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Good blood tells, they say, and bud blood cer-
tainly does. Poor or disordered blood tells its own
story in lowered vitality los 9 of energy, in akin
eruptions, in rheumatic pains and in a pallid or sal-
low appearance of the complexion. This ia the sea-
son of the year when -the blood is most opt to bo
disorrfpri*fl Tnko '
Ruhser's Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla
It purifies and enriches the blood, It cures boils,
pimples and other skin troubles. It expels rheu-
matic poison from the system. It builds up strength
and energy.
Price. $1 for Ml Pint Bottle
45 Main Street. Corner Court St.
JACKSON. Cal OCT. 21, 1910
This table gives the highest nnd lowest tem
perature in Jackson for each day, together with
the rainfall, as recorded by self-registering
instruments kept at the Ledpur office.
I u«t:| I ija
jTempi g !Temp!2.
Date. : •£ Dato. i !o
jL.iH.j 2 ; iL.iH.j2
Oct 1 . . 1910: M 8(} ! ....!!. 17 „..! 48: 78^
U ...*...= 4(1; 84!....! 18 i ii- 80:....
S I 45: **1 ; .... 1 1 19 !it W.....
1 j •)">! »):.... i 20 ( 4'j; 8|!
5 i 17i 90;.... i 21 4.9] ..!....
6 i I7i 06;.... j 22 1. .! ,!....
?.*..,.. 61 M 1;..; . ...23 i .!....■
8......1 MO6 „;. 24 ! ...| ..!....
fl i 48; W0: .... I 25 i ..! ..!....
10 ! 401 8»i....j M j .. ..!....
11 i 17] 700..68' 27 i „ „,
12 46 710.18J !W ..!.. .
13 144 7SJ..V. 29 i....
14 ! Xli 78;.... 1 i)f, !.. .
15 j 4o! 77;....! 31 !....
18 1 48; 78 1 1 .. ..!
Total rainfall for season to date. ...1.31 Inches
I u«t:| I ija
jTempi g !Temp!2.
Date. : •£ Dato. i !o
jL.iH.j 2 ; iL.iH.j2
Oct 1 . . 1910: M 8(} ! ....!!. 17 „..! 48: 78^
U ...*...= 4(1; 84!....! 18 i ii- 80:....
S I 45: **1 ; .... 1 1 19 !it W.....
1 j •)">! »):.... i 20 ( 4'j; 8|!
5 i 17i 90;.... i 21 4.9] ..!....
6 i I7i 06;.... j 22 1. .! ,!....
?.*..,.. 61 M 1;..; . ...23 i .!....■
8......1 MO6 „;. 24 ! ...| ..!....
fl i 48; W0: .... I 25 i ..! ..!....
10 ! 401 8»i....j M j .. ..!....
11 i 17] 700..68' 27 i „ „,
12 46 710.18J !W ..!.. .
13 144 7SJ..V. 29 i....
14 ! Xli 78;.... 1 i)f, !.. .
15 j 4o! 77;....! 31 !....
18 1 48; 78 1 1 .. ..!
Total rainfall for season to date. ...1.31 Inches
Mrs Alfred Goldner, accompanied by
her uncle, Mr Levenson, left Wednes
day morning for San Francisco. She
disposed of all her household furniture
and intends to make her home in
future in the city.
McGary has a large line of fine dress
goods to select from.
Judge Fred V. Wood was confined to
his bed for a few days this week,
suffering from a severe cold.
Chamberlain's cough remedy has
become famous for its cures of coughs,
colds, croup and influenza. Try it
when in need. It contains no harmful
substance and alway gives prompt re
lief. Sold by all dealers.
Mrs T. Gottheimer a sister to the
late Alfred Golden, left for her home
in Ban Francisco on Thursday morn
Byron Miller and Marion Calvin re
turned home Monday evening after a
two weeks' stay in Sacramento.
There have been some 300 names
added to the great register since the
primary election, making a total of
about 2600 voters in the county.
A marriage license was issued in Sae
mento Wednesday to James Frederick
Shaw of Drytown and Grace Ellen Car
ley of Consumes.
Mrs Roberts, who is soon to leave
for Point Richmond, was tendered a
farewell party by Oro Fino Circle
Wednesday, as well as Mrs Parker.
Bnggies, wagons, farming imple
ments, at lowest rates, at McCall &
McCall, 320 Market st, Stockton.
Dr. J. P. Wilson will leave Jackson
Sunday for a few days to visit his
mother at Los Gatos.
