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That in addressing' Mrs. Pinkham
you are communicating with a woman
a woman whose experience in treat
ing woman's ills is greater that, that
of any living person male or female.
A woman can talk freely to a wo
man when it is revolting to relate her
private troubles to a man.
Many women suffer in silence and
drift along from bad to worse, know
ing full well that they should have
immediate assistance, but a natural
modesty impels them to shrink from
exposing themselves to the questions
and probable examination of even
their family physician. It is unneces
sary. Without money or price you can
consult a woman, whose knowledge
from actual experience is unequaled.
Women suffering from any form of
female weakness are invited to freely
communicate with Mrs. l'inkham at
Lynn, Mass.
AH letters are received, opened,
read and answered by women only.
This is a positive fact not a mere
statement. It is certified to by the
mayor and postmaster of Lynn and
others whose letters, all in a 1 ittle book,
Mrs. Pinkham has just published.
Write for a copy, it is free. Thus
has been established the eternal con
fidence between Mrs. Pinkham and the
women of America which has never
been broken and has induced more
than 100,000 sufferers to write her for
advice during the last few months.
Out of the vast volume of experience
which she has to draw from, it is
more than possible that she has gained
the very knowledge that will help
your case. She asks nothing in re
Urn except your good-will, and her
Rvice has relieved thousands. Here
A9e some of the cases we refer to:
Mrs. Pinkham Helps
Two Women Through
Change of Life and Cures
Another of Sterility.
Read Their Letters.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham I feerthat it
is owing to Lydia E. Pinkham s Vege
table Compound that I am alive to
day. It has taken me out of a sick
bed where I had lain for six weeks
with a good doctor to tend me twice a
day. My trouble was change of life,
had frequent hemorrhages. Your medi
cine checked the flow right away. I
am now able to do all my work, and
backache is unknown. I am forty
three years of age and enjoying good
health." Mrs. Annie Foster, Cascade
Locks, Oregon.
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham When I first
wrote to you, I was in a very bad con
dition. I was passing through the
change of life, and the doctors said 1
had bladder and liver trouble. I had
suffered for nine years. Doctors failed
to do me any good. Since I have taken
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound my health has improved very
much. 1 will gladly recommend your
medicine to others and am sure that it
will prove as great a blessing to them
as it has to me." Mrs. Geo. H. June,
801 De Kalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham It was my
ardent desire to have a child. I had
Vp married three years and could
oiobecoiic a mother, so wrote to 3-ou
to find out the reason. After follow
jf ing your kind advice and taking Lydia
IS. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, I
" became the mother of a beautiful baby
boy, the joy of our home. He is a fat,
f healthy baby, thanks to your medi
cine." Mrs. Mind a F inkle, Roa
coe, N. Y,
Two More Women Who
Acknowledge the Help
they Have Received rom
Mrs. Pinkham.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham The doctor
says I have congestion of the womb,
and cannot help me. There is aehlng
in the right side of abdomen, hip. leg,
and back. If you can do me any good,
please write." Mrs. Nina Chase,
Fulton, N. Y., December 20, 1897.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham I followed
your instructions, and now I want
every woman suffering from female
trouble to know how good your advice
and medicine is. The doctor advised
an operation. I could not bear to
think of that, so followed your advice.
I got better right off. I took six bottles
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound and used three packages o
Sanative Wash ; also took your Liver
Pills, and am cured." Mrs. Nina
Chase, Fulton, N. Y., December 12.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham Have been
suffering for over a year and had three
doctors. At time of menstiuation I
suffer terrible pains in back and
ovaries. I have headache nearly every
day, and feel tired all the time. The
doctor said my womb was out of place.
Would be so glad if you could help me."
Mrs. Carl Vobs, Sac City, Iowa,
August 1, 1898.
" Please accept my sincere thanks for
the good your advice and Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has
done mo. I did everything you told
me to do, and used only three bottles,
and feel better in every respect."
Mrs. Cabl Voss, Sac City, Iowa, March
23, 1899.
