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Proposed Amendments to the Contsi
tution of the State of California.
The Legislature of the State of California, at
jts sixth session, commenced on the first day of
January, A. D. 185 a, propose as amendments to
the present Constitution of this State, the fol
Amendment 1. Section 2 of article 4, Hamer- 1
«d so as to read as follows: Section •*. The ses
sions of the Legislature shall bebienni-Laad.-hall
commence on the first Monday of January next
ensuing the election of its members unless tne
Governor of the State shall in the interim con
vene the Legislature bv proclamation.
In Senate, March 20th, ’55, on the above amend
ments the Ayes were 17; Noes. 8. ,
In Assembly, April 12tb, 1850,th . .
Noes on the above Ist proposed amendment, were
as follows; Ayes, 39, Noes, 1<•
amendment 2. section 3 of article lisa mend;
SZJtf* rimWyS he chUnby the qual
fifty-Jen. unless otherwise order-
L? hi- the legislature, and biennially thereafter;
Sd their term of office shall be two years.
In Senate, March 20th, 1855, upon the above
2d proposed amendment, the ayes and noes were
as follows: Ayes, 19; Noes. 6.
In Assembly, April 12h, 1855, the vote on said
2d proposed amendment stood as follows: Ayes,
51; Noes, 12.
Amendment 3. Section 5 of article 4 is amend
ed so as to read as follows: Section 5. Senators
shall be chosen for the term of four years, at the
same time and place as members of the Assem
bly: and no person shall be a member of the Sen
ate or Assemoly who has not been a citizen and
inhabitant of the State two years, and of the
county or district for which he shall be chosen
one year next preceding his election.
In Senate, March 20th, 1855, upon the alto re
3d proposed amendment to the Constitution, the
ayes and noes were as follows: Ayes, 19; Noes, 5.
In the Assembly, April I2th, 1855,up0n the 3d
above proposed amendment, tlie ayes and noes
stood as follows: Ayes, 50; Noes, 14.
Amendment 4. Section 6 of article 4 is amend
ed so as to read as follows; Section 0. The num
ber of Senators shall not be less than one-third,
nor more than one-half of that of members of the
Assembly; and at the first session of the Legisla
ture, after this amendment takes effect, Senators
shall be divided by lot as equally as may l>e into
two classes. The seats of the Senators of the
first class shall be vacated at the expiration of
two years, so that one-half, as nearly as may be,
Dhall be chosen bienially.
In Senate, March 20th, 1855, upon the above
4th proposed amendment to the Constitution, the
aves and noes were as follows: Ayes, 19; Noes, G.
' In Assembly, April 12th. 1855, upon the above
3d proposed amendment, the ayes and noes were
as follows; Ayes, 19; Noes, 6.
Amendment 5. Section 2of article 10 is amend
ed so as to read as follows: Section 2. And if
at any time two-thirds of the Senate and Assem
bly shall think it necessary to revise and change
this entire Constitution, they shall recommend to
the electors at the next election for members of
the legislature to vote for or against a conven
tion, and if it shall appear that a majority of the
electors voting at such election,have voted in fa
vor of calling a convention, the Legislature shaSl,
at its next session, provide by law for calling a
convention, to be holdeu within six months after
the passage of such law; and such convention
shall consist of a number of members not less
than that of both branches of the Legislature-
The Constitution that may have been agreed up
on and adopted by such convention, shall be sub
mitted to the people at a special election to be
provided for by law, for their ratification or re
jection. Each voter shall express his opinion by
depositing in the ballot-box a ticket wliereou
shall be written or printed the words “For the
new Constitution,” or “Against the new Consti
tution.” The returns of such election shall, in
Each manner as the Convention shall direct, be
certified to the Executive of this State, who shall
call to his assistance the Controller, Treasurer
and Secretary of State, and compare the votes
bo certified to him. If by such examination it be
ascertained that a majority of the whole number
of votes cast at such election be in favor of such
new Constitution, the Execusive of this State
shall by his proclamation declare such new Con-
Filiation to be the Constitution of the State of
In Senate, March 20th, 1855, the ayes and noes
upon the above sth proposed amendment to the
Constitution, were as follows: Ayes, 24; Noes, 1.
In Assembly, April 12th, 1855, upon the above
proposed amendment, the ayes and noes stood as
follows: Ayes, 54; Noes, 13.
£an Jmcistc SUbertisemmls.
Ready-Made Clothing Warehouse.
Number 99 Battery street, San Francisco,
IMPORTER of Ready-Made Clothing ami Fur
nishing Goods. Also, every variety of Hats,
Boots and Brogans. I would invite country mer
chants visiting San Francisco, to call and exam
ine mv large stock of Clothing.
I have on hand and constantly arriving, the
largest assortment of every variety and style of
Clothing, of any house in the State. My stock
amounts to over
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars.
The goods are manufactured under my own
supervision, and are made from the best materi
al, and in the most durable manner. Persons
buying my clothing, will find large and saleable
Persons may rely upon finding every article
they wish in my stock. My prices will be as low,
if uot lower than the}' can be found elsewhere.—
I guarantee each article I sell. Please cal! and
examine my stock.
May 25tfi, 1855. [33 3rn.
AU Diseases of the Eye Cured with unfail
ing certainty.
