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IE r President:
of Ohio.
r ice-Presiaent :
of New York.'
For Presidential Electors.
'ILMON IORD Marion County
-Docglas County
Umatilla County
.Multnomah County
10. F. PAYT0N--
Mr. Bryan's efforts to bolster
up his opposition to retention of
the Philippines by citing Jeffer
son as an opponent to this sys
tem of annexation, convict him
of ignorance of our political his
tory or expose him as a dema
gogue who, believes the people
are unfamiliar with the acts of
Mr. Jefferson's administration.
Mr. Bryan asks, "By what
authority does the national ad
ministration govern the Filipinos
without their consent?" By
authority of American history
made under the administration
of Jefferson, and law passed by
the democratic party. Mr. Bry
an his not the saving grace to
imply that the people acquired
iby the Louisiana purchase gave
their consent to be governed by
Ithe United States, but he makes
I the direct assertion that they
manifested assent. Now, Mr.
iBrvan knows better than this,
Ifor with all his infirmities he is
Ino fool. Not only were the in
tabitints of this territory ac
Iquired without their consent, but
they protested against the man
Iner in which they were ac
Iquired "without permitting them
any agency m the events which
lanuexed their country to the
lUnited States."
Soon after Jefferson took pos-
I session of the territory of Louis
iana, duly appointed and aufchor-
Iized representatives of its in
habitants presented to the sen-
Iate of the United States an able
and formal remonstrance against
the political system adopted by
jongrcss for their government.
Protesting against the form of
jovernment which had been pro
vided for them, the remonstrance
nd, "A single maeistrate, vest-
id with civil and military, with
tecutive and judiciary powers,
ipon whose laws we have had no
aheck, over whose acts we had
Tie control, and from whose de-
Icrees there is no appeal , the sud
den suspension of all those forms
to which we had been accus
tomed; the total want of any
ermanent system to replace
them; the introduction of a new
language into the administra
tion of justice; the perplexing
lecessity of using an interpreter
lor every communication with
fficers placed over us; the in
roluutary errors, of necessity
:ooimitted by judges uncertain
y what code they are to decide,
ravenng between the civil and
Ihe common law, between the
forms of the French, Spanish,
ad American itrrisprudence.
nd with the best intentions'
aable to expound laws of which,
ey are ignorant, or to acquire
hem iu a language they do not)
nderstand. These were not
L- . . '
Ihis state of things calculated to
rive favorable impression or
realize the hopas we entertained;
put we submitted with resigua
ion, because we thought it tho
rcct of necessity; we submitted
rith patience, though its dura-
lou was ioueer tlian we had
;en taught to expect; we sub-
litted even with cheerfulness.
lile we supposed our honor
le body was employed m re-
icing this chaos to order, and
lhng a system of harmony from
depth of this confused, dis-
rdant mass.
"Uninformed as we are sup-
sed to be oi our acquired rights ;
Is necessary for us to demon-
late fehat this act does not 'in-
pporate- us into Union,' that
vests us with none of the
flits', gives us no advantages,
7 rk w
and deprives us cf all the 'im
munities f American citizens.
"A govtejtoor is to be placed
over us wMPwe have not chosen,
whom ;jvJTdo not even know,
who may fee ignorant of our
language, tsFttfonned of cur in
stitutions, and who may have
no connection with our coun
try or interest in its weliare.
'Taxation .without represen
tation, an obligation to obey
laws without any voice in their
formation, the undue influence
of the executive upon legislative
proceedings, and a dependant
judiciary, formed, we believe,
very prominent articles in the
list ol grievances complained of
by the United States, at the com
mencement of their glorious con
test for freedom. The opposi
tion to them, even by force, was
deemed meritorious and patri
otic, and the rights on which
that ppositicn was founded
were termed fundamental, inde
fensible, self-evident, and eter
nal. These were the sentiments
of your predecessors; were they
wrong? Were the patriots who
composed your councils mista
ken in their political principles?
No, they are ucut wrong.
"Are truths, then, so well
founded, so universally acknowl
edged, inapplicable only to us?
Do political axioms on the At
lantic become problems when
transferred to the shores of the
Mississippi? or are the unfortu
nate inhabitants of these regions
the only people who are ex
cluded from those equal rights
acknowledged in your Declara
tion of Independence, repeated
in the different stale constitu
tions, and ratified by that of
which we claim to be a member?
