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y E. P. MULLER, -
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Office in Dr. Page's Drugstore.
Furniture Store!
ture Establishment of John Lehnherr, is
now pnpared to Uo any woik in tbe
Be is alio prepared to furnish
la all styles, of the bent manufacture, and cheaper
man tue cneujieai. xiis
ZSnrcaam, -Ilcdstcacls,
...... WasliKtantln,
; ETC.. ... : ETC -.- ETC,;
Are of superior mike, and for low .st cannot be
cqnai.e-i m uie state, ma
Finest of Scrina Beds
. . , ... And the
Most Complete J?ofas
Always on hand. Everything in the line fur-
msbed,5' the beat quality, on trie shortest
notice and at the lowest rates.
And Orders filled cheaper and better than can j
any other establishment. .
Desinn'r a. share of public patronage, the un
dersigned promises to oner extra inducements to
an patrons, uive n e a inai.
!i. c. STAriTon,
. - Dealer in i
Staple Dry Goods I
Keeps constantly on hand a general aitsort-
.. - " ment of
Crockery and Cordage.
A full stock of
"ch .as required by tbe Public County School!
-.. To suit both Young and Old.
furnishes Checks on Portland, and procures j
Dralts on can rrancisea.
VFccdcotk & Cfenrcblll,
.. Ja . and the residents in Myrtle Creek will find
lie best borarahoers at this establishment. In
" this line we claim to do work equal to any in tbe
State. New work manufactured and repairs
made on the shortest notice. Give us a trial, and
if we cannot suit you none can.
Cauyonville Hotel,
o. a. LKViars,
Cauyonville Hotel, I am now prepared to
furnish travelers with toe best ot accommodations.
Feed and stabling for stock. D. A. LEVINS.
Ashland Woolen Manufacturing
Manufacturers and Dealers in
YTHts & Colored Blanket
Plain an Faster Cashmeres, Doeskins,
ClUMU, a.lC 1U,
, ; Made to Order.
-- ABHLAyD, Jackson County, Oregon.
Or son nd California
quickest, safest
Easiest eoute. ;
jiailniqSck connection aT lUading with th.
eaof the C. O. R, B.
r ftU partisolars and passage apply to
This establishment is the
Best in the State!
ui eonaected with it ii a large
Wa'nnn Yard and Shed Room I
... - - -
aoeominodating any
horses and wagons.
number of
-at of Hay and Grain
la full supply and atlivinr prices.
AxdBooeeis allowed to go away dissatisfied.
. Pea' ml to give us a can, r we are
' determines w
tity, quality and price.
i; X t r-. fflWHT CttM- .
;T;.-... : ; v i.s.jrjyc.
ins r eoiicern That the amlefigued ha. b-U
-fSf ". Coua,y &nrd snd t
Cnst Dr.-Wo.rfn.lf .aT. mt.and
, ...,ni.M m neei uf tue aumesnw
rn- .. .,i s. i i - , f i,..,.. at
i"" 'i ..v . .
lletropoHtan Hotel,
Perkins & Ileadrlck, Prop'rs.
The Only Firtt-ClMS, Hotel in the City
Depot of lha V. O. Stage Co. '
menu, the best of beds, and the most atten-
tive housekeepers, and a table supplied with the
best of everything.
bare the house every day on the arrival of the
tan from Portland.
The travalinir trabl ic.and all wbo favor us with
their patronage, can rest assured that they will
be entetained in tie best poasiote manner.
HEADlvICK A rKKlllJio.
Richard Thomas, Prop'r.
-- for number ot years, and has become very
popular wita tne traveling public i irst-ciaas
And the table supplied with the best the market
afford. Hotel at the depot ot tbe Kailroad.
Fine liquors and Cigars.
The undersigned has purchased the saloon form
erly kept by Mr. Tibbets, Oakland, and
with new brands of wines, liquors
and cigars he is prepared to
hospitably entertain all who
may give him a call. .
A. ITlno Billiaird Ttvlolo
is kept in constant repair.
T. C. SMITH A C3.,
Chemists and Pharmacists !
Pattern's Block, State Street,
Particular attention given to prescriptions, and
ail orders by man or express nuea
promptly and accurately.
Physicians and country dealers will save money
Dy examining our pw;, wi pivt"ufl
. nnr nrieea. before uurchasinit clae-
- who. 401
Sugar Pine Mills
Located at Sugar Pine Slonntaln,
Post Office address, Looking Cla, Oregon.
The Company owning these mills would say they
are preparea to luruuii uie
it the most reasonable rates.
gngar Fine,
.Fir and Cedar
Lumber always on hand, and all persons wishing
purcbase Lumber win do wen to give us an
"pportunity of filling their orders before going
J. fr. I'AhiJUtlAA, president,
W, B.CL UK E. Seemrwv -ul 'fri-Mnrer
Nearest to the Railroad Depot, Oakland.
Jam. Mahoncy, Prop'r.
The finest of wines, liquors and cigars in Doug
las county, and me best
in tbe State kept in proper repair.
Parties traveling on the railroad will find this
place very bandy to visit ounng uie sup
ping of the tram at the Oak
land, Depot, Give me acalL
Foundry and Machine Shop
B. F. DRAKE, Proprietor.
Mteam Kn&rlnes, Saw Mills".
Grlat Mills, Reapers, I'umps
and nil kind and Styl ot
Machinery made to Order.
Machinery repalredon
' Shore Ifotloe.
Pattern making done in all its various forms,
and all kinds or brass and iron castings lur-
nished on short notice. Also manufac
turer of Enterprise Plainer aud
Matcher, and Suckers and
Jaau II. Tipton, Prop'r.
Cedar, Fir,
JPIne ondOak
Always on band,
And Ordera pfOJnptiy miodon
tbe 0nore"
All kinds of dressed lumber constantly on
band. LoniDer iuj-jiioh -"j
point in Roseburg without extra
charge, and bj application to
me it will be found that
My Lumber W not only the best but
tno cneapest n tne mar, j
me and see. Address all letters to
JAS. n. TIPTOJt. PatUrson'S Wills. Pit
Would inform tbe pub!!? that they 1 bave leased
the large Blaclcmithuig 7
? by George Mickle, and tbt .thy if
; ' prepared to do
AU Kinds of Clacksaaitliliig
In urst-elaia slyle.
And at prices low 1"" lha lowe!t xt
many years' experience in the line f
Horse Shoeing I
And claim, on this point,in the trade, they are
A competent to dothe best of rklo
mUifaction of patrons. AU kinds of
Machinery repaired, llow
Vork, Etc. ...
Give them a U. Shop ppponto o.ara v.
W. W. Hairs
Thispoaalar Restanrant now under Compe
tent roaaageuienns prepare. IU .
- eommodata toe publlo la a man
ner unsurpassed In the city. .
Ssppcr fer eJ!' t4 Priyttt Parties.
' Furntehedoa short notice. Gfcre as a call.
Steamboat Disaster.
