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MONDAY, MAY 27, l'O. '
P. UTisr Sunday si-lund a!, llie
rverv !tunliy m.irnir..j at 9:45. A
extended In eierylxitiy. J.V
KKRilBI 1-KRIAV-StllliHv fellO'd
'.nrvli every Sunday a ii'i'.!.s
1 iti..n extended M ail to aUeril. i
I'iSi-t elnirrli
.-li.il inv'itali:i
. ' I'rc! n-ri.-a;
St. K. Oil Ri ll - SiiTiJav (, !mm.1 l 'it- M KCI.IW.
.t-rv Suiiiav ut- Or. M. a coriU..t iu rLil.eii v:
tn e.l U cVei- Ik, ly.
X. T. J;.i.Tr, mi;
!CK to ii!.:
nrr in !'
: lie '" i v,-;
; . ' . s
oh a St
m '
:', a
I! , i fll
Ms i.---.
. J s t .J l j
I be ::
'. ! ir :l..;r r..;
;.: I :!.! c
I 0:'.S I. ..,e io
! l.l:ls, llw
i lew i .'-.
h.i; :in
it-iils .urn, ir.i u.iy iiit'h, rnc!u!cs nut to .!
., ili'ci i.iu; lu ciiii.e ve-t to a j'.acc where he
c.-.n cuj'iy ii.tr. On his way he came through
C 1 iT.ah; picw Musico, Arizona and Ca'.if;r
nia but nu j'l.ice which suits him s i v. s-l'
as tliis. ;f i sifter tn absence of a few months
lie has r-ti'.iiied l Oregon nod to stay. Mrs.
Steele will rtniaiit in Kansas until her husband
stcuns a resilience here which will only be a
few weeks at most. We are glad to have Mr,
and Mrs. Suele. again among us and their I
many ir.ends here bul tliem a liearty we.come.
Tuf V. C. T. U. Convex rioN. The
1 tat. comenti .11 of the V. C, T. U . closed
hist "ridjy evening. This session, which was
held at Sa'e:ii, was very interesting. The
attendait'.e was good and much bcneiicial
work done At the Thursday evening session
Mrs. In ncissa Kinney entertained the audi
er.ee with a nost interesting lecture, replete
with temperance truths in new and attractive
garbs.. .She -reviewed the field and showed
thit in the lljht of past events temperance and
prohibition workers had every reason to con
gratulate themselves upon the results of their
arduous lalior.;. The election ot oliicers for
the ensuing year resulted as follow?;. Mrs
Riggi of Portland was reelected president.
(Mii. Henrietta l!rovn of Albany, corres
ponding secretary . Mrs. R. M . Robb of
Fast Portland, lecording secretary. Mrs.
Margaret llilyeu of Eugene, treasurer;
Miss Iryinejiaving tirst been el -cle l, but de
c'.i.el. The ('. !.: S.vMi Separator. Mr.
Raber, inventor d a new machine foi exiiact
i::g the line gold from the black sand which is
f..n.i 1 .- ru toy 1 laces along the coast of this
stiti; an. I (' ;i oinia, was in the city yesterday.
He stat-is t'u it his machine, which was m ule
at the Willamette Iron Works, i-! a grand
success, and he has Iscen olT red. $2,000,000
for the rin'it to use it in the state of Califor
nia. This i.; a very snug sum, but dos not
come up to Mr. Panel's ideas of the value of
the privilege desired. There have been many
machines invented for separating the tine gold
from l.l.iek s.nd, but none heretofore have
been a pronounced success, an.l if this is
what is claimed for it there are million-; in it.
Orei'oiii.in. 1
MeIjV.U. Po.i:! AiTOINT! Ii. Governor
Pennoytr to day made the appointment of the
state medical board, which 'was created by
the late l4;;s'.aiure. This board is known as
the board of t vamiiiers for the state of Oregon.
The following were appointed: . Ihxon for
one year, i) , P.' Piiiminer for two years and !
James l'.rown, three years. "These gentle-
men are all rcjrrrhints of Portland tand, it is
i '
'understood, are all of the alopathic school,
t ' '
The dental board was also appointed to-day,
as loiiows: 1- Vi. t larn anil j. iaruer, ,
both of Portland. Dr. E. C. Miles of Ya- I
tjiiina was appointed health officer for Ya
quina Bay.--Capital journal.
A Big Cf.i.KFKAt ion. The Oregon AF
pine clidi discussed the matter of the Fourth
of July-celebration. It was staled that the
party to illuminate Mt. Tacoma had been or
ganized nearly sin months ago. Mt. Hood
a. id St. Helens should be lH.tminated at the
sime time. That would make a new feature
in illumination. A heliograph, that has been
successfully tried at a distance.! 120 miles, j
c mid be s-ecured at no great expense and the 1
simultaneous illumination tf the mountains
would be a grand sight. The entire cost n
illuminating the 'mountains it is thought
would not exceed $ 1 ,20. E.
Tt-r. nt;:;. Tm.k Notht.. The nest re$
id ir 1 jii.irtc 1 1 ; xamination of teachers will be
h -hi at ( 1 a'. I e. !, commencing at I'.oori May
2 according to 1 r-v. The Drug'as conn!)
teachers' associ ili-m will mei t on the Saturday
following (Jiin:- 1st,) at the same place, sub
ject, gian-.m n ; wen's, their uses an:! alc.t
Let ail c uis.- whit can. T' ackers and scliool
officer; specially invited.
L . Hf ll HINr.ON,
County school Supt.
Oak! 1, Oregon, May 22, 18S9.
Fst i r I'I'.s is. -The state board of hortf
culture in session in Salem this week discov
ered that the w irk of combatting the frui
' . J , " , .
pests was inaugurated none too soon, licsiocs
.u -.a.: .. 1 n.- ,u i:.i ,1,.
1 1 IT icvu it j 'ii:?t a ii-1 nivjiii luuj mm ins-
""San fose ra!e" paininf a dangerous foothold
i i the Rogue river valley, and the wooly
aphis in Western Oregon. The Hoard will
issue bulletin No. 2 in a few days, and invite
all persons interested in fruit to send for cop-
ies lb the secretary. Journal.
