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the Times-Mountaineer
:...JDLV 22. 18H3
While the country ia beiog agitated
on the money question," and there ia
. Borne discussion of the tariff, it is in
teresting to the student to cote the
facta of extra sessions of congress as
they have occurred ia our history. By
so doing one may learn the emergen
cies that have preceded them, and the
beneficial results that have followed.
Eleven extra sessions have - been
held, the first 'being called by Presi
dent John Adams and the last by
' President Hayes. The latter called
two auch -sessions, both to make the
necessary preparations for some of the
- great branches of government Presi
dent Pierce had occasion - to call a
apeoial - session for a similar reason.
. The first in the series waa occasioned
- by the break in our diplomatic rela
tions with France under the directory,
and second by our purchase of Louis
iana from France under Napileon
The most" important of all was the
one called thirty two ' years ago by
President Linloln, for war legislation.
' That session began July 4, 1861, and
- closed the sixth of. the succeeding
Only one extra session was ever oc
casioned by hard times, and that waa
convened by President', "Van Buren
September 4, 1837. Specie payment
had been suspended by the banka of
the country in May. The.Whiga were
anxious to have the national banks re
chartered, which Van Buren opposed,
advocating the sub treasury system
substantially as it now obtains. The
fight was a bitter one.1 The Whig!
never ceased to put into their national
platform a strong, anti-sub-treasury
plank, but by : the time the Republi
cans came into power that old issue
had no vitality. Nor w'as there any
- demand for a return to the national
bank system. ' The present national
bank system., baa nothing in common
with the old onei.'whicli perished be
neath the iron heel of Andrew Jack
son. - -. -: . " .
In 1840. as in 1892, the tariff waa
the main issue, only protection instead
of free trade won. William H. Har
rison did in March, 1841, precisely
what Grover Cleveland should have
done in March, 1893 lost no time in
calling an extra session of congress.
In both cases the people had by their
suffrages decreed a change in the tariff
policy of the ' government, and the
business interests of the country de
manded the earliest practicable settle
ment of the question of what changes
in duties were to be made. ' General
Harrison was a protectionist, and con
gresa was in sympathy with him, as in
the present case the president and con
gress are both for a tariff for revenue
only. The time set for the meeting
was May 31, which was as early as the
senators and representatives of some
states could hear of the call and respond
to it Practically not an hour was lost,
and the session began at- the - earliest
practicable moment.' Unfortunately
the president died in the mean while.
When congress did meet it was with
no thought that Tyler would repudiate
the platform on which he was elected,
nor did his message to the newly con
vened congress outline any deviation
from the party programme. On the
contrary, he advocated a protective
tariff, but when it passed he vetoed it,
to tne utter consternation and un
speakable indignation of his party. It
was as if Mr. Cleveland should die be
fore August 7th and Adlai Stevenson
should send in a message in favor of
the repeal of the Sherman and Mo
Kinley acts and then when repeal bills
were passed should veto them; ' It is
not possible for the American people
of to-day to realize, the intense parti
' san bitterness aroused by Tyler's
action. '.
; It is not fair to pass Judgment on
"Mr. Lotan until it is known what evi
dence of guilt there is against bim.
. He waa summarily removed from his
position, and it may be necessary to
bolster up this act on the part of the
administration. His trial will take
place soon, and it would be well for
the public not to condemn him until
he has been proved guilty.
BEY. W. H. WIL80H.
The following are tbe remarks, in part,
of Rev. W. C. Curtis, in bis funeral aermon
over the remains of Be v. W. H. Wilson:
Mr. Wilson waa tbe son of William and
Mary (Wallace) Wilson, of Clinton, Alle
ghany county P. One who knew bia
father and mother says of them both that
tbey were "remarkable for intelligence and
Christian character." I can well believe it,
for inch men do not often spring directly
from onr common dust tbey are generally
eyolved from an intelligent and noble an
cestry. He was born on the 29ch of Janu
ary, 1823. I can learn nothing of hie boy
hood, and not much of bia youth, bnt a few
simple words in characterization of him,
taken from an old college, class record,
brings bim very Vividly before me, and
makes ' me . quite sure that I have not
guessed wrongly in some important respeota.
The reoord describes him aa a toll, slim
young man of fair complexion, whose emo
tions betrayed themselves in tbe flush that
so quickly overspread his face. Gentle
manly in manner, honorable and Christian
n bia spirit, tender hearted, sensitive and
modest, and possessing the confidence" and
esteem of all.' I might atop just there and
say that in all our knowledge and acquaint
ance be waa only auch an. one fuller grown,
lie was at that time a member of the Asso
ciate church, aa I understand it, a branch
of the Scotch Seeedera (Presbyterians) ' .
He entered Jefferson college. Canonsbury,
Pa., in tbe year 1843, graduating four years
later. . In college he ranked high aa scholar,
and earned for himself an enviable reputa
tion aa a debater. --After, graduation he
pursued his theological . studies at Canona
burg. He was licensed to preach by the
Presbytery of Cbartiers Oct 29th, 1850, and
waa ordained by the Presbytery of Miami
Angust, 1862. Jo 1S69 neaooepted the pasto
rate of tbe first church of Washington Ia..
where he remained, ten years: While hold
ing tfahr pastorate he was alaO" for five years
a professor' in anathema tica and f the na
tural sciences in Washington, college, bis
ability and success aa a teacher, abundantly
justifying the appointments. In 1862
sharing (and doubtless helping to bia utmost
endeavor) the impulse of patriotism and de
sire for the preservation of the nations' in
tegrity, which possessed members of his
congregation and community, he answered
tbe call of his i ountry and went with- them
aa chaplain of tbe Seventeenth Iowa volun
teers. Members of the Grand Army of the.
