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It Payi thelßuiintu Man'to Adver
tl • in the ledger.
Established October 27, 1855.
Omce In Marelta Building, Court street.
Will practice In all tho courtsof the state. Co
I'hjrßlclnn and Surgeon
Jackson, Cal.
omce: Webb building. Alt calls promptly
. attended to at all times,
Physician and Surgeon
OFFicE-Next door to residence, north Main
street, opposite California hotel.
Telephone Main 32
Physician and Surgeon
Jackson. Cad
Office In Marella building. Main Street.
Physician and Surgeon
Sutter Creek, Cal.
Physician and Surgeon
m , Office, Main 28
' Residence, Main 27
Amador City, Cai.
Practice limited to diseases of
. — — DBNTISTrrrr-, „ *
Office Hours: — From 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Telephone Black /44 Hours 9-5
United States Commissioner
Will attend to Homestead and other filings;
taking of Bnal proofs and all other Land
Deeds and other legal documents drawn up.
Main Street. Jackson
Dealer In —
mmm watches, clocks mci»
«* All goods warranted as represented
Repairing of watches. Clocks and jewelry
Webb Bld'g. Jackson
Rooms 17 and 1 IS
Those baths aro strongly recom-
mended by all reputable physicians
And all Chronic Troubles
Best Hygenlc Treatment Known.
Lady and gentleman attendant.
Churgcs reasonable,
Amador Ledger.
How a Correspondent Looks
At It.
Feb. 7— On reading in the daily
Chronicle of the passage by the assem
bly ol the bill debarring Japanese
from attending the public schools of
Caucasians, and foraing them into
Beparate eohools, 1 oannot help mak
ing comment; upon the situation.
With me it has seemed like a dramatic
farce. The war cry is nothing but
the veriest balderdash of those behind
the scenes. The cry is "Don't pass
anything as laws of your land that
oannot bo taken and digested by the
little brown men, else you will con
vulse the country with a war." If
we ate to be dictated to by the policy
of the Japanese embassy, hadn't we
better invite them to oome over and
make our laws for as. The Japanese
when they come here oome to stay
permanently. In convocation with a
Japanese on board of a steamer com
ing from Seattle to Han Francisco, 1
aaked him if he intended to return to
Japan. "Mot to live," he replied,
"1 intend to stay here." "Do your
countrymen have the same inten
tions"? They do," was his reply.
'Why?' "Because, " be replied wo can
make more money hero and live
better. The majority there have no
show. It is only a pittance they get
for their labor; they are slaves there,
they are freemen here."
Now this is the exact action of all
Japanese in America. President
Roosevelt has made a good president
in some respects, lie has, and is now
trying to be a dictator. If we are to
be diotated to by the president in
making our laws why not delegate
him with supreme power, and let him
turn the laws out to us through rotary
improved. His presser, Grove L.
Joiinson is patrotio, in his. endeavors.
Mentally and forensically he is the
peer of James N. uillett and Theodore
Koosevelt. James N. Uillett was
elected to execute the laws, or see that
they, were executed, not to make
them. He has no right to tamper
with them, only he may put his veto
on them if he does not like their
tenor. It must be very embarrasiug to
the legislature now conveued at the
capitol, to be considered incompetent
to make the laws they were sent there
to make. lam not in . favor of war
with Japan without cause, neither do
1 believe the Japs intend, or are fools
enough to fight us. lam in favor of
the dignity of this nation on the true
basis of its actual standing. The alti
tude of this government toward the
Japanese, notwithstanding all this
nice diplomacy, appears to be like the
ittle boy that whs forced upon the
top of a feuce post by an old hen with
young chickens. After he was on the
post bo shook his fist at the hen with
the exclamation that he could whip
any hen that ever sat." 1 consider
it beneath the dignity of this nation
to show the fear of war that they have
apparently shown. Japan with her 40
million of people is virtually slapping
the faoe of America, with close on to
100 millions.
Now as regards to Koosevelt, not
one of the illustrious men that have
oooupied the place he now holds ever
offered to diotate to v sovereign state.