Worcesteb, (Mas.), July 5. At Lake
Quinsegnomond this afternoon, the
steamer Isaac Davis, loaded with pas
sengers, careened, and the hurricane
deck broke off. Scores ofpassengers
were thrown into the lake. . There were
about two hundred passengers on the
boat one hundred on the hurricane
deck and as they pressed to one side
the boat careened over away from the
wharf and caused the crowd to rush to
that side, and threw the struggling mass
into the water. As the boat gave way
the roof of the upper deck came crash
ing down on the engine, and broke off
the safety valve, causing the steam to
rush out, the fearful noise adding new
terror, xne boat rolled over more, catch
ing her gunwale on a spile, and became
fast, and her great weight caused the sup
ports of the hurricane deck to give away,
ana toe uiioie structure xeii down to mo
water line. The water at this point is
over ten feet deep. Many swam to the
wharf 20 feet distant, others held hold of
the wrecked hull, and some 1o the float
ing roof. Many prominent citizens,
Mayor lJratt and wife and many phvsi-
cians were at hand for assistance. The
bodies were soon recovered. Killing
John Caliill and his daughter 2 years
old, &ewis Xjecliapelle, JNellie Tnockrow
and three others not identified. Emma
Hemmenway, a young man named Me-
Kenna, Jeremiah Dean and wife, and
Samuel Jj. Uilbert received light bruises.
Three others are missing. The boat was
new, having been launched on May day.
Length, 63 feet, 22 feet over guards and
about 50 tons burden, built quite flat on
the bottom, drawing less than three feet
loaded. She had two passenger decks
and could carrv 400 persons. The nrmer
deck was raised on supports about 10 feet
above Uie main deck and came out even
with the gunwale.
Destroyed by Fire.
Thenton, (N. J.), July 4. Fire occur
red at 9 o'clock this morning in the Third
.Presbyterian church on Warren street,
which was completely deotrsyed, with its
steeple, 184 feet high, an organ and all
other fixtures. The firemen were in the
church when the roof fell. Several were
seriously injured. It is supposed to
have caught from a sky rocker falling on
the shingle roof. Rain fell in torrents.
and but for that, there would have be.m
a terrible nre as the church was surround
ed by frame buildings. r
DcdlcaUan of a SoldUr1 Msanauat.
Soldiers' monument dedicated here to-dav:
imposing ceremonies.
Fatal Disaster.
Morris Island, an excursion resort, one mile
below Trenton, was tbe scene of a terrible
accident this P. M. As an excursion boat
approached tbe wharf, hundreds of people
rushed toward it to get aboard. When it
landed the wharf gave way and about 75 per
sons were tbrown in tbe rtver; several were
taken out injured. Mrs. Andrew Johnson,
her son five years old, and a little girl named
Miller were drowned and their bodies recov
ered. :
Church Horned.
Bostox, July 5. Unitarian church at 8ci-
tuata was burned last night by fire crackers.
Great Fire at Amherst.
Ambebst. Mass, July 4 The largest fire
ever known in Amherst broke out at 12:dO
this morning in the rear of Cutler's block on
Pleasant street, and swiftly apretd, burning
Amberst House, ambent savings bank and
post nmce ana otuer buildings.
Sertans Accident at Calnmbaa. Oblo.
CoLCMBCa, O , July 4. By tbe explosion of
a cannon tuts f. tt. in a crowd, two men
Monioe Brown and Wm. Bauiburz were dan
gerousiy wounded.
Ran Over and Killed.
Taoi, N. Y , July 5. About 7 o'ciosk
man and woman were struck by a train on
the Tioy & Bojton Railroad, and both were
killed. They are supposed to have been in
Child Beaten to Death.
Utica. N. Y.. July 6 Wm. Blake and wife
living near rloyd's corners, Oneida county
are charged with having beaten an adopted
gin sgea 12 years to aeatn.
Fatal Accident at TJttra.
t'Ttca. N. Y July 4. Jamea D. Lillv and
E. Burdean were iniuied bv tbe premature
discbarge of a cannon at Durhamville.
Lilly was horribly burned in the face and
breast. - Burdean lost one eye and possibly
both. Their condition is critical.
Fatal Accident from the nee of Fire
. - Crackers. '
PoC60KK(P3lB. Julv 6. Miss Jessie Don-
bar, aged 22 yeais, was burned to death to
day, boys having ignited her clothing with
Morris Wins. ;
Boeron, July 5. The professional scullers'
race of three miles was won bv Evan Morris:
of Pittsburg. He came in nearly half a mile
ahead ot reneyck. .
'' Sadden Death. -
Bt rroit, July 6 Rev. Herman Bisbee, pas
or of Hawes Place Unitarian church, was
taken ill alter morning service ts-dav and
died in two hours.
Am Important Work.
Wasbisqtoh, July 5 Secretary McCrary
lias issued an order piscine Adjutant General
Townsend in charge of the work of codifyios
the army regulations, under a recent act of
congress. Tbe statement that Col. Robettj,
of Louisiana, has been placed In charge of
wis wora, is not correct.
Postal Changes,
Postal changes for the Paciflo coast Name
changed : &xcrs Kanch, Baker county. Ore
goo, to Weatherby. Postmaster appointed-
tars. Menama eaiitn, Aiehamah, Marion
couoty, Oregon, v
The "Salary Pledge."
Saw Fbaxcisoo, June 80, Tbe county
convention of the W, P. C. met last even
ing. The committee appointed by the
board of ward presidents at its last ses
sion to lay the question of the required
legality of the salary pledge required
from its nominees before the convention,
reported that they had been unable to
any decision and recommended that , the
opinion of the candidates for the super
ior judgeships be taken by the conven
Kearney said there was something
wrong somewhere. In a republican form
of government all powers emanates from
tbe people. The question is, has this
convention thp power to pledge ita dele
gates ? I hold that it has, the opinion of
the old f essils to the contrary ; and I
will go further and assure you that all of
its nominees will take their seats.
Brownhardt thought that the conven
tion should fully investigate and move
rv mow v in rriAPt to tho salarv
pieige, as soma gentlemen of eminent
legal ability, vlinm l,n haA nnnU.al
heid it U) V? unlawful. If nominees were
TiniUSUy Ueniad their riohta after .1a.
tion, let them be placed' fa tljr eats at
tne point ot uxa uavonet. -
Clltus Barbour gave it as his oninion
as a lawyer that there was nothing in the
pledge required pi uie nommeaa which,
would invalidate their election. Never
theless, th speaker did hot think the use
of the pledge was the best way in which
to secure reform,. J$ would much
Mtor in tmu a law in the Lecisiaturs re.-
ducincr salaries. The safest course though.
to be pursued by the convention was not
to risk an election where great principles
t ere involved. As the disputed question
was one whkh would be decided by hos
tile court and mierht tesx-r ret before a
jury, it was therefore foolish "to tai gf
rebellion when the matter coma easuy
fa settled in t far more sensible and
peaceable nuuiiicr. : .
Here Uie discussion upnu ihp legality
ct the salary pledge came to a cfose and
the nomination for the office of district
attorney was proeeedad vith, : The fol
lowing list of candidates was read by th
secretary : John L. Murphy, Judge
Hubert Ferral and M. C. Hassett. ?
Murphy appeared and passed the refin
inir "crucible" of the convention, but
V -r .- .... .... ... .. ... ...
as none of the other aspirants were in th4
hall further action in the matter was left
over until to-night.
John a. rum. for superior ludge tnce
Thornton, declined. !
The question of the legalitv of the
pledge of candidates to accept a! reduc
tion of salaries was settled py the adop
tion of a resolution stating that the
pledge means that the candidates will
not oppose a reduction of salaries to the
amounts named in the several pledges,
and that in no sense is the pledge intend
ed as a bribe. .
;." : AsaeaamenU. --v
San Fiiancisco, July 1. Bustler levies
an assessment of 10c and Booker one of
' Personal.!
