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Published every Friday Afternoon
RICHARD WEBB Editor and Proprietor
Ons year (In ftdrnnce MOO
Or.o your (If not In advance) 8»
Six mon tliht lih I ""
Throe months ° 1°
One or more coplig, each „ 0 h
Legal advertising— per square of 33<i ems -Pint Insertion •' 00
dubsequent Insertions— vet square-each 50
; ,» ..
TtITC PA PCD ls l:cpt on 1110 at E. <!. IMKB'S Advertising Agency. 77» Market Btreet
lulj 1/U CIV Suu Francisco, California, where contracts for ndvnrtlslnu con be mudo
for It
:- „ ■ ♦
The Calhoun. trial, assuming that the selection of the jury
is being conducted iv strict accordance with law, is bringing
into strong relief the defects of the jury system. One
thdusand men have b.eu excused for cause in this trial, with
the jury box a long way from being filled. Probably as
many more'talesmen will be excused before the taking of
testimony will be in order. It is estimated that every juror
accepted will cost the county $200, in the way of jury fees
alone, before the panel is completed, and the trial proper
commences. The other expenses in the shape of stenogra
pher's fees, etc., will probably far exceed this sum. At the
pace set iv this noted case, the prosecution of criminal
charges would bankrupt many counties. The selection of a
jtiry in this case has degenerated into a broad farce. It will
perhaps lead to the amendment of the law in this respect, • so
as to make the empauelment of a jury a less expensive pro
cess, as well as securing a more intelligent class of citizens
to fry an issue. It is plainly evident in this Calhoun trial
that the most important consideration with either side is not
the character of the testimony in the case, but the mental
make-up of the jurors selected to try it. The prevaling
opinion is that the bulk of the army of jurors who will be
discarded as inelligible in the trial are more competent as
regards intelligence and fairness todecide the issues involved
than those who will eventually be retained.
Grove L. Johnson's bill amending the law of newspaper
libel by repealing the provision that before suit is started the
plaintiff must put up a bond of $500 to insure defendant
against loss in the event of plaintiff failing to sustain his
charges, has been reported favorably by the house committee
in charge thereof. The press is a unit against this bill, as
no laudable purpose can be served by the adoption of the
amendment, the practical effect of which would be to need
lessly hamper the press by meritless suits. The California
Press Association is strongly opposed to this change, and it
is hoped the legislature will refuse to pass it. It is engineered
by those who have a personal feeling against # a portion of
the press, cv account of adverse criticism in years gone by.
FOR 50 years we have guaranteed every pair, of shoes
that bears our name. Ask yourself— could wo hove
done this unless oar shoes were made to wear better than
tho ordinary shoe. Our shoes cost the retail dealer more
than he pays for ordinary shoes, because we use better
leather; but they cost you tho same as those on which
yon get no guarantee. You will receive full value and
a little more, if you insist that your dealer show you
Buckingham & Ilccht's Shoes.
7O Years with Coughs
We have had nearly seventy years of experience with
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. That makes us have great con-
fidence in it for coughs, colds, bronchitis, weak throats,
and weak lungs. Ask your own doctor what experience
he has had with it. He knows. He can advise you
wisely. Keep in close touch with your family physician.
No alcohol in this COUgh medicine. /. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass.
te well; be strong. You cannot if your bowels are constipated. The best laxative : to
Ayer's Pills, all vegetable. Ask your doctor if he agrees with us. Do as he sayi.
Bab/ Hands
will get Into misohief-ofton it means
a bum or out or soold. Apply ""1-
lard'H Snow Liniment just a«* soon as
the uceident happeus, aud the pam
will be relieved while the wound will
heal quickly and uioely. A sure cure
tor Bpraius, rheumatism and ull pains.
Price iisu, 600 aud 81. 00 v bottle.
Bold by Kuuesr'B City I'fcurniaey.
KAILKOAIW wants souuk mou for
teloKrupb aud station aervlco; Kocd
positions Kuurauhsied. Address Tele-
«raphdopt., tllbernin buildlUf.',?Mar-
ket and Jones std., Ban t'jauoUoo,
We have uotioed llmt when there is
to be an amateur purl'ornianue tv
town, the friends of the performers
KO around aucl nay they aie "just
Lincoln's Day at lone.
The centenary of LlDooln'a blitb
was fittingly celebrated In lone on
Krldny ovenlog last, the exerolees
having been arranged by the Metho
dist church folks, and the exercises
being held in the church. While the
weather proved very stormy, the
ohuroh waa notwithstanding well Oiled
by an attentive an appreciative audi
ence. W. 11. Ureenholgh, superinten
dent of schoolf, wns selected presi
dent; and superior judge, Kind V.
