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FRIDAY, MARCH, 25, 18S7.
jinn .lad roon.
A ItrpJi.
l nnnr i o En. Eeview. JH v surmise was
J I -
wise and beautiful arrangement, any great to see that reply to ray letter
observing, thinking person can easily He starts out by quoting the subject
see. Such a one can also see. that, of the great amount of happiness the
until all men can 1)3 induced to live liquor manufacturer in the various kind
according to the golden rule, there is of liquors will have by stopping their
no possibility for a different order of business and breaking them up. If
flnnoc Tf oil li friend Tavlor had a saloon lie coult
were evenly distributed among the in- see the matter in a different light
habitants thereof, no doubt each per- Not much happiness in that Mr. Tay-
son would have a sufficiency of the lor. There is net much danger that
w l -
necessities of life: but tomorrow there we will havo any troubls in tin liw,
would be found many who had already that will be ratified this fall for such
squandered their portion, and others reasoning as Mr. T. gh e3 will i-ot re
wbo having taken advantage of the ceive the approbation or. very many
ignorance and weakness of these mi- voters, he missed the inane very much
provident ones, would have obtained when he said the laws v.ms p.issed
an undue proportion. They would be against the crime of murder and
rich in the sense of the word as used thieves. Now that is right, Lut is
of thoso described in the 5th chap, of there any law against a man buying
James. And when men do learn to anv article of commerce ? The limior
live according to the golden rule there manufacturers has as good a right by
may still bo differences in their world- all laws to his business as the miller to
ly estates. But there will be no bitter make flour aud he pays license to the
envious thought in the heart of him U. S. government and county and city,
who is poor in this world's goods. He Now if Mr. Taylor can't see a differ-
wiU have sucli an abundance of the ence between the crimes of murder
heavenly riches in his soul that he will and theft, I can't do him any good to
be content in his lot. He will find write for hiui, but I would bo glad for
fulfilled in himself the promise "all him to find the time ; when murderers
- J:.:,... e , tMnira are vnnrs:" lie will enior tea I nud thieves over tOt 1 license for their
UUilUltlUll JL Ulll VtUlVt O UCUIAUK - a f - w
At first blush wc thought that Mr.
Cleveland was radically wrong in fail
ing to sign tho river and harbor bill,
but upon mstnrer reflection we find
that Congress was wholly to blame and
not the President. Moreover much
has been said against President Cleve
land by the press of tho Pacific coast
for withholding his signature to the
river and harbor appropriation bill.
.Some have attributed his action to
what was once a democratic doctrine,
opposition to appi opriations f or inter
nal improvements, a doctrine in its
day that was cprrect, but this was not
the cause of the objection of President
Cleveland. Since the commerce of
nation has extended from the Atlantic
to the Pacific coast and passes through
every port or harbor on both sides of
the continent within the United States
the nation in order to foster that com
merce had lent its aid to the improve
ment of harbors and rivers. Thi3 has
passed from a political question to
that of a commercial necessity and the
Marshall, the discoverer of Jt ? i!t
Coloma, Californiaj, is to have a LA"
ument erected to jkis memory at that ,.
L it. .11!: I
piace ai mo jmotic expense. During
the latter years of his life he was mis
erably poor and little effort was made
to give him rest ajd comfort in .Ida do
dining years. If k quarter cf the mon
ey to be expended; on a useless monu
ment had been appropriated to keep
life in the old man's boily, there would
have been some humanity and practical
good sense displayed.
Cry for
natural aid. President Cleteland;
signed the first rier and harbor ap
propriation bill and would havo signed
the bill "pocketed" had it been possible
for him to have done it. No one will
for a moment say that tho President
should sign a bill without reading it.
It is tho fact that this river and har
bor bill passed the House at a very
late hour, too late to be considered and
so near the close of tho session that it
was with great difficulty that is was
enrolled before adjournment. The
President was called upon in tho last
moments of the session to sign the
bill with no time to consider it.