DR. W. A. SNYDER, Oculist.
DR. W. A. SNYDER S mode of treatng‘disea
ses of the Eye differs materially from the
coarse commonly pursued by Physicians. Be
lieving that most diseases of the Eye have their
origin in obstructed circulation or an impure
stale of the system, his remedies will be pre
scribed with reference to the disease witlx which
the patient may be afflicted; and by equalizing
the circulation, removing obstruction anid restor
ing the general health of the patient, the Eyes
may be permanently cured without the use of
eostic or any of the irritating applications in
general use. Dr. S. would say to those who have
exhausted the skill of all others without relief,
not to despair of a cure without giving him a
trial, for in all cases where vision is not entirely
lost, or the Eye uot completely disorganized there
js still hope.
Office, corner Sansome and Bush streets, San
Francisco—entrance on Bush, opposite Uassette
House, San Francisco.
Jan. 3, 1855. 12-3 m
This establishment Ls conductedas here
ofore, strictly on Temperance principle*.
Paper IZauglngs.
lAVING just purchased an entire new stock
of elegant styles of Paper, and Borders to
itch, suitable fop Saloons, Parlors, &e., which
ore sold at auction to pay frieght and charges,
can sell lower than ever before offered in this
ty. GEO. W. CLARK,
Wholesale <fc Retail Dealer,
No. 131 Clay at., near Orescent Hotel,
San Francis*
Table of Distances.
Thn following distances were measured with a
viamcter bv "apt- Warner, of the United States 1
Typographical Engineers,.ntles- mmcr-■ to:
From San Francisco t- M
u “ t
II “ “ toSauJuuii <*4 ■' j
i, “ “ to Salinas River li3 “
• i « “ to Monterey 125 “
<• “ “ to Mission Soledad... 166 “
« “ “ to Ojitos 206 “
« “ “ to San Miguel .237 “
“ “ “ to Brake’s Ranch 258 “
“ “ “ to Santa Margnarita. 265 “
“ “ “ to San Luis Obispo. .276 “
“ “ “ to Capt. Dana’s 299 “
“ •' “ to lios Alamos 321 “
“ “ “ to Santa Inez 340 “
“ “ “ to Gaviota Pass..,.. .352 “
*• “ “ to Arrogo Honde 359 “
“ “ •* to Dos Pueblos ~370 “
o “ “ to Santa Barbara 387 “
“ “ “ to Carpcnteria 398 “
“ “ “ to Rincon ». .402 “
“ “ “ to Buenaventura 415 “
“ “ “ to Santa Clara River.42l “
“ “ “ to Canega 475 “
*i “ “ to Los Angeles 485 “
“ “ “ to Los Coyotes 504 “
“ “ “ to Santa Ana 515 “
“ “ “ to Juan Avila’s 635 “
“ u “ to S. Juan Capistrano.s42 “
“ “ u to Los Floras 562 “
“ “ “ to San Luis Rey 573 “
“ u “ to San Diego -.
|p| eg -r.
( «lf § ’ *
Alameda Alvarado ; 175 185 50
Butte Bid well’s Bar.. J 75 120 230
Calaveras Mokelumne Hill i 60; 55 220
Colusa Colusa I 1401 195 295
Contra Costa... Martinez ! 110 120 45
El Dorado Coloma I 50 105 205
Humboldt Union Town.... 390 400; 265
Klamath Union Town ... j 550 j 560 425
Los Angeles.... Los Angeles.... 660, 670 555
Marin San Rafael 158 168 3
Mariposa Mariposa j 155: 100 265
Monterey Monterej- ' 260 270 135
Napa Napa City 130 140 55
Nevada Nevada j 65 120 j 220
Placer Auburn I 35 90 190
Sacramento Sacramento.|| 55i 155
San Bernardino.,Sau Bernardino., 690 "00 565
San Diego I Sau Diego : 790 800 665
San Joaquin.... [Stockton 55 ... - 165
San Francisco.. jSan Francisco.. 140 150 15
San Luis Obispo j San Luis Obispo 460 470 335
Santa Clara.... ,San Jose 200 90 75
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 260 270 135
Santa Barbara-, iSanta Barbara.. 200 600 465
Shasta Shasta 225 280 380
Sierra IDoarmeville 97 152 252
Siskiyou 1.. i Vreka 300 355 455
Soiaao ißcmcia 110 120 45
Sonoma j Sonoma 138 190 40
Sutter iNicholaus 30 85 185
Trinity j Weaverville .... i 265 320 420
Tuolumne Sonora ! 125 70 235
Tulare ! j 265 210 375
Yolo 1 Washington ... )• 1 55! 156
Yuba Marysville i 65 120 220
The following miscellaneous distances may
also be useful for reference :
From Sacramento to San Francisco, 140 miles;
to Stockton, 55 miles; to Benicia, 110.
From Stockton to San Francisco, 150 miles; to
Benicia, 120 miles.
From San Francisco to San Quentin, 15 miles;
to Sau Jose, 50 miles; to Benecia, 30 miles.
The Greatest Discovery of the Aye.
Great Blessing to Mankind.
