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Eor President:
william Mckinley
of Ohio.
For Vice-President:
of New York."
For Presidential Electors.
TILMON IORD Marlon County
J. C. FULLERTON Douglas County
W. J. FURNISH Umatilla County
O. F. PAYTON Multnomah County
Since Mr. Bryan discovered
that his paramount bugaboo of
"imperialism" was frightening
more voters away from him than
it was attracting to him, he has
fought as shy of it as he has of
"free silver" since the Kansas
City convention. "Did I say
imperialism?" he asks. ' Pardon
me, I meant tresis." But no
sooner does he change wapons
than the republicans accept the
challenge, and they find him at
all times unskilled in defense
and weak in attack. He threw
down the gauntlet to Rooseveit
recently, and Teddy immediate
ly took it up. At Lexington,
Nebraska, Tuesday, he said:
"I have but a moment in
which to speak to you ; I want
to take advantage ot this first
opportunity of arguing a criti
cism of Mr. Bryan and putting
a question to him in return. No
question can be asked me either
about my past record as governor
or oncoming any present issues
that I am not ready to answer,
and I would like to have similar
frankness from our opponents
Last week, at Blair, in this state,
Mr. Bryan spoke of what he said
was the ite trnst. His speech
was reported as follows: 'That
if Governor Roosevelt wa all
riirht in this matter, the remedy
lies with himself as governor of
the stale in which the trust was
supposed to exist, as he pos
sessed the pdwer bo destroy it.'
"That is hardly correct as a
matter of governmental knowl
edge. I cannot oall out the
militia to destroy a trust. What
can be done is to have the legisr
lature pass and the governo
sign a law to do away with the
trust, and then have the attorney-general
proceed under that
law to enforce it, acoording to
the best ef his capacity.
"Now, are not these the only
things that can be done? Well,
I have done them both. In the
first year of my term as governor
we passed a very severe anti
trust law, and now the attorney
general is proceeding under the
law against the ioe trust. The
difficulty cones in the delay
caused by the trust counsel, as
they are appealing as they have
a right to appeal, to every legal
technicality, and are making
every effort to stop a decision 'on
the merits of the case. The
people who are responsible for
the action of the trust's connsel
are the stockholders of the trust,
who are, among others, Mr.
Richard Croker, the leader of
the democratio party in New
York, and Mi. Van Wyck, who
was my opponent for governor
of New York, two years ago,
running on an anti-trust plat
form, and who is now one of the
biggest stockholders in the ice
"Mr. Van Wyck was the New
York member of the committee
on resolutions which drew up
the trust platform. Messrs. Cro
ker and Van Wyck, and their
party associates, like Mr. Gug
erenheimer, president of the
board of aldermen, and Corpora
tion Counsel Whalen, Of New
York, are very severe on trusts
in theory; in practice, they are
members of the worst trust in
the country. The attorney-general
is now proceeding against
the ioe trust, and if Mr. Croker.
Mr. Van Wyok and the asso
ciates who are members of the
trust were not employing the
best connsel in the state to delay
action, wo should have had a
decision of the oourt long ago.
The republican attorney-general
is pressing that action under the
law, introduced by a democrat,
lature and signed by myself.
We are opposed by Mr. Bryaa's
ardent supporters in New York,
the heads of the democratic par
ty of the state.
"Now, as I have answered
that question, I wish Mr. Bryan
would enlighten us on the point
as to whether, if he comes into
office, he will pay the obliga
tions of the nation in gold or
silver. I will gladly answer
any question ha puts, and I
would like him to answer this
question in return. Moreover,
I would like te have him answer
if the consent of the governed he
is so insistent upon must be had
-in the Philippines, why it should
not be insisted upon in North
Carolina as well."
The effort of Mr. Bryan and
the leaders of his party to fasten
the blame for the existence of
the "trust" upon the republican
party is dishonest and absurd.
The trust is the product of our
civilization and not of any polit
ical party. Trusts are growin?
rapidly throughout Europe as
well as in the United States.
