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Amador County
Descriptive Article
Amador county comprises an area of
648 square miles. It lies on the wes
tern slope of Sierra Novado tiouatalns,
andemoraces within it? erritory all
the diversity of valley lOothlll, and
high mountainous lands.
Climate.— The climate of the popu
lous portions of the county is as genial
arid healthful as can be found anywhere
In California. As climate Is one of the
*tnoat valuable assets of this favored
stale In attracting population, Amador
stands second to no county In this re
gard. It should, and no doubt will in
time, when Us climatic advantages are
more thoroughly understood and ap
preciated, become a health resort not
only for thoso In less favored states,
but for tho residents of other parts of
California. Tho temperature alone tho
central portion rarely falls below 30
degrees abovo zero In winter, and as
rarely rises to 100 degrees in tho sum
mer. Snow soldom falls in the settled
districts, and never remains on the
ground for more than a few hours. Of
courso, in the. high mountain regions
of eastern Amador the snowfall Is very
heavy — which is characteristic of the
•entire Sierra' Nevada range. The sum l
mer season is alway accompanied with
x:ool nights; permitting of sound, re
freshing slumber. Fogs are rare, cy
clones are unknown, thunderstorms are
Gold Mining.— The county, although
rich in other sources of wealth, com
paratively untouched, is noted prin
cipally for her quartz mines. The
deepest gold mines in America tire lo
cated here. The Kennedy mine is now
taking gold in liberal quantities from
quartz extracted from a depth of over
3000 feet below the surface, with every
indication that tho pay-ore extends to
a much greater depth. Since the' dis
covery of gold, the county has contrib
uted fully $100,000000 to the world's
•supply of the precious metal. The
mines are still yielding at the rate of
about two million dollars annually.
Nearly all of this wealth is produced by
eight or ten mines operating on what
is called the "mother lode," stretching
clear across the county In a north-east
erly direction a distance of twenty
miles. The mines aggregate between
400 and 500 stamps, and furnish em
ployment for over 1000 miners. This
industry is still in its infancy. The
unexplored territory, even along the
main gold belt, is far in excess of the
I ground that has actually been worked
'or prospected. The county offers to
day one of the most inviting fields to
be found anywhere in the world for the
investment of capital in the fascinating
business of gold mining, not alone along
the mother lode, but also in the almost
untouched mineralized country ot the
east belt, some ten or twelve miles from
the main lode.
Besides gold, wo have copper, de
posits of pottery, coal, imarbe, slate,
limestone, granite, and soapstone or
talc— all undeveloped.
Agricultural Capabilities. — The agri
cultural possibilities equal, If not excel,
the mineral riches. The valley lands
will produce anything that can be
grown in the most favored sections.
In tho foothill lands all kinds of decid
uous fruits thrive: also all kinds of
vegetable are raisod where irrigation
is practicable along the numerous water
courses. Furthorupin the mountains,
at sin iiltitude ot 2000 to 2500 feet, the
. soil is admirably adapted for apples
und potatoes. A ready market for
many times tho quantity now raised of
those commodities can bo found flu the
various mining towns.
Grape culture and wlnemaking arc
becoming importaut industries, both
tho grapes and wine commanding a
better price than ,tho product of the
Land is cheap compared with other
California lands. Improved farms may
be secured for ono-fourth tho price
current in somo plncos. Unhnp roved
lands can bo had from $5 to §10 per
acre. It does not require a fortuno to
buy a small ranch. There is room for
a largo addition to our agrieulural pop
ulation. Vast tracts now devoted to
cattlo ranges might bo made tho homes
of hundreds of prosperous farmers.
Amador lias a population of loss than
1200 U. Three fourths of this is concern- 1
trated in a 'strip of three milos above]
and below tho mineral bolt.
Jackson, tho county seat, has about
iioOO inhabitants, and isan Incorporated
city ol the sixth class. Other towns
urn Butter Creek | Amador City, Dry
town, Plymouth, Volcano, Pino Grove
and Oleta. lone City U tho metropolis
of tho valley section, v thriving town I
of 1000 inhabitants.
Tho community Is law-abiding. Edu
cational fucilities urn excellent. A
schoolhouso is within eiis.y reach of
nearly every family. There is ono high
tfohool, located at limn.
The assessment roll for 11)07 Is $').
