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SATURDAY ....AUGUST 12. 1893
It is not stalwart Republicans alone,
not "protective tariff cranks alone,"
who believe that something more than
the repeal of the Sherman law is
- needed for a restoration of the country
to prosperity, says the Chicago In
ter Ocean. That, together with
. the issue of gold bonds and the exten
sion of the issue of . the National benk
currency, as recommended by the
Chicago board of trade, 13 likely to
mend matters, and to mend them
greatly. Bat before we see and feel
suoh times as we enjoyed prior to the
- event of Nov. 7, 1892, we must have
certainty as to whether what was the
cardinal doctrine of the Democratic
platform upon which that event tran
spired is to be put into practice or is
to be repudiated by a Democratic
president and a Democratic congress.
Such Democrats as Mr. Whitn y,
who has held a cabinet office, and who
believes as Mr. Cleveland does, or as
he once said that he did, that protec
. tive tariffs are the "unjust, inequit
able, and? unconstitutional sources of
revenue," and other Democrats whose
sayings are reported in recent Wash
ington dispatches, admit that nntil
there is certainty as to the tariff action
of congress and the administration
- there can be no thorough revival of
business. Panic may be aveited by
currency legislation, but prosperity
cannot be restored by it alone.
Strange enough these Democrats
believe that the certainty needed for
the restoration of prosperity is cer
tainty of withdrawal of protection to
. American industries. It is a strange
belief. For, if thousands of men now
are out of work because the owners of
mills and mines and factories refuse to
sink money la producing material at a
cost occasioned liy binh wages, whiln
they are uncertain as to whether they
may not be forced to sell such products
in competition with free imports of
the cheaper labor of Edrope, will they
sink ninnr-y in such production when
they are certain that tbey will be
forced to sell under such conditions?
. Is it not plain that the employers
will be forced to do one of two thing
if the product of their mill?, mines,
and factories are to be forced into un
protected competition with tbo3e of
Europe, either to reduce wages to
European levels or to suspend opera
tionsf Is it not plain teat it wages
are reduced the purchasing power of
the wage-earners will be reduced, and
if the mills are closed will nottbe pur
chasing power of the wage-earners be,
at least for awhile, destroyed? And
if this purchasing power be destroyed,
or lessened, will not the sales in the
stores be lessened? Is there not fin
ancial trouble in the free-trade pot?
An eastern, exchange says: "Secre
tary Hoke Smith tries to make light
of the indignation of the old soldiers
who burned him in effigy at Ports
month, Ohio, last Saturday night. He
says that he does not know Reed,
whose pension was taken away, nor
anything about his case. The secre
tary of the interior must have a poor
opinion of the people if he thinks that
he can dodge the responsibility for his
policy in this way. He has made the
rulings for the pension department,
and will be held responsible for all the
iojustice under these rulings, whoever
executes his orders, just as he insisted
on holding General Weaver responsi
ble for all the petty annoyances to the
confederates that occurred while in
was in command of the Unioo troops
at Pulaski, Tenn. As an editor Mr.
Smith devoted much of his time last
fall in securing affidavits to show that
Weaver was a tyrant and abused the
southern people while he was at Pu
laski, and he held him responsible for
every act of his subordinate officers,
and for even those of private soldiers.
Secretary Smith is held responsible
only for the acts committed by his
subordinates in carrying ont his policy
and rulings. He should not try
dodge." -
Loye's Delusiye Dream.
It was not loye at first sight that at
tracted honest old John Siebert to the
' Wasco Independent academy grounds last
Satnrday evening, for, to bis knowledge, he
bad never seen the face of bis inamorata
but frequently through the postoffice he
would receive a billet deaux on perfumed
paper, breathing words of undying affection
and these were the food on which his trust-
ri 1 tA J -' .u ..:,.:l.. r l .. i i
-1 . j
night. With palpitating heart and flushed
face his visits to the news depot were of
daily occurrence, and as the clerk handed
bim out the missive, he would anxiously
hide it in some secure pocket and then hie
himself away to some shady, seclnded spot.
where, aa the breeze fanned bis fevered
. cheek, and the sun looked down and smiled,
be would read each line over and over
again and live in a blissful dream of tb.
love and beauty in store for him. Each
delicately shaded letter, every upward and
downward curve were to bim mysterious
beys which unlocked tbe doors ot heaven to
. his auxious soul, tie regretted that she did
not write every bour, so that the blissful
moments would continue without interrup
tion donng the live-long day. And . then
during the dark hours, what angels of hope
and joy visited his couch. In bis. visions
nymphs fairer than those who waited on
Diana, maidens more beautiful than the
black-eyed nouns of Mahomet's paradise.
would weave garlands ot roses tor his brow
and caress him. It was in this blissful
state, so we are informed, that honest John
dressed himself id bis best suit of clothes,
and wended his way to tbe trysting place.
previously made by appointment, about 9
o clock Saturday night. He had provided
himself with a bottle ot wine to make bis
heart glad, and other stimulants to arouse
his courage for tbe emergency. The pre
lude should be giyen here, so that our read
era may be fully informed regarding the
airco instances. For several weeks some
hard-hearted yonng man bad penned the
love letters to John, and thus played upon
tbe credulity ot his honest, trusting nature.
He had nearly reached the fifty mile post in
life without giving way to the tenderest.
holiest sentiments that ever-animated the
chivalrio breast, and now felt the need of a
partner as tbe shadows of age were gather
ing arannd hia nathwav. It is needless to
ay that thia cruel young man had named
the time and place of meeting, had donned
female attire for tbe occasion, and was
promptly on time. John's footsteps were as
elastio aa when he was much younger when
he approached "her in whom his heart de
lighted." 43weet words of love were used
as he fondly caressed tbe deceiver's cheek.
And. when ha waa on the eve of vtronnaino-
a journey to the nearest clergyman, a erne t
moonbeam pierced the overhanging shade
of the tree, and illuminated the unshaven
face of the youth. Seeing hta mistake he
told the object of bia affection that he
was a base deceiver to so toy with the affec
tions ot a confiding beng. Hitherto the
principal actor bad been silent; bat at this
lie pretended anger and left in an ill humor.
John followed, ana tnen trie oeceiver nai
lowed, "Helj! Help! M order!" at which
Siebert ran as fa-t aa possible ont of the
academy grounds. At this juncture the
city marshal wa-i making his nightly
rounds, and hearing the screams proceeding
from what be supposed to be a woman a d
seeing the running fugitive, arrested bim
after a desperate straggle, during which
tbo bottle broke and the thirsty ground
drank the rich, red wine. John's story is
somewhat different, as he told a reporter
this morning that he was walking quietly
through the academy grounds Saturday
eyening, when a "masquerade" came after
him, and he ran because he was afra.d of
receiving bodily injury. He acknowledges
having a bottle ot wioe with him; but says
he did not pat ary girl's cheek or kiss her
This he stoutly denies. We were informed
to-day that the sequel to the joke was that
he was brought before a magistrate ana
bound over 10 the sum of $40 to answer the
charge. Undoubtedly he can exclaim id
the language of Moore:
The tune I've spent in wooicff
In following and pursuing
The light iht lies in woman's eyes
Has been my heart's undoing.
