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Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
See Pec-Simile Wrapper Below.
LAW trio
I Very Hull nl ear
to talte as reffar.
oxifDZNX mmw aw m yjgg
1 2S cSie 1 Fnrery Testable.,
Rajahs Prise Artillery Salute.
The rajahs of India, of whom there
are over 100, are classed in divisions,
each of which is entitled to a compli
mentary salute of a certain number oi
gons, ranging from nine to 19 per ra
jah. The greatest punishment the gov
ernment of India can inflict on a na
tive prince, short of deposing him, is
to dock him a gnn or two on his salute.
On the other hand, a couple of guns
extra is a promotion as much prised as
a step in rank bestowed on the field of
EASE. A powder. At this season your feet feel
swollen, nervous and uncomfortable. If
you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try
Allen's Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts;
makes walking easy. Cures swollen and
sweating feet, blisters and callous spots.
Believes corns and bunions of all paiu and
is a certain cure for Chilblains. Sweating,
Damp or Fros-ted Feet. We have over 30,
000 testimonials. Don't get footsore get
Foot-Ease. Try it today. Sold bv all
druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial
package Free. Address, AUeu S. Olm
sted. Le Roy, N. Y.
Although the sum of $12,000,000 has
been expended during the past eight
years in reducing the number of Chi
cago's grade crossings, that city lost 23
citizens last month in grade crossing
Stops the Cough and
Works Off the Gold.
Laxative Brono-Quinine Tablets cure
a cold in one day. No cure, No Pay.
Price 25 cents.
American shoes have met with such
success in French Switzerland that Eu
ropean manufacturers have begun to
make imitations of them, and have
marked their goods ' 'made in Amer
ica." Alaska is a paradise for sportsmen.
No other such bunting domain exists
in the United States.
Kyon haven" t a regular, healthy movement of th
wels every day, you're sick, or will be. Keep your
bowels open, and be well. Force, In the shape of
violent physic or pill poison, is dangerous. The
smoothest, easiest, most perfect way or keeping the
bowels clear and clean is to take
He Achieve J Fame, Notoriety and
Leadership at a Hound He la a
Many-Sided Man of Wonderful Force
and Energy.
There are few more interesting fig
ures in the political life of the country
than Marcus A. Hanna, and in the cur
rent number of McClure's Magazine
William Allen White draws a most in
teresting pen picture of him.
Hanna, says the writer, is intensely
human. There is nothing god-like,
nothing demoniac, nothing cherubic,
nothing serpentine about him. He is a
plain man, who stands in the last ditch
with his friends, and fights his enemies
to the death. He enjoys a good joke,
a good fellow, or a good dinner; and,
if possible, likes all three served at
the same table. Often he wins bril
liancy, sometimes loses conspicuously,
makes a fool of himself occasionally,
laughs at it good-naturedly, and does
it over again, "even as you and I." He
has on his bones the clay of the unex
plainable old Adam rich in weakness
and strength, graces, and foibles, and
withal he has the philosophy which
sustained the shepherd of Arden. So
his strength is more than his weakness,
for he has the virility of common sense.
He is not happy crocheting tidies and
adopting ringing resolutions. He is a
man of deeds rather than of explana
tions. Hanna is not a man of exalted ideals.
Between his purpose and his execution
his path Ues in a straight line. If gen
tlemen in spectacles come along the
path, stretching across strings of ethi
cal obstacles, and planting in it the
potsherds of transcendental philosophic
scruples, Hanna pushes forward to his
end, kicking away the strings and
crushing the pottery under his feet.
Later, If he has time, he devotes a
few lurid minutes to the spectacled gen
try before he closes the incident with
a bang and goes about his 'business.