, ,
ates elected
Dki.i t.ai ts Et.ECTF.it. Del
ly the Douglas county meeting of the Chris
tian church held in this citv last Saturday to
, , . .
siaie meeting 01 uie v. iiri.suau cnurcn 10 oe
held at Turner, Marion county June 13, 1S89,
are W. M. Manning Canyonville, J. II. New
ton Myrtle Creek, C. A. Sehlbrcde Roseburg,
T. O. Hutchinson Oakjand, R. L. Shelly
Drain, Fr.-Ie i Todd Elkhead, G. W Ben
edict Elkton.
ChaxoED. The
SchnuJ has changed its hour of meeting, to
imimi-iately fallow ii s: the morning church
service. 1 Ins arrangement seems to woia
well this hot weather tsptclally, and also u
secures moie fjrown peoiue 101 leaciieis me
- i i . i .1...
than at any other hour: aiso thLs order, P" !
Sunday j scho .1 in the congregation and the ,
congreghtion in the Sunday school where;
,, , " . i '
Lboth ourht to lie. :
.- J-., I
- Static Fair. The Oregon State Board of ;
.Agriculture u ill fiold the annual state fair at :
the fair grounds near Salem, commencing
Monday September 16, 1 S89 and continuing
six days. The.cisti -premiums offered for ag-
rrulturai, stock and mechanical exhibits, for
works of art and. fancy work, and for trials of
speed amount in the aggregate to $15,000.
Henrv a BnrlinPton. Iowa. duiL-istsavs. of
Chamberlain's Cough remedy. Mr. Henry
ought to know, as he has sold over 300 bottles
of" the remedy, during the past w inter.
Coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough
nr r..-.i;iu .-nr...! ! it !". r s V l.v A C
Marsters & Co.
Warm v.
G wt
A W t: Ido.;":.
S'-lll.? ISJi'-ie V. l-ii jil';'-: :
Tin: ;'.;..iinc. s..Ut'u: 'Pr '
.- .miner days l.ac c mc
! ; . ' k the P.. '-. !.'., 1
! Mem -i i ; : i V
1 be
I i;.cyc:i.-T
uy on July 4ih.
a rc-.b;c-(l i.irti
: TliK. Ul.Y I F.W office.
I. C. MtCi.ah'ii lias
ti' -n of a new v .,islied.
Thccity of GuMirie 1.1
Ol.ih 0:111 was t!;e
I s; ne of a small riot 1 rst Thursday.
: tlo to Ilammitte & Woolsev for i.od bar-I
1 t;iins in hardviaie, stoves and tinwaie.
The finest quality of ; honey in the comb nt
: Henry Easton's Roseburg grocery store.
Do yo-.r expect to find lower prices in liar 1-
wnre than at Jaskulek'a? Well, you wont,
impossible for any one tosell watches cheap-
er ,ila, r T. Rrvan at Lanrcnbem's brick.
James-' Fletcher is making some ornate and
substantial improvements upon his residence.
The "Perfection'" hammock at J. Jasku
lek's. The best hammock in the market.
Try one .
If you want to sf-e a fine display 10 and 15
cent counter goods call ami see llnnimi'te &
Hammitle i Woo'.suy are receiving the
largest stock of hardware ever shipped to
Oakland .
Secretary Rayard will lie married to
Miss Clymer on June I2ih, The v.tdding
will be q;iet.
Mr. Phelps, late miuster to I'.igl.niil, has
resumed his old position as piofe sor in the
Vale law school. Fx .
' A line thousand dollar house i.. in course of
erection in North Park addition. Puy a lot
early or you will be too late.
The Canadian Paciijc railroad i; taking
s!c to securj a large share of the trade from
tha Paciiic coast to points east.
Simply perlect, perfectly simple, the li lit
running New Home sewing machine. It is
the best. For sale by J. J askulek .
All persons knowing ; themselves indebted
to Henry Faston will please call and settle at
once. il. EA:;rON. Roseburg Grocery store
The le.-.tival last Friday evening, given for
the lieneiit ol the .M. Church, w.i; ouile
succes: ful . The gi receipts were ai..ut
$S5. '
Tho plans and spe. itications for the new
school huue at Coivrdlis have been finished,
and uids for the construction thereof adver
tised for.
A $6,000 subscription has been raised and
woric will te c mir:-.cnce:i soon on tne new
wine of the Slate Normal schot.d huililinsj at
, , , j
roe ...ospe. meeuugs .,iu uae , ou
in the Iaitist church tor Ihe last lew ilays ;
closed last r.i"ht; Rev.
Mr. Wade
appointments elsewhere.
We -lie trnlv nln ! to sen rhr.t tin' Povernor
i , ... 1 1 r 1 11 r
has appointed our old friend Dr. James
j r ., ,, , ,..-.
: l.rowne as ine of the medical exifminers for
: r ,, . r .,
ia full term of three years.
J. E. Ragon sold his property in Riverside
near the bridge last
Thursday to Mrs P
He wilt soon' sta'n with
Djen for $1,300.
his family for Harney valley.
It is not nl-.vay-f the man
wiiest who knows the ni'.-st, bul most people
ti w no y nil.
i s .1 ... ti,o :
OOll l I.llOW OILS, Ml II Will O.iy ou lt7 IWH
just as wise as you possibly can.
Last Saturday a shrewd forger named W.
M. hite victimized the Puget Sound Na
tional and First National banks of Seattle out
of $S,ooo anil $2,500 re-ipect fully .
Rev. J . R.
Bell lias been invited lode.
liver tl e annual bacalaureate sermon at the
Drain State Normal school June 10. We
learn he has accepted the invitation.
The O. P. railroad company will do their
own work on the const ruction of their cast
ward extent ion instead of contracting it as i.i
the pist. The woi" vil be be;;U!i soon.
Crawl lodge A. F 'v. A. M. meet at the
M.t-oiii!-. Temple in i'oniand 0.1 Juno 121I1,
13th, an.l I ph. The Grand Chapter R. A.
M. meets on the loth, and llth, of Jane.
It i-. rainored th ii ii Attorn, y general Mil
icr ts appoiutc I to the supreme bench, John
F. Sw i.t of (. alilori.i l may be recal
lied Irom
the Japanese mis
;tn-l -iiven
a p
ace in the
Second ' ice president Na di ol the O. P.
railroad has received instructions direct from
the New Vork headquarters to energetically
; push the work on the Oregon Pacific eastward
i 1 "
extension. t
There will be a grand railroad excursion to
j Grants Pass from Portland and other points i
! next Friday, May 31st. Round trip tickets j
' $7-5 from Portland and return. Good for
! three days.
i The second Saturday in June at Myrtle
' Cieek there will be held a grand picnic under
t , , . r , , , ,. T .
lite auspices 01 tne general puonc. iei every
l..l,. ttn.l -tiitis lisrinrinv nnd food will
j 1 '
! shall prevail.
