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: .'. ' 'IK mp HMWAHwy l-f -H' 'W Tf i n
.3. NO.
WHOLE NO. 141.
-pi -v.
& ' t -ft v j i
; S Iu ghc r;t I ,3) emibli cau
Is Issued. Tvery Saturday morning, at
Dallas, Poll: Coauty, Oregon.
c. p::op::ii-:tok.
sunscairnoir sates.
SINGLE COPII-Ono Year, f 2 0;'. Six
Mooth3.il .i'nrjo Months, fl 8j3f
. T 1 f l .1 -tt 1 f r ? ....,!--..... . I
4Vr Olahof tenor ia.re $1 7Z per annum. .
Sabicriplhtn s, aOj in udrance
r il k? .
1 .,-JBr: ; ,
-' " V"
One square (10 !Inr-rr!,-, fifit in-rt'n, 00
p. . rur ui-a9 or wn or ia .re ?i o n?r an
Each suWciuent insertion I 00 ;
liberal ileluetim will ho uiauo to quur-
lyand yearly aerti.-cr.s. ,
'Professional cards will oo huerto l at J12 00
'1 ... , t . .,..r
Cransient advertHenu-nt must ho .:ud t.,r
in advance to in-nro i.'i5.i i.-u.-o. Ail otuer
adreriising bills must ho paid Hua.tcriv. . i
LeSal.tendcr,tal.;n at thcireurr,ot value.
Clan and J,.i. W.,rk ,f ever.v de,.r;p.K.:, .
uruisbed at low rates 'n sli ot le . ue. j
per annma
aliiK n.T.tsriJ at ii) r;u:i:xui.otirf l
. JOl-KXAii. i.H i i . r .-t a i'irt
Class Maga.;no. I?s urs:. 5-v ... tie.- l.ihc.n
interest to ail. It t.a.. Lf .; v.aat vj are and Low
to make the ui-l of o ir.-'eiv.-,--. The it f riaa
tion it contains a the Laws id' Life and Ho.ilth
is well w rth th.s i ".
Fault! v. It ;a;i,u
'd a.'.t.'i we to every
1 at So eft a jear. Hv
a special arrstiieiacu we are euah'.'-d f mI,c
the rtntKN-uu.e;. ai, J.j! .iiv.u. as a I'rounuiu tor
a new uh.-.-ri'.-;.s to tl..-. '.::;.; la-u: ;u.i-.- vn. ,
or wi!! furnish- the l';';:h vov
J.n ;:vai. '
an I Or.i-:(;o ilcei iji.e together for o (.0 j
We coiuiuc-a I ti.a Jot :L to a"! who want . ;
ij'.ui- o; !ie i .i.o i'.u.
ii V V. 2L i- a :: '
Twas nnonil.t ia tie u:;-;,et ...( t nva
And tvi rythi:v v:-:m ii - ... !
V, fur; ;.r ; a -o r : . -. , .:.
Dart U vii, i.p ii tit- m'... iii;-, Id air,
Iiu i talii-a,' ..f thv -1 "i Ch.u-v-Ii hv-i
Of firery e!e.a;.ti Uil t-.-i 1.
Eaca tlccj-vr v 2:,r 'a "';"-. r'-o.
.-J.on4hu: r'o.' I t it 1 i li.u c.tu-,- !,...?,
Wie-ai siii-iia i' t ;t- m-: le.-- - y. i
do sttoom ia -t we.a l; iv o j! w ;
Forher. the 11 mi s -.vcr- h.i; : a.r eiil
And illunrit; oi-. ail the .-'ay.
The fire . s 1 v : a vful . 'ay
And I 1 -I i'-- '-!'
Whkhtrowdol reOiid .-u d ti-l--d to e;.y
It pro-! c-.ss a it ra.-U' t .r .-,-:
Ln sfil' if his."' d t.-Hh ;e ir ! ir :r r"ir
.1 . I1'.
