oil the latest and most im
proved principles.
Dr. Clark will visit North San Jnan, Sweetland,
French Corral. Columbia Hill and Humbug every two
or three months, professionally. 3ni
Fire i Fired
©Sregon street, between Front and Davis,
-«L»AjrrPAfcTt;itteil of Fire-Proof
IT■ DOORS and Shutters, Bank Vaults, Orating,
Raillcg, Balconies. Ac., Ac.
N. B. A very large assortment of very superior
t)oors and shutters, manufactured in New V’oifc city
f>r Messrs. Lecount A Strong and Johnson A Canfield
of San Francisco, all new and thoroughly fire and thief
broof. .. '
Ji5X)-7-a very large lo.t cf second-hapd shutters of
various dimensions, all for ja.leat very low rates.
orders from the interior, Oregon and Washing
ton Territories, oh afiy place on the Pacific coast, at
tended to with pronipt he's and di«patch.
flgp-Oregon street is in front of the Custom House,
liofth side of the United Stetes Court Buildings.
aprl4 3m
The undersigned respectfully In
forms the citizens of San Jnan and
vicinity that he has opened a
Cabinet Making and Joiner's Shop,
On Flume street,
where he is prepared to do all kinds of bifsitiess In his
line promptly, and in the best style of trorkitiaiiship.
Ward relies. Bedsteads. Washstands. Bedsteads. Tables
Safes, and in fact all kinds of Foruittrre kept constan
tly on hand, made to order, and repaired
Second hand Furniture bought and sold.
Aug 4.1860. 8m
reVpbct able aMeilcAlt
widow lady? who is jesiroua cf ret. ruing to her
bouie in the Alantic States, by the 20th of September
or the'Sth of October next, offers her services "to a
family traveling with children, as a nnw and assist
ant—requiring only to he furnished with a free pas
sage as a reward for her services. For name and par
ticulars, address thisoffice.
TUT AILS, all sizea,
The opposition stage for Marysville
_. ._. _ will leave North San Juan every
i/ o.\day^ednesdar and Friday, at 6}^
o’clock in the morning.
Office, at the Sierra Nevada Hotel.
[RETURN TRIPS will be made everv TUESDAY,
THURSDAY and SATURDAY. Marysville Office at
the Young America Saloon, N. E. corner High 'thd
Second street.
PARE, $3 00 EACH
,#s”Every care and comfort guaranteed,
J. S. McCUE, Proprietor.
North San Juan, May 12.1860. tf
Stove®, Hardware
’Ceok stoves.
Parlor staves,
_ • Box stoves,
Sltetf Hardware,
Hose Pipe,
A general assortm’nt
.of T nwars.
Builder’s Hardware,
.Carpenter’s Tools,
Batts and screws,
XrcrT. and steel,
Galvanized Iron Pipe,
; Water Boxes. 4c ,
43-0 u hand an'Lmade tn order. - ®*
Brick Row, Main street
North San Juan. Nov. 17.1867. Itf
I \ TRECT the attention of the public to their
J / splendid steam saw mill, which Is now Writing
out the very best of . ,•
of every kind for building and mining purposes, and
delivering it promptly wherever ordered.
They have unrivalled facilities for filling orders Im
mediately, and always e»ll the best material at the low
est prices. They also furnish every kind of
as directed, and can supply the citizens of North San
Juan with the , .
Best Fire Wood
Orders can be left ft't the mill, or at the office In San
Juan, on Main street, under the Rome.
iT. F.CLARfc. „
Nov. 19th, 1859. tf
WMu and Lntiltar lard*.
CLARK & CO. have an extensive Wood and
Lumber Yard at the corner of Cherokee and Res
ervoir streets, by the terminus of the ffefliWiy, Every
kind of sawed lumber is kept always on hand, and
large ox s'tftall dytpatidj can lie instantly supplied.
FVeVvpod, cither Oak. ptf :e ffr pianzanita, green or
dry, fotsale in af.y quantity, and will he delivered at
short notice. ~ ,
Orders ca'f. he left i*t the Yard, or At the trffice on
Main street, j. F. CLARK„
Nov. 19,1359. 'tf J. B. JOHNSON.
CSiitractor and Buiideir.
bk yiii L. sWLIv, a practical
MaaOiV and BUILDER, will contract for the
erection i
Brick iioniti
In North San Juan ami adjoining places, lie can give
ihebesbof references here and in San Francisco.