'The American colors are
hoisted in our garrisons, this far
famed signal of liberty to all,
to us alone exhibits a gloomy
appearance, and makes us more
sensible of the immeasurable
interval between us and politi
cal happiness. May we not long
be doomed, like the prisoners of
Venice, to read the word liberty
on the walls of prisons."
Scalp Bounty.
A person would not imagine
that iu the course of a year the
number of scalps taken from
coyotes and wildcats in tbe state
of Oregon would reach nearly
46,000. When one stops to
think of it and realizes that Ore
gon is the birthplace of such a
number of varmints, he is pretty
likely to think that civilization
has hardly got a foot-hold yet.
Secretary of State w. I. Dunbar
has completed compiling the
statement showing the number
of scalps delivered to the respec
tive connty courts since May 6,
1S99, when the scalp bounty
law went into effect, each one of
which scalps (of coyotes, wild
cat's, etc.) costs the state $2,
when the proper certificate is
filed in the stale department.
The statement shows that 45,826
scalps have been delivered and
paid for by the state, from Mav
6, 1899, to September 30, 1900,
costing the state $91,652. To
pay this the special sheep tax
was levied by the legislature,
but thv3 far less than $1,000 has
been paid into the fund from the
several counties, and the state's
paper is out for the amount
represented by 45,000 scalps,
being practically the only debt
of the stata of Oregon. Douglas
county has sent 560 scalps, 75 of
them during the last quarter.
List of Jurors.
Tuesday, Sheriff Burnett and
Clerk Watters drew the jurors -for
the next term of the circuit court,
which will convene on Monday,
Xovember oth. This term prom
ises to be more lengthy than the
tirm oflast April, as a considerable
number of cases have recently been
filed. Following is a list of those
drawn as j urors:
b Harnett, Monroe; J M Gray.
" """"V " ZZSP9? ,Vj0T1;
Knw Rf nHnroiti' II T Will
son, Fairmount C M Vanderpool,
Soap Creek; Jaines Hayes, Corval
lis; Isaac Stroud, Wren; V M
Childers, Willamette; Sol King,
Corvallis; Horace Lilly, Wren; R
J Nichols. Belfountain,-- John Peter
son, Willamette: Wm Leadbetter,
Corvallis; J M Conklin, Fairmoant;
J E Johnson, Wren; David Blake,
Soap Creek; George Humphrey,
Belfountain: W A Gellatly, Wren;
T C ' Baker, Soap Cr6ek; James
Homing, Corvallis; John Rickard
Willamette; A Kyle: Corvallis
Richard Dunn, Kings Valley; G H
Wamsley, Blodgett; Wm Spencer,
Blodgett; J S Robbin?, Soap Creek;
F L Holmes, Fairmount; J P
Gregg, Belfountain.
Music Lessons. .
Lessons given on tho piano and organ
in a manner that trains the ear, mind
and hands and saves years of needless
drudgery. M. A. Goodsough.
Soft White Hmnd
Tbe most effective skin purifying r.nrt beastM
fyiof soap Iri the world, as we'll 33 irtirest axiiX
b wee tet for toilet, bath, and nursery. The
only preventive of pimples, blackheads, re I,
rough and oily skin, reJ, rough hancls a- '.ii
itching palms and shapeless iiails, tlryt4Tjuy,
and falling hair, and simple baby blemish es,
because the only preventive of the can.se, vis.,
inflammation and clocrprinp: of the Pouia.
PoM fwt. whew. Potter D.Jfc C Cr.rr Pnn.. Ti--Jon.
hv'.. t.. Have Beautiful Situ, Ilaadb, and 1L 1. . frc9
Slticalcs atid Dcors.
We aj. overstocked with shinnies aud
are ofTeiinf; standard A for $1 23; also
cedar doors for (1.25 apiece,
For Sale.
We have now on hand the finest and
most complete slock of fiaisis lumber and
the hest wade of flooring, rustic, etc.,
ever seen in Corvallis. Also cedar posts
in any quantity.
Cf.RVALl.is S v, mill Company .
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is ho.-'.'ln given tlist Ihe uaderstgred has
been appointed " administrator of the estate et
Artliur .'ohnsou. dot-eased, and ail creditors of t'aid
estate are, required to prese.it their claims duly
verified as iiy law required, with the proptr vouch
ers, to said undersigned at Ids residence near Wells,
Uenton county, or to Yates, Yates & Gibson at
their offices, Corvallis, Oregon, within six iuonth.3
from this date.
