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White Pine and Tar with
Menthol will relieve that
Cough at
* ' t
Jackson. Cal.
This tablo gives the highest and loweitjtem
perature In Jackson for each day, togetherVlth*
tbe rainfall, as Irecorded by golt-reKlsterlng
Instruments kept atTthe Cedger office: __^^^
I JOij I :P3
Temp S iTempjS.
• Date. E Date. | £
L.;H. 2|| JL.|H.!2_
Feb 1. .1909: 00! floL.Ji Fob. 17 „..| 42: «8:....
a i 44! 64! ... 18 j 42: 62! .27
3 i 40: 68 ,0S 19 | 42: : j .10
4 1 38| SS 4l!| 20 ! • ••■•
S I gi\ 60; ,89 21 : ! !....
6 1 40: 50: .91 22 ! i : „..
7 iS3 49: .70:{ 23 ! • : !....
S i 3S: il\ .27; 24.--" : : ....
9 |51|45i..,.| 85 : ::....
io 10M1M2 2ii : :!. ..
11 44 80 1.80 27 | ;•••_■
12 48: 52:1.21: 2X ! . | .!....
13 i ill 581 .47.! 28 |". :!....
14 88)61.... sf» i : : ....
15 1 44! 68:. ... i3l ! :!....
18 j 42: B3 ; .43:| I ! i....
I JOij I :P3
Temp S iTempjS.
• Date. E Date. | £
L.;H. 2|| JL.|H.!2_
Feb 1. .1909: 00! floL.Ji Fob. 17 „..| 42: «8:....
a i 44! 64! ... 18 j 42: 62! .27
3 i 40: 68 ,0S 19 | 42: : j .10
4 1 38| SS 4l!| 20 ! • ••■•
S I gi\ 60; ,89 21 : ! !....
6 1 40: 50: .91 22 ! i : „..
7 iS3 49: .70:{ 23 ! • : !....
S i 3S: il\ .27; 24.--" : : ....
9 |51|45i..,.| 85 : ::....
io 10M1M2 2ii : :!. ..
11 44 80 1.80 27 | ;•••_■
12 48: 52:1.21: 2X ! . | .!....
13 i ill 581 .47.! 28 |". :!....
14 88)61.... sf» i : : ....
15 1 44! 68:. ... i3l ! :!....
18 j 42: B3 ; .43:| I ! i....
Total rainfall for season to date . .23.73 Inches
To corresponding period last Reason 11.84 "
J. X Wilson. Dentist. Hours 9a.
m. to 5 p. tn. Pbone — Office, blaok
Hi: residence. Blaok 394; Jaokson.
Adam Kelson, an old resident of
TAmador county, died, in the county
hospital on Monday night, of heart
trouble. He had been a resident of
this county since 1870, and was tbe
discoverer of the old Markley mine,
above Volcano, lie had been In tbe
county hospital for the past eight
years. lie has no relatives in this
oounty, and was born in Pennsyl
vania, and 76 years of age. The re
mains were buried iv the city oeme
tery on Wednesday.
A message was received here Mon
day that Ueorge Kberhardt. formerly
employed as a brewer at the Jaokson ,
brewery, died last Sunday at Los
Angeles, while undor treatment at a
sanitarium in that oity. Deceased
married a sister of Mrs John Strobm.
After leaving Jaokson they went to
Stocktou, whero deceased was employ
ed in the brewery of that city. The
remains were forwarded to Stockton
for interment, and the funeral took
place on Wednesday. Mr and Mrs
Strohni wont down to attend tbe last
sad rites.
Chris Marolia came up from tbe
city early thia week for v few days'
vacution with his family, and to look
utter his business interests here. He
bus given tbe contract to do the neces
sary repairs and cbanges in bis etoro
building occupied by L. Glavinovicb
to Lewis Lamb. Glavinovioli will
commence puckiug up at ouoe, and
the building has to bo ready for I<\
W. Mauser to move bis pharmacy
therein by the 15th of March. As
soon as tho present pharmacy prem
ises o.re Yugitcd, i\ flow trQDt Of iron .
ftud" plato gluss, is to bo put therein,
with other improvements, whiob will
make it one o( tho handsomset aud
moat commodious store buildings iv
towu. Lewis Lamb has tbo ooiitiact
tor doing this work ulso.
truest Himynuli has move into bis
new ottioa iv the Italian Popular
liuult Huiidiuß, ou Montgomery
avenue, San Frauolsoo. Ho is con
routed with tbe old established linn
of (Jalpiu and pnrtner, and duds mi
increasing olleutuge, boiui: greatly
iissisted by his aoquaintunoe with
both tbo Italian uud French langu
A ne»v hue ot wuists just arrived nt
The Ked l''rout.
