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KELLY & WELLS, Publisher.
And ether p"...'
- SO
- I 00
" Independent in all Things ; Neutral in Nothing."
Lsrge and iicary Pi-.
Neatly and exjea;io
at porfla:::
Tl--- are il terms fcr these raving In ad.
vaiu-.. Tl. i.inKrtauRav offers fin Induoa.
itosEBuitG, oregon, Saturday, july io, 1879.
you s.
mn mivo.iMxm, Terms reasonable.
NO. 14.
I . K,'wr iji
5.-r San Francis
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Office in Dr. Page' Drag Store.
Canyonvllle .Hotel,
Canyonvi.le Hotel, I us now prepared to
fan ah traveler with the best of accommodations.
Feod and stabling for stock. D. A. LEVINS.
Wcodcoi k & Cnnrclini,
end the residents in Myrtle Creek will find
the best bcrsesboers at this establishment. In
thU line we claim to do work equal to any is the
Bute. New work manufactured and repairs
mad on tlx shortest notice. Give as trial, and
if we cannot suit you none can.
, W. W. Hairs
Tbia popular Rataurant now nnder Compe
tent management Is prepared to ao
commndaie the pa bile In man
ner unsurpassed In the city.
- ., ... r .-
Supper for Ban and Private Parties.
Furnished on abort notice.
OWe ns a call.
Ashland Woolen Manufacturing
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Whits &' Colored BlaakeL
" Plata susd Fancy Cukmtm, Dsttklai,
Flannels, Ktc eUo, .
Hade to Order.
ASHLAND. Jackson County, Oregon.
Dealer in
Staple Dry Goods 1
Keeps constantly on hand a general assort
ment of
Crockery iand Cordage
A fall stock of . .
m o xi o o Xj bookw
Such as required by the Public County Bchools!
All kinds of STATIONERY, TOYS and
To suit both Young and Old. .
y. furnishes Checks on Portlsnd'and procures
Aran on oan rrancisco.
Nearest to the Railroad Depot, Oakland.
Jas. Mahoney, Prop'r.
The finest of wines, liquors and cigars in Doug"
las county, and the best
in the Stats kept in proper repair:
Parties traveling on the railroad will find this
ptaesvary handy to visit daring the stop
. ping of the train at the Oak
land, Depot. Give me acalL
. ., - . SALEM -
Foundry and Hacking Shop
B. Wi DRAKE, Proprietor,
ftfteam Znslnca, Saw Mills),
Grist AXllla, Reapers, Pumps)
.avnd all Itlnda and Style) et
Machinery made to Order.
AXaoblnery repaired on
Short Motloa.
Pattern making done in all its various forma,
and all kinds of brass and iron castings tar
nished on short notice. . Also manuiao--
tarer of Enterprise Plainer and
Matcher, and Suckers and
Sharpers. -
Taisv XX. Tipton, Prop'r.
. V Including '
ttfcar Tin f -
. Cedar.Flr,
v Pine and Oak
r. .Always on hand, .,
Axid Vtera promptly filled on
tne ssnorteat Notice
AH kinds of dressed lumber constantly on
band. Lumber famished at any
point in Rosebnrg without extra
1 charge, and by application to
:. me it will be found that .
My Lumber is not only the best but
- the cheapsst in the market. Try; .
. me andVee. Address aU letters to 1
JAS. H. TIPTON. Patterson's MUla. Or.
Vo'ddinforniths public that they have leased
- the laree Blacksmilhing shop lately occupied
by tSsorge Miekle, and that they , are
, r prepared o, do f
.llSjsdi o ElaclssTn 1t,liiS
. la flrst-elass style,
a j tow er than the lowest They have
Horse Shoeing I
n.:.ut in the trade, they
'J Vrt.on of pan- 'Uf ind
nerv repatreu,
Work, fctA- , .
Shop opposite 8. Mark k Co.
. onus"
' r.-.f. - .
sa a csi
Furniture Store !
tnr Fjdnhlinhment of John Lehnherr. is
now prepared to do any work in the-
He is also prepared to furnish
In all stylet, of the best manufacture, and cheaper
than the cheapest. Ilia
1'tVblea. i
Are of superior make, and for low ecat cannot be
'. . equalled in the State. The
Finest of Spring Beds
And the
Most Complete of as
Always on hand. Everything in the line fur
; nished.of the best quality,on the shortest
notice and at the lowest rates.
And orders filled cheaper and better than can
any other establishment
Desiring a share of public patronage, the un
dersigned promises to offer extra inducements to
all patrons. Give me a trial.
aavaaav am,.
Upholstery, Spring Mattrasses,
Constantly on hand.
I ! Use best atoek o
tnrnttnre south of Portland
And all of my own manufacture.
No two ' Prices to Customers
Residents of Douglas county are requested to
give me a call before purchasing elsewhere.
Richard Thomas, Prop r.
mure rjtvrvr. nia mrcv P.STA RT,7RHED 1
-L fcr m. nnmhar nt ttai. and has become Terr I
DODClar with the traveling public. First-class
And the table supplied with the beat the market
affords. Hotel at the depot of the Railroad.
Fine Liquors and Cigars.
The undersigned has purchased the saloon form
erly kept by Mr. Tibbets, Oakland, and
with new brands of wines, liquors
and cigars he is prepared to
hospitably entertain all who '
may give him a call;
A Fine Billiard Xa tle
is kept in constant repair.
r Chemists and Pharmacists !
Patton's Block, State Street, ' ;
Particular attention given to prescriptions, and
ail orders by mail or express filled,
promptly and accurately.
Physicians and country dealers wiU save money
by examining our stock, or procuring
our prices, before purchasing else-
where. .
. , T-; "Nillc
SUQ&r Jtrine iVllllS
Xocated at Sngar Pine Monntaln,
Post OfBce address, Looking Glass, Oregon.
The Company owning these mills would say they
are prepared to furnish the .
At the most reasonable rates.
tSnfifax Pine.
ITIr and Cedar
tmmber always on hand, and all persons wishing
a, purchase Lumber will do well to give us an
-pportunity it filling their orders before going
,Mrhere'; J G. CA tLlGHAN, President,
W. B.rL RKK. rVowary and Trpaaurer
Oreson and California
Day at 7-30 P. M.,
Making quick connection si Beading with the
caraof theC.AO. B. K.
For full particulars and passage apply to
This establishment is the
TTi x l TT- 0 Cfo f T by hanging in their ceHs, and the re
Ocsl 111 H1C vJtdtC? 1 mainingone was pardoned out by the
" ' and connected with it is a large .
Wsnnn Yard and Shed Boom !
Capable of ' accommodating any
number oi
nones SOU
Beat of Hay find Grain
always ia full tupp'y and at li vinr prices,
and no one is allowed t go away di-sittsfied.
Don't fail to give us a call, fcr we are
' - determined to suit you in quan- ..
. tity, quality and price.
may rnneero - hot llie iii i-'r4t?n-l .-( (h-cii
awarded "the entrant f .kvpm ilie Imh'Iis
County paupers fur a jieriiKl .if l ymr -4U
Dc 1-90111 in need of avintaitra fwiti i I ,vin;y
must first procure a eertiliinte u Oint i-ff.vt 1"i"omi
any member or the Oouu'y B-unt aai Hwt H
to oneol tha tdlowini nsinifi jim, wh- are
authorised to and will gsro fur thi inafmHiii!j
such certiGoitxtt Button k Pisrliiu, Rwnburj; L
L. Kellogg, Oaklamlf Mrs. Crown, i L-mkin
Glass. Dr. Woodruff is authorised to fumisli
medical aid to ail persons in noe-1 ol tli-nip.m.l
who hava been dachirod iwmx-r f Dmitlas
County. - W.B. CLi KK.