Baron Wilkie retires from the stock
board, a new member, L. T. Lazure, tak
ing his seat.
A Defaulter.
Eureka, J uly 1. Examination of the
account of Auditor Duff, of the Eureka
and Palisade Railroad Co. , show him to
be a defaulter. His accounts are short
between $23,000 and $40,000. An attempt
will be made to bring him back from the
Sandwich islands.
' Death of O. T. Seymonr.
m JficTOBiA. July 1. G. T. Seymour, the
mil known furniture man, died last
mght, at ten o'clock, of congestion of
the lungs, brought on by getting bis
clothes wet the day previous. He came
to California in 1849, acd was junior
member of the old furniture ifirm of
Pierce & Seymour, and settled at Victoria
in lB&s.
An ested for Border.
Two white men are in custody, charg
ed with the massacre of the Pool family
at Aouooet.
George Bath, the discoverer of the
Cassiar gold fields, died in this city yes
terday. -.
Potato Crop Ruined.
Black frost on Monday night cut down
all the potatoes in this neighborhood.
The crop is utterly ruined.
Dominion Day.
This being Dominion Day, and a stat
ute holiday, it is being generally observ
ed. - ' . .
. The Trouble In the Comstoeh.
San Fbahcisco, July 8. A dispatch
from Virginia, Nev., says about the fire
in the Imperial and Bullion mines : Five
men were putting in a bulkhead in the
incline above its connection with the 1840
foot level. This will shut off gas in the
incline, and a current of pure air from
the Imperial coming through the 1840
foot drift will make the incline so that it
can be entered above the point where
bnlkheading is now being done. It is ex
pected to finddead bodies. Men are
working with sponges over their faces,
and the air is so bad in the incline that
candles go out immediately. Men work
in five minute shifts in light thrown
from the station above.
Internatlonal Cricket Match.
VicTOEiA, July 4. The wickets for the
international cricket match were pitched
at 10 A. M and the game is now pro
ceeding. A slight rain commenced at 8
o'clock, and the sky is dark and lower
ing ; wind southeast.
Captain Cooper, agent for the marine
and fisheries department, resigned yeB-
Bemenvi. the violinist, is billed to ap
pear at Theater Boyal three nights .next
The ship Magdala, laden with lumber
from Hastings Mill for Sydney, is ready
for sea. The ship Levi C. Wade, with
coal for San Francisco, and bark Mfaiion,
with lumber for Valparaiso, have gone
to sea. Bark lievere, from San Fran
cisco, has arrived at Departure Bay.
The German bark Louise is under chart
er to Welch, Bithet & Co., to load lum
ber for Iquiqm. The ship Merman,
from Acapulco, has arrived at Nanaimo,
and is loading with coal.
More about the Cricket Match.
6 P. M. It has rained at intervals
since daylight. The cricket ground is
in lair condition. wickets were not
pitcheduntil half-past twelve, the Vic
torians going in nrst. At haii-past nve
o clock the first innings closed, Victor
ians having made 196. The Portlanders
have just taken the bat.
J The Fourth at Seattle.
Seattle, July 4. No celebration here
to-dav : city quite deserted, nearly every-
body going to Tacoma. The regatta and
scrub horse race, furnished the only en
tertainment. The former was a fine sue
cess. The boats took a square start at 11
o clock and zi minutes m nrst class style.
the yacht Kip and Tuck, from Saamish,
coming in ahead at 2 o'clock and 2 min
utes, and the Mara Ttmet, of Uelitown,
at 2:23, closely followed by the Amelia,
of Victoria. In second-class sloops No,
2 and Lone iitar were the winning boats.
The former fouled on the first tack, the
Lone Star coming in ahead at 2:30
minutes, and No. 2 at 2:32, In conse
quence of the foul the prize was divided
between them.
- -
The Fourth at Port Townsend. . '
Poet Towhseitd; July 4. The Fourth
was celebrated, here notwithstanding a
ram storm, the procession consisting of
a liberty car, firemen, marines from the
cutter Wolcott, and citizens. At ten the
ceremonies took place in the hall. Sal
utes were fired by the cutter and citizens.
There will be a ball this evening. It is
raining heavily.
The steamer Mary Taylor leaves for
Semiahmoo and way ports to-morrow.
Fire In Albany, ,
Albavy, (Oregon) f July 4. At 12:15
P. M. to-day the Comstoek house in this
city was discovered to bo on fire, The
fire originated in the second story from
a flue. In thirty minutes from discovery
it was utterly impossible to remove fur
niture from the north end of the build
ing. The alarm was signaled as rapidly
as possible to the center of the city, but
by the time engines reached there the
fire was under such headway that it was
impossible to save the building. The
water failed, but the companies worked
nobly and saved the adjoining freight
and warehouse. Nearly all the furniture
of the upper story was destroyed. ' The
railroad company's property was nearly
all caved. ' The hotel was insured ;
amount not known.
The Pourth. "
. Sak Francisco, July 5. The Fourth
passed off with very few noteworthy in
cidents. The day was observed by a
general suspension of business. The
usual parade and literary exercises took
place in the forenoon, a regatta of the
Piaster Manners' Association, various
games, swimming matches, balloon as
cension., eto.. in the afternoon 'and arwVisil
festivities and a fine display of fireworks
But few accident VWT1 Wall alflrfvri rrl
tbe city resounded all 'day and evening
.. " 7T T A -"-TAa s-rrj. SUl VRUUUUt
ttrt TP - I w ... ' T . m A
W 1 1, IS tlllllllHiiiTin r runnha . a-s-v svat n tva
. f t?ruoi ff, .Mulligan, aged u
years,, was instantly fcild by the dftr
uiiarge 01 a toy cannon, the ramrod pierc
ing his heart. A few others during the
day received minor injuries.
i roi. voigrove and Miss mmt aui-
eqb ot the new York Graouc made
balloon aaeensibu IT) he afternoon and
came down in the bay,' two miles from
the Alameda shore. They clung to the
basket of the balloon,' going at the rate
ot. a pile a minute. When the balloon
struck shore ii iheei? the inronauts
out into a marsh and wen lumping sry-
kards came down near Lathrop about an
hour anerwarda, . uolgFOVe and 4414s
Allison waded to solid trronaa and re
turned, looking as though they had gone
Uwough- tnej ZriUU War.
Discourteous Conduct.
fiiMLi, July 5. A Russian envoy recently
rived at Balkh.and the government refused
to allow hlra to proceed to Cabul.
The Latest from Burmah.
A dif patch to the daily Kent, from Ban
goon, represents that the king of Burmah
still displays hostility to tbe British.
Arrest of Slhlllsta.
St. Pbtibsbgbg, July 5. Four hundred
nihilist were arrested at Kief on the night
of the 26ih of June, and a great store of wea
pons seized. 1 : $
An Old DltpuU.
Lohdo, July 5 The Argentine con
sul general has received a telegram stating
that tbe rejection by tbe senate of the Argen
tine states of tbe treaty with Chili for the
settlement of the Patagoniau question, does
tot imply a conflict with Chili. Tbe nego
tiation are continued with a view to ar
riving at another and satisfactory solution of
the boundary question.
The Liberals Losing Orouad In Austria.
Viskha, July 6 In the elections for mem
bers of the reiohsrattt, thus far, 136 liberals
and 130 conservatives and nationalists have
been coot en. Tbe liberal loit thirty-three
seats. - -. - .
Grant tn Japan.
Yokohama. J uly 5. Ex-Dresldent Grant
and party arrived to-day from China. .