In a short time the Cosmopolitan hotel un-
! der immediate supervision of George Haynes,
the proprietor, w ill be open for sleeping apart
ments. This is a good move, and in the
right direction.
Pa-se & DimmicU. Oakland will quote a
l1:1r.,.;,,ni,;ni. mini nits nn 1 lnbrimi -
in ou in the npXt issi,e of The Review and
j t n Ilst w51i i,e f!,1(.tcd twice a month as
' ,,. ,v ,,..
. .... r: .ii-. 1
1'.-i: l p,r .- ri'tl-R ivs oiler Hii int-st rmil
- , re'.. -i.i. i
: cheapest lot of fruit trees that has ever liecn
. i
; , .,, i
Itjj s4f. 1 lieji 1 till 1 IV Ut.il. V VlllV. mi... .S-t
lhem of , rile to BXt f.R & Shroten,
Roseburg, Or.
- , , . 7
The "Perlect Ret sprmg bed is the best.
Satisfaction guaranteed, or no pay. Mr.
0jm Oslxirn is now manufacturing this bed
jn Kosebur". Call and examine it before
; purchasing elsew here. Near
office. ;
i Tntf Alb my mining and milling company
j pUrchaseti an
j yeiinei,iav .
outfit ior preliminary work last
and ooerations toward develop-
; ing their mines will be at once commenced, i
Mathew Calheun has been appointed general ;
supeiiuie.icicm. .
! snnei intendent.
I The entering wedge': of a complaint that
i may prove fatal is olten a slight cold, which a
dose or two of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral might
1 have cured at the commencement. It would
be wel i . therefore, to keep this rcmci iy w 11 tun
rcai;h at all times.
The prevalence of scrofulous taint in the
blood is much more universal than marly are
a are. Inde.d, but few person are free from
it. I oitunuleiy, however, we Have m .-Vers j
S;.s puriih. the most potent rcwdy ever dis- i
C eo. J lor
ivinl.lc r.ll'.ic'.ioii.
loo! ic.'.Cil.'.'s la U
Fast nnd other I
1.1-4 ii.uv cjijircssi.e heats i summer
c n;o bet-ore she scho 1 vcir closes, advocile j
a'ooiisin.ient of tin
aiti rnooti sef-si .n i!ur
term nn.
tlii ci'mmt-iifciutnl !
ait i!i:'.:r t-arlser
loll I-:
a 1'. w A ii.r.
: I,
1 rtt-i-.'S ti.-dctia, iiimois
: 11-. : v.uli a !-,ay y'iii g
-. v.!, 1 his lniMiht
i.jr! .iiis! Sinuiel Cun
ai.d er.eiitric ol 1 baclie
. icj'iuT il im.iires in the
-.- s In
i. . '
Use c'.rcv.it
::.!. v.-ci'th
-t:;n..f $io,iC'0 f.r breach of pr-nnisc l marii-
V:Vy i'ilkingion is n- ilher dead nor asleep
but his resoundt j; s!r okesi upon the anvil and
; work bench do w.i
e up any that may slum-
I l r ti. long. He I
j wairoiis. buckboards
i.rnv.n:.;. implements, j
hicks, busies etc. etc. I
I for sale. He repairs wood and ironwork,
i .1 1.1.1.. 1.., r,..,,l osrl,. I
i uue:j iii.ieivfiiiiiiiiiie, aii'i i.au it mum-i
! and late on Front street Oakland Oregon.
iloraccijret'ley once wrote a note toaoroin
er eiiitor New York, whose writing was equally
illegible w ith his own. The recipient of the
note not being able to read tt, sent it back by
1 he seme messenger to Mr. Greeley for eluci
dation. SupH)sing it to be an answer his
own note, Mr. Greeley looked over it, but
was likewise unable to read it, and said to the
boy, "Go; take it back, what does that fool
mean?" "Yea. sir," said the boy, ' "that's
just what he says."
B. D. Smith is in the city on business.
Rev. R.I.. Shelly of Hrain is in Roseburg
to day.
H. Djer of Myjitlc- Creek wa; in Koscburg
last f liday on business.
F. P. and Y. pVaiching came dow n from
Canyonville this kiuuiiiiiL' .
Hon. J. E. llhindell is in lioseburg to day.
He is a rustler and no mistake.
Thus. R. I'.oggcs returned from California
much improved in health, la-it Saturday morn-
lames Hill of Marshfield is in Roseburg.
Wc suppose he c one up to see w ho it was
that was smiling.
Mr. Donnelly formerly of Virginia, but now
of J unction city was visiting friends m Rose
burg a few days ago.
W. R. Drake of Myrtle Creek gave The
Rf.vif.w a very pleasant call Saturday. He
reports that section prospering as usual.
Rev. David P.rower returned this morning
from a visit to Ashland. H?-will start to
Coos county to-morrow for a several week's
Jlirtte Creek Hems.
Myrtle Creek is enjoying a boom.
II. Dyer is in Roseburg and we are seized
with consternation.
Dr. Matney is selling out at cost, e.ectmg
to leave our burg soon.
Messrs. Gabbert and Stevenson had 93'S
sheeD st,carej this week.
Horn to the wife of Prof. Woiiacot;
j n-t 101, ni: 1 , ivlini 1 -j ji'juuun.
Mrs. G. W. Honey of Camas valley
ton last week, much
, . , .
L ' '
There has been much sickness in and about
Myrtle Creek, during the last month, but all
are well or recovering.
George Beeler, the Insurance agent after
spending several weeks with his family left
last night on business.
i. a :a.i I-,.. . .1. :
j ucuucu iusi 111:11, ai uic iiieuuug 01
j th' e concerned, to hold a picnic here June
Sth. A cordial invitation is extended to all.
-All of the Myrtle Creek teachers that I
, . , , . .. 1
I nave converseu wuii laieiy, expect 10 aiienu
. , , ... , . ,. . T
j the Teachers Association at Oakland, June
j the 1st.
j Mcrvin Daily, while on the road to school
! Monday morning, was throw n from his horse,
I and the hoise falling on him crushed his foot
1 very badly.
j Willis Kramer, proprietor of the Roller
; mills at Myrtle Creek was in Roseburg last
j Saturday, and reports all lovely along the line
of general prosperity.
j The improvements at Myrtle Creek this
I spriri ; hi ve added much to its looks. Mr Beeler
ic at home enclosed each of his residences
i:i a neat fence of different styles.