Miss Loretta Meehen, who has been
quite sick for the past few weeks, is
rapidly recovering.
FOR SALE.— At once, all house-
hold furniture, whole or in part.
Mrs A. Goldner.
FOR SALE.— 2S,OOO No. 1 shakes in
first class condition. For sale at
Ham's Station, by Henry Bradley.
LOST.— Between Newmauvllle and
the Catholic church, a gold breastpin
with red stone setting. Finder will be
rewarded on leaving the same at Mrs
N. Glavlmch, 4« Newmativllle.
Unclaimed Letters.
Letters remaining unclaimed in the
Jackson post office for the week end
ing October 21st :
John Gaffney, John Kraniach, Frank
Massey, Battista Moiso, M. C. Rivens,
Mr Wirish, P. Williams, L. W.
The pleasant purgative effect ex
perienced by all who use Chamber
lain's stomach and liver, tablets, and
the healthy condition of the body and
mind which they create, makes one
feel joytul. Sold by all dealers.
WANTED.— Young girl or woman to
take care of invalid woman, and child.
No washing or ironing. Apply at
once at this office.
Ratto in More Trouble
John Ratto, of the moving picture
theatre, .who has managed with the ap
proval of the powers that be, to evade
the payment of a county show license,
was pounced upon by the company fur
nishing his films. When the company
found out that he was using the same
films for different show places, the de
mand came for additional pay. There
was no alternative but to put up, or
have the picture supply shut off. To
settle the trouble he admits having to
plank down over $100. Rumor says he
paid $135, and must pay regularly here
after for the outside shows as well as
Jackson. Ratto claims that the trouble
arose over being charged for films he
did not get, and that he would have
won out had he stood trial, although
that course would have been more cost
ly than paying the claim.
Cheapest accident insurance — Dr.
Thomas' Eclectic Oil. Stops the pain
and heals the wound. All druggists
sell it.
Candidate's Cards
There has been some talk about the
pulling down of candidate's cards. To
prevent misunderstanding it may be
stated that some Gregory cards were
removed from the Argonaut mine prop
erty. This was done not from any
partisan motives, but because they
were posted without permission. The
lesson is timely. Candidates have no
right to plaster private property with
political cards without first obtaining
permission from the proper party. The
owner's rights should always be recog
LOST— In Jackson, October 17, a small
yellow dog, five months old, white
front feet, white around neck, "N R"
on collar round neck. . Finder will be
rewarded on giving information that
will lead to r«covery to Nick Relja,
Oleta, Amador co.
Will be given at
After the Democratic Speaking on
Friday Ev'ng, October 28, '10
Gooi Music will be furnx3hed.
Department of the Interior.
U. B. Land Office at Sacramento,
California, October 3, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that Malinda
Jane Fisher, of Defender, California,
who, on October 13. 190 R. rr.ade H,
E., No 8074, for NE< 4 ' NWV 4 ' Section
32 and SE jk SW#, Section 29, Town-
ship 7 N,. Ranee 13 E., Mount Diablo
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make Final five year Proof, to es-
tablish claim to the lund above de-
scribed, before U. S. Commissioner
for Amador County, at his office in
Jackson, California, on the 12th day of
November, 1910.
Claimant names as witnesses.
Charles U. Glenn, Will E. Hoss, Lee
P. Payton, Favette Mace, all of De-
fender, California.
oc7 - Reigster.
\Sk JL JL^^^^r JsL jj_j j_^ h^ m^ J B {I I'm/
Jot Also Rolls and Muffins jfiff
jZW|p|| Send for Royal •gragXS^fe&N 135 Will!am St< 4^lw\
CttJlllllU if Mil' 11111(23
Washes Quicker, Easier, Faster,
Better and Cleaner than any
No Spring's, Wheels, Castings,
Cranks, Cogs, Rust, Oil, Dirt
or Needless Machinery. Only
One Wealing' Part, and that
Operates on Ball Bearings
Any Child Can Operate It

Machines on Exhibition at Plumbing Shop in Jackson, Cal.
Sickness Closes Schools
Three cases of scarlet fever have
developed in Amador City, one case in
three different families. The trustees
of the public school thought it advis
able to close the schools for a few
days. The school was closed last
Monday. The idea of shutting off
school facilities from the whole juve
nile population on account of a
threatened outbreak of disease of a
contagious nature, is variously com
mented upon.
Hospital Management
Hospital expenses are piling up at a
2.40 gait. For the last three months
warrants have been cancelled on the
hospital fund to the tune of $4400. No
wonder, in fixing the tax levy, the su
pervisors deemed it necewary to pro
vide more funds for this institution.
