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Auburn, January 28, 1854.
San Francisco Agency.— TlloB BOVCK,
is the authorised Agent ot the Wetkly Placer
Herald in San Francisco city and county; all
advertisements intrusted to him will he care
fully attended to as he mar contract. Office
at the Sun I’rir.ting Office, on Sansome street
between Merchant and Washington.
Messrs. Adams & Co , and \\ ells
Fargo 8c Co., are our general agents for
Placer county. Any Advertisements, Joh
Work or Subscriptions left at either of
their Express Offices will he promptly
forwarded to us.
J. M, Shepherd, . Sacramento City
W. B. R ice, .... Rattlesnake Bar
J. VV. Spans, . . Gold Hill and Virginia
Democratic County Central ommittee.
Philip W. Thomas. Auburn. Chairman;
Ur. John P. Harper, do;
Dr. Thomas, do;
Wm. A Johnson. do;
Joseph Scohey. Ophir;
P. Lynch, Secret Ravine;
Col. Newman, do.
Thomas Coffee, do
Thomas Wood. Rattlesnake Par.
The Miner’s Meeting at Otmir. —
At a miner’s meeting held at Ophir on
Sunday Inst, numerous resolutions were
passed which have lieen forwarded to us
for publication, but owing to their num
ber and length we are only able to publish
those which we insert below,and the spirit
of these we are competed to dissent to.
It will lie seen that the first resolution
condemns the Bear river company for
having had arrested the parties who tore
away the company’s dam on Dutch
Now what are the facts and causes
which led to this arrest, and what course
have the company pursued in dealing w ith
the miners on Dutch Ravine. The facts
•re easily stated:
The company in first running their line
of survey out ot Dutch ravine found that
• small ditch claim had a prior right by
“notice” but not by survey, but to quiet
•II title to the line the Bear river com
pany paid the local company $2500 for
their right, and to quiet all difficulty.
Notwithstanding the dam of the com
pany was frequently torn away, by some
unknown parties without just cause nr
provocation; and the company, to sati-fy
miners in the ravine, proposed that they
(the miners,) shou’d select three men
who should at all times determine the
•mount of water in the ravine, and have
control of the same.
Thus matters moved on harmoniously
until about the first of last month, when a
sectional meeting was called, in which
it was resolved that the dam should be
removed unlest the company granted to
the miners so many inches of water until
the Ist of July next, which in the total
would amount to about $5,500 at a fair
computation. The company refused to
•cceed to this demand, but allowed them
all the natural water which was claimed.
But notwithstanding their dam and flumes
were cut away, in violation of a 1 law.
The damage, however, was immediately
repaired by some of the miners on Dutch
ravine and those of New Castle, and who
complained that they hail been materially
injured by the cutting of the dam.
if the Bear River Company had set up
a claim to all the natural water in
ravine, or in the Bi;r Auburn ravine, then
there might have been some plausibility
for the condemnatory resolutions of the
Ophir meeting, but such a pretension is
altogether foreign to the acts of the com
pany. The right of the miners to the
natural water of any natural ravine w hich
the company may use is and has always
been acknowledged, and therefore when
the rights of the company were invaded
and their property destroyed, an appeal
was made to the legal authorities, and the
officers were hound to take cognizance
of the fact, for the laws of the land had
been violated.
So far as regards ourself we have no
personal feeling in this matter. From
what we know of the bear river company
we believe the members of it are disposed
to deal fairly and justly with the miners,
and it is a certain fact that if the company
extend to individuals their legitimate
rights, then, the rights of the company
cannot be invaded. A law abiding course
is certainly belter for all parlies interest
ed, and more in accordance with good
sense and reason.
Resolved , That the recent act of the Bear
River company, in arresting and imprisoning
the three miners of Dutcli ravin was an act
Of opppression. unwarranted and without a
parallel, and that the miners aforesaid were
exercising their natural and legal rights as
guaranteed to them bv nil mining laws and
Resolved. That a committee be appointed
to wait upon the agents of the Bear Hivcr
company, and request them to remove their
dams from the Big Auburn ravine and the
Dutch ravine and place flumes across the
same for the purpose of conveying their own
water over said ravines, thereby allowing
the natural water of the ravines to flow un
Resolved, That two weeks time be given to
the Bear River company to remove their
dams, and eiqect flumes, during which time,
they shall allow the natural water of the
ravin- s to flow down; and furthermore, if the
Bear River company refuse our just demands
in th s matter, we, the miners of Ophir and
adjoining districts will exercise our rights by
removing the obstructions ourselves.