I S K ce of Frozen creek went to his
1 J .it granary one morning this week and
. toa id nil 'us wheal had been taken. Some
, on.' undoubtedly, thinks it is easier to steal
J than '.i work.
1 The favorite resort ol those interested in
; poultry lat week, was to Mr. Powell's where
; the incubator wes hatching. Mr. Powell has
made quite a success having constructed his
own incubator. Those wishing one could do
j no better than to pattern after his work,
f M
Nature's Music. The song-birds lately
received in Portland from Germany after be-
J ing kept m large cages a few days for recu
peration have been given their liberty. "The
greater number of thf birds," says the Orego
nian, "were turned loose at the city park and
adjoining grounds. The birds were delighted
to regain their liberty. Th3 saucy starlings
flew hih up in the trees and chattered like
mad, and the crossbills also flew up high and
looked down at the cages as much as to say,
'if you ever get us in such a box again you
can shoot us.' The finches and linnets shot
in among the bushes and set up a joyous
clamor, and a short time after were seen hop
ping about the paths of the park, some of
them already gathering straws evidently in-
I tent on nest building. There is no doubt
! aloul llle l'irds tlo!llS wel1 herc. antl l,ut very
1 little about their winter immigration. If
they should not find their way back, they will
I 1e somewhere on the coast and will increase
j until the whole country is stocked with them
.iiis.io, luiiuo .iiii'wii.Jiiuiia aic laiitb.i ui aiivi
' 1
1 M,,.-,!,, r,,,ii,, n. i .1
i ii is muhc niveiy in.ii 4 i.oee Miionieui win oe
.' ... . b ..'
:. i.i. i .i.. i .1 . ....ii i.
made from England next year.
"XntMnn to Enal ft."
"I have been selling Simmons Liver Regu
lator for .ihe past six years. My customers
pronounce it the Itest ever used.' One of my
customers whose health was in a wretched
condition from a very bad and stubborn case
the express 1 of Dyspepsia, used the Regulator and was en
j tirely cured . Iam using it myself lor Tor-
! PK Liver, caused by close confinement.
! tllW Potning to equal 11 ana nigniy recom.
mend its use. Respectfully,
C P. Hisey, Druggist, Edinburg, Ya.'
A New Enterprise. B. F. Ramp and J
; v . Dowell respcctlully mlorms tne citizens ol
j Roseburg that on and after May the first that
they will be prepared to deliver a no I quality
j of milk to all ol them that are in need of such
j a quality of milk. .Usual price. They intend
useing cnecRS or tickets . uruers leu at liar
ker & Willis's.
We are sorry to note the serions illness of
Ada, little daughter of S. J. Jones.
Joseph GosseU had the misfortune to loose
a very fine work oxen on last Saturday.
Lumber is being; placed on the ground for
j tin tlist Presbyteiian church in OaUand.
Mrs. Whitmore of May view, Oregon is this
"-t! l"c sUCH -j,-' 1
Rev. Mr. Richard . on of Kugene City
preached here on JaM Sd.bath niotnin and
Mrs. F. A. Howard of KcIIivin was in OaU
land on lat Thursi'.ay purchasing g'-o ls and
cubing on her numerous friends.
A. F. Rrown arnvtd home m last Snbhath
morning from his astern nip lK'l.'hsas
though he hail l-en we 1 treated r.t the old
Graves the photographer Ins pitched his
tent in Oakland, and is ready and w illing to
make a first-class likeness of vou , and every-
,)l)(!y else
... , , .,,.,
nir. wooisey 01 llaminitie iv w.ioisey re
turned from a business trip to l'ortland on
c, . , .
Saturday morntnq; and looks just as thin
, ,
I iiesii as ever.
Thursday May 23rd Messrs' E. G. Young
& Co. shipped to Portland eighteen hundred
dozen eggs, and then complained that it was
a dull day lor that class of fruit.
Wm. Patterson Esq., who recently pur
chased a house and lot of J. E. Pike on IaicusI
street in Oakland will reside in Oakland and
not in Roseburg as stated by last Thursday's
P. B. Beckley and A. J. Dear will drive to
Portland this week a fine lot of cattle and
sheep. The freight rate is so high that this
driving to market is almost a necessity.
These gentlemen can put their stock in the
Portland mark?! in this way several hundred
dollars cheaper than shipping by rail,
We were p ined to L-.-.m fiom a sta'ement
by our Sal-biift school Supt on last Sabbath
that some person or persons had entered the
l'.ipti-l church here, and had mutilated a
laige minder of the singing books lielonging
tolhis church. Such ivmduct as this is con
teiiiplaliie beyond conception, and the perpe
trators of ih s infamous crime should be pun
ished as only such crime ; deserve.
Dr. J C. Shambrook who left our rpuet
village lat week and as we understand has
permanently located in our county metropolis,
is a physician and surgeon ol the highest Ol
der, and the people of Roseburg should con
gratulate themselves upon this valuable ac
quisition to their medical fraternity. The Dr.
is a graduate of one of the highest standing
medical schools on this continent, and carried
away from his ahna mater two of its most val
uable medals, and its highest honors. In the
doctor's new location we wish him all possible
success and prosperity.
A wrong impression was made by the
Plaindealer last week, in stating that the Oak
land brick factory was unable to supply the
demand etc. It should have added that a
break in Mr. Hansen's machinery was the
cause of the shortage in supply. Had this
unfoitunate accident not occurred, Messrs.
Sheridan Bros, whom we recognize as one of
the most enterprising firms in Douglas county
would not have had to suspend work on their
new building, and now that Mr. Hansen has
new machinery from the East, just give him a
few days and he will supply your enterprising
city with all the brick you want.
Ashland is becoming more and more a re
sort for healthseekers. Many come and are
benefitted. All are pleased with our valley
and city.
We shall have patriotic exercises on the
glorious Fourth, anil expect to be favored by
an address on that occasion by Congressman
Binger Hermann of your city.
Decoration Day will be suitably celebrated
by our citizens. Burnside Post will have
charge of the exercises. The Rev. II. P.
Satchwell will deliver the address.
This is commencement'-week in Ashland.
The State Normal school, Prof. J. S. Sweet
president, sends out twelve graduates this
year, one from the advanced course and eleven
from the elementary course, ten young ladies
and two young gentlemen.