Attempted Sheep Swindle.
East rcgooian.
Mervin Sworts. of Baker City, bas just
been arretted on an indictment found
against bim by a Harney connty grand
jury October 27, 1892. He had been out of
the country nntil lately. The charge
sgtinst Sworta is one of larceny, and it re
veals an attempt on his part to perpetrate
one of the biggest thefts on record that of
2000 head ot sheep. It appears that Sworts
and his partner. Miller, were in the sheep
business. They became involved finan
cially, and had their band of 2000 sheep at
tached hy the sheriff for money due VV. F.
Matlock, of Pendleton. The sheriff -took
possession of the sheep and placed them in
charge of a deputy, and while he was away
paying his attentions to a young lady living
near where the sheep ranged both Sworts
and Miller drove the band away and were
about to cross the Snake river into Idaho,
when the sheriff, who by this time was hot
on their trail, overtook them and recovered
noB&ession of the sheep. Had the sheriff
been a few minutes later the band would
have crossed into an adjoining state and
sold before Sworta and Miller could haye
been restrained.
Pound Dead.
l'rinevillo Kews.
Geo. P. Ferguson, who was employed
in herding sheep for the B. S. & L. Co.,
of Hay Creek, was found dead on I'ook
out mountain last Saturday by a camp
tender. Deceased had not been feeling
well for a day or two, and as be did not
return to dinner on the day named the
camn tender went to look for him. He
soon met the dog, which animal guided
him to the place where his master was
lying dead beneath the shade of two trees.
He had apparently lain down and expired
suddenly, as there were no indications ot
a struggle. Justice Elliott, as acting cor
oner, accompanied by Dr. Gesner, left
Prineville on Sunday, but did not reach
the scene of death until Monday, being
compelled to mate a goodly part of the
distan e on horseback. An inquest was
held and a verdict of death from natural
causes was rendered. Owing to the de
composed condition of the remains, and
it being impossible to get there with a
waeon. the body was temporarily buried
where it lay.
Another Fatal Accident.
Ochcco Review.
On Thursday of last week N. M. Os-
born, while coming from The Dalles with
a load of freight, met with an accident
which resulted in his dea'.h. When pass
ing over a grade about two miles above
the Hay Creek store his wagon turned
over, throwing him to the ground, and it
is supposed that some of the machinery
with which he was loaded tell on him.
He lay by the roadside in an unconscious
condition until Friday, when he was taken
to the Hay Creek store and cared tor, but
as be did not rally, J. B. Cartwnght and
F. B. Sommerville brought him 10 town
Saturday evening. Dr. Belknap was sum
moned, but found the old gentleman be
yond human assistance, one side being
paralyzed and he was also suffering from
internal injuries. He lingered until
Wednesday evening, when death released
him la the meantime his son bad been
sent for and arrived here the morning be
fore his father's tieath. Bis remains
were buried in Prineville cemetery
Thursday afternoon.
Cloud Oap Inn.
Hon. M. A. Moody, Messrs. E. Y. Judd,
of Boston, Mass., and H. J. Green, of Port
land; Misses Annie and Bessie Lang and
Mrs. A. L. Newman returned last evening
from a short visit to Cloud Cap Inn. Last
Sunday it snowed all day at the ion, and
tbe storm raged furiously in. the surround
ing mountain, blowing down large trees
which in maty places blocked the road. Iu
their descent from this mountain resort.
when about twenty miles from Hood River,
in driving over a large tree that bad fallen
across the roadway, the casting in which
the king bolt of the wagon rested, broke.
causing the vehicle to be useless until it
could be repaired. In this emergency Mr.
Moody rode one of the horses bareback to
Hood River and dispa ched two wagons to
bring tbe party to town. These arrived
safely without any further mishap in time
to take the train to thia city. Cloud Cap
inn is a very pleasant place in summer
weather; but it must be anything but agree
able during an August snow storm.
Their Places Filled b Japs.
East Oregonian: A carload of Japanese,
thirty-seven in number, passed through
Pendleton with Minday evening's east-
bound train. They were going to Idaho,
it is reported, to take the places of dis
charged white laborers on the sections, and
this created not a little unfavorable com
ment, in view of tbe fact that the idle men
problem is becoming locally ominous.
Several workingmen were at the depot, and
they looked at tbe "Japs" with gloomy,
clouded faces. A carload shipment of the
same kind of humanity passed through a
zew aays ago. ine railroad company could
find plenty of men besides these yellow
ssinnea ioreigners, 11 they wanted them.
It is estimated that not less than 500 men
are scattered along the road between Pen
dleton and Huntington. Gangs of them
may De seen at tne small stations, at tbe
water tanks and under bridges, and truck
and bund baggage passengers are numer-
A Bun Stopped.
: There was a ran on a bank in an iron mill
town and the depositors were being paid ia
silver dollars. The excitement increased
and the run became a fast one. The cashier
was a young Irishman and the work put
upon mm was more than he liked hie re
solved to stop it. He sent tbe janitor with
a bushel ot silver dollars into a rear room
where there was a stove, with instructions
to "heat tbem silver dollars red hot " They
were heated, and in that condition handed
out with a ladle . The depositors first
grabbed the coin, then kicked. "But you'll
have to take them - that way," said the
cashier. , "We are turning them out as fast
as we can melt and mold them, and if von
won t wait till they cool you 11 have to take
them red hot.' That settled it. The run
was stopped.
Letters Advertised.
roe toiiowmg is tne list ot letters re
maining in The Dalles postoffice uncalled
for Satnrday, August 5, 1893. r Persons call
ing for these letters will please give the
date on which they were advertised:
Adamson, Elmer
Berglof, Haus
Bennette, Lottie
Bins, J C
Coats, F L
Green, A Clark
Howard, W T
Looney, Mock
May, C S
Ogle, Dick
Smith, C E
Ware, J S
, T. Nolan, P. M.
Clarke, Nellie L
Davidson, Win
Uaron, Won
Kelsay, D A
Marlette, Steve
Munger, W D
Shaw, John
Walker, John
Be You On Dsctar.
It won't cost yon one half as much
Do not delay. Send three 2-ceot b tamps
for postage, and we will send you Dr.
nauimiun's great work, line colored
plates from life, on disease, its causes and
borne cure. Address A. P. Ordway &
Co , Boston, Mais.
Work at the Locks.
Cascade Locks, Aug. 6, 1S98.
Editor Tms-kotntTAixna:
Now for the brief but long promised de
scription of the locks and gates, although
"Zebedee" has not the facilities for getting
information of this kind that a regular
news gatherer is supposed to have.
