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I Why trifle with health
when the easiest and
surest help Is the best
known medicine in the
world 7
j Lydla E. Ptnkhsm's Vegetable Compound
is known everywhere and
thousands of women have
teen oured of serious kid"
noy derangements by it.
Mrsm Plnkham's meth
ods have the endorse
ment of the mayor, the
postmaster and others of
her own oltym
Har medicine has the
endorsement of an un
numbered multitude of
grateful women whose
letters are oonstantly
printed In this paperm
Every woman should read
these letters m
Mrs. Pinkham advises
suffering women free of
charge. Her address is
Lynn, Mass.
During the year ended May 31 the
home circulation of the Chicago publio
library was 1,749,775 volumes, which
the Chicago papers say, exceeds the
record anywhere else in the world.
no Your Feet Ache and Burn?
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Roy, N. Y.
A project recently set on foot in
Hungary to supply electric power it
small quantites to home workshops in
the vicinity of Budapest has received
the sanction of the Hungarian diet.
By local applications, aa they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear." There is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caused by an in
named condition of the mucous lining of the
ustachian Tube. When this tube gets in
flamed yon have a rumbling sound or iinper
. feet hearing, and when it is entirely closed
deafness is the result, and unless the inflamma
tion can be taken out and this tube restored to
its normal condition, hearing willbe destroyed
forever; nine cases out oi ten are caused by
catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O
Sold by Druggists, 75c
Hall's Family fills are the best.
From the Missouri district, chiefly
in St. Louis, the government draws
far more revenne from tobacco mauu
factred than it does from any other
quarter in the country.
Most Wonderful Medicine of the Age.
This is an age of scientific wonders and C'as
carets Candy Cathartic are among them, the
modern laxative, perfect, unequaled. Drug
gists, 10c, '25c, 50c.
A young girl in Missouri was taken
to an insane asylum the other day suf
fering from the remarkable delusion
that she is compelled to sit on a red
hot stove and peel potatoes. She has
been working in a hotel kitchen.
Mothers will find Mrs. Wiuslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
Shildreu during the teething period.
Good roads will be appreciated in
the winter. At this Reason all may
be well, but when the roads are mud
dy the time lost in hauling but a few
loads will be much greater in valve
than the amount of taxes necessary to
make good roads. This fact becomes
painfully apparent when the farmer
must use four horses to draw only half
a ton over roads that could be put in
such condition as to permit of a heavy
wagon and a ton load to be drawn by
two horses.
Rheumatic pains are the cries of protest
and distress from tortured muscles, aching
joints and excited nerves. The blood has
been poisoned by the accumulation of
waste matter in the system, and can no
longer supply the pure and health sustain
ing food they require. The whole system
feels the effect of this acid poison ; and
not until the blood has been purified and
brought back to a healthy condition will
the aches and pains cease.
Mrs. James Ke!L of 707 Ninth street, N. H.,
Washington, D. C, writes as follows: "A. few
months ago I had an attack of Sciatic Rheuma
tism in its worst form. The
pain was so intense that I
became completely pros
trated. The attack was an
unusually severe one, and
bit condition was regard
r condition was regard-
ed as being- very danger
oua. I was attended by
one of the most able doc
tors in Washiasrton. who is
also a member of the fac
ulty of a leading medical
college here. lie tcld me
to continue his prescrip
tions and I would get well. After having 1: filled
twelve times without receiving the slightest
b-wie-fit, I declined to continue his treatment any
longer. Having heard of 8. S. S.( 8wif t's Specific)
recommended tor Rheumatism, I decided, almost
In despair however, to give the medicine a trial,
and alter I had taken a few bottles I was able tc
hobble around on crutches, and very soon there
after had no use for them at all, 8. 8. 8. having
cared me sound and well. All the dutressins
pains have left me, my appetite has returned!
and I aa happy to be again restored to perfect
the great vegetable
purifier and tonic, is
the ideal remedy in all
(rheumatic troubles.
