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The San Francisco Examiner
of November 8th, contains a
long editorial on "The Meaning
of Defeat," in whioh it contends
that Bryan beat himself. it
contains these paragraphs:
The people have evidently
made up their minds to dispose
of free silvr once for all. The
effort was superfluous, for free
silver had ceased to exist as a
possible policy four years ago,
but the voters were determined
not to have the remains lying
around any longer.
The Democrafcia party has
paid by two defeats for the adop
tion of an unpopular and dis
credited issue. Free silver was
defensible in 1896, although ev
en then its advocates had an up
hill fight. But everything that
has happened in the past four
years has helptd to bury it deep
er in the graveyard of obsolete
issues. Russia. Taoan, and half
a dozen minor nations have be
come fold standard countries.
Even in South America silver is
steadily losing ground, and Mex
ico is almost the only important
friend it has left. A flood of new
gold has filled the monetary
channels of the world.
Every argument the silver ad
vocates advanced in 1896 scar
city of gold, appreciating curren
cy, business stringency has
ceased to have any application to
Dresent conditions. Prices have
been rising instead of falling.
The trusts have been practically
reducing the wages of the entire
laboring population by making
the dollar buy less. This is the
mosi effective argument advanoed
by democracy for winning labor
votes, and it is under suoh con
ditions that the democratic party
' has been put in the ridiculous
and odious position of trying to
make the dollar buy less still.
Amerioan publio opinion be
lieves in fche retention of the
Philippines, and in the exten
sionto that country of a truly
Amerioan form of government,
under which the Filipino would
har orovocation to revolt. It
believes that free silver was dead
in 1896 and is ten times deader
in 1900. That is one issue, at
least, that will not ba heard of
again in the immediate future.
To give liberty to the Filipi
nos it was not essential to grant
independence. Mr. MoKinley
will find it absolutely necessary
to establish liberty in the Philip
pines and settle the affairs of
Porto Rico in accordance with
American traditions.
The official vote of Benton
county gives MoKinley 928, Bry
an 766, Wooliey 83, Barker 3,
Debs 7. McKinley's plurality
is, therefore, 162. Tee total
vote of the county was 1787.
This is considerably below the
June registration of 1955, and
a trifle below the vote of last Jane
which was 1822. The last fig
ures show the total vote cast for
clerk, which was above that of
any other candidate, the average
being in tha neighborhood of
1750- votes.
Bis Land Deal.
E. J. Frazier, the real estate
dealer, closed up a deal for the
following seven farms on last
Thursday, and the deeds have all
passed to necord: The George
W Farleigh farm and stock, 91
acres, $2,920; the R D Elliott
farm of 40 acres for $1,000; the
Richard H. Clow farm of 154
acres for $1,500; the Louisa
Diass farm of 40 aores for $1,000;
the Thomas Bailey farm of 40
acres for $1,500; all situated
about Sour miles west of Eugene,
sold to Joseph H. and Samuel
Watson, late of Minnesota. Also
tha Sanford Skinner farm in the
Mohawk valley to Joseph Vagle,
160 aores for $500, and the S.
T. Isam farm of 168 acres to
Peter Darelius fof $850.
Mr. Frazier recently went to
California for the purpose of
securing an exchange of proper j
ty the Norrls Humphry fruit
farm of 155 acres 3 y2 miles north
of Eugere, and he succeeded in
effecting a sale of the same to
Mr. A. H. Stinson, of San Jose,
Calif., for cash and property ag
gregating in all to $ 31,000. This
large sale was consummated last
week. Mr. Frazier also sold
during October, the Jonathan
Conger farm of 317 acres and j
stock-, tour miles south west of!
Eugene to Samuel Wa'-on, of i
Minnesota, for $7,354; also the
Holland McCullum farm of 230
acres to J. H. Dunlap, jast from
Iowa, for $2,000; also the Hale
Backensto property on Blair
street, for $950 to Nels Johansen,
jusfe from Iowa. Also the Waldo
P. Cheshire property on south
Willamette street to Mrs. Sarah
J. Conrod, DesMo'nes, for
$1,150, and the T G Hendricks'
property on Eighth Street, to
Mr. P. Pennington for $1,250,
aggregating in all $52,924.
