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Sir. Octavii ii llnnmj ig our authorized a^ent
for the Georgetown News at San Francisco.
He maybe found at 97 Merchant street.
It is a painful fact that very many
of the public prints of this State at the pres
ent time, contain accounts from day to day
of an extraordinary number ol premature
deaths, a large amount of which are out-and
out murders. We find chronicled alone in
the State Tribune of Saturday last, the de
tails of no less than twelve deaths; seveu of
which were accidental, and the remaining
live occasioned by mob law and at the hands
of the murderer—all of which transpired
in the short space of five days. This num
ber—aside from those caused by the relent
less savages on our northern frontiers—does
not perhaps comprise more than the aver
age which take place every week. At least
one-half of this number are occasioned at
the hands of our fellow-man. At this ratio
then, three hundred and twenty-four souls
in this State, are aauually launched into
eternity in violation of the laws of Divine
Providence. Xot less than one hundred
and fifty of this latter number are cold
blooded murders, and the perpetrators there
of should—were they to receive their just
deserts —suffer the extreme penalty of the
law. But alas, how few do. To what an
alarming extent then is crime carried on in
this country. There is not another State in
the. Union in which half the number of hu
man lives are thus fiendishly sacrificed.—
What is and has been the cause of all this
astounding amount of crime? We fear a
great deal of it is attributable to those to
whom the administration of our laws are
entrusted. Xot more than one murderer
out of every three that has heretofore been
arrainged before our District Courts has
been convicted, and a large number of those
have either been set scot-free by our Exec
utive or had their punishments commuted
to one, two or three years’ service in the
State Prison. In view of these eviden
ces then, can we justly censure our fellow
citizens in different parts of the State for
occasionally executing summary punishment
in aggravated cases? We do not uphold
mob law nor think it right. Far from it.
It is a dangerous element and should be
suppressed if possible. But until our laws
are more effectually carried out, we may
expect to hear from time to time of sessions
of Judge Lynch’s awful court. And furth
ermore, if our laws are not hereafter as rig
idly enforced as they should be, instead of
a diminution there will be an increase of
crime. It is therefore highly important that
our officers, from the least to the greatest,
should faithfully discharge their respective
To the casual observer the manufacture
of shingles by hand would seem a very
elow-aud-go-easy operation, but some facts
recently gathered from an old shingle maker
of this vicinity—Mr. E. Preston —show
that a great deal may be accomplished in
this way, and puts to blush the efforts of
some of the ‘one-horse machines.’
Mr. Preston informs us that during the
summer of ‘54 he made 200,000 pine shin
gles, and during the last summer, 230,000,
which he sold for §4 and SI 50 per thou
sand, mostly to Mr. Tallman, of Coloma.—
He further informs us that he made in the
Eastern States, before coming here, about
1,000,000 shingles, all by hand; and has
made,unaided, in one day’s work of 10 hours,
sawing his timber from the tree, riving,
shaving, and putting up io bunches ready
for market, 3,000 shingles. Mr. P. is 52
years of age, and sets an example of indus
try and application well worthy the imita
tion of his juniors.
are under obligations to our
neighbor of the American for the excessive
interest manifested in our welfare. But for
his timely warning we should never have
imagined that such marvelous destructive
power lurked in the smiles of our cotempo
rary of the Democrat. We may be permit
ted to suggest, however, to the “leading
paper of the party,” that the existence of
the Neivs is dependent neither upon the
praise of the Democrat or the jealous insin
uations of the American.
"W e are disposed to regard the “stab” of
the Democrat at us with complacency, but
the back-handed blow dealt the American,
has evidently startled that paper from its
Our Democratic friends will undoubtedly
be amused to learn—what they in their
simplicity would probably never have found
out—that we have been playing the agree
able to them, and have become entitled to
their support. Verily, he of the American
is possessed of wonderful discrimination !
Luxuriant Growth. —Mr. S. P. 2sye,
has in his nursery, on the road leading from
this place to Greenwood Valley, a peach
tree, less than one year old, which measures
seven feet in height. Can any of our val
ky friends beat it?
TUc Sews in a Sfut SUeil.
