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Jackson, cau February 19. utoo
Feb. IG— The sun shone to-day for
the first time Id quite a spell. The
rain has been something terrible of
late— a continual downpour.
John Uray, our druggist, has gone
to tbe county hospital. He has been
siok for ome time past.
Joe Schilling Is up here now, doing
some fencing. While here he is stop
ping with L. Votaw.
J. Merrow is on tbe improve, aftei
his siokneas.
Mrs Ida Pigeon has gone to tbe oity
for medical treatment, her health
being poorly of late.
Miss Zadla Newell is home on a
visit to her parents from Sacramento,
where sbe ban been employed for some
time past.
Mr StumptT is driving tbe stage
now, as Mr MoCulley is taklug a
W. Hornberger was a visitor at
Uleta a lew days of last week.
, . Pansy.
teb. 18— Mr nud Mrs J. Marchant
returned Monday from Sacramento,
where they spent several days visiting
friends and relatives.
The ni6rry sunshir.e was gladly
weloomed in our little town last
Wednesday, but every one was doomed
to disappointment, us it only lasted
a few hours.
Mrs f idwell and little daughter re
turned to their home in the city
yesterday morning. Mrs Fidwell was
summoned here on account ot the
illness of her father, Mr Crawford,
but he Is now very muoh improved
and it is hoped will suon be able to
be around again.
The high snhool in very muoh elated
with the success their play met with
in Jackson. They cleared eonsider
ble over expenses and had a pleasant
trip besides.
,. Mr Sibole is very muoh improved,
and was able to sit up for a few hours
yesterday, which his friends were
glad to note.
Mrs Brasher, who was a former real
dent here, died at her home in Shu
iVranoisoo last Tuesday, and will be
buried here to-night after train time.
Elwortb Adams came up from Han
Francisco Wednesday evening tor a
few weeks' visit with his folks.
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lain,s Cough Remedy
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bottle ot Chamberlain' scough remedy
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when you buy a cough medicine you
want to be sure you are getting one
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aiu's Cough Remedy always cures.
Price 25 and 50 cents a bottle. For
sale by Jackson Drug Store, Spag
uoli, prop.
Feb. 17— We have had two nice
sunny days this week, bnt a few more
good days would do us no haim.
(Jeo. Weymouth and his brother,
William, and Air Glasson, three pro
minent mining men from the east,
were guests at the Exohange hotel for
a few days. They came over from
•Sinter Creek last Saturday morning,
and stayed over until Monday. Will
Weymouth, who was formerly a resi
dent here for twenty years or more,
was glad to pay us a visit, and so was
his brother, who made his last visit
eighteen years ago. They enjoyed
themselves in huntiug while here.
I bey visited Mr Barney and had a
Jaunt last Sunday. Monday they
viaited the Fremont aud Clover mines,
and went to Butter Creek, where they
will leave for Colorado, where
William Wevmoutn is in charge of a
John AlaUaffy and wife cume up
from Ban ' Francisco last Tuesday to
close a deal on property they pur
chased from Chaa. Kemp.
Mra Miller was over from Amador
City last Sunday, and visited some of
her old fiiends here. She has been
up from Oakland, where her home is
now, for the last few days.
Mrs litokuell, wbo lias been a resi
dent here, paid us a visit last Mon
day. Sue ouiue up from Mt. t'Jobo,
where she has been visiting relatives
for the laet week or so.
Harvey Mason and F. 11. Shirley,
the latter a salesman for the .1. W.
Wright & Co., real estate agents in
Kan Francisco, came through here
last Monday aud stopped at the hotel
tor awhile, and then went to Jaoksou.
Mr Mason is Interested in tun
National hotel, which he ami bis
brother have bought from Mra Voor
hels. Harvey Mason, who Is well
ituowu through the county, aud well
liked among friends, will no doubt
make a soooees out of the hotel busi
ness. We all wish him the best of
look. Hl*-
Feb. 18- Mrs Eugflne Tucker arriv
ed |here from Stoukton Wednesday
evening, to visit a short time with
hflr'huHhnnrf and friends. Mrs Tuok
er is the guest of Mta Elmer Tanner.
Wedoesdajr evening the young
friends of Miss Mildred Eddr ten
dered her a surprise party in Vloinl'a
ball. Lunch was served and dancing
and merry-making was indulged in
until a late hour. Miss Mildred will
shortly take her departure to Sacra
mento, where sbe is learning millin
■Tbe ladies of Unity Jlivo No. 42 L.