United.—The 8. F. Evening news and the
Picayune have united, under the editorial
central of Messrs. Bartlett snd Bussell.
CMpa of the Old Block. V\ e notice that
Curie Brothers of Sacramento have issued
the second edition of this interesting work.—
\s it is ‘entirely a native" book, made up ot
mining scenes, by one who has pone through
all the phases and seen ‘ the sights” of Cali
fornia life we can recommend it.
U e once took breakfast with “Old Block ”
jlt was in tlie days of '49. The rain was—
| well, it was ilr seen dine;. The author had a
• little tent by the road side, near Feather
1 river; his stock in tra e consisting of—but
' what is the use of enumerating—suffice to
say we had slap jacks and molasses for break
fast, and—reader, buy a copy of the second
edition and send it home to the States Price
only one dollar.
Porter’s HatlJe.—The following sre
the list of prizes drawn in this ratfle, at Ne
vada a few weeks ago. The ten highest prizes
were Nos 9260. 7432.9547, 8718. 10308 9313
10800 8830 8J27, 14185, The low prize Nos
were 8052, 8820, 6830, 9404, 9157, 9191.
10904, 11135,8002, 9228.
Miner’s Meeting at Secret Ka
At a Miner’s Meeting held at the Stuart
House, on the 25th inst., the following
resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the miners of this dis
trict nre not in favor of having the damn
of Huzzy & Co., torn down. ,
G. VV Roseckans, Pres'nt.
Samuel S. tpaht, See'y.
Loss or the Golden Gate. —The mail
steamer, Golden Gate, which has been
due since the 15th inst., was lost in the
harbor of San Diego on the 19ih inst.—
After leaving Acapulco she broke her
starboard shaft, and was detained four
days in repairing. She arrived at San
Diego on the morning of the 19th, and in
the afternoon of the same day, in getting
out of the harbor, she struck a sand liar.
Fortunately the BHO passengers on hoard
were all saved; also, all the mail matter.
The steamer Columbus is now at San
Diego trying to save the Gate from going
to total wreck.
By this arrival we learn that our minis
ter at the City of Mexico, Mr. Gadsden,
has purchased for the United States,
Lower California, Sonora, and portions
of Chihuahua and Sinaloa for the sum of
$23,500,000. We have no doubt the acts
of Col. Walker and his companions has
tened the consummation of this purchase.
Legislative.— No business of impor
tance was done in either Houses on Mon
day last. On Tuesday the Senate was
occupied with trying the “Bribery Case.”
Col. Baker is the attorney for Mr. Peck,
and Messrs. Williams, M’Allister and
Field, for Mr. Palm* r. The Senate pro
hibited the publication of the evidence
until the trial is terminated.
Drowned —Charles Brown, a miner,
formerly of New York city, was drown
ed at Oregon Bar, on the North Fork of
the American River, on Tuesday. Mr.
B. was expecting his family to arrive in
the country by the next steamer.
Statistics or the Port of San Fran
cisco.— We gather the following interest
ing statistics from a table published by
the San Francisco Herald, ibe follow
ing shows the number of passengers that
have arrived at the port for the last five
years by ocean steamers: —
Number of passengrs in 1849, 2,517
“ “ “ 1850, 8,119
“ “ “ 1851, 14.005
“ “ “ 1852, 28.329
“ “ “ 1853, 23,700
Total, 70,676
Arrived by foreign vessels from
foreign ports during the last five
years, 50,672
Arrived by American vessels
from foreign ports during same
length of time, 22,645
Arrived by American vessels
from American ports m the same
time, 25,559
Number of steamers and vessels
arrived in port in five years, 5,029
Tonnage ol the same, 1,802,074
The S. F. Ledger thinks that Mr.