Jobu I<\ (Jlutn came up from Sun
I'Yimr.iHO Monday to attend to matters
iv tbe superior court Iv oouueotion
with his father's estate. The property
concerned ia a tract of land iv West
Uerkeley. Home mistake was made in
tbe original probate proceedings, aud
iv order to straighteu the title the
property bus to be probated agalu.
Tbe tract is a valuable one, loomed
between lierkoley proper uud Oak
land. Steps are beiug taken to Hub
divide it iuto building iota aud pluce
it upon the market, aud beucu the
proceedings to ooireot tbe title.
Dr. J. D. Fogarty, dentist, Jack
son. Offioe in Kay's building, Main
street. Hours from I) a. m. till sp.
m. Telephone, Muck 363.
Mrs Dr. Gall, left Sunday for San
Franoisoo, on a visit to relatives.
Mrs JO. Fisher is visiting her
parents at Mokelumne Hill.
H. K. McCoy, formerly deputy
ehorilt' under John Vokhii, but who
for a number of years has been living
around Volcano aud Pine Grove, is
nn inmate of tbe county hospital.
On acoount of failing health be was
advised to seek an asylum in that
institution, and seoure needed naro
and treatment. He is in an extremely
feeble and emaciated condition, but
is able to get around with tbe aid of
a walking stick.
Mrs Pheunio Arata is up from
Kacramanto on a visit to her parents,
Mr and Mrs M. Matson.
Mrs K. J. Adams, after a short visit
to San Francisco, returned to this
city Tuesday evening.
Miss Oda Uinooobio loft Sunday
morning for Oakland. She has been
troubled with hardness of bearing for
some time, which has gradually been
getting worse. At tbe advice of her
friends and physician bore she deoid
ed.to go to the oity and be treated by
some specialist in suuh affections.
Tbe length of her stay in the city will
depend upon tbe adviqe of the special
ist. .-
Virgilio Podesta has resigned as
bartender at tbe Constitution saloon,
opposite the ball ot records, and has
gone down to lone to look after his
ranch property in that vioinity.
Ihos. Lemin is tn charge of tbe
saloon temporarily.
Dr. G. L. Tufts of Berkeley, who is
campaigning throughout California
in behalf of a Sunday rest law, will
speak at the M. K. church in this
city od that issue on Sunday evenuiK
next, at 7:30.
A new line of laces and embroideries,
flounce embroidery, etc., just arrived
at Tbe Ked Front.
Mrs C. li. Hunting, who has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs Andrews,
of New York Knuoh for several weeks,
left Wednesday to teturn to her home
iv Oakland. She waa accompanied by
her daughter, Mrs Con. O'Ne-il of the
Del Monte miuo in Cnlaveras county,
who will visit iv the bay city for a
few weeks.
(Jeorge Moehau, accompanied by bis
mother, left for Han Frauoieco Wed
nesday morning, to remain a week or
ten days, in the hope that a change
of air will prove beneficial. George's
health lias baen feeble for some time.
Apparently he looks better, but re
mains weak uud unequal to any ex
Virgilio Bellucmiua left for Oak
land Saturday morning. He has pur
chased au interest In a hardware busi
ness in tbat city, and has gone to
tu.ke big share, ia attending to the
detail's of the busiuenS.
Julia Sanfiuinetti of Middle liar,
lett Monday morning fnr San Frau
cisoo, ou a visit nud for her health.
Fred Lemoiu tells of au luoident
that happeued ouly a few days ago.
llu was ou bis way home from town
to the hospital, iv tho dusk of eveu
lug. Suddenly two youngsters step
ped hoi oss his path iv front of him,
presenting what was intended to re
present weapons, aud shouted, "Hold
up your bunds." Lemoiu at onoe
oouoluded that it was the prank of
children upelug the ways ot the high
waymuu. instead of scaring, ho had
tbe juveniles scared out ot their wits,
aud they took to their heels, Lemoin
chasing them all the way homo.