Hanna is perfectly willing to admit
S Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do Good,
exer sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. " 60c Writ
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With Rheumatism, Sciatica, Neuralgia or
Backache. "5 Drops" Will Relieve
All Fain and Cure Ton,
SWASSON'S "5 DROPS" is quick and
positive. It prevents and absolutely cui es dis
ease. It kills the germs. It acts with marvel
ous effect on the stomach, liver and kidneys ;
purines the blood, strengthens the nerves, and
f laces the entire system in a healthy condition,
t is the cheapest and best medicine in the
world, 300 doses for $1. It is for yon who are
crippled and helpless; bed ridden -and hope
less. .Here is Life and Hope; a positive cure.
"5 DROPS" is for man, woman and child;
the best remedy on earth to have in the house,
readv for every sudden sickness or pain. BUT
A bottle TO i A Y. It gives instantaneous
relief 'and is absolutely the only certain cure
for RHEUMATISM in all in forms. It is
also Hsed with unfailing effect in Sciatica,
Backache, Neuralgia, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness, Nervous and Neuralgic
Headaches, Nervous Dyspepsia, and
ervons affections of every description,
Asthma. Hay Fever, Catarrh, Croup,
Srouehitia, Heart Weakness, Toothache,
srasss, La Orlppe, Malaria, Creeping
Numbness, and kindred diseases.
"I wish to lift my voice in behalf of your
'S UEOPS," the only medicine that has
given me any relief from my dreadful malady,
rheumatism. I have used one bottle,
and have bad but one attack since I com
menced it. I have been a great sufferer from
RHEUMATISM for twenty long years. Every
winter and spring I would think would be my
last. Thanks to you and your "5 DROPS"
for the . good it has done me. I would not be
without it. You can use this as you please.
Send them tome.
Tnomas T. Readdick, Klngsland. Ga."
"I do not know how to express how wonder
ful I think your "5 DROPS" is. I was suf
fering Intensely with neuralgia, and
thought for a month that I would have to die.
One day a lady called to see me and brought
an advertisement of your Swanson's "5
imops " I resolved to try it and sent for a
bottle. I have not had an attack of suffering
since I took the first dose. I believe it hat
saved my life. This statement is positively
true. I shall always take pleasure In recom
mending your "5 DROPS" for the cure ol
NEURALGI A. Yours very truly,
L. R Smith, El Dorndo Springs, Mo.
SWANSON'S "5 DROPS" is sold by us
and agents. In some places the Druggists are
onr agents. If the remedy is not obtainable in
your town, order of us direct. Large size bottle,
too doses, 11.00, sent prepaid by express or mail,
or for the next 30 days, to enable
all who are suffering, to at least
have an opportunity to try the most
wonderful of all remedies, we will
send SAMPLE FREE upon re
ceipt of 4c. to pay postage. Agents
was mark wanted in new territory. Writs Now.
164 Lake S reet, Chicago.
that beyond the Alps lies Italy and that
the hills are green afar off; but he In
sists on his American privilege of vot
ing for the majority report In politics
Hanna is a partisan. With him the
long-nosed, short-chinned mugwump is
entitled to the same consideration due
to the guerilla in time of war. Hanna
would endorse a political proposition
not authorized by his party caucus and
his platform about as readily as a gen
eral would take orders from a news
paper. In his party Hanna has dis
putes, differences and contentions. But
he knows when he is whipped, and re
spects a similar knowledge in his ad
versary. When a fight is over, it is
over with Hanna. He bears no malice,
carries no knife from the conflict to use
another day, and he has a scorching
contempt for the contentious and to
Hb""r Impossible persons who insist
that a question -is never settled until it
is settled right. From Hanna's point
of view the ways of the reformer and
of "the serpent on the rock" are be
yond understanding.
For Hanna's solicitude for the people
is as tender as that of the late William
EL Vanderbilt. Hanna believes in ev
ery man for himself and the devil take
the hindermost. He does not fawn upon
the failures of life, nor mince matters
in locating the blame for their condi
tion. Every good cause has produced
its demagogues, who are as dangerous
to progress as the opponents of the
cause. And although Hanna has been
grilled in cartoons as a money devil
with dollar marks for scales; has been
sizzle In public scorn as a conscience
less boss; has been called a crusher of
labor, an Industrial octopus, a commer
cial Moloch, and every manner of bird
or beast on earth, in the air above, or
in the waters beneath, his bitterest en
emies in their most interesting flights
of vituperation have not added to the
gayety of nations by calling Mark Han
na a demagogue.