O. T. M.' at tbe olose of their busi
ness session Wednesday night, tender
ed the presiding officers, Mrs Louise
Gill and Mrs Uirdie Tucker a little
surprise. Hot tomales, ootfeo and
oake wore enjoyed, after some inter
esting games and guessing contest in
which Birdie Tuoker and K. Madden
were tbe luoky prize winners. A jolly
social time was enjoyed until a late
M. ii. Nixon came up from San
Francisco, tbia evening, to spend a
few dayß with the home folks.
C. K. Downs went to San t'ranoisco
Monday in regard to business inter
John Koss returned Sunday even
ing from a short visit in San l('rnn
oißco. .
W. L. Rose left Sunday morning
enroute to r'airplay, Solano connty,
on business interests.
Miss Emma Boarman, D. D. W. U.
matron, of Jackson, visited Queen
Esther Chapter No. 71 O. E. S. last
Saturday night, in an octliial capaci
ty. The lodge room presented a very
pretty appearance in decorations of
red and white. An excellent banquet
was served at olose of business
session, and a good social time enjoy
ed by all present.
The "S. S. O. W. of this place are
preparing for a good time and big
feast Friday evening. Grand presi
dent senator Belsbaw, and grand
trustee, E. F. Garrison, are expected
to be -in attendance. Sutterite.
This is just tbe time of year when
you are most likely to bave kidney
or bladder trouble, witb rheumatism
or rbeumatio pains caused by weak
kidneys. Delays are dangerous. Oet
DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder Pills,
and bo sure you get what you ask
for. They are the. best pills made for
baokacbe, weak bank, urinary dis
orders, inflammation nx the bladder,
eto. They are antiseptic and aot
promptly. We sell and recommend
them. Sold by City Pharmacy.
Your Chance Now.
We want to keep busy during the
doll season.
Today we otter our great bargains
to accomplish this.
Four hundred new styles to select
Every receives personal
attention here.
. Kit and workmanship guaranteed.
Tbe London Tailor.
Planting Eucalyptus Trees.
Paul Marcucoi, proprietor of the
Broadway hotel, has purchased one
hundred eucalyptus trees of the blue
gum variety. Seventy of these he
has planted around bis hotel pro
perty, for shade and to break the
wind. The other thirty were secur
ed by Jos. Dalo, aud bave boon set
out about his lot in South Jackson.
The trees are rapid growers, and in
the course of a couple of years will
make a tine snowing.
A lazy liver leads to abronio dys
pepsia and conaitpation— weakens the
whole system. Doau's Kegulets (25
cents per box) correct the liver, tone
the stomach, cure constipation.
Liisten to a bunch of women five
minutes, and you will hear one ot
them say that she never cooks what
sbe likes to eat it her husband doesn't
like it.
Jackson, Cal. (j i p f DORNAN Main street
Orders taken for Ladies' silk lisle cashmere and cotton
Gantnor & Maltern's Knit Underwear v . l |i|» wn niwwCD CCTO ljoBe
Gents' Neokwear .25 81.50 HAVILAND DINNER SETS We carry tbe ii U rrer K eeßte B t assortment of
Gents' durable suspenders .25 81.00 Call and StJO !«?P!«- \%M aud
Gents' Trousers OTCierS takeil fOT SllJtS Ladies' long and short kid aud silk
Gents' gloves of all kinds *.«,,. gloves
Silk and linen handkerchiefs, plain P>j» *«s** J La^ie^au^ ohiidren's WO o. «.oves
aud Initial pair of $10 Pants free. ,;■■: , „ , , „
r Cbildreu's leddy Ueiir mitteus
Hilk reefers Orders taken for Ladles' hana bags, ueokwear and
Btitson aud Urlzzly hats i p i. C/viioppQ nr Rnac Enters
Cashmere and wool socks ni l Ol|Uai CO Ul nUgv> Ladles' and children's sweater coats
■ ■j.rn Curt uiif made by Gautuer & Malteru, .Sun
Large assortmentjof fancy socks Lace l/Uriains Krauolsoo
Gents' aud boys' sweaters, (Jautern , Or Furniture Ladles' wlastio belts
and Malteru . Call aud see Sample Boole. Ladles' aud children's underwear
If you have been unable to find a Suitable Present, call and 1 will
try and get it for you. . .•
Better Not Get
If yon can help it Kodol prevents Dyspepsia, by
effectually helping Nature to Relieve Indigestion.