PROPHILACTICUM, (Self-disinfecting A
geut.) a sure preventive against Gonorrhea
and Syphilitic Diseases, and an unsurpassed rem
edy for all Venereal, Scrofulous, Grangrenous,
and Cancerous Ulcers. Foetid Discharges from
Vagina, Uterus, and Urethra, and all Cutaneous
Eruptions and diseases. For sale at Dr. Czap
kay's Office, Armory Hall, corner of Sacramento
and Montgomery streets, San Francisco. As in
oculation is a preventive Small Pox, so Dr. L. J.
Czapkay’s Prophilacticum, a preventive against
Syphilitic and Gonorrhceical Diseases. With
this intention, Dr. C. makes the public acquaint
ed with his excellent Phrophilactium. Syphilis
is one of the most dangerous diseases with which
the human body can be afflicted, whose horrid
consequences are not limited to an individual, or
to a family, but to three and five generations—
Consequences which are only too often the can- e
of destroyed physical and mental health, of pre
mature death, of lunacy, idiocy and suicide. In
order to limit the extension of Syphilis, illicit in
tercourse between the sexes must be avoided, or
remedies must be used to preventc.-tickc, «vi f h
the Syphilitic poison. Dr. T
philacticnm has beer on
nent physicians a.
United State-- * ■
t zap aay many years aga,...... lum,- ....
over Europe and parts of the United States of
North America. The effect of the far-famed rem
edy is very simple,and uninjurious to the system;
it combines chemically with the venereal poison,
and through that the poison is neutralized and
its power destroyed in such a manner that con
tagion cannot take place if the directions are
strictly followed. Thereby, ye young and old,
male and female, get of this valuable remedy, or
you expose yourselves to the dangers aud conse
quences of the horrid disease. Syphilis, and gen
eration after generation will suffer for your apa
thy—not saying anything about time and money
that you lose in getting cured of it. Dr. L. J.
Czapkay’s Prophilacticum is also an unsurpass
ed remedy and cure in all the following diseases:
Venereal* Scrofulous, Gangrenous, and Cancer
ous Ulcers, Foetid Discharges from the Vagina,
Uterus, and Urethra, and all Cutaneous Eruptions
and Diseases. The Prophilacticum is in* the
shape of a cake of soap, and is used externally,
whether as a preventive or curative; consequent
ly, in the latter case must be combined with in
ternal medicines to eradicate the poison already
in the system. For that purpose, Dr. Czapkay
will supply, free, every one with a prescription
for his valuable compound Blood Purifier, so that
every one who suffers from disease can get cured
of it, without being imposed upon by quacks or
self-styled Venereal Doctors. L. J. Czapkay
would inform the public that his experience is
extensive in all diseases to which the human body
is subject, and his reputation as a medical advis
er stands high, having been regularly educated
as a physician and surgeon, and being a gradu
ate of the Medical University at Pesth, Hungary,
occupying in the late Hungarian Revolutionary
War the high position of Chief Physician to the
20th regiment of Honveds, Chief Surgeon to the
Military Hospital of Pesth, and late Lecturer on
Diseases of the Urinary Organs, and diseases of
women and children. ’Pherefore, don't hesitate
a moment, all ye who suffer from disease, or wish
to prevent the contagion of the horrid poison,
but go at once, or address a line to Dr. Czap
kay’s office, and get of his far-famed Prophilac
ticum. Price, $.5. Full directions are attached
to each package.
AH communications from the country address
ed only to Dr. L. J. Czapkay, San Francisco, will
le strictly and confidedtially attended to, a”d
the remedies, with the greatest care and security,
immediately dispatched by Express or other con
veyance, to their destination. All orders must
be addressed to
„ L- J- CZAPKAY, M. D.,
Medical Institute, Armory Hall;
Corner Sacramento and Mongomery sts.,
[33tSm] g an Francisco, Cal.
j?;w Jfraiwistfl.
Co-net C23!>) JVashirgton Street and JVaverly
JARED D. BROWN, M. D., the only regularly
educated and competent Physician now adver
tising in California. The first Physician to es
tablish a dispensary on the Pacific Coast for the
cure of malacle secrets. The only one that can
be relied upon to perform radical cures, and in
whom you can place implicit confidence.
If you have disease, you that are wise, go to
Dr. J. D. Brown, and escape the misery that will
surely follow if you place yourselves in the hands
of notorious quacks.
Notwithstanding a long and successful experi
ence, it is important to impress upon the minds
of the public, that the celebrated remedies of Dr.
Brown are the most valuable discoveries with
which the science of medicine has ever been en
dowed, and it is to those who have suffered long
from that terrible disease, aggravated by the
murderous rotiue of quacks, that we would ad
dress, as well as those who have recently con
tracted the affection and wish to obtain immedi
ate and permanent relief. The remedies have
stood the test for years, and the multitude of ag
gravated cases that have been cured, speak elo
quently for themselves,and will always stifle the
vain effort of calumny or malevolence. When
we use medicine there are two objects in view,
the one to make use of such means as will per
fectly and permanently cure the disease, and the
other to avoid such remedial agents as are injuri
ous to the constitution.
The preparations of Dr. Brown have never
been known to fail, and they are all composed
of pure and unadulterated drugs, which may be
taken at all times and unadultered drugs, which
may lie taken at all times and under any circum
stances with perfect impunity, and instead of de
liberating the patient, rendering him weak and
languid, as most remedies used for those com
plaints do, they give tone to the nervous system;
increase the appetite, and in a word produce a
healthy action of all the organs.
