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Editorial Column
One of the important reforms, pledegd by both parties at
the last election, was the passage of a law providing for the
nomination of all candidates for state, county, and municipal
offices by direct primaries. The idea is to have the people
nominate their candidates directly, without the intervention
of state or county conventions. We do not believe this plan
wonld do away with party conventions altogether. It r would
still be necessary to have representatives assemble in con
vention, for the purpose of voicing the sentiments of the
voters in party platforms. But the plan of nominating by
direct vote would abolish in a measure the manipulation by
adroit politicians of delegations by trading and promise of
patronage, which has been in evidence for so many years, to
the lowering of the moral standing of politics generally. Many
patriotic citizens of late years have refused to take part in
party politics because of the degradation attached to the sys
tem of dictation by unscrupulous politicians. Men who scorn
to stoop to low-down methods have little chance against the
tactics of schemers, posted in all the arts of the game of wire
pulling and manipulation. This political flimflam business
is improperly designated as smartness on the part of those
versed therein. It is nothing of the kind. It is simply
moral degeneracy, which highminded men, from their inborn
sense of right, cannot descend to. So the politicians, as a
rule, have had it all their own way, one faction of the same
class contending against the other.
The direct primary plan' it is hoped by its advocates, will
change all this. It will take the offices, and the patronage
belonging thereto out of the control of the schemers, bring
ing the voters into closer relations with aspirants for office.
While there is a general sentiment} that provision of law
should be made to raise politics to a higher moral plane,
there is much diversity of opinion as to the details. It is a
difficult subject to handle; and perhaps impossible to prevent
the political gamblers from finding a loophole for their
operations altogether. In the bill now before the legislature,
a diputed point has developed concerning the number of
votes necessary fat a primary election to constitute a nomi
nation. The bill sis originally introduced provided that
forty percent of all the votes cast should constitute a nomi
nation. This by many is deemed too high, and an amend
ment is suggested to reduce it to twenty-fire per cent. Of
course, at a primary contest there is likely to be a lively
scramble within the party ranks for an office. Where a num
ber of candidates are voted for, it would be unlikely that one
would get forty per cent, and a failure to make a nomination
would complicate things materially. On the other hand, it
is claimed that by unduly lowering the percentage of votes,
the nominees of the minority party would be benefitted. The
defeated candidates of the majority party would at the gener
al election be apt to join forces with the opposition candidates,
and defeat the nominees of the dominant side. In a nominat
ing convention as heretofore conducted, a bitter contest with
in the party ranks is deprecated as a source of danger to the
successful aspirant. It is argued that it would work the
same way with nomination by direct primary. As in othef
states, it will perhaps take some time to work out a practical
primary law, but in the end it will be worth the experience.
Certainly any move in this direotion will hardly fail to be
au improvement upon the convention system as exemplified
in this state for many years past.
The present legislature is taking a decided stand on a
number of questions bordering on abstract morality. The
anti-race track gambling is a case in point. Those favoring
this measure believe that racing may be conducted without
the adjunct of pool selling, and other forms of gambling.
Gambling is a great vice. It has always claimed its millious
of votaries, and probably always will in some form of other,
no matter how severe the laws passed for its suppression. It
is simply the expression of the get-rich-quick spirit. Men
are so constituted that they will grasp at what appears to
them an opportunity to make money easily, by speculative
methods. Gambling is nothing more 'than the speculative
spirit in riotous development. Speculation is a laudable
trait confined within reasonable and fairly safe limits. Every
merchant alert to his own interests, indulges in the specula
tive spirit in the purchase of goods on a depressed market, in
the expectation of a rise later on. There is novice in that
It is business, and the soundest way of doing business. That
is not gambling in the popular acceptation of that term. But
the gambling that finds vent on the race track and the uickel
in-the-slot machines, the faro bauk, and numberless other
forms, is a gigantic evil, without a redeeming feature iv its
favor. Admitting [all this it is still doubtful if auy laws
passed can reach the root of the mischief. Gambling will
not cease with the abolition of race track betting.
Worn Out
That's) tho w«y you feel uluiut the
IUURi w 'it'll yOO Imvii it liiirkiiK' UUUijIl.
