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It Pay* the Business Man to Adver-
Established October 27, 1855.
omen in Miireliu Building, Court Rtreet.
Will practice In all the court* of tho itato. fo
A I liiriir.v-iit-I.Hiv
Spoclaltv— Commercial lave and colcc-
Credit attorney Stockton Retail Mer-
chant's Association.
Suit No 210, Savings & Loan Bank Bidg
riiyslcliiii iui'l Surgeon
.UCKSON,' Uai,.
omce: Webb building. All culls promptly
attended to at all times
-f"\U. A. Jr. <»AIX
I'liyMtalnii mill Surgeon
Office In Marelia bulletin;;. Mam Slreet
Office Kay Building j 2 to 4 p. m.
Hours: ( 7 to 8 p. in.
Residence: 54 Water street.
Telephone — Office, Black 243.
Physician and Surgeon
ry o \ Office; Main SB ';> :,i'J
Residence, Main 27
Practice limltod to diseases ol
■— i — i ■■ ■ -
Office Hours Telephones
9 to 13 A. M. Omce, Main 187
2.30 to 4.30 P, M. Residence Jlaln 107
• ..r;. : ...- .. --::' . : i*'-!.^'. ;.-■■-..
Eye, Ear, Noso and Throat
Physicians BuUdiug Stockton, Calif.
Dr. Wm. Ellery Briggs
~Dr7 GeoV Ar Briggs •
TTniiPR— Q to 12 a. m. 1005 It St.
' HOUrS 1.3° to 4p m. S ACKAM BXTO
Office Houns:— From 9 a. m. to 5 p. in
United States Commissioner
Will attend to Homestead and other filings;
taking of Bnal proofs and all other Land
Deeds and other legal documents drawn up.
Searcher or BoouriU, Conveyiuicer, Ktc
omco— Spannoll Building, Court House Square.
Akchie S. Mooiie
Teacher of Harmony
Vlollni Mandolin, Cot-net and all brass
Instruments. Piano tuning v, specialty
:)7* Broadway^ Jackson
WftGONS and
— AT —
Reduced Prices
By being bought direct from Factories
320 Market Street
Stod^tcru Ceil-
Amador Ledger.
Local Happenings About
Amador's County
Beautiful long coats now on exhibi
tion at McGary's.
Steve Ferrari supplied the Amador
Lumber Company's branch office in
Jackson with a load of shakes on
Saturday last that is claimed to be a
record haul.' The team carried 7,800
shakes, brought from Cook's station
with four horses.
J. 11. Wilson. Dentist. Hours 9a.
m. to 5 p. m. Phone— Office, Main
75: residence, black 394: Jackson.
A Sunday school class ■ was estab
lished in the Episcopal church on Sun
day last, and a very encouraging at
tendance was present.
Urban Spagnoli returned to his place
of employment in Oakland on Tuesday
morning, after "spending a delightful
vacation in his home town, and enjoy
ing himself in the mountains fishing
and hunting.
Gus Laverone spent Monday in the
country on a hunting trip. He re
turned in the evening, heavily laden
with game.
A large band of cattle, over 1000 in
number, were brought down from the
range on Monday by ranchers from the
Kirkwood ranch. The cattle are re
ported to be in fine condition. A snow
storm was encountered in the vicinity
of Silver lake on Friday last, and the
herders report that since that time
from two to three feet of snow has
fallen in that portion of the mount-
Wednesday was a public holiday,
public offices, schools and banks be
ing ciosed, on account of Columbus
You can save money by ordering your
wagons, and all kihds of farming im
plements of McCall & McCall, at 320
Market St., Stockton, Cal. ... ,
The supper for the calico ball for
the benefit of the high school proposi
tion will take place in the banquet
room of the Odd Fellows hall. The
ball is to be given on the 21st instant,
and should be attended by every lover
of dancing.
■ We take an account from the
Antioch Ledger concerning the death
of Mrs Woolcocks, who lived in Jack
son for a number of years, and who
was known as Mrs Seccom, the name
of her first husband. She left here
some- few years ago.
The Jackson Women's Improvement
Club will meet in the superior court
room tomorrow, Saturday, afternoon,
at 3 o'clock.
For buggies, farming implements,
etc., go to McCall & McCall, Stockton.
The political card of John J. Daneri,
democratic candidate for coroner and
public administrator, appears in this
issue. He is a young man located in
the undertaking business in Sutter
Creek. While he is not in the same
side as the Ledger on politics, and we
have no reason to throw down our
own candidate, still we believe Mr
Daneri would, if elected, make a
faithful and efficient officer.