Theso are the facts of the case and
wh?n his predecessor President Arthur
was placed in tho same position he
vetoed the river and hardor bill. Con-
gresi should learn by experience that
the President should have time to read
and examine U13 bill he is called upon
to sism.. When the facts are known
President Cleveland will not bo blamed
. f ov not sinins that bill. If there
were features of the bill that were ob
jectionable he has a right to know it
and to have time to read it This
right was denied him. It only shows the
error of hasty consideration especially
at the last moment. It reminds us of
a case that came before the last lcgis-
it are. On6 morning early a joint
resolution wa3 introduced in the Sen
ate instructing our senators to vote
for the inter-state commerce bill at
once that was then pending in the
IT. S. Senate, This joint resolution
p.issed both Houses and in fan hour
was telegraphed to Washington. There
tttrt-iiut a umm'uw ui ttie Oregon logis
1 iture at that tima whs could explain
the inter-state commerce bill, nor is
th re one who can do it now. It is
now and has been since that bill
p.issed, the business of railroad men
t j devise some means under that bill
t prevent freights to Oregon and the
Pacific coast generally from going
neighbors prosperity as well as his I business; if he can, 4i can teach me
own. And he who has an abundance something new. Tho Cook of books
e-this world's goods, being poor in j tells me what goeth in at the mouth
spirit will reioics in possession of the deuleth not. but what cometh out. bo
kingdom of God, set up in his heart, I want friend Taylor to please study
and in his ability to distribute of his the ten commandments aud see if he
worldly goods to every man about him can find where drinking shmulents is
as he has need. Whilo christians joy- forbidden and please sou the text where
fully anticipate such a state of things our Savior made that wine, it was not
for the future, they do not forget to water, as vou say, but wine, and after
T. ....... . !.!.
j.ur.i.i. i? n estate craze all over
the South and Southwestern States!
such as 1ms not been scon in the his
torv of the country, und .values have
doubled, quadrupled and (uiintunl.id
, , 4 1
within the past three months. At
even' deal the purchaser is sure of his
100 -per cent.
Oregon T"-icitic T a
u'.y l-opular o
ver . X j icturesque X.V
icitic n ailroau
opular 1 oute
ictiiresque X.V nScs
Fast ti.ue! Sui connections! New equipments
225 miles shorter; 20 hours less time; accommoda
tions unsurpassed fur comfort aud safety. Fares
and Freight JH'CII LESS than bv any other route
between ...int in Willamette V alley and San
Francisco i
Only Route
I to
T!io Oregon Development Coinp.ini',j
fine Steamships sail
l roin Yaiiuiiia ' j From San Frami
Health and Sleep witliout
It can Iiuulyb.) juv-isjd forcibly
enough on tho attention of the stu
dent that there is scarcely a natural
phenomenon which tau lo fully and
completely explained in all its circum
stances without a union of several,
4-vm.li .1 xa sp .ill e-r.. . ... rt.n
Til eke is a; couipii'iy in' San Fran
cisco which has built up a big itusiness
in running tlec'ric motors for the
movement of machinery. Tlie coai
paiy has :;t present 150 motors in op-
craticn. j neii cnarsto ior running a
piinting press is $2 per monlh.
In the Cucn'.t Court of the State of Oregon for
tho County of Donglas.
Sol. Abrrtiiani, l'lamtlff
va l Suit in eiiuitv to fore
Ccoi.:c Tarrant and An- ("close a mortgage,
na J. Tarrant. Det'ls. )
f"o ;L-i(rv;e Tarrant and Anna J. Tarrant, Jefen
JL dants above n-mie-i, in the name of the stale of
Orejfun: louate hereby rsijiured to appear and
answer the emniilVuit lilo.i a '.tinst vou in the above
entitled court and cause by the first day of the next
regular term s;iia court," to-wit, the first Monday,
l!ie 2nd day of M.i.v lis7. And vou will take notice
that it' vnil i.'.il so to apocar aud answer said eoni
plaint the plaintiff will atly to the court for. the
renet uemaoilcU tliereiii, m wit: Thai tlie inortae
mentioned in tho complaint upon the foHov.ii.jr
pre;:ue -, to-wit: An undivided half interest in all
thst portion of the northwest quarter of the north
west quarter, the south ban' of the north west quar
ter, and the south west quarter and the west half of
bill practically cuts off the traffic of
roads coming to Oregon and California.
Oid the legislature intend to do this or
did they want the bill to become a
law and our people to be enshved to
these railroads under the inter-state
commerce bill and its long haul crush
ing rate tax? We should look at the fire
before we jump into it. If the inter
state commerce bill is carried out in all
its provisions our transcontinental rail
roads cannot compete for traffic from
tho Atlantic to the Pacific coast nor
vice versa. It cuts off the lumber
trade with the cast and cripples our
own interests generally.