The Hon. E. B. McElroy, State Superin
tendent oi I'uouc instruction was wan us
yesterday. He addressed the Nomnlstudents
and many of our best people in Granite hall
last evening, givi-ig us an able -presentation
of normal school work. Prof. Sweet also
read a well considered paper upon the same
This evening the commencement proper
will occur and the following programme will
ba observed:
Phrio duette, "ioaata," Kuhiatl
by Miss Goodyear and Miss Calvin.
Salutatory Ellen Bursell.
Chorus, "Song of the Fairies," Glover.
School History Lydia M'Call.
Piano solo, "Gavotte," Giese
by Ida Eites.
Essay, "Trifles," Kate Hansen.
Recitation, "Creeds of the Bells," George
L. Helms.
Chorus by the Training School.
Essay, "Horace Mann" Camilla Walker.
Class history Jennie Oliver.
Piano duett, "Boat Song," Wiliard
by Freddie Brightman and Miss Calvin.
Oration, "Ambition," Charles D. Griffiths.
Essay, "Education," Henrietta Moore.
Chorus, from "II Guiramento," Mercadante.
Prophecy Sophia Wilson.
Quartet, "Home by the Sea," Rogers
by M'Call, Tennebaker, Sweet and Helman.
Valedictory Minnie K. Preadmore.
Presentation of Diplomas Cen. J. M. M'Call.
Chorus, Class Song, Mueller.
Now and Then.
Closinif Ejrerriitex of the Ronebnrg
There will be some examinations and rral
exercisrs in all fhc rooms until 2:30 p. M.,
when all the grades will assemble in the prin
cipal's room, where they will be favored with
short addresses. At three o'clock, there will
be an exhibition o( class work done during
the year by more than four hundred children,
most of whose parents reside in this commu
nity. ,
The graduating exercisej and other promo
tions w ill take place in the evening at SIo
cum's hall where there will be an excellent
programme rendered.
There are eight graduates in Book-keeping
and eleven in the Literary course.
A cordial invitation is extended to every on
to visit the school, during the day and attend
the graduating exercises in the evening.
lmpnirettCircitlnt ion.
Dr. Flint's Remedy, by exercising a regu
lative influence over the action of the heart
and the generel circulation, will check at
once bleeding from the lungs, and will cure
dropsy of these organs. Descriptive treatise
with each bottle; or, address Mack Drug Co.,
N. Y.
Cig 3Ioac for Oregon.
Hr ITttH Reason to Relieve Tunt a Ri at
H.CIwn,, fniltte Reco,ni,r,;l to
Orrrrome the Raid 1
"How do you think i'h memVi ; of the
senatorial committee have been impressed
with the nwessiiy (,f impiovin the Columbia
river?'' w.is asked of Senator 1 olph just Wforc
1- b'-srde.i the (r.iin fljT Kidami for the
Sound yesteiday.
"I thliik they have been much pleased with
what they luve reen on this coa t and are
thoroughly impressed with the vahic of the
lolumoia river as a means (
ua I. is reply. 'Ail
t!ie c .'liiinittee are
c.uiicsiiy in lavorr.! river a.n-i harbor improve
wen's. Senator Ho ir has made s.ar.e i f the
most valuable speeches on ihe subject ever
delivered in congress, and the other niemoerS
ol the committee are able advocates ol inter
nal improvement,. I think the senators, as
all members of coiigrc-s who have heretofore
visited the coast have been, will be disposed
to be very liberal in the mat'er of appropria
tions lor Oregon."
"Do you think you will succeed in getting
larger appropriations in the future?"
"The situation in regard to appropriations
for river and harbor improvements is not
horoughly Understood by our people.. Our
improvements are not by any moans the only
important ones in the country. There are, I
suppose, alxtut 400 different improvements
novy in progress, !or which separate appropria
tions are asked. Many of these, like the ap
propriation for the improvement of I he Upper
and Lower Mississippi and the appropriation
for the improvement of the Lower Columbia
and Willamette rivers, include a number of
distinct works. They extend from San Diego
Cal , to Puget sound, all along the line of the
great lakes and from the northern coast of
Maine to the Texas boundary on the Atlantic
coast. Every community believes that the
improvement in its locality is the most impor
tant one, and is the most ne.-'leete I improve
ment in the country, nnd their view are not
only impressed upon the members of Congress
but are elaborately presented to the commit
ters of congress by the delegate of Boards ol
Trade and other commercial bodies.
"Appropriations are largely based upon the
estmntes of the United States local engineers,
which are revised by the chief of engineers.
The amount annually estimated for river and
harbor improvements by the local engineers is
large and constantly increasing. I think that
last year it was in the neighborhood of $50,
000,000. The secretary of war cuts dow n
this Estimate to a mere fraction and. in this
condition the reports of the local engine -rs,
the chief of engineers and the secretary of
war come to congress, and however desirable
it may be to secure for any woik the full
amount of the esiimate on account of the large
aggregate of the estimates, il is found impos
sible to do it, and it becomes necessary,
therefore, for the river and harbor c-cunittee
of the house, in which branch the bid origi
nates, to determinate in the first instance how
luge an aggregate appropriation it is practica
ble to secure, which being done, its rotation
to the gross amount of the estimate to a large
extent determines the amount of the appro
priation for each work.
"It is impracticable to confine appropria
tions to a few' works, and unless the different
portions of the country are provided for no
river and harbor bill could be passed. The
only thing that can be done is to increase the
aggregate amount of appropriations. ' The
appropriations for rivers and harbors have
been constantly increasing and the last appro
priation was the largest ever ma le by con
gress. In the bill as amended by the senate
and finally passed, Oregon received her full
share, and I have no doubt that she will con
tinue to do so in the future.
"I hepe, in addition to scenting icps in.ibie
appropriations lor tne works now in progress
we will, in the next river and harbor 1 ill, be
able to secure an appropriation for ihe cum
mencemeut of the improvement at The Dalles
rapids. The board of engineers appointed
by the secretary of war to examine the ob
struction and report as to the best manner of
overcoming it are now in taircpe examining
some of the hydraulic lifts for boats now
practical use both in England and 1- rancc.