Mrs Pinkham has r fifty
Thousand Such Letters as
Above on File at Her Of
fice She Makes no State
ments She Cannot Prove.
Third and Morrison Streets
C. A. ALISKY. Prop.
Do not fall to visit
Buffet Oafe
Building or remodeling their homes that we
carry a full line of Mantels, Tiling and Kire-
S laces, Electric, Gas and Combination Clian
eliers and supplies, Batteries, Call Bells, etc.
Catalogues on application.
Successor to Frank Holiomb & Co.,
245 fVasb.inKr.oii St., Portland, Oregon.
t Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use I
m time, mm dv aruggisis.
The Search Now Heine Made by Pro
fessor Lait of Denmark.
In 1840 Adams and Le Yeirier point-
j ed out that the motion of the planet
I Uranus was disturbed In a progressive
manner probably by an unknown plan-
et. The planet Neptune was discover
ed in that year in consequence of their
calculation, as every one knows.
The methods that they employed have
been perfected since that time aud the
theory of Neptune has been- critically
examined by Prof. Newcomb and
others to see if it yielded any evidence
i for the existence of unknown major
' planets revolving about the sun in or
bits exterior to those of Uranus and
; Neptune. Prof. Newcomb's conclusions
were that the evidence was not yet de
cisive either way The problem has
lately been attacked again by Hans
Lau of Copenhagen, who finds evidence
that two such planets exist. At least
if the major planets pointed out by him
do exist the observations of Uranus and
Neptune which he has used (1G90-1805)
would represent the theoretical mo
i Uons of these planets better than they
are represented, supposing his planets
not to exist. His two theoretical plan
ets have these elements:
First planet Distance from the sun,
forty-seven times the earth's distance;
mass, one-twelve thousand nine hun
dredths of the sun's mass.
Second planet Distance from the
sun, seventy-one times the earth's dis
tance; mass, one twenty-eight hun
dredths of the sun's mass.
Both of these planets are thus exte
rior to Neptune, whose distance from
the sun is thirty times the earth's dis
tance. The first planet has a mass
somewhat greater than that of Nep
tune, the second a mass somewhat
greater than that of Saturn. Their
stellar magnitude would be about tenth
aud hence they are easily photograph
ed. Prof. Pickering, director of the
Harvard college observatory, has Insti
tuted a search for them on the photo
graphic maps of the sky which are in
process of construction at Cambridge.
Such planets as these would have a
small, though appreciable, disk, anc
would therefore differ in appearance
from the fixed stars in their neighbor
hood. It is likely that if they veritably
exist they could be detected by their
appearance alone in the great tele
scopes of the Yerkes and Lick observa
tories. The researches undertaken by Mr.
Lau are very delicate and it is far from
certain that the data are sufficient for
the purpose. The method is adequate
and sooner or later will lead to a com
plete solution.
An Interesting Coincidence.
In 1884, just after Commodore Schley
reiurned from rescuing the survivors
of the Greely Arctic expedition, the
Massachusetts Humane Society pre
sented him with a handsome medal for
his achievement, and Benjamin W.
Crowninfield, one of the Bay State's
great orators, was sent to Washington
to make the presentation speech.
On the way to the capital Mr. Crown
Infiela fell in with an old and prominent
resident of Boston, who took the privi
lege of asking the orator what his mis
sion In Washington was. In reply the
old gentleman was shown the medal
and told what was to be done with it.
"Strange coincidence," mused the
venerable gentleman from the Hub.
"Forty-four years ago, In 1840, I rode
over this same line and me't Gen. Win
field Scott I was as inquisitive then
as now, and asked him where he was
going. He said, that a son of his friend.
Mr. Schley, had been named for him,
and that he was going to Maryland to
see the baby. Nearly half a century is
past, and now I find you going to
Washington to carry a medal to the
man that Gen. Scott visited when the
man was an infant,"
Tired Eyes.
Few persons, when traveling by
train, allow their eyes to rest If they
do not read they watch the scenery.