800)793) and tho tax rate for both stale
und county purposes $2 on tho $100.
Tho Southern l'aclllo has a brunch
railroad running to limn. From this
point tlio lonu anil Kustern railroad ex
tends 14 miles further to tho mining
The various religious denominations
and fraternal organizations uru well
The power plant of the Standard
Kloetrii! Co— ono of the largoit In the
world— iblocated four miles from Jack
T. J. STEPHENS, Proprietor.
All kinds of • .
Fruit, Shade & Ornamental Trees
24 South Huutcr street, StOCktOD, Cal.
| San Joaquin Valley Building^ Loan Association I
Issues monthii' instalment and investment paid-up stocks, with »A»
yjj interest payable semi-annually, W
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anyone mailing this ad with $ !?f M ma y° u our three new com-
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postage. jps^iil\ prepaid.
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the number of big, round dollars I can save you; if I
could only point out to you the difference between the
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grace of the fit and quality, and in self satisfaction too,
you would order from me at once. I have the finest
samples to show you that were ever introduced in
Step in and examine for yourself and be convinced.
No trouble to show you samples of this fine line of fab-
Remember tho address,
1 ROSS, the TAILOR |
g) ] '_ i <j>
In building formerly occupied by Max Ladar.
One Half of the
With floor space 13 x 80 feet, with fine plate glass front,
j suitable for any business. Well lighted, with front and
I side entrance. Located in business center.
For particulars apply at tho Ledger office.
Special Small Ads.
Advertisements under this hoad, not exceed-
ing 5 Hues, will bo Inserted ut 500 per month, or
5 cents cur lino for loss than ouu mouth.
A LL kinds of Blanks for L. S. Lund Filings—
iv llomosteud, Timber und Mluorul bluuks—
muy be hud ut the Ledger otilce; also deeds
mortgages, mining locations, proof of lubor-.
uud other legul blanks kept for sale, ,
Mining Signal! ou oloth, required
to be posted iv ail niiues, for bale at
the Lodger olllce.
Receipt hooks, locution blauks, doeds
mortgages, promissory votes, etc,
for Bale; hlso uiiuing siguula ou
cloth, graduation diplomas, at the
Ledger otliue
£ Ackuowled^uiout Linuks for notu-
ries, epuuinily printed for Aiuh<loi-
county, muy tie liml at the Ledger
olUue. l J rioe FiOo per packet ot 50.
Furnished Koorua to let: inquire at
Ledger otfice.
Copies ot tbe license urdiuuuce ot
the City of Jucksou iv pamphlet form
nmy be had at the Ledger ofiloe; price
150. each.
FOU HKNT— 'lhree furnished roonit
for light housukeepiiiK ou the Musou
tiuiil. Apply ut this ottlue.
White LeKhoru Koostera for Uretid-
itiu 91 to 91.50 oiii'h, Jaupei Johuuou,
Vvll \ Wto learn tHe bodily
\ \\_/'A \« comfort it gives in
I pf/^ \l\ the wettest weather
(Til 1 1 ' 11 1 CUARANTEED
/ C~\ II \ IgOQ
*"-2 *> I I AT All GOQD STORES
,-» ' RTj?"r » j twM ta Boston. us*.
'"* |^Cj'TOWt»CA»«cI»mttU»'TIO.TOW«TOiW
North Main Street.
THOS. LEMIN Proprietor
Fish of nil varieties! received fresh
every Wednesday. no2o
In first-class condition
Will be sold as a whole, or in lots to
suit customers.
Apply to
Amador Ledger Office!
••«•••••• ••••••••:••••••••
J Send Your Clothes to the J
• 242. West Fremont street •
••««••••«••• ••»•• •••• ••••
Foundry! Machine Shop
Sutler Creek. Cal.
latest and most approvod patterns, and
nil kinds of sheet iron pipe. Every description
of mining and milling machinery made at the
shortest notice. We desire to call the attention
of blacksmiths and other workers in iron to tho
fact that we keep constantly on hand a large
■i.-hI complete stock of bar, retlned aud Norway
■on, gun pipe, gas fittings, otc, which we will
sell at tho LOWEST CASH I'RICES.