They will probably endeavor to secure all pos
sible information concerning ihe plans ol the
proposed ship railway between the Bay of i ng 10 cure w un .oca, ireauuem, prorjounceo
11 J ' j it incurable. Science j has proven catarrh to
fundy and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and j 1)e a constitutional disi-r.se, requiring ronstitn
their report no doubt will ba very thorough 3 tional treatment. I IiVjl's Catarrh Cure, man
and valuable. I have reason to believe that' t fact u red by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
the plan recommended wiil b - a boU railway 1
with hydraulic lifts, in-tc.vl of lurks i-r
.11 -
ciines. iAt all events, I feel certain that anne
plafi of improvement will
mended and that the Orc;
lie siroiiriv rccom
1.1 : .. :o
.1 . 1 t . . t .;!
ue aoie 10 secure mi .q.pi",iii.iiioii. i neeu
not say that I shall do an i.i my power to se
cure an appropriation for eury improvement
in the state." Oregonian.
XOT 31VCII IX AX ttl'l lCE.
The p ipers lelate a story of ex .Sheriff Ho-
gan, oi Koseuurg, wno was iiisappomteo lie
cause Cleveland did not mak-? him United
States marshal. Not hav;ru that io attend to
he went to Spokane Falls and relieved his
foiled ambition by buying -towns lots and sel
ling them again, clearing $100,000, selling
what cost him $2000 tor $45,000 or could
if he only would. It. isn't every man who has
speculation in his eye that makes it pay so
well, but almost any good trade or business
pays any man belter than seeking after ofnee.
The office seeker 'never knows what he has,
and the man who conducts his own business
is monarch of all he surveys in that line.
Every man who is disappointed may not make
as good a thing of it as sheriff Hogan did, but
any man lit to have an official position can do
as weil for hunsell as office can for him. Ore
gonian. We have the same experience, except the
money part, of ex-Sheri!T Hogan, and agree
with tne Oregonian, that only a few offices
pay. We are quite happy without an office.
By seeing as much as you can of the world.
But ere you set out either as a tourist, com
mercial traveler or emigrant whether you go
by rail, steamship or steamboat, provide your
self.with Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, which
the traveling public recoonies as the finest
mcdica-1 saleguard and preventive of sea sick
ness with which any one journeying by land
or water 'can be provided. Il furnishes to the
western pioneer adequate protection against
malaria, iheumatism, and those disorders of
the bowels which yiiasma tainted w ater 1m get.
Its sedative etVect upon a stomach pcrtur!ed
by the rocking of a ship is tru'y magical, and
it is a capital appetizer ami nerve invigorator.
Excellent rs it for biliousness nnd kidney-in
action,Jand ,fl counteracts, in r remarkable
degree,- the effects of fatigue, physical or men
tab After wetting ami extosure in inclement
weather, it should lie used as a preventive.
Portland to have a Muske. It is an--
nounced that a gentleman from the East has ;
decided to establish a musee and theatre at y
Portland to be managed on the same scale ash
the Eden musee and theatre in New York and I
other Eastern cities. Portland is nurelv laive !
enough to well support a family resort of this
nature. Ex.
Fine Strawberries. This olfice is in
receipt of a Itox of very finely flavored straw
berries, the name of which ls unknown, from
Mr. S. Sykes, Sr., Banner Hill garden,
RoscJnirg, Or. Oregonian.
Trains Tied up and Employe Kirkimj
For iVaem.
When the train ot the celebrated narrow
guage for the west side arrived at Monmouth
ast night at 9:30 (two hours behind time) the
ciew stopjied work, declaring that they would
run no more trains, nor let them be run over
that line, until their back wages were paid.
This is a strike, not for higher wages, but for
arrearages .Thin morning no trains are mov
ing on this brand of the narrow guage, con
sequenlly there is no nnil from that direction.
The strikers say they will prevent the junning
of any trains until their w sges have been paid.
This cessation of trains brings again to
notice the fact tin! th ? narrow gaue company
is in leb'e 1 t ail of its employes in sums
ranging from a few m-onihs' wages up to the
greater part for two or three years. Some men
they owe as little as $loj, while others have
claims for $1,500, an I wi; even as high as
It is q-.tite certntn the strike will extend to
the eisl side system, as the cars were switched
around in a pculiar nunncr at Silvcrton last
Verily the narrow guage system as conduc
ted in Oregon is peculiar. Ex.
Later: On Wednesday afternoon special
trains were run down the lines on both sides
of the river I o Dundee, taking on every em
ploye of the road who held an unpaid check,
and those men hell a meeting. They
dctertimed to assign their checks to Joseph
White, who holds a responsible position under
the management of the road, and instructed
him to commence suit forthwith and obtain
judgment. The trains are running as usual
and there has been no tie-up, but the men
want their money -and they are determined to
try for it.
.v 1: m o uia Ij s 1: nn c
Tlie.lneiiiuii al service was held at the Pres
byteiian church yesterday nt 11 o'clock A. M.
AU'the churches united in this mournful, yet
beautiful exercise. The house was full to over
flowing, and the church was beautifully deco
rated w-iili flowers. The G. A. R. Reno
Post and the Releif Corps, met at Slocum's
hall and formed m line and then marched to
the church, taking the fror.t seals provided
lor them, after which the Pastor, 'Rev. W. A.
Smick read a hymn which was sung by the
choir and congregation. Invocation by Rev.
Mr. Smick, another hymn, reading the scrip
tures, 76 Psalm by Rev. . R. N. Bell,
prayer by Rev. Mr. Wade, song, "the Blue
and the Gray" was yery aflectingly rendered
by the choir and many moist eyes could be
seen in the congregatiori, .sermon by Rev. Mr.
Gittins, closing prayer by vRev. Mr. Wells,
and a hymn and benediction clo-ed these im
pressive services. Memorial day is fast be
coming a great day in t'u':, nation, and all
would do well to observe it, bo'h north ami
Kru.oiais, Or., May 25
Once more t r community has been visited :
by the grii.i hand of death that has removed ,
from our midst the infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. C. II. Maupin, which expired at i:io!
P. M. of the 23d. The remains were interred
in the Dimmick ceim-Dy oh th's 24th, in the j
presence of a larce tir-!e of friends and rel.v 'j
tives, Mr. Lawrence Pirdce directing the ob J
seqiues. in this .sad i.-peavement, the alMictcd i
parents have the cond I deuce of all.