There are to be two locks three hundred
and ninety feet between the gates, which, I
take it for granted, means that vessels of
that length can be passed through. I am
told that the amount of fall is about sixteen
feet, which doubtless means the lowest
stages of the river, (0 there is certaiuly
not so much as that during high water. I
take it for granted that each lock "ill have
a lift or rue of eight feet aud, of course, a
lowering capacity of the, same number ot
feet. There will be foor gates. Ech lock
will have a gate which I am told will be
folding, that is in two parts meeting in the
middle, and when closed like the folding
doors in a house. The other two are to be
at each end of the canal and will be callel
guard gates, and will be one solid piece; or,
to be more exp icit, will not be half gates
hut whole gates, and will be use 1 to close
the 'canal when necessary to pump it out for
the purpose of repairing. The gates will
be opened and closed by w ter power, a
turbine or other similar wheel to be used
for the purpose. No doubt there will be
necessity for some power other than men or
horses, for the combined weight of the four
gates aud their appurtenances will bd about
two million pounds. Just think ot it for
one moment, a gate that weighs five hundred
thousand pounds or two houdred and nftv
tons, which is only one-fourth of the weight
of the four gates. Zebedee.
Hve Set iu Caucus.
Washington, Au;. 5 The hall of the
house of representatives was well filled
with Democratic members tonight wben
Holman, chairman ot the caucus, called
it to order. It was known that Crisp's
reoo mi nation as speaker wai assured, and
thit there would be no contest oyer the
doorkeeperehip. After a short speech by
Holman, Turner of Georgia nominated
Crisp lor re-election, alter which Crisp
was nominated by acclamation amid ap
plause. Crisp spoke as follows :
''An txtraordioary condition of affairs
throughout the country bas necessitated
our meeting in extraordinary session. In
so far as that condition is attrionted to
existing law. we are in nowise responsible
therefor. Now, for the first time In
more than 30 years, we are in full power.
We can repeal bad laws and we can make
good ones. The people have entrusted
us with that power and expect us to ex
ercise it for their behalf. Our financial
system should be revised and reformed;
strict economy in public expenditures
should be observed, and taxation should
bo equalized and greatly reduced. To
these purposes are we tooronghly com
mitted. We must redeem our pledges.
Let us begin wcik at once. Let us lay
aside every other consideration than the
public good, and endeavor to so dis
charge the duties aa-igued us as to re
store confidence, promote prosperity and
advance the-general welfare of all classes
of our people I am sincerely grateful or
your confidence and esteem. I pledge
myself to devote myself to the discharge
of the duties of the responsible position
yu have assigned me with all tbe en-
ergy and ability I possess"
At tbe close ol Speaker Crisp's address,
Kerr of Pennsylvania was renominated
clerk by acclamation, and tbe caucus
then proceeded to tbe election of ser-peant-at-arm?,
tbe leading candidates
being the present incumbent, Todor of
Ohio, and Snow of Illinois. The contest
was a most bested one. After tbe nom
inations were made it was discovered tbe
Ohio delegation was divided. Charges
were made against Yodor that after bis
election in tbe last congress be bad ap
pointed a Republican as chief clerk and
endorsed a Republican for captain of the
watch. Several representatives defended
Toder. among tbem Caminetti, of Calif
ornia, who said he bad carefully inquired
mto tbe charges, and found tbem base
less. Finally, wben the first ballot was
announced, it was found to be a tie, each
candidate receiving 93 votes. Tbe sec
ond ballot resulted In 96 votes for Snow
to 95 for Yoder, and the former was de
c Hired tbe Caucus nominee. Tbe other
officers elected were: Lycorgu- Dalton,
of Indiana, for postmaster; A. H Hunt,
if Tennessee, doorkeeper; Rrv. 8. W
Hadaway, of Maryland, Methodist, for
chaplain. Adjourned.
A Fast Express Wrecked.
Toledo, O.. Aug. 5 Tbe fast express
on tbe .Lake Snore, due nero at 11
o clock, was wrecked at Lindsey, 24
miles east of here, at 10 o'clock. The
uninjured portion of tbe train bas just
arrived and the passengers say tbe two
rear sleepers were thrown from tbe track.
Tbe engineer and head brakemau ot a
Height train were standing by tbeir train
on a siding. Tbe coaches struck them
and they were instantly killed. Two
porters in tbe rear coach were killed
Tbe sleepers were smashed to kindling-
wood, and the passengers say tbey sav
nix bodies taken from one side of one of
tbe coaches. The passengers estimate at
least 13 persons killed and a great num
ber injured. Among' those lniured are
James Rvan, badly injured about tbe
head and body; A. H. West, of Chicago.
injured internally. Tbe bead engineer's
uame was Laverty.
CKvernor Till man Angry.
Columbia. S. C, Aug. 51 be rough
treatment accorded to Governor Till
man's dispensary spies in Sumter and
Charleston bas aroused tbe governors ire.
and today be made tbe announcement
that be was going to arm tbem and give
tbem instructions to shoot down anybody
who joieriereu wun inem. just as tne
newspaper men were about to leave the
executive chamber Governor Tillman
walked over to a cabinet and opened a
drawer. Ia it was a lot of belts. In an
other drawer were large Colt's army re
volvers. Governor Til'man remarked,
pointing to a "small wooden box:
That is box of cartridges I'm
going to issue orders for tbe first one of
tbe constables to shoot when be is struck.
I'm not going to allow the state consta
bles to be made dogs of by barkeeuers
and tneir followers."
Cntldrea of Chana; and ng.
Raleigh, N. C, Aug 5 -The once fa
mous Siamese twins, Chang and Eog,
who, were joined at tbe sides by a large
piece 01 neso,-Dave children, now grown
men, residing; in Surrey countv. N. C.
The twins alter retiring from the sbow
lusiness, married and settled in Surrey
county. Tbeir farms adjoined and they
would pass one night at the bouse of Eog
and the next with tbe family of Chang.
Tbe young men are perfectly formed,
nearly white and intelligent. One was a
delegate to tbe Republican state conven
tion in this city last September.
Blot Among Kailroad Laborers.
Pcebla, Mexico, Aug. 7 Further
panicu.ars of a riot among laborers on
the Mexican Southern railway, which re
sulted in tbe killing of two men by tbe
roaa master, 1 nomas Burke, bave been
received. There bad been washouts and
tbe roadmaster was endeavoring to re
pair tbem aud open tbe road. Forty men
in bia gang struck and demanded tbeir
pay, but Mr. Burke could not comolv
with tbeir demands. Tbe men then at
tacked Burke with stones and be drew a
pistol and shot two of tbe party dead
Ha then gave himself up. Soldiers then
ent to 'be mountains and arrested 25 01
tbe strikers, who are now in prison in
Villa Eta.
Congress to ttossMn.