There are no opiates ot
minerals in it to disturb the digestion and
lead to ruinous habits.
We have prepared a special book on
Rheumatism which every sufferer from
this painful disease should read. It is the
most complete and interesting book of
the kind in existence. It will be sent free
to any one desiring it. Write our physi
cians fully and freely about yc.tr esse. Wa
make no charge for medical advice.
VHf!!t cJ I FtSE I A;- S.
I Bast Coach Sjrnp. Tastes Gooa.
Use I
in t'ruo. Sold bT druiorist
The Philippine Policy Is Fully
and Succinctly Stated.
1.1 Against Bryan's General Idea of a
Sinble Government, the Repub
licans Place Their Pro
gramme in Full.
Certain Democratic and semi-Demn-eratic
papers are much troubled by an
alleged lack of an affirmative Republi
can policy in the Philippines. It is true
that the Republican party now ooccu
pies pretty much the position Lincoln
held at the time of his death in re
spect to leconstrnction, namely: that
it is not absolutely and irretrievaoly
committed to any policy. It is to a
considerable extent feeling its way.
and the policy in the Philippines will
be not to deal with some events and
problems until they arise. At the
same time the administration has an
nounced and declared a general policy
of a clear and comprehensive character.
The Philippine commission in its
proclamation to the people of the isl
ands gave a clear and comprehensive
outline of the general
administration. They
stance as follows:
(1.) The supremacy
policies of the
were in sub-
of the United
States to be recognized throughout
the islands.
(2.) The fullest self-eovernment to
be granted which is compatible with
a just, stable, effective and economical
administration and with the sovereign
authority of the United States.
(3.) The civil and religious rights
of the Filipinos to be assured with the
equal standing of all before the law.
(4.) An honest civil service with
the natives preferred. No exploitation
of the people.
(5.) Honest collection and disburse
ment of taxes. Local funds not to be
used for other than local purposes.
(6.) A pure, speedy and effective
administration of justice in the courts
with protection for the rights of all.
(7.) The promotion of railtoads ami
other means of communication and
(8.) Domestic and foreign trade
and commerce and the promotion of
native industry to be the constant pur
pose of the United States.
(9. ) Ample provisions for free schools
in which the children of the people
will be educated. Appropriate facili
ties also for higher education.
(10.) Reforms in all departments of
government, all branches of the public
service and in all corporations closely
touching the common life of the people,
to be undertaken speedily and executed
conformably with riaht and justice.
Fledged to these purposes the Unit
ed States warned the rebellious Fili
pinos, who are estimated to constitute
less than five per cent of the popula
tion, that they could accomplish noth
ing by their resistance exceept their
; own ruin.
Bryan's Two-Faced Platfoi-iii.
It is a pity for Bryan that there is
no way of having expurgated or celi
sorized for reading in the West, his
Eastern speeches about the paramount
oy of "imperialism." Free silver be
lievers in the Western states cannot
relish the Democratic Eastern talk
that the 16 to 1 plank in the platform
does not mean anything, except a trick
for catching votes in the silver states.
And if anti-expansion is paramount to
free silver, these same people well
wonder what their own place can now
be in the Democratic party, expansion
being a policy they themselves view
with paramount favor. In this age
of easy communication between locali
ties, it is not possible for principles of
a party to be confided to one part of
the country secreted from other parts.
In the wholesale desertions from Bryan
of Silver-Republicans like Senator
Stewait, of Nevada, and ex-Senator
Mantle, of Montana, there is interest
ing proof that a modem Janus-faced
statesman cannot stand much show of
success. He cannot talk from face
No. 1 without the impertinent tele
graph instrument telling it to those for
whom the words from face No. 2 were
meant, and vice versa.
Silver and Savings Banks.