But don't trifle with Indigestion. •
A great many people -who have a partial digester— and physics are
trifled with Indigestion, have been not digestere at all. •
sorry for It— when nervous or Kodol is a perfect digester. If
chronic dyspepsia resulted, and you could see Kodol digesting every
they have not been able to cure it particle of food, of all kinds, in the
Use Kodol and prevent having tfaßS test-tubes In our laboratories,
Dyspepsia. you would know this Just as well
Everyone Is subject to lndlges- as we do.
tlon. Stomach derangement follows Nature and Kodol will always
stomach abuse, Juvt ea naturally c«re a sick stomach— but in order
and Just as surely as & sound and to be cured, the stomach must rest.
healthy stomach results upon the Tna t '* what Kodol does— restß the
taking of Kodol stomach, while the stomach gets
When you experience sourness we »- Just M 8lm P le •* A - D - e -
of stomach, belching of gas and |-| n»mr«nf a*»
nauseating fluid, bloated sensation, KJur guarantee
awtwlng Pdnta the Pit of the
Stomach, heart tnim (SO-Called), retire contents of the bottle If you can
diarrhoea, headaches, dullness or honestly »i.v, that It has not done yon any
>«..««!<. *t~*A f«,oiincr nrnr, *.««.« v« (rood, return the bottle to the druffglßt and
Chronic tired feeling— you need Ko- Ec will refund your money without que*
dol. And then the Quicker you take tlon or delay, we will then pay the drue-
If -j-i fha hAttpr ICnt ■mhtLt , vnn ?'"*• for the O" 1 *' 8 ' Don't hesitate, all
IVOdOI me Deuer. Jl^t wnat you drugglstß know thatonr guarantee 1» good.
want, let Kodol dlgGSt It. This offer applies to the large bottle only
Drdlnnrv nonsin "iivnnnnnln tah. > n d to but one In a family. The large bot*
Ordinary pepsin dyspepsia taD- tie contains 2>4 time* »a much as tU« fifty
lets, physics, etc., are not likely cent bottle.
to he of much "benefit to you, in Kodol Is prepared at the laborer
digestive ailments. Pepsin is only torles of E.C. De Witt & Co., Chicago.
Ladies Must Wot Read.
-ption jatj uo ; pui!}s.oi pmj eqs ji
'Aiouauios j| 4B J32 p.aqa alsujj gai
■puoj Xprajpt bt?u oqs uiaod bum,
StimVß} S OJ SJU9D UO} .J.")3«.\V U.OAI 'toO^
■iuou.B v jo pum jstwi oio Bia3 eva }i
Moueuios jno )i puu iiju. ei|S iaq noX ing
•aiouji <oi iou luSno eqs Sujmauios b,h
■umuojd c h»|xioav iluim.Cmi K.o.imn ;l
.Reformed to Death.
Nanny Goat— What's the matter with
Billy? He looks as if he were on his
last four legs.
'Nother Nanny— l'm afraid he is, poor
kid! He has contracted tbe pure food
habit, and It's killing him.— Cleveland
Modern Goose Up to Date.
The kins 'was In his counting- room, count-
Ins an his cash at hand. ; '-'
For the queen was In the parlor playing
bridge to beat the band. '' -
While the maid was in the garden hang-
ing out the clothes, *■ j i.
Down dropped an airship ;an<l chipped off
: . her nose. < ■ •„
—Detroit ' Tribune.
The Cause.
Wife — What was • the .matter? I
thought you wouia break '«lown ] the
house. lr| . •. , -
Husband— l dreamed I was trying to
put on my clothes in the upper berth
of a Pnllman.— New Tork Life.
In Kokomo.
A stranger -who lunched In Kokomo
Said, "I'll take a cup of 'cocoa or so."
The waiter was tough, . , •'•.•'"
And he answered, quite gruff,'
"Tell gret a tap on the koko If yo call for
cocoa in Kokomo!" • . '
—St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
"You think all women should take
athletic exercise?"
"Yes," answered Miss Cayenne, "If
they expect to wear hats as large as
fashion prescribes:*— "Washington Star.
Famous For That.
I have not any cause to trust
My likeness on lull many a bust
Years henco will be adjusted.
But. though denied that proof of fame.
I have already, Just the same,
Full many a tlmo been "busted."
—Kansas City Times.
Barber— Your hair seems to be com
ing out.
Elderly Customer— Good! I've been
under the impression, all the time that
It was going back.— Chicago Tribune.
The airships do some better now.
They go up well enough,
But, say, *
The way
That they come dorvn
Is truly p. d. rough.
— N*w York World.