It's toollstiuess to Jet It «cj on «"'!
trait to luok to ttot over it, vvlien
liiillurtl'd iloiehoiiiid flryup will atop
dm ciou«li anil la'Hl the luuga. Price
Stoo.Wa i)M<i 81.00 jutr Imttlo. Hold by
liuhser's OUy I'barniuoy.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the s^r S/VZTT'f*"
Signature of C&a/&T&&*&<
H^^J tr^J^M^Li^l^ i For Infants and Childron.
Rlliii'3iir' ie nd ou " aye
BpS/iil r "” '■'"^■•"■iii'iiiißT^CTi ■bIIIUJw UUll£}lll i
¥J v \m AVcSflablerVrpnrtion&rAsj Ppo-pa* fhft' J \
|m|| ness and RestJContainsnciUOT V~ J Mk/Vi \s
ii| &§%&*. I l/^rtr UsB
Hi Hon%ourS™inaciu)larrtm 1 |^ P^.- fl „,*■,
ifesT Worms,Convulsionsfevtnsh- \ M Y\\l IIVRI
pSpS | nessandLosSOFSLKEP. w ■Ml VI Ml
H nnee'^ c ' Thirty Years
|«g|l NEW YORK. *
B Uilln
Exact Copy of Wrapper. thcocntauh«omf*nv. nkw tokr orrr.
Atlantic Steamship Lines— New Orleans-
New York Service.
I ''■'.■
In connection with the Sunset Route between San
Francisco — Los Angeles and New Orleans.
Largest American coastwise steamers— elaborately
furnished staterooms — eLectric lighted throughout —
perfect dining service.
One way, first class rail, via Sunset Route 1o New
Orleans and first cabin on steamer $76.80.
Round trip first class rail and. first cabin steamer
Choice of rail routes on return trip. Second class
rail and second cabin steamer §64.55. Proportionate
rates from other points.
Rates includo your berth and meals on ship. Just
as cheap as an ali-rail route.
* • *
I Ask nearest Agents.
% m
£« -~~~~~ — DEALERS IN "^ Jgj
| ±. General Merchandise |
wj Gfocories, Furnishing Goods, Shoes,
M tiH* Boots, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Mining l§
M /f\ Supplies, Lumber, Hardware Hay, fc
£U Grain, etc., etc. Eg
M Corner Alain and Water St. |g
ArtUlio Gift* Th«t Take Little Ttm*
to Make.
The mission photograph frame Is
carried out in heavy green linen crash.
The colors used In embroidering the
conventional design are the dark shades
of green and the bronze browns.
Pretty opera bags are always a wel
come gift, and half a yard of hand
some ribbon will make up Into a most
desirable receptacle for glasses.
Candle shades covered with pale
pink baby ribbon In little crinkly loops
are attractive and as presents would
please most housewives.
Perfumed coat and skirt hangers axe
popular, and so are the ribbon cases
that contain the gJfiss tube hatpin
Iteally beautiful utility cases that can
be hung upon a wall or rolled for
traveling are made from ribbon. To
make such an article get half a yard
of ribbon that is six Inches In width.
Turn down an inch wide hem at the
top and along the bottom gather and
sew on a thin piece of silk the same
size. This Is then divided Into pockets
and the upper edge shirred. Runners
the length of the case, dividing It into
sections, should then be put on the In
Through these articles of the toilet
such as a shoe horn, button hook, mani
cure implements, etc., and a sewing
outfit with pockets for needles, spools
of thread and silk, scissors and all
such necessaries are put. A little pin
cushion is set firmly at one end. The
pockets receive bolts of baby ribbon,
buttons and all the trifles that go to
furnish a workbaskefc
Cardboard boxes neatly covered with
ribbon and furnished with three spools
of baby ribbon in dainty colorings are
a gift within the skill of the amateur
seamstress. A loop should be added
One snail linen doily.
Filo embroidwy silks.
Sheet of cotton wadding.
Ten cents 1 ■worth of sachtt powder.
Three yards' of baby ribbon-
Inside the cover to hold a couple of
bodkins and a pair of tiny scissors.
A ribbon covered glove case is equal
ly simple of construction. It should
be Interlined with perfumed cotton
and fitted with a soft silk lining. A
pretty finish Is to turn back one cor
ner, holding down with a bow of rib
Another acceptable present that can
be made by the artistic girl la a set
of name cards, hand painted. These
are sure to give pleasure If given to a
woman who entertains largely.
