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TubUrfhed every Saturday Morning Ly
vt the Herald Office, on Main Street,
opposite the National Hotel.
Subscription one year, in advance. 6,00
(i six months 4,00
(( three months 2,50
<( one m in h 1,00
<( single copies 25
0 ie square, of 10 lines, and more
th in 5 lines, first insertion, 3,00
E-ieh subsequent insertion, 1.50
K ir hall squ ire of five lines or less, 2,00
Each subsequent insertion, 1,00
One sqmre, first insertion, 2.00
Eu-h subsequent insertion, 1,00
cs* vll legal advertisements most lie
(I( .,;„,ii|, allied with the cash, otherwise
they will not be published. 1 his rule
will be strictly adhered to.
Job Printing.
The Job Oifice of the Hekald has re
ceiitlv received large additions, and pa
trons can now have printing done, of a l l
descriptions, in a superior manner. Or
ders from a distance must invariably be
accompanied with the noney.
State of California, ?
Cauntvof Plac *r. V
111 the mutter of rhe petition of John
Echols, for the benefit of an art entitled
“\n act for the re iei of Insolvent Debt
ors ami the protection of Creditors,”
passed May 4th. 1802.
Whereas, an order has been issued by
the Judge of tile District Court of the
llfh Judicial District as follows, to-vvit:
Up m examining the within and fore
going petition, sc lied u es, indentures and
affi lav it, and being satisfied that they are
made in compliance with the provisions
of an act entit ed “An act for the relief
of Insolvent debtors and the protection of
creditors,” approved May 4th, 1852. It
is therefore ordered bv the undersigned
District Judge of the 11th Judicial Dis
trict, in said "Gate, that the creditors of
the within named John Echols, mentioned
in the within schedules (marked A & 14),
he and they are hereby required and or
dered to appear before the District Court
of the 14th Indicia District, at the Court
House in Coloma, in the county of FA
Dorado in said Mate on the (itl) day of
F'eliru try, a d 1854, to shew cause it any
they hive, why an assignment of the es
tate of the said John Echols shall not be
made and he be discharged from his debts.
It is further ordered and directed that
the i lerk of the District Court aforesaid,
for the County of flatter, issue a n >tice
to the creditors aforesaid, to be and ap
pear in open Court aforesaid, to show
cause if any they have why the prayer of
the said John Echols shal not be granted.
It is further ordered tint the creditors
aforesaid, be and they are hereby stayed
and restrained from the prosecution of
legal proceedings against the said John
EchoD, until Ins prayer in the premises
can be heard tit the time and place afore-
District Judge 11th I idicial District.
Now, therefore, the creditors of the
said John Echols, are hereby notified to
he and appear before the District Court
of the 11th .Indicia District, at the Court
House in Coloma, in said State, cn the
fith day of F'ebruary, a. d., 1854, to show
cause if any they have, why an assign
ment of the estate of the so id John Echols
shall not he made, and he he discharged
from his debts.
Witness niv land and the seal of the
District Court of the 11th Judicial
District, m and for Placer County
This sth day of January, a. d., 1854.
W VI. A. JOHNSON, Clerk.
Half. &, Uykrson, Attorneys.
Auliurn, Jan. 7th, ’s4—nl7 5
VJUetlfl’s Sale.— -by yirti eof an order
O of sale to me directed issued out of tin
Hon. District 1 ourtof the I Ith Judicial His
trict for Placer o mty, up m a judgment
rendered on the 10th day of January. 1854,
hi favm of Holt & Perkins and against H. v>.