O’Neill’s bill, to suppress gambling, in
troduced by him in the Assembly, is too
stringent, and for this reason will be a
“dead letter on the statute book.” We
have not yet received a copy of the bill,
and therefore, are unable to judge.
The steamer Helen Hensley collapsed
a flue, on the 19th inst., just as she was
leaving the wharf at San Francisco.—
Two persons were killed and several se
verely scalded. As usual, nobody was to
Hospital Fund. — The Court of Ses
sions, at the last October Term, author
ized our County Treasurer, Mr. E. G.
Smith, to draw the Hospital Fund, due
this county, from the State Treasury.—
Mr. S., upon calling for it in December
last, was informed the Fund would be
ready for distribution the Ist of January,
1854; and we presume the money is in the
State Treasury, ready for distribution to
the several counties when called for.
Last week there were ten failures in
San Francisco. One home alone failed
for over $800,060.
Wholesale Business. — On Monday
last Justice Hawkins issued ninety-five
warrants for the arrest of persons who
have hern trading or keeping saloons,
without license. Timely notice was given
l>y the District Attorney that every delin
quent would he prosecuted if attention
was not paid to the requirements of the
law. The result—various lines. &.c.—
Foot up gentlemen.
Congress, —Th 1 death of Vice Presi
dent King was announced in the U. S
Senate hy Mr. Hunter of Va. Speeches
were made hy Messrs. Cass, Douglass and
Clayton. There were no Senators pres
ent from the Stale of Alabama.
The Hon. S. W. Harris of Ala., made
the announcement in the House. Sever
al gentlemen addressed the House upon
the occasion; among the number, Mr.
Latham whose eloquent remarks were
highly complimented hy Mr. Benton.
Thos. F. Meagher, the young and elo
quent Irish patriot, gave an introductory
address to his course of lectures, at Mu
sical Hall, San Francisco, on Tuesday
evening last.
I. O. O. F.—We would call the atten
tion of members of the Order to a notice
in another column.
The U. S. Senate has confirmed the
appointment of Richd. P. Ashe of Stock
ton, as U. S Navy Agent San Francisco.
Court of Sessions. — The Court Ses
sions for this county meets on the 6th, the
first Monday in February,
The breach of promise case is progres
sing at San Francisco. It seems to be
rare sport for the curious. We pity the
female who feels compelled to go into a
court of justice to drocure damages for a
breach of promise, for although she may’
secure a few paltry dollars, yet her good
name does not gain any thing by the ordeal
through which it has to pass. “These
lawyers are the d— I for picking flaws,”
and a flaw in a female character—“not
putting too fine a point upon it,” as Mr.
Snagsby would say —it something.
The Stockton I’ost says, the question now
is not ‘ wiio struck Billy Patterson.” but
“who kissed Miss Gates ” A cotemporary
doubts this, and think.* the question is “who
did'nt kiss Miss Gates.”
Benecia Correspondence.
Benecia, Jan. -25, 1834.
Dear Mitchell: Yesterday the much
talked of bribery case came up in the
Senate for investigation. At an early hour
the Senate chamber was densely crowded,
so much so, that seats had to be furnished
for members of the Assembly inside of
the bar. Senator Peck re-affirmed his
statement, made some days ago, and Mr.
Palmer, under oath denied the truth of it.
Mr. Peck was examined and cross ex
amined for some four hours, and at the
time of adjournment the examination
was not half completed. Every question
that could lie conceived hy a shrewd law
yer, was put to induce Mr. Peck to con
tradict his first statement, but without
This morning the Judiciary committee
reported back Assembly bill repealing the
Legal notice Act. The final vote was
27 ayes, S nays. Messrs. Walkup, Tut
tle and Leake, voting in the negative.
At 11 o’clock the bribery case again
came tip, and the examination of Senator
Peck resumed and continued through
both the forenoon and afternoon sessions,
making some ten hours this witness was
upon the stand, and still his examination
not completed In justice to the witness
I.must say that during »dl this tedious
course nothing was elicited which could
be construed as contradictory of his for
mer statement.
A rumor was circulated in private cir
cles last evening to the effect that the en
tire delegation from your county, with the
exception of Senator Walkup, would
vote to bring on the election of U States
Senator. 1 trust for the reputation of the
Placer county delegation that the rumor
is unfounded; yet 1 fear the rumor is too
How the representatives of Placer
county can vote for the election of U. S.