Bepubko and all who have toaooed in any way
thirpart of his experience or eonyio
tiona, kqow well that bis soul waa linked
with tbe maintenance of the principles at
stake in that struggle, though. I doobt not,
the strugit e ended, be was as desirou; aa
any one that the reign of chanty and mu
tual helpfulneas should prevail throughout
the entire laud. ,'-
. .Aa to his ministry, I have it from his
record ia ether place;- though if this were
wanting, it could be fully verified from tbe
ten months of his ocvnpancy of our own
church in The Dalles.-' Not a few of those
whose opinion I value m such matters, hav
iog frequently declared bow they delightei
in bia ministry and were profited by it. H
vecoid is that of "an earnest, faithful and
devoted minister of tbe gospel" of "one
who carries tbe spirit of gospel in his life,
and won and retained- the confidence and
love of tbose about bim." ' He was a man
of "fine literary tastes and studious habits,
and if ever he fell short it waa not because
he did not aim high and do bis utmost to
reach tbe marc. One great characteristic
of his preaching was his persoasiveaes
Another equally prominent, " bis faculty
of presenting gospel truth without denomi
national bias or credal empha is, his presen
tation being auch that many of diveise bt
lief claimed him for their own, beiog so
sure that his . view waa according to the
troth. He waa in high esteem for genuine
ability in every Presbytery with which be
waa ever associated, and only his exceeding
modesty, which really amounted to timid
ity, kept bim from the prominence of which
bis abilities gave promise. He gathere
about bim a large, stroog church there iu
Iowa, many members of which, as of tbe
community, cherish to this day bis memor
with great sadness. Had it not been that
the paralysis fell upon him just as it did, be
would have gone back to them this rummer
and proved how much they could
do - to make him ' know . bow good
is the o'.d love." But the old church.
dear as it was. could not keep him. Some
how he got it into his heart that he ought
to arise and go unto the great land bevond
the mountain, whose shores are washed by
the mighty Pacific a land which God would
ahow him and give to him, in part at least,
for a possession. I speak of the church and
the cause he loved. At length in 1S69 he
secured through the board of misaioua an
appointment which removed him to Salinas
City, Calif., where he remained ten years.
It was a great deal like many of life's hopea
and the lands of promise which are seem
ingly opened unto us. Much there is in
theui so mush that we would not think of
going back nor of charging Gud with failing
us. And yet there's always something nn
fulfilled, something that makes us think
tbat unless God bag some fuller, better
thiog for us io those who shall come after
us, taking our work were we leave it and
carrying it to some high tullhlment, tbe
promise has failed us. But tbe word of our
God "upon which He baa caused us to
hope" does not fail us. God is too great a
God not to love and use ns all all who try
to serve Him and saye our work from ur
ter failure, nay rather to make it a part of
His grand success which ia sure to come.
There must bave been muob grand suc
cess and much enjoyment too io tbeae years
I'm sore of tbat, though the outcome waa
something like a bitterness. (I apeak
largely from impressions. ) It all came from
a man'a being in a place and among a peo
ple not yet prepared for bim. Tbat ia the
oondition of propkeiure in all agea and
among all people. It only seems strange
when it touches us. He waa not soured by
bis experience of man'a inhumanity to man
of the Christian's sometime onkindness to
bis brother a thing of narrowness and big
otry and selfishness. He was not sonied by
it, nor in anywise turned from Christianity
nor tbe church; but grew even to the end in
breadth and charity and sweetneaa aa we
all do testify. Aa a parishoner aad fellow
worker, where he waa not a pastor, h waa
highly esteemed and greatly beloved for bis
warm aympatby and steadfast Christian
helpfulness. .'
Mr. Wilson came to Waitsbnrg, Wash
ington territory, in September, 1879. He
moved to Dutch Flat in tbe spring of '80,
living there through the hard .winter of
80-'81. Came to The Dalles in the fall of
'81. Moyed on Mill creek io March of '82.
living there until December, 1891, when he
returned and took up has resilience in tbe
city. . At the time of his death he waa prov
ing up a homestead at Mitchell, about 125
milea south of here.
He leaves a widow and three sons Lee.
Parker and Norman and one daughter
Mrs. Bela Huntington.
Bobbery Hear L-le.
Mr. Jesse W. Blakeney, of this city, re
ceived a letter yesterday from his -wife's
ancle, Mr. M. Spencer, residing near Lyle.
Wash., containing the intelligence that Mr.
James Gunnings, his son in-law, bad .b en
robbed while coming borne from the boat
landing of $270 by two armed men. Mr.
Gunnings and wife reside near Vancouver,
Wash., bnt about a month ago came on a
visit to Mrs. Gunnings' parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Spencer, and had been stopping on the
farm since. . A few days ago Mr. Gunnings
made trip to hia home at Vancouver on
business, and had in his possession the
amount named. The boat waa late
that night, and in going from the whatf to
Mr. Spencer's house, a distance of about
three milea.he waa attacked by two men who
relieved bim of the money; No information
is given in tbe letter of the appearance of
the robbers, but simply the bare tact of tbe
theft. - The denominations were, two one
hundred dollar greenbacks, one fifty dollar
greenback, one twenty dollar greenback ai d
two ' dollars in silver.' 'Whoever took tbe
money must have possessed considerable
knowledge of Mr. Gunnings' affairs, and
also have been acquainted with the locality.
any description i of the men had been
given, a lookout could, be kept for them;
but,' aa it is, it would puzzle tne keen obser
vation of Sherlock Holmea to furnish the
leaat clue regarding their. "identity. .Lyle
has heretofore been considered a peaceable
neighborhood, but auch acts as this wilt not
improve its reputation in the minds of
bonest men. ,
A Boy Drowned.
Yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock,
while some boys were bathing in Snipes'
lake near Rowena, one of them was
drowned. It seems tbat after swimming
around for awh le, tbe unfortunate lad and
ooe of the Snipes' boy attempted to ride
two horses across - the slough, and when
near the -center he fell from the animal in
some way and before assistance could reaoh
him- sank to the bottom.',,. Young Snipes
aaya tbe first he knew that hia companion
waa in the water was when he beard him
struggling, and - before he could reach him
be had sunk below the surface. The boy
waa a. Uerman, and. he bad been, working
for Mr. Hank Snipes tor two or three ire ks
past. He came there with hia father, and
the old-gentleman went to Walla Walla.