Now Johnson has said rightly that
the Japanese are immoral and are not
(It to associate with iiliildrmi of the
Caucasian race. We have tut ill' laws
for the protection of American Indus
ty, yet we open the doors to sluves of
the Orient, and allow them to oome
and compete with our sous and daugh
ters in a struggle for exißteuoe. Now,
1 am not in favor of seeing any class
starve, yet 1 am still not in favor of
allowing an association of slaves to
oome mill commingle with those we
are, as pareuts and patriots, obliged
by all the rules ot love tor our kind
to protect. The great howl is that
the Japauese are liable to go to wai
and pounce upon the Philippines and
wrest tlium from us. The United
States bought the islands audjif Japan
covets them we must either, show the
white feather like cowards or defend
them like a tree and uutrammeled
nation that we are and ought to be.
Now, in my hurublo opinion there
is more fear uf gettinu into a war
over the Philippines with Germany,
than with Japan Besides they would
be more formidable. 1 was one of the
those at the beginning of the Jupa
uese-liussiau war to prediot that
Kussla with all tior power would lie
whipped by Japanese. 1 wus co cer
tain of it that 1 wou a bottle of wine,
which 1 did not drink, of one of my
Business Changes.
Humors of business ohangea have
been life during tbe past week. It
was reported that tbe two lending
hotels— tbe National and Globe— were
about to change hands. Also that tbe
Well building was likely to be sold.
It was eaid that S. Vicini and nn
other from gutter Creek were think
ing of takiing hold of the Globe
hotel. That the Cbicbizola Estate was
contemplating buying tbe Weil build,
ing and starting a general store there.
That D. B. Alasou and bis brother
from Huisun were negotiating for
the purobase of tbe National hotel, or
rather of the interest of Mrs Voor
beis therein. While all these reports
no doubt had a basis of truth, tbe
only one that baa eventuated in an
actual sale is that concerning the
National hotel. Mr'Masou, tbe pro
prietor of. tbo lone Echo, was here
several days during tbe tore part of
tbe week, looking into the matter.
Mrs Voorbeis has been anxious to sell
tbe furniture, good will and lease of
the premises. Tbe reality Is owned
by the Bank of Amador county.
Finally the deal was consummated
and the new proprietor took charge
Wednesday morning. Ho and his
wife and family came up from lone
Tuesday evening, to take up their
abode in this city. Mr Mason is
highly spoken of as a progressive
business man. With able help he
expects to look after tbe business in
all its details. The Ledger welcomes
the new proprietor, and there ia no
doubt they will do well in tbeir new
sphere. ■ The National enjoys tbe re
putation of being tbe best holstery in
tbe Mother Lode region, and the aim
of tbe new owners will be to maintain
the high standard it has ao long en
joyed in the estimation of the travel
ing publio.
The facts about the reported sale of
the Weil building are about as fol
lows: T. J. Burrow, in behalf of
some party or .parties in the back
ground, made inquiries about tbe
purchase of the property. The price
given at first was considered reason
able enough, v but , for aoruo reason,
when the matter ''dame' to be closed,
the parties could- not agree on the
price, and so the deal fell through.
Mr Weil thinks tbe sale may go
through yet. That the Chicbizola
Estate is behind tbe negotiation
seems to be mere conjecture and
Birthday Surprise Party.
A surprise party was given to C. D.
Peek, driver of the Plymouth stage,
on Monday evening, iv recognition
of his birthday anniversary. A num
ber of friends gathered at his borne
on Peek hill, about twenty, and spent
an hour or two pleasantly in games,
musio, and partaking of refreshments,
which the surprisers had provided for
tbe occasiou.
Rain fell on twenty-four days dur
ing the mouth of January. For
February, up to the 11th it has rained
every day except three. The total for
this month to date, in Jackson, is
5.20 inches, making a total for the
season to date 27.46 inches. At the
Kennedy mine tbe rainfall for tbe
season up to Tuesday evening was
24.65 inches. Usually tbe precipita
tion at tbe Kennedy mine is heavier
than In Jackson, but this season tbe
two places, only a mile apart, seem to
be running nook aud neck.
best friends. There are many wise
Japaueso in the Mikedo's Kingdom
that would be counselors of peace in
opposition of the rabble of the lower
classes, inoapable of summing up tho
awtul results of attacking as formid
able a nation as the United States.