(}. I'ioli, who bus beeu ill at the
Keunedy boarding house, eutferlug
from typhoid fever, is getting better,
and will recover. Maule Calviu, sou
ot Mr ttud Mi'h'J. D. Calvin, who
also has been Buffering fioin this dis
ease, is steadily on the improve.
These ate about tho ouly oaßes of
typhoid arouud town. Dr Gall Is the
Jiunm Kicks, wife aud obild, left
thin ruoruiug for Grass Valley, Nev
uiki oounty, where they iuteud to
limit u their borne.
Official Visits Eastern Star.
District deputy grand matron,
Emma Foteat Boarman, paid her tint
official visit to Qunmi Esther Chapter
No. 71 O. E. S. on the lath of Febru
ary and was royally entertained.
"Queen Esther" Chapter exempli
fied tbe work in a moat praiseworthy
manner, and was congratulated In a
few well chosen words by tbe district
deputy grand matron.
Tbe oommlttee, constating of Mra
John Lithgow, Mra Charles Norton,
and Mrs Fred Marten, who, with the
aid' of "St. Valoutiue," deaerve great
credit for their splendid work. Tbe
Chapter room waa beautifully de
oorated, and the banquet table re
minded one of Southern California
in the profuaion of oranges, banked
by their own green loaves, extending
the entire length of tbe table,
Tbe district deputy, looked cliorm-
Ing In nor direotoire gown" of white
measaline silk, and St. Valentine,
himself, waa* so Impressed tbat he
presented her a lovely basket of
California violets assuring her tbat
hia heart went with tbe gift.
The dainty "Menu" written :on
Valentine cards was served as follows:
Bouillon, crackers, salted almonds,
oyster patties, Queon Esther potatoes,
Parker House lolls, star salad, cheese
aigrettes, salted wafers, banana
creams, Valentine nake, fruit, oolfeo.
The Arson Cases.
A. U. Cohan and Jos. 11. Creely,
prominent attorneys ot Oakland,
came up Sunday. They are attorneys
tor A. liorollo and D. Manzo, con
victed of arson in setting lire to the
Summit bouse ou Suttor bill, and
who are still in tbe ouunty jail on a
writ ot probable cause, pending tbe
determination of an appeal to the
appellate court. The settlement of
tbe bill of exceptions was the special
matter tbat brought these attorneys
here. The hearing of tbis matter has
occupied the superior court most ot
tbe week. Tbe bill or exceptions is- a
voluminous dooument.
In tbe Borello nase the bill of ex
ceptions waa settled. But in the
Manzo case tbe attorneys for defend
ant is required to reframe tbe bill' Of
exceptions and the same will be taken
up hereafter. The defendants' attor
neys returned to tbe city yesterday.
Dr. Eudioott, assisted by Dr.
Spraguo, performed a capital opera
tion, upon Mrs Tbomspon, \ night
operator at the local telephone I office,
on Wednesday last. Tbe patient is
doing nicely.
Since tbe commencement of tbe
fiscal year, 800 hunting lioenses have
been issued id tbis county, all- of tbe
one dollar denomination, 'ihe sum
ot 8699 was paid tbe state treasurer
on tbis account on October 10.
A. W. >3tone~, the sewing machine
agent, has purchased tbe stock of
grapbaphoues aud records belonging
to tbe estate of 'A. T. Justice.
Tbe /.eilla mill, which was hung up
for two days on account of the in
crease of water in tho mine preveut
iug the hoisting of rock, started to
work agaiu Thursday evoniug. Tbe
water is still very troublesome, and
tbe full working force is not yet
Tbe rainfall for the last week in
Jaokson has ruensnred 1.27 inches,
making the total for tbo season 28.73
inches. Tbis is about the average
rainfall tor a season, aud we have
three rainy months ahead yet. The
prospects are tbat this will be a
record-breaking season in the total
rainfall. Tbe weather baa been mild
and warm at intervals the past week,
and vegotatlou has made rapid strides.
The grain is short, but looks boultby
and vigorous, and with a few days ot
sunshino will improve rapidly.
Farmers are anticipating au unusual
ly prosperous season.