Knarlleh Grain Berketa.
LivcBFOOL, July 5. A leading grain circu
lar reports that tbe grain trade at British
agricultural markets duriugAhe week exhib
its turtoer progressive improvement, tbe
so-all quantity of wheat offering oeine read
ily taken by needy buyers at an advance of
1 to a auiuings per quarter. Tbe lew, cargoes
off the coast are fairly inquired for but
firmly held. There is an improved demand
for shipments, fair business being reported.
There has been moderate business at Liver
pool and neighboring markets since Tuesday
in wheat, at fully Tuesday's prices. There
was an average attendance at Friday's mar
ket, and somewhat more tone, with a fair
amount of business in wheat and tolerably
good demand for flour at the current price.
Corn was less pressed and steady business is
reported. The late decline on new has been
nearly recovered. -
South Africa.
Cars Town, June 14, via Madbiba, July-4
Colonel Newdigate has cleared the country
between the liyoiyozi and Upoko rivers with
out Io. A later telegram says that intelli
gence has been received of the arrival of two
more messengers tiora ueteweyo at rieter
Maritzburg, asking time for conference. Tbey
have been sent to headquarters. It is ru
mored that a fortnight's armistice has been
agreed to. Official inquiry into the death of
tbe prince imperial has cDsea. ueuu Carey
will be courtmartiaied.
. The Prince's laaerai.
Fabis, July 5 Gen. C'astelnau has asked
to be placed on the retired litt in order to be
able to attend the funeral of the prince im
London. July 5 The Obnrvar'$ correspond
ent et Paris understands that Prince Jerome
Napoleon and bil two sons will attend the
Strike against an Unlimited Revenue.
Biblib". July 5. The tariff commiseioaer
to-day agreed to an amendment introduced
by llerr Windiurost, proposing tnat any rev
enue in excess of one hundred and thirtv
million marks be distributed among separate
Beblir. July 5. Parliament to-day voted
on tbe remaining clauses of the new tariff
law. with tie exception of that relating to to
bacco, which will be disonseed on Monday.
A duty of forty marks on oohee was voted.
147 against 97, and that of six , marks on pe
troleum, 171 agaiust 92. These votes were
the result of an arrangement effected between
the centre and conservative parties.
The German Harvest.
The Standard? Berlin correspondent says
that tbe harvest in Germany U very promis
ing. -
The Proposed Tariff.
The clause of the tariff bill which was
adocted yesterday, enables the German gov
ernment 10 make reprisals acaiust any state
which may subject German merchandise or
shiDDine to special disadvantages. The fed
era! council has decreed that tariff duties in
case of such state may be raised htly per
rent. Tbe reichstag has approved of duties
on woolen goods; wool remains free.
The Houm of Commons on the Causes of
the Depression of Asrlealtoro.
Lokdow. July 5. In tbe house of commons
last night, the irovernment agreed to a mo
tion of Henry Chaplin, conservative, for the
appointment of a commission to enquire into
tbe causes of agricultural depression and how
far they were created by, or are remediable
by legialation. The matter caused a great
deal of trouble. All sides agreed that a great
causa of deDrrssion was American com pet 1
tion. Chaplin in his opening speech said he
regarded free trade as a question oenniteiy
settled ; but he could not shut his eyes to the
failure of many or the predictions 01 aavo-
istes of free trade. He did not propose
a remedy now. but only asked for inquiry.
He pointed out that the future late of British
agriculture was dependent upon the cost of
production in America. If the cost of
importation fell below tbe cost of production
at home, tbe ruin of British agriculture was
not far distant. Liberals such as Brassey.
MacDuff and Duff blamed tbe British land
system and game laws for depression. Their
arguments were summed up in a speech by
Bright, who warned land owners that the
competition of the United States would go
on increasing and the only way of meeting it
was to get rid of stupid and mischievous leg
islation regulating the tenure and transfer of
land. Al soever and Beotrick advocated pro
tective measures : but tbe marquis of Hart
ineton and tbe eovernmentas represented by
Viscount Sandon, conservative, aod Sir Staf
ford Northcote. chancellor of the exchequer.
declared that no cause bad been shown for
such measures, waich certainly would never
be sanxttoned. The marquis of Partington at
tributed depression primarily to a bad season.
House of Lords,
In the house of lords to nieht. Eirl Cado-
ean said that, as far as could be judged from
teieerams received, Cetewayo bad made no
overtures containing definite terms of peace.
Tbe government a latest information was
contained in a telegram from Lord Chelms
ford to 8ir Bartle Krere. dated June 61b. stat
ing Cetewayo's messenger bad been cent
back with a message that Cetewayo must
give proof of his sincerity, such as surrender
ing of the cannon captured at Isandula and
giving of hostages, and also by sending a
Zulu raiment to tbe British camp to lay
down arms as a proof of submission. Lord
Chelmsford informed Sir Birtle Frere that.
pending Cetewayo's answer, there will be no
military operations. When Cetewayo has
given the proof required, a cessation of bos
till ties will be ordered, and pending discus
sion of final terms of peace. The government
on tbe zutn or uarcu sent a awpatcn to i-ora
Cbelnirfrfd and Sir Bartle Frere settiog forth
the basis on which peace must be negotiated
A Katural Result,
Loudon. Julv 5. The Manchester Guvdl in
ays the ruirjoualy low prices obtainable for
cotton goods is leading to a very ueciaea cur
tailment of production..
Arrival of the Prince Imperial's Body at
Losdon. July 5. The British troop ship
OronUt arrived at Madeira to-day with the re
mains of the prince imperial. Tbe remains
were transferred from toe aoaateta to tne
OronUt at Cape Town, June 15. h. bir Brtle
Frere, Lady Frere, and all the officials of the
colony, were present. Imposing mligious
cereniontea were held by the Uatholio bishop.
Independence Day Banquet In London
A banquet in celebratio 1 of independence
dav was riven at Westminster 1'alace llotl
last night. Curtis Child presided in place of
Minister Welch, wuo was aosenun conse-
qnense of tbe death of bis sister.
- French Affairs.
Vimailles. July 6 M. Pestelin intro
duced in the chamber of deputies, and qe
roanded ur'ency for, a bill to impose tue oath
of allegiance to tne repuouo on military
officers, but urgency was refused in coose-
quence of the government stating that tbey
were now ooasiuenux m. ouuiovk.
Pa bis. July a.r-Cnamber at deputies has
passed tbe first six clauses of tbe Jules Fir
ry education bill Dehata on tbe principal
elapse sgaint the 1 Josuits will take place to-
uj. iu Moviuuq against -ai. 4 ales irerry s
win iiww um .va,wu signatures. -The
Rationale says that in a council of min.
isters, Lenere, minister of the inttrior, eU
matea uuu, in consequence or a bad emn
purchases of foreign grain would amount to
twenty million pounds sterling.
Tt Kx Khedive Arrested.
A dispatch from Nat'es reports that the ex-
kbedive of Egypt, Ismail Pttha, has been
arresieo. ,
f panlsh Affairs.
Vaprip, July 5. Several fires In the prof
Inces of JXerez and Arcnm are attributed to
iticendiarigra ip the part of internationalists.
rremier KSBinea uampos, replying u in
terpsllation in congress, dc!ard that no con
: veotion was Biped with Cuban insurgents as
meir capiiuiBuvn was aonurawe.
Mnrderat Cincinnati!.