O resit Destruction f Property by
. ClOH. .
St. Patti., July 4. The first complete
and coherent account of the terrible des
truction to life in Goodhue county by a
Btorm on Wednesday night and yesterday
morning reached here at an early hour
this morning. The storm assumed the
character of a cyclone near Redwing
Point, greatest violence being at Vasa, a
small village some ten miles west of the
Mississippi. ; v
The following is from aEedwing spec
ial to the Pioneer-Press. In the town
of Vasa the fury of the storm -was at its
height, making fearful havoc. It seemed
to start from about four miles from the
Yasa church and traveled in a southwest
erly direction. The orphanage which is
under the care of the church was com
pletely demolished. It contained 24 in
mates besides Stranberg, who has charge.
Out of this number three was killed out
right and seventeen others injured, three,
it is thought, fatally. The house of Erick
Swenson, close by, was blown down. He
was killed and his wife severely injured.
G. H. Halme and wife, an elderly couple,
were killed; also a baby boy of Mr. and
Mrs. Linsted, and another party whose
name has not been learned, making nine
in all killed. Four more are not expect
ed to live. The number wounded is 30.
The square roof was blown from the par
sonage, a little in the rear of the church,
and set down in the field where it flatten
ed like a fan. - The barn of August Pet
erson was blown down and his house
badly injured; also, of course the houses
of aU who have been mentioned as killed
were blown down and many houses were
inin -a.) TTia ntnnn alan ran crfxil f i rnn crh
Belle Creek, where it blew down the
house of Anthony Petti
qv Pettil and completely
demolished the barn of Walter .Doyle.
The blacksmith shop at Black Oak post
office was scattered to the winds, and at
different places in the town, trees were
lifted right off the ground by the- roots
and carried forward and set down with
out breaking a limb. At Warrentown,
on the Lake Shore, three houses were
torn down and a man and his wife and
daughter killed in one of them. At
Maiden Bock two frame houses were de
molished and the top of the warehouse ta
ken off, but no lives were lost. The storm
crossed from this side to Trenton, where
it unroofed Mr. Hammelgren's houses,
barn and granary, and broke down the
large trees in his timber, smashing near
ly every tree. The roof of Andrew Nel
son's barn was blown away and com
pletely smashed to pieces, and the barn
of John Taggart, another neighbor, was
Struck 1
struck by lightning and burned to the
Kround. These houses are all in the
southeastern part of the town. The
damage to the crops is considerable, but
not so bad as if the season were later. ;
1 Senator
Morgan's Son 1
Col. "W. A. Cook and Messrs. Sheila
barge and Wilson, as counsel for Miss
Lucy Walton Rhiett Horton, entered
suit yesterday against John H. Morgan,
son of Senator Morgan of Alabama, for
breach of promise of marriage, and
$20,000 damages. It is alleged that in
1877 Morgan, under promise of marriage,
betrayed Miss Horton.
Fire at Cleveland.
Cleveland, J uly 8. At 7 :30 this even
ing a fire broke out in the upper story of
Denham's planing mill on Scranton av
enue, and spread rapidly, destroying the
variety iron works, tne Atlantic ana
Great Western freight depot, the two
story building occupied by Bust, King &
Clint, lumber dealers, and a large quan
tity of rough and finished lumber, A
brisk wind was blowing and only by
great exertions the fire was gotten under
, . Fatal Kxploalosu
Cincinnati, July 8. The boiler of a
steam flouring mill at Carlisle, iiy., ex
ploded this morning, throwing the en
gineer, James Summers, a distance of
forty feet, mangling him terribly. He
died in two hours.
A Romantic Suicide.
LotJi8viLLE. July 8. A Courier-Jour
nal special from Marysville says that
Miss Bettie Xidwell, aged 17, living at
Franklin MOls Fleming county, killed
I tnnuil with nnicuvn . TMaarmmTitrnfirtt in
herself with poison. Disappointment in
love is the alleged cause
' Got HU "CoBtatUh."
Washinoton, July 8. The president
has signed the commission of John A.
Hunter to be chief justice of the supreme
court of Utah.
Hebrew Convention.
New York, July 8. The sixth annual
convention of the union American He
brew congregations begun this morning.
There was a large attendance and great
interest was taken in the proceedings.
Centennial of a Burning.
Bbiikuepokt, July 8. The hundredth
anniversary of the burning of Fairfield
by British troops under Gen. Tryon was
oelebrated to-day.
Prompt Action tn Tennessee.
Nashville, July 12. President Plun
kett of the state board of health, sent the
following dispatch to all local health au
thorities in the state to-day: "Every
protection that is possible will be given
to the cities, towns and villaires of Ten
nessee by the state board of health,
should yellow fever become epidemic in
Memphis. To act efficiently, full concert
of action is absolutely neccessary." At
a meeting of the state board of healtn !
to-day, ic was determined to put into im
mediate force the rules and regulations
of the sanitary council which are recom
mended by the national board of health
for adoption by all state and local au
thorities during the existence of yellow
Damaging; Storms in the Wert.
Chicago, July 8. Special dispatches
from various points in Wisconsin and
Minnesota give further reports of the
storm in the northwest, yesterday and
Sunday night. In many places growing
crops have been badly damaged. ;
Justice Cheated.
Dkadwood, July 7. -A few months ago
three Indians were tried and convicted of
the murder of Private Leo Bader, of the
second cavalry, and sentenced to be hang
ed at Miles City, Montana, July 7th. On
the day of sentence two of them suicided
governor. About a month ago another
Indian was tried and convicted of the
murder of a ranchman at Terry's Land
ing, and sentenced to be hung at the
same time and place as the others. On
Sunday night he was found to have also
committed suicide by hanging.
Tobaeea eaa be Matted
WASHraoToit, July 9. The postoffloe
department decides a package of tobacco
bearing an enternal revenue stamp can
go through the mails as fourth-class mat
ter. aalnstaneeof how It Works.
A special agent of the jwetofilce de
partment has arrested in New Mexico a
tnail robber belonging to a gang of Texas
highwaymen The judge granted an or
der of removal w Texas for trial, but the
U. S, marshal had no fnonev' to pay the
necessary expenses. He. telegraphed to
the ruarshal of Texas, bat the Jatterwas
in the same condition, xno posramce
agent thereupon started, t Texas with
his prisoner, tha stage companies carry
ing him on trust, and the agent providing
provisions for the 800. mile journey and
guarding the desperado sight and day
liimself . ' . . . .
The Duty an Quinine.
The secretary of the treasury has de
cided that the act exemtitintr ouinine
from duty which took effect July 1st, did
not effect importations made before that
Murderer Hangea
WABRENSBmto. (Mo.). July 9. Frank I
Davidson, who killed Wm. Haggerty,
Sept. 21, 1878. was executed to-day.
Boat Races at Saratoga.
Saratoga, July 9. The weather and
the lake are all that could be desired lor
the regatta, which was opened with a pair
oar race.- One Zephyr pair did not start,
and the other Zephyr pair gave out be
fore reaching the end of the course. The
race was won by the Olympics in d:il ;
Wanwansums second in :o . ine col
lege four oared contest was left to Cornell
alone, and a mile and a half was made
in 9:15. J. Lewis, of Cornell, had the
collesre sinele to himself also, and ne
covered a mile and a half in 11:54. The
first trial heat of senior singles was won
by Murray, of the Elizabeth club, in
1 1 S&C aecond trial heat bv B. W. Bath-
burn, of New York, in 11:13, and the
third trial heat by Holmes in 10:53.