Eugene Guard.
Meets November 20th.
The state association of county
judges, county commissioners
and oouuty assessors- meats in
Portland November 20th. The
last meeting was held in Febru
ary last.
There are many things con
nected with the assessor's office
in which the county iudgre and
commissioners have a mutual in
terest, and this is why they hayo
arranged for these joint assem
blages. At the last convention
various changes in the statutes
regarding assessments and taxa
tion were discussed, and a com
mittee was appointed to consider
the proposed amendments and to
formulate laws necessary to cor
rect existing evils. Reports wiU
probably be submitted at the
coming meeting, and plans may
be adopted for submitting pro
posed measures to the legisla
ture. New ofhoers for the asso
ciation wiil also be elected. It
is expected that all assessors
elect whose terms begin on the
first Monday in Janaary will be
in attendance and take part in
the discussions.
Commissioners' Court.
The county court convened
last week andi transacted the fol
lowing business:
John L Martin was awarded
the contract as attendant at the
Bundy crossing; to operate the
drawbridge, and is to receive $5
for each round trip of all steam
ers which ocoasion an opening of
the araw.
In the matter of petition of G
H Waggoner for the purohase by
the county of tha field notes
Petition of W T Porter for $44
rebate of taxes, continued.
J I Tayler, Geo Dixon and
James Blodgett each received $2
as bounties for one oonsrar and
two wildcats.
E D Petti t, having refused to
qualify as road supervisor No 8,
Charles Skaggs was appointed
for said district.
J D Wells was appointed
supervisor of road district No 2
The Mulkoy-Dixon road mat
ter was again continued.
f-T-K 1 w
ine county olerk was in
structed to have a system of call-
bells established in the court
house, connecting the clerk's
office with that of the county
judge, sheriff, school snperinten
dent and -recorder.
The matter of a gateway for
Dednch Mohfield was continued
The matter of fixing the tax
levy for the current year was
In the matter of the county
exhibit at the state fair the com
mittee submitted a report show
ing that it had received in
premiums and appropriations
from the county $130; that it
had expended $86 and had
turned the remaining $44 over to
the county treasurer. Report
I approved.
Court Decisions.
Following is a lisb of cases
disposed of at the recent session
of the circuit court for Benton
A Bennett vs W E and N
Allen, action of promissory note;
judgments of $57 as to E Allen.
Albany Iron Works vs H N
Eley, action to recover money;
dismissed on motion of plaintiff.
Margery B. Davisaon vs J G
Graham et al, action on promis
sory note; judgment.
R H Hurley vs Isaac A Gar
rett, action on promissory note;
judgment by default.
Wadhams & Co vs G W Good-
l MtaV
One Night Treatment soak thehand3
thoroughly, on retiring, In a hot lather of
Cuticuba Soap. Dry, and anoint freely with
Cuticura ointment, the great skin cure and
purest of emollients. Wear old gloves during
the night. For sore hands, itching, burning
palms and painful finger ends, this one night
treatment is wonderful.
lUflMC'i Especially Mothers arc mof competent
Tf UlllLii to appreciate the re:nark!le cleansing,
purifying, and emollient propertie. of Ccticcka Soap
awag find new usee tor it daily.
Sold throughout the world. Potted D . A WD C. Corp.,
Props., Boetoo. " How to Have Beautiful Hinds," tree.
man efe al, action on promissory
note; judgment by default.
J A Bradley vs W A Gellatly,
action 011 promissory note; judg
ment according to stipulation.
The Balfour Guthrie Invest
ment Co vs Florence Mulkey et
al, foreclosure mortgage; de
murrer withdrawn and answer
filed, v
City of Philomath vs J W
Ingle, writ of review; plaintiff
and defendants given ten days
in which to file briefs.