Harvey Mason and Drew Caminetti
returned on Friday last from a trip in
the mountains, vvnere they had gone
to round up cattle belonging to the
Caminetti ranch. A large bald eagle
is reported to have • lit in the camp
while the cattle men were eating, and
started making things interesting for
the party. Mason soon put a finish to
the intruder and found when he
measured the bird, that it measured
more than six feet from tip to tip of
M # iss Lena Podesta of San Francisco,
came up this week to spend a short
vacation at the home of her sister,
Mrs Al. Mattley.
The Ledger is short of news this
week on account of being short
handed. W. S. Thomas has been kept
home the last two days on account of
the critical illness of his wife,
WANTED.— Young girl or woman to
take care of invalid woman, and child.
No washing or ironing. Apply at
once at this office.
Hoarseness in a child subject to
croup is a sure indication of the ap
proach of the disease. If Chamber
lain's cough remedy is given at once
or even after the croupy cough has ap
peared, it will prevent the attack.
Contains no poison. Sold by all
Stranger Fined for Beating
Last Friday night, a stranger, who
had over indulged in fire water,
wandered into the Olympus restaurant
on Main street, and ordered one
oyster stew. Jim, the Chinaman in
charge, served the customer with his
stew, and asked for payment, after
the fellow had finished his meal. In
stead of paying the stranger invited
Jim into the street, where he said he
would square all accounts.
The restaurant. keeper accompanied
the customer to the street and notified
constable Laverone of the affair.
Laverone tried to effect a settlement,
but the customer became abusive, and
tried to scuffle with the constable.
Seeing that his only alternative was
to lock the fellow up, the constable
placed the man under arrest and gave
him a free bed for the night. •
Next morning, sheriff Gregory
wished that no complaint be lodged
against the prisoner, and when the
Chinaman appeared to swear to a com
plaint, Gregory interceded by saying
he knew the man, " and could vouch
that it was all a misunderstanding.
This, however, did not reimburse the
restaurant man, who notified Laverone
of the turn of affairs.
Laverone, who does not hesitate ' to
do his duty regardless of politics, was
not to be balked by such proceedings,
and hastening to the recorder's office,
told the sheriff that he had no business
to butt into the matter, "it is my
duty as a constable to see that this
fellow is punished, and if Jim don't
swear to a warrant for assault, I
shall," declared Laverone. It is said
that the defendant and his companion,
who were formerly of El Dorado
county, but who were employed at the
Tiger saw mills, changed their regis
tration to Amador county, so as to be
able to support some local candidates.
A complaint was then sworn to 1 and
the fine which amounted to $10 was
paid, it is said, by some one other
than the accused. The prisoner, whose
name is W. Marsh, was entered or .the
docket as John Doe. . . ,
Calico Ball to
Boost High School
The Ladies' Improvement ciub of
Jackson, a newly organized society in
this city, have started a campaign in
favor of a county high school as a
step for the general good of the com
The club is composed of a class of
women who will not take any kind of
a setback seriously, and who will exert
every conceivable method to further
the new high school project.
They have under way at the present
time, arrangements for a grand calico
ball, which will be held on Friday,
October 21st.
All ladies wh" will attend this ball
are supposed to wear calico dresses,
and all gentlemen will be furnished
with calico neckties. These neckties
are being made by the soceity, and
will be furnished gratis to each gentle
man who attends the ball.
The proceeds of this affair will
go towards defraying expenses of the
campaign, which will be waged by the
society in establishing a high school in
Amador county. ' The posters have al
ready been printed on calico, and have
been tacked in conspicuous places
throughout the county.
Band Concert
Last Sunday evening the city was
treated to a fine open air concert by
the Jackson band, which played from
the balcony at the Tallon building on
Main street.
This week the band will hold its con
cert on the balcony of the Dispatch
oflice on Saturday evening, commenc
ing at 7 :30 p. m. sharp.
Following is a very pleasing pro
gram which will be rendered.
1. "Caesar's Triumphal, " March,
• .:•- . - U. F. Mitchell
2. "Meditation," - -C. S. Morrison
3. "Sky Pilot," Ov., A M Lawrence
4. "Wedding of the Winds," Waltz,
,-' «■ .... John T. Hall
5. "My Kickapoo, " Intermezzo,
.. ; . „ - H. VonTilze
6. "Thoughts of Thee," Serenade,
. „ ■'• ' "•;■ . De Berri
7. "Chimes of Normandy," Select,
; . ; •■■;. .;. :.'..*•. . , R. Plasquetta
8. "Crestnt Queen, " March,
- ••..>•:• • P.. H. Losey.
Children Cry
Two Men Killed in South
% A terrible accident occurred at the
South Eurkca mine on Wednesday
evening last. It was the time for
changing skip at half past ten o'clock.
Four men were ridinsr up on the skip
two were in the skip, and two riding
on the bale, as is customary. Those
on the bale were Vasco Voscovich and
Earl Liversedge. When about 700 feet
from the top, some obstruction in the
track, believed to be caused ky the
loosening of the track iron, caused the
skip and cable attached thereto to
sway and wobble violently. The two
men on the bale were knocked off the
skip, and fell into the shaft. They
dropped 2000 teet, clear fo the bottom ;
of course they were instantly killed.