In the six-oared shell race the Shaw-
mut Club of Boston, the Mutual Club of
Albany and the Dauntless Club of New
York started, the last boat carrying a
coxswain. The Mu trials won, Dountless
second, Shawmut third. Time : 8:30,
9:03, and 9:11.
- More Proselytes for Hormondom.
The steamship Wyoming to-day
Drougnt irom iiiverpooi ouu Mormons,
mainly English, Scotch and Swedes. A
large portion were woman. They leave
tor utan tms eveninw.
The Hebrew ConvenUoa la New York.
New York, July 9. The 6th council
of the Union of American and Hebrew
congregation resumed session to-day.
Bev. Dr. Silventhal. chairman of the
special mission on the course of study
from the Hebrew Union College, present
ed an unanimous report on the subject,
in which he said that he was happy to
say that all differences between the clergy
nad oeen settled. The report was adopt
ed. Bev. Dr. Mendes, chairman on the
committee on Union College, presented
a report recommending the establishment
of a college and the erection of a build
ing at Cincinnati, and adverse to the es
tablishment of a branch college in New
lorK. Tne report was adopted. ;
Kx-Gev. Seymour on land Culture.
In the Hebrew convention the chair
man of the committee on the Sabbath
question to-day presented a report per
taining to the preservation of the Sab
bath institutions which was adopted. A
letter was received from ex -Gov. Sey
mour giving his views on the subject of
land culture. He said : He had watched
with interest the plans of the Catholic
church to get its people into the country
and to make their homes on farms. He
deemed it a wise policy, and wise to have
those of different faith bo placed at the
outset that they can keep up their re
spective places of worship. He had no
idea but what the Hebrews would be
come good farmers.
Made a Special Order.
In the Hebrew convention, after some
discussion, the report of the special com
mittee relative to the opening of avenues
for the employment and residence of Is
raelites in agricultural districts of the
country, was made the speciaLorder for
Grand Demonstration by Orang-emen at
Tosoirro, July 12. The Orange procession
to cay was tne largest seen here lor years
Johnson and Chambers, Irish delegates, rode
in a carnage in ins middle or tbe procession
accompanied by the highest officers in the
order. Lodges were present from Hamilton,
Brantford, Brampton and other places. The
usual speeches were made in Oueen's park
Tbe Orangemen of Ottawa dittrict did not
hold the usual celebration. They will have
a monster procession on the 23d, when tbe
triennial couocu opens.
Reynolds the Harmon Biaanalst Praetl-
caur arree.
Omasa, July 14. In compliance with an
order from tbe department of justice at
Wasineton, signed by Attorney General Dev-
ens, authorizing the removal of Geo. Reyn-
oius, mo convictea axormoa Digamist, from
the Nebraska penitentiary to the Utah terri
torial prison, warden Dawson 01 the Nebras
ka penitentiary to-day delivered over the
prisoner to Marshal Shaughnessy at Kearny,
woo proceeaea westward witn dim. Kevn
olds will be confined in an adobe building
containing four cells, about four miles from
Bait Lake Uity, where be will have ample op
portunity to see his family and friends at
ireqaeni intervals. mis - removal was
brought about by the efforts of Delegate
lannon, oi uiaa.
Harrlmaa Walks off with Anath.r Hta't
Nsw York, July 14 Harriman, the Mains
pedestrian, eloped with the wife of Geo. W.
Blockhouse, steward of the St. James hotel a
few weeks sinc-, and was found at Boston
last week. Mrs. Stockhouse is a sister of tbe
Dronnetor of the St. Jamee. and became in
(atoated with Harriman during the Gilmore
Garden match, going theremgatly, strewing
flowers before him, and nursing him when
the contett closed. She appears to have
planned tbe elopement, following him to
Philadelphia thence eoine to Richmond
The husband followed and finally traced
them to Medford, nort 1 ot Bott jo.
Death (rent Sanatraae.
Bt. Locts, July 14. W. J. Lewis, a prom
inent merchant and banker and largely in
terested in tbe is lit Muddy coal mines in
Southern Illinois, was overcome by heat at
CaroDdelet, six miles below tbe city, this
morning and died 10 ai mtnutea.
- Th Battle of the Boyne.
Nsw York, July 14 Tbe Orange celebra
tion in Ireland on the 12tb, passed off with
only a few cases of shooting snd stoning.
One death is reported. Tbe authorities had
taken extra precautions because of excite
ment in consequence of the debate in parlia
ment on tne government s iron university
DIR. .
, Fnneral of Ex-Gov. Allen
CBtLLicoriic, Ohio, July 14. The faneral
of Ex-Uov. Wm. Allen toot place tn.s morn
ing from Fruit Hill. - Business throughout
the city is generally suspended and many
basinets houses and dwellings are draped in
a. xeny ascnraion.
Philadxlfhia, July 14 Secretary Sher
man accompanied by a committee of the
maritime exchange, tbe mayor. Speaker Ran
dall and otber congressmen, and well known
citizens, went on board tbe revenue cotter
Hamilton to-day and started on an inspection
of the Delaware riverand harbor. This com
pleted, the Hamilton will take the S'cretary
along tne eastern coaa; uu uuium visits.
Speculation on the Bennatt-SnUth Case.
Nsw York. July 14. Regarding Cove Ben
nett and Mrs. Smith, arrangements for whose
execution are making, tbe general feeling
throughout Jersey City is that the prisoners
will never be executed, snd thst even if the
court of er.ors and appeals and court ot par
dona refuse their appeals, they will not be
hanged July 25th, the day fixed.
Settlements Maat ba Btada,
Washihotoh, July 14. During the present
month all ouUtanding 10-40 and 6-20 U. 8.
bonds which have been called by tbe secre
tary become due snd settlements will have to
be made. The amount of these bonds ia
Judge Ray and San will Probably Die-
Memphis. July 12. The state board of
health this morning established the in
spection of trains and passengers. Here
after all persons and trains leaving Mem
phis will be required to have certificates
from the inspecting officer. All trains
arriving and departing will transfer pas
sengers and baggage at a point five miles
distant from the city.
J Jndrra Bay's condition is unimproved
and but -faint Lopes are entertained of
his recovery. His son lies: in critical
condition. '
- No new eases have been reported -within
the past two days.
-';.At joint meeting of the chamber of
commerce and cotton exchange held this
stternoon the following was adopted t
' Whereas.- The city of Memphis has
ia &H respects complied with all the rules
and regulations
al board of heal
the nation-
Resolved, That New Orleans and other
cities that have quarantined against us
te requested to observe and respect the
rules and regulations succrested by the
national board of health and adopted by
the sanitary council of the Mississippi
valley. . , -
a. u. Ajangstan, president oi the Mem
phis Howard association, who left the
city this morning, telegraphs from Milan,
Tennessee, as follows : ' Have visited
every town between here and Memphis,
on the Louisville road, and conferred
with mayors, physicians and prominent
citizens. AH sympathize with us, and
will not quarantine against us unless we
nave an epidemic." Everything regard
ing the fever remains in statu qua. No
new cases have been reported, and the
general impression is that the fever will
not spread but be confined to families
where it is at present located. No change
has been reported in the condition of
Judge Ray and his son ; both are very
low and are not expected to live.