Isabella Garland vs J E Kirk
patrick et al, foreclosure mort
gage; judgment.
J H Gibson et al vs Homer
Gibson et at, suit for partition of
property; R E Gibson appointed
guardian ad litem of Homer Gib
son. Lydia G Weber vs Goo Weber,
divorce; decree granted.
Blanchs M Adams vs Newton
R Adams, suit for divorce; de
cree granted.
Nellie E. Moore vs WJ Moore,
suit lor divorce; decree granted.
State vs- Henry Mann, escheat;
order confirming sale of real
For Rent.
Will rent 200 acres of land veEt of
Monroe and tiike part payment of rent
in work and improvements on the place.
Address M. S. Woodcock,
Corvallis, Oregon.
Pi-.iaos and Organs for Sale.
Call at residence in Wilkins Addiifon
and see samples of high grade pianos
nnd organs just unboxed. Can give bar
gains on goods of the highest merit as
t hey are shipped direct from the factory
thus saving middle men's profits and
giving the benefit of this economy to
patrons. All invited to inspect goods.
Music Lessons.
Lessons given on the piano and organ
in a manner that trains the ear, mind
and hands and saves years of needless
drudgery. M. A. Goodxouqh.
Notice to Farmers.
We will grind plow shares each Satur- j
day. Other repair work will reoeive
prompt attention. The Foundry.
Poultry wanted.
I will pay in cash for all kinds of live
poultry the highest market price.
J. H. Mattley.
Residence west of S P depot, Corvallis.
Southern California.
Netable nmosg the pleasures afforded
bv the Shasta Route is the winter trip to
Southern California and Arizona. Re
newed acquaintance with this section
will ever develop fresh points of interest
and added indiistrieskin its prolific vege
tation and among its numberless resorts
of mountain, shore, valley and plain.
The two daily Shasta trains from Port
land to California have been recently
equipped with the most approved pat
tern of standard and tourist sleeping
cars, but the low rates of fare will still
continue in effect.
Illustrated guides to the winter resorts
of California and Arizona may be had on
application to
C. H. Markham, G. P. A.,
- Portland, Oregon.
Jerseys for Sale.
For Sale One of the fineBt Jrwy
bulls, full blood, born last Jaly,
solid color, gentle and kind, will
register in the A. J. C. C.
Ote very fine full-blood Jersey
bull solid color, prominently mark
ed, gentle and kind, born Jane 18,
1899. His mother tested 6$ per
cent, butter fat. Will register in
the P. C. C C.
Two nice full-blood Jersey heif
ers, solid color, well marked, about
15 months old, gentle and kind,
registered in the A. J. C. 0. Par
ties wanting fine registered Jersey
stock will miss a rare chanee if they
fail to investigate this opportunity
to get fine Jerseys.
M.S. Woodcock,
Corvallie, Ore.
1 CorvalHs' Most Popular Eating House
I Pioneer Bakery
i Fresh bread daily. A complete stock of candies, fruits and
nuts kept canstantly on hand. Smokers supplies
a specialty.
H. W. HALL, Proprietor.
It is well to remember that you
can cover Benton County
.horoughly by placing
your advertisement in the
They get Proper Display, Proper Position
and Proper Treatment.
come to think over it,
you can easily under
stand why so many prom
nent advertisers place ads
in this paper.
That's the Secret.
Executrix' Notica to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned ha
b' en duly corcnrined and appointedole executrix of
the last will and testament of L. G. Kline, deceased,
by the County Court of the State of Oregou for
Benton county for probate. All persons having
claims against said estate are tequircd to present the
Kame, duly verified, to me at rov residence, in Con al
1 is, Oregon, or at the law office t'f K. Holgate in
Corvallis, Oregon, within six months from the date
of the first publication of this notice.
Dated at Corvallis, Or. this 2nd day of Nov. , 19C1.
Paclixa Klihk,
Xotieo of Final Settlement.