House, for the sum of $1498.29, with interest
on the s id sum of fourteen hundred anil nine
ty eight doll irs and twenty nine cents, from
the Kith day of January iB'>4, at the rate of
10 per cent per annum, together with two
hundred and ninedollars and ninety six costs:
and whereas, an order'and decree of 1 ourt
was entered on said 10th day of Januarx,
1814, for the sale of the following described
premises, to wit: The ” Empire Hotel,” to
gether with the lot and all buildings thereon
or so much thereof as will bo sufficient to
satisfy the above judgment and costs of suit,
the same being duo upon a mechanics’ lien
h"ld by the said plaintiffs in accord a ce with
law I will sell to the highest bidder for cash,
the above d escribed proper y, lying and hemp
situated in the town of Auburn, Placer conn
ty. State of California at the 1 ourt House
door in Auburn, on Saturday the llth day of
February, 1854. at 2 o'clock, p, m
S i’ ASn\, sheriff Placer Ho
By Win, H, Dillingham, Deputy.
Auburn, January 20th, 's4— Bt
County of Pi, \ckr.
,j NO \I. HOW EEL,
SllcriflPs Sale.—B\ vntue of mi exe
cation to me directed, issued out of n i
■on. District curt of the 11th Judicial D.-
trier in and for Placer' ounty, on n judgmem
rendered on the 9th day of Janurry, a. d.
1854 in favor ot Lewis Mason and against J
M Tipton. Wm Hatfhld and Tims. >ims fo
nineteen hundred and seventy eight dollars
and forty three cents eht and fivo hnndreo
>nd twenty dollars and sixty seven cents costs
of suit, witii interest on the said sum of nine
teen hundred and seventy eight dollars and
forty-three cents, from the 9th day of Janu
ary, 1851. at the rate of 10 per cent, per an
num. I have this day levied upon and will
-ell to the highest bidder 'or cash, at Her
rick s Hotel, in Yankee dim’s, Tp. No 5 on
Saturday the 11th day of February 1854 at
I o’clock p m , all the right, title and inter
est of the said I ipton, Hatfield & Sims in and
to the following property, to wit: One lot in
Michigan 1 ity. on the east side of Main street
upon which is a butcher's shop known as Hat
field, 'muis and 1 O’sstiop; also in Hie omf .-
Valley Ranch, in ' p. No. 6, lying and situaP
in I ird’s Valley, by the road leading from
'taker's Ranch to Michigan ity. also in the
ranch known as (laker’s Ranch, in Tp. No 6.
lying and situate on both sides of the road
leading from Yankee dim s to Michigan City;
also in and to the Volcano Saw mill in I p. No
6; also in a certain lot lying and situate in
Yankee dim’s, Tp No. 5, on the west side o
Main street, upon which is a butcher’s shop
known as the shop of the Mountain Beef 1 0.,
also in a certain butcher’s ranch, lying and
Mtuate near Owl Creek on the road between
Blood's .Mill and Yankee dim's in Tp. No 5.
S. C- AST IN, Sheriff,
Fly D C. Scott, Deputy
Yankee Jim’s ian 11th 64 nl93w
OherifTs Sale.— By virtue of an exe-
O cution to me directed and delivered, issueu
out of the District ' ourt of the 6th dudicial
District, in and for Sacramento county on a
udgm nt rendered on the ‘2oth day of Decem
> er, 1853, in fivor of Joseph Klopenstene,
Andrew Klopenstene and Lewis Vassariat
and against butus Smith, O. !’ Douglass
and H Pendleton for $952,64 and s2ds 60
costs of suit, with interest on said sum of
£952.64 from the day judgment was rendered
it the rate of ten per cent per annum, I have
R-vied upon and will sell to the highest bid
ler for cash at the court house in Placet
aiunty. on the 4th day ot February. 1854. a
11 o’clock, a tn. all the right, title, interes
and claim of -aid Smith, Douglass and Pen
lleton in and to the stock and shares in the
Hold Hill and Bear River vv „ter Company
being and situated in Placer county All the
above named stock will he sold on said day or
so much thereof as will he sufficient to satis
fy said execution and costs due and to become
due thereon.
Sheriff Placer county.
S-ierifT’s Sale.— By virtue of an order
of sale and Judgment Decree made by tlie
'on District Court of the 6th Judicial Dis
trict in and for -acramento county on the
* 1 tli day of January, A. D 1854, ordering
the sheriff of • lacer county to sell certain at
tached property of James Ed wards, hereinaf
ter described to sati-fy a judgment rendered
m said 11th d>y of January 1854 in said
'ourt in favor of Charles 11. Swift and
against las Edwards for the sum of ,£1442 30,
with interest at the rate of five per cent, per
month fro the 2oih day of November, a d .