When reading you try to hold the book
or paper steady, but the types jiggle
Irregularly back and forth as the result
of the motion of the car and the shakl
; ness of your hand. Your eyes also do
a deal of dancing, not only in pursuit
' of the bobbing letters, but in addition
because you also are shaken about
more or less by the motion of the train.
Imagine the effect on the muscles of
the eye! First, the eye itself has an
! unsteady rest; second, it is trying to
fasten itself on that which is more un
i steady still. Reading is not the only ill.
! Fix your eye on things close to the car
I on flowers, fenceposts, culverts, tree
and the effect is as bad as would be
: brought on by reading. A headache i
. the first warning, but that becomes
common after a while, and is not heed
i ed any more than the headache that
I follows unwise eating. There is closer
I connection between the stomach and
I the eyes on one side and a headache on
the other than most people imagine.
The Great Towns of Europe.
While the population of Europe, esti
mated at 175,000,000 in the beginning
!of the century, rose to 216,000,000 In
j 1830, 300,000,000 in 1870, and is now
I nearly 370,000,000, there has been a still
more remarkable Increase In the num
ber of towns with over 100,000 inhabit
ants. There were only twenty-one of
these in 1801 (with 4,500,000 inhabit
ants, 42 in 1850, 70 in 1870 (with 20,-
1000,000 inhabitants), and 121 In 1896
j (with about 37,000,000 inhabitants). Ia
1801 France had three towns with over
! 100,000 inhabitants, while England and
j Germany had two each, but in 187 the
j figures Yjere: England, 18; Germany,
10, and France, a; wnne in iye tney
stood: England, 30; Germany, 28, soul
France, 10. London Times.
The Human Brain.
A German biologist has calculated
that the human brain contains 300,000,
000 nerve-cells, 5,000,000 of which die
and are succeeded by new ones every
day. At this rate we get an entirely
new brain every sixty days.
The World's Suicides.
The number of suicides throughout
: the world is 180,000 yearly, and is on
I the increase. The greatest number hap
! pen in June, the fewest in September,
1 and nearly one-half between 6 a.m. ant
What we need is more unwritten po
ems and unsung songs.
Ninepins Were Played with Bottles of
Cnampaxue In Melbourne.
Gold threatened to become as com
mon as silver in the days of Solomon.
In one year 12,000,000, in eigbt years
95,000,000, were won. Some men at
Golden Point made as much as 400
each a day. Another exceptionally
lucky party unearthed thirty-four
pounds of gold in one day. No wonder
that such "pockets" were termed "jew
elers' shops!" Occasionally a nugget
worth 10,000 was unearthed. The re
sult of this sudden influx of wealth
almost without labor, aud with risks
whit-h are infinitesimal as compared
to Klondike, was the temporary demor
alization of the population. Melbourne,
in the height of the gold fever, has
been described by one who knew it
well as "a fevered, drunken, delirious
pandemonium.'' The lucky ones aud
there were thousands of them squan
dered their riches in the most reckless
fashion. Some of their fantastic tricks
would scarcely be credited were they
not attested by witnesses still living.
The game of ninepins, we are told, was
played with bottles of champagne, for
which he who broke least had to pay ;
dozens of the same costly wine were
emptied Into tubs, and drunk from tin
pannikins, spirits and beer being added
to give "body" to the beverage; one
man, in Imitation of Caligula, shod his
horse with gold; sandwiches made of
banknotes were devoured; silver wrap
ped up in banknotes was thrown to
popular actresses instead of flowers;
in fact, money was so plentiful that the
reckless diggers could not "knock it
down" fast enough. They thought they
only had to dig a few feet in the earth
to get plenty more, and for a time, it
almost seemed as if this were so. Such
were some of the characteristics of
Victoria's hot youth. Pall Mall Maga
How a Young Woman Saved Money
for a Wedding Tour.