.li ii ii 1 1 !-.a oa :io.a fool m .-.t-i,
WWhwii!,'. ::.: tl.e tire kin
liia.awlui wo:k will: j-y p'o -a ,
And Still 'i. .! l.-.: -a a ' a .r
A suhataned thai .v,u';d h'ua suhdao.
Ho laughed asel- liieelivl v.:l; 11,:: h lce
Their earn5t t-o:; to syj.
Lont; it rage-! lr-w r--;f 1 1 r- -.!",
The demon iu hi.: j ,y i'.-1 J'.y ;
Each tnoini:at so:.. 11 ig .vrk' aloft
Vh ieh slmne in ir':,-'.:'a ---s ..Vr to;1 :-' y,
lint elii! he ts!:.i.-d a lid Li -jl uui i,iiin.'tt
L'p'ja.lhe- Uileri ar.'.;:.d.
The people wi!h 'eteriiiia:. I mind
Still battled with
Akuough thoy worked uotii half hiiod
They finally pr-.ved his ov -.-i.liro. v.
Then like a raging li e
lie pulled and Ui '
The night whs pa
Uiit bhot.e '-a i
"Where once wan 5
in blackened r-
Oh, llallas! may i
Ai.otLer (iri ;e.
r'Jin1, I
i y.
ii V
Well, why not." said i'liit. coolvri
society is, or ou.ght to to a mutual
benefit c-iucern. If my neighbor hi
and can snare that whieh f 1 wLvHn spite oi his mother and hia blu
canspaietint which 1 iced why! 'nfiPitc '"'ber and hia
' '111)?
ildtht 1 give him a hint to that t-doiid.
effect V
" A very gentle hint in this in
fc.tmce," laughed Carter Vaughn .
i'ou dare not do i:, 1'h'p.''
' J)aie not '! tiike caie how you
defy inc. To' in trow I. will beard the
lion m his den.
z Phip, you are not in e irnest.surely ;
think of ihe audacity jf the thing,"
t-upi Honor, anxi.nily.
' Well, audacity is a good thing
.gorucliinc.j ; it takes cheek to get i dieti as he returned tohis newspaper. j'o
through this vorld w ithout being for tho next, half hour. . J'hip reveled
cheated," retorted i'hip j iu beauty and fragrance. She did not
' 3Jy dear i-'hilippa, what an unlady-1 take half so many Howers as ho wanted
iiko expression '." remonstrated her for fear that 3Ir. (jrannett, (or (Jaunt
mother.' I ua she had nieknaumd him) would think
' We won't have any stiff bomjaef that she was abusing his kindness,
staring up nv one as il to say, 4 U o& j 4' There you see what comes of hav
at ino; sec- how , fno fe,' pursued) ing sonic faith, in human triturcj" she
i'hip, regaidh'ss hf her mother's said, rushing into Honor's room, and
hurniied j7ok, hut dear little clusters j triumphantly displaying Iter floral treas
peeping out from sly littly nooks, and . u res.
hliing up har.j places ; we'll have one i phip flew around arranging her
lovely thing though. We'll put our fbiwers as she had planned, with the
round tray on the btxpiet standit's exception of her floral stand ; that sho
just the size, you know, and in the ( was obliged to give up. She stood
center ot that our smnllj glass dish contemplating her work, with pleased
then we'll fill them with iljwers and Katif action when the door oell rang,
grccc, jut Uiui luiT, and (.prays of uud a moment later Juuits brought iu
! tnvrtle and smilax dropping down
! It 11 do perfect,- -a
glowing mass ot
coior him neamy jusi lessen togeiiier,
. l .
,m t -
, 1 iij.;.. ,. i., ,) -i . e,
! ami l nij) related into a siient Ut, oi
I ,,,...
j lJiy
Sec iin to m : von.ro counting vnur
chickens before thev are hatched," j
said Mr. Lazell, dryly, as he turned his!
I paper. "It would take n small cart- j
f r,.,, fl4 :,n ,.,, . .... ,J. ' !
6. cxptet nei'hhor tiaunt to '
i t .m, in ,-.?. ! dvl- !
uo iae luiii i.n iu ioa sfr., ou,
ikn- w" a i
! "lfo'sn, mr, likely not to do it !