We will discuss this matter at length
in the near future.
PHILLIPS.— In lone, Octoberg, 1910,
Mrs Adelaide Phillips, a native of
Wisconsin aged 66 years and 5 days.
HAMBY.— In Jackson, October 10,
1910, Mrs James Hamby, a native of
Pennsylvania aged 33 years.
■ — ■ - ■
lUJTLliirVv>iLLir :^^
her 13 1910, Lucien A. Butler 21.
and Erma I. Wells, 18, both of Ply-
mouth. ; ' ■ : •
PHILLIPS.— In Palo Alto. October 7,
1910, to the wife of Dr. L. E.
Phillips, a son.
HAMBY.— In Jackson, October 9,
1910, to the wife of Jumes Hamby,
a son,
Had to Pay License
J. F. linner, a. deputy internal rev
enue collector from Sacramento, was
in Jackson Wednesday, and after in
vestigation required Amiel Lucot, who
is local agent of the Buffalo Brewing
Companj' of Sacramento, to take out a
second federal wholesale license, and
also a retail licence. The total amount
paid was $77.50, just the amount of
licenses, without penalty. Lucot has
two distributing points for Sacramento
beer, one at Martell, the other in Jack
son. His original ilicense was taken out
for Martell, but the federal officials
held that he must have a license for
each place. He does only a wholesale
business, but his packages were found
to be one bottle short of the minimum
wholesale limit, hence the requirement
that a retail license be also taken.
New Stage to City
The old Mokelumne Hill stage line
from Jackson has been discontinued
and a new line started.
The new stage arrives in Jackson
from San Andreas each day at twelve
o'clock noon, and leaves for Moke
lumne Hill and San Andreas on its re
turn trip at one o'clock. The stage
connects with the Angels Camp stage
each day at San Andreas, thus form
ing a through trip from Jackson to
Angels Camp.
Sounds Pretty. But—
An Umpired article, purporting to
come from Amador City but bearing
the earmarks of having its origin in
interested quarters, appears in the
Sutter Creek Record this week. We
propose to reprint the "vindication"
next week, with comment, as a timely
campaign document.
I'eople va Alvin Pemberton—De
fendant iffßlgned on charge of failure
to provide for minor cnild. Sentenced
to two yrarp, nnd allowed his liberty
on probation on the following terms:
Defendant to pay hla f,wifo $;;o per
month, and $12 per month to Amador
county, until the expense of $60 in
curred in this nction is paid Dofenrl
ant promised to abide by 'the "terms of
said order of "probation, and there
"pop, wns discharged from custody.
People" vs Harry Cohb- It appearing
that defendunt hns violated the terms
oj^J^js^ probation sentence, the court
orders a'warrant for his arrest to be
A U Farnsworth vs A M Farnsworth
—By consent of defendant, plainfff
alloyycd^to amend his amended answer
inserting the title of*court"and* canse.
On motion of defendant certain por
tions of amended answer was ordered
striken out.
Estate of J H Fullen— R J Fulled
appointed special administrator upon
filing bond of $400.
'. Estate and guardianship of J Borden
Pardoe— Order granted settling ac
count. •
Estate of Thos L Culbert, minor-
Final ¥ account approved, and decree
granted discharging guardian.
Estate of O Zanzucchi— Continued
until October 29.
Estate of Harriet E Morrow— Oct
29 appointed for hearing on sale of
personal property, consisting of
horses, wagons, etc. to J A B Wilson
for $496.
New Cases.
Estate of J H Fullen— R F Fullen
applies for letters. Deceased died
October 4, 1910, leaving an estate con
sisting of a lot at Martell, with saloon
and residence thereon, of the value of
$1000, also fixtures and liquor stock
valued at $200. The heirs are. peti
tioner, residing at Angels Camp, H V
Fullen of Jackson, and Ethel Fullen of
San Francisco, all children of de
Charles Erickson vsFred L Erickson,
et al. The complaint recites that on
the 3rd day of September, 1910, de
fendant delivered to plaintiff an in
strument in writing purporting to con
vey to plaintiff 160 acres in section 11,
township 7, range 14. This deed was
given a security for the payment of
$200 loaned to the defendant, with in
terest at 7 per cent per annum.
Neither principal nor interest has been
repaid, nor any yart thereof. Suit is
brought to have said instrument ad
judged a mortgage, and for foreclosure
of same, and sale of premises. Tuttle
and Tuttle of Auburn and W G Sny
der are attorneys for plaintiff.