A promising young lawyer who has
an office in the Girard Building has
just made the delightful discovery that
his fiancee, is also a financier. The
young man's sweetheart resides in Ger
mantown, and for several months past
he has called upon her regularly thrice
a week. When he first met the girl,
two years ago, he was, of course, ex
tremely anxious to make a good im
pression, and he lavished many pres
ents upon her. The girl's parents are
quite well to do, but she disapproves
of any sort of display or prodigality,
and when, in the natural course of
events, the young man proposed and
was acaepted, she felt it to be her privi
lege and her duty to read him a little
lecture on "Economy." She called his
attention to the fact that every time
he called he had been in the habit of
bringing flowers and candy to the value
o. a dollar or two. She suggested that
in the future he should discontinue the
presents, handing over a silver dollar
instead whenever he came to see her.
He laughed, for he thought she was
joking, but she speedily assured him
that she was much in earnest. So he
paid his dollar regularly, and finally
came to the conclusion that the money
was . being devoted to charity. The
wedding day was set for next month,
and an extended tour was contemplat
ed. Unfortunately, the young lawyer
recently took a "flyer" in stocks, and
dropped so much money that he had to
notify his fiancee that their wedding
trip must be dispensed with. The dear
girl laughed at him, and, leaving the
room for a moment, presently returned
with a satchel containing 256 silver
lollars. Their plans will not be changed.
Philadelphia Record.
Prisoner Tries Hia Voice and Ia Dis
charged From Custody.
A few years ago a young man dressed
in tattered clothes was locked up at the
Desplaines street police station charged
with disorderly conduct Though his
clothes were torn and his hair unkempt
made his appearance look like that of
a tramp, he was not 1 11 the eyes of the
policeman who arrested him for doing
nothing he looked like an ordinary beg
gar. He was taken to the police station re
gardless of his pleadings and put in a
dingy cell, where he spent nearly two
days, and had it not been for the police
captain he might have stayed there
It was while the other prisoners were
being tried in court and the police cap
tain was sitting in his private office
looking over reports that a sweet tenor
voice was heard singing "My, Old Ken
tucky Home." The moment the sweet
notes, which were coming from the
cellroom, struck the ears of the police
captain he listened a moment and drop
ped the reports he was reading on his
desk until the song sung was finished.
"When the song was finished the cap
tain ordered the prisoner to be brought
before him. When the singer, who was
the shabby-dressed young man, appear
ed before the police official, the latter
asked the young man to repeat the
song, which he did.
When he had finished the officer look;
ed at him a moment and said, "Young
man, you have a good voice." When
the captain asked him where he lived
and what he did he bowed his head as
if In sorrow and refused to answer.
When the police official learned under
what charge he was being held a pris
oner he ordered his release. The sing
er, after thanking the captain, strolled
slowly out of the police station into the
street and wandered away. His iden
tity Is still a mystery. Chicago Chron
icle. .
A Singular Monstrosity.
A writer in Science describes a curi
ous monstrosity which has come under
his observation. This is a cock with
uo signs of spurs upon the tarsi, but
vith a couple of well-developed spurs
ipon the head, on either side of the
omb, giving the creature the appear
tnce of being horned. These mock
ipurs are not attached to the skull,
whatever they may originally have
been, but are loose. Instances are
on record of spurs being grafted on
to combs, but, so far, no similar case ia
known to have occurred In nature.
An Atchison man who has twelve
children recently starved to death
while at the dinner table; before he
had served them all death came to his
Many a woman, sick and
weary of life, dragged down by
weakening drains, painful ir
regularities, depression, and the
hundred and one ailments
which affect women only, has
found in Pe-ru-na a bright star
of hope, which has changed
her misery to joy, her suffer
ing to health.
No woman need suffer from
the derangements peculiar to
her sex, if she will give Pe-ru-na
a fair trial.
The majority of weaknesses
which make woman's life a
burden, spring from a simple
cause. The mucous membrane
which lines the pelvic organs
becomes weakened and in
flamed owing to strain, cold,
overwork, etc. This causes
catarrhal congestion, inflam
mation, painful irregularities,
depression of spirits, irritabil
ity, weakness and suffering. It
shows in the haggard lines of
the face, the dull eyes, the sallow
complexion and angular form.