Corvallis, Or., October 11, lfO.
Adin'r Estate Arthur Johnson, De'd.
Notice of Trustee's Sale.
In the District Court of the United Utates fL.r the
District of Oregon.
In the Matter of )
Jsuucs F. Powell, In Bankruptcy.
Bankrupt. )
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of all
order of the Referee iu bankruptcy for Mnn county,
Oregon, I will, at the hour of three o'clock p. m.,
on the 2-lthday of September, IftOO, iu front of the
postoffiee in the town of Philomath, Benton county,
Oregon, sell at public a.lction to the highest biiMer
therefor, for cash in hand, all the right, title and
interest which the above-named bankrupt at:iny
time had and which I now have by virtue of being
trustee in the above-entitled matter, in the follow'
inx described premises, to wit:
Ah undivided one-fourth of lot 95, in block CI in
tho-city of Philomath, in Eenton county, Oregon,
as the san'e appears on record on ihe maps and
plats of said c.ty now on tile in the office cf the
county recorder of said county.
Such sale will be made subject to approval of
saM Court.
Dated this 2ifu dav of August, 1000.
Trustee in the Matter of the above-named Bank
Xolice ot Filial Settlement.
Notice is hereby ivon that the undersized ex
ecutor of the estate of Elizabeth A. Beach, de
ceased, has. filed in the C'.mnty Court of Benton
county, Oregon, his final account as such e.ccutor
'A the last will and testament of Elizabeth A Beach,
deceased, aj:d that Saturday, the 6th day of October
A. D., 1900, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. has been
fixed by said court as the time for hearing objec
tions to said account and the settlement thereof.
Administrator of the Last Will and Testament of
Elizabeth A. Beach, Deceased.
Old cast iron of any kind. Farmers,
we will pay you from one-fourth to one
half more for your iron than any junk
dealer. 'We are ready to do repair work
of any kind, at any time. Patronize ns.
Bring yonr-old iron and pet yonr money.
The Foundry, Corvallis, Or.
Jerseys for Sale.
For Sale One of the finest Jersey
bulls, full blood, born last July,
solid color, gentle and kind, will
register in the A. J. C. C.
Olc very fine full-blood Jersey
bull solid color, prominently mark
ed, gentle and kind, born .iune 18,
1S99. His mother tested 6 per
cent, butter fat. Will register in
the P. C. C C.
Two nice full-blood Jersey heif
ers, solid color, well marked, about
15 months old, gentle and kind,
registered in the A. J. C. C. Par
ties wanting fine reg;stered Jersey
stock will miss a rare chance if they
fail to investigate this opportunity
to get fine Jerseys.
M. S. Woodcock,
Corvallis, Ore.
This is beyond quc.c
rnoyt successful C'ou.t
cine ever known to s
ie7 doses invariably
worst cases of c:oue;l!
and n-enchitis, wiiile
derful success in tho
Consumption is withoi
r.llel i a t he history of r.
oinco its fust discovery
been sold on a puaran
lesz -wnicn r.o other i
can stand. If you
Cough, we earnestly
totryit. In United St
Canada SSc., .Wc. and S
in England 3s. d., s
4s. 6d."
Sold bGraham & Wortham
Produced by
i life--
if Aough and m 1
uire M
ion the fiM I
i Medi- JiHW
"sS 1 It
ts won- bb
cure of B
t a par- VH
:dicine. wi
at a
edicme in
lave a V&
sk you
tes and V4
00, and
3d. and VS
Never before in the history of the clothing business in Corval
lis has there been shown such a Large and Varied Stock as we have
bought this season.
Our shelves and counters are bending down with New Fall
and Winter Goods for Men, Young Men' Boys and Children.
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Furnishings, Rubber
Goods, Blankets, Comforters, Trunks,
Grips, Telescopes, Etc.
To strangers to our Clothing
we are doing a great big Clothing
"Our Styles are Right;
Corvallis' Most Popular Eating House
Fresli hread daily. A complete stock of candies, fruits and
nuts kept constantly on hand. Smokers supplies
a specialty.
H. W. HALL, Proprietor.
iv X"X ;X SXX
The Corvallis Comttiission
Store -
Keeps constantly on hand the celebrated
A package of Arm & Hammer Soda is given free with
everv sack of the latter
Hay, Oats, Grain.