He waa aged about sixteen years; but hia
name- oaald not be ascertained. - At the
plaoe where - the aouideut ? occurred I the
slough is? about forty feet aoroes, and
bury dep'viirithe center- The trod y waa
not recovered last nigbt, and this morning
Mr Geo. B. Snipes came to tbe eity and
procured grappling hooks and dragged the
lake. .,. ,
Encounter With Ed. Henderson.
- Teslerday Deputy-Sheriff Jackson " ac
companied a deputy from Douglas
county, Wash. t. M. Corbley to Tygh
valley o arrest Ed- Henderson. Tbe dep
uty from Washington bad a warrant of
arrest for Henderson from Douglas county
for larceny, and the ..requisite papers to
briDg-hlm- back ; with ;him.'; They met
hiialn front of the store at -Tygh, and
Mr. Jaclson called to him lo atop. Hen
derson pulled up his horse and told Jack.
son that he would go with him Jackson
then took the bridle of the horse, and
asked tbe deputy toreid the warrant. He
stepped out: of the buggy -with his war
rant in hand, began reading and laid his
revolver on the seat. At this juncture
Mr. Jackson requested Henderson to get
off, when he leaned forward as though to
take his feet out of tbe stirrups but in
making the m vement drew a pistol out
ot his shirt bosom, levelled it on the dnp
uty and told him in not very elegant lan
guage to let go the bridle, fie let go toe
horse and at tbe same time reached be
hind into tbe pocket of his pantaloon 3 to
procure hia gun. The weapon was caught
in the lining of the pocket, and before he
could get it out, Henderson's pistol was
discharged, the ball striking the ground
by the side of Jackson. This was caused
by the horse making a quick movement
when the hand Ioos-jued ihe hold near the
mouth. Tbe pistol was pointed directly
in Jackson's lace, and tbe nervous motion
of tbe animal is the only thing that
caused tbe gun to deviate from its aim
As soon as possible both deputies tired at
Henderson, who In the meantime had put
spurs to his animal and was riding rap
idly away. Cojbley fired tnree shots.
one of them striking the horse and caus
ing bim to double up as though about to
fall, when Henderson jerked bim op with
the bridle and renewed his spurring
I eputy Jackson managed to fire two shots
at Henderson, and he retaliated by firing
three times at the deputy sheriffs. Neither
of these eight balls look effect, except the
one that bit the horse. Henderson was
well mouotel, and it waa impossible to
overtake him in the buggy, so pursuit
was not continued.
The catile were sold to Mr. Harry
Moran, who traced them up until be as
certained they were stolen. A warrant
was sworn out and placed in the hards of
Special i)eputy v.'olbrey, who immediately
rode to the railway station and came to
The Dalles. He was followed by Mr.
Moran and Deputy Sheriff Barnes, who
arrived in town yesterday. It is presumed
that Henderson received warning from
some friends up there, and that he was
placed on bis guard. We learn tbat the
evidence against bim ia very convincing,
and he will undoubtedly be convicted.
There is no question that he will be even
tually captured.although he is thoroughly
acquainted with every canyon in Wasco
county and may elude pursuit for some
time. . .
Coroner's Inquest,
A jury was summoned this morning over
the remains of the boy who waa- drowned in
Snipes' lake last Sunday afternoon. After
tbe jury waa empanelled several witnesses
were sworn and testified. It appears that
the boys had been accustomed to swim the
horse8 over this slough in hunting the cows,
and last Sunday Johan W etzki and -lames
Mo own had been in bathing, fntting
their shirts on they got on the backs of two
horses, and while in swimming water the
W etzki boy slipped off and was drowned.
McCown tried to grab him while he waa tn
the water, but could not reach h m, and his
horse made for tbe shore. V hat- caused
the boy to slip from the horse waa reaching
for hia shirt, which fell in the water,. This
was near the farm of Mr. Henry Snipes, and
happened about 5 o'clock Efforta were
made by Mr. Henry Snipes and by, his
nephew to save the boy,' but these were
futile of results.
The following is the verdict of the jury:
We the jury empanelled by the coroner
of Wasco county to inquire into the cause
of the death of .iohan Christian etzki find
that hia death waa caused by drowning in
Snipes' lake wh le trying to swim a horse
across said lake, and that it waa purely ac
cidental, iom victor,
J. K. Pack,
J. E. Remington,
CM. Foots,
J. W. Fish kb,
I. N. Campbell.
Thb Dallks, July 18, 1893.
Fire at Warm Springs.
Ochoco Bevicw: Ou Monday, the 10th
inst., at about noon, tbe residence of the
Indian agent, J. C. Luckey, was totally
destroyed by fire, together with a large
portion of the contents. The fire, seems
to have originated in a terra cotta flue
connected with the kitchen stove. VVhen
discovered it was too late to make a suc
cessful fight against- the flames. Those
present worked heroically and with self
forgetfulness worthy of all praise to save
both government and personal property.
Nearly all the furniture, bedding and
clothing were taken out, hut a great num
bei ot valuable books, a quaniity of
dishes, gla.s and silver ware aid all the
kitchen furniture aod utensils were lost.
A trunk and contents belonging to Miss
Ka'e Lister could not be reached and was
destroyed. : At one time the office seemed
to be doomed and tbe records were has
tily r. moved to a place of safety, but
prompt and energetic measures averted
the danger. There was no insurance.
The loss has not yet been estimated.