KADOLOVICH-ln Jackson. Keb. 17,
lUOi), to tbe wife of Chris Kadolo-
vicb. a daughter.
PHIfPS-bONA.-ln Sutter Creek,
February 10, 1909, by Key. J. V.
Azeveda, James Phipps to Miss Gva
M. Bonn, both ot Amador city.
NELSON— In the Amador county
hospital, February 15, 190'J, Adam
Nelson, a native of Pennsylvania,
acred 76 years.
EHKKHAKDI'-In Los Angeles, Feb.
4, 1909, George Kberhardt, a native
of California, aged about 31 years.
CHOKOVICH-In Jaokson, February
17, 1909, infant child of Mr and Mrs
M. Choroviob, aged four months.
Now Is The Time.
To make up your mind to bave that
"Photo" taken; Uon't put it otf
any longer— you'll' never be any
younger or lodk any better., than you
do light now. .Call at Logan's, 15 B.
San Joaquin Street, tbe cext time yon
are in StocKton, and let him fix you
up. Then you can agreeably surprise
your friends by giving them a like-
ness uf yourself. Best workmanship—
lownst cost.
There is a man in town who always
Inoka as though his wife bad jnst
slappod him. Ihey are said to be a
really affectionate couple, but he has
an abused air that makes people wish
they could tie his wife's hands.
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• giving Necessities, Dolls, China- 0
• ware. Tcyp. etc. etc. •
• We liave the lnrgegt and most varied •
• lino of TOYS In Central California. •
0 Stockton's Greatest Bazar, •
Notice to Creditors.
Estate ot Peter A. Clute deceased.
• Moitce is hereby given by tbe un-
deraiizned, administrator of tbe estate
of Peter A. Cilite, deceased, to the
creditors of aud all persons b&viug
claims against tbe said deceased, to
exhibit them, with the necessary
vouchers, within four months after
tbe first publication of this notice to
the said John F. Clute, adminis-
trator, at tbe law otUce of K. (J. Hole,
Weil Uuildiug. Jackson, Ainudor
county, California, tbe same beiug
the place for the trausactian of the
business of said estate in said Amador
Dated, February 17. 1909.
Administrator of the estate of Peter
A. Clute, deceased.
*y^y y ,■«■■ y^"^ 'y y >b. ;ys yr¥P;y
i Send your Clothes to the |
242 West Fremont street |
No. 0005.
Application for Patent
In tbe United States Land 011100,
Sacramento, California, United States
Mineral Survey No. 4(i(M.
Jan. 5, 1000.
In pursuanoe of tbe act of congress
approved May 10, 187' A William T.
Seanou, whose post office address is
024 Monadnock lildg., iv the oity and
county of San Francisco, state of
California, does hereby give notice
of bis intention to make application
for United States Patent for the
Matrimony Mine, said mining claim
belonging to and owned by said Wil-
liam T. Sesuon, and is situated and
lies in Section Two (2) Township Six
(0) North Range Thirteen (13) East,
Mount Diablo Meridian, iv the
county of Calaveras, state of Cali-
fornia, and in West Point mining
The boundary line of tbe herein
above mentioned lode claim is as
beginning at corner No. 1 thereof,
at an oak pust 4 iuches square and 3
teet long set 18 inches in the ground
witb rock mound, soribed 1-4668. the
southeast oorner of Seolion 2, Town-
ship (i north, Range 13 X., Mount
Diablo Meridian, bears South 88 deg.
VI mm., east 626.06 feet distant;
tbenoe North 12 deg. 41 mm , West
(W7.33 feet to corner No. 2, at which
point there is an oak post 1 inches
square and 3 feet long set 18 iuobes
in tne ground with rook mound,
soribed 2-4668; tbenoe North 12 deg.
44 mm. west along western boundary
of Blazing Ktm Quartz Mine survey
No. 11972, 611.70 teet to* corner No 3.
thereof, at which point there Is a
pine post 5 inches square and -i},<
feet long, set t! teot iv tbe ground
with rock mound, soribed 2-4668;
thence west 108 feet to oorner No. 4
thereof, at which point there is an
oak post 4 inohes square and 3 feet
long, set 18 inobes In the ground with
rock mound scribed 4-4668; thence
south 3 deg. 47 mm., East 1122.26
feet to corner No. 5 thereof, at which
point there is an oak post 4 inches
square and 3 feet long, set 18 inches
in tbe ground, with rock mound,
scribed 5-4668; thence east 600 feet
to corner Mo. 1, the point of beginn-
ing, containing 11.52 acres. .