Notice If Iier.br glrta tbat th underimd ex
ecutor of tin out of Ellzabalh A. B.ich, da
ceased, hai Sled in the C?nnty Cetsrt of Kenton
county, Oregon, hU final acoouut ae snoh executor
ct the last will and teattment of Klimbeth A Beach,
deceisoJ, and that Saturday, the'Stb day of October
A. D., 1900, at the hour of 10 o'clock a.m. ba ban
fixed by said court as the time for bearing objec
tions to Said account and the settietaent thereof.
Administrator of the Last Will and Testament of
Elizalieth A. Beach, Deceased.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby (fit en that the unr! red has
been appointed "administrator of the t state of
Arthur Johnson, deceased, and all ereii tors of said
estate ar required to present tne'.r r aims duly
verified as by law required, with the pro-per vouch
ers, to said undersigned at his residence near Wells,
Benton county, or to Yates, Yates & Gibson at
their offices, C'orrallis, Oregon, within six months
from this date.
Corvallis, Or., October 11, 19P0.
Admr Estate Arthur .'"hnsor Dcc'd
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the underpinned h;i
been appointed administrator of the estates of Kan
som A. Belknap and Mahala Belknap, deceased, and
all creditors of said estates are required to present
their claims as per law required, with proper vouch
ers, to said undersigned at his residence near Mon
roe, Benton county, within six months irom this
Corvallis, Or., October SX, 1900.
W. C. Belknap,
Adm. Estates of Ransom A. Belknap and Mahala
Belknap, deceased.
Get your Job Work done here
W 94
Notice of Trnstoe'8 Sale.
In the District Conrtof the Un.tod States fr li e
District of Oregon.
In the Matter of
James F. Powell, j. La Bxafa upter.
Bankrupt. J
Netiee is hereby given that In porsusaes of an
order of the Referee In bankruptcy for Linn oeuntv,
Oregon, I will, at the kearof three o'clock p. m.,
on the Zitbday of September, 19s, in front of the
pestofflco in tha town at rhilematb, Benton county,
Oregon, sell at publio anetlea to the niftiest bidder
therefor, for cash in band, all tha right, title and
interest whlota the abeye-named bankrupt at any
time had and which I now have by virtue of being
trustee in the above-entitled matter, in the follow
ing described premises, to wit:
An undivided oae-feurth et lot 98, In blsck 31 In
thedtyot Philomath, in Benton county, Oregon,
as the sanre appears on record on the asps and
plats ef said city now on fil la the offloa of the
county recorder of said county.
Such sale will be made sableot to approval cf
said Court.
Dated this 24th day of August, 1900.
Trustee In the Matter of the above-na-ued Eanl;
rupt. Notice for Publication.
Uxitid States Laxo Ornca,
Oregon City, Oregon. Nov, 1st, I960.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with the
provisions or tha act of Congress ef Juno t, 1178,
entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Wash
ington Territory," as extended to all the Public
Land States by act of Augnst 4, 1893.
Of 6.Uem, county of Marion, st.ite of Oreun,
has this day filed in this office liis sworn statement
No. 6315, for the purchase of the SW of Sec: ion
No. 14, in Tewnship No. 13 S ran- No. 7 We t, and
will offer proof to show that tile land sought is
nic-0 valuable for its timber or stone than for
agricultural purpo-.es, and to establish his i laim to
said land before tliereIster and recewer of this office
at Oregon City, Oregon, on Tuesday, the 29th day
January, 1901. He names as witnesses: Devillo M.
Wilson, Robert A. Wibsn, and E. V. Spencer, all of
Salem, Marien County, Oregon, and Ben V. Spencer
of Alsea, Benton County, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to ale their claims in
this office on or before said 2th day of January,
, Register
Wan ted.
Old east Iron of any kiad. Farmers,
we will pay yoa from oao-foertlt to oe
half moio far your iron tbaa but jank
dealer. Wa
- -w.wa.a Met UV Wffll I tlVIS
of any kind, at any time. Patraaiza as.
xsnng yonr old. iron and tret yonr money.
am. iutiapjT, uorvaniB, ur.