« J. Steiner. Proprietor. «
Jjj Leavos Jackson every morning at 7:30 •
O a.m.: arrives ut I'l.rmouth 10:H0 v. m. a
O Loaves Plymouth at Ip. m. ; arrives at O
J i.l Dorado s p.m. S
? Leaves El Dorado 7:15 a. m ; arrives J
■i ut Plymouth II v. m. Leavos Plymouth «
9 ut 2p. m. ; arrivos in Jackson at sp. m. *
5 Offices— Jackson. National Hotel ;Sut- S
7 terCreek, Americau Exchange : Arna- jk
J dor City, Amador Hotel; Dry town, Ex- Z
2 change; Plymouth, Forest llouso. 2
• Prompt delivery of packaoes. »
• This line connects with passengor •
• trains to und from Plucorville. •
f H
„ THROUGH FARE • • • • $2.50 o
• Fifty pounds of baggage froe. o
• (••ia(>o*«e*ceuao**ise«sar
College of Notre Dame
llouidlug uad day Hchool oouductod by the
Hlstors of Notro Dame(Numur). Foumlud
iv IXSB.
Tliu curleulum uuibruoes all tlui branches of v
solid English education. Preparatory uud
ailvuuced coursus iv art, luuguagu, uud music
For further luformutlon uddresu
For Class Leaders, Pupils, Church
Members and Others,
The Amador Ledger is authorized
to form a lonu Mnwßpnper lilble
Htudy Club for its readers, mid gunr
anteen to all who join mul fulfill tbo
condltlone, that everything berolD
prpmUed nlmll lie faithfully carried
The Ledger lias secured the tight to
publish the International Sunday
School Leason questions by Uev. l)r
Li'nscott, which have aroused bo much
Interest elsowhere, and they will ap
pear every Friday in the Larlger. One
of these qnestiona each week (the
question whose first word appears in
all capital letters, and vviUi the note
, within parenthesis marks following it)
is to bo answered in writing,and upon
these answers the prizes are to be
Jfersons may join the club at any
time during the year, but must of
course answer the 52 questions herein
after explained, to qualify for the
prizes. It la, however, desirable that
the questions be answered as the les
sons are studied.
The international Newspaper ilible
Study Club is for the purpose of pro
muting in an unfettered 'way among
the masses,!* wider study of the Bible,
the basal truths of Christianity, and
the problems which eater into every
man's life. It is composed of all
those who join a local club, and take
up the simple courso herein outlined,
barring only ordaiued clergymen.
Sunday school teachers, lilble class
scholars, and church-goers generally,
may belong to this newspaper club,
also non-church-goers. All such who
have not joined are warmly invited to
do so and to oompete for the prizes.
1. The contest is open to every resi
dent ot Jackson and Amador county
who may join the International News
paper Bible Study Club and this local
club. No formal application for mem
bership is necessary. All the contest
ant has to do is simply to forward
answers to the questions to the editor
of this paper.
2. Each contestant in this local club
must answer eaob of the questions for
Ofty-two consecutive weeks,oommeno
ing for Sunday, February H, that is
to say the question for each week that
commences iv all capitals for the
Suggestive Questions on the Sunday School
Lesson by Rev, Dr. Linscott for the'
International Newspaper Bible Study Club-
(Copyright, 11)08. by Key. T. S. Lin
cott, D. D. )
i'eb. 21st. 1909.
Stephen the First Christian Martyr.
— Acts vi:l to viii :3.
Golden Text— They stoned Stephen
calling upon God, and saying, Lord
Jesus, receive my, spirit. Acts vii :')!).
Study Acts vi:B-15; vii:sl to viii:3.
Verse .—Who was Stephen?
In view of present day distinctions,
would you call Stephen a layman or a
WHY is it not a crime against the
gospel, that the preaobmg of tho
gospel is so professionalized, that our
pulpits to-day in the towns and cities,
are practically close to the laymen of
the ohurcb, so that even men like
Stephen, have to "keep silent" id our
church pulpits. (This question is to
be answered in writing by members
of the club.)
What was the secret of Stephen's
power as a preacher, and to what ex
tent may every layman become like
Verse 9 — When iv a community of
thoughtful men, who oppose the
gospel, cau its claims be established
better by debate than by ordinary
preaching or declamatiou.
Veree 10. — If you defeat an opposer
iv a debate, that is not likely to con
vert him to Christianity; unless be is
ii siucere seeker after truth, but ia it
likely to convert thd bearers.