The protective tariff is made to
appear as th mother of trusts,
yet free trade countries are also
burdened with trusts. Mr. Bry
an is trying to make it appear
that the republican party is re
sponsible for the condition of
the coal miners in Pennsylvania.
Yet there is no tariff on coal;
and it was only a few days ago
that free-trade England was
threatened with a ooal famine,
due to a gigantic strike on the
part of her coal miners.
As early as March, 1894, the
Illustrated American, at that
time one of the most ably edited
magazines in America, said:
"The age is notable tor union,
organization, consolidation. La-
ber affiliates with labor, oapital
with oapital, corporation with
corporation, government with
government. The practical dem
onstration is found in the
union 01 labor organiza
tions in one brotherhood of
lodges, in the copartnership of
many investors in the shares of
one company; in the combina
tion of railroads in a system, or
in the trusts formed by industrial
associations; in the confederacy
of states, and in the alliances,
protectiye and offensive, of na
tions. Primarily, combination
is the result of conditions; sec
ondarily, it is the cause of new
The Times says that the rea
son England did not go to war
with the United States over the
Venezuelan boundary question
was because "she dared not en
ter a conflict She had colonies
scattered all over the world,"
and claims that England's
American possessions were a
source of weakness to her. If
this is truey why do we enforce
the Monroe doctrine at all? If
it is not because possession of
territory on the American con
tinent by European powers is a
menace to the United States,
what reason is there for tie Mon
roe doctrine anyway? If, as the
Times says, possession ef distant
territory keeps nations from go
ing to war is not this policy a
step toward the millenium, . and
may it not be the solution of a
question that puzzled a number
of prominent personages recently
at the Hague? Some historians
are of the opinion that if Eng
land had isolated herself in the
past and had not pursued her
course of expansion, she would
have been too insignificant bv
this time to have even attracted
Mr. Glney's attention over the
Venezuelan or any other ques
tion. The fact that Altgeld is so ac
tively supporting Mr. Bryan
should be in itself sufficient to
alarm every friend of law aud
orier. One of the earliest acts
of Altgeld's administration as
governor of Illinois was the par
doning ot the Haymarket an
archists, and he went out of of
fice with the pardon mill in full
blast During one month alone
he released from the penitentiary
nine notorious criminals and
commuted the sentences of six
others equally bad. Of those re
leased from prison, six were con
victed of murder. And Altgeld
is the man slated for attorney
general in the event of Bryan's
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A Call for Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that there is
money in the treasury to pay p11 city
warrants indorsed prior to July 11th,
1899. Interest will be stopped on the
same from this date.
Wm. McLagan,
City Treasurer.
Dated, CorvalHs, Or., Sept. 7 th, 1900
Shinnies and Doors.
We are overstocked with shingles and
are ottering standard a tor fi zo; aiso
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Corvallis Sawmill Co.
Notlee of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned ex
ecutor ef the estate of Elisabeth A. Beach, de
ceased, has filed in the Cjnnty Court of Benton
comity, Oregon, his final account as such executor
cf the last will and testament of Elisabeth A Beach.
deceased, and that Saturday, the- 0th day of October
A. D.. 1900, at the hour of 10 o'clock a.m. has keen
fixed by said court as the time for hearing objec
tions to said account ana tne settlement tnereor.
Administrator of the Last Will and Testament of
Elizabeth A. Beach, Deceased.
Notice ef Appointment of Admlnst'r
Notioe is hereby erlren that the underlined
has been appointed by the county court of
Benton county. Oregon, administrator with
the will aunexed ef the estate of Francis I Such
deceased: and 11 nersons havinr claims
against said estate are hereby required to
present the same with the proper vouchers
to the undersigned at the residence ot Thomas
Daniels in Benton couritv. Oregon, within tin
memos irom tne date oi tnn notice.
Dated this 14th day of July, 1900.
PERCY R. KELLY, Administrator,
Kelly 4 Curl, Atty's for Administrator.
Set Ice of Trustee's Sale.
Id the District Court ot the United States for the
District of Oregon.
Id the Hatter of )
James F. Powell, In Bankruptcy.