A Queer Bank.
sVntone Joseph was recently murdered in
S uthern Oregon for his money, which waa
not found. The Grants Pass Courier tells
of bis bans: as follows: A joist had been
very neatly mortised and into the cavity
the sum of f 1700 had been neatly placed,
each $100 rolled in paper and tied with a
string. These packages were then packed
around with cotton rags and the lid of the
mortise neatly slid into pUce and he'd in'
position by a small screw, which was not
visible to the casual glance. There waa a
sum of $250 found in a purse -thrown
amongst some corn oobs in another part of
the building, and it is thought Aotone had
placed this there to be more easily foucd by
robbers, who would then desiat in their
search. If tbe location ot the coin bad not
been previously known by his nephew it
would perhaps bave remained hidden for
many years yet. '''",
To Whom It May Oonoern. .
Tnis is to notify all thoe interested in
my personal and family affairs that my wife
and I have not separated. ' She has gone
east to wait on a sick sister, and may re
main. .Any further ioformation'desired le-
garding my family affairs can be , obtained
by addressing my wife at rMechanicaburg,
Ohio, or myself at Tbe Dalles, Oregon. -
W. C Gilbkbt.
Tbe Dalles, Ore , July 17, 1893.
Union Pacific Further Eeduoes Bales
To Chicago $33 60 fiiat class; St Louis
$31 first class; Omaha, Ksosai O'y, Sioux
ity and St Joseph $30 first class, v Bates
correspondingly redound to all eastern
points. Cunaolt Union Pacific agent before
purchasing, and yon wUl b convinced tbat
the old Overland ia the cheapest and quick
est route to take. v
Warier Fair reeple Will Have It. :
Tho public demand through service when
traveling. It ia old-fashioned , to change
eara. On the through solid' vestibuled
trains of tbe Chicago, Union Pscifio 6
North was tern Line from or to .Chicago,
Omaha and intermediate points, there if po
change. This ia the finest and fastest toad.
Itliihiran K red On.
Port Townsknd Ju'y 17 Tiir Uoit-d
Spates man ot war Mohican a as fired
upon by the seal poachiog sitamerylfes
cuidrta, in B 'bring sea My 25 aod dis-
abled. Tbe Alexandria escaped. Mea-
eer particulars of the battle wtre received
tonight from Ounalsska, via Sitka, on the
steamer Topeka The Alexandria smled
nm Sin Frincsrvi Ihs Amn , uud-r he
Htwaiian fltg. on ft-hiin ing aort fihiriK
voyage io thn N -rtii Picific nce-n S
was command: d bv one if theM. L an
brothtrs, who became uo'orious iast jear
on account of hiVDg raided the s.a
ro" enea of the Japan coast. When the
steamer sailed lrm San Francisco she
carried an unusually large crew and was
well armed with rifles and small cannon
It is generally believi d a raid of the R'is
lu or Bhring sea rix'keri a was ton
emplated and the American patrolhnv
fleet was warned to onk out- At dy
iglit. May 25, ihe Alexandria wa ob
served by the Mohican cuming out from
node-' the lea of an island wnere seali
usually congregt'e in large numbers.
The Mohican, which is the flagf'-Dnl
the squadaon, commanded by Nicol Lud
low, s goailed the Alexandria to heave to
which order was dinoiieyed and a cooit e
nt 8i"t. wnre filed across ner how. Th
Alexandria, put on allsi-nm md reiurnex
tiitr lire w. h a smal' -ix noundi r. Th-
.ot slruck ih- MeiAi'ciA a'ii''d-hip anO
ill. abled her englnt-a The mm f whi
!"en' 8 cuple of aim1" at r -the fl t-ini
iHiacht-r, "ut they fl w wide oi ihtit
Kive Fiahrmaa --owned.
Astoria, Ju y 17 After a few week
ot fishing; un roaeu by any calami'
there was a heartrending scen at thi
moutn of the river today, whi o five men
without a moment -. warninif. wen
Orngg. d into the breakers and drowon
At a little alter 9 o cloca this uioriiing
tmcK fog came upov r iLe river ami thi
wetrrl) wind cuaDiieil the i-m Hitli w.itt-i
into a very choppv sea. JNear v 4iu
ihiais were out around Hirj uv and It
puolio spit, and only a few of them cam
u at the ntt-t xigns oi danger A mui
hour aftt-rwar ie. wh' u the ttj lined, thi
ouRout at F'oit Cunhy aw three over
turned boata aod the sigov gun iiumed
iately i ailed nut the liiesiviog crew
Tnev went out at once nod found ti.ni
tire m-n Jjad weot down and that
doZ.-o boats lad been ovelturoid. A i
th- aeS'Staoce possible wis given and the
captain of the rrew though it hem
lay nut among tbe Dsn bouti during the
rest o( tbe dny alio te lu r- ail I
further disaster . Einy in the afternoon,
the fog thii-kened up ugam. and n w I
be impossible to teil (ill nmorro lo
many more aec den's nave otcurrea.
though it is certain that there has bei n
other deaths besides those meutiontd
Two of tbe drowned men re from Tal
lau'.'s cannery, cue from KiontjV, nut
from E' more 8, and one from the Occi
dent cannery, Fish were runmoar con
siderably better today, aerngiog nine to
Killed By a Train,
Watertown, N. Y, July 17 The
people of this city ate horror-stricken on
account ot a fatality fast night. A youi;;
g:r , a domestic at a boaraing bouse, ana
George B Fiaine, a board-r at the t-auir
place, were struck bv a train, on the
Rome, Watertown & Ocdensbnrg rail
road, while attempting tocro-s a railroad
Dridge on tbe outskirts of this city. Tne
gin's body was mangled horribly, and
the man's skuH crushed. The accident
occurred about 11 o'clock The girl had
started to call on a friend and was cros
iog the railway bridge, instead of the
regular foot bridge, in order to save
time. A moment later Frame started on
a similar errand, and tbe girl, see'ng him
coming and being somewhat timid,
waited for bim to heip he' across. The
ir.in. which waa a Sunday excursion
from Thousand Islands, was late aod waa
ruuning at an unusual rate of speed to
make up time. 1 be engineer gave a
warning signal and reversed tbe engine,
but too late to be of anv avail. He said
the man bad reached a place of safety,
but the girl did not follow hm as rapidly
aa i-he should and he re'uroed to save her
Their bodies were thrown from, tbe
bridge to ao embankment below an
deatti was instantaneous.