1 lf ji - i (i V..,. .,,,.
- 1
ui,..,t !,.. .w.m ...
" t? nau see w nar. vve. snn si
. , ,, , i . ,,
:u h !IS lacouicaliy, but With a
i v. ill ul nod
The next morniu" a Phin t.u'i! d the
to her rather timid query as to whether
Mr. (laonett was at home, she w as i
U.-h. red into lh hhrarv wh.-r.. fh if!
eiitlcmaii s-at icaOii; ti.e
31 r. (Jantiett rose and
I . . i t i
"tluod inornin-'. matn: le s
j i
he sai l, p unting t a eh tir. S.ct.e
t ! i t . in his m Ultief ate -tea eh tickli d
i'jtlji :m :u ii-e! V, and sfe eame very
near lauhintC out riht ; ! font r. lied
hel'.self, however, and seah'-i hef. if
r. ( aatuiett lo j.Ced at her
Irottl under h:s .s ft :;- v- i yelooA
Waited for her to sUte fiijr el f.u.d.
II! ' 1 1'1
rtitn piunc'i itito tu-iics at om
31 v n
mi;- Is
J'hdij.-pa J . a . . 1 . ,
em vour next cijur ia-;:!
! 1
c..s:u t-eit.j."
Some ;t- f mtiiy I n
e. wi:
4 v
a di.'.ef! y.ejnj ones.
What's the j
atliou nt he ititei I aided.
t '.j' o
I dratfin,; hi.- p;a-ket-!M,.,k out.
i " eSS n.-t so very pu r ; tli it i net
poverty stnekeu ; ait'i t iit'i are iio -i .
ooU4 fens etth-.-r. We do Lot, : i
y.eir neo; y. -ir ; it is jc.i-i;:i .'n;g
I,OV', !:Vci
i -ae;, si t eucets uim'-iiti-
, i
i i
w u 1 1
rime it.
Uii, h-'jin f r vo:irs.;
t -! y -a :
I i oat s a m ili i i; L t k . ,i
L-l't hoi..;v iH'o his pot-Kt I I !.
1 e ij M-i
sir I ii i t' a si ! t
f, no ;s to ne n.arrn a ti; cvei;:n-r. and i
watit fuaie i! w i to ermnne.'.l i lit.
t t I I t ; 1
ataor. Jut n-f nu.e Ji..vei; in tn'
t(' u ;.u .v iiivt v ;nc uUi.o lo i r m , i v I . i
ttie amhy
eiii: VV !. it
although th
W i
il e
i e. a 1 1 , i i . i ; i i iti.
.. .. . ,. 1 I 1 .
ar ciil has l.a.1 the
j i.o.-L ni. ei, tale of tr,i---:M;ix. A- jar
j Carti-r Vaughn, he has t ; aii h, j
t ilmu urn Ih a tclMw.ttl l.ttt-t,,. H 1
1 i O' I I V.- I. I I ? V n nil ,Ut f t t I I . I f f I r :
wldeh tyre w.aih their Wei-ht in -ml
Hut a it-ding without hewers j, Uul u,
be thought of, and rt n.emhetoog thai !
I you had a hot-hou-v; f.ill, I e ; t.e to stc I
hell at tho door uf the next house, her!' ' ".e -m-ts was .u r. uanueit
, , , , , , ' , It wa a very ph-asaut weddtn-. Honor
Cctirae !alicJ tiet, aul il? Was s!n;i--, - I
ly tempted to turn and ilee. "No ! Uk'il beailtltul, US ho u.ways did,
... . i j...., . i , , , j i ; aral Carter ecstatic, as he had every
n t M. e , u t d U do ,t, and 1 ; rSi)! t() .j,, rorlIouorwas " one of
' ; - t, . 1 a thou,aH;1 Mr,. VU,hi f. U-d her
l lie ior w as opt neo, ami in an-wer . , . .