Says the Loston Herald: "There
was a limit to Bcechcr's influence
which will be more and more apparent
as time goes ou. He has left nothing
which will enter as literature into the
permanent thought of the time. His
sermons have no vitality; his general
writings, though often finely expressed,
are nothing but the swift utterance of
the moment, without a thought be
yond the ending of it as soon as possi
He; and all the circumstances of his
life were against the permanent ex
pression of his strength. He was the
man for action, not for speculation,
not for the closet, not for stiencth of
thought." A very good definition of
his intellectual limitations.
ook at the beauty of God's arrange- they had well drunken tlu-y said v-
meat even now. They see that if all was the best of wine at the last of the
wore on an equality there would be feast. Settle the matter with the bible
no chance for the manifestation of that not with m-. Now the next thing is
Christian love which is tho salvation shall the manufacture of liquor be
of the world. Where men are tound stopped, and the millions of money
in total ignorance of Christ, their spir- that the government gets by the liquors
itual degradation is so great that they be got direct from other ways, and are
aro incapable of embracing any just the voters ready to pay all damages
ideas of the character of God. Their that the bill will cost, of course t!i ;y
natures are sensual, thev "w&lk after know that will have to be done. No
the Uesh," their immortal spirits are one that votes for that amendment will
dead within them and they cannot sec think for a moment to sell the liquors,
the glory of God manifest in the phy- my fuend Taylor will not want to sAl
sical universe, nor hear the voices of it but turn it out ou the streets, but
ever revolving days and nights which not until all damngo is paid. Oh, shame
declare the wisdom of God. They are on the man that will compare liquors
in the frigid zone so to speak. Tho tociime. Why St. Paul commanded
beams of the Sun of Righteousness do Timothy to take wine for the stomachs
not fall upon them with sufficient sake, and the use of wine is as old as
foice to warm their hearts or make the bible, the best men of old dinnk
them, open their eyes to light and life, and it was counted no crime, old father
The rays of the light that "lighteth Noah in Gcncsi.s 0th chapter, 21th
every man that cometh into the world" verso and Noah awoke from his wine,
must be gathered together in the focus etc., 2 Samuels, 6th chapter, 10th verse
of sanctified human love and sympathy king David dealt out a flagon of wine
in order to reach and warm them into to a whole multitude, women and all,
ljjtt. The happiest soul in Christendom father Lot got drunk and he was
isTahe one who has been able to gather warned by the angels out of Sodom.
and dispense the most of this light of The best man in the city got drunk,
tho knowhidgr; o-lorv rjf fiti in Twarir. itnilfivnn I T nr-vnv
thg filCO Of -JW'VgutT''Bu.A.Vfe'' ttio 1 J ulun ui w.i y mi m; i JOOft OUt
how many thousands of piole have
been saved from death by alcohol.
Now I have this to say, don't rob us of
our liberty and equalize us to criminals
because some men get to much of a
good thing, and then it is a bad thing.
Some men get too much money and
use it for bad purposes. We arc told
that the love of money is the root of
all evil but my prohi friends would
make us believe it is liquors is the
root of all evil. Liquor does some
larm, I will admit but how many more
docs it benefit in the way of medicine?
They tell you, oh you can have it for
medicine; how is jthat, if they wont
allow it "made, bought or sold? That
is the truth and there is no mistake
in that, if you can't buy it or make it,
that will stop it unless they run the
business without ony one knowing any
thing of the business, that will be done
the samdas the game law is trespassed.
My letter is getting too long, I mus.t
add this. I dont pretend to be so very
good neither too wise, but I think I
can meet my friend Taylor and tlobate
the question orally for I think what
we both know would make a small
book but what wo dont know would
make a very large book.
With kind regards,
G. W. Gfngf.r.
Tnu Ueocher monument fund,
started by his Brook! yu tabernacie
C01l'Tre-o-ation does llOt "i OW as ranidlv 11,0 southeast quarter of section number four (i)
i.uii.,ii0.iuut', uues uu .rt.uv as i.iiuiy i t.)W11.,tlii, tbirih-threo south, of raiu-o six
ss his iiicnds anticipated
have elapsed since his death and only
63,000 have been collected
The cry vf peace still iej'unls
through Enroix', but it is a peace that
hangs over this raggo .1 udgu of war.
light of thft world and his glory fills the
hearts of all those who fully accept him.
They are commanded to arise and shine.
But how? The poor man who has this
treasure shows that the excellency of
the power is of God, by carefully re
deeming his time, by being content in
his state, by cheerfully struggling on
, . i t ii i ii I tmuuiu an uia 11 lino ivuaio tuab ins uvu
around bv the Jst.hmns nr liv thn wav v
r,i n -r, -r m i rn. neighbors cannot conceive of) by calm
o: the Canadian Pacific railroad. The i . . . . . . . '
Is his note, which we print 31r.
Carlisle, secietary of the board oi
immigration, falls to meet the charge
of 3Ir. E. G. Hughes. The charge is
a direct one, and it cannot be dis
proved by any showing of statistics as
to the work ot the board, lhe ques
tion is, are certain documents in the
immigration office genuine or forged?