Peace Between France and sam.
Bangkok. Si am, July 17 This port is
open to trade once more. Ail ia quiet
and tbe war cloud seems to have blown
over Admiral Humaon, tbe coium -nder
of the French naval forces io tbe China
seas, who came here yesterday to nego
tiate peaceful solution of tbe questions
which have been agitating the French
aod Siamese, has given to tbe Siamese
authorities toe assurance thai no attack
upon the city is contemplated. Tbose
assurances bave been confirmed bt cable
dispatches received from P-iri. Ou the
her band the Siamese government hue
agreed to make nodi crimin tion against
the ships ot the French, promising- to
treat them -ike the ships of tbe other
great powers ; '
Died From H vtfroptiobfa.
Asbury Park, N. J.. July 17 Miss
Lzz;e Byram, ag-d 19, a daughter of A
J Bvrain maoutauiurer of patent medi
cines m New York, died at his somm.r
borne here this mormng of hydrophoiua.
the result of a bite Irom a pet dog. io
dic ed ewriv last April The wound w
very a'igbt aud cnu-ed no tt-nd to flow,
aod tor this rea-on was not c-o'eriz d
Early Friday last, the young woman
complained of feeling ill. aud. despi all
t-ff rts of attending physici ns. she dien
tbis morning io terrific coovuisiooa. It
took the combined s reng'h of two men
to hold the suflt-rer down no tbe bed, aod
ber cries were most pitvous
Woman's tiireatrat Enemy. H'cman.
An eastern exchange sajs:
Woman need not take exceptions to a
little criticism mingled with tbe man;
complimeo'8 bestowed no ber from every
source. Toe criticism arises from a con
spicuous illustration of what has long
bieo recogoizd as woman's inhumanity
to woman. Tbe illustration was a Horded
by the Boiden trial and contested 10 the
tact tbat scarcely one -kijd word - was
spoken to Lizzie Bordon during the triu
by one of her sex, and every point gained
by tbe defense only t o apparently di
appoin'ed the wp-neo amojg thb speota
tors Supposing Li'.zit B -rdern gut ty ;
A'my was known io be guilty of the
cruelest pos-ible crime on one ot tbeir
own sex and yet expressions Of sympathy
Irom w.omeo are not altogether wanting.
Harris, the wile murderer netted quite
a degree of sympathy among vome wo
men. Indeed woman is regarded as a
more sympathetic being than man and
one naturally expects a more lavish ex
pression of it Irom ber than from the
sterner sex. Her fidelity to man, brother
or bui.baod, i olten times surpasses tbe
comprehension. ' But woman's fideli'v
tn woman ia markedly less than man's
fidelity to man The m t damaging
testimony against L;zz e B rden come
from one who waa her ionma'e friend
and it was given apparently with will
ingness akin to p easore Of course ex
ceptions prove this rule as all others; hot
so fnqoently are seee exhibitions of this
trait in womankind that general atten
tion has otten been attracted to it.
All Brakra Dawn.
-Is it not sad to see. so many young
men every day of whom this r.ao be aawf
Y.iuug man, take my advice.', .Stop all
indiscretions wbich you bave practiced,
keep good hours, retire early, and build
up your shattered system by using Sul -phur
Bitters, which will cure you. Old
Pbtsioiah. .--'"'''- '- '. ';
, "Ona mt OiKaC"
The traveling public are now fully alive
to the fact that tbe Chioago, Union Pacifle
It Northwestern Line offers tbe very best
accommodations to the public from and to
Chicago,, Omaha and intermediate points,
not only during the world's fair, but all the
year arcand.
This i what the Astoria Herald says
about sa'mon in that locality: It is ex
pected that tbcro . will be a large run of
salmon commencing to morrow and ran
nervuien are making preparations for it.
Unless there i a good run, the salmon
pack on the rive will not exceed 200 000
cases, beiug the smallest pack on the
river. People are beginning t- realize
that they are depending uion the salmon
pack and when it is a failure, dull times
is ihe result. Should the pack prove n
failure, and Itemingtun fail to secure
fundi for a railioHil, a large nuijority of
Asiorians will be forced lo a sal' salmon
and potato diet this winter The busi
ness outlook ai pres ut is not very fla'.ter
'ng. A giaid run of salmon between noiv
and tbe close of the season, will revive
business, and a d greatly lo Astoria's
iuture prosperity."
Two boys, the sons of Air. J. tT
Mrs. Mary A. Thornton, of Cornwall,
Idaho, but formerly of ayville, Gilliam
county, were drowned on the 4th of -luly in
the Potlatch river. We learn from the
Fossil Journal that Lee ami Charlie Thorn
ton were fishing on tbat day, hen the for
mer fell in the river and, iu his efforts to
rescue him, Charlie wan also engulfed in
the stream. A boy of 13 years witnessed
the accident, but was powerless to render
any assistance. The bodies were recovered
by Indians, who dived and brought them
to the surface. In the vicinity of Kossilthe
I borntons are well known and highly e
speoted, and the family has the sympathy
of the community in their sad bereavement.
Purest Medicine
Don't be without a bottle. You
will not regret it. Try it to-day.
What makes you tremble 80?
Tour Ksbvxs are all nnstrunsr, and
NEED a gentle, soot kin 5 TONIC
to assist nature to repair the damage
which your excesses have caused.
Sulphur Litters .
to be taken by the glass like other
preparations which stimulate only to
to receive any benefit from other
medicines or doctors, do not despair.
Use Sulphur. Bitters immediately.
In all cases of stubborn, deep seated
diseases, Sulphur Bitters is the best
medicine to me. Don't wait until
to-morrow, try a bottle to-day.
8""l S 2-cent stamps to A. PJOnlway ft Co,
Bofcun,21ab3.,for bebC medical work published
-Harper's Bazar.