i, ... ... .!.,;.,.: i ......... ...i. .1 ... ; laa.'iivjior a time, and the uu.Mitu
i it you wi.u.d give me u lew ; 1 wish you j .llUr A!:d into a bad way,-and you earn-- j
! r.. .. .1 ... t .t. : . :.! .!. - . . " . - t i
j ' ' "'o. a - a ii i iii.u. n js ui uwu in a
entirely. Mother and Honor were
! t,..i ...1 ... ..... i l ... t . ..' i i
c'- i -ii i io. oui i eoui i i
md see what objection you would h ave
to putting yotir il iw is where they
colli J he appre.eiat.ej instead of wasting
their Sweetness mi tht li v, vt nir "
Hem ! (htrtor V ,, ' , m rl
tion to Caleb 'aughu whj tiUiashed up
dozen year.s agj., y
His grandson. His mother is al
ways boasting of their blue blood, but
I think a little of the azure tint and a
,,tfJ" otner 'eircuhiting inedtiin.,' would
00 prc.eramo. Jiowever, Honor is
tt:1. and barter h a splemicd le!lov
31r. (raunctt looked more amused
thr.n I'liij) would have believed possi
' 1,10 ,rmn tho expression of his face
j whu in repose. He turned to the
! ,;il,5c a,ul w,,),c a fcw words on a slip of
! lMPcri thcn ru,,'J he heiIrupo neat
u ni. A servant entered.
Show this lady out to tho green
house, and give this note to 3Ir. Itob-
j erfs," said 3Ir Oannett, cutting short
; I'hip's thank's and Icwiug ti grave :i-
:in elegant work-basket, filled with
i. : tini-i- flowers than nnv Phin had so! ret
j ' J 1
. 0
l .. m ,-i .l ii i r
i u r. uauneic scut uho iur icar
, , , , ,
j you weuhln t have enough,
,.u ...... i im.:.. i
v'"' VM1 Jm,u ' "4' 111 u-
!l-,lt; u 11,1 a,,-0,1 li0 !
" Kithi-r IjW M aS
ternuted Mr. Lazuli.
dl he has proved himself a
ni " ':" spult 1 am kuto I'll put
this b asket jiHt an it is on the stand :
,. J, , , .. , 7i
nothm,' could bo lovher. Another
" ?" Mm tho tnot J
elegant note ut which I UUJ capable, Ul-
' vitinir him to the wedJinic."
U 11 I III IU lilt: tHUVMIIZ. '
.i v .,,. i " 1 Mi- r.,r,ni
. i iij wwm ivivii em tii ui.vi
j aitil the tiotc was accordingly sent. It
i l('!MVt' ' answer, but amoni; the mt
..!. .... . AT.. I ' .
! ' "V a tnne, ana tuo uu-mu
llitir a11'" whh.
''Ir- i-i0tt Wiped hi.-
eyes at
iliie cur:eiuicn ol ttie cm retnony, and
1 ki-.-ed the hridtv-with a na'erua! uir.
' I suppose it won't he h.m he-fore
.... .i . ., t ,i ....tt. . , ''
"U ; lliU W,l Ml 111!: f. II ill, MiM,
ho tow led. as he eueietntelf. d 1'Iii
viio I:, ui
I ! f
had uuwontin'y subdual a!i;
'1 h itik vnu.I !itn not tju;fe so ( n.,;d.
n t.) ii.r.er toy Id'., rty fr the i've id"
any man U tt)," she .- -.id 1 1 s k 1 1 : her
head saucily. " Oli, Mr, tianrielt, I
waul you t;j luiMeo the app"ira?iee oi'
(I, - ;. -.Ul-, a:n mo -ad I h id the im
II !- e.- to a-', ler limn."
As I ileiu't take your head i.iflj a-
Ol e i .
X ' e-
t v ti; at ' Said I'hip, Cul
o: -' V.
e: ;.. : v.etr a: is ol bravo
l.tl'.e o:.e la) int; a
I .-n h5 r .-h.-u:di r.j "i ihuA
1 i , .
t. h
.Ut, he'vVe VC
, i
vh ,t u it i-r' .sh ask.d, nil
ht ftee fowaid him. ' It '
t .
i .. j
'. ' t i ' i
so r
aloUs to !
ak of toy t
ei .
i en ,
j . .