Mr. Hughes asserts that they are
forged, and by Mr. Carlisle. Ore
He that is indifferent to the welfare
of others will have but few claims
of charity obtruded upon l is notice
but no truly charitable spirit need ever
be at a lo3S, in such a world as this.
fo occasions to do good, and we may
be sure of our unfaithfulness if we are
ignorant of them.
resigning himself to God's will,
whatever that may be. Ho doe3 not
question the ways of God, though his
neighbor who is rich in tbi3 world's
goods may not regard his sufferings,
le does not call on man in his extrem
ity. He knows that the ears of God
are open to his cry, and that in God's
own good time, when patience, has had
her perfect woik in his soul and all
things are ready that he will be called
to his mansion in dory. How many
have thu? endured to the end and
passed from hovels where they had
been clothed in rars and disease to
i peaceful rest in Abraham's bosom.
And the rich man who has In3 vessel
filled with this heavenly light, how it
beams from his eye in kindlv glances
upon his humbler neighbor and
flows from his lips in words of sympa
thy and comfort to all around him,
when he sets himself to deal his bread
to the hungry, to satisfy the afllicted
soul. How gloriously does his lio-ht
w v o
break forth as the morning. His
righteousness goes before him, and the
glory of the Lord is his rearward.
Mrs. H. M. Hansen,
Oakland, Or., March 13, 1887.
NiXE-TEvriis of the male applicants
for relief at the London workhouses
are, it is asserted, unmarried. This is
a moral lesson for foolish men who
try to support themselves.
We fear that Senator Sherman's
Southern trip, in the interest of a
Presidential nomination, will be one
of those things which the dude calls
:fntile dalliance."
The President is still hammerinc
away at the Railway Commission
There are so many people to choose
from that it has now got to be a mere
question of taste.
Tiieke is to be no more capital pun
ishment in Maine, a bill having be
come a law substituting imprisonment
for life.
D&ATii is busy with llu
this year. 1 1 is certainly an "oli" year
with them as well as in politics.
The best way to make a
clothes pretty an-1 nioi is to p if.
girl in them
(Ifltl AtllKfllll VHt'Ct? M
i tUxjx.
Tlie InuiaiiA Chemical Co. h.ivi; (U.-CLivcrcd
a compound which acts with truly marvelous
r.ipiiliiy in the cure of Khcuntaiism and Neu
ralgia. Wc guarantee it lo cure any anil
eycry case of acute Inflammatory Rheumatism
and Neuralgia in 2 DAYS, ami to give iui
mcdiatc relief in chronic cases and effect a
speedy cure. On receipt of 30 cents, in two
cent stamps, we will send to any address the
prescription for this wonderful compound,
which can he filled by your home druggist a
small cost. We lake this meana of giving our
discovery t j the public instead of putting it
out as a patent medicine, it being much less
expensive. We will gladly refund money if
satisfaction is not ' piven. . " ';
Tw; v.-rfd-e (") tt'est b'ii;'' south f the line of the traes of the
viuoii o. utiiortii.t luiluo;iu eoiii'any coitimiiiiip;
tjjo a"res more or less. Also tus west nasi m tlie
nortii west ouarterof section Ihiitv-oneCiDin town
thirty-two (x;) smith of range six (ii) westctmtuiiiiiij;
lUa.Oi acres. The c:tst half of the south west quar
ter ami south cist oaarter of section thirty one (.11)
the north half of the south wet quarter and :oulh
east quarter of south west quarter of section iiiim
her thiity-t n (3'J) south of ranye six (o) wet: con
tain St;o aeies. Also the south west quarter of the
south west quarter, the north cast quarter of tlie
south west quarter, the south west quarter of the
north ast quarter ami the east half of the north
..... : ... . 1 . i. . if . . f .1...