If a large, jagged, brown cuss word
is needed in a diplomatic situation,
Hanna furnishes it. If a laugh Is need
ed, Hanna has it and Is not afraid to
use It. If an open fight is required,
Hanna makes it. He is a man of simple
instincts and simple purposes. His re
lations with certain of his Senatorial
colleagues were arranged In their bi
ological development millions of years
ago. For instance, the velvet-pawed
feline tactics of former Senator Quay
set Hanna to baying deep-mouthed im
precations and kicking out behind the
loam of recent alluvial reminiscence.
It is not that Hanna is so entirely dis
pleased with what Quay does as with
the way it is done, for Hanna is no
prude. . He has a conscience the con
ventional conscience of commerce. To
him wrong is wrong, and right is right
Everything is either black or white;
he Is color blind to the pea greens and
heliotropes and electric blues of conduct
Bmi 0UnKtarrupA Tastes Gooi Use
In time Sold by druggists.
Housekeeping Not One Round of Pleas
ure for Him
"Housekeeping," said Mr. X. argu
mentatively, "Is not one constant round
of pleasure. It would be, 1 suppose, if
it weren't for the iniquities of the ser
vants, the tradespeople and Mrs. X.,
but handicapped by them, I am fain
to declare that running one's own es
tablishment has its drawbacks.
"I've thought so for a long time, ever
since the pipes froze in the bathroom
hut winter and the stovepipe in the
kitchen fell down and covered my
breakfast with soot, to be accurate, I
think so more than ever since Saturday
night, when the climax of my unhappy
marital experiences was reached.
"It was Mrs. X.'s fault. It always is
Mrs. X.s fault Since the time of Eve
the weaker sex has been to blame for
all masculine discomfort At any rate,
we were to have some friends to dine
with us on Sunday, and my better half.
Instead of going to market early, as she
should have done, put it off until after
noon, and had, as is her foolish custom,
I believe, her baskets of provisions sent
to the butcher's to be delivered by him.
"Saturday night we went to the thea
ter, and some malign fate induced me
to tog up as seldom before. I wore my
dress suit and my opera hat and a
boutonniere and the other things that
go with this festal array, and when I
came downstairs Mrs. X. said I looked
lovely, which is her way of declaring
that I'm a presentable-appearing chap.
"We enjoyed the play immensely, and
when we got home we were both so
hungry that we agreed to make a rabbit
and have a cozy little luncheon' to
gether, and this Is where I made my
awful mistake. If I had never suggest
ed the lunch my wife wouldn't have
discovered there wasn't any butter, nor
any cheese in the house; that that per
fidious butcher, in fact hadn't sent the
market baskets home.
"The cook was in bed asleep, the maid
gone home to spend the night the mar
ket would close in half an hour. It was
up to me to get those baskets.
"My wife wouldn't even let me
change my coat
" 'Go! Go!' she kept moaning, 'what In
the world will I give Mr. and Mrs.
Blank to eat to-morrow If you are too
"Behold me, therefore, thirty minutes
later the cynosure of all eyes in a trol
ley car, a pair of squawking chickens
over one broadcloth-clad arm, a huge
market basket on the other. I had re
moved my gloves and my boutonniere,
but I still appeared sufficiently festive
to attract a great deal of attention.
"I tried to 'be imperturbable, and to
look as If going to market and in full
dress was a usual occurrence, but I'm
afraid I succeeded badly.
"That's all the story except the after
math, which was that Mrs. X. declared
I was the worst-tempered man she ever
met and that I could take my choice
between getting a divorce or going to
a hotel to live. That's the reason we
start to boarding next week." Balti
more News.
Storm's Prank Nerved a Tonnsr law
Student to Bet, and He Won.