For the prompt cure of such ail
ments try Pe-ru-na. It drives away
"the blues," clears the complexion,
brightens the eyes, changes thin
ness to plumpness, and cures pains,
aches and drains, because it imme
diately strikes at the root of such
troubles and removes the cause.
1 or a free copy of
' Health and Beauty"
Address Dr.I lartman, President of the Ilart-
i:i::n Jir.nit "rii-.m, CoIuit 1 u Ohio.
Russia expects to spend $ 100,000,
000. in addition to the $40,000,000
already paid ont, to complete and
equip the Trans-Siberian road, and M.
Boutfsky, a vice-minister, who is at
present in San Francisco, is authority
for the stiitement that a considerable
part of this immense sum will come to
this country, it being the Russian gov
ernments' intention to patronize Amer
ican manufacturers very largely.
ro Toar Feet Ache and Burn?
Shake into your shoes Allen's Foot Ease,
a powder for the feet. It "makes tight or
new shiies feel easy; gives insrant relief to
corns and bunions. It's the greatest com
fort discovery of the age. Cures swollen
feet, blisters and callous spots. Allen's
Foot-Ease is a certain cure for ingrowing
nails, sweating, smarting, hot, aching feet.
We have over 3o,000 testinfonials. Itcures
while you walk. All druggists and shoe
stoies "sell it. 25c. Trial package FKEE
by mail. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le"
Roy, N. Y. j5 . - j
After a long, and a times discourag
ing, campaign, the-good people of He- j
her, Ark., have succeeded in securing I
the prohibition of saloons. An appeal
was taken from the decision of the
county court to the circuit court with
the above result,
Mothers will iind 31rs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrnp the best remedy to use for thf'T
children during the teething period.
After all, we know but little about
this world of ours. Sven Anders
Iiedin, the famous Scandinavian geo
grapher, who has been making exten
sive explorations in Thibet, has found
the ruins of an ancient city of great
size. There are great broad roads in
tersecting the ruins roads such as
China cannot show today and Hedin
says that everything in the city was
built upon a grand scale.
The letter P, like the selfish friend,
is first in pity and last in help.
AVegetable Preparationfor As
similating (lie Tood and Regula
ting theStoinnchs and Bowels of
Promotes Digeslion,Cheerfur
nessandRestContains neither
Opium.Morplune nor Mineral
not Narcotic .
Himp&m Seal-
CtfmftAtl Suoar
HJatayften nam-.
Aperfecl Remedy forConsBpa
fion , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
t:.unn:i'i i.i.; ,. '." T' ;i. ..i:TTn-.m-n.niiiinirtialllmitillru.
A Mechanical Resuscitation.
Professor Lanorde, of the Academy
of Medicine, Paris, and M. Augnste
Monchel have devised a little machine
for restoring persons in a state of sus
pended animation to life by the method
of "lingual traction," a method now
used with great success in cases of
drowning, lightning stroke, electric
shock and suffocation. The tongue is
drawn out rytbmioally, so as to stimu
late the breathing organs, and this
method has been effective in cases
given up as hopeless, but only after a
very long application. The friction
sometimes cesds to be kept up for
three hours before reanimation, and,
as the new machine is worked by an
electric motor and quite automatic, it
saves much laborious exertion, and can
save life where the uiual methods
would fail.
There is more Catarrh in this section of the
country than all other diseases put together,
and until the last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Rail's Catarrh Cure, man
ufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
is l he only constitutional cure on the market.
It is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to
a teaspoon ful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it fails to
cure. Bend for circulars and testimonials. Ad
dress, F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
i The trouble with the air castle girls
build is that they are all parlor and
music room, with no kitchens at
tached. Effective Methods.
j The Army Temperance Association
indorses and helps to sustain "temper
ance rooms" among British soldiers.