The Golden Age arrived at San Francis
co on the 29th ult., bringing New York
dates to the sth of November. From the
State Tribune we take the following synop
sis of the news:
The news from the Crimea is somewhat
important, as it shows that the Allies are
still in the ascendant. On the 17th of Oct.
the Allies took Kinburn, a town at the
mouth of the Dnieper, after a siege and
bombardment of eleven days. They have
also taken or destroyed two towns, Saman
and Phanagoria in the straits of Kertch.—
On the 12th of October, the Russian Gen
eral, Liprandi, was, as stated by one au
thority, retiring slowly before the Allies,
with the intention, as was supposed, of ta
king a position of defence on the line of the
Belbec. Other accounts have it that the
Russians have surrounded the north side of
Sebastopol with new fortifications, and are
in a good situation to sustain a siege. At
Kars, it is stated, the Russians, in attempt
ing to storm the fortress, received a terrible
defeat at the hands of the Turkish garrison,
leaving 4,000 dead on the ground. The
siege, however, was renewed with spirit.
A commercial crisis was expected in
England. There was some dread of a mon
etary panic in France. The Pope and the
whole Roman court are suspected of sym
pathizing with Russia rather more than is
satisfactory to the French Emperor.
Kossuth and Mazzini hare issued a pro
clamation to the Republicans of Europe,
urging them to seize the present favorable
opportunity to strike for freedom. It would
not bo at all astonishing if a general rising
of the Republicans throughout Germany
Italy, France, and Hungary, should follow
the first decisive disaster of the Allies.
The most exciting matters now occupy
ing the attention of our brethren of the At
lantic States, are the dispositions which the
politicians are busily making for the coming
Presidential campaign. The disorganiza
tion of the old parties by the infusion of the
Negro question into all partizan issues, has
rather disconcerted the old fogies. The
next session of Congress is expected to be
pregnant with important events. The pol
iticians look forward to it with intense anx
iety. There has been some severe In
dian fighting in Texas; but at last accounts
the Lipans had been defeated, and Captain
Callahan had disbanded his Rangers.
The Sioux war, it is said, is only beginning.
Gen. Harney was at Fort Sacramento in
the latter part of September, and the Indi
ans were as bold and defiant as ever.
A terrible accident occurred on the Pacific
Railroad, between St. Louis and Jefferson
City, on the Ist of November. A train of
eleven cars, filled by a company of invited
guests going to celebrate the opening of
the road to Jefferson City, broke through a
bridge on the Gasconda River, one hun
dred miles from St. Louis, killing seventeen
persons, and severely injuring fifty others.
There were seven hundred persons in the
cars, and the only wmndcr is that there was
not a more terrific loss of life. The train
was precipitated from a height of thirty
feet above the river, and the cars shivered
to atoms. Gen. Scott has been allow
ed his back pay to the amount of .$10,405.
late election for Governor gives Chase 146,-
634, Medill 131, 592, and Trimble 24,350.
The Legislature stands: Senate—Republi
cans 29, Democrats 5; House—Republicans
08, Democrats 33.
Thanksgiving Ball.— The Ball at the
Nevada House, in this place, on Thursday
evening last, was the grandest and most
numerously attended affair of the kind ever
given in the mountains. There were one
hundred and fifty tickets disposed of, and
at least one hundred ladies in attendance.
The supper was the best ever gotten up in
Georgetown, and perhaps never surpassed
in the county. The Coloma Band favored
the occasion with their presence before dan
cing commenced, and discoursed excellent
music for a considerable length of time to
our citizens and those arriving in the early
part of the evening. Considering the large
number in attendance the Ball passed off
very agreeably indeed.
Firemen's Ball. — “Neptune Hose Com
pany, No. 1,” of Placerville, arc making
extensive preparations for a magnificent
Ball, on the evening of the 25th instant,
(Christmas.) at the Union Hotel, in that
city. It will be a brilliant affair, judging
from the tone of our Placerville cotcmpo
raries. The Committee of Invitation will
please accept our thanks for a compliment
ary ticket.
Warren & Co’s Saw Mill. —The saw
mill of Warren k Co., near this place, is
now completed, and the proprietors are
turning out lumber at a rapid rate. When
in good running order, this mill will saw
8,000 feet of lumber in 24 hours.
Messrs. Oonness & Reed, agents of
M ells, Fargo & Co., still continue to re
member us from time to time. They were
first to lay on our table on Friday evening
last, a bundle of Atlantic papers, brought
by the Lit mail et earner.
Mining Items.
The Nevada Tunnel Co., Cement Hill,
realized last week from dirt drifted out by
six men, upwards of 100 ounces of gold.