New Orleans in HeulUtv Condition.
New Oeleaks, July 12. The auxiliary
sanitary association makes a statement
that tne city is How in a perfectly healthy
condition, and that there has not been a
smtrle case of yellow fever in this citv
the present summer. The city is in bet
ter sanitary oondition than' for many
years, and the absence of fevers which
usually precede yellow fever, inspires
the belief that we shall escape serious
sicicness. ihe country will be officially
notified, should yellow fever appear.
Ho Hew Caaea or Vever at Water Vail. jr.
Washibotoh. Jnlv 14 Advicea received
by the national board of health state that the
yellow fever excitement at Water Valley,
Miss, Has abated and that there are no new
Sanitary RecomnaeadaUene.
The national board of health has issued a
circular urging cleanliness and scrupulous
observance of all sanitary precautions . ad
vised by physicians aad health boards.
Two Deaths from If allow Fever in Meat.
pais Only an. Case now In tne City
Unod Report, from Otn.r Localities.
Nsw Obuaks, July 14 Dr. F. Loeber. the
physician in charge of the Touro infirmary,
denies that there was or is a case of yellow
fever in said infirmary.
Dr. Herriok, who went to Water Valley as
inspector of the national board of health, re
ported the case there as extremely question
able. Its history is incomplete and observa
tions made by the attending physician im
perfect. Dr. Herrick says that there are no
other suspicious cases at Water Valley. Peo
ple are recovering from the panic.
Peaaaeela on the Defensive.
PcsBJtcoLA. July 14. This city is Quaran
tined against Memphis.
Atteadanea of Prl.re. ond High Ofltcial
Dlaa tarlee The Peapla Pressed
in afonrnlna: Sae;enia'a
Borrow. .
Lobdok. July 12. 10 A. M It is an
nounced that the Prince of Wales, Duke of
Edinburgh, Duke of Connaneht and the
Crown Prince of Sweden will be pall bearers
at tbe funeral of tbe prince imperial.'
Tbe entrance to umden House is draped
witn cream coioreo westry.
Tbe .Princess Beatrice. Princess of wales.
Prinee Christian and Prince Edward of Saxe
Weimar, have arrived.
The Prince's Body Greatly Disfigured,
When the coffin was opened yesterday the
features of tbe prince were much disfigured
nut were recognizable by tbe teeth. Ubl
mann, the prince imperiai's valet fainted
twice at tbe sight of the remains and was re
vived with difficulty.
Ihe People In Btournlng,
1 P. M. The weather is fine but cool.
Crowds of people, all dressed in mourning,
including a large proportion of French.
thronged London railway station as early as
u v VIW 1UU luuiuiug.
The Last Had Parting.
It is stated that the rx emprees did not
visit the coffin until three this moraine. She
remsined over it in an agony of grief until
seven, when she fell asleep and was removed
to ner cnamoer. .
The Faneral.
2:30 P.M. The funeral of the prince imperial
toot piace, in accordance witn srrangemen
already published. In addition to notable
persons heretofore mentioned, the Russian.
German and Danish ambassadors to England
were present. A body or farts workmen
viewed the coffin previous to the funeral. It
is estimated that various sympathizers
brought bouquets and wreaths sufficient to
nu two vans.
4 P. M. The fnneral cortege commenced
moving at nve minutes before 11. The pall
bearers, all princes, were in uniform. An
immense wreath, bestowed by Queen Victo
ria, was carried on the coffin, but was invisi
ble because of tbe mass of flowers. P.ince
Jerome Bonaparte and sons followed next
after the coffin. The British ministry was
represented by Freckerick 8tanley , and
Michael Hicks Beach. The procession was
about three quarters of a mile long, and tbe
rear was brougbt np by tbe second military
band. There were present deputations of
French military students and workmen from
Pans, Lille, Turcoing and other centers of
French industry.
a dispatcb says that at an early boar this
morning wooiwich common presented an
animated appearanos on the occasion of the
assemblage of troops detailed to take pirt in
tne tunerai parade ot tbe late prince imperial
at tniseiaurst. The soldiers all wore tbe in
signiaof mourning and seemed affected by
the mournfulaers of the occasion. A large
number of the inhabitants of Woolwich
Greenwich and Charlton were present to
watch the departure of the troops, tbe ma
jority wearing mourning. Tbe parading col
umn was tormed in tne following order :
One tr,oop of the Fifth Royal Irish Lancers,
riuing; esiaousnment ot royal artillery, a
mounted band, royal artillery, four batteries
of royal horse, artillery service wagon with
tbirty rounds of ammunition, cadets of tbe
Royal Military Academy. Upon arrival at
Cbwelbum tbe column was received by a
guard of honor, formed of one company of
tbe hrst battalion of tbe 23d fuai leers of Wat
erloo fame. Tbe trojps tben formed again
an 1 marched tj Cbiselborst common. . Here
a halt was mads near the north entrance of
Camden Place, where they formed a guard of
honor and firing-. Never before have so
many representatives of tha royal family
been present on a similar occasion as this
morning are gathered to participate in the
last honors to the remains of the late prince
At tbe bead of tbe coffin last night two
Sisters of Mercy knelt in prayer, while can
dies ranged about tbrew a tender light upon
tne lace 01 tue dead prince. All save tbe
sisters and priest withdrew when tbex
empress entered. What took place as she
gazed upon the face of Iher dead son is not
and probably will not soon be known. All
tnat is Known is mat wnen sbe came from
the room she was calm, and all signs of vio
lent grief, if there was any. bad disappeared
The favorite horse of the prince was led alter
tbe cotnn. At tbe conclusion ot tbe services
in the church the members of the French
senate and chamber of depu'ies in attend
ance, and deputations of workmen, filed
around the coffin, sprinkling it with holy
water ana scattering immortelles.
The Independence era Soldier.
' Paris, July 13 Marshal Canrobert has
come to England despite mcial refusal of
leave of absence.
Fraace Don't Like Kaglaad's Grief.
Lobdok. Jaly 13. Various accounts men
tion that there ia ill feeling in France at the
great demonstration -of mourning ia j Eog
land. No member of the French embassy in
London will be present at tha funeral. - In
the French senate on Friday a motion to
postpone the nomination of a committee on
Jules Ferry's education bill because of tbe
absence of the Booapartlats, was resisted by
Pelletan (republican on tbe ground that they
were not absent because of a genuine senti
ment of mourning on their part, but had
fine to England in search of a pretender,
he nomination of committee was eventually
postponed uu Tuesoay:. .svv j.f. i,.:., j
Grand Military Review at PariaW
' Pasis. July 13. Th annual grand milt
tary review was held to-day by President
Urery. Many notables and an immense
croud of spectators were present, and the re
view was a great success.
The Trouble between Huasla and Cataa.
Sr. Pprssastrso. Jalv 13 Advices from
Orenburg, June 2Slh, confirm reports of prep
amiuus uiaatug oy toe unities to msrea ou
Kuldja. Ill treatment of Russian merchants
on the frontier continues.
Eng-Uah Anal la Tnreamaala.
St. PrrxBSBUBd. July 14. The Turcomans
opposing Gen.- Lazareff 'a expedition are
armed with English rifles from the British
reserve supplies in Afghanistan.
Oatragje la Bnmtah. ',
Lohdob, July 13. A dispatch to the Timet
from Calcutta, dated yesterday, reports that
the king of Burnish has massacreed twelve
parsons. .; -
Steamship Lost. . .