Tbe variation at all corners of this
survey is 17 deg. SO mm. East,
i'otal arda of Matrimony ■
Mine 11.52 acres
Less area in conflict with
Oriental Q. M., Survey
No. 2611 . .43 "
Nut area ■ . 11.09 acres
The names of tbe adjoining claims
and also of nonflioting claims are:
blazing Star Quartz Mine, Lot No.
75; South Extension of the Pride of
bummerville location No. 78; and
Oriental Quartz Mine, Lot No. 67.
Register uf tbe United States Land
Office, SRcramento, Calif.
Date of Ist publication January 8,
In the Justice's Court of No. Kive
Township, county of Amador, titate
of California.
U. Levaggi plaintiff, vs. The West
Pennsylvania G. JM. Co., a corpora-
tion and C l*i. McChU' titty, ageut,
The people of tbe state of I toll-
foruia send greeting to The West
Pennsylvania U. M. Co., a corpora-
tion, aud (J. X McCaU'erty, agent,
You are hereby required to appear
iv an action brought against you by
the above-named plaintiff in tbe
Justice's Court of No. t>, Township,
county of Amador, state ot Cali-
fornia, and to answer before the
justice, at bis office iv said townsbip,
tbe. complaint tile therein, within
rive days (exclusive of the day of sor-.
vice), after tbe servioe ou you of this
•Summons— if served within the town-
ship in which this action is brought;
or, if served out of sn<d townsbip,
but in said county, within ten days
or within twenty days if served else-
And you are hereby uotiUed that If
you fail to so appear aud ausiver, the
plaiutitf will take judgmeut for any
money or damages demanded in the
complaint, us urising upon contract,
or will apply to the court for the
relief domauded iv tbe complaint.
Make legal service aud due return
Uiveu under my hand this 10th day
of December, 1003..
Justice of the foace of said Town-
State of California, Amador county.
1, J. K. lluberty, couuty cJerk of
Amador county, state of Californiu,
hereby certify that John blower be-
fore whom tbe annexed instrument
was made aud exeouted. and who has
hereunto susoribed bis nutne. was, itt
the time of so doing, v Justice of the
Pence iv and for the said Aruador
nouuty, duly commissioned and
sworn, aud that bis elguaturo thereto
is genuine.
Iv witness whereof, I bave luuounhi
signed my name, and atltxed the seal
of the county clerk of said Aiuador
county, this O'lith day ot Jauuury, A.
D. 1U0S).
_jKmu\J Clerk.
For Sulo— Lot of beiicheH, formerly
used Iv Webb ball; 6 and 8 teet long;
suitable for show place,ohurohes, etc.
j Will bo bold oheup; apply at Ledger
! office.
Eggs For Hatching.
Single comb White Leghorn eggs per
slttliiß of 15, 81; 13 per 100. Chicks
llatohed to order 810 per 100. Address
Palm Poultry Farm, J. Johnson, pro*
prletor, lone, Cal. dec. n, 4-m
Savings Bank
400 J HTHMI'.T,
Aocepts deposits in sums from
Ono Dollar and upward.
Cnaranteed Capital $410,000
Paid Up Capital and
Reserve - - - 410.000
Assets - - 2,466.000
tyz per Cent on Term
4 per cent on Ordin-
ary Deposits.
Free from Taxes.
Send for our booklet,
If You Want
Good Health
. • "Gilt Edge"
Steam Beer
Made from pure Hops and Malt
i| The Fiie Danger I!
< ' Those who think they can ' >
J | hide their money and be safer ' '
1 1 than if it was in tbe bank some- < •
< ' times forget tbe danger of fire. < '
J ', A building of any value would \ \
1 1 certainly be insured for at least i .
1 ' a part of is worth, but risks ' '
! | are taken on bidden money that ] ' t
< > no prudent person would take < .
< ' on other valuable property. < ■
', ', Tbe losses of hiddeu money | |
< i that occur yearly by lire and < >
• ' burglars are estimated to < •
1 \ amount to many thousands ot | ',
1 1 dollars. Tbe best insurance you . >
1 » can get on your money against < •
J fire and burglars is to deposit 7
ii it in this bank. < ,
;; Bank of Amador County ;|
'• • Jackson. California. ! !
lah m i
I »ffl, BKEAD i
11.1 1. DAL PORTO X CO- PRORS- 1
2 We alsojlteep a larue stock of Staple *
J* and Fancy *
S Oar Specialty— FresWßread every day 2
2 except Su»doy "
214 S San Joaquin st.
1107 Broadway OAKLAND

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