Jobbing of all Kinds done td dVaVV,
always on hand, and for in any quantity.
North Sun Juan, May *?, 1860. tf
thuiiia st. Meat Market.
Have opened a meat market in the
North end of.,Green’s New Fire-Proof
Bruk, on Flume street, next door, south
of J-ran chore A Butler’s Drugstore.
Clieapor than was ever before sold in San Juan, will
be furnished, every morning, at the Flume street Meat
Market, or, ifdesired, deliveiedat.any part of the town.
Their arrangements are so made, that they will al
ways have the best and fattest of cattle, hogs and sheep.
North San Juan, June 18,1860. 3m
HAVING complied with the requirements of the
law necessary for procuring letters patent for,
and the exclusive right to manufacture and sell an
improvement in the fastenings to Hose to
wit; To fasten to tugs or ears, on each half coupling,
and tiring them together vl'th tF? bower of the wedge.
I Belchy warn all persons not Co infringe on any of
Ir.eprihcljiles of the aforesaid fastenings or coupling*.
North San Juan.Juiy 7, 1860,tf
Sliinarles fQi* Sale. .
superior quality for sale. Apply to
North Sun Jrac, Jane 15,1800. tf
Pine Lumber!
FEET of Sugar .Pine Lumb
“ V or, of all sizes, for sale cheap for
7 in. o. P. STIDGER.
Dissolution of Co-partnership.
f | ’’HE firm, of J, W. Guthrie & Co. is tills day
J dissolved by mutual consent.
All persons indebted are requested to call and
settle their accounts to date. .
North San Juan, Sept. Ist, iB6O.
„ Oak Tree Market.
NF. BROWN having leased the interest of
• J. W. Guthrie in the above-named market
is prepared to furnish customers with the best
qualify of
At the lowest market prices.
Beef Cattle for Sale.
N. F. BROWft,
Oak Tree Market, Main street.
North San Juan, Sept. Ist, 1860. tf
|AINTS and OlLB,atthe
JUST received al the San Juau Drug Store
large lot of PORK COA I, OIL.
For sale by the case, can or gal’ori.
34 T. A L McOUTBE.
riSDOtV glAss,
BtOf’K A FURTH are Agents for the sale
Quicksilver from the new
Enriqiiila Mint*.
Thepurify of the article they have for sale in certified
to by B. B.Thayer, State Assayer. marlT
ACampbbne !
T the San Jean Drug Store, by the cMe, can or
mining Ground & Water tHtfch
For Sale.
THE mining claims known as the Back A Brer It
Co ground, situated on Manzanlta Hill, near the
town of Sweetland. with cuts, tunnels, sin ices Ac
Also, one. water ditch and water privilege, reservoir,
Ac. Apply to
J. McA’ LISTER. Sweetland.
or OBLANDO EVANS. Buckeye Hill.
Sweedand, 10th An gust, 1860 Aw
Saloons and LitA&r Stores.
ggm sAiooi, ..
OS“UppOSlte the Theater.
The beat of Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept at the
Saiojn, , ,
Two A No. 1 Billiard Tables always In first-rat« of
der. junl66ra FRED. W. GETZLER, Prop’r.
SttllißDS, 35 CTS. AtAMtl
*AN JtrAft isiOTAMffe.
6. 6cfrXR(FIN & CO. v
WoVitto respectfully inform their old (Heads
and the public genemlv that thp'y have recent
ly made many improvements to the above named pop
ular resort, (thd are better prepared than ever to please
all tastes. . •
ThrJfee Billiard TaMeitn,
Infi r»t-rate order—twacf them new Marble Beds
and equal to any in‘the State. The wood bed is the fa
vorite of theplafe..
Two splendid Ten-Pin Alleys sre attached to the ««'
tablishment, well supplied with the perquisites of snch
an institution.
It isthe intention pfthe proprietor to naq every exer
tion to make the Exchange the favorite resort of all
seekers of healthy pleasurable excrslae.
will be furnished with the very bear t
To be had {n the San Francisco Market, anti no paint
will be spared to make everything pleasant and attrac
tive. 10
VMTftfe of North San Joan and Tidal-
A ty are informed that .
are removing from theia old stand, and will open a
Fink Ntw Saloon TO-DAY, in Frank Clark’s Building,
Corner oV R* ter vol rand Maid streets^
They wall keepa BAR stocked with the Choicest Li
quors, Wines. Ale, Bees. Pcrter, and Havana Cigars.