Fed Lemoiu has collected from
paid patients ut tbo comity hospital
8111. 40 during tbe past year. This is
tbe largest sum ever collected from
Jbis sQurco iv ouo year, Iv additiou
to the regulai' sum of 813 pel' mouth
from paid patients, tho operating
room is frequently made a source of
income. Persona go there temporurily
for an operation, paying at the rate
of SI per day, besides medioinos, aud
tbe use of tbo operating room, which
is 85. In this way the coat of erecting
tbe operating room— a necessary üb
junct of tbe institution nuyway— is
beiug rapidly repaid by receipts iv
thii way.
Everything iudlcates a lively spring
and summer for this unction. Car
pentora 6ay they havo more work
ahead than waa done tbe whole of lust
year. Several new dwelling houses
are contemplated. When dwelling
houses have to be built to meet tbe
demand therefor, it is a pretty good
iudex of good times ahead.
Order To-day!
We can suve you from fri.ou to £10. 00
ou a suit or overcoat if you order
now. We want to keep busy (betweeu
huhhuiis) while others are dull.
Come iv aud inspect Borne of the
most populur styles.
The Londou Tailor.
While Out Hunting.
Dr. End loot t whs urgently sum
moned Monday night to attend a man
who waa wounded by the accidental
discharge of his ehotgun while out
bunting in the neighborhood of
(•lencoe, in Calaveras county. Tbe
unfortuoate viciini waa John Mnlns
pluo, who wiih n resident of the eeo
tlon. from the particulars that we
cao glean, it appears tbat Malaspino
was out during the atternoon ou a
hunting excursion. In halting In his
travels for a few moments, he teated
his gnu on tbe ground, plncing one
arm over tbe muzzle of tbe loaded
weapon,- which <vno cocked. His arms
were partly resting one over tbe
other. While in this position, tbe
gun in some unexplained manner
was disoharged. Tbe contents passed
through, his band, and tore a terrible
wound in his left arm, up to the
Bhoulder. The hemorrhage waa great,
but the injured man managed to walk
two miles to bis home, reaching there
in a very weakened condition. He
died at one o'olock tbe next morning,
from weakeness from loss of blood
and the shook. Malaspino was a mar
ried man, and leaves a wife and four
children, tbe youngest only a month
old. The affair is a very sad one, and
illustratesthe oft repeated story of
tbe danger of tbe careless handling of
firearms. Malaspino could not him
self tell bow the gin waa disobarged.
To feel stroug, have good appetito
and digestion, sleep sotiDdly" and
<xi joy life, use Burdock Blood Bit
ters, tbe great system tonic and
An Eloping Couple.
A sensatioual nliiiir occurred during
tbe past week, something in tile
nature of an elopement. It seems
that one Howard Slsk, who was con
nected with a traveling show that
went to pieces after visiting tbis town
some weeks ago, hired a buggy and
team from the Green aud Katto livery
stable, saying that he was going to
Sutter Creek. Tbis was Saturday
eveuing. A young lady who is of
age, however, and living with Mr
Davenport, the band instructor here,
and is related to him, was his com
panion in tbe buggy ride. Failing to
return tbat night, inquiry was started,
and it was found that instead of go
ing to Sutter Creek tbe party drove
to lone, arriving there about ten
o'olock tthat night. Leaving the
buggy in the stable in the valley
towu, the pair set out on foot, and
arrived at Carbondale at five o'clock
tbe next morning. From there they
took the train to Ualt and parts un
known. It is supposed that tbe
oouple were on matrimony bent. In
hiring tbe buggy he paid the cost of
a Sutter Creek drive. On learning
tbe deception a warrant was sworn
out ou a obargn of defrauding the
liveryman. Constable Laveroue start
ed after the accused Sisk, and traced
tbe pair to Arno, iv Sacramento
couuty, and there lost track entirely,
and returned. Tbe buggy aud team
have beeu recovered.
Eyesight Destroyed by a Blast
W. J. Davis, on employe of tbe
Staudard Klectrio Company, while
working ou the ditch near West Point,
met with a terrible accident on
February 11. Ho was engaged in blast
ing some rock that interfered with
tbe flow of water. In picking around
among tbe debris after discharging a
blast, it is supposed tbe pick struck
an unexploded cap. At any rate
there waa au explosion, the flying
rock striking him about the face.
The priuoipal injury is to the left
eye. Tho accident happened early in
tbe morning, and the victim came at
once to Jackson for treatment by Dr.
Kudioott, reaching here the same
afternoou. After examining tbo
wound the doctor recommended him
to go to a specialist iv Shu Francisco,
and he left for that oity the following
morning. It is feared that be will
lose tho sight of tbe injured eye.