The bodies were mangled in a fright
ful manner. Voscovich had both legs
torn off, and the other victim lost one
leg, besides many other multilations.
The remains were gathered up and
brought to the surface, and a coroner's
inquest held. It was a case of acci-
Voscovich was a native of Austria,
aged 35 years, a married man, and
leaves a wife and one child.
Earl Liversedge was a native of
California, born in Volcano, and a son
of Wm. Liversedge of that town. He
was 26 years of age, and leaves a wife
and one child.
• The tragedy has cast a ' gloom over
Sutter Creek, where both were well
known and respected citizens. Vos
covich was a member ot the Greek
church, and the funeral will be held in
accordance with that denomination.
No Name Can
Be Substituted
A peculiar state of affairs has arisen
on account of the death of Alfred
Goldner. The deceased was the demo
cratic nominee for justice of the peace
in township one. He also received the
republican nomination, there being no
regular candidate on that side aspiring
for the place. So the democratic can
didate received more votes on the re
publican ticket by voters writing in
his name than any other person. Now
the law gives the state central com
mittee of the party to which the nomi
nee belongs the power to fill vacancies
caused by death or other unforseen
causes, but such action must be taken
not less than thirty days prior to the
election. The election falls on the Bth
of November, so that the thirty days
limit expired on the Bth or 9th of this
month. Mr Goldner died on the 10th
instant, so that under a strict inter
pretation ot the law the vacancy can
not be filled by the committee. Ac
cording to this, the name of Goldner
must go on the printed ballota— a very
awkward state of affairs. Aspirants
tor the place, whether republican or
democrat, must have their names
written in on the blank line provided
for that purpose.
Another knotty point has arisen in
this connection. Allowing that it is
legitimate for a substitute tobe named
by trie county central committee, how
would that affect the republican nomi
nation in this case. That is, would
not the republican committee have
the right to name a candidate on its
side, just the same as the democratic
committee on their side. That the
deceased was the candidate nominated
on both tickets would not affect the
rights of the republican committee to
nil the vacancy. It is out of all
reason to say thut the democratic
committee would have the right to
fill the vacancy on both tickets. So
that the only fair construction is
that if it be conceded that the demo
crats can fill the vacancy by appoint
ment of their committee, it must also
follow that the republicans have the
same right. It is certainly a novel
question arising out of the crude
direct primary law.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our thanks to
all kind friend who tendered their as
sistance in any way during the last ill
ness and funeral ceremonies of a be
loved husband anl father, G. B.
Mrs A. Arata and family.
The pleasant purgative effect ex
perienced by all who use Chamber
lain's stomach and liver tablets, and
the healthy condition of the body and
mind which they create, makes one
feel joytul Sold by all dealers.
Settled With Creditors.
C. Giovannoni, head of the linn of
Giovannoni & Co., which has been
closed for several weeks, returned
from San Francisco Wednesday even
ing, after an absence of fourteen days.
He went below to effect a settlement
with the board of trade of San Fran
cisco, , representing the creditors.
After looking into the matter
thoroughly the board of trade accepted
an offer of settlement on a basis of
52J£ cents on the dollar. This offer
include? all creditors, those who
loaned cash as well aa the wholesalers
whose claims represented merchandise
sold. Of course it does not include
secured creditors. The firm will open
its doors for the collection of bills at
once, and expects to be doing busi
ness at the old stand shortly. The
general merchandise business, how
ever, will not be resumed until the
first instalment of the compromise
with the creditors is paid. A notice
is published in our advertising
columrs calling upon all those in
debted to the firm to pay their ac
counts at once, and thereby save
A Small Blaze.
Fire broke out at the home of Mrs
Sarich, who resides on Broadway, at
about 6 :30 on Monday morning last,
burning the entire roof off the struc
Gus Laverone, bent on a day's hunt
ing expedition, was wending his way
out Broadway when he noticed smoke
pouring from the roof of the building,
he called to Chas. Cademartori, who
also happened by at that time driving
cows which were on their way to pas
Forgetting everything else, the two
men hastened through an open window
and informed the occupants of the
building that their home was on fire.
They began a scramble for garden
hose and fire plug hose. These were
soon found to be inadequate to cope
with the blaze, which threatened the
building and all its contents, so an
alarm of fire was turned in, and while
the town was sending along the alarm,
Laverone and Cadematori were pack
ing the household effects into the front
yard. 'When the house was emptied of
all its contents, Laverone noticed a
tub of boiling clothes on the kitchen
stove, placed there by Mrs Sarich,
who earns a livelihood by doing family
washing. Gus, not wishing to see
anything ruined that might be saved,
packed the boiling wash tub out doors,
receiving a good steaming as his re
ward! Wallace Jones helped the hose
cart pick up time by hitching the cart
rope on to the horn of his saddle and
urging his hoi'se to a run. The fire
hose when properly connected, soon
had the blaze under control, and the
conflagration was then extinguished
without further difficulty.