, . . 1 c-i-b iu.o bui 01 auction Loice v-'i toe e k ll.lll Ol Irl.C
.ijiuii.ui:i3 west half of section ton in town. No thirty-three
(.'!;) south of ranee six (() west containing 3H1.21
acres. Also the north wet quarter, the west half of
tlie north east nuarler. the east half of the south
west quarter awl went half of south east quarter of
sect1 on two (2) in town, thirty-three (3 i) south of
. t 1 v yjj c-L coi!.4ii!ili fV.'t.o .icio. niav
g't l S I sou;h east qua. ter .if the north west quarter, the
noi tii cast qm -icr 01 tue s.iutn west dUai ier aim
til! north h:ilf 01" ,liuI!i east imartcr of section five in
loan, tliirty-turee (3:1) south, of ran ire six (1.) west
containing iu acre. Aiso lot number one 01 sio
Hon eii;'it (S) and lots three ami fuur ami the south
west qn trier of the north west quarter of section
nine (') ill to vnsoin thirtr-'hree (Zj) south ot ran
six id) west i.'onlaiuin-' l0.7l aeres. Also lots one
ami two ami south half oi the nortii eat quarter n
se"lio:i (.1) in township tliirty-thre (3!) south o
ruiiesix (d) wet containing lMl.u.i acre. Also tnc
north h::!iof south cast quarter, the south e-ist quarter
of the north west quartet ami the north e.isl quarter of
the south west quarter of se-tion nine i i town,
thirty-three (33) south of rancsix ('! west contain
inir lot) acie. Also all that portion oi the north
west quarter of the north w est quarter of M-tion
four in town, thirty-three (3:1) south of ranire six (C)
westlyimr north 01 the traik of the Oregon & Cal
ifornia Railroad couoiany rout anting thirty (30) acres
inure or lew. And also ail that part of the north
east quarter of the norih wet quarter of sec tion four
in town, thirty three (33) south of ran;e bix (!) west
Willamette Meridian lyinif and bc'in;,' south of the
line of the track of UiJoioiaA- California Hailroa-I
company. AINaid land-, aud premises are sit 11:1 Wl
in Douglas county, Oregon and contain in all Two
Thousand three hundred and forty acres more or
less and embrace their interest in the heretofore un
sold town property at the town of Julia, somtlimcs
called Olendale, and also tho saw mill situated at
that place. Together with the tenements, htredit-
anienW anil appurtenances thereunto liclotiiriiitf or
in tnv wise appertainiic. JIavlie foreclosed aiid the
said premi es ordered to he sold and the pnieecds
Yaquina City Tues ! b l: Yaqnina Cilv Tim !'e!
ant 1 id ana lion Ki h "1 S.iuta Vavi.i Sat IV!:
Yaquiua C ity Su;i Keh 27; Yaqnina CiU Tues Ki t
Santa iiaria Sat Mar ft Santa Maria Mon Keh
Yaquiua City Kri Mar 11: Yauuina 1'itv Sun Mar
.Santa Maria Thnr liar lTiSanta Mari.t :t .Mar 12
1 aquina City V ed Mar 23; Yauuina City Fri M ir is
i i
1 aily pasoCiier traiim except Sund vi s.'
Leaves Yaiiuina 6. 20 a m I Leaves Alhaiiv 13. 40 i 111
Arrive C'o. vullis 10.:u a 111 ; Arrive llorvallis 1.22 p m
Arrive Alhany 11.20 a 111 ; Arrive Vaquina 5. l."i p iu
Oreifua i: California West Side trains coin-iet at
Albany and Cnrrallis.i:
The Company reserves the ril.t to change sailing
days. Fares, hetweeii Corvailis and San Francisco,
Fares Rail & Cabin tjl l, Uai Steeragt .S8.
I'm fuilhcr iuforination apply to
C, C. Moitue
A. U. F. & 1'. Au't., Corvailis.
Hold on There, Where are you Going?
- I am Going to Say That
hiu i mi 11 11 111 11 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 11 1 11 1 1 7
Watch-MakcT Jeweler and Optician.
t - v
'Wish to Announo-3 that they have just received the Finest Stock
. OF -
ardware Stoves Tinware
. A.d are Prepared to Give Custoajm
If you .wish to buy Good White
Ov Colored Shirts, Ash-fo V the
It now sitcras likely that tins Jsoi th
em Pacific vil build a line down tlie
northern bank of the Columbi a to the
vicinity of Portland. Su:h a road
would probably cioss the Columbia
neap Vancouver or La Camas, and
connect with Albina, Its completion
would open an extensive and valuable
region to railroad traffic and assist in
building up a number of small towns
along the line. j
The annual spring freshets have al
ready begun their regular work of
devastation throughout that unfortu
nate region east of the Rockies, and
tales of death and disaster for the next
two months, or until the cyclone sea
son sets in.
RosEiiuno Market.
Wheat, t1' lm . . . .' O4C
L!urr Flour, sack $1.00
Kullcr Flour evl.25
Kuans, V B... : '. ,, 4c
IJuttcr, l lb 25c
Cheese, t? U. ...... : 25c
Kggs, V !.,z...; ioc
Lard, I'll) IOC
Oatmealt'Mti.... Sc
Cornmcal, I' h 3c
Crackcl Wheat. I? 11. ' 6c
I'utatocs, t' lm $1.00
Oats, l lm 50c
Hay, V l-m , $i5ii iS
Wool, lb 22c
I lam and liacon, t' 11. . . fl ioc
Dried Apples i lh fl be
" Peaches . ice
" Plums ioc
" Prunes ice
Bran,-1? ton $20
Chickens, i? -Auz: $2.25
aoplicd to tlio payment f 3 ti.l debt to-w it, Fojirteen.