Ijish, Eggs,
Fresh Gr
k r!NE
is well, to remember that you
can cover Benton County
thoroughly by placing
your advertisement in the
i The v oret
Proper Display, Proper Position
and Proper Treatment.
Department we wish to say that
Business in a brtad-gauge way.
Our-Prices are Right."
' SJ
ragSW ii i i HHP'
Brae, Shorts, Potatoes
Poultry, Etc.
Montana, "Utah, Colorado
and all Eastern Points
Gives choice of two favorite routes, .via
the Union Pacific Fast Mail Liu?, or
the Rio Grande Scenic Lines.
Look at the Time . .
i yt days to Salt Lake
days to Denver
days to Chicago
42 days to New York
Free Reclining Chair Cars, Upholstered
Teurist Sleeping Cars, and Pnllmau
Pa'ace Sleepers, operated on all
For further information, applyto
GEO. F. EGUJI, Agent, Corvallis, Or.
Trav. Pass. Agt. Gen'l A."?erit.
T24 Third St., Portland, Or.
, , .... . t
Dentistry of every description done in nrst
class manner, " and satisfaction guar-
an teed.
Offir-e over Zierolf 's grocery store, oppositj
the post, office, "!orval)is. Oregon.
Physician Surgeon
Rooms 14 in Bank Building.
) 10 to 12 a. m.
) 2 to 4 p. in.
Office Hours
Residence: Corner 5th and Adams, west
of Catholic churcn.
Telephone at office and residence.
CorvaMie, - Oregon.
Notice for Publication.
United States Laxd Office,
Oregon City, Oregon, August 22, 1900.
Kotice is hereby given that the following-named
settlor has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of hia claim, and that said proof
win tie wiacic neiore wit t;ounty (jierit 01 iemm
County, at Cortailis, Oregon, on October 12th,
WOO. Via:
II. E. No. 1029a, for the N. W. , See. 23, T. 13 S.
Jt. 7 W. He naaita the following: witness to
prove his continuous residence uppn and cultivation
of said land, viz, William Howell of Corvallis, Ore
gon, Thomas J. CMlds, O. J. Ruble and ft. Zahn, all
of Aleea, Oron.
For Sale or Sxchaue.
One hnndrediand eighteen lots, in half end whole
blocks, in the original town of Newport, that health
ful and beautiful summer resort, in Lincoln county,
Oregon; some business lots; residence lots near the
principal churches, school house, and other resi
dences; also residence lots commanding beautiful
views of ocean and! bay.
Five fractional blocks, south of and near the
State Agricultural College; all completely tiled,
streets thrown up and graded; beautiful, convenient
aud healthful for residence.
Largo dwelling, barn and outhouses, centrally
located on roomy aud commodious ground, in
Corvallis; will exchange for farm near Corvallis.
Twenty acres highly improved, all tile drained,
and in good state of cultivation; excellent roomy
buildings; about one-fourth mile from Agricultural
Large and roomy house and stable and lot in Cor
vallis, good residence, two blocks from the Coui
House; high, rolling ground.
Eight nice residence lots, thoroughly tile drained,
in Wilkins Addition to Corvallis.
- One lot and hotel, The Vincent House, on Front
street, in Coryallis, central iv located.
Seventy-three acres, G in orchard, 18 in wheat,
balance in grub3, timber and pasture; situate west,
adjoining the odd Fellows Cemetery, near Corvallis.
Wffl exchange the ' town property named for
suitable farm or acreage propertj; or will exchange
the acreage property described, for town property or
other farms or acreage; or will sell any or all of
said property on reasonable terms and time at rea
sonable rates and prices.
Corvalii3, Oregon.
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad,
2 For Yaquiua:
Train leaves Albany 12:45 p. m.
' " Corvallis J :50 p. ra,
" arrives Yaquina G:4-r) . tn.
1 Returning:
Leaves Yaquina 6:10 a. m.
Leaves Co-valli3 11:30 a. ra.
Arrives Albany 12:15 p. rn.
3 For Detioit:
Leaves Albany 7:C0 a. m.
Arrives Detroit 11:20 -i. m.
4 Returning:
Leaves Detroit 12:10 p. m.
Arrives .Albany . . . . 5:45 p. m.
One and two connect at Albai y
and Cor-alliP with Southern Pacific
trains, giving direct service to and
from .Newport and adjacent
Trains for the mountains arrive
at noon, giving ample time to
reach camping grounds on the
Breitenbush and Santiam river the
same day.