Those in the form of floral wreaths
cut out so they slip on over the edge
of the tumbler are new; also dainty
figures of women copied from some
old painting and provided with paste
board backs so they staud. These fig
ures can carry big muffs as reticules
that can be lifted and show a blank
space for the name underneath, thus
making them available Inter for fram
ing when pasted to a flat surface and
surrounded by a gilt mat
College Flags.
College flags are quite simple to make
for Christmas gifts, but require care
and muc,h precision In putting the let
ters on as well as in cutting them.
A good plan is to cut the letters from
stiff cardboard and trace around them
on the felt, ufterward cutting with a
sbarp knife.
In mounting on the felt background
paste them on with a very thin coating
ol photograph paste and couch around
fill edges with tunny strands of silk
caught down at regular intervals with
a single strand of the same color.
Couching means to hold the heavy
cord or many strands of silk along the
edge of the thing to be outlined and
stitching across It and through the ma
terial with the single thread in the
Handkerchief Case
A handkerchief case is a pretty gift
th«t can be made from ribbon by first
cutting two pieces of cardboard into
b«art shapes. These hearts are covered
o'i both Bides and form the bottom and
tho cover, respectively.
The broad flowered ribbon used Is
Gathered on l»otli edges, one of which
h sewed to the heart at the bottom.
Then a lining of plain soft Bilk is eet
la, nnd the edge of the ribbon is con
nected to tho upper edge of the lining.
A. niching of narrow ribbon trims tlio
cover and n bow acts as v bingo. A
loop t'.nswera the purpose of h lid lifter.
Gifts For Fifty Cente.
For the young man of tuo family
sleeve buttons, silver pencil, coat hung
er, sofa cushion cover, penknife, cigar
Slitter, leatbeF collar box, tatCßel tu;:\
llaeu tuijio cover or v photograph frame
for Uls room.
For nttio girl, dolls, games, worUboVi
skates, Ktrlntr of heads or a music roll.
V'>r small boy, baseball, games, studs.
face mftsk, penknife, stump book,
iti<t»% booUs or v. box of puluts.
Pvr umaUf: boy. train of ciu-s, loco
motive, skate.-), trawperont I'itite.
Amador County
eys by D. C. CAItLTON, showing
township nnd school district bound-
aries, ownership of all lands according
to assessment roll of 1004, mineral
claims, canals, location of all school-
houses; also a townslte map of prlncl^,
pal towns, namely Jackson, Sutter
Creek, lone, Amaclor City, Drytown,
Plymouth and Volcano.
Size 6 by 3f feet.
Price, colored & mounted $10
Plain and unmounted - $5
Sold only at
Sunset Vale 1771 Capital 633
Dyeing and Clcanlnq Works
Dyeing and Cleaning Dress Goods.
Silks, Blankets, and Curtains
A Specialty.
1012-lOth st Sacramento
Is Your Property For^Sale?
We ire constantly receiving Inquiries from all
parts of the United States for Farms, Vineyards and
Country and City Homes on the Pacific Coast. If
your property Is for sale we shall bo glad to place It
on our list, and put you in direct correspondence with
a large number of possible buyers. Address,
*■ aao jjickson ST., t«H MANcmco, cal.
L. H. Cook, Proprietor.
Refitted and renovated throughout.
Best of accommodation for commercial
Table supplied with best in market.
Terms reasonable. jnel
| Globe Hotel I
I "■ m ■"■■■■■ i
i t <
| Board and Lodging ; ;
! ! Sample Rooms for Comtner- ! i
!! cial Travelers. I
<> All Stages stop at' this hotel. >
j] NEW ' if
i National * Hotel:;
' Jackson, Amador county, Cal. ':■
;i: F. A. VOORIIEIS, Proprietor |i|
', Stage Ofiico for all Points; '
i Lighted by electricity throughout !
j <;ommodioiis Samplo Ituoniti foi'n
1 Com merciul Travelers. aulS,,
J. A. Vanderpoo!
Plymouth, Cal.
Has on hand a full lino of Harness
and Hardess Fixtures, Saddles.
Bridles and Robes. Huyyies
an:. Carriage lops made
to order.
Also has on hand a line of
that well known and thois
ughly tried I3AKEU &
HAMILTON buggies.

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