1853, and if not paid at trie end of each
month the interest to fie added to the princi
pal and bear the same rate of interest there
ifter, together with the sum of £150.15 costs
taxed herfein and all costs that may accrue.
I will sell at the ourt House dour in Au
'min, Placer count}’, to the highest bidder
'or cash on Saturday the 18th day of Ke ru
ary, a. d. 1854. at 10 o’clock, a m., all the
r glit, title, interest and claim of the said
lames Edwards in and to the shares of stock
and interest in shares of stock in the Bear
River and Auburn Water and Mining <’om
pany and Company’s anal. Being and sit
uated in Placer entity, or so much thereof as
will be sufficient to satisfy said judgment and
costs due and to become due
S. C. ASTIN, Mieriff PI acer Co.
By W. H Dillingham, Deputy.
Auburn, Jan. 27th, ’s4—3t
O HKHI FF’S S VLE.—By virtue of
Oan < trder of ale and Judgment decree
made by the Hon. District > ourt o the 6th
ludicial District, in and for Sacramento conn
ty, on the 16th day of January, a d . 1854.
ordering the Sheriff of Placer County to sell
certain attached property of S. \V. Lovell,
l‘j S. Peck, and P B. Fagan, hereinafter de
scribed. to satisfy a judgment rendered on
said 16th day ot January, a. d 1854 in smd
ourt, in favor of Charles H. Swift and
igainst -L W. Lovell, R. s Peck, and P. B
agan, for the sum of $5829,87, together with
I nterest at the rate ot five per cent per
aonth from the 25th day of September a d
1853. until paid, and the sum of $295 79 costs
wil sell at the Court House door, in Au
burn. Placer County at public auction for
cash on Saturday the 18th day of Kehruary.
1854, at 10 o’clock, a. m. all the right, title,
interest and claim of S. VV. Lovell, (one of
the above named defendants) in and to a cer
tain mill known as the May Flower 'aw M 11
together with all the appurtenances and wa
ter privileges thereto belonging, being and
situated in Placer County, about four miles
from Auburn,and also all the right, title, in
terest and claim of S W. Lovell, B. S. Peck
and I’. B. Fagan, defendants, in and to the
shares of stock, and interest of shares of
-tack in the Bear River and Auburn " ater
ind Mining Company or ' ompany’s Canal,
being and situated in Placer county; and al
so all the right title, interest an I claim of
the above named ..defendants in and to the
shares of stock and interest in shares of stock
of the Yankee lira’s Pnion and Wafer Com
pany being and situated in Placer count'. all
the above property will be sold as above
mentioned or so much thereof as will be suf
ficient to satisfy said judgment and costs
8 C. ASTIN, Sheriff Placer Co.
By W, H, Dillingham, Dsputy.
SUcrilt’s Sale.— By viitueofan exe
cution to me directed i.-suod uui of tin
District court uf the Ilili Judicial District
in and for Placer county, on a judgment ren
dered on the Oth d;iy of lanuary. a d* 1854
in favor of Lewis Mason and against ,1, vi
Mptoii.Wm Hatfield and Thom is 'imsfot
$i978,43 debt and $520.G7 costs of suit, with
interests on said sum «>t $lO7B 43 fro •> tin
oth day of January. 1854. at the rate of ten
per cent per annum. 1 h ve this day levied
upon and will sell to the highest hi Ider fn
cash, at the store in r.l Dorado canon
known ns Hatfield Sims & Cos store, in
Township No G on Thursday the 26th day
January a. d. IS-54, at 1(1 o'clock a. m. ail
the right title, interest and claims of said
Tipton, Hatfield it 'ims in and to the follow
ing property, to wit: One building used as
a store and known as Hatfield, Sims & Co s
store; also, 4H>olbs Hour. 2D.J sacks potatoes.