Wood, delivered tho oration. Upon
bis introduction he wna received with
prolongod and htnrty applause; and
at llm close of an interesting und
eloquent address he was greeted with
generous applanse, ns a mark of the
appreciation ot hia remarks by his
hearers. Tho program was a follows:
"America," the audience stnndlng,
invocation. Key. Donald O. Campbtill;
"Uattlo Hymn of the Kepublio," solo
with chorus, Theodoie Gebbardt;
"Abiahuiu Liucolu" (Markliam's
poem), Miss Olive Gordon: Lincoln's
song, pupils of the lono grammar
school; "lilus and Uray," quartet,
Miss Wood. Mrs Viessoux, W. (_3eb
hardt and J. M. Amick: "Lincoln's
Gettysburg Address," Dr. 11. K. Bur
bank; anvil uhorus, double quartet
Mrs Uagloy, Misses Marchant, Prouty
aud Wood, and Messrs Yager,
Scnmidt, Amiok and Uebbartlt;
oration, Hon. V, V. Wood, superior
jndge of Amador county; "Stai
Hpaugled Banner."
Broke Her Leg.
Mrs Hurt Kennedy, who is living
on the old 1. Fregulia place, on the
south fork of Jackson creek, had the
misfortune to fraoture her right leg
yesterday. She was stepping across a
small ditch close to the dwelling,
when she slipped and fell, breaking
the leg above tb c ankle. Dr. Endl
cott is attending the case.
Embarrassing. ,
When the new minister, a b___ao_)«
and unmarried man, made Mb first pas
toral call at the Foedlckes' be took lit
tle Anna up in his arms and tried to
k/ss her, but the child refused to be
kissed. She stwggled ; loose and ran
off Into the next room, where her
mother was potting a few finishing
touches to her adornment before going
Into the parlor to greet the clergyman.
"Mamma," the little girl whispered,
"the man In the parlor wanted m« to
kiss him."
"Well." replied mamma, "why didn't
ycu let him? I would if I were yon."
Thereupon little Anna ran back Into
thp parlor, and the minister asked:
"Well, littleilady, won't you kiss me
now?" /
"No, I won't,", replied Anna prompt
ly, "but mamma says she wllir
The real object of education 13 to
give children resources that will en
duro as lons. as life endures; habits
that time will ameliorate, not destroy;
occupations that will render sickness
tolerable, solitude pleasant, nge ven
erable, life more dignified and useful
and death less terrible.— Sydney Smith.
As It Should Be.
And peace at any price,
We've noticed now and then,
Is mostly advocated by
Meek and lowly married men.
—Houston Post.
The Stockton Savings and 0
Loan Society with resources of y
84,000,000.00 offers every facility i
for doing a banking business by jjjl
mail. Checks taken payable m
in any part of the United States. M
Our system of banking by mail eg
practically brings this great v
bank to your door. 'lo opeu |H
an ucoouut with us, rdace tho ■»
amouut you wish to start within Eg
an envelope addressed to us aud gS
by returu mail you will receive S
ii bank book showing the 29
amount of your deposit. The IS
United States mails are eafo (3
aud no one ever lout a dollar in rj
this way. We solicit the m-- h
counts ot farmers, husine&s men iyl
and others aud assure them U
courteous and liberal treatment. Kj
Kindly Mention this Paper |
Send for free Booklet. |
Stockton, California |
The A. Van derNallenSchool
Of Civil, Electrical siinltiK Engineering, etc.
Occupying their own largo bullalu).', work-
shop uuil luborutorles.
Ureut dumand for exstudonts la ull Utios.
New Htudeutu shuuM enroll ut ouuu.
Send for Catalogue.
until you haro eeon our New
[Double Barrel Models fitted
with Steven* Compressed Forged
Steel Barrels— :'•■■
The modo of constructing thoso
superb Trap and Field Gunj is
fully set forth in our Now Shot-
' eun Pamphlet. Send two-cent
stamp for it.
KsCl XtaJ*» Demi-Eloc Gum.
Jvkr^jjSJjiSl Jnsisl on our malt.
\§3Mosf ARK 3 b. TOOL CO.
The Realty Syndicate
No 1218 Broadway,
Oakland, Cal.
Issues Investment Certifi-
cates beating: six per cent in-
terest. The principal can be
withdrawn at any time- by
giving short notice.
Write for particulars. tebs
Business is Good
Thank You.
A few Reasons Why we are
Growing so Fast.
1. Shorthand taught by a success-
court reporter. • i
2. Touch Typing by an expert
operator. ,
«, 3. Bookkeeping by practical ac-
4. Preparatory Ooaching by com-
pOaent teachers.