The property belongs to Mrs Geo.
Grosso, formerly of Jackson, but now
residing at Bakersfield. Joe Garibaldi
of this city has charge of the property,
and states that he bas not as yet
learned what the owner intends doing
by way of repairing the structure.
An interesting feature of the early
morning blaze, was the presence of
many novel, amusing as well as
charming kimonos worn by the fair
sex, who hastened from their beds
out of fear and curiosity to watch
the fire work its havoc to the building.
Talks of Bringing Suit
We have received a letter from C.
Lanzer, who conducted the Richards
moving picture show in Sutter Creek,
and waa forced to quit on account of
disreimination. He says: "Mr
Richards will be in Jackson the latter
part of the week; that he contem
plates bringing suit for damages,
etc,, against some parties concerned.
He thinks the treatment received in
this county was not only unjust, but
showed poor business senße. Mr
Lanzer would have made the Richards
Electric theatre in Sutter Creek a
great success but for the appearance
of Ratto showing three times a week
without paying a license, while he was
compelled to pay full price.
"1 hope your well known paper, Mr
Editor, will keep up this fight, as it is
vital to the people of Amador county
to show the graft and favoritism
Card of Thanks.
The undersigned extends his sincere
thanks to all who assisted in the last
hours and funeral rites of his belovei
brother, Nick Miloslavich.
Frank Miloslavich.
k You can jyfi y<s' J-fillheads,
printed at
■UifffoffeflSalftr less than you
caiTwsr utank stock for else
Fivo Cents Per Copy.
Interesting Accounts of
Mines Located In
Amador Co.
Bunker Hilt
The yield for the month of Septem
ber amounted to $24, 300— about the
same as for several months past. The
development of the ledge on the 1950
level is progressing satisfactorily.
The additional 20 stamps to the mill
is being pushed ahead, and the actual
construction will be proceeded with
as soon as Mr Schultze is at liberty
from the South Eureka. The surplus
in the treasury on the first was over
South Eureka.
The shut-down of mining and mil
ling to enable the shaft to be re
paired throws from 75 to 100 men
out of work temporarily. It will take
at least three months to fix the
Copper HIM
The closing of the copper mine
owned by W. F. Detert at Copper
Hill is owing to the prevailing low
price of copper. Several carloads of
ore were shipped to the smelter, but
it was found that under existing con
ditions there was nothing to be gaind
ed in continuing work.
The Lightner Mining Co. of Angels
Camp has sued out a writ of prohibi
tion in the appellate court against the
superior court of Calaveras county to
restrain it from trying the $15,000
trespass case Jas J Coleman has
against the Lightner company. Cole
man has been pressing for a trial for
some time, and finally succeeded in
getting the case set for October 24.
The Lightner Company don't want
the case tried until the land office
proceedings between the parties are
settled. Coleman charges the com
pany is trying to stall the case until
it can sell its property and thus avoid
judgment. The appellate court will
decide the matter October 17.
Must Look to
Grand Jury
While in San Francisco last week the
editor of tne Ledger consulted an at
torney in regard to the discrimination
exercised by the supervisors in giving
Ratto a free show license, and also
remitting hundreds of dollars of uncol
lected back licenses. He wanted to
know what could be done to get the
matter before the court, in face of the
refusal of the district attorney to take
any action to collect the money, and
the uselessness of any application to
the board of supervisors to have that
body instruct the district attorney to
commence suit to recover the money
due the county, seeing that the super
visors brought about this condition of
affairs by cancelling the debt as far as
they were able to do so. The attorney
was of the opinion that under the cir
cumstances the only remedy left was
to lay the matter before the next
grand jury. Now this matter serves to
show the importance of electing the
right kind of men to oflice— men who
place the interests of the taxpayers
above all else. We hope saloon men
and license payers of all kinds will
troop up to the bargain counter estab
lished by the board of supervisors, and
demand relief from license payment.
They are just as much entitled to re
lief as those who have been relieved.
Your cough annoys you. Keep on
hacking and tearing the delicate mem
branes of your throat if you want to
be annoyed. But if you want relief,
wunt to be cured, take Chamberlain's
cough remedy. Sold by all dealers.
A Timely Rain
This section was visited by a re
freshing rainstorm last Tuesday,
which continued until Wednesday
monring. The precipitation for the
storm was .81 of an inch, making a
total of 1.31 for the season. Some
grapes are ungathered, and the rain
may damage them to some extent, but
generally the downpour is considered
beneficial. It has laid the dust, and
has not interfered with teaming to any
Children Cry

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