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Amador ledger. (Jackson, Amador County, Calif.) 1875-19??, February 19, 1909, Image 7

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National Government.
President Theodore Roosevelt
Vice President ..Charles W. Fairbanks
(Chief Justico Fuller)
First circuit Oliver W. Holms
Second circuit.... Rufus W. Peckham
Third circuit Henory W. Brown
Fourth circuit Molvllle W. Fuller
Fifth circuit Edward w. White
Sixth circuit John M. Harlan
Seventh circuit William R Day
Eight circuit David J. Brewer
Ninth circuit Joseph McKenna
(Pacific States and Territories)
Circuit judge William W. Morrow
Circuit judge Esklre M. Ross
Circuit judgo William B. Gilbert
U. S. Commissioner for Amador coun
ty Richard Webb
George C. Perkins and Frank P. Flint
First district Wm. Englebright
Second district. ..Duncan E. McKinlay
Third distract . . . .Joseph K. Knowland
Fourth district Julius Kahn
Fifth district E. A. Hayes
Sixth district James C. Needham
Seventh district James McLachlan
Eighth district.../ S. C. Smith
State Government.
Governor James N. Gillett
Lieut-Governor. Warren It. Porter
Secretary of State Charles P. Curry
Controller A. B. Nye
Treasurer Win. R. Williams
Attorney-General. . . .Ulysses S. Webb
Surveyor-General.. Wm. S. Kingsbury
Supt. State Printiug..W. W. Shannon
Clerk Supreme Court. . .P. L. Caughey
Chief Justico ..Wm. H. Beaty
Associate Justice.... T. B. McFarland
Associate Justico F. W. Henshaw
Associate Justice W. G. Lorijran
Associate Justice F. M. Angellotti
Assoctato Justice Lucian Shaw
Associate J ustice M. C. Sloss
First district James A. Cooper
First district Samuel P. Hall
First district ..Frank 11. Kerrigant
Second district Matthew T. Alfen
Second district James W. Taggart
Second district Victor E. Shaw
Third district Norton P. Chipmun
ThUd district Albert G. Burnett
Third district Elijah C. Hart
First district Joseph H Scott
Second district Alex Brown
Third district Richard E. Collins
Fourth district Jetl D. McElvalne
First district Alex C. Twrin
Second district Andrew M. Wilson
Third district.. Theodore Summerland
Senator, 10th district.... A. Caminetti
Assemblyman; llthdist. .G. F. Suydor
Register John F. Armstrong
.Receiver Will A. Noweutn
County Government.
Superior Judge. ..Hon. Fred V. Wood
Sheriff & Tux Collector v .U S Gregory
Deputy W. T. Connors
DJM'IQt Attorney „ ,<?, f, Vlciui
Clerk and AuduOf J. R. Hubbi-ty
Doputv L. Newman
Recorder D. A. Patterson
Deputy L. U. Meebun
Treasurer George A. Gritton
Assessor C. E. Jurvis
Deputy i lioorgo A. Gordon
Survei'Ol" Wiu. Brown
Supt. of ScboU W. 11. Gieenhttlgh
Supt. HoVpltal F. I>. LoMoiu
Piiysician E. ti. Endicott, M. D.
Corner «N: l J ublic Aduir. . .11. 10. Potter
Court, Commissioner. . . .Gou A Ciordou
Township 1.... J0hn Stroum, Jacksou
Townsliip - 15. H. liugloy, louo
Township -'J A. Grillo, Volcano
Township 4D. A. Frasor Suiter Croolc
Township 5 L. Uurko, Plymouth
Township No. 1 A. Golduor
Township No. 2 T. 11. Uurtliii
Township No. 3 A. W. ltobiiu-on
Towoahlp No. 4 VV. L. Roso
Townsliip No. 5 John lilowor
Township No. 1 A. Laveiono
Township No. •> 1 . 10. Kelloy
TiMvusliip No. ;; T. C. MeKcu/.o
Township Nj. 4 T. S. Tuttja
Towuship Nn. £ N. E. WbcoUr
Reported weeklylfor the ledger.
Tbe Alr'a iMystery Layer.— A Bhook-
Safe Structure.— Unclothing I'elou—
UravitatloD Dun to Matter's Eternal
Vibration.— The New Uluo Light
Cure.— Peats New Product.— Wire
Hopes with Crossed A
Hygrometer from tbe Bakery.— A
New View of Leprosy.