CiNCiNNATTi, July 6.- At 8:30 this
morning, George Black was shot and al
most instantly killed by William Philip
Parry, in Newport, opposite this city.
Black claimed the rent of house occupied
by Parry, and yesterday removed a por-1
tion of Parry's goods from a shed in the
yard. . This morning young Black was;
talking with the man who was the joint 1
occupant with Parry, when the latter
rushed upon him with a revolver firing
at hi hi, but missed. Parry then retreated i
to bis house, secured a shot gun and
fired upon Black, who was following,
sending 32 buck shot into his head,
killing htm almost instantly. Parry was
arrested. Black served five years in the
Columbus penitentiary for robbing tbe
U. a. express Company, but since bis
release had lived an orderly life. Lat
terly be has been workiug in a foundry
at Hamilton, Ohio.
Bnootinir Scrape.
Wheeling, July 7. Ben Bogges and
Louis Carrfeo got into a diihculty at
Clarksburg, in this State, on Saturday
evening, which resulted in Bogges shoot
ing Cameo, the ball entering his breast
near the heart Bogges has fled.
I Halelde. -
Oh Saturday evening last Jas. Davis.
living five miles from Altamont, Md.,
hung; himself. He had been in ill health
for the past eight months, and is sup
posed to have been laboring under men
tal depression. He leaves a wife and
several children.
St. Louis, July 6. A pauic occurred
among a party of bathers at a Bohemian
picnic at bt. Paul, on tbe Missouri Pa
cific, to-day, aud two of them were
swept away by the current and drowned.
Probably Drowned.
Port Colborne, July 7 John Scot
tish and Isaac Dayton (married), Thos.
Couroy, hd. Henley, Jr., Joseph Mc-
Farland and John Mooney (single), left
in a snail sail boat Thursday to attend
a fourth of July celebration at Buffalo.
Nothing has been heard of them since,
and it is feared that thev were all lost.
Arresta In SewTsrk.
New Yokk, July 6. The police in
the enforcement of the excise law to-day
made many arrests of liquor venders.
Political Biota In Rio Janeiro.
New York, J uly 6. Bio Janeiro ad
vices to J une 6 report tbe dismissal of
the minister ot tbe interior, because of
differences with his colleagues, which
caused great excitement in the
chamber of deputies. On tbe
6th inst the dismissed minister in
terpellated the government, and a crowd
in the galleries applauded and hooted
the deputies to a degree that compelled
the president to suspend the sitting for
two hours. He then heard of 400 sol
diers stationed outside the house, which
action greatly excited tbe populace, whe
grossly insulted the premier and finance
minister in the streets at tbe entrance to
the ' chamber; ' The disturbances were
renewed the following day, the mob in
sulting the ministers when proceeding
to the cabinet council. Troops finally
dispersed the rioters, but not before sev
eral persons had been wounded. Tbe
city then was patrolled by soldiers.
Harder and suicide.
Buffalo, July 6. Bernard H. Enes,
of Alden, yesterday killed his wife and
himself. Both were old.
Great Distraction of Propsrtr by a Cy
St. Paul, July 4 The first complete
and coherent account of the terrible des
truction to life in Goodhue county by
storm on Wednesday night and yesterday
morning reached here at an early hour
this morning, dhe storm assumed the
character of a cyclone near Redwing
Point, greatest violence being at Vasa, a
small village some ten miles west of Uie
The following is from a Bedwing spec
lalto the Pioneer -Press: In the town
of Vasa the fury of the storm was at its
height, making fearful havoc. It seemed
to start from about four miles from the
Vasa church and traveled in a southwest
erly diriction. The orphanage which is
nnder the care of the church was com
pletely demolished. It contained 24 in
mates Desides stranberg, who has charge.
Unt of this number three was killed out
right and seventeen others injured, three,
it is thought, fatally. The house of Erick
Swenson, close by, was blown down. He
was killed and his wife severely injured.
U. ii. Jriaime and wile, an elderly couple,
were killed; also a baby boy of Mr. and
Airs. JLinsted, and another party whose
name has not been learned, making nine
in ail killed, r our more are not expect
ed to live. The number wounded is 30.
The square roof was blown from the par
sonage, a utue in ra rear oi tne cuurcn,
and set down in the field where it flatten
ed like a fan. The barn of August Pet
erson was blown down and his house
badly injured; also, of course the houses
of all who have been mentioned as killed
were blown down and many houses were
injured. The storm also ranged through
Belle Creek, where it blew down the
house of Anthony Pettil and completely
demolishedv the barn of Walter Doyle.
1heblackamitu"hpp at Black Oak post
office was scattered to IX winds, and at
different places in the town; trees were
lilted right on the ground by the roots
and carried forward and set down with
out breaking a limb. At Warrentown,
on the Lake hhore, three houses were
torn down and a man and his wife and
daughter killed in one of them. At
Maiden Bock two frame houses were de
molished and the top of the warehouse ta
ken off, but no lives were lost. The storm
crossed from this side to Trenton, where
it unroofed Mr. Hammelgren's houses,
barn and granary, and broke down the
large trees in his timber, smashing near
ly every tree. The roof oi Andrew nel
sqri's barn was blown away and com
pletely smashed to pieces, and the barn
of John Taggart, another neighbor, was
struck by lightning and burned to the
ground. These houses are all in the
southeastern part of the town. The
damage to the crops is considerable, but
not so bad as if the season were later.
' A County OOeer murdered.
Sat Fbanoibw). Julv 7. An Invo -
dependent : extra of the 3d says : -This
evening W L. Moore,' sheriff of this
county, was instantly kuiea wniie per-
lartning ma duty as an omcer, oy a nam
received from one of two parties engaged
in an altercation. The men were named
respectively Michael Welch and Henry
Tessier. Thev had met with sixshooters
in the Aldine saloon, with the apparent
intent an the part of Tessier to seek a
shooting match on account of some words
which had passed between them there ft
few hoqrs before, Our fcrigf stepped
in between them and mrainwl
i. . .
men, it is not known which, a ball In
tne lert siae. ne spoge out a lew words
and feu dead, weloh was immediately
taken into custody and lodged in iail.
Tessiat ran out of town,; hut was subse-
quently captured and is now nnder ar
rest. The town is wud With excitement,
and lynching of the two men- is proba
ble. .
John Can Keep his Cue.
Justice Field of the TJ. 8. supreme
court to-day, in the circuit court, decid
ed a case involving the validity of the so
called cue ordinance which provides for
the cutting off cues of Chinamen when
sent to the eonnty jail. The court decid
ed that the ordinance was special legisla
tion of character prohibited by the 14th
amendment to the constitution of the
United States and consequently invalid.
Judge Sawyer of the circuit court con
curred in the decision.
California and Con. Va. , pass dividends
this month.
Dr. Glenn and the H. B's.
The state central committee of H. B's.
held a meeting this afternoon, lasting
from one to five o'clock. The secretary
declined to give any information con
cerning the proceedings, but from other
sources its ascertained that the object of
the discussion was the removal of Dr.
Glenn from the ticket. The general
view taken was that the doctor must cast
his lot either with the H. B's.' or demo
crats, no double barebacked act. It was
finally decided to hold another meeting
next Monday evening, when Dr. Glenn
is expected to be present. 11 he then
decides to declines the democratic nomi-
tion, he will be allowed to retain his po
sition on the 11. h i. ticket; otherwise
' The Indian hunt near Seattle. .