1 '»4lbs. crushed sugar 5751b5. brown sugar.
1 sack onions 15 hams 17 pieces of bacon.
50 gallons of liquor, 5 bar decanters 10 gal
lons and 13 jars pickles, half barrel of por .
400 1 s. rice, quarter of a barrel of corn
me il. 400 lbs. of hard bread one b irre ot
s oda crackers, 140 lbs salmon, BOOlbs beam
lot of codfish, lot of corn beef, 05 gallons if
molasses, one and a half bolt of duck 15
pair of boots. 19 pair of shoes, 9 coats, silk
cravats, 22 pair of pants, under c othing, 9
hats and 8 rubber i-aps. a lot of grocerie
medicines, <tc., cherry bounce and charn
pagne, one lot of tobacco, lot of preserved
and dried truit, lot of preserved meats, Lsy
rup 3 dozen boxes sardines, lot powder lot
hard ware and cooking utensils, one lot tine
ware, lot miner's tools, one pair spring bal
ance and platform scales and one gold scale.
I w 11 also sell on the same day at 3 o’clock
p m. all the right title and interest of the
above named defendants in and to a certain
butcher’s shop in Michigan ' ifr said town
ship, and known ns Hatfield, v irns & toV
shop, sale to t ike place at said shop. I will
also sell on Triday the 27th day of January
1854, at the Bird's Valley Ranch, at 2 o’clock
p m all the right, title and interest of Un
said Tipton, Hatfield & Sims in and to the
building and improvements on the Bird's
Valley Hanch and also all their interest in
stock and shares in and to a certain toll
road leading from Bnk r's ranch to viichi
gin city. 1 will also sell on the same day at
3 o'clock p in all the right title and interest
if the said Tipton. Hatfield & Sims in and to
the buildings and improvements on the r iriel
known as Baker's ranch all of said property
being in township and county aforesaid.
I will also sell in Yankee Jim's at the
Butcher shop, in township No. 5,0 n Saturday
the 28th day of lanuary, 1854, at 11 o clock
a in. all the right, tittle and interest of s id
I ipton, Hatfield & 'ims in and to a certain
butcher's shop in Yankee Jim’s, townsh p
No 5 known as the shop of the Mountain
Beef Comp my. 1 will also sell on the same
day at 3 o clock, p m at the Butcher's ranch
on Owl creek, all 'he right title and interest
of the above named defendants in and 1 1 the
building and improvements on the ranch
known as the Owl Creek Butcher's ranch, in
townsnip No. 5., also 23 Head Beef nttle.
8 C. A 8 TIN, sheriff.
By T). C. S ’O i T. I teputy
Yankee Jim, January 14 1854. nl9 Iw
Mie above sales arc hereby pnpstponed
The first sale until ■ obruary 13th 10 o'clock,
a. m., at Hatfield's Sims & Co.’s store in Til
Dorado Canon; second sale Tebruary 13th.
3 o'clock p. in .at Michigan City: th.rd sale.