:e- ,e!j atid hiV. 1 OU
u cf eee :.;e.'0,iUy and iea-1 j
i i; each.M e phi! e th '
e hi i.u v at y!ir dtp ?:i s
it 1 .
X - . . : ! ! . . 1 . . . i' . . . I . V . - ,
k u a ii o 1 lit- a;o; ni u iu ' ue i 1 1 1 1 1 i.
ihii.k I, if m L '.
- n mo e
- iin :
In h
it t-
1 a 1
am in
nl.-ie.h I tine id! the u i van fa..
IS v
Very w!i ko-e.v," i'hip s.i;d I'e'aMv
e.t!;if an unoi-t .- ) i io;n
i a . i
hit I'hip v,
to stjcnd an h
'iV i -I ' . 1 i '
dey iu
tO i Ii",' te litr
'-II..W i id 1 it -f ,.i4 IlilW thlt I'll hlVe i
i r - - - - - - - -
thought v e grid and ugly," sh- said
(p4i .j-er :t;. uuuMJal merry dieus-
i m.
' i
!1 '
a .0'.
, i ,i 1 1 ,
wa,- o.
1 w
as getting
I i.f nt time to 'get me out oi il. l
;lut rxt-eeting a nophew uf mine here.
. t f . t .. . .
v,i-v Jinn tu i: K.e sorne ui in v iusincsN
ill my hands; I am getting too old
to have tho care uf it. lie will live
here with me. 1 think you will like
him, he s a nice s tisilde fe! e v and as
much opposed to matrimony as you
"Oh, dear !' pouted I'hip, "there's
yn end to all our good times."
"Why? I dare say you'll become the
best of fri-nds."
44 I don't like 3'ouug men ; tin y are
always imagining either that you are
iu love with them1 or that they are in
love with you. In the forun r cise they
are silly ; in the latter tiresome ;" say
ing whieh she took her departute.
If I'hip had turned her face, she
would have seen a merry face looking
through the window at her, but she did
not tutu.
She found her father and mother
earnestly discussing sonic matter whieh
seemed to interest them deeply.
44 The only objection that I can see
is Phip " her father was saying as she
' (1 1
entered the sitting room.
4- What is it that I am an objection
44 Why, yon see, the lilaisdclls have
moved away from the city, and there
is a chance ot our being able to get
their house if we wish. Carter went
in to see about it thi.i morning. He
and Honor are very anxious that we
should come, and of course it would
bo very pha. nt We should he right
next house to them, you know, whereas
now we are half a day's journey oil.
It would bo quite convenient to your
father's business too The only object
is that it would be likely to interfere
with your reading to 31 r. Gannett
44 VA ell I imagine that I have paid
for the Uo'vcrs by this tune," said Phip
' hyI "thought you .hj-.ytd it so j
much, and looked forward to it every;
day," criv-d Mrs Lazell in amazement.!
"Well, so 1 did, hut it in all spoiled j
now. 31 r. (laiiuett has a horrid nephew j
who is coming to live-vviili him, and I '
r ' . . t ;
am suru i wu i o over wn u lie i.-f ;
there. As f r continualSy watching to I
see when t!.e cost is clear, I do not
J like that suit of thin j; well emei-h to
keep it up for any length of time, .so j
there miht Wwil Lo ur. end to it Urtt !
, ,, " : , ;
as 1 at- I - I
Tho.uUtl conference was that!
3I r. LuZJil hired the houso that very
' day. aid ithf-y iimncdiato'v be'iau to!
UaV, it IU HH' 1 Hi III l U 1 .1 1 1; V liCLiaU lO
..i.i ,.j,::r; rr , f
, uiaiiv. no it My.