HAMPER'S BAZAR is a JnnrnJ fn the home. It
trivea the fullest at'd latest informntion aout Fash
ions, an'1 it nirnieron- iflmtr lions, P-iris designs
and pAttern-sh- tit supplements areModiS' ensable
alike to th home tirt-ss-mMk-r and the prifeft"imal
modiste. No e penp i spared to matte It urtistic
attractiveness of to highest order. Its bright
stories amusing oo nedies and thoturhtful 8SMys
catiffy all tastes, and ns last page is famous as a
buriget of it nd humor. In its weekly issues
every hlng 1b included whi b Is f interest to rmen.
Tbe 8en.lo tor 1898 will be written br Watte. Bezant
and Edna I vail. bristtnp Terhune Herri ck will
furnish a practical aerie1, entited "At the Toilet."
Ora e Kinir. Olive Thome Miller nd Can dace
Whee'er wil b frfqnent c ntribitT8. The work ofl
women in- ihe OJumbian Kxpition wi'l b tul'y
repi evented wi'h many illustrations. T. W. Hig in
o . in '-Women and M.n " will please a cultivated
Pkr !uk
Harper's Mafraiine ti 00
Harper's Weekly 4 00
HanK-tr"- B-r 4 0
"arper's TunE Peonl. .Trr 00
Portage fret to all mbteriben in the United State,
Canada and Mexico.
The Volumes o' the Bazar begin with the II st
Number for January of tarl- tear. Wbe no time i
mentioneH, snhscr ptions will beirin with the Num
ber current at the time of receipt I order.
Bound Volumes uf Uarvei't Bazar or three Tears
back, in mat cloth binui s will be sent by mail.
p st ge paid. r by exp ess. free of expense (pro
vided the fr.itiht does not exceed one dollar per vol
ume, lor 97 r er volume.
Cloth cafes for each volume, suitable for binding-,
will be sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of $1 each.
Rrmittances should be mane by postofHce money
order or dr.rt, io avoid cbanee 0 loea.
Semvaven are not to eonu Viie advertisement
tnthoxU the express order of harper ie Brothers.
Address: B Ah PER BKl.TrJb.h8, Itew York.
Harper's Weekly.
HARPER'S WEEKLY is acknO 'led?ed rs stand-
ins nist amor g illustrated weeklv pe l lical in
America It occupies a place be'wern that f tbe
hn-red dailv iterand tbat "f tbe Hr-s limeiv
onihly ma. asine. ItinendR. hotb literature and
uewa. tor present, with equal force and. felicttv tbe
realeveiiioi current bn-Sory and tbe. imaginative
their es ot Hctioo on accoor tof its verv comp ete
aerie-- of IHu-tr tiona of the World's Fair, it .ill he
not ony the bst sruide t- the treat exposition i-nt
also its beat so v- nir. Every puhli- evnt of ge
er I interest will be fully il u-trued in its paees ts
contributions being from the best writers arid artists
in this country, it will continue to excel in 1 ter
ture. news wnu iilustrationa, aU otner ttubllcatiou
ot its class.
Harper s Wag-axine (4 00
Harper's Weekly 4 00
Harper's Bazar 4 00
Harr rt Young Pep'e -. 8 00
Pottage free to all Subscribers in the United States,
vanaaa ana Mexico.
The V- lumes of the eekly becr!n with the first
num' er for Jannary of each year. Wl en i o tim- is
mentioned, subscription will begin wth the num
ber enrrtnt st ihe lime of reot-ipt f or er.
Bound Volumes of Barrier's Weeklv for three
vearhak, in neat cloth bit'd-ne, aill be sent by
mail, Dotage paid, or y expre a, free t.f ex ense
(provifled freLbt oes ot exceed one dollar per vol
ume), lor ft per volume. . - -
Cloth cases tor each vo'nme. suitable for bindimr.
will be srnt by mail, post-paid, -n receipt of tl each.
femitt-nccs shou d b made by ptanV.-ffife mone
rder or drai-, ui avoid ance of lo-s.
Newtvavert are not to com this advertisement
without the express order of Harper 4e Brothers
Address: HAitPEK & BK'iTriEKa, Mew York.
t3r It improves tha Woo', and increases the
One gallon mixed with col i w-iter makes one
bundrad gat'o sof strong; wish.
James Ijaldiuw fe Jo. Agents.
Vnr aale bv Peiae as Vavs. Tne rK"ea. fron.
Open Monday, Skptembek 18th.
Just closed the must prosperous year in
its history. ' Wide ra- ge of stuilies. Thur
oueh instruction Bu-mess cmsa ailrled
Tuition free. Entrarce fee. $10. Board
od lodging at reasonable ratea in the ele
gant new, dormitory and boarding ball oo
the campus, wh.ro students will receive
p-rsooal aupervi ioa
jollS President.
one la the United States, and two-thirds cheaper
than any other drier in tne state, and will dry fruit
tn one-thiid 1ms time. Tne trays work on a revoiv
inc wheal. Aboyttn yean old can dry fruit as
well as a mau, if be knows how to apply the beat,
Tney can be built any sice one tbat .ill dry M0
pounds up to three tons aod any farmer can de the
work. One that will ttoet 160 wlU dry 8000 pounds.
It will dry Italian prunes in 16 hour; Peteits in 10
ours; Sliver in 20 boor. I will Mil tha right tn
build one for 60 and guaranhe tbey will do what I
laim or money retnrned. For further particulars
imulre at Vbrisman Uorson s store ana ee model
... . , a v rnajeum
53 SHOE noTOp.
Do you wear them 7 When next In need try a pair.
Best in tne worm.
If yon want a line DRESS SHOE, made In Q latest
styles, don't pay $8 to $S, try my $3, $3.50, 54,00 or
$5 Shoe. They fit equal to custom made and look and
waaraswelL IfvmlwIshtaACnnnmfoAlnvniirfnntwAar.
do , Dy purchasing W. L Douglas Shoes. Name and
price stamped on the bottom, look for It when yon buy.
W. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Haas. Sold by
J. t KEiMaN, Ag-eut. Tut. DALLtS. OU.
H? Minted his Opportunity t DOVT Mia
iourt,l.ealcr( 1. majority ntloct their op
portunities. And from Uint canie live in Dovtmv mail die In
ob'Cnritrt liurrowinR despair Is the lot of ninny, u tliey
in-?! Roach out, Banpnnddoloff. Iiuprovoy our oppurto-
k duck on lost, luruverioBi, opponnmiy. j.i.eni
my, and socurepiwncrft r. proniinitCJ. pac. Itwm said
y a pluIosopiK'r, tliat "the ioduus or rune offers
Toltlcuoppottanity to enenpersun at snnta period or lire;
uur.-ice tuecuance, and sliepourtontliurrtciH-swuiltoao
rtnnd Blia deDRrta. swr to return.' linwtliull Tun find
lie GOLD!.?) opportnnitrf Inveiiijite everj cltnucetliat
:;poara worthy, ana oi lair promt e: tnr.t 1 what all ene-
rc s; at men do. llcrelaaoopiHirtitiuty. tiiruns btvitor
-vUliln tbe ranch ut laborlns people, luipmveil. It
:it fount, a prand iitart In life. The onL:t:f o. Ro
many is here. Aloify to be madernpMly r.- 1 ...
t.yntiylndnmoueiern or either aox. All a' -s. .14 can
ao the work and lire at home, whoever yon tire. Even be.
dinners are en lly earning Irom IL-. to i O) v t d y. Yoo
ciin do ai well If yon will work, not too li..rd, but liidnatrl
unsly;andyoa can iDcroase yonr inc-mei'.synil ron. Yoo
sanjnve spare ttmeonly.ornll ynnrtluietothewcrk. fcasy
to lo;irn. Capitol no. required. We start too. A Ills com
'"trotirely now aim really wonderful. VVe instruct and
Viiow yon how, free, rullura unknown anions; onr work
. No ronm tn explain here. Write and learn all frfe.
T r,nm tti:Til. Jnwlse to lelar. Al.,ps at o-re. II.
Uallett Si Co.. llox 86O. Portland. MiUue.
nothing new when we state that it pays to engage j
in a pc rmaneut. most neaitny ana pleasant Dual.
ness. that returns a pront for every day's work.
Such is the businesa we offer the workinir
We teach them how to mttke mouey raufdlv, and
tritiiratitee every one who follows our instructions
luttiituiiy tne making ot s.ioo.oo a montn.
Every one who takes hold now aud works will
surely and speedily ittcrease their earnings ; there
can be no question about tt ; others now at work
are doing it. aud vou. reader, can do the same.
This is the best paying business that you have
ever hud the chance to secure. You will make a
frave mistake if yoo fail to give it a trial nt ouce.
f vou grap the situation, and act quickly, you
will directly find yourself in a most prosperous
business, at which you can surelv make and save
large sums of money. The results of only a few
hours' work will often equal a week's wages.
Whether you are old or young, man or woman, it
makes no dilfereuce, do as we tell you. anil suc
cess will meet you nt the very start. Neither
experience or capital necessary. Those who work
for ns are rewarded. Why not write to-day for
full particulars, free ? E. C. ALLEN A CO.,
Uox Mo- XO, Augusta, Me.
orthwest Cor. Second and WashlnKton 8ts.
Successors to George Ruch.
'-The Cheapest Place
All Kinds of Groceries,
We respectfully solicit a share of the public pat
ronage, and -iiail endeavor to give entire satisfac
tion to our customers botn old and new.
Gunning & flockman
lath.- new shop on eonnd street, first blftcksmith
shop east ox r rencb z Uo. s brick block.
Horee-Slioeiiig a Specialty.
All kinds of work In iron, ahether of sgricnltuial
mplem-nts or vehicles, done In tne moat mecnan
cat stvle and satis action guaranteed, lauiwkv
srwimMlBtlnM nnMteelleii.
Every Baturaay,
At regular Intervals.
MtM nn lnnMt lArmR til AUld frOTD tbe DnnelPm
Biearalon nok.tT available to nrtarn br either the pie-
tnresqoe Clvrt. Ac Sort, of Inland or Naplea el Gtbrartai
BrafU sad Katsy IMsn far Any Amotart st ' swtst Sstss,
Apply to any of onr local Agents or to
enerai Agent. The Dalles. Or. -
vttt 4 XCT F R Ri) W. is made from OI7H.T.S
nature's own toughest material, best whips made for
the Drtce. Cheap. Dnrabla. Al-L STVLK all
HENRY KUCK, - The Dalles, Or.
Wellington, Bock Springs,
and Eoslyn Coal.
$12, sacked and delivered to &uy part of
tne city. .
At Moody's Warehouse;
The table is provided with tbe best io
tbe market.
Trassienf travelers will he accommo
dated with tbe best meals furnished by
an? hotel jd town. . nctiS3
First Prise awarded for the best Portraits
and Views at the second Eastern Ore iron
District Agricultural Society. : (Sucoeasor
to T. A. Houghton. Chapman Block, Tbe
Dalles, Oregon. . janl7
Vk. - T..iM anil Tlnaat tat the WerisV
25o. 50o.
TS. ( Jh f .
Have you abused the laws of nature and injured your nervous system ?
Are you despondent and melancholy with confused ideas and gloomy thoughts ?