"The lightning caused me to bet on
the Presidential election in 18G0," said
a man who was called in as stakeholder
a few days ago, "and I won."
"I'm not more superstitious than the
average individual," continued the man,
"although my act would indicate the
contrary. I was a young man in a law
office in a Kentucky town. My precep
tor had pasted over his desk a poster
containing the portraits of all of the
candidatesLincoln and Hamlin,
Breckinridge and Lane, Douglas and
Johnson, and Bell and Everett The
poster contained the- platforms of the
various parties. There was some un
certainty In that campaign. My pre
ceptor was an enthusiastic Douglas
man and wanted to bet all he had on his
candidate. It was my first experience
in a Presidential campaign, and I had
a fool notion that Bell and Everett
would be elected. I had never made a
money bet but I was aching to take up
my Blackstonlan preceptor, although I
lacked nerve.
"One day there was a thunder-storm.
The lightning loosened a number of
things in the town, the building In
which I was a law student being one.
In one of Its pranks the lightning cut
in the wall on which that political pos
ter was posted. The result was that
the upper part of the poster hung down
from the wall, covering up all the can
didates save Lincoln and Hamlin. De
spite my sympathies for Bell and Ev
erett I imagined I saw in this condi
tion of the poster the result of that elec
tion, and a few days later when the
Douglas enthusiast talked on bis upper
notes and offered to bet $25 even on his
man I took him up. He was very much
astonished to think I would bet on Lin
coln and Hamlin. He said I was a
young ass and other things, and that be
would bet with me to teach me a lesson.
After the election he asked me bow I
came to take the chance, for there were
few Lincoln votes in the town. Waen
I told him the source of my tip he grew
" 'You have won your first bet on a
Presidential election,' he said, 'but re
member, young man, lightning never
strikes in the same place twice
"But it did In this case. Lincoln was
re-elected. Chicago Inter Ocean.
Pickled Onions.
Use the small silver skinned onions,
remove the outer skins and let them
lie in strong brine for three days;
drain, place in a jar first a layer of on
ions three inches deep then a sprink
ling of horseradish, stick cinamon and
cloves. Repeat until jar is full.
Bring vinegar to boiling poin. add one
quart of brown sugar to each gallon of
vinegar and pour hot over the onions.
Siberian Trisons Abolished.
Siberia is no longer to be a penal col
ony. The decree abolishing it is the re
sult, of the building of the Siberian rail
road. Nothing can compare to the rapid
settlement of the vast plains', unless it be
tiie rapid growth of tiiat famous dyspep
sia cure. Hosietter's Stomach P.ittcrs. Try
it for constipation, indigestion, dyspep
sia or ilatulency.
A negro in Atlantic City, N. J., has
made himself famous. In a whole
year he Kept a quarter of a dollar in
his mouth, and thus won a wager of
Carter's Ink
is used by millions, which is a sure proof
of its quality. Semi for free booklet. "Ink
lings. Address Carter's Ink Co., Boston,
Mass. ,
No doubt many farmers make ensi
lage a specialty, as it is the cheapest
of all foods for winter, but they must
not depend upon it entirely. The
best results obtained with the use of
ensilage are when it is made only a
portion of the ration. Fed in connec
tion with other foods it aids digestion
and keeps the animals in health, be
cause it is succulent and affords a va
riety as well as being nourishing.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for thfir
children duriug the teething period.
There is no better plan for fattening
wethers than to feed plenty of hay,
with a ration of one part ground oats
and two parts cornmeal, given twice a
day, with fresh water convenient at
all times. If the weather is cold good
shelter should be provided. Buying
sheep and fattening them for market
usually proves profitable.
Fiso's Cure is the best medicine we ever
used for ail affections of the throat and
lungs Wm. O. Endsley, Vanburen, Ind..
Feb. 10, 1900.
Those -ho have had but little exper
ience with bees should not take the
hives in nnlebs the location is cool.
Wher3 thousands of bees are together
there is mjch animal heat generated,
and the interior of the hive may be
come uncomfortable, the bees coming
out, when some of them may perish.