Tliousaml Dollr.M ti'eUioi with intircst n thirty
(Itc hundred ilollant thrcif f.-nu the 22nd ijay if
January lbSO tnul on two tUuusuiid dollar froin" the
to"a?it .IMylXlT, and mTtuiuo'tTiuusiUia olln
from the 22nd day ot January Hi" nd plaintiffs
dstBaiiddijihiirseiiicnUin this suit. And that plain
tifT havo Judgment 'against the dufondant Jlc.ir(.'0
Tarrant f.ir any bilanue that may remain ifnnaid
and that he have executi n th.rcfor. This sinn
mons is published by tho ord;rif Hun. It. r". Hrati,
Jude of the above entitled cm it niaile and ; dated
the 12th day of i'ebru iry 1SS7. W.m. H. Wili.ih,
Attorr.vy for I'l.iintiff.
of t
- i
in Ih'j C:rult Court if the state t-f .'rc;;tin f"ir
Dniiglas county.
JiarUs, A. Mark, W. I. FricdLindcr under the
linn name 1 f S. Maiks & Co. llopoiidi;iits.
- . v
H. U.t'row ami '.. .1. Crow Appe!lant.-.
I'V virtue ot 1111 execution issued o"i . . '..
Circuit ci.urtif the state of Oregon in and feir Donjf- -
las county 011 the 'J4th day of February ls7 and to
me delivered in the above entitled court and cause
in pursuance of a dcrrce recovered iu the Supreme
court of the state of Oregon mi the 11th day of Jan
uary lssJ and entered Uk hi the mandate of the said
Supreme court in the record.) of the .-"aid Circuit
court on the 21lh day of February 1 as" in
favor of the above named Respondents, lj. Marks &
Co., and airahist tho above named Appellants; II.
G. Crow and K. .1. tVow, commanding me to sell the
hereinafur described real property iu the manner
provided by law for the sale of real property under
execution, and apply the proceeds arising from sucli
Kale (I) in the payment of t!.e eit of such snle and
t.. : costs and dHbiliSeinents of this cause in the
cuurt below amounting to .244.02, with leal intcr
e t therein from the I'.llh day oi February 1-iS.
"- I'aviiient of the in.lirmePt in fav.n-,,f K. J
I ron- and a.-int II. C. Crow amouiitiii t. sloiri.30
with interest the re.i at the rate of o:ie per cent ier
month U':n the l:)tli day of February lsli. CI) in
.amcnt 01 the judgment in favor of S. Marks & Co.
and against It. li. Crnv amounting to 747.2.1 i.ith
Ic.'a! interest t!erein fnun the l'.ithday of Fi bruary
ls&O. ( ') in laynicilt of the costs and di.sb;!Tsci,i:its
of this appeal allowed and t;iNcd at i".r.0."i. (a) that
the reinai'ider u any, be paid to licf'indni.t K. J.
Crow. Whereas mi 1 exceut'u 11 toinr.iaud-: me that
out of the proceeds of said sale I satisfy the above
claims together with interoft in puryuaiice thereof 1
will 011 1
MONDAY tlie 4lh day of April ls7.
at the hour of (I; o'clock p. 111. of saiil dayseii at pub
lie suction in front of the court house door in liose
bur' Iiii;ras county Oregon to the highest bidder
for cash iu hand the following described real prop
erty tmvit: SKj of section a.". T 27 fc It 7 West also
lot No. (1) a lid the enst half of lot No. (3) In block
No. (1) and block N"s. two and four in the town of
Looking Glass, als, the Ambrose Newton Donation
land claim Ko. (M) in sectiong (28) and 2!') in sahl
township, also lots No. (1) and (f) and the N W of
tho ii W t of section (20) and lots No. l) () and ()
anil thn N W I of section (2f) and the S W of the
S V of section (2U)and lots No. (;)) (.) und (1:)
in section (ii) and lot (I) of the N K J of section(3i)
and the W J of the N E 1 of section (31) in said town
diip, also the undivided one sixth interest in the
S. 1). Kvans donation land claim in section (i;) of
township (2i) S It () west aud the W i d the S W j
of section (C) and the N V J of the N V of section
(7) T (2s) S It (7) W and the N K of the N E of
section (12) T (2) $ K (i) W all the aforesaid prem
ises Iving o-ntl being in Douylas county Oregon.
Sheriff of I'ouirlas county Oregon.
Fou a Good Pair ok Ovkhalus, Ask for tiik
Bass of the Road
and takt; 110 others.
To i h 1 1 of all ii r st clxa dealers
i-i.W VIUl
Will be given .my uvn
who will produce a sti
entist of larc cxpcii
cmsj, and widely knowu
to le an honorable man,
who Will assert tint re-
' ....
k..- .. Ill s.'
l'ttroit, Mkh"
1 . - .
?!:-&f;, Fneeg on.