The volume of savings banks' bank
deposits and what free silver would
mean in reference to them, is a bound
less subject. Take, tor instance, the
state of New York and read what the
New York World, a leading Demo
cratic organ, says upon the subject:
"From the annual report on the sav
ings banks of this state it appears that
415,870 new depositors took out books
last year. The total'deposits were in
creased by $15,853,004 over the total
of the previous year.
The savings hanks of New York re
port 2,036,017 depositors. They are
creditors of the banks for money on de
posit at interest amounting to the
huge sum of $858,443,277.
This shows that there are 858,443,
277 reasons, every one of them worth
a sound dollar, why the vote of New
York will not be easily secured for the
proposition to pay back 100 cents de
posited "as good as gold" with 50
cents' worth of silver.
Teacher (after some explanation)
Now, children, what is an epidemic'.'
Bright Scholar It's where every
body gets sick and we don't have to
go to school for ever so long.
Railroads Were Embarrassed,
In 1898, under Democratic rule, 74
railroads, representing 29,340 miles of
line, and stock and Lends amounting
to 1,781,046,000, went into the hands
of receivers, owing to the stagnation of
business, and a scarcity of freight
traffic Under McKicley and pros
perity in 1899, but 10 railroads, repre
senting 1,019 miles of line, and $52,
285,000 stocks and bonds, went into
the hands of receivers. Prosperity and
a revival of business has truly benefit
ted the railroads.
Musical Fish.
Many fish can produce musical
sounds. The trigia can produce long
Jrawn notes ranging over nearly an
octave. Others, notably two species
of ophidnm, have sound -producing ap
paratus, consisting of small movable
bones, which can be made to produce
a sharp rattle. The curious "drum
ming" made by the species called urn
brivas can be heard from a depth of 20
; fathoms.
A tongue may inflict a deeper wound
j than a sword.
They Supported Lincoln Once aa They
Support McKlnley Now.
Mr. Bryan has opene 1 a Pandora
box in quoting so profusely from Lin
coln. Not only was Lincoln arraigned
by the Democrats in IStii as etin,g
the part of an emperor and "sitting en
throned in the White House." but he
was denounced specifically as McKia
ley is now for violating the Declara
tion of Independence and governing
without the consent of the governed ;
and as if to make the parallel absolute-
j ly complete, there was also a deter
I mined movement in 1 85 4 to turn the
I German Republicans aaainst Lincoln.
I Lincoln, of course, could only expect
the denunciation of the copperheads
who thought the consent of the yov
urued doctrine forbade the suppression
of the rebellion. The unkindest cut of
all was that Republicans should go off
into opposition against him, but there
were Boutwells in that day. iney
held a "liberty convention" and nomi
nated Fremont, because forsooth, Lin
coln was not f. uood enough Kepub-
lican for them. This was bad enough,
; but there are always some cranks, ex
tremists and malcontents. The worst
, defection threatened the one most
trying to Linclon and his supporters
was one projected in the name of the
German Republicans.
As late in the campaign as Septem
ber 21, Horace Greely said in the New
York Tribune:
"Until a short time ago it seemod as
though nearly the entire vote controlled
by the German National clubs would
be lost to the Republican party."
But the keen sighted Greely now saw
how the Germans had been misrepre
sented. He now made bold to predict
that Lincoln would get an overwhelm
ingly majority of German voters and a
few weeks later in November, that
prophesy wits made good. The men
who predicted a great German defec
tion from Lincoln had reckoned with
out their host. The Germans instead
of being carried off on a tangent had
coolly and calmly reviewed the situa
tion. They saw the folly and fraud in
the cry of imperialism against Lincoln
and the preposterous dogmas about the
consent of the governed ami the Decor
ation of Independence. They dis- ,
missed the utter folly, the charge ot
Lincoln "sitting enthroned at the
White HouEe" and setting himself up
as an emperor. They rallied to Lin
coln's support in November, and in- j
dee.i it is to be said that without the
help they gave, Lincoln could not have
been re-elected. He had no truer or
firmer friends than the Germans at
home and the boys who "fought mil
Sigel" in the field, and sent their
Lincoln ballots homo to be counted j
Morgan' Straight Talfc.