The Svphai.itic Virus produces different ef
fects in different individuals, according to the pre
disposition of the patient, and any of the follow
ing symptoms may arise from the inoculation of
the poison. No part of the human body is ex
empt from the ravages of the disease. In some
donstitations its progress may be slow, but rare,
and without prompt and judicious treatment, an
ignoble death will surely follow. First, the pri
mary ulcer, acute and chronic catarrhs of the
urethra, the vagina, the eyes, the nose, the ear,
the intestines, tumours of different natures, ab
scesses, fistulas, and excressences of the genital
parts, inflamed, thickened and ulcerated, and
cancerous eyelids, tears running from the eyes,
and those organs more or less injured in their
structure and functions; the transparent corner
obscured and changed, thickening of the glassy
humor; concretion and darkuing of the cristaline,
the lachrymal fistula, diminution or loss of sight,
inflammation and ulceration of the inner ear, at
tended with more or less acute pain; the cares
of the osselets inclosed in the cavity of the tym
panum; discharge of matter, of sanie, serous mu
cus, or of blood from the auditory passage, at
tended by an insupportable fetid smell, continu
al drumming in the ears, hardness or entire loss
of hearing; inflammation of the mucus membrane
which lines the mouth and nostrils, ulceration of
the roof the mouth, the tongue, gums, uvula, ton
sils, the back of the mouth, the larynx; fungous
ness and cancer of the nostrils, caries of the
bones of the palate, the cartilages of the largns,
the bones of the nose, vomer, deformity of the
face, change, alteration or loss of the voice, ero
sion of the gums, caries, loosening and dropping
out of the teeth, fetid smell of the breath, the
skin covered with spots, the form, extent and col
or of which vary indefiiteiy, humorous, dry or
humid eruptions, with or without itching, chaps
and fissures, vegetations or excressences of all
kinds; the rising and loss of the epiderme, pim
ples and pustules on different parts of the body,
the face and edge of the hair; ulcers of the worst
character; tumors more or less hard; pains al
most insupportable in all parts of the body, and
particularly in the limbs, similar to those of gout
and rheumatism; painful or indolent swellings of
the lymphatic glands; violent pains in the head;
trembling of the limbs; loss of sleep; cough; dif
ficulty of breathing; palpitation of the heart; ul
ceration of the lungs; hypocondriac melancholy;
the abdominal vicera swollen or obstructed; dro£
sy; homorrage; weakness; languor; slow fever;
diarrhoea; cold sweats; loss of flesh; consumption.
Such are the effects of the poison upon the an
imal economy, when once introduced into the
system, saying nothing of the tortures of the
mind to which the syphalitic patient is subjected.
Young men why do you suffer when you can he
relieved? Is it because you have been imposed
upon by noted impires of our city? Have your
cases been tampered with until hope is destroyed?
Hani h your fears, the means are at hand. Ask
nnd you shall receive. Dr. Brown’s success is
■*'< b-;i and lie is daily adiiiug new laurels
‘ Call at his office, corner (236)
■ • street and Waverly Place.
eace is not science ’till revealed.”
D». Biowu is a graduate of New York Univer
sity, N. Y. Medical Institute, Honorary Graduate
of Syracuse Medical College, Ac. During his en
tire professional life he has devoted his attention
to the study and treatment of venereal diseases,
and the gentlemanly and upright manner in which
he conducts business, bespeaks him a man of sci
ence. Unlike notorious quacks who profit by
publishing falsehoods and the use of low arts to
entrap the unwary. Dr Brown speaks plainly
aud truly. You can rely upon his statement im
plicitly, and we recommend him to those who
may be suffering from any of the following dis
eases; Gonorrhoea, Leucorrhoca, Gleet, Primary.
Secondary or Tertcary Syphalis, Strictures, Sem
inal Weakness, Eruption of the skin, Ulcers in
Month or Throat, enlarged Lymphatic Glands,
Morbid Growths, Tumours soft or hard, cares,
nodes and rigid contraction of muscles, Gonor
rhoeal Rheumatism, &c. H. C. HILL, M. D.
Dr. Brown’s office is situated on the corner of
(23G) Washington street and Waverly Place, six
doors above Dupont street. Private entrance
and separate rooms for patients, so that there
can be no exposure.
We would caution you against certain pol
troons who have tried in vain to injure me since
I resumed practice in this city, but their sickly
efforts and low bred attempts are an index to
their minds, and bespeaks the principles of the
men whose names should be Envy and Avarice.
“What made the men of envy what they are?
’Twas worth in others, vileness in themselves;
A lust of praise, with undeserving deeds,
And concous poverty of soul, and still
It is tneir earnest work and daily toil.
With lying tongue, to make the noble seem
Mean as themselves.” But
Non ego mordaci distrinxi carmine quenqueem.