One of the most remarkable dis
coveries made by "balloon sound
inns" is the existence around the
earth of tbe stratum of air now known
aa the "inversion layer. " Tbe auto
matically-recording instruments sent
up by M. Tesserenc de linrt and
others have shown that tbe temper
ature of tbe air steadily diminishes
up to a (eight of about eight miles,
but that beyond is a layer about „n
mile thick that shows a constant or
rising temperature with increasing
height. As this stratum must vary
(he atmospheric) density and re
fraction, it gives a basis for some
interesting speculations. JM _ Durand
Ureville thinks Mint, it must be faint
ly luminous, and suggests that it
may produce the "gegensobein" or
midnight glow opposite the sun, that
it may give tbe second lighting up of
high peaks in the Alps after tbe first
twiligbt glow has faded, that it may
hold the fine dust that gives the bril
liant skies after volcamo eruptions,
and may explain other puzzling
The eatbquake-proot building of
Prof. IJoermel rests in a massive
bowl, and has a rocking foundation
with a curved bottom surface of some
what less radius than that of the
bowl. A half spherical pivot tits into
a cup bearing at tbe centre. At eight
points near tbe outside of the bowl
are spiing butters, which keep tbe
house or other buildings from being
canted too freely, and lessen tbe lorce
of any shocks transmitted. Tbe
structure on this foundation is to
have a light steel framework, and is
expected to resist the severest earth
The vegetation on the area laid
waste by tbe Alt. Felee erpution of
lUO2 is gradually reappearing, and tbe
indigo plant, castor-oil plant, sensi
tive plant, guinea ferns, silver ferns
and other plants are spreading over
tbe ground. Koots not killed by tbe
hot ashes falling above them have
readily penetrated the thin crust. In
other places, the trampling of
animals and water action have beeu
breaking up tbe lava, giving a slowly
forming new soil or bringing the old
soil to the surface.
Tho assumption that both gravita
tion and repulsion are results of tbe
vibration of elastic bodies in an in
elastic medium has beeu the starting
poiut of the curious experiments of
Prof. Arthur Korn. In the simple
apparatus constructed, a ..metallic
globe, with an window,
is united _by tubes with a cylinder,
one end of which 'is closed by a
inembraue tbat can be set into rapid
puhsfitioujliy the alternate push and
pull of an electromotor. The metal
globe contains two unequal [air-filled
rubber balls, ono fixed to tbe inner
side of the globe, the smaller being
free. The is rilled with
water, tbe motor started, and tbe
pulsations of tbe mombraue alternate
ly contract and expand tho rubber
balls, at a speed that may be made
iucouoei?ably great, tbe motions be
coming quite invisible to tho eye.
At a certain speed nt vibration, ii
mysterious thing is seeu, the stnullur
bull begiuuiug slowly to move
through tho water toward, tho larger,
uriiiiir.illy iucioasiug its speed.
Muaiuiements showed that tho attrac
tion increased un approach exactly as
dirl that which pulled dowu Newton's
apple, and Prot. Korn considers his
Ihaory proven, gravitation depending
oulirely on tbo i'aot that all heavenly
bodies tun surrounded by an ether that
is inelastic I'boro aro ovor-vibra
turns iv matter, morocver, just as
there aie over-tones in the sound of v
violin string. Wiiuii the attracted
bodies coiiio too near, these o?er
vibiatloiis como intu play, and thoir
effect iv tbe iuelastio wiilur Is Im
mediately repulrivo, explaining the
oasoa of repulsion buou iv the hoavoua.
Tbe Ihorupoutia valuo of tho ultm
triis light huving boeu recognized Iv
tut) Fluseu treatment of certain skin
dUfuaeu, tha lamp emitting tho most
bffoctivo rays it now bolng sougiit.
Dr. O. Vugiil, a Ueraiau, poiutd out
that tbo ulliii-viulut rays wuro former
by credited with special bcaliug
powers, but it la now known that
their etteot i* obiofly an otohluKJ with
no deup |>ouutriitiuu. Mluo uud vlolut,
now c, lii micd to bo tho curativo rays,
kill ull tißoteria '" "V" V( * lulunten, und
pfiKitrciii dooply into the tletuei, it
I* buliovtul tbat a gpeoltl lump con
centrntlng tbe blue rays will aborten
the time of application in tbe light
Aloohnl is obtained from peat by
tieating the fiber with sulphuric acid
und fermenting with a speolal yeast.
A ton of dry peat yields 43 gallons of
pure spirit at one-fourtb of tbe cost
of potato alcohol.
A nnw rope, brought out a year or
two ago, has two layers of strands
wound ever a core in opposite di
rections, the purpose being to pro
vent the familiar twisting— or, rather,
uDtwlßltiug— on lifting loads. A re
cent test showed tbat, while such
ropes do not have In themselves any
tendency to rotate, they may have
other faults. A rope tested had a
breaking strength of 10 tons 2 owt.,
but on being revolved five turns' by
band, tbe outer layer was untwisted
and relaxed, throwing tbe entire load
on the Inner-strands, which had about
one-third of tbe strength of tbe entire
rope. A load ttriking an obstacle
is liable to be given a number of
rotations, while even two turns were
sufficient to untwist and relax the
outer strands when a kink confined
the elfeot to a small section of the
rope. Another quality of these ropes
for which allowance must be made
was found to be increased wear wher
the strands oross, and in a rope that
had been used in hoisting for a con
siderable time it was found tbat the
outer strand had out into and materi
ally weakened the layer crossed.