A dispatch to the Daily Newi from Alexan
dria reports the Egyptian steamer Samanoot
lost at sea. She was returning from Mauri
tius. Twenty-three natives and twenty-three
Europeans perished.
Pending Matters.
Losdob. July 14. In the boose of com
mons this afternoon, the chancellor of tha
exchequer gave a list of measures which he
said that the government will endeavor to
pass and which it will abandon. The most
important of the latter are the criminal code
and patent bills. He abstained from giving tbe
entire catalogue of abandoned bills and made
no mention of tbe bill relating to elections
and corrupt practices nnder the secretary for
foreign aflalrs.
"-,;;. Russia's Intention.,
' It Is stated that Russia, throuth the foreign
office, denied any intention of a march upon
Mero by General Lazaren s expedition.
v, Keeping; the Balance.
Bcblih. July 14. The contemplated In
crease of the army is in consequence of tbe
increased military strength of France and
A County Officer Murdered.
San Francisco. July 7. An Inyo In
dependent extra of the 3d says : This
evening W. L. Moore, sheriff of this
county, was instantly Killed while per
forming his duty as an officer, by a shot
received from one of two parties engaged
in an altercation. Toe men were named
respectively Michael Welch and Henry
Tessier. They had met with sixshooters
in the Aldine saloon, with the apparent
intent on tne part of Tessier to eeee-a
shooting match on account of some words
which had passed between them there a
few hours before. Our sheriff stepped
in between them and received from one
of men, it is not known which, a ball in
the left side. - He spoke but a few words
and fell dead. Welch was immediately
taken into custody and lodged in jail.
Tessier ran out of town, but was subse
quently captured and is now under ar
rest. The town is wild with excitement,
and lynching of the two men is proba
ble. - !
John Can Keep his Cue.
Justice Field of the U. S. supreme
court to-day, in the circuit court, decid
ed a case involving the validity of the so
called cue ordinance which provides for
the cutting off cues of Chinamen when
sent to the county jail. The court decid
ed that the ordinance was special legisla
tion of character prohibited by the 14th
amendment to the constitution of the
United States and consequently invalid.
Judge Sawyer of the circuit court con
curred in the decision.
California and Con. Ya. , pass dividends
this month.
Dr. Glenn and the H. B'a.
The state central committee of H. B's.
held a meeting this afternoon, lasting
from one to five o'clock. The secretary
declined to give any information con
cerning the proceedings, but from other
sources its ascertained that the object of
the discussion was the removal' of Dr.
Glenn from the ticket. The general
view taken was that the doctor must cast
his lot either with the H. B's. or demo
crats, no double barebacked act. It was
finally decided to hold another meeting
next Alonday evening, when Dr. Glenn
is expected to be present. If he then
decides to declines the democratic muni
tion, he will be allowed to retain his po
sition on the a. JBs. ticket; otherwise
not. . v-.
The Indian hunt near Seattle.
Seattle, July 7. Sheriff Wyckoff and
deputies returned at o clocK last even-
ing, after having persued the Indians to
Langston's landing, when they abandon
ed their horses and took to the woods.
The Indian reported to have been wound
ed last evening turns out to be Jim, son
of old Kitsap, the celebrated Yakima
chief, who was the prime cause of the
war of '55-6, and was subsequently kill
ed. Kitsap county in this territory is
named after him. It appears that he
was not shot by Bussian Charley as first
stated, out, Dy constable Mills, who ex
changed fire with the Indians on Satur
day evening, shooting Jim through the
arm and side. The Indian belongs to
the same party who robbed a man last
year on Snoqnalmie road, of blankets
and money. They are evidently making
ior laiuma. .
The Chinaman who killed a fellow
countryman-yesterday was arrested this
morning. He acknowledges the act and
says it was in self-defense.
:;:V-;:: Fire, v:-
From July. 3d to the 6th exclusive,
there were 14 fires in this city. Loss,
- A Hoax.'-:;.;.
Hanfobd, July 8. This; report from
Lemoore that the settlers are tearing up
the railroad track is a hoax.
Napa, Jnly 8. The body of Mr. Fitz-
pa trick, painter, a native of Ireland,
aged 43, was found in the Napa river this
morning. He. fell through the railroad
bridge Saturday night while in a state of
: - Boiler Exploelo;
Bio Vista, July 8. This afternoon the
boiler of L. B. Anway's steam thresher
exploded, injuring the fireman; Andrew
Larsen fatally.
Rorthward Ha l
Sam Francisco, July 8. The Arctic
exploring yacht Jeannette sailed this af
ternoon. Long before the hour fixed for
her departure the pier heads and ships
along the city front and lull tops were
crowded with spectators, and the bay waa
lively with yachts and steamers. Some
delay occurred and it was not till 4 P. Ms
that the order was given to weigh anchor,
Convoyed by the steam tugs Miller,
Griffith and Itabbom and the city fire
yacht squadron, all bearing) full loads of
spectators, the Jeannette steamed slowly
down the harbor amid the dipping of
flags, screaming of steam whiBUes and a
salute of ten guns from Font Point. The
Jeannette being deeply loaded with coal
and stores, and her progress was so Blow
that it was not till 6:30 that she got out
side the heads. Here she stopped a few
moments while the wife of Lieut. De-
Long was transferred to the yacht Frolic.
The steamers and yachts in attendance
then passed the stern of the Jeannette,
the crowds on board cheering JUieut. De
Long and the expedition. The Jean-
ttette's engines again started, and in com
pany with the schooner Fannie A. Hyde;
which goes to Behring's Sea as a coal and
provision tender,' she steamed seaward.
1 V Political Hates
' Thi executive committee of the demo
cratic state central committee met this
evening. The proceedings were kept se
cret, but it is understood they referred
to weeding out of candidates on the state
ticket by piling assessments on them.
with a view to filling their places with H.
The Republican committee this even
ing discussed the possibility of holding
an honest primary, and appointed a com
mittee to devise ways and means to that
Postantee Robbed
The safe in the Marysville postofSce
was broken open last night, ana the bur
glars got $ 7 W in currency.
-Savac-a levies en. stwsssraent of 1 :
Utah $1 and Jul is 1 5.
Ha Aaseaameata.
Dennis Kearney in a card notifies all
the nominees of the W. P. C. not to pay
any political assessments, as the nominee
upon proof of such action will be sum
marily removed from the ticket. He pro
poses to raise funds for the campaign by
voluntary contribution and will canvass
the city for such aid.
The Disaster at Bodle.
Bodie, July 11. The magazine which
exploded contained about five tons of
giant powder.; The cause of the explo
sion is unknown. The hoisting works of
the old shaft of the Standard were 'de
molished and set on fire, the flames ex
tending to the shaft, but were soon ex
tinguished. The new shaft and hoisting
works and mill are uninjured and run
ning as usual. There is plenty of ore on
hand to keep the mill going until the
works of the old shaft are re pared. The
house of the new shaft is somewhat dam
aged, but not so as to interfere with busi
ness. The building of the Stimmit mine
was completely demolished, and that of
McClinton Bodie and Dudley slightly
damaged. Many boarding nouses, res
taurants and other buildings are more or
less shattered. ;
To those previously reported as killed
may be added the following : Chas. Mal
low, a miner, who entered the magazine
just before the explosion, Hugh McMil
lan, the engineer, reported wounded,
now dead, and John McCarthy. Among
the wounded are Jack Dempsey, badly ;
H. H. Hernsast, slightly ; Pyle, badly
hurt in the standard boarding House;
Mrs. Snead, slightly ; Dan McDonald,
lumberman, Alex. McGregor, Hugh Mo
Millan, junior, J. C Shreaves and Mrs.