Senator John T, Morgan, of Ala
bama, though a leading mem bar of the
party which is trying to prove that Re
publican policies are "imperialistic,"
is not afraid to give the McKinley ad
ministration policies credit for being
the opposite of "iniperialisitc."
An interviewer for a Southern paper
asked him:
"Do yon approve of Secretary Hay's
polioy in negotiating with the Chi
nese?" "Thoroughly," came the emphatic
reply. "Mr. Hay has been wise and
statesmanlike, and his course has been
beyond criticism. He has reflected
credit in a remarkable manner on tnis
government abroad and has excelled
the achievements of the foreign chan
cellories." Oriental Trade Growing.
It is especially interesting to note
that our exports to Asia and Ocennica
are gaining with a greater proportion
ate rapidity than to any other part of
the world, our total in 1890 amounting
to $857,828,684, and in 1900, were
$1,394,479,314, an increase of C3 per
cent; to Europe our exports in 1890
were $683,736,397- and in 1900 were
$1,040,167,312, an increase of 52 per
cent; to North America our exports in
1890 were $94,100,410, and in 1900
were $187,299,318, an increase of 100
per cent; to Oceanica our exports in
1890 were $1,460,269 as against $43,
890,927 in 1900, or an increase of 164
per cent; while to Asia our exports in
1890 wore $19,696,820 as against $64,
918,984 in 1900, or an incraese of 230
per cent.
Wltut Democracy Means in 1900.
Join the Democrats and what does it
Answers Helping to cheat Ameri
can labor with 42-cent dollars. Help
ing to close mills and put honest work
men out of jobs. Helping to "bust"
banks and wipe away savings. Sym
pathizing with the shooting of "nig-
! gers" and the stuffing of ballot boxes.
Helping to haul down the Americnn
flag over, the Philippines. Helping to
throw away the fruits of the hiost re
markable naval victory in history.
Helping to withdraw troops from Ma
nila so that the horrors of Fekin may
be repeated, and the native" allies of
the United States be slaughtered by
thousands that Aguinaldo may have
his revenge. Helping to give away.our
markets and our territory to other
j nations. Helping to restore the spoils
j system in the civil service. Helping
to degrade the supreme court of the
United States.
Hamburg had 82 days in 1899 when
the sun was not visible at all. There
were in all 1,867 hours of snnsbine, or
400 hours Ihss than in Heligoland.
The Spirit of discontent,
i Weary Williami De courts are run
; in de interests o' de rich. Us fellars
don't stand no show at all.
j Count De Ties Dat's right! When
1 odder chaps gets hurt on de railroad de
j company pays 'em fer de damages,
j When us fellars gets hurt dey usually
promotes de brakeman.
The golden rule is made to be laid
on the cloth ol life, not to be hung on
the wall.-
l.abor Has Steady Employment.
The prosperity of Chicago at the
present time is admirably reflected in
the "want advertisement" columns of
the newspapers of that city. Of course
a relative increase in tire number of
advertisements for "help wanted"
means that there is a tendency for
positions to seek men instead of men
seeking positions in other words that
the opportunities for employment are
more abundant.
The sultan possesses no crown, coro
nation being unknown in Turkey.
Hot-breads, hot biscuits, cakes,
muffins, puddings and crusts made with Royal Baking
Powder are wholesome, delicious, quickly made, always
light, never sour, and most economical.
Royal Baking Powder is specially refined, and
equally valuable for the preparation of ' the finest, most
delicate cookery, and substantial, everyday food. In the
easy, expeditious and economical preparation of whole
some and appetizing food it is indispensable.