BankniDt. I
Notice is hereby giTen that in pursuance of an
order ot the Referee in bankruptcy for Linn county,
Oregon. I will, at the hour ot three o'clock n. m..
en the 24th day of September, 1900, in "front of the
posted! ce In the town of Philomath, Benton couaty,
Oregon, sell st public auction to the highest bidder
tnereior, ior casn in nana, all the right, title and
interest which the abere-named bankrupt at any
time bad and which I now hare bv virtue of beinv
trustee in the abere-eatitled matter, in the follow
ing aescneea premises, to wit:
An undivided one-fourth of lot 08, In block 31 In
the city ef Philomath, In Benton county, Oregon,
as the same a rj Dears on record on the mans ana
plats of said city now on file in the office cf the
county recorder of said county.
Such sale will be made subject to approval of
saia uoarc.
Dated this 24th day of August, 1900.
Trustee in the Hatter of the above-named Bank
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' Notice to Creditors.
Kotiee is hereby given that the under
signed has been appointed executor of
the estate of Martha Jane Rice, deceas
ed, by the County Court ef the State of
Oregon for Benton county. All persons
having claims against said estate are re
quired to present the same dnly verified
to me at my residenee ia Kings Valley,
Benton county. Oreeen. or at the law
office of . Holgate in Corvallis, Oregon,
within sir months from the date oi the
first publication of this notice.
Dated this 22nd day of June, 1008.
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CorvaMis, - Oregon.
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Office at residence, 6i2 Madison street, aud
Graham Sl Wells drugstore.
T!rt f o to 12 a. m ., at drugstore.
Office Hours: tQ 4 p m ;t rwiaenee.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office,
Oregon City, Orecron, August 22, 19u0.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof iu support of his claim, ami that said proof
will be made before the County Clerk ef Benton
County, at Corvallis, Oregon, on October 12th,
1900. Viz:
a E. Ko. 10293, for the N. W. J, Sec. 23, T. 13 S.
R." W. He names the following witness to
prove his continuous residence upon asd cultivation
of said land, viz, William Howell of Corvallis, Ore
gon, Thomas J. Child a, O. J. Ruble and R. Zahn, all
of Alsea, Oregon.
For Sale or Exchange.
One hundred jand eighteen lots, in half and whole
blocks, in the original town of Newport, that health
ful and beautiful summer resort, in Lincoln county,
Oregon; some business lots: residence lota near the
principal churches, school house, and other resi
dences; also residence lots commanding beautiful
views of ocean and. bay.
Five fractional blocks, south of and near the
State Agricultural College; all completely tiled,
streets thrown up and graded; beautiful, convenient
and healthful for residence.
Large dwelling, barn and outhouses, centralis
located on roomy and commodious grounds, in
Corvallis; will exchange for farm near Corvallis.
Twenty acres highly improved, all tile drained,
and in good state of cultivation; excellent roomy
buildings; about one-fourth mile from Agricultural
Large and roomy house and stable and lot in Cor
vallis, good residence, two blocks from the Com
House; high, rolling ground.
Eight nice residence lots, thoroughly tile drained,
in Wilkins Addition to Corvallis.
One lot and hotel, The Vincent House, on Front
street, iu Corvallis, centrally located.
Seventy-three acres, 6 iu orchard, 18 in wheat,
balance in grubs, timber and pasture; situate west,
adjoining the Odd Fellows Cemetery, near Corvallis.
Will exchange the ' town property named for
suitable farm or acreage property; or will exchange
the acreage property described, for town property or
other farms or acreage; or will sell any or all of
said property on reasonable terms and time at rea
sonable rates and prices.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Corvallis & Eastern RaOroad,
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:45 p. m,
" " Corvallis 1 :50 p. m.
" arrivo Yaquina 6:45 p. n.
1 Returning:
Loaves Yaquina. . . . 6 JO a. ra.
Leaves Corvallis. . . . 11:30 a. m.
Arrives Albany .... 12:15 p. m.
3 For Detioit:
Leaves Albany 7:00 a. m.
Arrives Detroit .... 11:20 4. m.
4 Returning:
Leaves Detroit 12:10 p. ra.
Arrives Albany .... 5:45 p. m.