Senator this winter, acknowledging as
they do, that it is almost unanimously the
wish of their constituents, that no elec
tion should he had this sesiott of the leg
islature, is more than 1 can understand.
It seems to me that there is but one of
two courses for a representative to pursue
when his conscience and his constituents
come in conflict, and that is: either carry
out the will of his constituents or resign,
and give hack the power to the people
which they cannot conscientiously exer
cise in accordance with the wishes of
their constituency, and thus allow the
people to send representatives who cun
and will reflect their sentiments on all
important matters.
Mr. W. R, H. Wood, who was con
nected with the office of the Secretary of
Stare in 1851, publishes a card in the
Times &, 'Transcript, in which he states
that the card hy Mr. Crabh, that the elec
tion returns had been altered, is, so far as
his knowledge or belief extend, “wholly
gratuitous, and without the shadow of
Removal. —'The Post. Office at Oak
Springs, Tuolumne county, has been re
moved to Montezuma city. It ts to re
tain the same name as heretofore.
Sacramento, Thursday evening,
January 26th, 1854. S
The jury in the Gates Case return! a
verdict at half past twelve to day, in fa
vor of Miss fiiites, lor £4OOO.
Our neighbor of the Republican sent us
his respects last evening. The Telegraph
has made us all next door neighbors; and
we congratulate our cotemporaries upon
the completion of this important news
From Placerville, to the JJuburn Herald
PlacekVlLl.K, Friday evening, £
81 2 o’clock, Jan 27, ’53. £
Compliments of the F.l Dorado Repub
ican, and hope you are thriving. U ra
ther clear and cold —no news of import
ance. Anything stirring with you.
To tar Gemot racy *>T i'iacei*
t oii iii 5 .
Henecia, Jan. 26, 1554.
During my late visit among you, my
answer to your enquiry "Is the election
of United Stales Senator coming oil this
session,” was that "It would not.” but
since my return to this place I am satisfi
ed that it will; as changes have taken
place, from some cause unknown to me,
m the minds of many members. 1 write
you that you may not think that 1 inten
ded to deceive you, to prevent a petition
being gotten up against the election,
which was intended.
Yours Respectfully,
Custom House Block. —The Gover
nor, mi the 16lh inst , addressed a letter
to the Semite and Assembly, relative to
the piece of ground in our city, bounded
by Washington, Sansome, Jackson and
battery streets. His Excellency sent in
at the same time a communication from
the Board of Land t ommissioners, by
which it appears that they value the pro
perty at $500,000. The Governor thinks
that $500,000 is too much at this time
“to be diverted from the means reded
upon to liquidate the debt of tbe St He,
and relieve our people from burdensome
taxation;” and he hopes that tfit* State’s
interest in this property will not be releas
ed until it can be done “without prejudice
to the credit of the State and welfare of
the people.” He also questions whet In i,
in justice to the creditors of tbe State it
can be donated to tbe General Govern
ment “until the debt tor which it has been
pledged, shall have been paid.
.S’. F. Lour.
For the first time, we believe, in the
history of San Francisco, there was a
‘ run” last evening and this morning, upon
one of the leading banking houses of this
city—Messrs. Adams fk. Co—a house as
solid, financially, as the rock of Gibraltar
is, physically. The run was occasioned
by a panic created by the circumstance of
the name of the firm failing to appear
among tho shippers by the steamers of
the 16th. Casual depositors, and parties
making irregular remittances, became
alarmed, supposing that Adams &. Co.,
had sent nothing by the steamers; while
in fact, they bad shipped per John L.
Stephens, $255,909; per Sierra Nevada,
>122,000; total shipment on tfie 16th,
$577,902. The house has of course met,
and will continue to meet, ail demands
that have been or may be made upon it.
Eve. Picayune.
The Stockton Filibusters. Captain
Henry C. bowed arrived in Stockton on
Wednesday morning. He gives, says the
Repub ican, a very battering acccount of
the new Republic. The expedition is
being organized with ali possdi e despatch
and it is expected ihat three hundred men
will leave this State for President Wal
ker’s headquarters in a few days. We
have seen tfie mu-ter-roll of ins company,
and must admit that it presents quite a
formidable appearance.