The Akti-Mobbts Galiccs, a sure remedy for
Gonorrhoea, Leucorrhoca, Ac. This valuable
preparation was discovered by Dr. Brown over
three years ago, and since that time it has been
extensively used, and has never been known to
fail. The Physicians of San Francisco prescribe
it, and many druggistt have copied the recipe or
counterfeited the original. The Anti-Morbus
Galicus is put up in a convenient form, easy and
agreeable to take, and none of those unpleasant
eructions follow its administration which are us
ually attendant upon remedies given for these
complaints. Persons who need the remedy can
have it sent to them by Expres to any part of the
state, with full directions. Price, $5.
Many certificates have been handed us by
thankful patients, with the privilege to use their
names, but delicacy of the subject prevents us
giving any of them in full.
For Primary Syphilis. How long have the
medical profession tried in vain to discover some
the reputical agent that could be relied upon to
cure a disease more to be dreaded than all others
combined. Some Quack Doctors advertise to cure
venereal diseases without the use of mercury.—
But their statements are false. We have taken
pains to collect the receipts of some who make
a great noise, and we find that they use the lo
dine of Mercury for everything, whether it is
proper or not, and since we find them misrepre
senting in this particular, we have reason to sus
pect them and “Id omne genus” in all their pre
Gentlemen, there never was a remedy capable
of curing the disease without mercury, until the
discovery of the Chloride of Gold, and we submit
it to the test, having thoroughly tried it, and
know it to possess all the qualities attributed to it.
Dr. Christian says:—The Chloride of Gold is
cajiable of curing Syphalis under all its forms,
and that in its general operations on the system,
it possesses many advantages over mercury. It
is eflicacious, yet gentle. It may be administered
with perfect safety at all seasons of the year, and
under any complication of the disease. ’ Persons
of either sex may be put upon it with equal safe
ty, the only caution enjoined is strict temperance.
In other respects the patient is not required to
change his mode of living.
Dr. Samuel L. Mitchell, the distinguished sur
geon of New York, speaks in the following words:
The Chloride of Gold possesses admirable vir
tues against Syphalis. The patient gets well un
der the operation of the medicine, with incom
parably less inconvenience, without the hazard
of a sore mouth or salic ation, and with very lit
tle wear and tear of the constitution. I consider
the introduction of this preparation in common
use, as one of the greatest improvements in mod
ern medicine, and I wish it was already as uni
versal as the malady it cures.
Other distinguished members of the medical
profession have given testimony of the great val
ue of the remedy, the statements of whom we
have in our possession.
Gentlemen we shall be glad to see you at any
time—we are always prepared to attend to your
The above remedy will be sent to any persons
address who sends the price of the medicine.—
Price, $lO. Full directions will accompany eve
ry package. J. D. BROWN, M. D.
Corner (236) Washington street and Waverly
Place, San Francisco. [36-3m.
Jones’ American Cholagogue,
For the thorough and permanent cure of Fever
and Ague, Chill Fever, Dumb Ague. Intermit
tent and Remittent Fever, Liver Complaint-,
Jaundice, Enlargement of the Spleen, and all
the various forms of Billions Disease.
THIS invaluable medicine was prepared from
an extensive practice of several j-ears in a
billious climate, and is never known to fail of
curing Fever and Ague, or any of the diseases
above named.
The unanimous testimony of all who have used
the American Cholagogue, or witnessed its oper
ations, establishes satisfactorily to every one
who can appreciate evidence, the following
1. The American Cholagogue possesses supe
rior Cholagogue, Febrifuge and Tonic properties
to any combination of medicine ever before in
2. It has cured cases of Intermittent and other
Fevers, where the most popular medicines of the
day have failed.
3. It has cured where Quinine and all other us
ual remedies seemed to produce little or no effect
4. It is mild in its operations, pleasant to take,
contains neither Arsenic or other deleterious
drugs, and may be taken by persons of all ages
with perfect safety.
5 Its pqwers in changing and promoting the
billious and other secretions, thus cleansing the
system and restoring the natural and healthy or
gans of the body is unequalled, hence its efficacy
as a preventive, as well as a curative agent.
6. it is the most economical by one-half of all
the usual remedies for Fever and other billious
Sold by all the principal Druggists in the state.
Purchasers should be careful to ask for, and take
none hut Jones’ American Cholagogue. PARK
A WHITE, sole Agents, to whom all orders
should he addressed. Also, Importers, Whole
sale and Retail Dealers in all popular Patent
Medicines, warranted genuine. Washington st.,
l>etween Sansome and Battery, opposite the new
Custom House, San Francisco.
DR. J. TURNER, Agent, Georgetown.
45-3 m
THE subscribers have just received in store,
from ships Charmer, Saracen, Tornado, Wa
ter Witch, Neptune's Car, Boston Light, West
ward Ho, and S. S. Bishop, large additions to
their stock, making it as heretofore, the most ex
tensive in this city. We have now in store:
20 tons Pure Lead, Atlantic and English.
25 “ “ Extra and No. 1.
10 “ Zinc Paint. Tiernaq's and snow white.
500 kegs Paints, English red, yellow and black.
10,000 lbs “ red, yellow A lire-proof, dry,
50 cases Tieman’s assorted colors.
5 tons Red Lead A Litharge, Atlantic A English.
200 gallons Linseed Oil. boiled and raw.
2500 “ Turpentine and Camphene.
4000 “ Polar Lamp Oil, bleached.
1200 “ Tilden's Ist and 2d quality, coach,
furniture, daurar, Ac.