Washuigton, Aug. 7 The extra ses
sion of congress assembled at noon. Tbe
assembling is of special interest, because
for the first time in a third of a century
tbe Democratic party is In control in all
departments, and because tbe national
legislature is convened. to deal with one
ot tbe gravest questions which bas con,,
fronted tbe nation since the civil war.
While tbe responsibility lor the results
rests on tbe Democrats, it is alse true the 1
questions at issue will not be fought ou
in strict party lines, ns the parlies art
divided on it geographically rather than
onlitica ly. Tbe anomaly is shown t
men on each side of the frce-coinagt
proposition in the ranks of Democrais.
Republicans, Populists and grrenbackrrs
alike. This is a fruitful theme of dis
cussion while tbe members are assem
bling;, and there are many congratulation
that'the fight has been taken out of the
domain of rigid party politics, with a
liKelihood that it will be discussed roO"
neariy in the light of pure n-ason . The
first, thing on assembling in both house
was tbe reading of the president's pn-cla-naiion
convening cougr- s in extra set.
si 80. This was followed by a call
names of the oiemoers elected.
In The House.
Washington, Aug 7 Wnen Michigan
was reached ij calling 'he roil, the clerk
stated that since the credentials ol Rich
ardson ot tbe fifth district were receive
and entered on the roll, there bad been n
change of state officers, and these ban
tiven a ctrtificate toBelknip. The clern
added that be refused to strike out R ch
ardson'e name, and cow lett the ma-tei
in the hands ot tbe house. Three bun
dred an 1 sixty-six members found pres
The clerk. then announced the election
of speaker next in older. Holman placeu
Crisp in nomination Hender-00 of Ilii
oois named Tm R-rd on behalf ot tin
Republicans; K m of Nebri&ka nomi
nnted Jerry S mpflon on behalf of th
Populists. TneteKni took the vote; re
sulting: Cri-p 214. Reed 123. Sinipi
7. Criso was declared elicied amin
great applause, and was conducted to the
chair by his late opponents Asmroing
the chair. Criso thanked the bouse for
the honor, and said that be wou d dis
charge bia duties with fidelity, courtesi
and impart a ity. Tbe oath was then ad
mioitttered by O'Neill ot Missachn"ets.
The speaker then adminiKte ed th
oath to tbe members: Rxhnrli;n ot
Michigan, on an o jectton by Burrow
Repub ican, being requested 'O stand
aside till the boue was fully o'rgmizeri
Af'er the others bad taken the oath
O'Farrell ot Virginia offered a reolution
that Richardson be swnrn in. Burrow-
offered a resolution for the swearing o
Belknap on the ground that Richardson V
credentials had been annulled by tbe u
preme court of the state. Action on both
was postponed till tomorrow. The of
ficers of tbe bouse nominated by the
Democratic caucus of Saturday were
then elected and sworn in.
A committee was appointed to notity
the president tbe house wag organized
and ready to bear from bim Alter
drawing for seats, adjourned till tomor
bangs) of River Pirates.
Topkka, Aug. 7 A nest of rivt r pi
rates bas been discovered 011 an island
in tbe Kansas river about' four miles
west of tbe city. For a long time far
mers have been suffering from depred
ations which they attributed to tramps.
Hogs, sheep, chickens, house bold goods
and even horses have disappeared ' It
was accidentally discovered yesterday
that a cans' of white and black theives
bad a rendezvous on one of the islands,
where tbey bave been living royally.
Thev had six or sever shantiescompletely
hidden by tbe dense underbrush, and
possessed three boats with which to carry
their plunder When the ra:d was made
lust night 10 were captured. Several
sprang into tbe boats. Teu wagon loads
of stolen goods were seized . It was
supposed that much of tbeir plunder,
which will amount to thousands of dol
lars, was disposed of in this city.
They Shot to Kill.
Corydon, Ind., Aug. 6 Last night
about 1 o'clock B'Kin township, this
county, was made the scene ot the most
terrible shooting affair that ever occurred
in this part of the state. A large crowd
of men went to tbe borne of William and
Ed Conrad for tbe purpose of lynching
tbem, tbey being - suspected of killing
tbeir lather last winter. Tbe Com ads
armed themselves with sho'guns and re
volvers sod secreted . themse ves outside
the bouse. When the crowd appeared
they fired into it, ki ling John Timber
lake, William Wiseman, Eiw.rd Hous
ton and Isuac Howe Wi liam May waa
fatally shot. The lonrads escaped. In
tense excitement prevails throughout tbe
county. The Conrads have always beeu
regarded as vicious and worthless
Boutine Proceedings.
Washington, Aug 7- -Ia the senate,
after reading tbe proclamation calling
congress together. Quay of Pennsylvania
and Pascoe of Florida were sworn in
A communication from Beckwith of Wy
omiDg was read, saying - l.e had placed
bis resignation in tbe bands of the gov
ernor. Committees were appointed
notily tbe bouse and tne president tha
the senate was in session.
Then tbe death of Senator Stanford,-ot
California, was communicated to tb
senate by White ot that state, and as
mark of respect the seoa'e adjourned un
til tomorrow, '''bis prevents the recep
tion of tbe presidents' message today.
MeiallMS In Session
Zurich, Aug. 6 The international
socialist congress opened today. De'e
gales were preent from sixteen coun
tries. Tbe morning session was taken
up with tbe appointment of an executive
committee ol two delegates from each
nation represented. In tbe afternoon
there was a demonstration. Del eg tes
marched in a procession through tbe
prmcipal. streets to the Schule Platz
where a mas meeting was beld, ad
dresses being made by several speakers,
Ran Over and Killed.
Independence, Ore, Aue '7 Thia
morning, near McCoy, G C Bell, a far
mer, seventy years of age, was run over
and kilied by a Sou hern Pacific train
He attempted to cress the track 10
light wagon ahead of the locomotive,
Hs body was caught between tbe cow
catcher and rail and literally cut 10
pieces. The man was evidently deat and
did not bear tbe whistle.
Haj Decide Against England.
Pabis, Aug. 6 Inasmuch as the B' hr-
inz sea arbitrators hive not asked tbe
agents of either power to furnish addi
tional evidence relating to the questions
of regulation, it is Inferred that 'be de
cision will be sgainst England, as it had
been arranged ibat if evidence was
sought at ail, it would by a decision of
the question of jurisdiction favorable to
Issue of Mil ver Do'lars.
Washington, Aug. 7 Toe issue ot
standard si-ver dollars from tbe mint
and treasury office during the week end
ing Aug 5 was f 1.274.840. For a cor
responding period last vear it was $452.-
452 Shipment of fractional silver coin
for tbe mootb of July was $763,448 and
from tbe 1st to tbe 5th int. $130,604.
French Kdltors Found Ciallty.
Pabis, Ang. 7 Ducret, editor of tbe
Coearde and Norton, on trial for conspi
racy and forging documents purporting
to be stolen from tbe British em bafsv
and compromising prominent Frenchmen
in treasonable actions, were found guilty.