The greatet generals of England advo
cate them and say they are the best
weapons for fighting the ennni which
contributes so largely to immoderate
drinking. Soldiers can have a good
time in them without recourse to either
the outside saloon or an army canteen.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
See Fac-Slmlle Wrapper Below.
Very small and as easy
to take as snr.
ffgSb I Purely IMMayWS
- .
Croquet Still Popular.
' It was generally supposed that cro
quet had gone altogether out of fash
ion, but on many lawns of country
homes where formerly tennis nets were
! stretched cioqnet wickets and hoops
'are once more seen. It has been
i foun that tennis is too violent a game'
j for the majority of women and golf
! makes a greater demand on the time
and patience of women than most of
them can afford. Croquet is found to
be a more suitable and conveient re
An Exclusive Order.
"The most ancient and most noble
Order of the Thistle," which has just
been conferred upon the Earl of Hope
town, is the smallest of the three great
orders of knighthood in point of num
bers and the longest in point of title.
It consists of the sovereign and British
princes and 16 knight?.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
f .VER
Inventors Are Tory Active.
There is unusual activity among in
ventors at present to produce machines
for mathematical purposes, and the
largest nnmber of applications received
at the patent office for any one line of
invention are for patents for improve
ments on adding machines. .
Two Canals Binding Atlantic.
It is asserted that the future will see two
canals binding the Atlantic to the Pacific
ocean. The value of such connection can
not be estimated. It will bring prosperity
to the nation, as surely as Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters brings health to the dys
peptic. Try it for indigestion, constipa
tion, dyspepsia or biliousness.
A 10-cent man can work a dollar
scheme on some people.
Carter's Ink Ja the
Best ink that can be made. It costs you
no more than poor stuff iut tit to write
It doesn't pay to be honest if honesty
is only for pay.
I do not believe Piso's Cure for Con
sumption has an equal for coughs and
colds. John F. Boyeb, Trinity Springs,
I nd., Feb. 15, 1900.
If you would be somebody in the
world begin by being yourself.
Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. H. Green's
Sons, of Atlanta, Ga. The greatest dropsy
specialists in the world. Head their adver
tisement jn another column of this paper.
The desire for fame has betrayed
many an ambitious man into commit
ting indiscretions that forever ruined
his reputation.
t metric System In Russia.
It is probable that the metric system
will be introduced before long in Rus
sia; the bill which has been prepared
to this effect by the minister of finance
has received the approbation of the
state conncil, with the understanding
that the university and the various
scientific societies will give their
assistance in the verification of
the weights and rneasnies necessary for
commercial use. The details have
been nearly all deicded on, and will be
submitted to the council in the near
future. Since 1896 the metric system
has been used by the medical service
of the army in the- compounding of
formulas, this having been made obli
gatory. King as a Father.
King George, of Greece, as the fath
er of a family, may serve as a model.
Tbe first thing he thinks of is the edu
cation and welfare of his children. At
the time of the departure of Prince
George for Crete, about a year ago,
there was a painful scene at the palace.
The king, notwithstanding the efforts
he made to hide his emotion, could not
withhold his tears, and when his son
threw himself into his arms, asking if
he had any orders to give him. King
George replied in a voice full of affec
tion: "I have no orders to give you,
my child. Providence will guide you.
Go, and rely on the grace of God."
IMgeon Pie at Sea.
An old tar on a sailing vessel says
that sailors on ships in the regular line !
between Europe and New York are al- j
ways sure of pigeon pie the day after 1
the carrier pigeon service leaves this
port. He added that pigeons flying at
sea soon get tired, and settle on tbe
first crait that comes in their way.
The impression is gaining tbat pigeons
are not so useful for long ocean flight
as has been believed.
Since the decision of the United
States supreme court that the Illinois
cigarette law is valid, they will see
that it is strictly enforced. The board
of education and the anti-cigarette
league will co-operate in the prosecu
tion of all violators.
are open to two classes of persons. (1 These who write well, are accurate
in figures, understand bookkeeping, etc. 2. Those who are skilled in
shorthand and typewriting. Persons who are proficient in both lines are bet
ter off stilL They are always given the preference. We teach all thrse
branches, and many more. Investigate our work. It will pay. Call, or write.