One and two connect at Albai y
and Corvallis with Southern Pacific
trains, giving direct service to and
from Newport and adjacent
Trains for the mountains arrive
at noon, giving ample time to
reach ramping grounds on the
Breitenbush and Santiam river the
same day.
Edwin Stone,
H. L. Walden, Manager.
T. F. & P. A.
H. H. Cronise, Agent, Corvallis.
Persons desiring to locate on timber
claims tributary to the C. & E. It. B.
would do well to call on or correspond
with the undersigned. There is a num
ber of first-class timber claims to be taken
up under the timber or homestead acts.
Gates, Marion Co., Or. Locator.
Southern Pacific Company.
Trains leave Corvallis far Portland
and way stations at 1:20 p m.
Lv Portland 8:30 a in
Ly Albanv 12:30 p m
Ar Ashland 12:33 a m
Ar Sacramento-- -5:00 p m
Ar San Francisco- 7 :45 p in
8:30 pm
10:50 p m
11:30 a m
4 :3d a m
.30 a n
Ar Ogiten 5:45 p id
Ar Denver 9:00 a m
Ar Kansas City 7 :25 a m
Ar Chicago--- 7 :55 a an
11 .45 a in
0 .00 a m
7 :26 a m
9 :30 a m
Ar Los Angeles---1 :20 p m
Ar El Paso ttSM) p m
Ar Fort Worth 6 :30 a m
Ar City of Mexico 9:45 a m
Ar Houston 4 :Ci a in
Ar New Orleans- - ( : 25 m
Ar Washington --6:42 a m
Ar New York 12:43 p m
7:00 a m
6:00 p m
0:30 a m
V :S5 a m
4.00 a m
ft :25 p m
6:42 am
12:43 p m
both trains. Chair cars Sacramento to
Ogdan and 1 Paso, and Tourist cars to
Chiongo, St Louis, New Orleans and
Connecting at San Francisco with sev
eral steamship lines for Honolulu, Japan,
China, Philippines, Central and Sooth
I See F. E. FARMER, agent a Corvallis
I station, or address
C. H. MARK HAM. G. T. A.,
Portland, Or.
Depaut TIME SCHEDULES, abwvk
Salt Lake, Denver,
Atlantic Ft Worth, Omaha Fast
Express Kansas City, St. Mail
9p.m. Louis, Chicago 7:00p.m.
and East.
Walla Walla. Lew-
c, . ie ton. 8 p o k a ne, e
SP,kne Minneapolis, St. S
.n m lW.Duluth.Mil. JL
6:00 p.m. wankee, Chicago, 8'40 " m"
and East.
Ocean Steamshins-
0 All sailing dates i .
8P-In- subject to change. I 4 m'
For San Francisco, ;
Sail Dec. 3, 8, 13, 1
18, 2$, 28, & every j
5 days.
Daily Columbia River
ex. sun. stMiner.
8. p. m. Except
Saturday, To Astoria & way- Sunday
10 p. m. landing.
Willamette Rlier.
6 a. m. Oiegon City, New- Ex'
b.x. bun. be,. Ssleiu, and Stindar
7 a. n, . Willamette and Yam- 3 :S0 p.m.
Tretdav hill Riwsr Monday
Thursday Bl" """ W ednes-
and Oregon City, Day- day and
Saturday ton A Way-land's. Friday.
6a.m. Willi Stta Rim. 4:30 p.m.
T uesday, Monday,
Thursd'y Portland to Corval- W ednea-
and lis & Wav-land's. day and
Satu r J'y Friday.
3' 3d a. m.
Snake River.
Riparia to Lewie'n.
8:30 a m
Loral Agent.
CorvalHs, Oregon.
Dov a general and conservative Vtanklag
Corvallis, Ore-'on.
Office iu Zierolf but Ming.
Oflee ta Wbltchora Block
Corvallis, Oregon
W. H. McBrayer and Old Crow Whis
ky s, Fine Wines, Liquors an 4 Cigars.
Physician Sf Surgeon
Notary. Tmjcs. Conveyancing.
Practice in all State andJFederal Court.
"Office inFirfet National Bank Building,

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