■His faoo was badly cut up by tbe
debris also. Tbe victim of this dis
tressing accident is a young man, 31
years ot age, and married. He is re
lated to the Joneses of Pine Drove.
It eeems that Davis had been work
ing only a few hours when this terri
ble calamity overtook him. lie had
been employed nt odd- jobs for the
ditch company when h break ooenrred
alous the live.but was uot employed
steudlly. There were several others
with him at tho time of tho accident,
who were oleariug the ditch from de
bris that bad slid tbereiu ou account
of the oaves from the iucessunt ralus.
Uoth eyes were injured, but there Is
little doubt tbat the sight of the right
eye will be retained. Alouzo Jouea,
hia brother-in-law, acoompauied him
to Sau Franoifico.
There ia uot any better salvo than
DeWitt's Curbolized Witch Ha/.ul
Salve. Wo hereby warn the nublio
that we are not responsible for any
lujurioua effects) caused from worth
less or poisuno'is imitatious of our
DeWitt'ti caibolized witch hazel
calve, the original. It Is good for
auytbiug when a sn've is needed, but
it is especially good tor piles. Ho
sure you get UeWitt'd. Sold by tity
noif r. v. wood, jcdgr
Fred Culbert va F. A. Orr—Defend
ant allotted l'J days from Feb. 10, ia
which to plead to complaint.
Estate of Uulseppi (Jarbanni—De
cree establishing notice to creditors.
Estate of Margaret Holtz—Con
tinued until February 20.
Estate of Patrick McCotmlok— De
cree establishing notice to creditors,
Hearing on final account partially
had, and further hearing continued
until February 20.
Estate of D. Podeeta— Continued
until February 20.
Estate of Mary Klek— Order made
authorizing tbe executor to expend
a sum not to exceed 6500.
People vs. Sutter Creek State Bank.
— Fred Eudey flies bis final account
as receiver of said bank; February 26
appointed for hearing same.
People vs. Jaokson Dennis.—De
murrer overruled in the two embezzle
ment oases, and cases set for trial
March 8, to follow the other already
set for tbat date.
Estate of Ouiieppi A. Garbarini.-
Final account settled and allowed,
decree of distribution granted as
follows: One sixth to each ot the
following: Joseph 0., Henry C,
and John S. Garbarini, three-sixths
to Joseph (J. (Jarbarini, as exeoutor
of the will of Bianca M. Garbarini,
Estate of P. A. Clute.-Letters ot
administration granted to John F.
Clute, upon aiiug bond in the sum
of 8100; bond tiled; notice to creditors
ordered published. Frank S. Oliver.
Phil M. Walsh and J. 11. Truman all
of Alameda county, appointed ap
Asa V. Meudenhall vs. U. S. Gre
gory, as tax collector. —Demurrer of
defendant argued and submitted.
.New Cases
People vs. Jackson Dennis.-<-ln
formation filed Feb. 10 on two
charges for embezzlement.
People vs P. Dabovich-lnformation
filed on 2 chorrges for embezzlement
Estate of David li. Lynch.-Geo.
Ij. Lynch petitions for letters.—De
ceased died ou tbe 7th day of Febru
ary, 1909, in Amador county, leaving
personal property in the oounty of
Sonoma, consisting of eleven shares
of tbe capital stock of the Bank of
Sonoma oounty at Petalumna, valued
at Jl6O per share. Hearing set for
February 27. The value of the estate
does not exceed 81800. Petitioner is
a son of deceased, residing at Ama
dor City; and tbe only other heir is
Mary L. Lynch, daughter of decens
ed, residing at Sutter Creek.
Estate of Isaac McClary-Final ao
oount filed, hearing set for February
And his Eastern Company open au
engagement ot three nights oommeuo
ing on next Monday, February 22d, iv
a (-election of excellent plnys, opening
bill will be "Monte Cristo," aud on
Tuesday night "Dr. Jekyll" and Mr
Hyde," aud Wednesday night, "Tbe
Country Squire." The company, and
especially Lee Willard, come highly
recommended by tbe city press, aud
our theHtre goers- are promised re
t'reshiug aud delightful performances.
Reserved seats 50 cents, now ou 6(ile
at Spagnoli's Drug Store.