February 14th, 2 o'clock p m , at bird’s Val
ley; fourth sal . same day at 3 o’clock, p. m;
fifth sale, February 15ih, 11 o’clock, a in., at
Yankee Jim’s; sixth sale, same day at 3
o’clock, p. m., at the Butcher’s Ranch on Owl
Creek 8. C. A>IIN, Sheriff
By D, <’. Scott Deputy
OlierilPs Sale.—By virtue of five (5;
O executions, to me directed and delivered,
four (4) issued out of the District court of the
6th Jud cial District in and for Sacrament
county, on judgments rendered as follows:
Tirst two on the 2Drli day of December 1853,
one for $1857.10 w th interest at ten per cent
per annum, and $37 4,64 costs of suit in favor
of Wm Armstrong, the other forsUoB 50 with
interest at ten per cent por annum and $243
60 costs of suit in favor of Weston & Hewe t
the second two on the 4th day of J muary
(854 one for $1596,75 with interest at ten
per cent per annum and $162 55 cost of suit
in favor of 'ounuel A Morrison, the other for
$1294 71 ith interest at ten per cent pet
annum and $157,18 costs of suit in favor of
Figg Si Co. and the other, the fifth, issued In
justice Hawkins, of ITacer ounty, for $202,
95, in favor of Anderson, Hunter &Co nd
all W Lovell, I have this day Lv
led upon and will to the highest b dde>
for cash, at the Court House m Auburn
L’laeer County, on Saturday the 2lst day o
January. 1854, at 10 o’clock, a m., all the
right title, interest and claim of said S. tv
Lovel in and to the following personal prop
erty, to-wit: 4 head of team horses and har
ness and 3 wagons Iw 11 also sell on the
same day at the May Flower saw mill, four
miles from Auburn, at, 2 o’clock, p. m., all
defendants interest in and to about fivo thou
sand feet of lumber I have also, by virtue
of said five executions, t s day upon
and will sell to the highest bidder tor cash,
it the ourt House in Auburn, ITacer <'oun
'v, on "Titurday. the 4'h day of February,
1854, at 10 o’clock, a. m , all the right title,
interest and claim of said S. W Lovell in and
to the stock and shares, and interest in stock
and shares in the Bear River and Auburn
Water and Mining ompnny, and the Yankee
Jim's&Fnion Water l ompnny, anil the ay
F ower 'Oiw vill and appurtenances and
water privileges thereto betonging, all being
and situated in ITacer Comity Said proper
t.y will be sold as above stated, or so much a w
will satisfy said executions nnd costs ■ bis
January the 13th 1854. S. C. a*'lN.
Auburn jin 14 3t sheriff ITacer county
The sale of the above nitned lumber and
two wagons is postponed until Saturday, Feb
4th 1864.
Jaa 5$ Id Shariff Flatter county.
SHERIFF’S SALE. —By virtue of
fin • U’dcr of ,'nl.» anil Judgment D one
made by the District Court of the 6th Judi
cial District in and for Sacramento ounty
on the 10 h day of January, a d., 1854, or
dering the Sheriff of l‘lacer Bounty to sell
certain attached property of n U Lovell's,
hereinafter described, to s tisfy n judgment
rendered on said 16r.1i day of January. 1854
n said Court, in favor of Henry \V Gifford
Andrew J. Marshall and Oliver B V\ esrotl
and against S. W. I ovell for ‘'.'2ooll.Oil, with
1. gal interest thereon from said 16th day oi
anuary, and also the sum of $269 80 costs
I will sell at the Court I louse dor in Aui urn
• Tacer county to the highest bidder for cash
■m Saturday the 18th day of February, n. d .
1854, at 10 o c ock, a. m.. all the right title
interest and claim of said I,ovell in and to
the shares of stock and interest in shares ot
stock in the Bear River and Auburn U atei
and Mining orapany and Yankee Jim's
Union and Water Company or t <nipnnies
anals, and the May Flower 'aw Mill appur
tenances and water privileges thereto belong
ing, all being and situate in I’lacer 1 ounty.
All said property will bo sold on said day or
so much ns will satiety said judgment ami
costs due and to 1 ecome due thereon. This
January 26th 1854
S (J aS PIN, Sheriff of Placer Co
Auburn, n2O-3t
Cidisthnlr’s Sale.— By virtue of an
execution, to me directed, issued out of
the Court of R 0. Cravens, a Justice of the
Pence withi and for the County of Placet,
'Tate of ' alifornia, 1 p No 5. on a judgment
rendered on the 29th ay of Dnceuiuer. 1853.