Messrs. Spencer & Cushman struck good
diggings last week on the north side Mame
luke Hill, from which they obtained on
Saturday last §6O worth of “oro.”
We are informed that the Wisconsin Tun
nel Co., mining on same hill, are making
good wages.
We are credibly informed that miners in
the vicinity of Johutowu, are making from
to §8 per day each.
The Independent Tunnel Co., Mameluke
Hill, have struck very good diggings with
in a short time past. We learn this com
gany took out 12 ounces of gold one day
last week.
Those engaged in mining at present on
Rock Canon, are realizing from §3 to § i
per day each.
Almost an Encounter. —On Monday
last one of «ur citizens was out riding, en
joying the bracing air of the mountains,
and when on his return having lost his road,
looking about him for a trail that would lead
him out of the woods, what should he sec
within a few paces of him but a large gaunt
wolf. Terror for a moment seized him.—
lie turned his horse to lice, when the wolf
bounded after him, gaining quietly on the
horse and rider. Suddenly the horse was
turned and made after the wolf, who fled in
his turn. The horse was again turned to
wards home followed by the wolf. A run
ning fight of this kind was kept up for some
time; the wolf gaining or drawing his par
allels nearer and nearer, until our friend
was nigh falling from his horse from fright,
but providentially he discovered a cabin.
He made for it and alarmed a miner with
his outcries, who appeared rifle in hand.—
The wolf stopped for a moment, but the in
stant the click of the hammer struck his
ear, ho was away off through the woods,
having evidently seen that “old coon” be
fore. Our friend politely thanked the hon
est miner for his aid put spurs to horse, ar
riving in town none the worse for his fright.
Fire. —A double frame and log house,
together with its contents, situated on
Campbell’s Ranch, one mile east of this
place, was wholly destroyed by fire on Fri
day night last. The house was occupied
by a number of miners, all of whom were
absent at the time the fire occurred. It is
supposed the fire was occasioned by incen
diarism, as the house had been entered and
ransacked during the afternoon of the same
day on which it was burnt. We under
stand the rogues found nothing worth pock
eting at the time the entrance was made.
Mixing Preparations.— All the canons
and gulches in this section, void of water
during the dry season, which have hereto
fore proven rich in the precious metal, are
now being staked off by the industrious mi
ner, preparatory for the rainy season, which,
from present indications is not afar off.-
We understand a company of three persons
intend putting some four hundred feet of
sluice-boxes in the gulch cast of and imme
iatcly adjoing town, for the purpose of run
ning through the tailings of companies op
erating higher up. The company consists
of old practical miners and will undoubt
edly make it pay.
Cunningham’s Literary Depot. — The
counter of our kindly disposed friend Jesse,
is groaning under the weight of the numer
ous journals there to be found. His shelves
arc also well filled with a choice lot of
books. This enterprising News Dealer has
brought us under renewed obligations dur
ing the past week, for the large number of
Atlantic and California newspapers furnish
ed us. It would be almost impossible to
enumerate them here. Suffice it, they were
To Correspondents.— We will publish
the correspondence of “Mucho Mas” with
pleasure, if he will send us his name—not
for publication, but for our satisfaction.—
We cannot publish correspondence of such
a nature unaccompanied with the name of
the writer.
Pork Packing.— We understand Messrs.
Graham & Henry contemplate opening a
pork packing establishment in this place,
shortly. They have now on hand two hun
dred head of tine fat hogs, and as many more
on the way up from the valleys.
Weather.—The weather in these parts is
quite squally, with occasional “sprinklings”
and a raw south wind, all of which are om
inous of copious showers.
Cotillion Party.—A Cotillion Party
is to be given by Messrs. Wade & Cain, at
the Oregon House Garden Valley, on Thurs
day evening next, December 13th.
We are indebted to Xat Small, dri
ver of tbe Soda Wagon between this place
and Centreville, for the weekly delivery of
our p«p«r to patron* in that vicinity.
News Items.
Mr. McDonald, Superintendent of Moon’s
Rauch, below Tehama, was killed by a
drunken Kanaka, on the 29th inst. The
Kanaka was afterwards shot by two men
who started immediately in pursuit.
Six men were drowned by the upsetting
of a boat at the Junction, one mile and a
half below Bidwell, Butte county, on the
28th ult. Their names were as follows:
Daniel Harvey, John Brown, Otis Wilson,
William McQuillan, Michael O’Day, and
John Arnold.