Moatana, Utah, Colorado
and all Eastern Points
Gives choice of two favorite routes, via
the Union Pacific Fast Mail Lino, or
the Rio Grai.tle Sceuie Lines.
Look at the Time . .
r days to Salt Lake
zyi days to Denver
3 days to Chicago
43 days to New York
Free Reclining Ckair Care, Upholstered
tourist Sleeping Cars, an FnlliBau
Palace Sleepers, operated an all
For further information, apply to
GEO. F. EG LIST, Agent, Corvallla, Or.
C. 0. TERRY, W. St. COMAN,
Trav. Pass. Agt. Gen'l Agent.
124 Third St., Portland, Or.
De-ntistrv of everv description done in first
Office over Zierolf's grocery store, oppose
the post office. Coivallis. Oregon.
Physician Surgeon
Rooms 14 in Bank Building.
rm, I 10 to 12 a, m.
Office Hours 2 to 4p. m.
Residence: Corner College and 8th St&.
Telephone at office and residence.
Corvallis, - Oregon.
Notice for Publication.
Oregon City, Oregon, August 22, 1SW.
Kotice is hereby given that the fol!otviB-na'med
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will be wade before the County Clerk of Benton
Count r. at Cor: all 3, Oregon, on October 12th,
n. F. No. 10238, for the N. W. J, Bcc. '2S, T. 1J S.
ft, 7 W. lie names the following witnesses to
provo his continuous residence upon and cultivation
ef said Isiid, viz, William Howell of Corvallis, Ore
gon, Thomas J. Childs, O. J. Kuble and R. Zahn, all
of Alscu, Oregon.
For Sale or Exchange.
Ono Imndredfand eighteen tots, in half and whole
blocks, in the original towu of Newport, that health
ful and beautiful summer resort, in Lincoln coanty,
OregoR; some business lots: residence lots near the
principal churches, school :-houso, and other resi
dences; also residence lots commanding beautiful
Views of ocean and' bay.
Five fractional blocks, south of and near the
State Agricultural College; all coropletely tiled,
streets thrown up and graded; beautiful, convenient
and healthful for residence.
Large dwelling, barn and outhouses, centra'h
located on roomy and commodious ground, in
Corvallis; will exchange for farm near Corvallis.
Twenty acres highly improved, all tile drained,
and in good state of cultivation; excellent roomy
buildings; about one-fourth mile from Agricultural
Large and roomy house and stable and lot in Cor
valiia, good residence, two blocks from the Coui
Houso; high, rolling ground.
Right nice residence lots, thoroughly tile drained,
in Wilkins Addition to Corvallis.
One lot and hotel, The Vincent House, on Front
street, in Corvallis, centrally located.
Seventy-three acres, 6 in orchard ,. 18 In wheat,
balance in grubs, timber and pasture; situate west,
adjoining the Odd Fellows Cemetery, near Corvallis.
Will exchange the town property named for
suitable farm or acreage property; or will exchange
the acreage property desoribed,tor town property er
other farms or acreage; or will sell any or all of
said property on reasonable terms and time at rea
sonable rates and prices.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad,
2 For Yaquina:
Troln leaves Alhanv
12:45 p.
' " Corvallis
" arrive? Yaquina
1 Returning:
Leaves Yaquina....
Leaves Ccvallis. . . .
Arrives Albany ....
3 For Detioit:
- - v
1 -.50 p.
6:45 p.
fi:10 a. ra.
11:30 a. m.
12:15 p.
Leaves Alhany
Arriyes Detroit
4 Returning:
Leaves Detreit
Arrives Albany
Ana nnrl l.wn nnnneet
7-.0 a.
12:10 p. m.
5:4b p. ro.
at Albary
and Corvallis with Southern Pacific
trains, giving direct service to and
from, Newport and adjacent
Trains for the mountains arrive
at noon, giving ample time to
reooVi earttTiin? ?rOUIds On the
Breitenbush and Santiam river
same day.