Handles of forks and knives are
utilized for the storage of salt and pep
per under a new patent, each handle
being formed of a tube, which has
spring clips to hold it on the shank,
with an internal reservoir for the salt
and pepper, which is shaken through
the ends.
The silk worm was originally found
in China, and fabrics of this material
were made in that country about 2,700
B. C. About 900 yards of silk are
produced by a single worm, and there
are nearly 13 pounds of waste silk,
designated as "thrown silk," for every
pound of good silk.
The average annual total of water
which falls as rain or snow in the
United States is 1,407 cubic miles.
This amount of rain would more than
twice fill Lake Ontario. To raise this
water to the clouds from which it fell
would require the work of 500,000,000
horses working 10 hours a day
throughout the year.
"I suffered tlie tortures of tli e damned
with protruding piles brought on by constipa
tion with which I was afflicted for twenty
years. I ran across your CASCARETS in the
town of Newell, la., and never found anything
to equal them. To-day I am entirely free from
piles and leel like a new man."
C B. Keitz, lill Jones St., Sioux City, I.
taos mask ftssMmntiD
Flenant. Palatable. Potent, Taste Good. Do
Good, Merer Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 26c. Sue.
Sl.ril.s gMSsSf CaT. CMggBj wrtrssl. S.w T.rs. 311
20 to 40 Per Cent
That's Good Interest Isn't It
We can name a Stock which pays about 20 per cent per annum now and will
pay about 40 per cent before the end of thia year if bought now. This stock is
steadily advancing and will go much higher.
Another Stock we can tell about that will be a Dividend payer and is now
Belling as a prospect.
We will be glad to advise you about these stocks and any of the others on the
Mining Exchange. Write us.
318 and 319 Chamber of Commerce,
REFERENCES : Exchange National Bank, Colorado Springs, Colo. ; Mer
chants' National Bank, Portland, Ore., and many others.
The Famous German Wood Preserver)
....Permanently Destroys....
One application is all that
your deafer cannot supply you, write for circulars and information to the
following: distributing- agents: Perfection Pile Preserving; Co., Seattle,
Wash.; Fisher, Thorsen &" Co., Portland, Oregon.; "Whittier, Coburn &
Co., San Francisco, Cal.
Made of the Best Materials, thoroughly seasoned, by competent workmen. It stands
without an equal. Call on cur Agent, or address
320-338 East Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon.
Sowing seed in dry weather may re
sult in but few of the seeds germinat
ing. If the ground is veiy dry it will
take moisture from the seeds, but if
the soil is damp -the seeds draw moist
ure from the soil. The lack of moisture
is the cause of seed being slow germi
nating unless when covered too deep,
which causes the seed to be longer in
pushing through the ground.
Four times as much can be grown
on an acre of land by the use of wheel
hoes and hand seed drills than when
the land is cultivated by horse power,
as both the rows and the plants can be
closer together. Whether the hand
system will pay depends upon the kind
of crops grown and the location of the
farm to markets.
In selecting seed corn in the field
the vigor and growth of the stalks
shold be observed as well as the ears.
If a stalk produces two or three good
ears mark it. By using seed from the
most prolific etaiks the tendency will
be to produce more ears every year,
until as many as four and five ears per
stalk will be the result.
Red cedar is a desirable tree, but the
seed seems to fail in germination. The
fact is that it requires two seasons in
which to grow. Seeds sown at any
time will not grow for about 12
months. Sow them in a bed and leave
it undisturbed, except to occasionally
water it, for a season.
The burdock is a weed that is exter
minated with difficulty, as the plant
produces a great many seeds and they
remain in the soil for years, ready to
grow as soon as conditions are favor
able. If the plant is cut off below tne
ground and a handfnl of salt thrown
on the root the plant will soon die, as
the root is soft and the salt rots it.
France is pounding iron and steel
into cruisers with snch a big hammer
that England is tempted to put cotton
in her ears.
is required. It lasts for years. If
Refuse to Be Civilized.