R. H. Forbes, formerly an expressman
between Nevada and Little York, was ac
cidentally killed at Red Dog on the 26th
Samuel Garrett, the seducer and murder
er, was sentenced at Sacramento, on the
30th ult., to be hanged on the 9th day of
January next.
It is asserted by a correspondent of the
Stockton Argus that a paper mill is about
being established on the Stanislaus river,
near the town of Ccntreville.
There is an extensive bed of pure white
marble near Camptonville, Yuba county.
The State Journal says Walker has
higher aims than the mere acceptance of
Commander-in-chief of a thousand men.—
He has his eyes upon Honduras, Guatema
la, Mosquito, and perchance his ambition
has a still wider range.
Every foot of Table Mountain has been
claimed, and tunnels are being run in every
The body of a miner by name of Newton
was found in a shaft on Corral Flat, on the
29th ult., having evidently lain there two
or three days.
On the authority of the Solano Herald
we announce that the first bell ever cast in
California has just been hung at the works
of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company at
The expediency of organizing a new
county from the counties of Sierra, Plumas,
and Yuba, is being discussed.
The Jackson Sentinel speaks encoura
gingly of the quartz mining operations in
Amador county.
Quarterly meetings of the M. E. Church
have recently been held in the southern
coast counties.
On Saturday, the Ist inst., Robert Mc-
Clear was sentenced by the Court of Ses
sions of Sacramento county to ten years
imprisonment in the State Prison, for an
assault to murder. John Weeks was also
sentenced to seven years imprisonment in
the State Prison for burglary.
One hundred firkins of fresh butter were
brought by the Golden Age from New
York, which port it left twenty-four days
prior to its arrival, and the entire lot was
put up in Orange county three days prior
to its departure from New York.
The first communication by telegraph
over the line between Portland and Oregon
City, was received at Portland, Nov. 16th,
A man named Hurley was murdered near
Vacaville, Solano county, on the 28th ult.,
by a man named Gillman.
In the U. S. District Court criminal pro
ceedings have been commenced against the
Captain and Agent of the Georgina, which
recently exploded at Petaluma.
Ole Bull has again resumed his profession
and has formed a company, with which he
intends to make a concert tour through the
principal cities in the Union.
Mons. Godard made a balloon ascension
from Cincinnati, lately, on horseback. The
horse and his rider reached the earth in
safety after ascending to a great height.
A correspondent of the Cleveland Leader
urges the appointment of Joshua R. Gid
dings to the U. S. Senate by the new Re
publican Legislature of Ohio.
The formidable fortresses of the Russians
on the north side of Sevastopol, at last ac
counts, were being very materially strength
ened, and although not impregnable, still
w r ere far stronger than any captured siuce
the commencement of the war.
The report circulated a short time siuce,
that Marshall, the first discoverer of gold
iu California, was insane from the effects of
inebriation, is contradicted by a writer in
the Sacramento Union, from lowa Hill,
who avers that during an acquaintance of
sever months he has never seen or heard of
his drinking a glass of spirituous liquor, and
all wdio know him can testify to his sanity.
No less than seven marriages were con
summated at San Francisco during Thanks
giving day and evening.
The statistics of the Mint at San Fran
cisco, for the last eleven months, show a
coinage of gold to the amount of §20,489.-
048, and silver to the amount of §164.075.
The prices of passage by the mail steam
ship Golden Age, which left yesterday,
ranged from §125 to §3OO.
The total value of exports from San
Francisco for the month of November last,
was §374,608.
The house known as the ‘New World,’
in Marysville, was robbed on the the night
of the Ist inst., of money and valuables to
the amount of 51600.
To the Editors of the Georgetown
News. —Dear Sirs: Permit me to use a
small space iu the columns of your public
journal, as a mediator to the complaining
ones, in regard to the Post-Office regula
tions of this place. Iu the first place, 1
have concluded to adopt the farmer’s plan,
of where to set his barn when moved, by the
many, (and they must all say where it
should be put) i. e. to listen to all informa
tion and gas upon how the Post-Office
should be regulated here, and then do as I
please (after all is said) while 1 have the
office. This office is kept open twelve hours
each day, (except Sunday.) which 1 think
is all that is sufficient for the business of
the office at this time, or iu the future, even
were the business increased ten fold, judg
ing from offices of larger places. Further
more, when the office is closed, it docs not
indicate that the mail is closed. I will
state that the office has and will at present
close at 8 o’clock, P. M., and the mail docs
not nor has not closed until 9 o’clock, P.