We learned in conversation yesterday
with one of the physicians of the Insane
Asylum in this city, that the Inmates —
numbering 110, and who, by-lhe-bye read
the papers —are all anxious to go filibus
tering to Lower California with the ex
ception of one poor lellow, who says he
won’t go any where else but Texas to
fight.— Stockton Post.
G. ivl, 'Totten, the chief engmt er of the
Panama Railroad, estimates the cost of
completing it at it 1,426,800.
'1 he Southwestern 'Texas Railroad
Convention recently he d, provided for
the exp oration of the PL Paso route. —
T. Butler King was in the Convention as
a representative of the New York Pacific
Railroad company.
It is estimated that the trade passing
through the port of San Pedro to Los
Angeles, amounts £250,000 per week.
Father Gavazzi, the Roman cathode
apostle, lectured in Washington on the
13th of December, in Charleston, Mass.,
on the 19th, and was announced to lecture
on the night of December 20th at Salem.
On Thursday evening the 28tli inst , at the
residence of John U. Gwynn, Esq., ly the
Hcv. James Hunter, Mr. Edward T. l.oving
to Mrs Mary Gambnll, all ol Millertown°
Placer county, t a
EpS'l RAYED—From the sub-
J scriher, on or about tbe 30th \
of December, 1853, one BAY HORhE,
branded with Vallejo’s brand in two
places; also BU in two places, and Z on
left hip. Said horse lias three white feet
and has tbe marks of a sore on bis weath
er. Any person finding the above horse
and delivering him at the Temple Saloon,
Auburn, will be permitted to pay leu dol
lars to the undersigned.
M. P. H. LOVE.
Auburn, Jan. fftth, ’s4—lt
Odd-Fellows Notice,
fPHE members of Auburn Lodge. N„ t
L. particularly requested to attend
il *v HQ* I, . . 11 lilt;i.
li ill, on Saturday 28th inst , at hall
o'clock, l‘. M, as there will be b us n ,,' Slx
vital importance before the Lodge '' '’ S3
M. I’. 11. L()VB, Secret
Auburn, January 28,1854.
virtue of
'anu iry, and also the sum i,f 1269,80,
I will sell at the Court I lousecb.or it
kJ an Order ot Sals and Judgment 1) .
m ule by the District Court of the 6th
mal District in and for Sacramento 1 oii.r
'■u the 16 h day of January, a d., | or.
dering the Sheriff of I’laoer County tV’li
certain attached property of S, Wf,
hereinafter described, to s tisfy a i./i, el ‘ 8 *
rendered un said 16th day of January
iu said Court, in favor of Henry \\ Vov i
Andrew Marshall and Oliver 1! w’ 1 *! ,
and against 8. W, Lovell for
legal interest thereon from said 1 6tli day U f
■ in AtiKii rn
I'hicer county to the highest bidder f t ,..c
n Saturday the 18th day of February] p ’
iS.VJ. at 10 o c nek, a in., all the right tin ’
interest and claim of said Lovell in anti L '’
the shares of stock and interest in aha res If
stock in the Hear River and Auburn Um',"
ami Mining 1 ompany. and Yankee
Cm on and Water Company or '
i ~, ~ , i - nijifinies
anals, and the .May 1 lower -.iw Min : -
tenances and water privileges thereto belcny'
ing, all being and situate in Placer r 0 untv
All said property will be sold on said day o',
so much MS will satisty said judgment ond
costs due and to l ecome due thereon, m
January 26th 1854,
8 0 AS I IN. Sheriff of Placer Co
Auburn, n2O 3t
Sjllkini rs SAL.E.—By virtuiTof
kJ an Order of ale and Judgment decree
made by the Hon. District t ourt o the 6th
ludicial District, in and for Sacramento coun
ty. on the Dith day of January, a d , 18-M
ordering the Sheriff of IMacer County to sell
certain attached property of S. W. Lovell
K S. Peck, and P B. Fagan, hereinafter de
scribed. to satisfy a judgment rendered cu
said 10th day ot January, a. d 1854 msaid
ourt. in favor of Charles LI. Swift and
against s. u . Lovell, E. S Peck, and I*. B
Fagan, tor the sum of |5829,87, together w ih
interest at the rate ot live per cent per
month from the 25th day of September a J