■B3“ An invitation is extended to everybody to QlV*
ts a Call
North San Juan, May 12, 1860.
The Firsiarrel Lasted nee Stllooi
Wftfe is that
A ABBEY A CULLODI have opened a new and
handsome , ,
in the building formerly known as the Pioneer Liquor
Store. They will keep the purest Wines and Liquors,
best Cigars, and most fascinating of Bn,keepers,
i Everybody who took the first chance in California,
the second fttWyxzer river, orthy last in
w a a ii 00,
are invited to give the subscribers a call.
North San Juan, April 14. ’6O. GEO. CCLLODI.
i . ••Whojysale Dealer* t» ...
Winch, Liquors, CvgarshWd Tobacco.
Alsu — a genet al assortment of Fresh and
Dried Fruit and Confectionery—south side
,of Main street.
'orih San Juan, Nov. 17,1867. [1 tf ]
FtHt OM JBimndim
Soda Water MftJ
i soy
Fine Brandies,
Wines, Ale,
Porter Ac.
Brandies, of the fol
lowing brands:
Old Sar.erac, Otard,
Jules, Robin A C<l,
United Vineyards,
Martelle, Otard, Ac.,
Philadelphia and
Old Tom, Santa Cruz, add Jamaica Rum. Monongahela,
Bourbon. Irish and Scotch Whiskey:
Heidsick, Schrevjfer ind Morizette Champaigne:
Port. Hock. Sauterne Claret Wipes.
Assorted C&e Liquors and Syhips,
Ills extensive stock Is now complete in every depart
ment. and will T
lent, and will be offered at
San Jiian North. Nov. t 7, 1867.
[1 :im]
This well-known establishment, owned by
Stoffler A Koch, is now under the control of
the junior member. Mr. Koch, and will so
reman until the settlement of tlje estate of Mr.Stofflor
lately deceased. The business ojmanufacturing
ljager Seer
will l<e continued as heretofore, and the old reputation
of the article fully maintained. Jan2l
RH. tit’NNING having jnat returned from
• the Atlantic States, will take this methotl to
forbid all persona from infringing on his I’aTKKT Gotß
on (‘an .Inan Hill a» . « .
Dunning’s Undercurrent t .
either by making or using the same without his per
mission. - , •
Those who are using it with my conditional agree
ment. are notified that I claim payment as. per sail*
agreement, and stand ready to give bills of sale to all
who comply with terms of contract.
I will sell rights to the patent to nil who desire them,
from this time. , >
. R. tt. btSNING.
North San Juan, April 20th, 186(5. 3m
New Blacksmith and Iron Shop
On Main street, opposite Smith’s Littery Stable
AOrth San Juan. . v
I, .. Hojsfe and Ox Shoeing. ~.
RON DOORS and Shutters, abd Iron Work in
general manufactured to onleK . .
car wheel* fljf
Iron and Steel for satis. Also Mining TooJs.Jiy,
38 3tii*
, , Ranch for Salts
THE undersigned offers for sale his Ranch;
situated two miles from North San Juan, on
the road leading therefrom to Cherokee. Said
Ranch consists of pre-emption of 160 acres,—
regular survey, according to law.—Twenty-five
acres, enclosed* four or five acres in crop—three
in potatoes; balance in vines, corn and cabbage;
in .good growing condition. Two never failing
springs, furnishing abundant water for irrigating.
Most of the land not included in the enclosure, is
well adapted to grain growing. tJpon the Bands
is a new bouse, containing six rooms, well lined,
papered and paihiedd. The Rafifch will .be sold
with or without the crop; as ohe m*y wish.
To any one acquainted with the business of
fanning, the above offer A a good inducement.
Terms, liberal and easy. For particulars, ap
ply to Judge Farquhar, Bah Juan, or Ac sub-
Two Spring itancb, August 23d; 1860. a0251*
Tbs following Blanks osn always;
ABlßllflSs be obtainid at this ottcs. at Bas
Franeifco pries*. Ejtpcntlons, Warrants’ gum moos’
Constable's and Sheriff's Sales. Aflhtayjta, Garniahss*,'
subpoenas. Deed* mortgagU. BaleaWs. Lsass’s Ender
takings, attachments, Examinatloda, commitment*,'
acknowledgement*. Jmy summons’s V«#», Wttttk'
appeal bends, Recognizance, tc, 4&
Blanks of all fcte fainted toor^et.
m. 4

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