31. You will understand, my readers, that
the Post-Master's work does not cease at 9
o'clock, but continues, when the Atlantic
mail closes, till midnight, and then has to
be aroused from his slumber (if he gets any
before the stage leaves) at 3 o’clock, A.
M., to despatch the mail —for who? I will
say for you all, while you arc enjoying the
sweetest of all comforts, a good night’s rest
It is my endeavor to use any accommoda
tion that is necessary, on my part, to those
persons having business with the office, and
on the other hand, 1 will say it is the duty
of such to make some allowance for Post-
Masters, and to endeavor to do their busi
ness with the office within the hours named:
from 8 A. M. to 8 P. M., and Sunday from
9to 10jo o’clock, A. M., and froral to2U
o’clock. P. M. Believing that these hours
are all that is necessary, 1 have resolved to
enforce them, with the following exceptions,
to wit: when the Atlantic mail arrives the
office will be open until all persons present
have enquired for themselves, (and not for
forty friends, as a great many are in the
habit of doing.) Furthermore, those per
sons who are in the habit of sitting iu stores
and visiting places of amusement, they will
please understand that I shall not wail for
them to get through with their amusements
and then heed their call when the office is
closed. I will also state, that there are
some who cannot get here while the office
is open, and cannot stay here till the usual
hours of opening; all such 1 will gladly wait
upon. As the profits of the office will not
justify a person to attend to it, alone, I will
say that to those who are willing and have
rented boxes, as a compensation towards
the support of the Post-Master, all such I
am willing to accommodate further, provi
ding it is necessary. Readers, for your con
sideration I submit the foregoing.
Very respectfully, yours,
AV. CLEGG, P. 31.
X. B. Some persons may say, why did
he not keep the office open on last Sunday,
the 2d, iu order that we could pay for our
letters to be sent? To all such I would
say, that Uncle Sam has established an
agency for the sale of stamped envelopes
and postage stamps, at this office, at the
Government price; also, on and after Jan
uary Ist, 185 G, there will be no letters sent
unless they are paid by stamped envelopes
or stamps, as that is the law. W. C.
Stockton vili.e, Dec. 3d, 1855.
Editors Georgetown News: —ln view
of the contemplated division of the county,
it is but right and proper that our portion
of El Dorado should be fully made known,
its resources developed, the improvements,
discoveries, &c., made public. Our town
is s-I-o-w-I-y improving; there arc no quartz
mills erected as yet, but a number of capi
talists from Corte Madeira have been up
examining the auriferous quartz, and have
pronounced it good. There is one inven
tion or discovery that deserves a passing
notice. It is a discovery of vast importance
to all lovers of good living; it is ajdiscovery
as is a discovery, as Capt. Guttle would say;
no less than the manufacture of Cayenne
Pepper. One of our citizens connected
with an eminent physician of your town, is
making preparations on an extensive scale
for manufacturing the article. It is a sim
ple preparation, composed of two constitu
ent paxts; the first is mansauita, which is
stripped of its bark and sap edge, then sawed
up, carefully preserving the dust. The sec
ond is an herb discovered by the medical
gentleman in his perambulations over the
mountains. It is of a very pungent nature.
The herb is steeped in pure water, thereby
extracting the sharp pungent flavor, while
in its green state; the rnausanita dust is then
saturated with the liquid, and when dry
composes a high-flavored and aromatic ar
ticle for table use and cooking far siqrerior
to the article now in use. It is an anti
diaretic, useful in diarrhoea and dysentery.
It is also the intention of the discoverers to
prepare another article of luxury from sim
ilar ingredients, which it is confidently be
lieved will entirely supercede the use of that
villainous compound called ginger-wine. I
will keep you posted in relation to matters
and things about here.