m favor of James H Bennett and aga nsi
Mark Ntebbins for the sum of four hundred
and sixty dollars and five cents debt inclusive
of costs of suit, I Lave this day levied upon
and will sell to the highest bidder for cash at
the Bowling Alley known as Ste'nhins Alley
in Van ee Jim's, on Saturday the lith day ot
February, a. d , 1854, at 3 o'clock, p in . all
the right, title and interest of the said Mark
Stebbins in and to the following property, to
wit; Two lots lying and situated on the west
>*ide of vinin ■street in Yankee Jim’s one upon
which stands the Saloon and Bowling alley
known ■ s tebhius place, and the other upon
which a build ng stands now used as a Res
taurant, and formerly owned andoccup ed by
Adams and Co. 'aid property lying in the
above named Township and County
D i . 'i O T Deputy Sheriff
Yankee Jim's, Dec 29,’53 - n!9 3t
affCTgßMCAWiaraicjM. rus .att»-.TO.w«aagc , _CCTM-unii i nil— l
Independent Order of Odd F« !-
Auburn Lodge, -No. 7, meets vmy
aturday evening. I ret liven in good
standing are invited to visit
M P. II LO'E- SeerrlnrV'
Ou eIC c Lodge N* !G, of F.V A
MEET the first and third Mondays in ever'
month. Transient brethren in good
standing are invited to communicate.
n o. hyerson. Auuurn * Yankee Jim.
liaSe, llyerson &, Alills.
ATTORNEYS and Counsellors at I.aw, Mi
burn and Yankee Jim, ITacercounty. Cal
iturnia, willattend punctually to all bus runs
entrusted to them ''dice at Aubuin. one
door above the sheriff’s olllce. M E. Mills
office at Yankee Jim. jy23my
PHILIP W. THOMAS, Attorney nml
Counselor at Law, Auburn California
District Attorney for Placer County Itf
TAMES ANDERSON, Attorney an 1
t' ’ounselur at La w, Auburn Plan t county
California. apt il 30 n33my
E. CARPENTER, Attorney and
\J• Counselor at Law. Office adjoining
the Bear liiver &, A. VV. Si .M. Co.’s of
fice, Auburn, Cal. n5O my.
itCFHE certificate of the County Sur
veyor or any of his deputies, shall
Be admitted as legal evidence in any i oun ol
Lids State but the same may be explained oi
rebutted by other evidence. No survey here
after mnde by any person except the ountv
Surveyor or his de| ufv shall be considered
legal evidence in any ('curt within this state
except such surveys as are made by the nu
fhority of the United States or by mutun 1
consent of the parlies” —page 171 Statutes
of California.
County Surveyor, Placer county, Cal.
Office in Auburn Oc/. 15, ns—no
House Carpenter and Joiner,
14 prepared to erect or improve houses on
short notice. He has on hand n laryelol
of good sluice lumber, and keeps constant y n
supply of Toms Rockers and sheet iron lor
mining purposes.
He is also prepared with suitable lumber
for all orders as undertaker.
Auburn, Novl9, ’5B —my
TICE. All persons having claims
against the estate of Mary Lawrence, de
ceased, are hereby notified to present them
to (he undersigned Public Administrator,
of I’lacer County, within ten months from
this date or they will lie forever barred
from all benefit of said estate; and all
persons indebted are requested to make
immediate payment
Public .Aflrn’r ot Placer County.
Auburn, Jan 6, 54—-n!7 4w*
I>OST E R S,Qua rtz Certificates, cards
&c, neatly printed uf the Office of the
Pleoer Herald.
Woman’s llights—A Story of
Leap Year.
Sam Smith sat at home on New Year's
•lay, in dishabille. His beard- was un*
shaved, his hair uncombed, his longhoot*
were nnblacked, and he was leaning back
in a picturesque attitude, with his heel,
against the mantle-piece smoking a cigars
Sin thought to himself that as this waa
leap year, how glorious it would be if the
ladies would pop the question in accord
ance with their ancient privileges.
As he sat watching the smoke which so
gracefully ctir’ed hi< fancy glowed with
the idea, how delighbd if would be to
have the dear creatures fondling on him,
and with their tender glances endeavoring
to do the agreeable.
As he nn-ditafed, his hea't softened, and
he began to fee] a squeamish, womanish
sensibility diffuse over his feeling, and be
thought he should faint with propriety
the first time a woman should squeeze his
Rap, rap, rap, sounded at the door; Sam
peeped through the Venetian blinds.
