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Published Tuesdays and Fridays by. '
Gazette Publishino Company. . -
, The subsuriptlou prie of the Gazette
for several years, has been, and remains,
$2 per aDDQSinr "i.5 per cent, discount if
paid in advance. .. "
sign, as they did not care to De :
vilified - jn - the matter. But the
The Richest Man la the "World.
There never was an issue be
fore the people of this city of
such great impo" tance as the mat
ter of a water system from this
city to Rock Creek. Over the
perpetuity clause in the water
bill passed by the lasfe legislature
'there ha been graat discussion
and those for and against bond
ing the city for $75,000 to build
such system grew farther and
farther apart in their views un
til it looked as thbugh the chances
for obtaining water under the
present bill were being jeopard
ized. At a meeting of the Benton
County Citizen's League last
Tue dav evening: this matter
came up and a good candid ex
pression of both sides of the ppp'
osition was made. As before
stated, the opposition to the mat
ter of a water system is compar
atively slight. The main objec
tion -on the part of the people
came from th'e perpetuity clause,
whereby the commission perpet
uated itself.
Those named as commissioners
have maintained all the time that
the bill could be so -changed at
the next meeting of the legisla
ture as to make the commission
ers elective by the people. Many
not on the commission shared
this view. But others advanced
jthe opinion that the bond-holders
would have a right to object to a
-change in conditions" after they
, had purchased; the bonds. 1 From
those in favor of the commission
.as proposed this' argument was
met that the property was good
to the bond-holders for the vari-
ous sums taken m Donas, conse
quently the legislature could, ef-
iect a satisfactory change at the
next meeting. In reply to this
statement , came the assertion
that if the property was good
the owners of such property had
a right to representation in the
matter, and so it went.
bo tar as we Know, tnere is no
objection to the members of the
commission as a wnole and on
many occasions we have heard it
stated , that were thev people to
elect a commission it is a matter
of doubt if they would in the
endchoose so wisely. There is
no reward provided for their la
bors in connection with the work
of building the system. It is
stated, and truthfully, too, that a
. large portion of the western part
of the city is without water pro
tectien m case, of fire. A great
water system would lessen dan
ger of loss from fire and conse
quently secure' lower insurance!
3 rates.
A few days ago a member of
the, proposed commission stated
that he believed that the majori
ty of those to constitute the com
mission would favor leaving to a
vote of the people the matter of
- the committee to manage the
' works after they Were completed.
He thought he would be willing
to be balloted on by the people
and the four commissioners get-.
- ting the largest vote should con
; stitute the committee. Further
' more, he thought that they would
.be willing to -pledge themselves
to assist in taking the .matter be
fore the legislature two years
hence and having the commis
sioners made elective by the peo
ple. ' . .
Such a proposition cannot but
will be restored, as it strengthens and
bin Ida np these ergans as nothing else
will. Oscar Bowman. Lebanon,' Ky.,
writes: "I have used Folev'a Kidney
Cure and take great pleasure in stating
it cured me permanently of kidney
disease. whi-h certainly would have cost
me my Hie " Tor sale by Grnliatn &
Wortlimn "
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' When ihe body is cleared for action,
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tell it by the bloom of health on the
cheeks; the brightness of the eyes; the
firmness pf the flesh and muscles; the
buovancy of the mind. Try them. At
Allen & Woodward's drug store, 25 cents.
The icheet man in the worM can not
u . L.:a u :.l . j ii i . i
best proposition ne made and , out them, so it is im ortHr r i..t to ueieiw
What will prove most effective" tlie organs. If Folev's Kidney Cur is
... ... , ... .1 i taken at the timt sign of danger, the
Wltn ine. people, was me state- 'symptoms will disappear and your hraith
ment that he thought the commis
sion would- be perfectly willing,
would invite, in fact, - that the
people elect the future commit
tee to manage affairs,! .He ; said
so far as the committee' is con
cerned it could be elected outside
of the commission. We believe
we have quoted the senator cor
rectly and his propositions are
fair. ".' V . ',-.-V"V: '
Attorney J. F. -Yates asked a
number of questions that did
much towards promoting , a dis
cussion, and the result was a bet
ter understanding all around
Attorneys E. R. Bryson and E.
E. Wilson both expressed them
selves to the effect that there
would under the prqposed condi-1
tions be no impediment to effect-
ing the Change at the next legis-1
ature, whereby the commission
should be made elective by the
Dr. Withycombe was thorough-
y in earnest in having matters
pushed along vigorously and de
clared that there was not a single
thing that was not within the
power of the people to fix up in
a very satisfactory manner. Many
others present voiced this senti
We understand that partly as
the outcome of this meeting last
Tuesday ' evening that . a mass
meeting of the citizens is soon
to be called and the matter in all
its various phases will be thorough
y discussed. , There is not a par
ticle of doubt but if a number of
the proposed changes are put be
fore the" people that they will
vote the system. They will, as
sure" as fate, for they want the
water. '
i Fit Glasses
To all Defects of - Sight.