Gingerbread is very susceptible to
obanges iv tbe moisture of the atmos
phere, and a scientific Frenchman has
taken advantage of this tact to provide
himself with a novel and ouilous
barometer. This is a warlike flguer,
made of gingerbread and suspended
in a suitable place in the house.
When anybody goes out, the "gener
al" is consulted, and if be feels flab
by and sticky, it is understood tbat
an umbrella may be needed soou, but
if tbe guide'is hard and tough to tbe
touch, it is known to be safe to ven
turo forth with no preparation for
bad weather. So far the general has
been an infallible adviser.
That leprosy is much .like sourvy,
its symptoms all being the same, is
the conclusion of Dr. John Atohor
ley, ot the London Royal College of
Surgeons, whn has practiced 15 years
in Hawaii, lie bas nut found tbe dis
ease oontagious. He attributes it to
a detective diet, in which t sumo nec
essary element is Jacking, and which
also injocts an excessive amount ot
poisonous substances into the circula
tion—baoteria, ptomaines and toxin.
A Simple Trick
It's an easy matter to keep your
joints and muscles supple— no matter
what your age may be or how you
have suffered with rheumatism. Hub
yourself night and morning with liul
lard's Snow Liniment. Cures rheu
matism, stiffness, oramps, orick iv
tbe back, side, neck or limbs, and
relieves all aches and pains. Sold by
Kuhser's City Pharmacy.
Phears' Express.
King up Sam Phear for prompt de
livery ot trunks, baggupe and express
packages. Hates reasonable. Leave
orders with P. L. Cassinelli, phone
Main 35; and Express office, Main 34;
residence ISlack 374.
If you need a pill take DoWitt's
Little Early Kisera. Insist ou them;
gentle, easy, pleasant, little liver
pills. Sold by City Pharmacy.
With us and watch them grow.
Our bank pays 4 per cent in-
terest, compounded every six
months, and your money is In
safe hands. $1.00 will start an
account. Write lo f!s today.
Union Safe Deposit Bank
Wholcsnle Dealers and Jotrtom
In Imported anil Domestic
tell C'ogrwc, Moot & Chuudon. While Sou 1
;. -id Pi'ivitici (,'uvr'j CtiuuipuKno; Moi'tfun Itius.
I'um'lo ilii Siiulu Murln Wherries; Un.\ -»l Wluu
Cumpuuy, Oporto, l»ort Wlnu*: L>ubo« Prei'di,
lionlcwix. Diiuets iwu Suutoi-uus ; CANADIAN
CLUB WHISKY. Jllraui WuUm- & Sous, Lin-
in 1 1, U'ulUui'vlllu. Onti.i'ln. Cuuuriu; Johtidu
Kuvpur & 2SOQB, Cotli.TcUin, :.la; (iiiku Kuum-
uiel. from J. A, lillUu. llorMti: lliirtliluuiuny
Urewory QompuDy, Ilnvbenteri N. V,, Knicker-
bocker Boer; Doyitioail Braud or uutuaemi,
Stout uucl lUks' Alii (botth-il t>y KuuU llios.,
lyjuiton); Ciatrcll &Coobrautf. Uelfovi, Glutrei
Aly; X.'.sieu Urooity; Ueiu'to-tea Axuricur.
Chnstmas f finis For
Santa Clans' Help
ers -An Embroidered
Pincushion — 'Doily
Sachet and Other
Presents Easily M tide .
Any of the gifts pictured Jn this
column may easily be made In on
The pincushion shor/n Is worked out
l<\ Ecrlm nnd decorated with empire
Vrenths In shaded green ribbon.
Tho sachet shown can easily be made
out of a small dolly, which may be
embroidered In any appropriate flower.
A half yad of white linen scrim.
One bolt «f empire, green baby
One-Half yard each of two lighter
shade* of ribbon.
Two yards of duny lace.
Tbe pachet pads are held In place by
baby ribbons harmonizing with the
embroidery tints.
A party bag that is decidedly unique
resembles la shape a Chinese lantern.
Three yards of pompadour ribbon
five inches wide were used In making
The ribbon -was cut Into six pieces of
ernial length, pointed at ono end.
The pointed ends were sewed to
gether, forming the full bottom of the
A casing of white satin ribbon an
Inch wide was sewed around the bag
eight inches from the top.