Ducret was sentenced to one year and
Norton three years.
In Financial Trouble.
; Chicago, Aug. 7 Tbe Chicago Iron
& Steel Company, of East Chicago, Ind
has failed. No statement. Tbe plant
is nearly new and cost $250,000; liabili
ties are less tban $100,000.
A BeeelTer Appointed.
Philadelphia, Aug 7 A receiver bas
been appointed for tbe Cbesnut Hall
Iron Ore Company. It is hopelessly in -
solvent. ' It was one of tbe largest man
ufacturers of pig iron in eastern Penn
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Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Ordway & Co.,
jmtun,Jiub3.,iuru?BbiuBumu wuriLjjuiMj&uev
Application ft Lipr License.
Cascade lock, Falls Prbcisct,
VVo Countv
State of Oregon.
CA LAHAt. cf pai precinct ar d county, will.
nn the 4th day of Sept., 1893, apply to the Ountv
uourt ri me aoove namea couii'y tor a license to
sell -pi ituous unit nd viuoua liquors in less quan
tities tnan one gallon
Cascjdh Locks. Falls rurciicr.
Wasco County, state of Oregon.
To the Honorable County Court of Wasco County,
We, the undersigned taxpayers and legal voters o
Falls Precinct, county and suite aforesaid, respect-
tuny petition your honorable court t" giant li
cense to Watt & CalNhan to sell spi ituous,. vinous
and malt liquor- at the town of Cascade Locks, in said
p.ecinct, in le-s quantities than one gallon f'T the
period ol one yf ar:
C 3 Candiai.i, M D
John Sul'iran
Pete Niel
J E Sorbin
K Black
Thos W Badder
Kric Nel-on
Andrew Dou 111c
P Sheriiiger
I hos H Williams
Noah Roub
Wm Duncan
John O Bn.wn
John Fiadebo
Wm Lay cock
J e Tompkin
Paul Paulsen
Wm McKenzie
Joel W LH.titliit
W Lake
A J Knightly
8 J Dndrn
Dennis' Buckley
A B Olnzi.r
Johan Thiesen
Fred T Bru. kman
August Peterson
J M M, Isaac
A Ketiher
8 Vi Iverson
John Trans
Pat Lahey
M.k Wtber
Carl Carlson
Richard Woodward
August w ilson
Jumes Gorton
O S Harpham
E D Monoghan
D L Cat. s
A Firischhauer
J C Jones
Ed Berg-ron
Q n BuSon
Mike, -Msk
Wm Day
A E t'rask
It L Aldrich
A B ndiews
Co H Trana
Francis Coulon
Frank Hall
isai Mori ri
Hail ss.
Kenneth IdcKenzie
A Wilson
N Nelson
Frank Puzzi
Sam YcCorey
A G Hal'
W 1. Keltner
Leon Freiman
M M Kinn-m
Pat Sullivan
H Lillenrd
H D Parkins
P A Trana
Chas olin
Geo J Buffon
Gus Sands
Patrick Walsh
Perry McC rey
C A ftewart
H P H irpham
Hans Wiecka
Phil Warren
P Sinnott
Chas Hunter
Lick Eiilen
Samuel Woodward
0 w Bergman
Chas badei berg
P Lillegrd
Chas Le Buon
P W Yettick
W H Smith
G S Henry
M Fitzverald
Louis Gebhard
A.ei Thorin
August Turnelius
Alex byring
Jos Schmidt
J F Mi Uraih
J Di cks
Andrew Laxsen
John buss
E Juhnaoo.
E Hilieata
Ed olaen
Sious Bainen
Louis P. tenon
Alex G Johnson
Nel avensen
E A Alvi-.-k
P McAlleney
E P Asb
1 Brown
A 8vring
James tewart
Chas Gray
J W At well
John.T Thompson
J C K Fairview
- Application for Liquor License.
Cascadk Locks, Falls P icntcr,
Wasco County,
ftpte of Oregon
Notioe is hereby given that T. W. Lewis, of said
precinct and co'i'-ty, will, on the 12th day of Aug.,
1893. at a special session of the C .utity ourt of the
above-named countv. apply to the said court for
license to sell spirituous malt and vinous liquors
in Jess quantities tnan one gallon.
Cascass Locks, Falls PBScntor.
Wasco County, State of Oregon.
To the Honorable, the County Court of Wasco county.
We, the undersigned, legal voters of Falls Pre
cinct, of Wasco county, or., repe tfully petition
your honorable enurt to grant a license n T W
Lewis to sell spirituous, vinous and malt liauors at
tne town or cascade locks, in said precinct, in less
quantities than one gallon, for the period of one
C 1 Candiani Peter Dugiran
W Lake Rudolf Schmidt
R S Aldrich Mel Leavent
A E Trask Hern an Backman
Francis Conlon John "iiss
B V Roger Wm On., can '
W L Ke.tner Gio Pe'erkin
H A Leavens August Peterson
E D Mnnaghan Wm -tr-tton
A J Ki.ighUy J F rvmpkios
D L Cafes G W Buffon m
A G Collier M t Welsh
Pete ghering Yah ilson
PEGIalus A-gTernieis
L Freiman - , Geo aio 'au'ey
H I Lillegard Denni- Buckley "
Chas Olsen J C K Fairview
Edw Evrainer 8 H Hulseman
Paul Paul-en ' John ' Brjwn
Mck Weber C E Miller
Hans Weicks " Pa il W Galetts
John Woodward H Fit salmons
M M cKinnon Thoe Badder
J 8 Uabinger H D Parkins '
Wm Laycock Pat McEiianey
G Henry Pat Wa sh
Pat L&hey Martin Johnson
A Flrischhauer F A Alwick
Kenneth McKenzie Tim 8xtou
Wm Dy John rhieso
C W Fluke ' John W Haley
brick Nelson August Wilson
J Dircks A G Hall
J t Hill Al-re C-llis
Harry Gray P W Y, nick
F T Brut kman oeo P Griffin
G H Trana - John P Wistrand
C H Trak Uf swanson
Geo J Buffon Cha La Bu n
Ki s Nils n CF Cottrell
Patrick Sullivan Chas Olen
Gus Sands Andrew Wilson
Jneepb "chmidt Frank Hall
M F tzgtrald Herman Backman
Juis Ge hard W Kirkpatrick
J M Mclsaav Mck bidou
G 3 Harpham 8 J tiryden
Application fir Liquor License.
Cascadb Locks. Falls Patenter.
Wasco County.
State of Oregon.
J.X rick McMleny. of said i recinct' and county,
will, on the 12th day of Aug.. 1883, at a special ses
sion ox tne oouoty court o tne aoove named county,
sddIv to the said court for a license to sell sni. it
uous, malt ai-d vinous liquors iu less quantities than
one ganou.