MATTHEWS, TheJsweler
Room 12, Bank Building.
Now at Work.
Workmen are already at .the
the task of tearing away prepara
tory to the reconstruction of the
brick stable into a first-class store
building. W. P. Lafferty, who
is having those changes made, is
not going to have the work done
by contract, but will personally
superintend the work himself.
1 he main building is 50x100
feet and when done is to have a
room of this size, with a '15-foot
ceiling on the ground flooiv A
6-foot deck is to run along the
north and south sides of this
room, while in ithe east end, or
back part of the building, the
decking is to be 24 feet wide. A
stairway is to run up from the
south side of ' the building and
will open from the street. Up
stairs there is to be one laree
room 50x100, with an 8-foot ceil
ing. If considered advisable Mr.
Lafterty intends some lime in the
future to raise the entire roof sut
ficiently to allow a 16-foot ceiling
tor the room upstairs.
It was discovered that the foun
dation was in first-class condition
In tact, a better foundation would
be hard to find any where, as this
one is of brick and asphalt. '
E: Buxton has been engaged to
put in the glass front and that it
is to be very fine there is no room
to doubt.
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In the County Court of the State of Oregon for
the Connty of Beiitoa
In the matter of the estate 1
of . I
William Kriens, deceased )
To Annie Carnesie and Carl Kriens, heirs at
law of William Kriens. deceased. GREETING:
you are hereby cited and required to appeal iu the
Couuty Opart of the State of Oregon for the coun
ty of Buton at the Court Room thereof at Cor-
vallis. Oreiron. in the County of Benton on Tues
day the gth day of June A. D. 19U5, at 18 o'clock in
the fo-enoon of said day then and there to show
cause if any exist wby au order of Bale should not
oe maae as prayed lor in tne petition ot w. H.
Yates administrator of said estate of William
Kriens, deceased, of the following described real
property to-wit:
ine norm nail of tne tract of land described
as follows: Beginning at the S. E. corner of
D. h. C. of C. P. Blair. Claim No. 67. Stectious
2o, 26, 35 and 36 T. 12 & K. 6 West, Wl. Mer.
thence run North 43 chains to the N. E.'eorner
of said claim, thence West along Nurtb bound
ary une oi sum claim i.bu mains, tnence
South 43.00 chains to Southern boundary of
said claim, thence East 18.60 chains to place of
beginning, containing 40.00 acres. All of the
above described property being lu Benton
County, Oreeon.
You are further notified that this citation is
served upon you and each of you Ty publica
tion thereof in the "Corvallis Gazette" news
paper for four weeks undpr and order made by
the Hon. Virgil E. Walters, judge of the said
court bearing date April 14th. 1905.
Witness, the Hon. Virgil E. Watters, Judge
of the County Court ot the State of Oregon
for the County of Benton, with the seal of the
saia county amxea this 14th day of April, A. D.
1905. -
Attest: Victor P. Moses,
,. Clerk.
33-42 -
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For Chief of Police.
I hereby anooaoce myself a caqdidute
for Chief of Police of the oily of Corvallis,
subject to the decision of the voters at the
coming city election.
' Very respectfully,
J. M. Howard.
For Chief of Police.
1 desire to state to the citizens of this
city that I am a candidate for the office
of Chief of Police of the City of Corvallis,
subject to the decision of the voters at the
next municipal election. . .
. .. W. G. Lank. .
For Police Judge.'
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the office of Police Judge sub-
iopt in f lift rionininn nf thft votft"H nf. t ho
have its weight and there is no election to be held on Monday, 1 he 15
reason to doubt that if this idea day of May. ;
should be carried out the people
would vote it through for a cer
tainty and our system he assured.
During the course of the league
meeting the other evening Sena
tor Avery stated that there; was
nothing in the matter in a finai
cial way and every member of
the commission stood ready to re-
Respectfully. Yours,
E. P. Greffoz.
For City Treasurers
- I wish to announce myself as a candi
date for the office of City Treasurer at
the election to be held- on Monday, the
15th day of Mav. - . - .
Very Truly, Youraj
- Wm. McLAOiHr.,
Dragging Pains
Chicago, III., Oct,, 2, 1902.
I suffered with falling and con
gestion of the womb, with severe
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fered terribly at the time of men
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