Edwin Stone,
H. L. Walden, Manager.
T. F. & P. A.
H. II. Ceonise, Agent, Corvallis.
I)i ey The Fixer
ia now prepared to do all kinds of bi
cycle repairing, enameling, varnishing,
etc. Besides being a champion "fixer'
of the Willamette valley, he carries a full
line Of bicycle sundries and supplies.
His shop is tbe headquaretrs for wheel
men. Pav him a visit.
Persons desiring to locate on timber
claims tributary to the C. & E. 11. K.
would do well to call on or correspond
with the undersigned. There is a num
ber of first class timber claims to be taken
np endrr the timber or homestead acts.
Gates, Marion Co . Or. Locator.
Southern Pacific Company.
Trains leave Corvallis for Portland
and way stations at 1:20 p. m.
Lv Portland 8 :30 a in
I L? Albany 12:30 p m
j Ar Ashland 12:33 a m
j Ar Sacramento-"- -5 .00 p in
Ar San Francisco-7:45 p in
S80 p in
10:50 p m
11:30 a m
4 :35 a ra
9.30 a io
Ar Ogden
Ar Denver
Ar Kansas City.
Ar Chicago
-5 :45 p hi
-9 :00 a m
-7 :25 a m
-fc55 a in
11 :46 a in
9 :00 a m
7 :25 a m
9 :30 a m
Ar Los Angeles 1 :20 p m
Ar.Kl Paso 0:00 p m
Ar Fort Worth 6 :30 a in
Ar City of Mexico 9:55 a m
Ar Houston 4:00 a in
Ar New Orleans- - C:2o a m
Ar Washington --0:42 a m
Ar New York 12 :43 p m
7:00 am
0 :00 p ni
0:30 a m
9 :55 a m
4 .00 a m
38 p ai
6:42 am
12:43 p m
both trains. Chair cars Sacramento to
i Ogden and El Paso, and Tourist cars to
! Ghicago, St Louis, New Orleans and
! Washington.
I Connecting at San Francisco with sev
eral steamship lines for Honolulu, Japan,
' China, Philippines, Central and South
i ,
i '
See F. E. FARMER, agent a Corvallis
station, or address
C. H. MARKHAM. G. P. A.,
Portland, Or.
Salt Lake, Denver,
j Atlantic Ft Worth, Omaha Fast
I Express Kansas City, St. Mail
i !p. in. Louis, Chieago 7:00p.in.
and East.
Walla Walla. Lew-:
it,, iston. Snoka ne, ! Q .
! Se? Minneapolis, St. . Se
1 n rn m Mil- ! JSP
and Kakt
Ocean Steamshtns-
' All Bailing datt-s I .
1 8 P '" Bubject to . hanse. j 4 P- m
; For San Francisco, :
,' Sail Dec. 3, 8, 13, i
; 18. 13. 2A, & every j
: 5 days.
Daily Colombia River
Ex. sun. steamer. : 1 P m-
8. p. m. I Except
Saturday, ! To Astoria & way- Sunday
! 1 p. m. j landing.
! ! Willamstta River.
,. 4 :S0 p. n.
(. a in. Oiegon City, New- Except
, .x. bun. j lKrp, Salem, and Sunday
I 7 a . m . i Willamette and Yam- 3:3o p.m.
I Fnetdav hi'l Divari Monday
Thursday Hi'8fS' j W ednes-
i and Oregon City, Day-! day and
j S aturday ton & Way-land's. Fiiday.
; 6 a. m. 1 Wilis ette River, sop.m.
T uesday, Monday,
T horary Portland to Corval- W ednes-
and ; lis & Wav-land's. day aud
SatiirJ'y ! Friday.
Leave Snaks Rifsr. i Leave
KipariH j Lewiston
; 3'35a. m, Kiparia to Lewie'B. I Daily
Daily. 8:3ja"m
Lo-al Agent.
CorvaHis, Oregon.
Does ener.tl and conservative haukiiii
Corvallis, Ore-'on.
ORice in Zierolf buLdiu?.
Ofuce in Wbitehorn Blork
Corvallis, Oregon
W. H. McBrayer and Old Crow Whi
kys, Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Physician & Surgeon
Titles. Conveyancing.
Practice in all Slate andiFederal Court.
Office inFilg National Eank Building,

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