Tho nckt ;d't. r.HMm I'nip eu'ered
. 31 r. uatmctt a library with a pile ut
uooKs on mr utm '
"1 have hr'u-ht h.ivk the hooks I
bo tuwe i ai. I a;n Very muh ot. d.
I have come hr n. ,' iaicaeu re.diu.
and it will have to U a h .rt ,,, t
as ,0 a,e Very h-lV at leon to day."
, ,, ....
arev.'eli ia.eiihr: What oo y.iu
I t . I i I..-.
t ......... v ! . . a r !'... ... i,
i mean . cj.Kiii.ie.a 101 ouiivu, jmsu- ;
! in r his sp ..elaeles u: .n hi. Joiiivad, '
; and ij.mwj, at her it auniZeiuent. i
iVe ate uuin t iimve t- 3Iijtitro-e
J at th- . thel
i! 11
?id thaf i
nec- ii' i id v iiii, i S' iu with otir
re t
Jin-'-s, ietii
i lit
n:ir t.
' W Will
take nsy plaee, however
! e will
u u
'1 ! ' ' I L '. I l .4-1 I1 I 1 l I w 'I ..''. . .......
.. .'if.! . ; -- I iT I . ' "i r.jTi. T' ii .
I . e, . . ... 1. I f
.I i n-.t il.l I i ! I I'Uil r. i V .
"Li!,. :r.!,-l Xr t. aou.-t j U h- :
in- down his spetae!c a, kiu, and !
iookiu- keen V ut In r. "V.ell read!
. . !
tuts h iM- in to iay paper. i
tdiie eveii;'! a
iveti I iiter, Mr tiati
e.iie d, ;e e ijet aoied ly his lie;. he
j "-he it e.-ivt l ti.
'all- r ipli'e ; t .t-i"U-!y
the t-ill w.-s v i j ! i . i
i Tii a he
j h..:n the l'.ej th.il oe .repeated it ;j;:tif!
i atid ux'iiSl UitlioUt h..S UtiCO. t'ie ;
j ;,u'.ni :. .-;
! i t i : I 1 1 : a . ii i n f e r i ti
I 1
j t!j.- Ijhr.iry
-'.; sir. v
alio iu r
e . ! i
i ' 1 !ti.
- y a t r
at .sh til ;
1 Houiies, .-eit -e'o vt .i (
i linok it i s a
' day."
je .-ail. tb. awt::r her Uowm in his lap
eO.;:! -Mi.i
i -
n;iv a
tie j'iilel
i-n eer e't-- e
hillo t iv k:s,.
."r. 'I fori! i!V
i i't- hi r a
H e ! i i . ' 1 1 e
1 ii r.V vyu ;tle -'-l C-'!t:t: h ii!" .
i e
e-.l Se C ; i V..ailt
a t .ii' leea-e at. it
. . -. 1
to I e el i o u.e e. : o sally. L ulee -
t . , f i a r1 . . t
I J.ir we.-ii to- !! U'-l at
I . . .
tiis bu-tni 'S. he a t ei-'ntro-. -.,'ett
i die:-,.; e.-soes the r.s-( vii tow , ti--kV 1;0
he k oow voti v. re here, I hoiud llhe
to ktenv. lh' - ie ! a m -s-ago over
. ..i .. . . i ...
iiV- s' li. iv l"f.l ul V. it e. I " o .
l""o you see
ilKC to i?i v atiot ht 1
t 1 .. . ... I'I... I .... 1 . i T' i
tV-onan. 1 'hip ha-d d
o -no ii;
aelil.il!. Uil' li.ru u no: j a--. u.e nit
' !i i4 S1'' :,-: wuuid nev r no lahen n ;
i save ; an
.ih no
ater exeiftse
tl a
However, she had notoing to say J"
' 'arter's tea-do.', tor rhe wa. prlrcfiy
aware that.it was all U.e result o! her
j-.vn au J ,eh y .