Hoarseness in a child subject to
croup is a sure indication of the ap
proach of the disease. If Chamber
lain's cough remedy is given at once
or even after the croupy cough has ap
peared, it will prevent the attack.
Contains no poison. Sold by all
ITUelo-llowing instruments iiavo been Hied
for reeoi'4 1 . In tne recorder's office since our lust
report. We publish :i complete list of docu
ments reoorded, and must decline to accede to
any request to suppress any document from
tin!.*.'.! columns. Don't sis lc us to dv vj
Deeds.— Tynan M Ellis to F F Brad
ley— Sy 2 of NVV.I4 and SW> 4 ' of 11, and
NEJ4' of SE> 4 " of 10-7-9, $10, quit
Forest Home MCo et al, to L M
Ellis— Same property, $10, quit claim.
VV S Hobart et al to Hobart Est
Co— All property wheresover situate.
"A valuable consideration."
J T Clifton to Alice Clifton— so.7B
acres in Arroyo Seco ranch, love
and affection.
Geo C Morrow et al — W,« of NW^
and N>£ of SWI4 of 25 and frac SW H
of SWy 4 of 24-6-10, 510.
Patents— U SAto L A White, SW> 4 '
of 28-8-14
Trust Deeds-J F Brumfield to Ko
senwald & Kahn, W% of NEV4 28-8-11,
80 acres, *200
Harvey Jameson to Rosenwald &
Kahn, f racS}£ of NE> 4 ' 25-81-0,60 acres,
Jas W Morrow et ai to John Chirm,
W% of NW H and N,'£ of SW^ of 25
and fracSW^ of SW}^ of 24-6-10, $1500
Reconveyance — Bank of Amador
county to T J Beauchemin, reconveys
trust deed "3," 189.
Attachment— Chas Erickson vs F L
Enckson, attaches NEJ^ of NW. l^, S!i
of NW^.and NEV 4 of SWJ4 of 11-7-14*
demand 81250
Bill of Sale-W B Phillips to T A
Phillips, one sorrel stallion, cart and
harness, $400.
Certificate of Sale— A J Laverone to
Bole. SEJ4 of NWif, NE' 4 of SW.i 4
and NW^of SE l 4l 4 of 32 6-12, $275.
Release of Lien— AJLaverone to Vogt
releases lien on above property for
Redemption — R C Bole to H F Vogt,
certificate of redemption of above pro
perty for $30?.50.
Notary bond-Minnie Provis, with
American Suret/ Company as sole se
Lays Its Ads before several
thousand renders each
week, and if an Ail
is properly plac-
ed, results
arc sure
■^—^■■■l «■■■■■! 1 1 1 111 I *|
Banking by Mail tolls you how-
to start a bank account without
comiog to the bank in person.
This booklet will be mailed to
any person upon request.
Interest Paid
■H per cent on Term. '
4 per cent on Ordinary.
3 per cent on Checking Ac-
. counts.
I Dividends Compounded Semi-
Savings Bank
EstabHshed 1879
\be ready
H.H.H gll O |j|
Foundry! Machine Shop
Sutter Creek, Cal.
latest and most approved patterns, and
all kinds of shout Iron pipe. Every description
of mining and milling machinery mude at tlie
shortest notice. We desire to call the attention
of blacksmiths and other workers in iron to the
(act that we keep constantly on hand a large
Hnd complete stock of bar, refined and Norway
1-on, (tas pipe, pas fittings, etc, which wew
— OF..
Amador County
veys by D. C. CAR! TON, showing
township and school district bound-
aries, ownership of all lands according
to assessment roll of 1904, mineral
claims, canals, location o' all school,
houses; also a townsite nan of princi
pal towns, namely Jackson, Sutter
Creek, lone, Amador City, Drytown
Plymouth and Volcano.
. Size 6 by 8f feet
Price, colored & mounted $10
Plain and unmounted • $5

Sold only at
Men's Private Diseases Cured
quickly and effectually at your own home
by a regular physician of long practice.
Medicines with full directions sent to
your nearest Express ottice : you paving
the charges $5.00 on taking out package
Address, Mail Medical Dispensary,
Lock Box 3(5, San Franciso, Cal. N0. 5
A I-L kinds of Hlanks for L. 8. Lund Pllinmi
**■ Homestead, Titntwr and Mineral blaakSli
may be had at the I,«U K er oßlcej also dt4d7
tuortgugen mlnlo« looutlons. pr'vf oJ ilbor
»nd other leeal bliinUs kept lor sale

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