Seattle. July 7. Sheriff Wyckoff and
deputies returned at 8 o'clock last even
ing, after having persued the Indians to
Langston's landing, when they abandon
ed their horses and took to the woods.
The Indian reported to have been wound
ed last evening turns out to be Jim, son
of old Kitsap, the celebrated Yakima
chief, who was the prime cause of the
war of '55-6, and was subsequently kill
ed. Kitsap county in this territory is
named after him. It appears that he
was not shot by Bussian Charley as first
stated, but by constable Mills, who ex
changed fire with the Indians on Satur
day evening, shooting Jim through the
arm and side. The Indian belongs to
the same party who robbed a man last
year on Snoqualmie road, of blankets
and money. They are evidently making
for xakima.
F.oa-Iaud's Representative.
Simla, July 6. Maj. Cavagnari has
started for Cabul and is expected to
reach Kuram on the 16th and Cabul on
the 31st inst ; He bears a letter from
the Viceroy to the Ameer, announcing
his appointment as envoy and plenipo
tentiary. His escort consists of 26
horse and 60 foot soldiers.
Biver Disaster.
Paris, July 6. During & hurricane
on the river Doubs, a steamer with 53
passengers was sunk. Only five were
Fatal Accident.
The scaffolding and unfinished wall of
a house in Mont Martre, fell yesterday,
killing four workmen and wounding five
The Zalu f4trona;hold.
London, J uly 6. A Cape Town dis
patch via Madeira, says that a decisive
action is likely to be fought at Umlassi,
which tbe Zulus have strongly in
trenched. -
A correspondent with general head
quarters, under date of June 15th, says
that Cetewayo occupies an impregnable
position northeast of Ulundi.
A dispatch dated Cape Town, June
1 7th, says that the Tugela column ad
vances on tbe 20th inst The Ninety
first Regiment has evacuated Fort
Chelmsford. It will defend the frontier
and be combined with the advance
Bismarck Gain Another Point,
London, July 6.- A dispatch trom
Berlin says that pailiament lias voted
the duty on tobacco.
Sentenced to Death.
St. Petersburg, July 6. tt is said
that a man who supplied SoloviefT with
tbe pistol with which he, attempted to
Shoot the czar, has been sentenced to
death. 1
' , Omcx Datlt Stakdarp,
FoRTLAwn, July 7, 1879.
Legal tenders in Portland Par.
Silver coin in Portland The banks quote:
1 per cent discount to par.
Coin Exchange on New York, 1 per cent
premium. .
im exenange en an r rancisco, par to
Telegraphic Transfers oa New York, 1 per
cent premium.
Francisco, July 7. Currency,
buying, par selling.
Silver, 99 buying, 991 selling,
Trade Dollars, no more quotation; none in
market for aale.
New York. Julv 7. -Gold at 11 A M,
not quoted.
Silver Bullion, 1,000 fine, per fine ounce,
TJ. & Bonds, 6a of '81. 33; 4a, 1; 4s,
6: closed, same.
London, July 7- Consols, 98 M698.
U. S. Bonds, 6s, 6; 4s, 9; 4s, 4J.
. Tbe steamship Oregon, for San Francisco,
will leave to-morrow morning at tbe usjsi
hour. '.
The steamship Gsqftre W.Elder was 65
boors from, h&re to San Francisco. This gives
I running time of 56 hours, which ts good
considering tbe bad bead winds part of the
way. , . - '
The steamship State of California ia dae
here to-morrow night
In Produce this hat been a dull day, with
buyers not anxious. Private telegrams say
that the English and French markets for
Wheat are higher, but tbe absence of tonnage
and stocks here restricts business. Wool
moves more slowly to-day, with bay era bid
ding down. . It is difficult to place anything
except at concessions. Our quotations aie
' Homo Produce Axarjcct.
Tbe following quotations represent the
wholesale rates from producers or first bands,
FLOUR OooUMe in Jobbing- lots at: Standard brands,
at iwgib w Best ooaatry annas, 9 xtng is; su-
iwrne.S4M th.
WOOL V-dier, l&gttlc; GaMn, Kt2SJ; Eastera
Oracon, I out ISO. verrenoteset taiier ana aaM
ero Oregon command an advance on these Quota
tions. WHEAT fl 6031 f) for averaga; mOItaf fl ;
Walla Walla from JJtM et leas,
POTATOES-uotable at Wagai 0 par 100 fc,ss to de-
seriptioa and eoality. -MIDDLINGS
obbinc at feed, SSOtS; am, V&9XI
n ton. ,
BRAN-Jobbine at per ton, III.
OATS Feed, per omtal, 1 iftg-tl 0, ehoios shade
feiffher. v - .
BACUN-Sidee, S5e: hams, loalie; shoulder. 7e.
H 4V Timothy baled, bmrinr at AlOWi 2 per too; oeak.
LaRD In kegs none; new ia una, Surloe,
BUTTER We quote eboun dairy at K4c; rood treat
roll, lS20c; erdinarr, ISveKtc, ohethar brtne
eoUd; eammon. lilSc; nurkat steady; (aCMomb.
V' fresh foH, tmm- , T. M
GREfcN FaUrrsApFles, none; Usms. liSl SO per
Oraia, 684 per 100.
DRIED FRL'T'1 Apples, sun dtied, 45e; saaehln,
aa aviiAe. Paua. anehme dried. 7tae. Flunw
v saachine drtsd, Oolite; pitted, lOdiic; aith Piia,
asa . -'- : -
eOGR- n eU per " -1 "
pOUlfftV faons sad rosstsrs, iiS-'dtrkeat S2 T
. S to. -. --
CH KSEsS-Oragon, lb$XHc; CalUorala, 103 Ue.
' HOGS lreswd i eW-: rm foot i eta,
EEEf Live weirbt t SieSa. r(ood to eboke.
8KKI5P Ur weight Si jJ ets.
HUr--iuotsb!B at l&aitc f,v all nnr len.ene-thinl
oS for under that, aiso one-third oS lor stun,
TAUOW Vrotabit at fesi-r
General 99.ereiutn.aiHe.
RICE Market quote 1 at China mixed Mae: Jamr
SJ'7i; Sandwich Island, 7fcr71. -COFKtE
Ctvta Rica, ICiTJc; Java, 15c; Rio, avoe:
Guetmeaala, 16i17e. '
TEAS Wa quota japan la flowered haxea, SjOSS&e: La-
quered boz0c5Qc; paper, 40S7i.
iCOARS Market lalriy supplied W quote: fruihed
A, Hie. Fine ennbed, life; Cube, life; Extra C.
9k: UoUen C, 9c, Sandwich Inland, Tlurtc.
STRLPS 2uolaMe aU7 la bob, 60c in bit and SSe
tn ketrs.
SARDINES Or boxes, SI 90; h boxes, St 3I
VEAIST POWDER Donnelly, l2x V Kium; Dooley
ao-W&ic V rrom; Prerton A Man-ill, 24e V irraaa,
WIN Eg Sherry, foreign in bik, S2 606; in , f7
Sherry, domestic In bik, 1 60z SO; in cs. ft a
. rurt, foreign In bik, ft C037; In cs, 7.
Port, domeetie in bik. SI btktti; in et, St 60ae.
Angelica, domesue ia bik, $1 Mx 60; hx cs. Si 1 0
Museatal, domestic in bik, SI 753 SO.
Renting, domestic in bik, f 1 Ktefi
Sonoma While, domestic in bik, (191 ii m
O. 6. - '
: Claret, foreign tn bib, SI C02; m cs, Si 6098.