Casc'DB Locks. Falls Paicnrcr.
Wasco County, 8tatr of Oregon.
To the Honorable County Court of Wasco Coumy,
We, the undersigned taxpayers and ega! voters of
rai is rrecinct, county ana scue aioresaia, respect
fully petition your honorable co rt to grant a li
cense to Pat ick McAlleny to sell spirituous, vinous
and mult I quors at the town of Oscade Locks iu
said precinct, in less quantities than one gA.lon for
tne penoa or one year:
Hans W leeks
W B MWlrary
John Sullivan
C J Can iaui, M D
Pat Lahey
AG H.ll
W lke
P I Lillegard
M Fitxrerald
P trick Sullivan
H Fi'zsimons
TbomaM Coyie
G W buffon
OEM her
John Buss
B I Lillegard
John Niison
C W Duke
f Yeuick
Chas Olsen
H A Le yens
B F Kogers
. OS Henry
C H Trask
W H Smith
A E Trask
Oarl Carbon
W m 8tratton
Pat Wash
A Wilson
SJ Dryden
Mck Weber
ftfel Leavens '
S VGuinoo
N F Murphy
John D Woodnrd
Junes Cro.t n
Johu O Brown
J w Attwell
J F Stout
B Alwick
B Blask
A J Knightly
T C Benson
Louis Uebbard
Dan Suilivan
JCK Fait view
John O Bruan
Geo J Buffon
J W Lewis
Thos W Badder
A Li ring
Peter Trana
J F McQrath
Miles bisk
Phillip Dab!
fed bergeron
G S Harbam
Alex watt
Gus Sand
Rudolf Schmidt
Sam af Cary
M McKlnnon
D D Callahan
T-iper Thesus
Francis uomon
Jaa bchm dt
Erick M Ilson
A A Glacier
Assignee's Sale.
S L. PHILLIPS. Assignee of William Fairs &
I J. Co.. will on tho Slat day of Augnat. 1893. sell
In front of the court house, the hook accounts, un
collected, and also all promissory notes remaining in
hi hands. v jolyiS
The Dalles, Oregon, July Zl, 1883.
Legal Tfotioea.
IN THE COUNTV CaUiir of the State of Oregon,
for Wasco ounty, in Probite.
la the ma ter of the estate of Ilciri-on Coram,
deceased Ci-tion.
To Gemre Comm. J. W. Coram, E. Hutchena,
J. C. Coram, ilra. T. 1. Poe, J. W Hu'cheni,
John Ravsuale, heirs at Uw of Harrison- Co- um,
tecoi-pfl, ami t ail unknown heirs at law of said
Harrison Co-am, dsueast-d, if any such there be:
In the name of th State f Oregon, vou fire hereby
cited tind commanded to ap eir t a re-ula term of
Ine Ci tun Court or the St te of rerun, for the
County of Wasc, at tho co re house ia Dalles City,
in fij.id county and state, on
UtBay, Tlte 5'h rla of September. JStt3.
at 2 oVock in the :ittcnton of aid dav, then and
in re to show c use, if an ther of, w.y an rrfer
should not be made, authorizing- and directii; he
administrator uf &ai'l e tate to still tne following dt;
ecribed real estate belonipng to said estate, t-wit:
The we half of the nortntast quart: r, a:id il.e
northwe-t quarter of the southeast quarter of section
ty five, in tottn-thip two orih f a e rt-n
tart ot i lie Willamette meridian, cmtainintr 120
t crs, and situaied in Wasco cu .ty. State of itre
gon; a d a'so the e tst half of the east h iff of rectiou
o. twehn-five in town chip No -w. north of ranjr
ten east of the Willamette meridian, containing 100
acres, and situated in Wasco county, State of Oie
t?oi, tojffctl'er with the tenement, hereditaments,
appurtenances and water rich's thereto ue outing,
a- prayed for in the prt tio.i of the aaurin strut, r,
file in tht court Ju y Aih. 1H93.
This C tut ion if. issue hy order of the Honor
ab'e eure C. Blakeley, Jud.e of said court, of
date -luly 19th. 1893.
W tne-s my band, and the seal of said court hereto
affixed, this 4th day f August, 1893.
sbal J J. B. CROSSES,
aut(5 County Clerk of Wasco Count; , Oregon .
Executors' Notice,
NOTICE is hereby xiv.n th-t the undersigned
have been . a pointed y the County Court ol
the State f Oregon for Wasc. cnunt , the execu
tors of the last will an t. summit if H 6tley, de
ceased; an i a I prntins ha. ing cl ims -tcaiust 'he e -
taie oi saiu aeoeafceu ar nereoy potiued to pre ent
the same, with Dr lx r vouchers, to is.r the reai
dtnee of Them Driver, in Wanu, Wasco county,
Oregon, within si . mouths iruui ih date of this no
tice. C. J VAN DUY,
july29 ot -1H S. UK VER,
vaiea uus ztn day of July 1E93.
Administrator's Notice.
AT OTICE is hereby given that l ho undersigned
Xl has been duly api-ointed by the honor.ble
County Court for Wasco county, Oregon, administra
tor of the mtati o Har, euO. Campbell. dectaed
All persons haling claims auainst said estate are
hereby required to present the urne, -July verified
m d with proper vouchers, to meat my residence
near rciiltev. a.-ro county. Oregon, within six
montns irom ice date ol tnis notice
The Dalles, Oregon, August Ml, 1893.
Administ-at'ir of the estate of Harvey G Camp-
Den, aeceasea. an. 6-5t
ioir of Final Settlement.
fN THE matter of the estate of W. I. Graham, de-
Police is herehy civen that the undersigned ad
ministratrix of the estate of W. I. Graham, deceased.
ha. n ed her final account as such a- ministratiix in
the County Court of Wasco county, Oregon, aud the
said County Court has set the 4th day of September,
1803, at the hour of 10 o'cldck A. H of said day, in
the county court room f said county and state, as
the time ana place for bearing any objeiitioni. to the
allowance of said final account, and that she be dis
charged. CAKKIE F. GRAHAM.
A-imini-tratrix of the estate of W. I. Graham, de
cease i. iulri-6t
Laud Orpics at Tun Dalles, Or soon,
June 21. 1893.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler his Sled notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
tLa said proof will be made before the Register and
Receiver of tne U. S. land office at The Dalles, Or.,
on neanesoay, August v, laws, viz:
CHAKLE4 K1RKHAM, of Dufur;
re-emption D. S. No. 7299. for the N W of NWVi.
and SK1 of NVVJ, of Sec 28. Tp 1 S. R 14 E. w M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon ana cultivation oi
land, viz:
J. w. Montgomery, G. W. Otey, John Decker, I.
. numrjen, ail oi Boya poaomce, oregon.
un24 JOHN W. LEWIS, Register.
Lairs Omu at Tbs Dulcs, Okssoi,
Juue xg, mug.