China is often alluded to as a be
nighted region, but there is one little
kingdom, the Hermit kingdom of
Corea, that is entitled to the palm of j
darkness as far as civilization and
modern progress goes. The trouble
with China is that the people will not
adopt systems of the foreigners, while
Corea, it seems, cannot. Missionaries
and others have been endeavoring to
instruct the Coreans in the nse of
American tools, but, with all the labor
involved, they prefer to do the work as
their forefathers did.
Developed by Cultivation.
All garden vegetables are merely
types improved by long cultivation of
wild species. The wild cabbage is
common enongh in places by the sea,
but is of no nse for food in its wild
state. Indeed, it will take a botanist
to tell that it was a cabbage at all.
Scotland owes the cabbage to Crom
well's soldiers. The cauliflower is but
a cultivated improvement on the cab
bage. It was brought to perfection in
Cyprus and was very little known un
til about a century ago. The parsnip
is another native of this country. You
may find it along almost any hedge
row, but it is small and intensely bit
ter in its wild state.
Dairying is a business, and some
farmers will succeed where others fail 1
because they have more energy and in
telligence, adhering strictly to busi
ness principles. The dairyman who
gives particular attention to the care
of his stock will always be repaid for
his labor with larger yields and greater
A catalogue of the national observa
tory at Athens shows that 3,187 earth
quakes were felt in Greece in the years
1893-1898, and of these 2,018 were re
corded in Zante alone. The shocks
were more numerous in April and May
than in other months.
Are namerons and substantial. Large school rooms, perfect equipment, capa
ble teachers, complete courses of study, enable us to do superior work in all wa
undertake. We teach Reading, Spelling. Grammar, Arithmetic, Penmanship,
Correspondence, Commercial Law, Bookkeeping, Banking, Business Forms,
Business Practice, Shorthand, Typewriting, Letter Copying, Manifolding,
Mimeographing. Legal Forms, Court Papers, Office Work, Etc. School is open
all the year. Students may enter at any time our catalogue explains all this
fully. Call or send for a copy. It will pay.
Park and Washington Streest
A. P. Armstrong, LL B., Principal.
Yob can't make a mistake if you get a
Mitchell, Lewis & Stave? Co.
Gin, Brandy, Rum
12 full quarts. JQ.oo. Per gallon, 12.50. XXX
Orders for $25.00 and upward delivered free to
nearest Railroad or Steamer Landing. Blank
Cases and Kegs.
Established 30 Years.
Have mads Drops y and its com
plications a ppooialty for twenty
years with tne most wonderful
tuoocss . Have cured many thous
and cases.
Box H, Atlanta, Qs,
Righteousness Versus TUg-htS.
The golden rule is not a "bill of
rights," Rather does it represent the
will to do right. In all the teaching
of Christ the word "rights" finds no
place; but the word "right" or "right,
eousness" occurs with exceeding fre
quency. True, no man ever did so
much as Jesus to secure the rights of
every member of the human race.
Woman's rights, children's rights, the
rights of servants and masters, the
rights of the poor and the weak and
the ignorant, all have found an increas
ingly clear recognition and respect
with the spread of the gospel. Yet
this has come about by the persistent
inculcation of the principle of right
and the equally persistent restraining
of the spirit which demands "my
French Style of Starting; Foot Ttaces.
In an American srpinting race the
starter orders the runners on their
marks, then tells them to "get ready,"
then calls out "set" and a coupl of
seconds later fires the pistol. At the
Paris races the starter ordered the men
on their marks, called out "attention'"
and fired the pistol so soon fftetward
that the Americans could not et into
a crouching position. After the first
heat or two the Americans were always
set by the time attention was called
and started at the word instead of pis
tol, thus gaining a yard or two.
A Much-Married Centenarian Turk.