Claret, aomaitie in bik, 76c; in cs, Sf atJ.
CAN KLES -Emery, lic; Pick S novel, lie; Harknen
nHc, Oraot, 15c: wax. Ur
the prices current of oertain brands of whiskies
and beer: 1. H. Co tier, old Bourbon whisky, man
ufactured by C. P. Moorman A Co, Kentucky, S3 26
7; M. M. nandull, Kentucky, 3; Other brands,
1 SOwfi 76.
OILS Ordinary brands of coal, 2Sc", high (radea Dow.
nera vo, Kxgvic; ootua nnseea,o; raw Unseed,
SOc, purs hvrd, SI O0l 10; r-or, fl ibtgl 60;
- nrpentina. eOMs&c. - -. ---- -. ...
Beerbohnfa Enarlbih Wbemt Report.
LoHDOK, Jane 7. Floating cargoes, tarn
Cargoes on passage and for shipment
firm. .. - ,
Quotations of cool careoea off eoast. 480
B sea damage for sellers account, less usual
2 per cent commission; Med. Ch. or Mil. 42a
Bed Winter, 44a 6d; Cala. 500 lbs, 44s 6d.
Uood sbtppingUala. Wheat on passage, per
300 lha, Qneeaatown for ordera, just shipped
or to be promptly shipped, 45s; nearly due,
45s; Oregon for shipment, 46a; fair average
Ch. or Mu. for shipment during the present
montn ana louowmg one, per ow ids, Am.
terms, 40s.
W eather in England, wet
Liverpool Wheat spot finner.
Liverpool No. 1 standard per ctl 9s 8d: No.
2, 9s 3; Bed Winter 9s Id; White Michigan
9s fid -
Liverpool fair to choice shipping dob. per
cental, 9s 4d9s 6df fair to choice shipping
Cala. - per cental, 9 9s 3d; Bed Am,
Spring, No. 3 to No. 2, shipping, per cental,
3d(As od: lair to good snipping ureeoo.
per cental, 9a 3d9s 5d; good to choice ship
ping Uregon, per cental, 9s 5d(S.9s 8d.
London Am. state flour per cental, lis 3d.
Liverpool Am. extra state Floor per cental,
11 3d.
Produce AXeoeiptn .
Office of Farish's Market Reports
akd Shipfi.nq Lvtellioekce.
Receipts at Portland up to noon, Mon
day, July 7, 1879: .
Wool Ska Per Salem L G K t Co 10,
3 K A Co 21. G W 117, T S 8; Per Occident
C S W A. Co (S F) HL H A F 3 F) 15, H
H A Co 27; Vei O 8 Co O J M 14; J 11 s
Co IS, K fi A A 65, H H A Jo 141, CAM
30. J R F 15, A A L 19, J Q W 23, J L F 18,
W F R 24, A C 15, Bros 19, J McF 30, R
18. H DJ.2. D Bros (S Fl 14; Per O A C R R
FMACo2, ?8,G W 28, MACoSF37,
3 K A Co (S F) 29, C A W (S 21, A M 3,
A A L 44, H fl A Co 14.
flour Sks Per O A C R R A A L 403
on Per O S N Co S B A Co (Seattle) 240 or.
W IS 140 hi Z8U qr.AsL 35U qr; Jfer Oc
cident Drtilenn 200 qr; Per Salem L G (N
W) 200 qr, L W (N W) 200 qr. S A D (N K)
440 qr, W S S 60 qr. D L (N E) 120 qr, S A
W (N E) 400 qr, A B 800 qr, W A E 400
qr, L S K 100 qr. X C S ( v an) S1I qr.
Meal fer UUlt It U A Co (a r ) 167 ak.
EA B 10 bL
Wheat Sks Per Salem H S (Vic) 51.
Hides Per Salem T & S 2, D A K 3: Per
Occident A ft, L 2; Per O S N Co A A C 13;
PerO A UK K F 24, A M 6, L 8 (S F) 66,
A. AC 61. , ,
Deerskins Per O A C R R-f A A
L S S Fl 2.
sjattle and Sheep Per (JACK B X s a.
tear. -. - -z:
Lard Per O A C R R-F A M 4 kg.
Dried Fruit Per O A C R R A A L 8 kg.
Oats Sks Per DICE R E A F 68.
Tallow Per Occident F 20 pk.
Bacon Per O S N Co A A L 20 sk.
Eggs Bis Per Occident A A L 8; Per
iV FA Co Fink 1, TAS 4, A A L 1, CH
S, W A E 2; Per 0 A C R R-T S 8 2, F 14,
f tills r) 9.
Batter Per O A C R U r ? 1 kg,
Some years ago, says the Hartford
Post, one of our citizens bought and set
out some thrifty young apple trees. Ua
one of them he neglected to remove the
wooden label which was attached to one
of the limbs by a copper wire. Two years
later he found that the copper wire was
entirely embedded and out of sight in the
bark of the tree, and that year the limb
was so heavilv loaded with apples that he
was obliged to prop it up. while there was
not a blossom or apple on any other
limb. .Last year one of our neighbors.
when his young apple trees were in full
blossom, carefully girdled some limbs
on several trees, and the blossoms pro
duced no fruit on the limbs thus treated.
but this year those limbs have blossomed
full and no blossoms on the limbs that
bore last year. Pomologista may profit
by further experiments in that direction.
Frtjit Saves Doctors' Bills. An ex
perienced doctor in the "West says his
bills are cut down in families in propor
tion as they eat fresh fruit. Strawber
ries, currants and tomatoes are better
medicine than calomel ,t : jalap, and
rather better to take. ' Apples freely
eaten do the work of vermifuge or lozen
ges. Every fruit or berry has a mission
to man hid away within it. Therefore,
set out a Btrawberry bed, if yon haven't
one. If there is no oflier place, border
your garden walks, ana with a sharp hoe
and straight line keep the edges cut
clearly, leaving a rich mat of vines two
feet wide. Plant currants. A fresh cut
ting will grow if yon bat stick it in the
ground. Border the fence with rasp
berries. '7SvtdTyoit$cenT-
iBgnr&aiTy spring days, and mI2,
mental inventory oi every spot wnere-
you can sticic in a fruit fee or berry
bush. Plant something.
Thb Oldest Theater. The Philadel
phia Wall-street Theater is the oldest
theater in the United States. The owner
isJ. S. Clarke, the actor, who lives in
London most of the time. Clarke bought
-.he Broad-street Theater, in Philadelphia,
t few years ago, and played there on his
last visit to this country, instead of going
to the Walnut, as usual. Manager Good
win, tbe lessee of the Walnut, retaliated
y hiring tbe Park Theater and transfer
ring bis best engagements to that bouse,
leaving only second-rate stars to tbe Wal
nut The latest blow at tbe Walnut was
be production of an absurd drama from
he pen of a Philadelphia court inter
preter. Nearly all the lawyers of the city
made the occasion one of great hilarity,
jibing the author, commenting loudly on
the play, and hectoring the unfortunate
performers.--i". Y. Sun.
The Frkedom of the City of Cork.
fudge Shea was conspicioiis in t pro-eniam-box
at- the Moore Centenary, by
vearing the green ribbon which accom
anied the presentation to him, tbe sum
ner before last, of tbe freedom of the
Ity of Cork. It is worth noting that the
teath of Isaac Butt, M, P LL, D., late
eader of the Irish party .leaves an Ameri
an ih) only person living who has re
ceived the honor. Jadee Shea stands
lone in that respect The dignity has
Oeen conferred only three times in that
city. N. Y. San.