Park and Washington Sts.
A. P. Armstrong, LL. B., Principal. J. A. Wcseo, Penman and Secretary
Made of the Best Materials, thoroughly seasoned, by competent workmen. It stand
without an equal. Call on our Agent, or address
320-338 East Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon.
Gin, Brandy, Rum
12 full quarts. $9.00. Per gallon, $2.50. XXX
Orders for $25.00 and upward delivered free to
nearest Railroad or Steamer Landing. Blank
Cases and Kegs.
Established 30 Years.
IL Mr. e to NATHAN rCNdlUN
If B1CKF0RU. Washington. D. C. they will re
il ceive quick replies. B. 5th N. H. Vols. Staff
20th Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1878.
A guaranteed Cure for Catarrh and
Consumption. All Druggists, $1.00.
W. H. SMITH & GO., Buffalo, M Y , Prop's.
TT - J - T w nutA iio AMU.
plications a specialty for twenty
VBttEB Willi Ul, ...u.i.t
success. Have cured many taoas-
SS. B. B. m BOBS,
Box S, Atlanta, Ga,
Dry, moist, scaly tetter, all forms of
eczema or salt rheum, pimples and
other cutaneous eruptions proceed from
humors, either inherited, or acquired
through defective digestion and as
similation. To treat these eruptions with drying
medicines is dangerous,
The thing to do is to help the sys
tem discharge the humors, and to
strengthen it against their return.
Hood's Sarsaparilla permanently cured J.
G. Hines, Franks. 111., of eczema, from which
he had suffered for some time; and Miss
Alvina Wolter, Box 212. Aleona, Wis., of pim
ples on her face and back and chafed skin on
her body, by which she had been greatly
troubled. There are more testimonials in
favor of this great medicine than can ba
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Promises to cure and keeps the
promise. No longer put off treat
ment. Buy a bottle of Hood's today.
The judges ot the license courts in
Philadelphia have come to the support
of public morals and decency by de
claring their opposition to saloons hav
ing side entrances and rooms upstairs
for the accomodation' of women.
God alone knows how much heaven
loses when a. voung man takes his first
No External
The blood may be in bad condition,
yet with no external signs, no skis
eruption or sores to indicate it. The
symptoms in such cases being a variable
appetite, poor digestion, an indescribable
weakness and nervousness, loss of flesh
and a general run-down condition of the
system clearly showing the blood ha!
lost its nutritive qualities, has become thin
and watery. It is in just such cases that
S. S. S. has done some of its quickest and
most effective work by building up the
blood and supplying the elements lackinf
to make it strong and vigorous.
" My wife used sev
eral bottles of S. S. S.
as a blood purifier and
to tone up a weak and
emaciated system, with
very marked effect by
way of improvement.
"We regard it a
great tonic and blood
purifier." J.F.DrjPF,
Princeton, Mo.
is the greatest of all
tonics, and you will
find the appetite im
proves at once, strength
returns, and nervousness vanishes as new
rich pure blood once more circulate!
through all parts of the system.
S. S. S. is the only purely vegetable
blood purifier known. It contains no min
erals whatever. Send for our free book
on blood and skin diseases and write out
physicians for any information or advice
Wanted. No charge for medical advice.
JOHN POOLK, Portland, Orfgoh.
can give you the best bargains in general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
Meet I X L windmill, sold by him, is un
You can't make a mistake it you get a
Mitchell, beaiis & Staver Co.
ITCHING Piles produce molnture and cauae itching.
This form, as well as Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
Piles are cared by Dr.Bosanko's Pile Remedy
Stops Itching and bleeding. Absorbs tumors. 50c a
Jar atdi-ugglsts or sent by mall. Treatise free. Write
me about your case. DB. BOSAMKO. Pb luda. Pa.
N. P. N. U.
-So. 40 ioo.
WHEN writii.e
mentlvn this
to ad vertls era

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