I thousands of workers I
H , Levi Strauss & Co's |1
|The following Inmrumenu havo been filed
for record In the recorder* office ulnce our last
report. We publlKh a complete Hat of 6ocu
mentii recorded, and must decline to accede to
any requent to utipprenfl Any document from
thns'j column*. Don't a»k us to do so
Deeds. — VV. E. Sherwood and wife
to Pine Grove M. & M. Co., Teuneese»
quatz mine formerly known a*
Tellurium mine, Volcano district,
John Palmer to William A. Palmer,
lot near Treasure mine, iv 25-7-10,
love and affertiou.
John Palmer to Wales L. Palmer,
lot near Treasure mine, in '25-7-10,
love and affection.
J. E. Brown aud wife, to Frank F.
Brown, 100 acrea in 128-8-10, 810.
William A. Palmer to Arthur L.
Palmer, lot near Treasure mine, 810.
John Palmer and wife to Walter L.
and Arthur L. Palmer, lot near Trea
aure and Fremoct mine 810.
Patent— U. S. to John C. O'Neil,
10 acres in 10-7-11.
Notice of Sale— Martha Voorheis to
D. S. Mason and 11. N. Mason, stock
in trade, good-wil), furniture and fix
tures of National hotel. Jackson,
under a conditional contract ot sale,
party of first part to retain title until
purchase price of 85000 is full paid.
Mortgage— Andrew V. Johnson and
wife to Albert G. Valz, 10 0 acres 18
7-10, 8300, two years, interest at ten
per cent.
Mining Location-Otis W. Kinehart,
20 acres plaoer claim, in 8-7-13.
Proof of Labor— J. F. Goodman, on
Bicknell placer claim iv Volcano dis
Bids will be received at tbe office
the of undersigned until 8 oo'lock p.
tn., on Thursday, the 4th day of
March, 1909, tor dniug, the printing 1
and advertising of tbe city of Jackson
for one year from date of contract.
Bids will only be received for adver
tising in newspapers of general cir
culation printed and published in tbe
oity of Jackson, California.
Bidders will state in proposals tbe
price per square for doing said work,
according to tbe following schedule,
to wit:
Price per square for Hrst insertion
" " " " second "
" " " " third "
Tbe said square to consist of 234
Headings of publications not to ex
ceed two inches.
Bidders will also state in said pro
posals the prioes tor doing the follow
ing printing, to wit:
Letter beads per 500, on quality of
paper to be seen in city clem's office.
Envelopes No. 6 XXX per 500, on
quality of paper to be seen in city
clerk's office.
Envelopes Mo. 10 per 500,0u quality
ot paper to be seen in city clerk's
Tax .Receipts 100 per book.ou quali
ty of paper to be seen in city clerk's
Dog Tax receipts 100 per book, on
quality ot paper to be seen in citr
clerk's office.
Treasurer's receipts 100 per book, on
quality of paper to b9 seen iv city
clerk's office.
Poll Tux receipts, 100 per hook, on
quality ot paper to be seen in city
clerk's office.
Water wagon receipts, 50 or 100 per
book, on quality of paper to be eeeu
in city clerk's ottlce.
Criminal complaints lor Keeorder's
court, per 100.
Criminal warrants for Recorder's
court, per 100.
Criminal committments for Kecord
ftr's court, per 100.
Criminal bail bunds— general— for Ke
corder's court per 100.
Affidavits ot official capacity for
Recorder's court per lUO.
Posters }i sheet per 100
M " " additional 100
" !., sheet per 100
H " " additional 109
City claims per 1000. as per sample
to be sneu in office of city clerk, aud
ou quality of paper to be seen iv
snid office.
Assessment lists per ."OU, or 1000 as
per sample to be seen in office of city
clerk, aud ou quality of paper to be
seen in said oftice.
Postul cards per 100, including post
Transcripts and briefs printed an re
quired by rules ot the Supreme Court
of the Ktate of Culiforniu, per page.
All work to be dove in a neat aud
workmen like manner. The Board of
Trustees reserves tho right to reject
uuy or all bids.
C. M. KELLKi',
City Clerk.
Absolutely the lightest-running lock-
stick Sewing Machine
|g>2S|*|| lilt oIAuLn
The latest result of fifty years' ex-
perience in making Sewing machines
for family use.
Machines sold on easy terms.
A. W, STONE, Agent

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