W - W -wi ' 0 I- " -
t . . fc V - - - - - - 1
. .... , . J
r-amue neeier was no- m-isi cnnuent ,
me 1 ,j it,.,, ;,, 1,, l:...,l ;
1 ej his time in Use l ni.to
Stat' s, ami probably e tial to any in the ;
world. Huritig tin; Ib volution, den
oral Washing'"!! de.-ti ed to put a chain
ucrHs the Hudson lliver in order t
stop the sliips of the Urifish. He
happened to mention this one day in
the presence ofOeneral 3iifllu, SaVttlg,
4 I wish much that I could get a chain
made ; but tint is impossible," " J
think," said tho other, 44 I know a
man who can make such a chain."
"Who is he " 41 Sam Wheehr, a
friend and townsman of mine," replied
Mifflin. 44 I should like to sec that
man," said Wnshing'on earnestly
44 i le is here now in tiio a.tuy, miu
Millliu; .a- d sending a messenger to!
imu, .Mr. i nccier soon presente.i mm j
self. 44 1 wish a chi'iu made,' said
Washington, 44 to put acroosa the river
to stop tho Uritish ships, can you
make it f
I can." Then 1 wish
you to do so " 44 1 cannot do it here.'
Then," said Washington, 44 I cheer
fully give you dismission from the army.
it it .... 1.
lJadlv as we want men we cannot
afford to keep such a mm as you."
31 r. Wheeler made the chain. It
was hauled in links across New Jersey,
was hung, and did g tod service. It was
cut ultimately by bt iiding a fire about
a link, and then using a chisel and
sledge hammer.
A well dressed Patiburian while at
the Canned fair a day or two ago,
quizzingly observed! to a strapping girl
44 from the coun'ryr 44 This is a very
fine fair wo are having," and was
courteously met with the following
rebuke : Wei! it is none of your
d- businesa if we are." Danbury
VTpWa 1
A uan siyio 01 ariiumciic on isioii
anjmg familic3.
9022,' J. 'OABjY,
ll'y &, CoilMCllcrat-fijaV.
DALLAS, oiuir.ov.
Will prar ti.'c in fuu C-mrfs of llc-or.l ari'l Tn-
I "l,t C,,urt"' (lK-"iwa nii ti .r.tnr.t!y.
0FFIC12Iu the Court House.
, rr", -"V
l-'aiajfi j
. ' ...
4 e. rt. - 11 a m. W
i attorney t Counaellor-At-Law,
! Ialla, fireoti,
, Will practice in all the Court of the Fiato. 1
v. 11. If a ix.
I)!t. cb HALL,
ori'I('i:-..i 1 MOOIU'S KL0CK,
i i ii i r
J. C. GHU33S, M. D.,
inv-iiciA ami siuu;i:ox,
J - O-Ters his ervic'.- to th CStieiijJ
nn-l Vieirt'r.
t 1!'; i;- 'ICIiOLS Iru.' Store.
j - . .
... ..
. pi t 1 11f? O f f
J . 11. ft I .1. L ft . M . I j
lM . . ... '
rhv.-eei:j nn-1 MirMii I.iii.t Orroa
: omri:-
..at Residence
2 -tf
1)1!. II II IIS 0 A1 .!. .11.
i!h '".'. -aiwr S -utlur'a Store,
of C-ai.sat r ial i State si-., s!-:n, Ogn,
with Dr. r.i.hardson.
Nov y, tf
;m:v v! "a ;i n U 3 E L I,
1 ) ' ! X T I S T
ll.i heiO.el hi l-lhi. and m ready to
oi i to ai th in ri'iiiiiri;! ' ti a '-i-t.nce.
A . ?
r?i.i..-i.il J eeiii td o.e m.;v 6oej-t and best
fi 11 .'-";irj',,M;1" ,r ,h ma,lc-
N:!,o1!,; .,,o11,!, ih I. .c-r
4 A
' Vl V.
' ,,wv. ,
( CSa-.OLS', A4,A I5v.fl 1.
WiU (,.nm,nco thc Kc,r,il t rm Monday
! Nov. J I, ls-,-,'with a lull corps of teachers as
ot ;
r it. ;nrnns, rmsnrAi, Mrs. l. a.