500 doz Paint Brushes, Adam’s and Stratton's.
200 “ Whitewash do, “ “
200 cases Glue, China and Cooper’s.
1400 bxs window gl'asss ass’d sizes, German, Ac.
20 plates plate glass, 53x84 to 96x123.
30 hbls Putty, in bulk and bladders.
Whiting, Red and White Chalk, ground and
lump Rotteu Pumice Stone. Emery, Sand Paper,
Black Lead, Bone Black, PAINT MILLS, and
our usual assortment of materials and tools.
Orders with remittances will he promptly at
tended to. For sale, at the lowest market rates
Importers and Jobbers,
Nos. 104 and 105 Front street,
Next to the corner of Washington.
May 4, ’55.—[31-3m.] San Francisco.
sale low, to close business—
Combs, Brushes, Suspenders;
Accordeons, Buttons, Shaving Brushes;
Brass and Iron Harps, Spectacles: ’
Cologne, Pencils, Looking Glasses;
Shaving Boxes.
Also—lnvoices Sewing Silk, Patent Thread;
Brass Instruments and Violins.
Jules Hand's celebrated SOAP and SHAVING
CREAM, together with numerous other articles,
all of which are offered at Reduced Prices, bv
(Late Phipps A Hanline,)
83 Clay st., second floor,
May 27th-2t. San Francisco.
Drugs and Medicines,
Chemicals, Dye-Stufis, &c.
Wholesale Druggists, 146 Washington ft
,FFERS for sale, 2000 packages of Drugs
_ Medicines, Chemicals, Dye-Stnffs, Patt
Medicines of every kind, Fancy Good*. Perfu
ery, Brushes, and a full assortment of everyth!
appertaining to the business, comprising the!
gest stock in California, to which they invite t
attention of traders and pledge themselves to s
on as favorable terms as any other house in t
State. Dealers in Drugs, Mefiicines, Ac., w
And it to their advantage to give them a call.
Agents for Dr. Jayne’s Family Medicines; H
loway’s Pills and Ointments.
San Francisco, March 7th, 1855. [22-3m.
San Jfnintkto.
fnir P?!rical &Surciral litslihlt,
Corner of Montgomery and Sacramento streets,
San Francisco.
DR. L. J. CZAPKAY, late in the Hungarian
Revolutionary War, Chief Physician of the
20th regiment of Honveds, Chief Surgeon to the
Military Hospital of Pesth, and late lecturer on
diseases of Urinary Organs, and Diseases of Wo
men and Children, would most respectfully in
form the public of California, that he has open
ed an Institute for the cure of Chronic Diseases
of the Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Digestive and Cen
tal Organs, and all Private Diseases, viz: Syph
ilitic Ulcers, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Strictures, Sem
inal Weakness, and all the horrid consequences
of self-abuse; and he hopes that his long experi
ence and successful practice of many years will
ensure him a share of public patronage. By the
practice of many years in Europe and the Uni
ted States, and during the Hungarian war and
campaigns, he is enabled to apply the most effi
cient and successful remedy against diseases of
all kinds. He uses no mercury—charges moder
ate—treats his patients in a correct and honora
ble way—has references of unquestionable verac
ity from men of known respectability and high
standing in society’. All parties consulting him,
by’ letter or otherwise, will receive the best and
gentlest treatment, and implicit secrecy.
TO FEMALES.—When a female is in trouble,
or afflicted with diseases —as Weakness of the
Back and Limbs, Pain in the Head, Dimness of
sight, Loss of Muscular Power, Palpitation of
the Heart, Irritability, Nervousness, extreme U
rinary Difficulties, Derangement of Digestive
Functions, General Debility, Vaginitis, all dis
eases of the Womb, Hysteria, Sterility, and all
other diseases peculiar to females, they should
go at once to the celebrated Female Doctor, L. J.
Czapkay, at his Medical Institute, and consult
him about their trouble and disease. Let no false
delicacy prevent you, but apply’ immediately’, and
save yourselves from painful sufferings and pre
mature death. All married ladies, whose deli
cate health or other circumstancys do not allow
to have an increase in their families, should call
at Dr. Czapkay’sMedical Institute, Armory Hall,
corner of Montgomery and Sacramento streets,
and they will receive every possible relief and
help. The Doctor's offices are so arranged that
he can be consulted without the fear of molesta
tion. The attention of the reader is called to the
following: A lady of high standing in society,
and great respectability, published a card in the
Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch, Sept. 14th, 1851,
which is as follows:
“A CARD.—The undersigned feels it her duty
to express her heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Czap
kay, for the successful cure of herself and child.
The latter, having been afflicted by a severe at
tack of ‘Cholera Infantum,’ was given up as incu
rable by some of the most celebrated physicians,
when she called on Dr. Czapkay, of whom she had
heard very favorable reports, & who, after a short
period, restored the child to perfect health. En
couraged by this extraordinary result, she sought
advice herself, for the scrofulous malady with
which she had been afflicted for eight years, and
which withstood the treatment of the best phy
sicians in Europe,and America. But Dr. Czap
kay has succeeded in affording her permanent re
lief, so that she can now enjoy life, which, for
eight years, had lost all charms to her. She
therefore deems it due to herself and to all sick
and afflicted, to recommend Dr. Czapkay us one
of the most skillful physicians within the United
Cor. Walnut & 7th sts, Philadelphia, Pa.