T t . I
New Ouleass,
1 8 8 4-5
J. A. Caniwell, Agent, - Jacksonville, Oregon"
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Transferring, Collecting and Purchasing
Agent. j
CorresjiOiidence Solicited.
Not ice j For Publication
Lar.d Office at UiiscDiug Or. Feb. 2J, 1SS7.
Xl lovinir named settlor has filed notice of his in
tention to make final proof in stipixt of bia claim
and that saiil proof will be made before tlie Re-'iater
or Rccsivcr t tlie U. S. Land Cttioe at Rosobimr
Oregon, on Tliursday April U,1SS7, viz:
W. Britt,
Homestead Entry No. 3212 for the S j of S E 1 S W
i of S E ( and 8Ef8 W J, section lo, Tp.2 S
K 3 west. He names the following witnesses to
prove hu oontii.uiuis residence upon, and cnltiva
tion of said land, vir.: Hiram Sartor, TJiog. Siirnm,
Win, J. Clifton, J, Barker, all of Roebnrz P. O
Cousrlas comity Or, Chis. W. Jou nhto.v, '
In the Circuit Court oftln.' St.U
Lfor the iMunly of I)oi;"Li.
S. M:ul.s nn.l II. Wollfiil'cri; I'l.uuti
Simon Krciiiunt ari'.l IVicr 1 irwvtn,
1'rce anil Ahraliam Ileiulnmn, Tru-tdes of
New Oilcssa Comniunily. H. VVollcnimrg,
Isailor Wullenberg ami Alfrcl Wollcnlicrg
partners uniler the firm name of II. W'oilen
bcrg & Bros. Defemlants. J
Suit in enuity lo foreclose a niortgaget
Simon Kremon!, IVtcr Fireman, Ioses
J l ree anil Abraham Jleadman the hb.ive
named ilcfendanls, in the name of the Slate of
Oregon you anil each of you are hereby re
quired to appear and answer the complaint of
plaintiff tiled against you in the above entitled
suit on or before the 11 day of the next regular
term of the Circuit court of the stale of Oregon
ior Douglas county lu-wii: Monday the 2d day
of May, 1SS7, and if you fail so to appear and
answer the plaintiff-; will apply to the court for
the relief demanded in said complaint (o-wit:
that the mortgage described in suid complaint
be foreclosed and the real property therein
described be sold to-wil: the W j of thc,N
V 14, S E of S V H , N W )i of S v 14
and S Y of S Y of section 34 and 8 )i of
5 E '4 section 33 in tow nship 32 south of range
6 West and the W of N E E.Jj of N Y. i
and E of S E '4 of section 4 and S W )l of
N W ' N W '4 of S W ' N Yt of N W 4 s
E of N W and N V )i of N Y.Y of sec
ion 3 in township 33 south of range 6 West of
Wilieamtte Mcridan in Douglas county Oregon
and containing 760.25 acres more or less with
the tenements hereditaments and appurten
enccs thereunto belonging or in anywise ap
pertaining. j
That tlie proceeils of said sale be ajiplied to
the payment of the costs and expense of slid
foreclosure and sale, to the payment of such
a sum as the court may adjudge reasonable as
attorneys fees in this suit, and to the pay
ment of two thousard two hundred and forty
eight and thirty -fiva one hundredths dollars
due from the defendant Simon Kreinont to
plaintiffs with inlciest thereon at the rate of
eight per cent per annum from the 15U1 day
of March, 1SS7, and for lhe costs and dis
bursements of this suit. That the said defen
dants and each of them be forever barred and
foreclosed of all right anil equity of redemp
tion in and to the said mortgaged preiis or
any part thereof, ami if the proceeds jof said
sale be insuftic:nt to pay the co's sn lexpen
ses anil the amount due ' plaint ills as aforea"il
that plaintfii's have judgement against the said
defendant Simon Kremont for .my deficiency so
remaining, and that they hire execution there
for. This Summons is published by order of
IIon.lt. S. Ican Judge ot the above entitled
court made .March idtli, IM7.
J. C. l'ri.T.FKTON,
Jkiiy. for i'lainifls.
1 1
Administrators Final Notice.
In the cimity court of the state of Origin for
Dotiitla county estate of A. I. Jones deccad.
Ll dcrsi;rncj wlmiiiinrator the above wiititled
estate ha fileJ Mslnat aunnt m the settlement of
said estate In thoabove entitled court and the said
court by ordor duly made has fixed Tuesday, the
Sth day of July, ljT, for hearing ohjnotioiis if any
tliere lie to said final aeeount and to the settlement
of said estate. Iat;d at K isebur, Orcifin, tho 25,
dnv of March 115". J. H. Sill i-K, Administrator.
in the Circuit Court of t'.ic Stitoof Oro jiifor
Iiou-las enmity.
Xeltie II. liooth, Amy L. R00U1 and John M.