Notice is hereby given that the followinc-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
prof to support of his - claim and that said proof
will be made before the register and receiver at The
Danes, or., on wetnesday, Auust 9, 1893, viz:
JOHN E. McCOKMICK, of The Dalles;
. Homestead Application No. 2611. for the EU of NW
!. and NW of NEi. aud MEi of SEi. of a'-C 14. To
1 S. K 12 E, W M.
lie names the following witnesses to prove bis
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said
land, viz:
Joseph Means. Peter Omeg, H. L. Powell, George
u. .uarun, all oi ine uaues postomoe. Oregon.
Juu24 JOHN W LEWIS, Register.
Open Monday, September 18th.
Just closed thfi most prosperous year id
its history. Wide ranee of studies. Thor
ough instruction. Ba.-iDess course added.
Tuition free. Eatrarce fee, $10. Board
aud lodging at reasonable rates ia the ele-
ESDt new dormitory and boardiog hall on
the campus, where students will receive
personal supervision.
jull5 President.
25c. 50a
$1.00 $1.25
FEATHERP.ON K is made from QUILL..
nature's own toughest material, best whips made for
the price. Cheap, Durable, ALL STYLES, all
mT'l?TV " FEAT' "OSE.
HENRY KUCK, The Dalles, Or.
FQR Pure Ms and Fall Weight.
QQ J() The Arctic Candy Facky
No. 238 Second Street, Eatt End.
J. FOLCO, Prep.
Teaclier of
Instrumental Music.
Lessons given on thr Piano or Violin. Persons
desiring instruct! ns can l-ave lh-ir names at E.
I Jacobsen's or h C. Nick, laen's Atnaic Store, Second
eer, jre i aiies, Oregon. Boris
General Expressman !
Goods hauler with the greatest care to all
par" f thp oitv on hort notion.
A LL PERSONS are hereby warned not to pur
X cb se thit certain DroniiMsorv note bv me iriv.n
to William Tar-kma on June 30. 1893. with interest.
aa said note wis give" for a baanee on account,
which balance .was only 94.40, but by mist ike was
reckoned at 17, which amount was 'none osl in
serted in raid note. I will not mi more than 24.40.
and interest thereon, being the exact amount of mv
oueuieunes iu aa u racKman. u. n. MILL,
Dal eo City, Oregon, July 19, 1893. Jui20-2w
General Blacksmiths,
Near Mint building, Second St.
Horse Shoeing and General Jobbing a Specialty.
run. reaaonauic Ha to BUlt Ule nines.
Shade and
Ornamental Trees,
Flowering Shrubs,
Hedge Plants, etc.,
Cheap at v
, Traveling
To represent our well known house. Ton need no
capital to r present a firm that warm ta nnrsety
stock flrst-daas a d true to name. Work all the
year. luoa montn to the right man. Apply, stat-
1. U L. MA x as co.
Nurserymen, Florists and Beedsmen.
aprl . . St Paul, Mian.
S3 SHOE noTOp. ;
Do yoa wear them? When next In need try pair.
Best In the world.
MOO X.50
If you want I fine DRESS SHOE, made In the latest
style, don't pay $8 to $8, try my $3, $3.50, $4.00 or
$5 Shoe, They fit equal to custom made and look and
wear as well. If yon wish to economize In your footwear,
do to by purchasing W. L Douglas Shoes. Name and
price stamped on the bottom, look for It when you buy.
XV. I IXJTJGLAS, Brockton, Mass. Sold by
uiyl J. t KEimaN, Agent, THt LAlXt- un
Chicago, St. Louis.
fare The Dalles.
I S 05 A. M.
1 1 25 P. H.
Arrive at The Dalles.,
I 4 Oft P. M
1 11 66 P.
colonic ismriES,
svnd DIN IRS
Steamers from Portland to San Francisco
T ckets to and from Europe.
For rates and gertTa! information cal, on E. E
LiTLE, Depot Ticket Agent, Tbe Dalles, Oregon.
W. H. HURL KURT, Asst. Gen. Pan. Ant-.
264 Warhinirton ttt., Portland, Or
Northern Pac.
Is the line to take
It is tha Dining Car Route. It runs Through Tes
tibnled Trains liery Day in tb year to
Compu ed of Dining'Cara unsurpassed. oilman
irawing-rom sleepers ol Latest
Best that can be constructed, and In which acoom
tnodaticn are both Free and Furnished
fur holder of First or Second
class Tickets, and
Continuous Line, Connecting with
All Lines, Affording Direct and
Uninterrupted Service. 1
Pullman Sleeper reservations can be secured in ad-
yanoe through any agent ot tne road.
England and Europe can be purchased at any ticket
office of the company.
Full Information co rning rates, time of trains.
routes and other details furnished ona plication to
W. C. ALLOWAY, Agent
D. P. A. n Co.,
Regulator office, Tho Dalles, Or.
Asst General Psssenger Agt.,
No. 121 First St., Cor. Wa-h ,
SJIH't- Id
hi the WerisV
tswfut. V
Fin nicer
' voiiTLoi
r suaAWtBafMliaJtiOBB amnflSCfltl
Tver ftntnrdav.
as regnuK- uwmua
raw on lowest sarins to and from tha prinelpM
. Dtousa, mss t m, mrnxunu. nam.
onnoMss avauame ao rarora or anawHww
. dvda M Itoraa of InLawd ar Kansas A dibrauar
Drafti as ataxy triers te Asv Aaont at I mat lataa,
Apply to any of onr tooat Agonts or to
neral Agent. The Dalles. Or.
J. B.
The table is provided with the best in
the market.
Transient travelers will be accommo
dated with the best meals furnished by
any hotel in town. oct23
Comity Treasurers Notice
All co'intv warrants registered prior to
Jan. 1. 1890. will be paid on pvrsenta-
tion at my office. Interest ceases sfter this
date. William Micheix,
County Treasurer.
The Dalles, May 22, 1893.
Cut Flowers for Sale.
HAVrS all styles -f wires, including Odd Fellows.
Knights of PythUs, Maauna and Woodmen de
signs. Everything in Moral Decorations lurmsnea
on short notice. Prices reasonable.
unl jlU. A. C. STUBLINU.
f Corner Eighth and Libo.iyota.
And all Flavored Drinks at
Andrew : Keller's : Confectionery,
Second at, Adjoining The Dalles National Bank.
Also Ice Cream. Cream Cake and all other deUeate
Refections. mraay
To the Public.