Yours, <tc., Aigeitixe,
Messrs. Editors:— The following letter
‘rich, rare ami racy.' was left by the writer
at Yolcanoville, which place he has left f, ~
parts unknown. In order to be appreciate!
fully, it need only be stated that there '
scarcely a single line of truth in the who!-
' » 18 September, 1855
Dear farther and mother,
I take my pen in hand to inform you t ;
am well at present and i hope those r !
lines will find you all well, i aiat l "*
letter from home for six months and j ‘j®
like to hear from you for my part i have m
wrote aney for a long while my self till no™
but i think if nothing happens i will f
home next spring i have three claims t*
work this winter one ol them would last U"
five years if i want to work bat if i Can
it in the spring i will come home this i<
geting to be a hard country a man is uo ,
safe to carry fifty cents with him for fear C f
getting murdered there is a man tobehui
the twenty sixth of Oct next for kil!i n » \
young woman i was on his jury i want yc
to rite to me as soon as you cau if you pf ea ,
and send me a tiffin paper but none if you
wont rite to me any more i shaut rite an •
more and that is the truth
no more on this side
Oh yes i like to for got to tell you about the
election we bed an awful time but i voted
the old democratic ticket through out ihu i
a fight with two knownothings you know
that i aint a fighting charector but if i did.
ent give them two knownothings hell then
it is all right i shot one through the hip and
i shot the other ones ear of close to his head
what do you think of that away from homy
0 i am an awful man now days i weigh one
hundred and ninety pounds i am gest like
the feller said i weigh a hundred and enough
for any man i am unlucky when i get in a
fight i always have to fight two men hut i
never got whipt yet never had a black eve
nor i dont drink any whiskey ucr i doiit
gamble any but i will fight when i am im
posed on i have killed two men since i left
home i killed one Spaniard and one indain
1 will bring the scalp home now i wantyuu
to rite to me if you pleas but if you dont
want to it dont make any difference to me
i can stay here i can get married here i can
get a girl gest by saying the word but it
you send me a letter about things and mat
ters i wont marry i will wait till i get home
mind that now
Correct mystaks
no more at present
but remain yours truly
Georgetown post office
Eldorado County California
H. C. M
Glory bo to got
for evsr and ever Ameu
I*® 1 ' Stewart Kelley, who is charged
wilh participating with Mickey Free ia the
murder of Daniel C. Howe, in July last, in
Lake Valley, arrived yesterday, says the
Sacramento Union of the 3d, in charts c
the Sheriff of El Dorado county, and w;
placed on the Prison Brig, to await atria:
here, the venue having been changed tot:
An Item.— A friend of ours oue day Its;
week, gave the following when calker :
by ns for a mining item; ‘‘Wei!/’ scivv
“on yesterday, I washed out a dozen pans
of dirt, taken from a gulch which skovd
evidences of being rich, and didn't pel the
color. 1 ’ Thousands in California, we doubt
not, daily meet with no better success.
Qcartz Mill Machinery. —A large
quantity of Quartz Mill machinery, togeth
er with a steam engine, passed through this
place on Friday last, destined for Volcano
ville. It is to be used in Messrs. Neuguts
& Baker’s mammoth mill now in processo
erection at the above place.
JBS?“The San Francisco Penny Post Co.
has our thanks for files of the V. Y. Tri
bune brought per Golden Age.
We are under obligations to Messrs.
Graham A Spear, agents of Pacific Express
Go. at this place, for favors lately rendered
this office.
Balaklava Six Months after the Bir
tle.—Rectangular patches of long, rank,
rich grass, waving high above the more nat
ural green meadow, marked the mounds
where the slaiu of the 25th of October are
reposing forever, and the snorting horses
refuse to eat the unwholsome shoots. As
the force moved on, evidences of that fatal
and glorious day became thick and painful.
The skeleton of an English dragoon, said
to be one of the Royals, lay still extended
on the plain, with tattered bits of red cloth
hanging to the bones of his arms. Ail tbe
buttons had been cut off the jacket. The
man must have fallen early in the day, when
the heavy cavalry were close up to Oanrob
ert’s hill, and came under the fire of the Kus
sian artillery. There was also a Russian
close at hand in ghastly companionship-
The small, bullet skull, round as a cannon
ball, Lad been picked bare, all save the
scalp, which was still covered with grizzly
red locks. Further on, amid fragments of
shell and round shot, the body of another
Russian seemed starting out of the grave,
which scarcely covered his lower extremi
ties. The hall-decayed skeletons of artil
lery and cavalry horses, covered with rot
ten tripping, harness and saddles, lay a«
they had fell in the agonies of death, or had
crumbled away into a debris of bone and
skin, and leather straps, cloth and buckles-
From the numerous graves, the uncovered
bones of the tenants have started through
the soil, as if to appeal against the haste
with which they had been buried. Mitli
the clash of drums, and the shrill strains of
the fife, with the champing of bits, and ring
ing of steel, man and horse now swept over
the remains of their fellows in all the prk*
of life.—[London Times' correspondence.

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