•Some people regard it aa almost
sacrilege to comment unfavorably
upon tbe president's course. 1 for our
have but very little faith in thin
diplomatic farce. If we allow Japa
nese to come to this country without
restriction we might as well go to
sleep content over the situation, for
they will get away from their uativo
country as a traitor from an army.
As to taking issue with the president,
we have a right as free men to do so.
the orowned head lv Europe is our
tailed in his ambition by tbe people
be rules, and is in n great measure
held responsible to them. They ure not
absolute. They tremble many times
at tbe attitude of tbe populace.
Koosevelt is not a monarch. lie is
the president of a free people.
(iiddy Dick.
Cures baby's croup, Willio'a daily
outs and bruiees, rimma's eoro throat,
graudinu's lameness— Dr. Thomas'
Kuleotrio Oil-tbe great household
How the People Stand.
We publish trio follonlDg as hliow
liiKthn feeling of tlio people generally
on the policy of tbe Ledger in local
January 5.
Kditnr Ledger:—! notice with plena
tiro your are after graft, so muoh an
an to cause your neighbor of tbe Dis
patch to squirm. It looks rather tad
when we have to desceud to Hillings
gate to plead our onuno, especially it
Is despicable wlwn we have to call
our foe old and so forth. 1 noticed
that tbe Kecord had to say some
thing about moss backs in connection
with tbe oounty clerk's meeting.
If there is anything else in tbe
meetings, 1 would like to see it, if it
was not for you we would know noth
ing about what they are doing; for
their own benefit. Those that have
exposod graft nave been proseouted
from tbe earliest ages, so that you are
in good company.
Strange Disease Among Horses.
On the Aviso ranch, a couple of
miles east of this city, a peculiar
malady has latelyjappeared among the
horses. It is thought to be some
form of poisoning, the exact nature
of which is at present unknown.
Two borfloa'of his band died from the
disease last Tuesday, and the others
are reported to be sick. Tbe animals
become paralyzed, the symptoms be
ing very similar to those in a case of
ptomaine poisoning in a human be
ing. Tbe attack quickly develops,
and little can be done to relieve tbe
sufferer. A post mortem examina
tion by a surgeon failed to discover
tbe exact oause of death. The con
tents of tbe stomach of one of the
victims may be sent to tbe oity 'for
chemical analysis. So far tbe malady
has not appeared elsewhere than on
tbe ranch named. Farmers should be
od the alert for the symptoms of any
strange affection among their horses
or cattle, aud report any thing they
may notice in this direction.
Reason Enthroned
Because meats are so tasty they are
consumed iv great exaeas. This leads
to stomach troubles, biliousness and
onstipation. Revise 'your diet, let
reason and not a pampered appetite
control, then take a few does of
Chamberlain's stomach and liver
tablets and you will soon be well
again. Try it. For sale at Spagnoli's
drug store. Samples free.
Italian Relief Fund.
The relief fund in Amador county
for tbe sufferers by tbe earthquake
disaster in Italy is not yet closed. In
addition to the sum of 873G collected
from tbe citizens generally of Jack
son, tbe following sums have been re
ceived from tbe employes of the
mines of this vicinity:
Zeila ,";,,- ... 8U5.75
Kennedy - - • 87.50
Tbe Argonaut baa yet to be heard
The outside towns have not yet been
beard from, except Sutler Creek with
8165.75. and Volcano with 887.50. It
is expeoted that the relief fund will
be closed this week, and tbe total
from the county will be given in our
next issue.
a cough that has been banging on for
over two months by taking liallard's
Horebound Syrup. If you bavn a
cough, don't wail— stop it at once
with this wonderful remedy. Spledid
for cougbs, cold on chest, intlueuza,
bronobltis and pulmonary troubles.
Price 250, r.Oo, and 81.00. Sold by
Kuhser's City Pharmacy.
Lincoln's Day.
In commemoration or tbe lOOtb
anniversary of the birth of Abraham
Lincoln, e.xercisea will be held this
afternoon in every school in tbe
county,— probably in every school in
the state, lv tbo publio school of
this city every pupil— from the
youngest vp — will bo expected to
take part in the exercises. Most ot
them will huvii a short recitation.