:.........-. .1 .r ,.tTTtl
o la 1., , ri:eei:ri iKs, .ns. M. u. cmuu
1ka ih:r or mi sie.
Kates of tuition foiiows.
Ar no.vie Ii:eT
I".N; 11 11 he i ti
lKiAi:v 1ki"'t
KTI! v Pti PII v
rne.ven Pr.n Tkkm
I I It A H I W ..
M CMC ..
$t 00
2 :o
2 a
...f!2 00
V7 f rP
O.l I'rwnt Street, rurtland. tlrejron
W ( ircuit. County, nod Ju.t ices' Courts, con
stuntlv on hand. Also, Ponds, Pecds, Mortgages
and Planks for use ia Pnkrujitcy cases.
liy using Letterheads, billher i ri ctrcu
liii.t, j o inie i covidopoa, etc iiiva us Jitsall for
htoiiin your orders. 4:12
c;i;o. u. josks J. M. Patterson
j r.s a iatti:rso,
Ciieiieral Agents,
Prompt. Indention givcu to tho (!ncia
Agency Ilusuicss,
,1. w.non ur. 1 j, w. hobaht.
DalUs 1 Punrvist
For everything iu the GROCERY LINK
He has on hand a full supplj, which L
oflc-rg cheaper than auy other titwre iu JDallag.
I T?f' nm i i
j iCfe 1 AJ
'.:r,y feed & sale
Cor. Ma hi at
Cor. Maiu and Cuurt Street,
T403. G. Richmond, Proprietor.
Mind of 21r. A. If. Whitlej, we have r
tOt.;d and re stocked it in fuch a manuer as
wul sau.actoiUy meet 'ever want vf the cottt
lauiatv. Hu-ics, single or double. Hacks, Con
cord tYagoiiK, etc., etc.,
lurtiulicd at all hours, day or night, on
ehort notice.
Superior Saddle Horses, let by fh
la or V -ek. .
1 S n .
i -.u-lete s:.-k ot H KXKRAL MElt-
1 ...
CllANUIZt-, cutij-iatiii iu part ox
j II 7 ('OCX!,
j C-S.jHs, QiieciDKivnrc,
Tobacco, CiaVs
And ! articles found iu a i KXKRAL VAR1-
KTV MUKI1, I would rv.pe-ttfuUj? cull th
j attention ef the I'uhlic to my Efctahlishment.
j III 'lit Cash i rice n.ii l f.ir
'-' 1 - - -" 4
Ti. A. RA2L,
1rt.,f. Jola, IVk Co., Oga.
22 Avj u 2: x v Jf x x GE
S A L 0 0 N.
" "ut'- V' l'""'. Ale., p.irter. Cigars mXr.,
c.c..d.pC,ii at this Tvwplaof IJacehu. All
tac state pj.rrs kept on filo ir, th
ri.ti.ia- C.i
ul aaJ e hi-.i. m Clinghan Pro.
' E)!t2 f. US'? I 'V
) " - HUAitllM
I "SJf hmhy given Jtiat th rnrtnersbiD
1 herrteforeeJtiSinff icr theaiof Nicb?
Tl. I :
1 '''"ft tinned under the fin. of
.Nr,hos&Hyde. All persons fcitrwitia: tbM
f,, , !,-,.!,.., . uiecM firm, will pl, caU
ua J tcatie vithtr l.y note or csdn.
U F Xiehob.
fcatnl Cod.
27 3ia
All Styles, of Pictures ot thctcsi finish
I i for iKklnf picturci., I invito th patron.
H,;u hicfvtrub,iM -p,e"s,e CaW at
hell s i.rhce, Dallas. ' ltf
" " "
Nave jest received an itntuetiM toek f
Hoots and Shoes
Hats and Caps,
Clothing, Crockery and C.I ass ware.
Hardware, CJroceriC8,ProvlIoua,!kc.
& DRV GOODS of all kinds,
Whlc'u they will sell cJiean, Come ati4
try their prices.
The highest pdc paU for aP kinds conntry
1 v- jn.- -

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