A. Glaser, Notary Public, 126, 7th street.”
The following is an editorial notice in the Bos
ton Daily Times of August sth, 1853:
A Skillftl Physician.— Dr. L. J. Czapkay
has opened an office at No. 16 Pleasant street, in
this city. Dr. C. is a Hungarian by birth, and
was connected with the patriotic army as physi
cian and surgeon uuder the patronage of Kos
suth. He combines with a finished education and
the most refined and agreeable manners, the most
extensive scientific abilities and skill in his pro
fession, and we feel much pleasure in recom
mending him to our citizens as a physician and
gentleman. Dr. Czapkay has spent some time in
Philadelphia, where he won the confidence and
friendship of those with whom he became ac
quainted. Among his friends in Philadelphia,
are gentlemen of the highest respectability, with
whom we are personal ly acquainted. He had an
extensive practice in Hungary, before the Aus
trians and Russians compelled him to leave it for
being found guilty of excessive patriotism. We
hope he will receive the patronage due a man of
so eminent capacity.
The above are only a few of the many testimo
nials which Dr. Czapkay has in possession, but
cannot publish for want of space. All consulta
tions, (by letter or otherwise,) free. Address
• Corner Sacramento and Montgomery sts.,
[33-3m] San Francisco.
in the speediest and safest manner by Dr.
Czapkay, the celebrated Hungarian physician.—
These diseases are treated by Dr. C. in the most
scientific and agreeable mode. He particularly
invites to his establishment those suffering fi-om
Chronic Rheumatism, who have heretofore failed
to obtain relief.
To those suffering from the Fever's peculiar to
this coast, he would promise immediate relief.—
Call and consult with the Dr. at his Med. Institute.
Dr. C. has new and efficient remedy for
Diarrhoea and Dysentery. Call all; consult; con
sultation free. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 9
P. M., at the Grand Medical and Surgical Insti
tute, Armory Hall Building, corner of Montgom
ery and Sacramento streets, San Francisco.
jSST Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Ner
vous Debility, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weakness
of the Limbs and Back, Indisposition and Inca
pability for Labor and Study, Dullness of Appre
hension, Loss of Memory, Aversion to Society,
Love of Solitude, Timidity, Self-Distrust, Dizzi
ness, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pains
in the Side, Affections of the Eyes, Pimples on
the Face, Sexual and other infirmities in man,
are cured without fail by the justly celebrated
Physician and Surgeon, L. J. Czapkay, His
method of curing diseases is new, (unknown to
others,) and hence the great success. All con
sultations, by letter or otherwise, free. Address
Dr. L. J, CZAPKAY, M. D.,
Corner Sacramento and Montgomery sts,
[33-3m] San Francisco, California.
Highly Important to the Afflicted.
San Francisco, April 7th, 1855.
To Dr. L. J. Czapkay, San Francisco.
Dear Sir: —Before having made application to
you, I had called upon several physicians, from
whom I obtained but little satisfaction. I was
told by one that my disease was incurable, and
that the headache, dizziness, nervousness, timid
ity, self-distrust,loss of memory, love of solitude,
wanderings of my mind, and sometimes partial
insanity, were evidences of organic disease of
the brain, for which medicine would be of litte
service. Having brought on three symptoms hy
my own folly, I was almost frantic with despair
when I saw your advertisement and called upon
you. How great has been my relief; all the above
symptoms have been relieved, besides which I
have recovered my bodily health. Believing that
there are many suffering m the same manner, you
have my permission to publish ihis letter, and
can refer any one to me for confirmation.
Gratefully yours,
[35-3m] H. L. THOMPSON.
San ifrandsto,
Highly Important.
Dr. J. C. YOUNG Is lire Pioneer
vertising Physician in California, for proof
the papers throughout the state for the past p, * '
years, and he is the only advertising physician"'•*
his line that ever has received a Collegiate i; t i*
leal Education, and consequently the only , e
whom it is safe to trust in the trreatment of ,p
Read the following Letters of Recommend,
tton, and then judge who are the host ones win
whom to trust the treatment of your compl a j,,. U
Judge between Dr. J. C. Young and those 1 miser
able quacks who ara filling the papers with their
vain boastings; men without character or honi
who feel very sore because Dr. Young by expos
ing them, has prevented them from robbing tii#
community. Their time is short; like the mus-h
room, they spring up in a night, they prey upon
the unwary for a short space and then disapppl,
and start off on some other track, to rob the pub
lie, for they are naturally dishonest, and noon
will trust them in a respectable business “
PLACERVILLE, May 28,1.955.