Edwin Stone,
IT. L. Waldev, Manager.
T. F. & P. A.
H. H. Cronise, Agent, Corvallis.
i)l ey The Fixer
is now prepared to do all kinds of bi
cycle repairinf enameling, varnishing,
etc. Besides being a champion "fixer'
of the Willamette valley, he carries a toll
line of bieyele sundries and supplies.
His shop fe the headqaaretrs for wheel
men, l'ay him a visit.
Persons desiring to locate on timber
claims tributary to the C. & B. R. R.
wccld do well to call on 6r correspond
with the undersigned. There is a num
ber ol first-claw timber claims to be taken
np under the timber or homestead acts.
Gates, Marion Co.. Or. Locator,
Southern Pacific Ooiapanv.
Trains leave Corvallis for Portland
i and way stations at 1:20 p. m.
Lv Portland 8 :30 u ui
Ly Albany 12:30 p m
Ar Ashland 12:33 a m
Ar Sacramento- -5 .00 P m
Ar San Francisco-7 :45 p m
S :3t p in
1050 p IB
11 :30 a m
4 :35 a m
9.30 a i-i
Ar Ogtlen 5 :45 p ru
Ar Denver -9i00 a m
Ar-KanaaGity---7:25 a m
Ar Chicago 7 :66 a tn
Ar Lob Angeles 1 :20 p tn
ArElPaao 6:00 p m
Ar Fort Worth 6 :M a m
ArGUy of Mexico 9:55 a m
Ar HouBton. 4:0P a in
ArNfe Orleans--6:26 a m
Ar Washington 6:42 a in
Ar New York 12:43 p m
11 : a m
9:00 a c
7 M a m
9 :80a m
7:80 a m
6 :0A p m
6:30 a m
S : S a m
4 :00 a m
6:tS p mi
:42 a m
ltt4S p m
both trains. Ghair cars Sacramento to
Ogden and El Paao, and Tonriat car to
Chicago, St Louis, New Orleann and
Connecting at fc?an Francisco with sev
eral steamship lines for Honolulu, Japan,
I China, Philippines, Central and South
See. F. E. FARMER, agent a Corvallis
station, or address
C. H. MARKHAM. G. P. A.,
Portland, Or.
Salt Lake, Denver,
Ft Worth , Omaha Fast
Kansas City, St. Mail
Louis, Chieage 7:00 p.m.
and Hast.
Walla Walla. Lew
istjn. S p o k a ne, V a-.,.
Minneapolla, St. bt
Paul, Dalnth. Mil- 8-40 a m
waukee, Chicago,
and East.
Ocean Sie?nisliias-
All sailing dates I . m
suhnl-t to change, j ' '
For San Francisco, ;
Bail Dec. 3, 8, 13. 1
18. 23. 28, & every j
5 days.
GaiHsibia River
To Abtoria & way- Banday
WiiMtt filter. 7 "
. 4 :0 p. m.
Oiegon City, Now- Except
berg, Salem, and jSundav
Willamette and Yns- p -hill
Oregon City, Day- day nnd
Von & Way-land's. Friday.
Wilia ctte Elver. 4:30 p.m.
Portland to Corral- W ednes
lis & Wav-land'. day and
Snak3 River. LwiYe
Lew 1st on
Biparia to Lewls'n Daily
I 8:3ja"m
9 p. in.
. g m
Ex. Bon.
8. p. m.
1 p. m.
6 a. m.
Ex. Sun.
7 a. so .
1 T; ?dsr
I Thursday
I and
S atnraay
6 a. tn.
T uesday,
i'3oa. m
Local Agent.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Doe- a general and conservative baaking
Corvallis, Ore-'on.
Office in Zierolf bul .Hug.
Oillce In WblteMra Block
Corvallis, Oregon
W. n. McSrayer and Old Crow Whis
kys, Fine Wines, Liquors anl Cigars.
Physician cf Suigeon
Practice in all Stale andFederal Court.
Office in JFirfetJ National Bank Building.

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