The location of the hive in winter, in
order to avoid sudden changes of tem
perature should be carefully chosen.
The latest novelty in Swiss watches
is a timepiece which is devoid of the
nsual hands and dial markings, but
which has in the center of the face two
small spaces for figures the upper for
hours and the lower for minutes. The
figures change at the proper intervals,
presenting the correct time as the lail
roads give it 10.42, tor instance, in
stead of "18 minutes of 11." The
watch is guaranteed for seven years
and costs only $11 in Paris.
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative BromoQuiniae Tablets
the remedy that cures a cold in one day
Carrier pigeons refuse food after a
long and exhausting journey. They
drink some water and go to sleep, not
to resume their usual mode of life for
48 hours
Salt is good to scour marble wash
stands or basins with, to sweep carpets
with (if it be thoroughly brushed out)
and to set colors in wash goods. Where
soot has fallen on the carpet, sprinkle
salt on it and the soot wii.1 come off
without leaving a black mark. Spots
of iron rust can he removed hy wetting
with a strong solution of lemon-juice
and salt, and holding over a vessel of
boiling water, when they will immedi
ately disappear.
A more glorious victory cannot be
gained than this; that when the injury
begins on his part, the kindness should
begin on ours.
By treatment with iodine and ani
line pigments, H. Kraemer has deter
mined that the alternate layers in a
starch grain are due to a substance
rich in colloids, but poor in crystal
loids alternating with a substance rich
in crystalloids, but poor in colloids.
Iio I
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There are many indications of a
growing popular belief on the Pacific
slope that the petroleum producing in
dustiy in that section is to assume
much larger proportions.
Tho readers of this paper will be pleased to
nearn that there is at least one dreaded disease
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London is at last to have a complete
ambulance service. There is no place
in the world where it is so much need
WASTED-!m and women of good
character to represent established house
on salary; splendid opportunity Ad
dress P. O. Box 587, Portland, Oregon.
Sweden is suSering from the effects
of a boom iu maunufacturing which
has drawn thousands of the country
people to the larger towns, and caused
bouse rents to advance .20 to 30 per
cent. Many of the manufacturers have
invested beyond their capital and are
in distress. Money is very scarce and
a crisis is threatened.
Story of a Prodijry-
"Elbridge T. Oejrry's fixed conviction
that the use of children as public en
tertainers is ruinous to their moral and
physical being has resulted In much
benefit for talented youngsters and In
a deluge of abuse for their protectors.
Several years ago he called in the aid
of the law to prevent the performances
of a child pianist The child was ad
mitted by all qualified to Judge to be
nmrvelously talented, and as the young
prodigy seemed to be well cared for
the outcry against the society was long
and loud. But Mr. Gerry never flinched,
and the law upheld, him. Shortly after
ward the child was taken to Europe,
and the episode faded from the public
mind. T,en years later the same pianist
reappeared, now hi the vigor of youth.
His musical gifts had been developed
under the guidance of the most accom
plished foreign Instructors. The public
wondered and admired, but few knew
that the musician cw,ed the training in
his art to the generality of the man
who had restrained him from concert
playing ten years before." Alnslee's
"Africa is to nave stringent
laws." :
"yes; things are getting so that our
menageries won't have a thing in them
but white elephants and Welsh rab
bits." Indianapolis Journal.
Brussels a Seaport.
By the enlargement of a ship canal
nineteen miles long Brussels becomes
a port for ships of 2,000 tons. The old
limit was vessels of 300 tons.
AVege table Pr e parationf or As -
similating the Food andEegula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerf u 1
ness and Rest ConSains neither
Opium, Morphine nor Mineral.
NOT Xarc otic .
L " :
fUjim Seal
Mlx SmM
mmHmmyrmnm. r UfYOr.
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
Hon , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature or
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
In a ton of Dead Sea water there are
187 pounds of salt; Bed Sea, 93 Medi
terranean, 85 Atlantic, 81; English
Channel, 72; Black Sea, 26; Baltic,
18, and Caspian Sea, 11.