The primary class will have short
pieces, tiotne not wore tliiin three or
tour lines, but evory oue will parti
cipate in tbe memorial exercises aa a
tilting recognition of tbe war presi
dent, ami tlio services bo rendered his
couutiy in the hour of its peril.
Save Money by Buying Chamber
laln.s Cough Remedy
You will pay just as much for a
bottle ot Chamberlain' soougb remedy
as for any of tbe other oouttb medi
cines, but you save money in buying
it. Tbe miviiiK Is »" what you get,
uot what you pay. The sure-to-cure
you quality ia in every bottle of this
remedy, ami you get good results
wiiiui A'ou tuke it. Neglected colds
often develop Herious oouditions, ami
when you buy v cough mediolno you
wunt to be sure you are gettiug one
that will cure your cold. Cbamber
aiu's Cough Remedy always) euros.
I'riflo '20 and 50 ceuts a bottlo. For
sale by Jackson Drug Store, Bpag
uoli, prop.
GRAPES, from their most health JM
WflffM^ ful properties givp ROYAL its |I
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H Absolutely Pure 11
H It it economy to use Royal Baking Powdery j||
H It saves labor, health and money* pi
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§1 place or do the work of Royal Baking Powder* j|||
Argonaut.— A meeting of tbe stock
holders of tbe Argonaut Mining Com
pany is called for next Monday, for
tbe purpose of electing a boaid of
directors for tbe ensuing year, and
suob other business as may properly
come before tbe meeting. Much of
tbe stook is held by eastern capital*
ists. As the prospects of the mine
are very bright, owing to tbe dis
covery of good ore bodies in several
places, tbe object in agitating for tbe
election of directors is to insure
settled conditions in connection with
the management of the affairs of tbe
company. Mr Rainstord in tbe
general management has made a most
satisfatory record, tie has out down
expenses, at tbe same time brought
tbe property to such a point that the
outlook for a prolonged- period of
dividends is as satisfactory to-day as
at any period in it past history.
Original Amador.— The Original
Amador Mines Co. are bringing in a
large amount of material aud machin
ery. ,A very large air compressor
arrived the past, week and Is being
installed. Tbe stormy weather makes
it very inconvenient for tbe handling
and placing ot such heavy machinery.
Mr Deaner is pushing matters along
with great force and energy, and after
a little, will make tbe business bum.
Old Time Incidents.
VVjnfleld J. Davis publishes in tbe
"Grizzly Ueur" a section of news
items gleaned from the California
newspapers of 1853. Some of those
relating to this county are as follows:
"Coloma was then the oounty seat
of Xl Dorado county. Early on the
morning of tbe lOtb, as tbe jailer was
liberating tbe prisoners from tbeir
cells, he was assaulted and knocked
down. Recovering himself be dis
charged bis pistol, tbe bullet taking
ettect in tbe hip of one of tbe prison
ers who was confined on a charge ot
murder aud awaiting trial. One man
succeeded in getting out, but was
soon apprehended and returned. The
third oue, after tbe shot was fired,
retreated to bis cell.
The Placer Press speaks of a pear
grown in tho yard of tbe sheritf of
Placer county that latitudely meas
ured seventeen inches aud longtitude
ly Ufteen inches. An apple produced
at Coloma, HI Dorado county, meas
ured ten inches in circumference
aud weighed one pound aud teu
Tho mines were yielding plentiful
ly. In Mariposa county four mim-r.s
took out from a newly discovered
quartz vein at Savage Flat 81090 from
fifty pounds uf rock. The vein had
been accidentally discovered by a
party that bad been working without
much success in a gluob near by.
IToiii louo the report came that all
of tbe miners were doing remarkably
well. A claim in Amador county was
sold for Clio and within a week the
purchaser took out S'2lo. In another
iustauoe a party who lmd recently
paid 825 tor a claim was making 80 a
day. From nnouer claim 83000 had
been takeu out within tbe past year.
J'he Colomu Times spoko or a quartz
lead that had as much tbe appearauco
ot a lead of gold as of quartz, Id one
piece of quartz rock weighing six and
three-quarters pounds, four and a halt
pounds of gold were extrnoted. —Xl
Dorado Hepublioau.