"Sutler little clii'u'o
and forbid th; in not,
dom of God.
n to come unto me; I
r of such is the kin;:
Rev. II . B. Johnsih and Rev. Norcross
will hold basket meetings at the following!
times and places; Sunday Juno 2, at the
Bogijess school ! house),
1, June 9, at Olalla and
June 16, at Green's
chool house. All nre
corlially invited to attend
Rev. W. X. McGed
meeting at Civil Bend,
will begin a protracted
Junes, 1SS9. Dur
ing school days the il o'clock service will be
held at Dillard, evening at Civil Bend. Bas
ket meetings on Saturdays and Sundays.
Evangelist F. W. Parker will do the preach
ing. All are united to attend. .
There is more Catarrh in this section of the
;;,! country than all other diseases put together,
j i,e jncuraj ,)e- Kr a great many years Doc-
j tors pronounced it a local disease, and pre-
i scribed local remedies,1 and by constantly fail-
Ohio, js the only constitutional cure on the
market. It is tnkrn
internally in from 10
; 1, i 1 o 1 leMsnnonfnl
It acts directly upon
'ihi' blood and mucus surface of -the system
'Ihev cfl'er one hundrci;
dollars for any case it
(ails to cure. Send fori
circulars and testimo-
"''snials Address. F. L CHENEY CO.. To-
,. e(i (j. .Sold by A. I. Marsters Cjo
y i. '
- 1 1
j ticies of incorporation
were tiled with Ihe
Secretrry of State last Priday by the Ptqidle-
I ton Telephone company, who are to construct,
establish, maintain and operate a telephone
system in ami throughout Pendleton. The
amount of capital stock is $4000, divided into
shares valued at $25 each; the incorporators
are J. E. Bean, F.J. Donaldson, John Gagen,
G. W. King, J. I). Murphy, J. H. Riley, L.
Keith and . P. Wager.
MILLER PITMAN. At the residence of
J. W. Pitman near Dillards, Sunday May
25, 1SS9, John Miller and Lcttie Pitman,
Rev. T. P. Haynes officiating,
Thf. Review joins their many other friends
in wishing the newly married pair a life of
unalloyed happiness.
GRUBBE REED. -On Thursday May 23,
1SS9, at the McClallen house, Corbin
Grubbe and Ollie Reed, Rev. Gittins ofii
The ncwiy married pair will reside at Dim
mick's ferry. They are both well known in
t iis county anl Thf. Review joins their
many other friends in wHiing them a long,
prosperous and happy life.
GRIFFITH. In Wilbur May 24, iSftO, toj
the w ife of Win. Griffith a daughter. Will's i
countenanco is much less elongated than
VTlicn Tiaby tm sick, wo pavo her Castoria,
When alio a Child, sire cried for CaaUtria,
When bIio bcca-aie Miss, she clung to Cuttoria,
-Whoa ho bad Cbildron, abe gave them Castori,
,An old lady at Burke, Tex., who had been
troubled with chronic diarrhoea for over fifte- n
years, says that Chambei Iain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy 1! d her more good
than all the other medicines she he d ever used.
Mr. S. T. Tread well, the leading merchant
r .V . J V r .is- ...r.ni.
of the town, vouches for the altove statement,
For sale by A. C. Marsters & Co.
Tacoma, May 23. The members of the'
special senatorial committee on relations with
Canada arrived here this evening, and shortly
after were waited upon by a committee of the
Chamber of Commerce. After some consul
tation it was decided that the committee
would remain in Tacoma to morrow and take
testimony from a number of citizens, ex-Governor
Semple, Judge Swane, of Port Town
send, and Captain Libby. On Saturday they
w ill visit Seattle and Port Orchard and re
turn to spend' Sunday in Tacoma. On Mon
day they w iil proceed to Victoria and wait
over there till Wednesday morning, returning
here in the evening, and on Thursday will
leave for the Yellowstone park. t The new
steamer Fairhaven has been placed at the dis
posal oflhe committee by Nelson Bennett,
but it has not leen decided to accept it.
Chicago, May 22. The dead body of Dr.
Cronin, the Irish American who strangely
disappeared from his home in Chicago two
weeks ngo, was found this evening some dis
tanco north of the city, in a sewer on Evan
ston avenue. A bloody towel was wrapped
aboul ihe head, but the body was stark naked.
A Catholic emblem which the doctor always
woie next his skin, suspended about the neck,
was untouched. In the head were a dozen
cms which bait severed the scalp ajwl in
dented the skull. It is the opinion .of the
police that Cronin was foully murdered.
V.'eston (W. Ya.) May 21. A novel and
quite singular marriage has just been lirought
to light which was celebrated in New York
city on April 20th. The contracting parties
reside in Lewis and Harrison counties, re
spectively, and the disparity of their ages as
well as the near lelationship existing between
them has occasioned no httie amusement
among friends.
The groom is a wealthy old Latchelor who
has seen not less than seventy-five summers,
while the bride is a handsome blonde of
twenty five.
The gallant lover is the great uncie of his
youthful spouse, and his marriage to her
makes his wife the aunt of her father, the
j great aunt of her sister and the daughter-in
j law of her father's grandfather. She is her
I own great aunt by marriage, the aunt of her
' own mother and her first cousin's great aunt.
;c. the new
Washington, May
23. Advertisements
lor building three 2.0U0 ton unarmed cruisers
for the navy are being prepared at the depart
ment . The vessels will be known as cruisers
9, 10, and 11, and will lies built at a cost not
e .si '-.'iho $700,000 each. It was left dis
cretionary by congress with the navy depart
mtnt to build either gunboats or cruisers, and
tlie latter were chosen.
j Watep.smeet, Mich., May 23 A woman
named Matilda Christianelli tried to carry
I $18,000 on her person from Washington terri
; torv to Vulcan, in this state. The effort
caused her to become insane. The insanity is j
mostly duo to anxiety and loss of sleep. She j
, did not sleep a wink on the entire trip. !
Her husband died in the' West a short lime
since. i
-.-..mt. .i
j Sax Francisco. May 23. Captain Brown
i of the schooner Del Norte, is much elated at
the fact that his steamer has jrkt made the
quickest time on record on the round tup from
this port to Coquil'.e river. The Del Nolle
made the trip from her dock and back again
in thirteen days, arriving yesterday, and that
with a full cargo of lumber. The average
round trip is thirty days, but it has been done
! in nineteen davs. which is thoucht ouick
j ime From Ap,u 13, p to yesterday the
I I)el or,e "as ,n:uJe lwo '"nd trips. On Ihe
j last trip she was four days from the Cocfuille
i r;Vt.r.