In the village of Bodra a Turk named
Ismail, aged 120 years, is in such good
health that he frequently walks to Bar
tin, six hours distance, to sell eggs, for
he is a poultry dealer. He has had 84
wives, the last of whom he married
only a few days ago. The bride is 60
years his junior, and the marriage was
celebrated with much solemnity to the
sound of drums and fifes and of volleys
from firemarms. The whole village
was en fete. The wedding procession
included all the male progeny of the
patriarch bridegroom, consisting of 140
sons, grandsons and great-gi and sons.
The number of his female progeny it
not stated.
Depreciation of Money.
In 1873 a silver dollar was worth one dol
lar and six-tenths in gold, and in 1896 forty
five cents. Money may depreciate but
there is one standard medicine, which has
not changed in half a century, and that is
Hostettcr's Stomach Bitters. It always
has been the one ren.edv for indigestion,
dyspepsia or kidney troubles.
The eailiest authenticated sea fight
is said to have been that between the
Corinthians and the Corcyreans, in
which the former conquered 66 B. C.
Piso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken
of as a courh cure. J. W. O'Hhieh, 322
Third Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan.
6, 1900.
Within the last 20 years the number
of American and English female phy
sicians in Asiatic countries has in
creased from 20 to 220.
The storage and keeping of apples is
a matter of great importance where
there is a large crop. The main point
is to keep them cool. It is warmth,
not cod, that injures them. Some
one who has tried it states that apples
can be kept in water at a few degrees
above the freezing temperature. The
majority of growers pack them in bar
rels ands store them in a cool cellar,
first picking out every imperfect speci
men. What are Humors?
They are vitiated or morbid iluids cotirs
ini the viens and affecting the tissues.
They are commonly due to defective diges
tion but potnetiihes inherited.
How do they manifest themselves T
In many forms of cutaneous eruption,
salt rheum or eczema, pimples and boils,
and in weakness, languor and general
How are they expelled? By
Hood's Sarsapariiia
Which also builds up the system that has
suffered from them.
It is the best of all medicines for all
offered to
our students
J. A. Wesco, Penman and Secretary
Home Grown Seeds to Sow This Fall
Two of the greatest Grass seeds, two of great
est food producers the world has ever tried.
BUO.UUH I.NKRM1S, 20c lb or 15 per 100.
lb or 1 10 per 100.
RVitSI . N SPEf.TZ, 10c per !b nr $5 per 100.
CORN WHEAT, 10c per ft or fu per 100.
For further particulars, address M. J.
SHIELDS St CO.. Moscow, Idabo. growers
and importers all kinds of grass and field seeds.
Third and Morrison Streets
C. A. ALISK.Y Prop.
Do not fail to visit
JOHN POOLE. Portland, Orkgok.
can eive you the best bargains in general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
steel I X L windmill, sold by him, is un
equalled. If CLAIMANTS FOR
IL Wri'e to NA'HAN
If EICKFUR: . Washington. 0. C. they will re
II ceive quick replies. B. 5th X. H. Vols. Staff
20th Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1878.
A guaranteed Cure for Catarrh and
Consumption. All Druggists, 11.00.
W. H. SMITH a CO., BafUio, N. Y , Prop's.
of mm io PiPtRif Mo
Building or remodeling their homes that we
cany a full line of Mantels, Tiling and Fire
nlaces. Electric. Gas and Combination Chan
deliers and supplies, Batteries, Call Bells, etc
Catalogues on application.
Successor to Frank Holcomb & Co.,
245 Washington St.. Portland, Oregon.
'Si.'' v PILLS
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure Blelt Headache and Dys
pepsia, Remove Pimples, Purify tho 131ood, Aid Ilges
tlori. Prevent Biliousness. Do not Gripe or Sicken. To
couvtnen you, ir!U mall samp e free; full box, li5c DR.
EOSANKOOO,, ruiuicipLis, c Sold by Druggists.
N. F. N. U. No. 3V 1900.
ring to
this pa;

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