Shay severely. The scene at the miners'
Union hall, used as a temporary hospital,
is of the most heartrending character.
The building is crowed with killed and
wounded, and hundreds are anxiously
seeking friends and relatives. Mine
managers, surgeons and volunteer nurs
es are unremitting in their efforts, to
alleviate the suffering of the victims. A
coroner's jury has been empaneled and
the inquest will be held as soon as possi
ble.- ..
The Late Oaeeola Tragedy.
Eureka, July 11. The Osceola. White
Pine, correspondent of the Sentinel gives
the following particulars of the late trag
edy at Osceola : A fatal shooting affray
occurred here this morning about' 4
o'clock, between Captain Akey and Jos,
Ayers, which resulted in the instant
death of the latter. Ayers made an as-
sultonAkey, calling him foul names,
and told Akey to go and "heel" himself.
Akey -went to his cabin, got bis pistol,
and came back. Ayers was watching in
the direction he went, but Akey came
over the hill, and when he got within
about 100 feet of Ayers he called out.
Avers turned and shot first. Akey re
turned the fire ; both missed. Ayers
shot again ; Akey then shot again, and
Ayers, pistol snapped. Akey's third shot
took effect in Ayer's left breast, causing
instant death. The difficulty grew out
of a tunnel location made by Akey and
A Mysterious Affair
Los Angeles, July 11. A young man
about 18 years of age, named Bobert
Phillips, was yesterday observed by some
children on a ranch near Spadra acting
in a strange manner. About two hours
after on the arrival of Louis Phillips.
uncle of Bobert, he was informed of the
matter and on going to the spot found
the body of bis nephew bruised, dirty
and covered with blood and almost be
yond recognition. The body was to-day
brought to this city. The neck was found
broken and an ugly bruise on the back
of the head.
. Business Failures .
San Francisco, July 8. The Call an
nounces that the clothing house of May
er Uros. has been attached by J. Bauin.
Fechheimer, Goodkind & Co. for 110,000,
and by other creditors for lesser amounts.
Robinson, Fowler A Co., importers and
jobbers in wood and willow ware, and
proprietors of the Valleio patent socket
and California broom factories, are also
reported aa having failed, with liabilities
at 80,ooo. Ihe principal creditors are
tu. J. Wilson and the bank of Vauejo.
. . 8aa Franeiaeo Polities.
San Francisco. July 11; The repub
lican county committee last night, de
cided to hold primaries on the aoth inst..
and the county convention on August
0th. juvery precaution will be taken to
insure an honest primary vote. A rigid
test has been adopted, ward registers
will be furnished by Register Kaplan,
and the greatest care taken to prevent
fraudulent voting.
Gould and Curry SI, Silver Hill 50
A aether Phase of the Big Boauuasa Bait.
John H. Burke commenced another
suit to-day in the 23d district court on
behalf of himself and all other Con. Va
stockholders, to recover from James C.
Flood, the Nevada bank of San Francis
co, and the estate of Wm. S. O'Brien,
deceased, $1,500,000, excessive charges
for discount on bullion and interest
on loans. This makes the fifth suit now
pending.between these parties, aggregat-
IDg iJ4jS,4,OW.
' Destructive Fire.
Half of the town of Coulterville burn
ed on July 9.
Afeata from Kspoaure.
A man named Bastee fell overboard
from the steamer McPherson, at Black
Point, yesterday. He was rescued from
the water and died at Alcatraz a few
hours after from exposure.
Missionary Party. :
The following passengers will leave
for Alaska on the California: Bev. Drs.
Liindsiey oi roruand, Jackson of Lenver
and Kindall of New York, in the interest
of the Presbyterian board of missions.
,:;v Criminal Charges.
Thomas E. Atkinson was examined in
the city criminal court to-day on a charge
of having embezzled $102 belonging to
the DeFrees Mining Company, of which
ne was secretary and treasury. The evi
dence failed to show embezzlement and
the case was dismissed. The hearing of
two otner similar cases against Atkinson
was continued to Saturday.
A Big Walking Hatch at San FraneUeo
A six day go-as-you-please walking
match will begin at the Mechanics pa
viuion at l o clock to-morrow morning
for the following prizes : Jim. cham
pion diamond belt, valued at $1500,, and
glow in com ; second, S750 in coin
third, 8500: fourth. 8250. The follow
ing parties have entered, drawing posi-
A! -' .1 3 , .-, rrvl
uons in uie oraer namea ; tj, u. xnomp-
son, H. Norhoff, J. Bowman, J. A.- San
tos. W. H. Scott. J. Kennovan. P. Mcln
tyre, Wm. Chenowith, J. Callahan, John
Armstrong, uunng the evening be. ore
the contest commences several Piute and
Bannock Indians will run a twenty-five
mue race. -
Trouble with Laborers.
San Francisco. July 9. The Central
racino itaiiroad company recently dis-
cnargea targe ioroe ox uninamen em
ployed in filling in Long Wharf on the
V - 1 . 1 a .
Oakland aide, A. request waa issued by
laboring white men that Chinamen
should be replaced with white men. This
was done ten days ago. Yesterday the
men. who were receiving 81 50 er da v.
t.H4 J.'.. n .J :t. iV . . -
uu. uuiMkuMMiu wiui vuu aiaouEl, struck
for 82 per day, and stipulated that ten
nouw snoutd constitute a day s work,
The work consisted ia unloading dirt
umiu irom ii,t!B. pome oi me men ex
pressed willingness to work for 81 70
day, the amount paid section hands. The
Clunameu had been paid gl5 or $20 per
raontn and provisions, air. btrow
brictee, who has charge of the work, re
fused to accede to the demand of tue
men, and as there was fesrs of violer.ee,
he obtained policemen to keep the peace.
These remained but a short time, as there
was so evidence of intention of violence.
Two men remained at work willing to
work for $160 per day. The strikers
are sitting around in groups around the
trains engaged, and it is understood they
will repel by violence any attempt to
substitute Chinamen. As yet nothing
has been done toward employing men,
and Mr. Strow bridge has said that he
does not want strikers.
Base Ball Game. V
Port Townsenp, July 9. The, match
game of base ball postponed from the
fourth was played here to-day between
Port Town send nine and Port Townsend
military clubs, the latter scoring 31, the
former 22.
Death of Collector Mitchell.
Tax-eolleetor Mitche I died at 3 o'clock
this morning at his residence in this city.
tiis condition tor several days had alarmed
his friends, and vesterdav bona waa abandon.
ed. He rallied for a short time about 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon, but soon re
lapsed, and sank gradualiv until ha died.
The cause of his death was pneumonia. Be- !
ceased was a native of Australia ; aged 43.
The Baa Franeiaeo Walking Match.
In the walking match during the forenoon.
Mclntyre, who has been running Scott close
ly, finally passed hin, and at noon the score
stood: Mclntyre, 190: Scott. 189. Callahan
is coming up, and scored 172; Edwards and
Bowman 159 and 158 respectively. Thomp
son, whom many considered a dark horse.
has scored only 133. Others are struggling
alsng behind with no hopes of success.
Sam Faabcisoo, July 13. In the walking
match the stats of affairs is oscidedly changed
since yesterday. Mclntyre at 6 P. M. has 260
miles to his credit and Scott 259 ; but both
are badly used up, while Edwards, who has
been doing good work and running consider
able, has scored 239 miles and is in splendid
condition, with every prospect of winning.