Mr. J. O.
Df the Tr
io Wa-'.-E-
x tary ci U
Hill, Supervising Architect
Kttrr Department, returned
ten yesterday morninfr, and
re- tored to duty by Uie -
it by t:
.e Sulten to
bei have cot succeeded.
-' I- r
rrrft "I ar9 naV; - -
Items ef Itirrcif.
Spiritualism is said to be w
There are 300 or more Saa 1 ;
in New York City,
A suit in tho Tennessee courta rr."
1832 t-i 1875.
Princess BeHtrice has a collect's? n ,
worth $100,000.
A women in London has raid ;
for drunkenness. -There
are fourteen ex-governo . i
TTnitn.1 fit to cn.t
Ihe Queen of the Society I-,V.r j
bare-fxjtod, wearing rings on her t.;
TheonehundrethPresbytcri.-oC. . '
in Nebraska has recontly been cr-. I
lhe Methodist nnlinowt rrmU "! ; .-
hold six national camp-nteetii ?s
year. ,
The average salary of the ItnLod
minister in the Northern Church i a bt
Whit tho . ,1.
collar is "Wilt tbou," sad it iv ;
W1IU1. i -
The Adventists have xed Ju V 1
positively the last appea?am . i
world. - 4 :
Mr. Josenh Souver. of P.ivr i
has deeded grounds to tbn tk.- !
depot purposes.
J ust S62.538 is the amount the I
terian Board of Foreign ilit,;. , . .
New Haven turns out 3 000 00ft r
annually, half tbe country's supply o
ing from there. ,
Walt Whitman ia viRitinir 'Vir V '
He dresses in gray, and Lis cpe a t .
lar is as large as ever.
During a period of riMrlir lorn
the first-born of the House of Auair.- ' -been
a girl curious fact
They say a strong irraso of th hand t ...
tokens a strong heart. What a ir.- - -
cent hearts lobster must have.
Porcelain cement ia maila bv
plaster-of-Paris into a thick solution ai
gum arable, and U best applied w.v a
orush. ;.
The gospel temperance work in Chi
cago has been steadily prosecuted U -five
years, and is more prosperous r. ;
than ever. - ,
Mistress: "Bridget didntvou hear rna
call?" Bridget: "Yis. mam: but va
towld me the other davniverto sn3t?r
ye back and I didn't" .
Down ia North Carolina a man has hr-j
sued for selling the false teeth of h.s ii - i
wife's estate to get money to buy new
clothes for bis second wedding.
A Philadelphia man. whose rc,-r.er ia-
law has written that she i going to opend
a couple of months with hint, pted;cis a
remarkably warm summer.
"Heaven," says a worthy gourmand,
whose merit is the greater because he is
dyspeptic "Heaven is where we eat ; hell
is where we digest .
A man in Pontypridd, Wales, was re
cently bound over to keep the peace for
six mouths, because he kissed his nc';I
Dor's wife and tbreetened to do tt agiia.
Several notable happy marriajrps hsve
been made on two hours' courtship, bf
it is a pretty safe rule to know te girl f. r
three days and a picnic" I
Grandma "Yes. children, when I wm '
young as you I used to walk in my r ' "
lommy teageriyj -hay, gramma, v. : t
time did yon make?"
1 . 1 A t?n t'?.. ,V ....
1500 re jul r physiciatm.'-or to " )
people, while in the United States there
is one physician to each 500.
v Thirteen handkerchiefs, fjur wt.'; a
and two watches were found ea a pits
pocket who had been at a'ork only an
hour in a St Louis funeral assembly
In the hollow of a tree sixty fet f "
the grtund, P. W. White.of Feniser, N '..
found in a thriving condition a gooebery
bush about a foot high.
A Ncw Jersey man has invented a p.. r
stockirg intended to be worn over tne
cotton or woolen stock in e, thereby ex
cluding cold and dampness from U.ii
feet -
Sarah Bernhardt is by nomeaos elou t,
still this does seem to be a little esBerat
ed: "An empty carnage drove nptothe
door and Sarah Bernhardt dismounted
from it A-
Sorao one asked the master of a c,!-r I
servant why the latter always were tn
unreproachable, white cravat "So as to
know where bis head begins," replied the
How is poor So-and-so? said sr. ; a "
one to So-and-so's friend, a broker. "fv-and-BO?
Why, he's dead ; died last r V t "
"Last nightf At what hour? "
Part's I'aper.
It is a fact generally observed, says trie
Troy Timet, that the man who deniucc-s
the institution of Marriage is geuer&l'y
the person who thought he was geiung a
rich widow and didn't '
The Mayor of a Georgia town, so yo' t
that it possesses no jail, bad two prU-.-p ,s
put under a wagon Dcx, innej u:. j
down on the ground, and secured them I y
placing two cotton bales on top, .
We don't feel certain as to hi h L , ?
of the alphabet is the fastest, hut ie
have seen a decanter. lim'on J t.
Did you ever see Aaron? New York
Star. Oh, yes, and we have of:ea no
ticed how fast a bee fiias. .
"Bill Sonet," said a bultyiajr urchin to
another lad, "tbe next tim I est' yni
alone I'll flog you like anything." " V.'e.i,"
replied Bill, "I ain't often muc h fuoiif; I
commonly have my legs and ts . iia
me!" ,,.;.;:v
"Are tulips very Bweet, ma?" ft.k-,l a
young four-year-old.- "Why do yon s ' ,
my dear?" replied her mother, "t ,3
papa told onr Soosan that her tsi 1
rrere sweeter than wine jei;y. ; .a
tojj t'new departure that afiornoon.
One of .vE desigisa MrW,
little wife leanhi , T IJfcr " .
chair nnd Stroking his peard in the n-.ot-t
anecu mate manner. " ell. weii. Jul;a.
says the hnsbano, "you are very ienl' -t
to-night Heigho! I wonder how rcsch
it'll cost me this time ?"
A little fellow, crying half the r''.t
with the " legs ache," was much encour
aged next morning by nndinar t.. ' is
head ached instead of his kfr-J. " ii.e
pain is going up, and when it
throuch the top of my hd it win 5 'i
gone, of course, was his logical :
"OiieeforAlI." "In your 1
senoe have you thought of me ? "
she coyly. "Yes," replied be, 1
ingly, " once." "Only once?" i;
she, rising as if to depart. OE.y
f. 1
,u'.r;i repeat M he, holding out his arrr.f,
once ail the time 1 " And she c&j u -2 1
A solution of 75 gramuiss of c'.i?---potasb,150
eratntnes of suaiinc b
one Biiiligramino of r.cafai t
with tnce of amraouis, fro,
ink which remains r-er.'wt'y i - i
colorless, but any wrk'u-g ai'.u t
after a letwe of twenty-four Loi;r H
a very line black. :
JJia sr3?;"'s rni ri'-! v
turn t useful nc-wint t.,a i.
Meiu,er has m.'e v --j
nicael c'i'ioriJ,'-, r ' - iy ! -a
red 1 e-if, yif V, vt . ' :
times aU rul'v t"; ; .
ana!i8 vjr to t'. 1 mj'
and ni :ktl.
Ou !Iiy ''."'jf - -
of the .:: iri. f !; -' "
Acs '.e r ; ( f t
J, b. .id
tr C-
I.i -
w cave
'Couotj. -
J '.

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