1853, until paid, and the sum of $205 79 costs
I wil sell tit the Court House door, iu Au
burn, Placer County at public auction, for
cash on Saturday the 18th day of (• ebruary,
1854, at 10 o'clock, a. rn all the right, title,
interest and claim of S. W. Lovell, (one of
the above-named defendants) in and tea cer
tain mill known as the May Flower >aw Mill,
together with all the appurtenances and wa
ter privileges thereto belonging, being and
situated in Placer County, about tour miles
from Auburn, and also all the right, title, in
terest and claim of 8 W, Lovell, E. s. Peck,
and P. B. Fagan, defendants, in and to the
shares of stock, and interest of shares of
-t"ck in the Boar River and Auburn V\ nter
and Mining Company or Company’s Canal,
being and situated in Placer county; and al
so all the right title, interest and claim of
the above-named defendants in and to the
shares of stock and interest in shares of stock
of the Yankee -Mm's Pnion and Water Com
pany (icing and situated in Placer countv.all
the above property will be sold as above
mentioned or so much thereof as will be suf
ficient to satisfy said judgment and costs
SC. ASTIN, Sheriff Placer Co.
By W, H, Dillingham, Deputy.
Auburn. Jan. 2Gth ’s3—3t
0 herlfF SilJe.—-By virtue of an order
kJ of sale and Judgment Decree made by tin
Hon District Court of the 6lh Judicial Dis
trict in and for Sacramento county on the
11th day of January, A. D 1854, ordering
the sheriff of i laoer county to sell certain at
tached property of James Edwards, hereinaf
ter described to satisfy a judgment rendered
■in said 11th day of January. (854. in said
Court in favor of Charles H. Swift and
against .las Edwards for the sum of $1412 30,
with interest at the rate of five per cent, per
month, fro o the 25th day of November, a. d.,
1853, and if not paid at the end of each
month the interest to he added to the princi
pal and bear the same rate of interest there
after, together with the sum of £1511,15 cost*
taxed herein and all costs that tuny accrue,
1 will sell at the Court House door in Au
burn, Placer county, to the highest bidder
lor cash, on Saturday the 18th day of lc ru
ary, a. d. 1854, at 10 o’clock, a m.. all the
right, title, interest and claim of the said
James Edwards in and to the shares of stock,
and interest in shares of stock in the hear
River and Auburn Water and Mining Co®’
puny and Company’s < anal. I emg and sit
uated in Placer county, or so much thereof as
will he sufficient to satisfy said judgment and
costs due and to become due
S. C. ASTIN, sheriff Placer Co.
By W, II Dillingham, l>P ut 7-
Auburn, Jan. 271 h, ’54~3t
'3IOVA L.— dr. j. r YOUNG h*i
•enioved bis office from 220 i Dupont it..
ie Corner of Moiatsoinory a* l **
ifomitt Streets, opposite the Bank
louse of Pa.' e, Bacon A Co , Ban Irnn
. where he will be happy to consult wit
brtner pmtrons, and treat scientifically
with discretion all those who may requn*
iervices of a Physician The success o
Young since his advent in this State ha
without a parallel, and he hopes by cm
ed and untiring application to his 1 r( ’, ee ,
, to remove from the public mind t a
of confidence which * as so unhappily ex
I in regard to the Medical Profession >
State of Calfornia
S. All letters enclosing 1 10 will reeei
ediate attention. Direct to Bo*, < f
Office. Fan Francisco. jau‘2B n*
\M & SO 1,0 M ON’B
IE undersigned take pleasure
i informing the citizens ot An*
and surrounding country, that I'k
a large and splendid stock ol g ,)y(
nir store in
e corner, comprising a general ai
of Clothing,
Hoots mill Shoes,
Iliits and Cas» s \
a variety of Fancy Articles. pre
fully solicit the con tinualion of i *'
tinge which has hee n lieretol ore
/ bestowed. ,
burn,.Tan. "9, bS-nfO if

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