“Mercy, ’ exc aimed he, “if there isn’t
Miss lories—and I all dishabille, and look
ing like a fright, good graci us. 1 must
go right away and fix myself”
As he left the room, M iss Jones entered,
and with a composed air intimated that
she w ould wait. M iss Jones was a firm
believer in woman’s rights, and now that
the season was propitious, she determined
to fake advantage thereof, and do a little
courting on her own hook. It was one
of I he woman’s privileges, v\ hi*h had been
usurped by ihe tyrant, man, and she de
termined to assert her rights in spite of
the hollow forma itiesof the false system
of society.
“Dearest, how beautiful you look,” ac
companying her words with a glance of
undi-g u ised a dim ration,
“Spare the blushes of « modest young
man,” said Sam, app ying the cambric
to his face to hide his contusion.
“Nay, my love, why so coy?” snid
Susan, “turn not away those beautiful
eyes, dark as jet, but sp irklmg as a dia
mond. Listen to the voice of fond affec
tion. Here let us rest;” said s e, draw
ing him to the sofa, “there, with my arm
around thee, will I protect my true affec
tion.” •
“Leave, oh ! leave me!” murmured Snip,
“think of my youth and inexperience—
spare my palpitating heart.”
“Leave ifu-e !” said > usan, pressing him
closer to her, “never until the story of
restless nights, of unquiet days of aspira
tion, fond emotions, and undying love is
laid before thee. Know that for years 1
have nursed for thee a secret passion
Need 1 i* II you how such manly, beauty
moved me; how I worshipped like n sun
flower in the lurid light of these raven
tresses; how my fond heart wits entrapped
in the meshes of those magnificent whis
kers; how I would \ it- Id to the govern
ment of that imperial; thy manners so
modest, so delicate, enchant* d me- joy to
me- for thy joy was my joy. My heart
is ever thine—take it—but first let me
snatch one kiss from those ruby ips.”
I he overwhelming feelings of the de
licate you I) were 'no strung, end he taint
ed fn m ex '8- i f joy. Meanwhile the
• iiamor.al maiden hung fomlly over him,
Sh>w y the ey es of Samuel w rnith open
'd—lie g; zed wildly about him—tlen
meeting the ardent gaze of his lover, he
Miishi d deeply, ami from behind his h ittd
kerchief family falteied our, “Ask my
“In fok I wo Chincfs.”—A meeting
of the subscribers to the Cotillion Parries,
was advertised in the >tockton Journal,
on Monday, to take place that evening t
tile New \oi k Hot I. \t the appointed
hour, says the Journal, the sidt-erihert*
assembled, and as they drew up around
the stoves, if was noticed that several
strange, *w arlhy-looking homines otra
iiiented the room, “saying nary a wotd,”
but listening profoundly to what was
being said by others. An adj urnment
of the subscribers to another room was
proposed; ami tis they moved oft, two of
ifie strangers ventnml a ong, n d look
steals in the consulting cin le. 'lbis in
trusion rou'd not be tolerateo, and oi e
of' the subscribers very bland \ inform* d
the strangers that the assemblage theie
was private, and all who were nut sub
-miters, were intruders.
“VVa I, fiiend, that thar needn’t disturb
\er, for me and ibis here chap as is with
me, are willin to -nb-cribe right off— you
needn’t jump, we won’t te I a word about
An explanation took place, and as the
stranger was led into the secret, his nether
lip fell, anti his eyes lost half their lustre,
as he sovvly left the room, muttering to
his companion,
“Wall, by hokey, if 1 don’t feel mean.
Here I have been stoppin’ in this nll
fired dull town this darned cold day, just
to join a filibuster crowd, anil here it*
nothing bur a lot of dance* I have put
my foot in,” and with this he left, car
rying off' all the strange crowd in the
next room; and from the noises that after
wards disturbed the town, we can rea
sonably decide that the disappointed parly
went fillihustering down in “Hongkong.”
The *hip White Squall reached Naw
York on the 20th of December, after a
remarkably short passage of 93 daya from
San Francisco.

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