5. Business management free with
either course.
6. Moral as well as busines train-
7. Lectures by Berkeley's repre-
sentative business mau.
8. Berkeley an ideal location for
a large business college.
ouu record:
Every Graduate a Position.
Conceded to be
•'The Business University of
Z. P. SMITH, Prin.
2101 Shattack Aye.
The school you will eventually attend
Notice to Mnntcrs.
As imported quuil hnvii just lii'tin
turned loose on the lands of the
uudereiKued, all persons uro for-
bidden until further notice to hunt
on the premises. Treapussers will be
prosecuted aocordluK to ltiw.
i'luese Itrothers,
J. C. Itiidoi,
•M »t t ley Drotheiß.
To the Honorable Fred V. Wood, Jndge of the Superior Court of Amador
county, California:
The undesigned, the Public Administrator of Amndor county, puntuant
to the provisions ot Hectlou ,17Hfl of the Code of Civil i "round urn of the Htate
of California, hereby makes the to Nimurior (Joint of Amador county, under
oath, a return of nil the cetatea of deoedents wliioh have oonie into his hands
flince said last return, the value of each entate according to the Inventory
and Appraisement tbereof, the money which haa come Into hia hands, from
every suoh estate and what he him done with it, and the amount of his tee»
incurred in eaah estate and the balance, if any, in each such ost.nl o remain-
ing in bis hands.
11. E. FOTTEK,
Public Administrator of Aroxdor county. California.
...__ —=■— -=- -— - ; —
Z : \'i I*S I I
I I .1 Wl i f • '
S '. a '. 'PBS , tt :
° a : a° 3
(J. Zanzucchi 8 8U9.00 8 809.00 * -i:{8.85 8370.15 85G.60 Unsettled 1
Joseph Mauley Sio Appraisement 62.25' >1.«!5 bO.GO "
O. Zanettl 9D.92 99.9^' 1)9.02 Wone G. 99 Settled
.lohu Voss Ko Appraisement 55.40 G.UU 49.40 Unsettled
Nick Sky 08.32 85.17 85.17 None 5.95 Settled
Jobn Urazkovlcb 118.76 118.70: US. 7O None 8.31
Alary Mullen 13J0.00 1135.00 1135.00 None 82.40 "
Ann E.Trelease- JNo appraisement Nothing reo'd Nothing paid Unsettled
State of California,
County of Amador,
11. J'j Potter,. th« Pnblio Administrator oft Amador county, after 'being,
duly sworn, deposes and says:
1 was during nH the times mentioned in tbe foregoing statement the
duly elected, quolitted and acting public administrator of Amador county; t
have read the foregoing: return made on this day by mo to the Superior
Court of Amador county, and know the contents thereof, and say upon my
oath, that the same is true to the best or my knowledge, information and
Public Administrator of Amador county, Califonia.
Subscribed audiswaro to before me this Bth' day of January, 1909.
(Seal. ) J<D**N MLOWEK,
ja22-6t Notary Public in and for Amador county, California.
•♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦•••cf ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦»♦»»♦»♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»'•♦♦♦♦••••
Z Agents Whelesale Sinclalrs's Fidelity Htartns, Bacon and Lard, Alaham- J J
k bra Mineral Water and Ginger Ale. Fruit, Produce, Hay and Grain. #
► We carry a full line of Higrh Class Produce. ■ • ■ ♦
•••»•>•>»>»••••»•♦••••••♦♦♦••••»•»•» ♦♦♦♦ ••••♦••»♦♦♦♦
Dickinson & Ndson Co !
; Write for quotations. STOCKTON, CAIL.|
♦♦♦♦♦••♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦•♦»♦•♦•»♦♦»»•••• ♦»»»»o»»»»»»»
• ' Established 1860.^ •
* Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. •
J Oldest Firm in the Valley. See us if you desire to buy oa sell real peopctty •
I 15 N. Hunter Street, Stockton, Cal. •
I At New Orleans
I Sunset Express
| Takes you direct without change to tho great carnival
I through tho orango groves of Southern California and
1 tho cotton and rice fields of the balmy south. |
1 Drawing room sleepors-borths-sections-
| drawing rooms. Dining service un-
| equalled. Observation car. Open I
I air rotunda. Ladies parlor. Genle-
1 men's cafe. Library.
I Personally conducted tourist excursion parties to Chi-
| cago, St. Louis, Cincinnatti, Now Orleans, and Wash-
H ington every week,
| ""Writo for special round trip rates and booklet,
| "Waysido Notes along tho Sunset Routo"
I Tells in detail of tho attractions
I of .tho Sunset Route.

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