Verses 11-13. -What effect did Step
hen's victory have upon his oppon
ents, and what etfect did it probably
have upon the audieuue.
Js there any necessary mural value
in mere opinion, and will men ever
be cniuleimu'd.bmuiiiHi) ot wrong doc
trines; i. c. wrong opinions.
When a man with right views ot
tiuth, gets angry at the man with
wrong views, and does mean things to
him, that the lattei takes with geutle
uetis; which is likely to bu the better
mau of the two.
Why is it that meu who profess re
Union, cau act so like devils, when
new truth is preseuted to them as in
this case? .
Verne 14— Ctui v nian'.s wotd iv a re
ligious dispute, be depended upon,
on a matter of fact, if he is uutrue to
his couKcleuce aud to Uod.
firet word, the answers must all tie In
possession of this paper within two
weeks of the close of this period,
•i, Kuril qtiuritiou must be answeruil
separately, and the paper written cv
one side only. So answer must ex
ceed 2iXJ vrordH In leugtb, aud may be
less. Kueh answer must have the nan c
and address of the writer at the l.nt
tom of the answer.
4. Students should be careful to un
derstand the question before answer
ing. To do this, the lesson text mu.-t,
be read, and especially the verge or
verses upon which the question is
5. The answers from this local club
must be delivered to this otilce, and
they will ha collated at tbe close of
the contest, and forwarded to becd
quarters for indftDendent examination
by competent examiners, ihe prizes
will then be uwarded according to tbo
highest number of marks won by
members of the International News
paper bible Study Club, and prizes
which may be awarded to members of
this local club will be given out from
this office.
First Series— A gold medal to each
of the first five contestants.
Second Series -A silver medal to
each of the next rive contestants.
Third iSeries - A Teacher's Bible
price 53. 50, to each of the next five
Fourth Series— The book, " The
Heart of Christianity," price 81.50,
to each of the next thirty-five con
Fifth Series— A developed mind, an
expanded imagination, a richer ex
perience and a more profound knowl
edge of the Bible aud of life to all
who take this course whether winning
any other prize or not.
Each medal will be suitably engraved
giving tbe name ot tbe winner, and
for what it is awarded, and in like
manner each Bible and book will be
All who can write aud have ideas
are urged to take up these studios re
gardless of the degree of their educa
tion,as the papers are not valued from
an educational or literary standpoint,
but from the point of view of the co
gency of their reasoned ideas.
How is it that unrighteous men will
tight for their false religious creeds,
and shrink from no sort of rascality
to accomplish their purpose.
Can you give auy other reason than
their unrighteousness, or assign to
any other principle, the hatred of
these men for so lovely a character as
Verse 15.— Did the fact that Stephen
looked like an angel, make bis perse
cutors love him, or hate him more.
Chap. 7., Verse 54.— What ia it
which outs wrong doors to tho benrt
more than anything else.
olt these rulers bad been iuuoceut
of the chaige Stephen brought against
them, would they have been cut to
the heart as they were.
Verso 55.— What do you undeistand
by Stephen being full of the Jloly
What did Stephen see when ho look
ed up into heaven.
Would the onlookers hnve probably
seen the same things, as Stephen, it'
they bad looked up.
Verse sCs7— Did they believe Step
hen's testimony as to what he saw.
Do cold professors nt religion as a
rule, have any ooufldeuce iv the ex
periences of those who walk and talk
with < J oil.
Verse 58. — How would these people
justify themselves, for committing
this great crime.
What was the method of stoning v
victim to death.
Verses ~i!)-G0. — Does the spirit bleep
at death, or gu into a state ot cou
sciouH presonoe^with Uod.
tfy what power can t> man love or
forgive his murderers.
Cbap. 8. Verse 1-11.— What was tbe
measure of Saul'n tmi iv the stoning
of Stephen.
Lesson for Sunday Feb. 'JBth, UK*).
The gospel iv Samaria.— Act riii :-4
Kozema, totter and Halt rheum keep
their victims iv perpetual toimeut.
The alppioutlou of (Jhauiberiaiu's
Salvtt will iuetautly allay this itch
luk, tiud many oases have been cured
by its use. Fur nalo by JHOkson Drug
Store, Hpuguoli, prop.
Bo^tt* _^lha Kind You Kaw Always BengßK

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