ESPANO ' " will positively cure you. It contains no mineral poisons and
is remarkable for awakening organic action throughout the system and an
improvement in every tissue.
nails, skin, blood and gives vigorous life to the unfortunate who has exhausted
his powers. Prepared in tablet form and packed in boxes convenient to carry
in the pocket. Each box contains 90 doses or enough to last one month and is
worth many times its weight in gold. The price $1.00 per box or 6 boxes for
$5.00 if ordered at one time and a guarantee will be given that any case men
tioned above that it does not cure, the money will be refunded. As to our
financial standing we refer to any bank in this city. Sent charges prepaid to
any address in United States or Canada. Put up in plain wrapper with no
mark todistinguish what it is. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address,
1 Stockton Street
An able Brain and Nerve Specialist can at any time be confidentially
consulted entirely free of charge, personally or by mail, at the above
address. -
Chicago, St. Louis.
akd Aidrowra
3 06 A. M.
1 46 P. M.
Leave The
Dalles :
Arrive at The Dalles 1 11 66 p! M.
colonis :me rms,
Steamers from Portland to San Francisco
Evsbt Form Days
T cket3 to and from Europe.
Fr rates anrl renr ral information call on K. E.
LYTLE, Depot Ticket Agent, Tbe Dalles, Ort-gon.
W. H. HCRLBTOT, Asst. Oen. Fan Agt.,
254 Wahinirton St., Portland. Or
Northern Pac.
Is the line to take
It ut the Din!ny r Route. It mns ThrnuKh Yes;
ti billed Trams fcery Pay in tlie yerto
Compu ed of Dining Cms unsurrsssed.
iirawing-rnom Meepers oi Latest
Equipment. . .
it tlt can be cot stnictrd. and In which acoom
modation aie t otb Free and Famished
fur holders of First or hecend
class Tickets, and
Conlinuons Line, Connecting wit
All Lines, Affording Direct and
Uiiinterrupted Smice.
Pullman Heeper reservations ran be secured In ad
vance tl-romrb any sgent of the road.
Gi gland and hurnpe can be purchased at any ticket
omc 01 e company.
Full information co mine rates, time of trains,
routes and other dett.il furnished onai plication to
W. C. ALLOW AY, As-ent
D. P. A. Co.,
Regulator olflce, Tbe Dalles, Or.-
Ass't General Passenger Agt.,
No. 121 rirst r)t., Cor. Wa h ,
liEAO Till?.
"Review of Oar Country," by
Hod. James G. Blame.
"New Life of Columbus," by J
W. Buel.
"Complete History of America,"
frnm the lauding of Columbus to
the freent tune, by rrol. Jonn
Clark Kid path.
"Pictorial Histnrv of the Co
lombian Exposition," by Hon
Benj. Butterworth.
The above four neat works by four great auth is.
every line of which ia ouly Jus t written, have been
bound up into on. maaive volume ei nearly
Under the Title of
..n.T i.. j n i.l:.
tomras ana mmm.
The greAteMt sahecriptt n hook evr pabliahed la this
country ana ci wnicn
Will be sold dm ins; next six months.
I APCMTC Wanted all over tbis state Better
AuCn IO terms than ever. We guarantee to
tne ngbt parties sou wees: p ont ir m now on co
Chrittuias, aj.d a first class E. UND-TR1H TICKET
to tne wt'KLl b J-Alh and onewteks admuadon
to the KxpositJon absolutely free. Ale, other va n-
amr rem tarn, we nave p-enty of capital as oir
vommand ana can ami trill do exactly hat a . say.
Send at once fur special circulars and further par
ticuUra to tbe
Heattle. - Wajahlnfrton .
Part of the Mlchelbtch res id nee. with several
aeres of land; also part of orehar Fn terms ap
Admhliatrator of tha estate of John UlriaJhaoh.
deceased.. moh28
Situation Wanted
BT FBMaXK. ' Cook or seneral boasework. Es
penenoed. Address CO., Bead River, Or.
" This Tronclerfnl preparation, is Purely Vegetable t .oortvpoundrd
frjam tiio prescription of the Official Physician to tho Court oi Spain. ;
" Espano " recreates Mental and Serve Pcrer in Man and Woman.
An infallible remedy for Nervous and General Debility,
Nervous Prostration, Creeping Paralysis, Weakness caused
by Debilitating L-osse8, Excesses or Over-Indulgences, In
cipient Softening of tbe Brain or Paresis, Dizziness, oss of .
Memory, Confused Thoughts and all Brain, Nerve or Sexual
Weaknesses. It has no equal in restoring the Stomach and Brain
to its normal condition following the abuse of Alcoholic Beverages,
or indulgence in the Opium, Morphine or Chloral habit.
It produces better muscles, bones, nerves,
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
' All brands oi Imported Liquors, A'e and Porter,
and Genuine Key West Cigars. A full line of
welTe-Teor-oId Whiaketr. trtctiv nun, for tnedleluavl nur.
Malt Liquor. uoramDu. drewarj (oecr ou di autfht.
e Second Street, rriIR DALL,r.. OT5.
The Oiie Price
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods
Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, &c.
. r
Aeent for the BattericR fatterna; also for the Hall Baxaar Urea. Forma. .
Chas. H. DobD &'G:
a. MA
T-. the many anperlor points that have
charaeleiiaerl the old reliable) Buckeye
Mowers have been added many new
ri.nt.iiro. lanlaSla.. ....
llftinc the entter bar. eto.
EmcoflyiEU old nrLnciples anl lew lmjioTementt, especial j slanted to Oregon, f aslisctoii mi JilaU
eeZr!-?-. .?:.a.
Tito liIitcst, best balanced, most economical Binder made.
San i Francisco i Beer i Hall
F. .E3I(iK
Wholesale and Retail Dealers sod Manafacturera of
13 r tiding- 3Iaterinl nnd DiiTienion Timber
fii, mis
OVIt and tSlAli
n 7 H hli(lon Mr.
E. W. HELM & CO,
Drugs, Medicines
Pure Liquors for medicinal purposes.
hair, '
Cash House,
aulth&n's star traction engine.
An Entirely New Machine ballt on new
and successful principles.
Vorrl nt r l...vi'rair t R r aU
r8w. Vf
Bucceswr U Fiord c shown.)
and Chemicals,
Physicians' Prescriptions s Bpecia.ty

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