Portland, May 24. Yesterday evening
the clerk at the Quimby, attracted by a pistol
report, rushed to the room occupied' by John
D. Barnum and finding the door locked,
burst in. The sight that met his 'gaze was a
bloody one. Stretched at full length on the
floor was all that was mortal of Barnum, sur
rounded by a large old fashioned powder and
ball navy revolver lying a few feet distant.
In the right side of his head, a few inches
back ol his ear, there was a gaping hole suf-
i ficiently large to admit
the end of a broom -
The Oregonian railway contemplates build
ing a bridge at Ray's landing. Plans are
prepared and it is expected that it will be
built before long.
W. S. Ladd has contributed $50,000 to
wards endowment ol the Presbyterian semi--nary
in San Francisco.
xr.11 men enter an F.xria-.-.s car
Dallas. Texas, May 25 As the cast
bound train on the Texas and Pacific ntad
reached the outskirts of the city la;.t night two
masked men with drawn icvi.lv- rs entered
the express car, beat the messes ger insensi
ble, robbed the safe of fifteen bandied dollars,
and eseapid .
A GREAT WIN I 'I' '.i,!. .
Tacoma, May 23. Big news arrived tn
day lor I'uyalinp and a s working man The
supreme couit of the United Elates his jast j
decided that Rober: .Shields. iti at-d citizen
of Puy.il!'.!,, is oi a $22,oO!J.oj in solid, j
hard cash, w hi-li i''.i- .-tiy oi Omaha, Ni l-., j
! owes hi :n.
Nearly thirty ur : . ;
up a homestead ol 19 )
:s 1 ,h
on I
site of iiiama
He lei; his claiai h.r a few
j day?
and it was jumped by another iHrison,
who was the ageW fra townsitc Company.
Mr. Shield-j contcStv 1 the claim; of 1 he land
jumper and for over twenty years the matter
has b.n i'i lingalion.
Steilacoom, May 23. For several vnk
j past' George Roberts has ltecn busy prosj cci-s f
ing in this vicinity for coal. He is an old!
miner and said he was satisfied from indica j
; ti ins he had discovered that coal existed near
i by. To day he electrified the town by show
J ing several handsome specimens closely re
X st-mlding authracite. Ue refuses to divulge
' its location, bul cnouch has lteen learned to
; jUll 0 lhal ,j,0 vem nt furlncr ,WJ
... ,.. ., , ,
miles from Steilacr rrm. He savs he has a
j -
four foot vein.
Washington, May 25. Lorenzo Dow
Montgomery, of Galesvilb.-. f- f K-s h en
appointed Indian depredatt-:: .,.! i;,' t
dollais per (by.
The name of Robert v Andersr-n, t.f B '. s
City, Oregon, has been sciH to the pns.di.i.1
for appointment as United States commis
sioner for the district of Alaska.
The p'.
is worth $1,000 a year and fees.
Hyrtip of Eiffa.
Produced from the laxative .and nutritious
juice of California 6g9, combined with the
medicinal virtues of plants known to be most
beneficial to the human system, acts gently,
on the kidneys, liver and bowels, effectually
cleansing the system, dispelling colds and
headaches, and cuiing habitual constipation. "
Parties paying for The Review in advance
at cur reduced cash rates will be furnished
any of the following named publications in
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and horses for sale, all well broke.
Ilendricks-Review Real Estate Co.
Ryspepsia and Llrer Cotnjtlaint.
Is it not worth the small price of 75 cents
to free yoursell of every symptom of these dis
tressing complaints, i! you think so call at our
store and get a bottle, of Shiloh s Vilalizer
Every bottle has a printed guarantee on it,
use accordingly, and it it does you no good
it will cost you nothing. Sold by W. s
We have a speedy ana positive Cure lor
Catarrh, Diphtheria, Canker Mouth, and
REMEDY. A Nasal Injector free with each
bottle. Use it if you desire health and sweet
breath. Trice 50 cents. Sold by W. S.
Oh, W hat A Couyh,
Will von Iieeil lh u-irninfr Xli cirrnl
J ts" - -k
pel haps of the sure approach of that more ter
rible disease Consumption. Ask yourselves
if you can afford for the sake of saving 50 cts.
to run the risk and do nothing for it. We
know from experience that Shiloh's Cure will
Cure your Cough. It never' (ails. "This ex
plains why more than a Million Bottles wer
sold the past year. It relt-ives vCroup and
Whooping Cough at once. Mothers do not
bo without it. For Lame back, Side or Chest
use Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Sold by W. S.
Ediior of the Review. Please an
nounce m the columns of your valuable pa
per that we are sole agents for .St. Patrick's
Pills, the most perfect cathartic and liver pills
in the market. They not only physic, but
cleanse the whole system; purify the blood
and regulate the liver and bowels; they are
vigorous but gent !e in their action and can
always be depended upon. For sale by A
C. Markers & Co. .
Not a ITT, but an expression of delight.
"About a week ago," says a Los Angeles,
Cala., druggist, "a chinaman came in with a
lame shoulder. I sold hina. a bottle of Cham
berlain's Pcin Balm and guaranteed that it
would cure him. He came in again last night,
and as soon as he got inside the door, began
to swing his arms over his head like an Indian
club swinger. I thought the blamed fool had
a fit, but he finally stopped long enough !o
say. "Medicine velly fine; alle same maka
me feel plenty gr tod." Chamberlain's Pain
Balm, is without an equal for sprains,' rheuma
tism, aches, pains or lame back. For sale by
A. C. Marsters iV Co.
Liver Disorders
Soon cause the blood to become contam
inated and require prompt treatment.
The most marked symptoms are loss of
appetite, headache, pains in the bacK
or side, nausea, and relaxation of the
bowels. Ayer's Pills assist nature to
expel the superabundant bile and thus
restore the purity ot the blood. Being
purely vegetable and sugar-coated, they
are pleasant to take, mild in operation,
and without ill effects.
"After many years' experience with
Ayer's Pills as a remedy for the large
number of ailments caused by derange
ments of the liver, peculiar to malarial
localities, simple justice prompts me to
express to you my high appreciation ol
tho merits of this medicine for the class -f
disorders I have named." S. L.
Loughridge, Bryan, Texas.
" I had tried almost everything for
chronic liver complaint, but received
no relief until I used Aver's Pills. - I
rind them invaluable." W. E."Watson,
77 East Illinois st., Chicago, 111.
Ayer's Pills,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Bold by all Drup gist and Dealer In iledicio

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