Callahan is even with Edwards but is so lame
as to be virtually out of the race. Bowman,
with 224 mil's, is in improved oondition and
may come in second. Others ere so far be
hind that they have no chance. The at
tendance and interest are increasing,
' A Heavy Assessment.
San Fbavcisco, July 12, Mexican levies
an assessment of $2.
A WtlkKaswa Society Man ear Baa Praa.
ciaea Charged with aa la remans Crlane.
, San Fbascisco, July 12. There appeared
before prosecuting attorney Levy of the city
criminal court yesterday a girl of nineteen,
who said that her name was Mildred DeCressy,
and that her home was in Paris. She had
come here on her way to visit friends in Mel
bourne, Australia, and was at present in
charge of her brother, who has been here for
some time past She arrived here five weeks
ago, and was taken by her brother first to the
Baldwin and two weeks ago to tbe Comopol
itan, -where she has since resided. Boon
after coming there, she saw a man by tbe
name of 8. F. Thorns, who was living in tbe
hotel snd who appeared to take an interest
in her. At about 9 o'clock last Tuesday even
ing, while silting alone in her room, she
beard a knock at the door. She opened it
and Mr. Thome came in. He made an in
suiting proposal to her and she repulsed him.
He tben took ber by force, laid ber on the
bed, prevented her outcries by stufliog a
handkePebief in her mouth, and outraged
her. Mr. Levy waa at first ia donbt about
issuing a warrant. The peculiaritv of the
case and the liability of blackmail" in such
matters demanded rigid investigation, bat
the appearance of Hail McAllister as her at
torney removed this impression, as did tha
testimony of physicians: and a second inter
view with the complainant, conducted by
Mr Levy and Captain Lees, induced him to
act in the matter, and a warrant was to-day
issued for tbe arrest of Thome on a charge of
rape. The young lady's story bears tbe im
press of truth, according to tbe official's opin
Ion. Her family is in good circumstances.
ber parents living in Paris and furnishing
funds for her travels. Mr. Tborae is a mar
ried man, residing with his wife at .the Cost
mopolitan, and is well known in tha bes
society circles. He has not yet been arrested.
A Heavy Salt.
San Francisco. July 12. The Safe Deposit
Company to-day filed a complaint atrainst
fcagene uasserly as trustee, to recover $270,
910. The complaint alleges thst the defend
ant as president of the Safe Deposit Co., neg-
giectea to obtain irom i. u. uuncaa $300,000
wortn or capital stock of the company which
was to have been held aa security for pay
ment by Duncan of a mortgage due from him
to Geo. H. Howard and Henry T. Tea che
at acher, on tbe property known as the bate
Deposit building and lot which had been
transferred by Duncan to the Safe Deposit
Company in consideration of $1,000,000 of
stock ot tbe company, less an amount to be
witbbeid as security .ror tbe payment or tha
A rsltusai vaaags,
San Francisco. July 12. The working-
men's congressional convention of the third
district met at Valleio to-day and rescinded
the nomination of C. P. Berry for congress
man, he having accepted the democratic
nomination and declined to take tbe pledge
of the workiogmen s party. Geo. T. Llhot.
of Solano was nominated to fill the vacancy.
Suicide at Seattle. ;
Seattls. July 13 A boy who was picking
blackberries Ssturdsy afternoon in the vicin
ity of Lake Union discovered the body of a
man in an advanced stage of decomposition
lying in the brass near tb county road. A
revolver with two barrels emptied lying
alongside the body and other circumstances
went to show that decedent had committed
snicide by shooting himself through tha back
of the heed. From evidence taken before the
coroner's jury, it appears that he was a native
of Germany, by name Theodore Newman,
aged about 60 years: that he came to this city
where he bad been employed for several
years as local editor of the California Demo
Aral. A trunk belonging to tbe decedent
was found at the Occidental Hotel in this
city, containing papers, etc Four dollars
and seventy cents in coin was also found on
bis person, i rom ins testimony of gentle
men wbo bad conversed with him previous
to his disappearance, it seems that he had be
come discouraged and urea or lite.
A Praad. .
Viboinia Citt, July 12. J. D. Raymond.
proprietor of a nw bucket sboa, levanted
from here la night. A crowd of swindltd
patrons gutted the office. His partner J.
Evans, has been arrested. Bayaiond took
about f 1000.
A Small Shaae-Vp.
An earthquake shook up VictoHans at 3:13
this morning. The mutton was from east to
west, tbe shock lasting ten seconds. Ko
damage was done.
:V Crape Spoiled by Rain.
Victoria, July 12. Rain has fallen heavily
daring the past three days. The downpour
nas oeen aimon continuous, ine atmos
phere is chilly and the ground soaked. The
hay crop to almost entirely ruined, and
much fall wbeat has been thrown down and
spoiled. The season has been a mo re
markable one, A frost killed the potatoes
three weeks ago, and there will be a short
ciop of every description of farm produce.
Psdatul AeeMent.-:;: ;-V -'
A young farmer, named Robert Johns, had
his arm completely severed from his body
yetterday while using a reaping machine ia a
neiu near town.
; Telegraph Line ta ha Sold.
All the appurtenances intended for the con.
traction of the Canadian overland telegraph
mu wiu ue buiu uu ua axn met. '
Bznerts. . .
The exports of ths province fir th
ter ending June 30th reached $445,155.
.' Fart Tewaeaad Items,
" Pow Towbsrnp, July H. The Dakota ar
rived this afternoon and left immediately for
tbe upper Sound. . .
Contractor Holt arrived to-day ana will
commence building Point Wilson lighthouse
A Special tax waa voted tn-de ei tKa rite
election to purcnase a ere engine. . ;r
fne steamer auiaabled by a hoi.
blown in her boiler.
Seattle City election Jnsge Jaeabs
Chaaea Hayar.-
8imi, July 14. Ths city election passed
off quietly. Judge O. Jaoobs was elected
mayor, and . A. Thorndike city marshal.
The vote for council is a follows : 1j ward
Stetson 113, Clancy 105. 2d ward Miller 113,
Bagiey 117, lung isu. 54 ward Nation 10a,
that Utraagh n A HysUrtaas
- . '. A -Calr. .
DAVavts.tR, Cat, -July' 14. A IsWw by
the name of aicAJaass, employed aj :
swer oa .m xsttwsKf tr-v.trse, was too;
U.:s aufna t m 1 4 rauro3
e sort
rAi'i vet 01 ti-"s r at wi-si
throntrlt tis head. L w bro
a b .
snd Is r"5W thr -1
tM, . L r -X s
t .-
' 3 !1
i I i .H i
"leiaa," a Ktd rie ,
- . has oe-te ass.
CONOR, July 14. Tli' -s 1 5
desperado, known a " Te:rs." v - :
years since was ,d so- arr-a ft -,
prison, and who, drrrsti- ,
three men, waa shot aod ki
by George Sandevnh a bat r -slaughter
house. 1 era wet t t i
bouse and corn men cei a r i a
vat), having his hand in L,s r
hold of a weapon, and kevta
devah, wbo ran forh;i ptste-i ivm .- .
Texas stopped and fiaders1! i . , ,
his work. Texas ref-.r; - i
endeavored to get between sm.s , s. i
pistol when Sandevah ratUtt t s -snatched
op his gun and eoran
ing. killing Texasin his trac i . t
gave himself up and is uow is 4
J io sentiment acquits him cf !., c
murder. Another account aura. to... . .
bad no weapons on his person o '
bottle of wine, which ha held ii b v ;
When sober, be was a quiet ino - s
but when under ihe influence or .
considered dangerous. He was i -.. ,t.
in his fmibuttericg expedition ia t
'!L - ;' Damaoratlo BsenstuatSaa. !