Into the casing thustformed was run
fonthorbone, then covered with fancy
stitches of pink and green rope silk
matching In shade tbe figures of the
The bag was drawn in tbe usual
way, having a frill two inches deep at
the top which was faced with ■white
The featherbone ring keeps tbe bag
!n shape, bo that when It Is opened all
iia contents are visible, which in itself
Is a boon to any one who has searched
fn an ordinary workbag for some elu
sive article that cannot be found until
the bag has been turned upside down
and inside out
This feature makes it an excellent
model to be carried out in black rib
bon for a convenient shopping bag.
The tea strainer pincushion Is a use
ful article that needs no particular skill
In Its development. You buy the
strainer and paint a simple flower upon
Pasteboard photograph frame.
Half yard heavy green linen crash.
Three skeins green silk.
Three skeins brown silk.
it, then, fill with horsehair and secure
this by a cardboard disk, covered with
a bit of auy bright silk, etc. Conceal
tbo edge of the strainer with a frill of
ribbon from ono to two Inches wide
and tie a bow to the handle, by which
the cushion hangs.
Gifts For Young Girl*.
Set of collar plus.
Crescent brooch, set with pearls.
Gold bar tie pin.
~2{and embroidered turnovers and
;""AII;""A1I dainty neckwear.
. Gold and silver pencils.
Overnight bags (leather).
Silver garter clasps. ,y-
Jlorocco work box, lit ted.
Ivory or pearl manicure set.
Good standard books,
Set of the American poets.
Engraved Initial or school stationery.
Silver toilet utensils.
Cologne ;uid toilet water.
'Sofa pillows.
Bureau cushion und cover.
Down quilt
Shirt waist box.
SHU for dress or blouse.
■• Haad embroidered handkerchiefs.
:': ' Bows for the hair,
i Silver Blipper liucklcs.
j Carbon prints or photographs.
'. Good framed pictures,
Plulu jjo'.d bracelets.
An Artietic Pillow.
Au artlstk li ''■!■' wl i pillow may
be madQ Croin coursu crush. Iu con-
Ktructhif; it um two pleeei about eight
een iuclios Biiuaro— thw frout uiul th«
back. 'j.'h« forinar etui bo decorated
with tlnvu lurifu conventional tullpi
pieced wido by hido and nillllillU to ttM
top of tli« cueUlon. Tbsi b are cut from
leather, ],:ii:i!r'l »M natural ibadea ami
then glued to the cover. Tlw flwp
r-"dn Hmi soft gveoni ore most effBctlvs
ou thu ueutral l)t\cl»^rou-d of crsisbi
ami this ijIUow v.'l'.l be decldediy bciJ
Published in the Center of the Richest
Mother Lode Gold Belt.
Printed every Friday Afternoon
R. Wehh, Editor and Proprietor.
Tl2.e Old.est
IMlost In.flTjLen.tial
Ik/Host "Wi<3.el37- CizcuLla/tsd,
-£un.a. 0n.137- -^-11-Horrie-^rint
Paper published in Amador County.
The Best Advertising Medium
• Republican is politics
But the slave of no party]
And the foe of all political and Official Cliques and Rings
Free and Independent in the discussion of al' matters pertaining to
to the Local Government
Fearless in the ventillation and exposure of Official Wrong Doing
The Paper for the Family
For the Farmer
For the Miner
For the Merchant and Business Man
For the Taxpayers and Citizens Generallr
Two Dollars per year]
If paid strictly iv advance; otherwise $2.50 will be charged.
Ledger and Dally Call, ono year.B 9 00 Ledger and Weekly Chicago In-
LeCgor and Weekly Call one year 3 20
T - i t-> si /-,i- . i Lodger and Cosmopolitan Maga-
Lecffor and Daily Chronicle, one zl n e one yeari , \ »§» § _ oTS
yOar 9 00 Ledger and McCall's Magazine. 1
Ledger "od Weekly Chronicle, year, including free pattern.... 250
oDevear 3 00 Ledger and Pandex of tho Press 2 7C
Ledger and Daily Examiner lyear 9 00 Ledger and Pictorial Review. . . . 2 5C
Our Job Printing Department
Is the most Complete to be found hit the mountains.
Up-to-date presses, Simplex Typesetting Machine, Folder, Perforating
Machine, Numbering and Punching Machines.
, We buy our paper stock from Manufacturers at Bottom prices
Billheads, Letter Heads, Statements.
Pamphlets, Posters, Dodgers,
Checks, Receipts, Tags,
Business and Visiting Curds,
Programs, Etc.
All kinds of Legal Blanks, Briefs and Transcripts printed promptly and
neatly. In short, we cau do anything in the printing line
Wo Can and Bo Compete with City Prices.
If you have anything in the* printing lino, don't send it away but pal
rontze home ludngtrj

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