Good For Little Folks.
Don't torture the children with liquid and
pill poisons! The only safe, agreeable laxative
for little ones is Caicarets Candy Cathartic.
All druggists, 10c. 25c, 50c.
More than 17 per cent of the waiters
in Germany and 21 per cent of the
waitresses receive no wages at all, be
ing expected to subsist on fees.
Take Laxative firomo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
if it fails to cure. . W. Grove's sig
nature is on each box. 25c.
This has been a Tear of scares and
catastrophes. We have looked upon
famine in India, wars in South Africa,
the Philippines and China, the great
steamship horror in New York, the
prodigious desolation at Galveston, and
minor events have stirred our motions
from day to day.
Vegetables are usually sold in piles
in Buenos Ayres, so that yon have to
measure quantity as well as quality by
the eye, and butchers sell their meat
by the chunk rather than by weight.
When you take Grove's Tasteless Cbill
Tonic because the formula is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that it
is simply Iron and Quinine in a taste
less form. No Cure, No Fay. 50c.
Many of the Italian railroads are to
be shortly transformed to the electric
The Best Prescription for Malaria
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Groves.
Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply
iron and quinine in a tasteless form.
No Cure. No Pay. Price 50c.
A baker in Kansas City is red hot
with anger because a female patron
has asserted that he kneaded his bread
with his feet. He has commenced suit
for $2,000. She declares her ability to
porduce a loaf of his bread with foot
prints on it.
The Famous German Wood Preserver
....Permanently Destroys....
One application is all that is required. It lasts for years. If
your dealer cannot supply you, write for circulars and information to the
following; distributing: ag-ents; Perfection Pile Preserving- Co., Seattle,
Wash.; Fisher, Thorsen & Co., Portland, Oregon.; Whhtier, Coburn &
Co., San Francisco, Cal.
The "Cyclone" Thresher
If You Buy a New
Thresher, Engine,
You of Course Want the Best. Write for
Catalogue and Prices.
Rheumatism Cure
trial of 30 days.A simple but ef
r fCC fective remedy at slight cost. No
medicine or liniment. Thousands benefit
ted. Write for fall particulars to
Odd. Fellows' Hall, San Francisco. Cal.
A guaranteed Cure for Catarrh and
Consumption. $1.00. D Lock Box 145.
W. H. SMITH & CO., Buffalo, K.Y., Prop's.
ITCHING Piles produce moisture and cause Itching.
This form, as well as Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
riles are cured by Dr. Boaanko's Pile Remedy.
Stops Itching and bleeding. Absorbs tumors. 50c a
Jar at druggists or sent by mall. Treatise free. Write
me aoout your case. vo. boahlo. ro lada.Fa.
You can't make a mistake it yon geta
IVIitehell, Iteoiis & Stave? Go.
Don't Stop Tobacco Suddenly
It Injures nervous system to do so. BAGO
COKO is the ouly cure that rt-ally cures
and notifies you when to stop. Sold with a
guarantee that three boxes will cure any case.
PAfifl nil Rf) 18 vegetable and harmless. 'It has
inuu uynu c,lreci thousands, it will cure you.
At ait aruggists or ny man prepaid, si a dox;
S boxes $2.60. Booklet free.
Chemical Co., La Crosse, Wis.
IL wne to NA 1 HAN T C. IM O I J IM
If BICKF0R0. Washington, D. C . they will ro
ll ceive quick replies. B. 5th N. H. Vols. Staff
20th Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1878.
JOHN POOLB, Portland, Obeoon,
can give you the best bargains in general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
steel IZL windmill, sold by him. is un
equalled. '
i s met.
N. P. N. U.
Have made Dropsy and its com
plications a specialty for twenty
years Willi the most wonderful
success. Have cured many thous
and cases.
ss. a. h. gnirs sons.
Box Hi Atlanta, Qv
So. 48 1900.
TK7HKK writing; to advertiser plsil
II mntian this paper.

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