T havk PURCHASED a half-interest In the
1 blacksmith business of L. Payette, at tbe East
Knd. Aa ia well known. I am a nrvt-dass m- cnanie.
and all work done, as heretofore, iU be No. 1. All
work . ntruated to ns will be done promptly, and
guaranted to be executed in tbe most wo k manlike
manner. J. n -or. a&puui,
Tbe Dalles, Or.. July 31, 1893. lm
J N A3 MUCH AS MY WIFE, Georgia Anna Brooks,
has, without just cause r provocation, left my
d and tmaid airainat mv vrUhes and Consent, and
refuses to return or furtner hxe w.th me, I hereby
warn all neraons not to irive her any credit on my
account, as I will not pay an) bills of her contract
ing aRer tnta date. D "n
oaues city. Oregon, jury zu. ibx. uw-im
Oallea and vicinity. Liberal Commissions paid.
and ws furnish the best and most complete outfit
aver provided by any house. Write at onos for
terms. Send references.
july22 Philadelphia, Pa.
3.50 1 .j. ,1
$2.50 f i VJ
2.25 N$ -
2.00 3iiC.S.
I 4U
Front, First and Vine Sts., Portland, Or, -
1 I I
i i i
Sole Agents for Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho for the
These Machines are too well known to need comment Thousands of Fanners have newd
them and speak of them with praise. They are tha only Harvesting Maohlnaa
that will g-lve entire satisfaction to the purchaser, . .
Tha most Effective and Successful Combination for Threshing and Cleanln
Grain ever Constructed.
the features that distinguish this Twlne-Blnder
Extraordinary Strength and Durability. The Binder la or the Appleby pattern, ma oniy
really successful one yet known. We have two styles, the Elevator Binder and the
Platform Binder both excellent both recommended by hundreds of patrons.
Where, are You Going- ?
Why, I am on my way to tho Neptune Shaving
. Parlors and Bath Rooms, located at
No. 110 Front Street,
Frazer & Wyndham,
Give Them a
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars, j
All brands ol Imported Liquors, Ale and Porter,
and Genuine Key West Cigars. A full line of
welve-year-old Whiskey, strictly pore, for msoiciual pur-
Malt laqoor. uolumoia ommyiomt on araugni.
SO Second Street,
The One Price
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods
Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, &c.
Agent for the Buttenck Patterns; also for the Hall Bazaar Dress Forms.
San I Francisco i Beer i Hall
F. JL.E:M:il.IC
Tllli: DALLE.-.
Harper's Bazar.
- 1
HARPER'S BAZAR is a journal for tb. hots.. It
live. th. fullest and latest information a Hoot Faah-
iona. anrl it. noanerou. lJIrjt-tr lions, r.ri. desi
and pattern-abret supplement, are indisi enaW
alike to thi- horn, dreas-nuk'-r and th. pmrek,al
modiste. No. pens t spared to man. iu srtistie
attractiveness ot u mgnesi oraer. its nrirni
stories, amusinr comedies and thoturhtf ul nays
satisfy all tastes, and its but page is laraous as a
budget of wit and humor. In IU weekly issues
every hitig is included wbl h is f interest to acmon.
Tb. 8eri.b for 1W3 will be written bv Walta Beaant
and Edna LyalL I hristlne Terhune Perrick will
furnish a practioal series, endt ed "At the Toilet "
Orae. King, Oliv. Tnom. Millar md Camlac
Wheeler will be frrquent cntributora. Tb. work of
women In Ike Columbian Expitiou wi'l be luliy
repiesented wi'h many illustrationa. T. W. rJinui
aoi, la "Wmn and Men,'' will pleas, a cultivated
fta Tsaa:
Harper's MagaauM S4 00
Harper's Weeklv i Ou
Harper'. Bazar 4 iJ
Harper's Young Prai'ln 1 00
PoUmgtArt to mil mbtcribtrtjn tht UniUd Statm,
caoaaa ana jfacwa.
Th. Volumes ot th. Btumr besin with th. fl st
numoar lor Jauuary oi lacr yew. w ne no time I
mentioned, subscriptions will begin with th. Num
ber current at the time of rtoript at order.
Bound Volumes of Burftt't Baxmr or three Tear
back, in neat cloth bioaii-t-. will be sstil by mail,
pKfi paid, or by exp eta, free of extxnse (pro
vided th. freicht does net exceed ens dollar per vol
an), for 17 per velum.
Cloth eases for each volume, suitable for binding-.
will bs sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of f 1 each.
Remittances should be mad. by puatomce monev
Order or draft, to avoid chance af loss.
Ktwvamn art net to eera (A is tvfusifuwBUial
snfAnf Ul sa.rsjj mritr of Harper aV Brwtkrri.
Address: HARPER BRoTBKhS, New Terk.
I i l
Is the lightness of Draft, oomblned with Its
SohutUer Farm Wagons, Dae re Plowi
Deere Sulky Flows, Cook Oo.'e Oar
riagea. Phaetons and Top Baggies, To
Spring Mountain Wagons, Buokboard-
Superior Drills and Seeders, Corbin
Harrows, Hodges-Haines Header
Haiah Barbed Wire. r
Whre I can get the
est Sbave in tbo city.
Best Bath and the Glean.
The genial proprietors, have thoroughly reno-
voted their Bath Rooms and tbey are now sec
ond to none in the northwest.
Cash House,
Harper's Weekly.
HRPER'8 WEEKLY ts acknowledged is stand
int flist amorg Illustrated weeklv pi.lioale In
America It oceupies a place beiwcea that of th.
burred daily paper and that nt tbe le. limely
bDtbly magazine. Itincudea both literature and
news, an. present, with equal fore and felicity it.
realev.it oi curreut hi.tory and tbe Imac' uve
then es of notion, da account of Iu w eornpi.ie
erio of tiitt-.tr tion. of the World's fair, H will b.
not oniy th. best guide to tb great eapoaitieri, hut
alto iia beat sonvi-nir. Every puMtu event of gen
er.i interest will be fully 11 u-trtted In It pages, it
contributions bring from tha beet writers and artist.
In this country, it a ill continue to .xcel in I tera
tura, newt and ill usti ations, all other woblication
ol iu class.
Pbb Ysae:
Hsrpers Magaain.
Harper's Wevkly
Harper's BmMMX
ilarj,r's Young Peopl. ,
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fotmf fn to mil auhonrOon in tA Cnittd BtmUm,
vaimuei wraw aiMsw,
TbeVlumea of Ibe Weekly begin with the Sist
num er for January of each year. When lo time is
meationed, subeorlptien. will begin with tbe t
ber corn nt at ibe lime of receipt , f oroer.
Bound Vol tune, of Harper's Wklf for three
rears back, in neat doth blDdiag, will be seat by
mall, poage paid, er by expre, free of expanet
tpreviiied freight ees not nosed ou dollar per vel
une), for 7 par volume.
Ctoh oases for each velume, suiubl. for binding,
will he sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of 1 each.
Remittanoes ahou'd b made by postcmc. sneney
rder or draft, to avoid ci asot of loss.
- Jfiaejwwn mr not U copy Utit minrUmmmt
wuluntt tAs aoy-raat ordor qf Horpor A hrviJurw
Address: HAJlPUt BlUrTMKKS, Mew Yerk.JI .

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