1'Mioth, iufiiuts, by John O. Booth, their guardian
E. E. labile ami T, J. f.;brie, DufeudaitUi.
Suit 111 equity- for partition of real property.
of adeiree and order of the above named Circuit
Court duly made and entered of rec-ord in the above
entitled suit 011 the fc'.h day of K0j. 1s!j7, that the
following dexcribud limits, to-wit: The north half
of the West half of the donation laud claim of Solo
men l'itzhu;:h and wile, and situated in Douglas
county Oregon, be partitioned between the above
named piaintifN Nettie Ii. Uooth, Amy I,, linoth
and John M. llouth and the defendants, tenants in
eoiiiinon therein, the thrcc-twenty-firsts thereof to
the plaintiris belli;: one-tweiilyrtrst to each of tho
paid plaintiffs mid the eiyliteen-twentynrsts to the
defendants huinj;: niiic-tweiitynrstn to each of the
Kaid defendants, and for the purpose of such parti
tion that the said lands be all sold by tho referee,
and appointing the underpinned referee to make
such sale I will on
MONDAY, 29th day of March, 157,
between the hours of ti a. in. and t o'clock p. 111.
to-wit: at tlia hoar f 1 o'clock p. m of said day,
sell at public auction ti the Inchest bidder, for cash
iu hand, (unless a party entitled to a share in said
property becomes a purchaser, and in that case I
wil take his receipt for so much of the proceeds of
the sale as bklonys to him,) at tho court house door
in Koseburjr, Douglas county state of Oregon, nil
the right title and interest of the said plaintiffs
Nettie It. Hootb, Amy L. liooth and John M. liooth
and of the said defendant E. E. I.atiric and T. J.
habrio iu and ta all the abo.e described laittls and
appurtenances. . j
Witness my harid this 2Ud day of Feb. 1S57.
I II. C. Aose, Kefero .
Administrators Final Xolicc
In tho county court of the state ot On-goti for
Doula? county e'tatc if Henry Wagoner dc cased.
xi dersiifned administrator of the absye entitled
estate has filed his ftnal account hi the FeUlemcnt
of Raid ent ate in the above entitled conrt and the
raid court by order duly made has fixed Tuesday
the 5th day of Jul;- 1SST. for hcarinjr objections if
any there be to said fin ii account and to the cettle
mentof (aid estate. Dated at Koscbure, Oregon the
25tlj, dav of March lis". J. H. Siu rK,
' Administrator.
In the Circuit Co ot of the state of Oregon iu and
for Doiigias county.
Amanda C Vail, Charles AVm. Vail and Finnic
Dear Mlis. 1
I vs
J. A. Dallon VdU
Vi and by virtue of an execution issued out of
the Circuit court of the state of Oregon forthe coun
ty of Douglas on the 17th dav of March 1SS7, am) to
me 'delivered in pursuance of" a judnfent recovered
iu said Circu't court oa the 21 st dav of Oetobcr 1B75
in favor of Chaa. Vail now decoawd and again nt the
above named defendant, J. A. Dallon and against
the here in after described real property whereas said
execution commands me to sell said deacrilied real
property and out vl the prxeds arising from said
sule I satisfy lhe balance duo on said judgment of
record amounting to S154.3 together with S-.'8.S0
c it, and the erst and expeiieea of sa;d alo. Thr
fore i.i .ursiiaute oi aid execution 1 haie levied
Uk!1 and will ei( 1 " '
. S.V1CHDAY, the 2:"trd day of April, 1887.
a t the hour of I o'clock p. m. of a;iid day sell at pub
lic auetioo In front of the Court Houe Door in
R.isebmg, Dougi is county, Or., to the highest bid
der for eush in hand, all the right title and interest
the said defendant has in and to the following de
Scribed, renl property to-wit: The fractional SWj
of tho S W of Sec. 9 an 1 tiie S E t of the 3 E i of
Sec. :,n and the N W of the NW( of See. 32 and
the X V. I of X K 1 of fiec. 31 all fta T, ? fwuth of
Kane West oj Wlllanictw uieriillan In Douglas
CoUnlv, Oreaon. i B. C. Agke,
Dated March 17, 18S7. Sheriff.
Administrators Final Jfoticc
In County Court of the State of Oregon for
Douglas Coiuitv estate of W. 1). f-'helton deceased.
i.1 ilerslgted adminitrator of the above entitled
estate has filed his final account in settlement of
said estate in the above entitled court and the said
court by order duly made has fixed Monday, the th
day of April 1S7 for hearing objections if any there
ne'to said final account and to the settlement of
said estate. Dated at Rosebu'B, Oregon, the 4th
day of March 1S5-7.
Attr. for Adfhr. Administrator
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