San Fail? cibco, July 14 Ts i
railroad convention of ta t
this evening nominated tie-i. ... " .
secretary of the new city tud v. .
for railroad commissioner.
- Aaather Can dldale gjeclfa.-!.
Dixon, July 14. Geo. T. Eloii, i,
ed for congress by the workinginen, ; -torily
declines. He is an en taui
StarUing Charges against Keyar
The BulUtxn this afternoon pub' '
tion of the testimony given by tLb i
lately secretary of the Dupont ett; e
sioner, before the grand jury, wfci s c
ths following points: That ila-n
was directly responsible for Use s , - -of
Richard I vers, wbo is sssoc,&iJ v
ant in business; that Ivws, Soi i i,- -eeeding
with tbe appraisement cf .
along that portion of the atret rci,.- t.i
be widened, secretly made e?nt jfi f r t .i
purchase of p-operly on the hr-e.Lryaat t- :
in with him in tbe affair: th&t t.iev &s
over $40,000 by tbe speculation, ess "s ia
come from property obtained ; thai I rt i
first denied the transaction, but suts"q' -when
the truth could no loneer be ctm i
defended it ; that property owners oo tl e
side of the street were wrongfully mt-X s
by Bryant and Ivera to the iuae of r.e;
$400.000 in awarding damages; and Lht I
O. McRuer, one of tbe arbitrators who ;
ed the transaction, presented bitnef b-.
the grand jury, preferred charges of cor - r
acy and attempt to steal agaicut Msfor l
ant, stated the facts to them and eni-nvr
to procure his indictment Mavor I .-y -however,
was apprised of this aoiion in'tie
to frustrate tbe finding of an indic-ta A
upon that occasion. v
: Beat av Belcher.
San Fsabcisco, July 14. The annual i. .
ing of the Best & Belcher Mining Coec - t
waa held to-day, 72,i88i shares bi3e i - -sented.
The old trustees were r.-t,.. .. !.
George Condon was elected presi-t si
Robt. Sherwood, vice president.
San Fbancisco, July 14. The board of su
pervisors held a special meeting xa dsv to
elect a tax collector, vice Mitchell, tic-v
Thirty-five ballots were taken wthunt ci!,ie,
the votes running as follows : W. li. idanin,
3 to 6; W. Ford, 2 to 6; T. M. O'Connor, 1 U
6; H.M.Cook.S.
Wm. Ford Choe.au
On the 102d ballot this afternoon the sonw
visors elected Wm. Ford tax-collector, va
Mitchell, deceased.
The H, Ba. la Session.
8an Fbancisco, July 14. Tbs IT. F, f' s
central committee held a meeting u. u -r-noon.
Dr. Glenn was present; -ita
ber of candidates on the state rr( i. 1r
was a conference as to the -c . . ' c.t
campaign and filling of vaca . fit, a tidai '
occur on the ticket. Business was ' am
pieted and there will anottier c.. j t-
morrow. Those wbo were pre-n-ni s-e . y
reticent as to the nature of ti.s un:i ;
business, but there is every reason to i1
that it relates to the position of Dr. Cn-"r;.
and that by tomorrow ths matter a,, its
breughttoa head
A Novel Feature In addition to
other features of the French Exhibition,
there is to be a display of heats t.ful v- y
men. An appeal is to be addre;r J to b.11
the pretty women of the world to c;i
forward and show themselves to an ad
miring universe. Candidates for admis
sion M requested to send their i -.v'o-graplis.
There are to be sixty-one prand
prizes, thirty-one second prizes in t.It' ,
one hundred accessitsand two huii.'u i
" honorable mentions." The jury is tr
be composed of two delegates from t-h
nation, one male and one female.
admissions are to be decided on tli- ex
amination of two photographs of c-i.
candidate, one full face and the otI:f r l
profile. To crown the whole, theie i t
be added to the prizes just mnUone ' . a
supreme Prize of Honor " to 1 o s I
judgod to the most beautiful of the tv -
penng beauties; the fair creature v i ..:
has obtained this "supreme" swsr i ;
to be proclaimed "The Queen of 1-t pu -,"
and U to be invited to make a trim: '
appearance in Paris itself, seated i i
splendid chariot simulating fi, t' r
drawn by six magnifioent Aiu'-i' ,.
horses of the finest breed, and foil .t .
by the other beauties, recirLenU c:
other prizes. This idea, Lieb. is wo -
of the brain of a Frenchman, i r
stood to emanate from the Spacer ...
Unitbd States Scientific lxf i.: : , v.
Oddly enough, the European pr-i? h i
chronicler or an important sciew.? ;
rine expedition, now in prcgr-. &t t
instance and cost of our govrc . . -Captain
Bartlett, in command of i
United States steamer George II. I
with Professor Agassis as chief of ti-s-s-entific
staff, is now enj-agd on a ;
tificcruiBethrouzh the West India I- ,
and tbe whole of the Leeward and . ;: ,
ward Islands, down to TriciJsJ, t:
thence to Barbados. This is a i;. i
hitherto almost unexplored, and -t
imDcrtant results are anticipated, it id
staled that a "series of sound in ,73 sv be
ing taken throughout the coarse l-r.vr. i
the various islands, and dre-'j a -3
made at depths exceeding 1 JO fu.u.' , in
order to obtain sp&citnens of the so bot
toms and records of the teiEpirivir-.
The soundings are taken by !iia; cf
Captain Sigabee'a patent arrs-ata?, in
wbica fine piano wire takes tne place of
rope, 400 fathoms of wire beinj kept 0.1
each reel, .the whole of whio i cm la
hauled in in eighty second, la drtv! -ing,
a machine capable of luting twenty
five tons is employed. Thogrea est -if . 1
of water between tbe islands as f. ..-.J
between St. Thomas and S-ir.ts C'1',
where 2700 fathoms was measure.!. I : j
bottcm here is said to be exced!
rocky, and from tbe greatest dr'-'t s
piece of rock, almost square, weUii" -
pounis, was Drought, 01 peculiar ionization."-
Of course, the results of in ves: -tion
will eventually be publiihei I -n -j-delphia
A Cokpressso Air LocoMorrw.
compressed air locomotive for ml' -
now at work: in tne l'ensnrt co.,
near Pensher Station, Durbnm, En
It is described as having an iron
6 feet in length, upon which is ar
reservoir 2 fet in diameter, ar
ing 0 cubic feet of air at - . -200
f Ounds to the sqnara - .'. ,
supplies two small cyllr " :
diameter, 8 inches strokr . r
four 15-ineh wheels coupe I,
inches. There is no link 1, -
or.i. two loose rceentrka of 1
fiti atthed direc-t to L
so that if it is deirea tj
gine, the whole mchBe t
ward until the -ilr..
propjr position. Ths i.
one-l anrth, and it work? f.
or, tl e square i-:' ;i u wo.
The -vhole bscMbs wi
wefg it. and cot.fca frt ns .
draii from two to l
tsJoaj : a levc-1 roil, al a f
to ;Lt miks a 1 Lets :
nn-3 f c-ti,T"AKJ. I.
t, 'a r s t6 I-1-- :
t-'- ;v i eft y i
' ' ?.; I. '

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