Ask Yourself the Question
Why not uhb Ctianiterlalu'a Lini
ment when you liuvo rneutmttitim?
Wn tool sure Unit tbe result will bo
prompt ami uatishiotory. It htta cured
utlieia, why not you? Try it. It mints
but v tritlu. l'rioe, -5 cents; large
him, "ill ceuts. for Bale by Jackson
Diul' Store, tiptigtiDli, piop.
You can get your Billheads,
Letter Heads, etc.. printed at
the Ledger for less than you
can buy blank stock for else
Five Cents Per Copy.
Hotel Arrivals
Globe: Thursday— Fred Waters,
J tiubley, Amador City; Mrs U W
Ureen, Fosterla; li A Farmer, Stock
Friday-C 11 Uelden, Alameda; J W
Harker, Defender; Cl A Ureen,
Fosteria; Auito Pesa, Santa Cruz;
Dan Bardoni, Stockton.
Saturday— M D Ureen, Mokelumne
Hill; UB Kobn, F A Kohn, Port
land; X Keggio, A Johns, P A West,
Sunday— W Ludekeus, Pine Grove;
A E Campbell, Sacramento; J Dat
son, San Francisco.
Monday— J Scully, lone.
Tuesday— Sam Arouson, New York;
Paul Uarnaby, San Francisco; U
Massei, Fresno; T Ferrasi; 1J (5 As
born, Denver.
Wednesday— Wm Uanley, Nellie
Hanley. Pearl Hanley, H Bradley,
New York Kanch; Bert Williams, Col
fax; P Barnoby, San Francisco.
National: Thursday — A S Neviug,
A X Fox, N J Frledlander, Louia
Kenk, D Ulazer, ti Davis, Koss A
liorton, San Franciaoo; G E Kirk
patrick, D Korn, Sacramento.
Fnday-H Haokett, M Cohen,
Percy Kenyon, San Francisco; Wm
C Council, San Andreas.
Saturday— D Michaels, Boston; H
X Ulan, E Fisher, E A Payson, J H
Fredrick, San Francisco; G Mann,
Mokelumne Hill; W J Kogers, Sacra
mento; D S Mason, lone; Mr and
Mrs Henry Richards, Angels Camp.
Sunday-F A Druland;W U Temby;
Geo A Grey, Stockton; J C Mcliatb.
Monday-F C Viscia, Eieotra; W
D Duke, Latrobe; A I' Simpson.
Wednesday— J A Murphy, Stockton.
Thursday— W W Uubbard. Arthur
Epstein, L J Kattgers, A P Shauaban,
H Van Orden, San Francisco: E Gor
man, Oakland.
Broke Her Leg.
Mrs George Velland, on Suuday
last, bad tbe misfortune to fracture
her .'eg. She slipped on tbe sidewalk
at her home on LSright's addition,
breaking both bones in tbe vicinity
of tbe ankle. Dr. Gall is attendiug
the case.
itch ! Itch ! Itch !— Scratch ! Srcatch I
Scratch ! The more you scratch the
worse the itch. Try Doau's Oiutmeut.
It cures piles, ezoema, any skin itch
ing. All druggsts sell it.
Church Notes.
Order of services at the Methodist
Episcopal church as follows: Sun
day school at " p. in., proucbing ser
vices every Suuday to commence at
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. 111., prayer meet
ing every Wednesday at 7:30 p. m.
The publio is cordially invited to
attend these sorvices.
h'egular services will be held in St.
Ausustine's Episoopal church on
11 a. vi. — first and third Sunday
iv each month.
7:30 p. m.— Second and fourth Suu
day in each month.
Unclaimed Letters.
Mrs Margaret ilioks, .Miss Mable
(Jreeue, (ioro Uuriab, Jim Jacks,
Mrs Kvu Morau.
There is uot any better salve thuu
Do Witt's (Jurbolized Witch Hazel
Sulve. Wo hereby warn the publio
Unit we ure uot responsible for any
iiijuiiiiiiH Atfects caused trom worth
less or polsunous imitations of our
Do Witt's carbolized witch hnzel
salve, the original. It is good (or
anything wbeu a salve is needed, but
it is especially good tor piles, He
sure you get PeWitt'a. Hold by City

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