»R. J. C. YOUNG— Dear Sir: —Words can
not express the gratitude I feel is due to
vou for the benefit 1 have received from your trv
ly invaluable course of treatment of my
while prescribing for me. I think I cannot Justi
fy myself without giving this small token of
thankfulness and esteem, for you have been the
means of saving my life, and restoring to n: r
that health which I had so long despaired fl f
again enjoying. I had for a long time, (four
years,) been troubled with that most dreadful
scourge to young people, seminal weakness or
nocturnal emissions, which so weakened me in
both body and mind, that I was obliged to gi Te
up mining altogether. I consulted one of the
best physicans (so called,) in the mountain dfe.
tricts, and after a careful examination of my case,
he gave me medicines. I continued under his
treatment for three months without receiving anv
benefit, in fact I grew worse from week to week"
until at last I got discouraged and asked him for
his opinion. I told him not to fear to tell me the
whole truth, for I should rather know the wont
at once, than to live in suspense. T had Inst *
bout thirty pounds of flesh, and knew that he at
least could not cure me, and as I was then guim?
on, death must soon count me as one of its vic
tims. This physician then told me that rnv Case
was incurable; that I had better not take any
more medicines. He said I was in a decline whick
was fast tending to pulmonary consumption.
I then despaired of obtaining any relief, and
saw that unless something was done’to mitigate
the complaint that I should be numbered with
the dead, or what is worse, be a raving mania. .
Happening to see one of your books, the Pocket
iEsculapius, I made up my mind at once to call
and consult you with the determination of trying
once more to get relief if yon would undertake
the case. Oh, how thankful lam for that deter
mination ! I commenced taking the medicines
prescribed by you, and I am now, through their
healing pow : ers, restored to perfect health. I
shall not fail to recommend you to any of my
friends that require assistance, for a man that
can cure a case as bad as mine was, can cure ev
ery disease that flesh is heir to, if their is life
enough left in the system to build upon.
Receive my most sincere and heartfelt thanks
and esteem. S. W. REIGILLEA.
MARYSVILLE. June 10,18.15.
B'fcß. J. C. YOUNG— LEAR SlR.—View
HP send me some of the medicines you prescri
bed in my case. I have a friend here who is
troubled in exactly the same way that I «m-
He has nightly emissions, ringing noise in his
head, weak back, loss of memory, and is general
ly debilitated; he is discouraged and has not con
tidence enough to enable him" to call and sec you,
I told him how I was, and that my friends al!
said I was in consumption, and the doctors up
here gave me up aud advised me to go home to
die, but instead of going home I called upon you,
and here I am as well as any of them and as like
ly to live a long time yet, with strength enough
to work with the strongest of them. Doctor I
will send every one to you that looks to me hi
though he needed a physician. It shall not be
my fault if any one dies for want of medical
treatment. 1 will do all I can to keep the afflict
ed away from those pests <4 society, yclept pro
fessors and high sounding titled men, who,if the
facts were known, are med who left their country
for their country's good. Publish this letter doc
tor, if you wish, and I hope some of those that
humbugged me may see it and sleep bad for one
night. Truly yours,
GRASS VALLEY, June 3rf, 1555.
OKAR SlR—The last medicine you fent m*
has none the business. lam now perfect
ly well, and wish to give my testimony to the
public in favor of your skill. 1 was troubled
with a complication of diseases brought on by
that soul-destroying habit of self-pollution, and
complaints caught by connection with bad per
sons of the ypposite sex. 1 had been treated by
some of the best physicians as well as those
quacks who infest the state, aud by them all giv
en up as incurable; bnt being advised by a friend
who had been henefitted by y our scientific treat
ment to call upon you. I did so, and feel grate
ful to him for the information, hut still more
thankful to you for the cure and good advice yea
gave me as well as the efficacious medicines yon
prescribed, if any of the afflicted should see
this, lot them ho sure that it is a voluntary offer
ing ingratitude for the blessings of health receiv
ed from you, and also given with a fervent wish
that it may be of service to those suffering as 1
did; and now may God bless you in your effort
to lessen the sufferings of the human family, and
may all good citizens assist you to drive from the
community these leeches that prey upon the pub
lic by false protensions of eminence in the medi
cal world. Yours eternally,
To Dr. J. C. Young.
COLOMA, June 1 >t, 1855.
I R. J. C. YOUNG—Lear Sir:— lt is with
feelings more easily felt than described,
that I pen this letter, informing you of my entiw
recovery from that dreadful scourge, seminal
weakness. By application to your hook you will
find my name and case. Only two short month’
since when I applied to you I could scacrely
walk, so weak was my whole system. Debilita
ted and melancholy I wished for death. 1 bad
tried several pretenden physicians but daily grew
worse, By chance I came across one of yonr v» •
viable medical works which, upon reading, instill
ed new hopes into my dejected mind, and I re
solved to try once more, and thank Goo for that
resolve;' I am now a well man, rejoicing in per
fect health, and daily growing stronger. Dear
doctor, I shall not fail to tell all my friends® 1
your skill, and if you wish you may publish tb*
letter. I shall stop at Coloma a short time ana
then away to my claim. Enclosed please fiU"
twenty-five dollars as a remembrance. I
send you a good specimen soon.
Yours as long as life lasts,
P. S.—Dear Dr., if von publish the above, P* eaS ..
add this as a postscript:—Take my advice, an
young men, if you require medical assistance,®
matter what your case may be, go to Dr-J-
Young, and you can rely upon a perfect curej_
and not do as I did, run to every doctor with®
knowing whether he was good or bad. Dr. 5 onng
cured me, and I wish every one afflicted to rece 1
the benefii of hie scientific skill. C. F. "•
DR. YOUNG’S officers at the corner of Mo®'
gomery and California sts., over Wells. F-arg
Go’s Express Department i Ban Franciseo

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