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An Act Concerning Courts of Justice
and Judicial Officers.- — A bill for an act
to amend an act entitled “an act concerning
the courts of justice of this State and judicial
officers,” passed May 19th, 1853.
The people of the State of California, rep
resented in Senate and Assembly, do enact
as follows:
Section 1. Section 67 of an act entitled
act concerning courts of justice in this State
and judieicial officers, passed May 19th,
1853, is amended so as to read as follows:
“Section 67. Justices’ courts shall have ju
risdiction of the following actions and pro
ceedings: First, of an action arising on
contracts for the recovery of money only, if
the sum claimed, exclusive of interest, does
not exceed two hundred dollars. Second, of
an action for damages for injury to the per
son, or for taking or detaining personal
property, if the damages claimed do not ex
ceed two hundred dollars. Third, of an ac
tion for a line, penalty or forfeiture, not ex
ceeding two hundred dollars, given by stat
ute or the ordinance of an incorporated city.
Fourth, of an action upon a bond conditioned
for the payment of money, not exceeding
two hundred dollars, though the penalty ex
ceed that sum—the judgment to be given for
the sum actually due. When the payments
are to be made by installments, nu action
may be brought for each installment, as it
benoines due. Fifth, of an action upon a
surety bond or undertaking taken by them,
though the penalty exceed, if the amount
does not exceed, two hundred dollars, tsix 11 1 ,
of an action for the foreclosure of any mort
gage, or the enforcement of any lieu on real
or personal properly, when the debt secured
does not exceed, exclusive of interest, two
hundred dollars. Seventh, of an action to
recover the possession of personal property,
when the value of such property does not
exceed two hundred dollars. Eighth, to
take and enter judgment on the confession
of a delendant, when the amount confessed
does not exceed two hundred dollars. Ninth,
of an action tor a forcible or unlawful entry
upon, or a forcible or unluwtul detention of
lands, tenements or other possessions. Tenth
ot an action to determine the right to a
mining claim, and lor damages for injure
to the same, when the damages claimed do
not exceed two hundred dollars. Eleventh,
of proceedings respecting vagrants and, y'jis'.
orderly persons” —-
“Section 2. Sec. 68 of said act is amended
so as to read as follows: “Section 68. The
jurispiction conferred by the last section
shall not extend, however, First, to a civil
action in which the title to real property
shall come in question. Second, nor to an
action or proceeding against ships, vessels or
boats, or against the ow ners or masters
thereof, when the suit or proceeding is for
the recovery of seaman’s wages for a voyage
performed in whole or in part, without the
waters of this State.”
Approved April 19th, 1856.
An Act Concerning Roads and Higii-
WAYS.r —An act to amend an act entitled
“An act concerning Roads and Highways,”
passed April 28th, 1855.
The people of the State of California, rep
resented in Senate and Assembly, do enact
as follows:
Section 1. Section sixth of said act is
hereby amended so as io read as follows: ■
“Section 6, The Hoard of Supervisors shall
have power to levy a road tax on all able
bodied men between the ages of twenty-one ;
and fifty years, which shall not exceed four
dollars per annum, aud a property tax which
shall not exceed live cents on each one hun
dred dollars for road purposes, to be levied
and collected at the same time and in the i
same manner as other property taxes are
collected: Provided, that, the provisions of
this section, so far as it relates to the road
tax, shall not apply to any of the incorpo
rated cities of this State: Provided further,
that any person liable to pay road tax as
herein provided may, at his option, pay the
same in labor on the road, under the direc
tion of the overseer, at the rate of two dol
lars per day.
Section 2. Section tenth of said act is
hereby amended so as to read follows:—
“Section 10, Each road overseer shall report
to the Board of Supervisors quarterly the
amount of money collected and paid out by
him, and to whom, and for what paid; the
number of days he himself has been in actual
service, and also a list of delinquents; and
the said overseer shall make an affidavit lie
lore a Justice of the Peace, or some other
officer qualified to administer oaths, that the
said report and delinquent list are correct to
the best of his knowledge and belief; and
any person refusing or neglecting io pay the
road tax required by this act to the over
seer, within three days after the said tax
shall have been demanded in writing of him
by such overseer, shall be considered a de
linquent, and the overseer shall proceed to ,
levy and sell, at public vendue, to the high
est bidder, after giving public notice ns re
quired by law on sales under execution, the
property of such delinquents, or so much
thereof as shall be necessary to satisfy such
delinquent road tax, and costa of making
such sale.
Section 3. Section eleventh of said act is,
hereby amended so as to read as follows: —
* Section 11,'* lie overseers shall each receive
f 0 y.their services while in actual employment,
such compensation us shall bo allowed by the
Board o. Supei\isors, not to exceed six dol
lars per da/'-
Approved 19th, 1856,
[We insert the u *jovc acts relative to
Justices of the Peace » ik1 dutits of Super
visors for the convenience of those officers,
us the Statutes printed by authority for the
past session will not be received lor several
months yet, We copy from the Sacramen
to daily Union. —Ko. Journal.]
- - •
The following is taken from the Statu 1
Tribune. We publish it for future reference
as well as to let the people sec that during
the brief period of three and a half mouths
one man power defeated the united wis
dom tit one hundred and tuenty-three select
men of the State, who had taken the same
constitutional oath of office as his Excellency:
Governor Johnson’s Vetoes.—-The fol
is a list of the bills vetoed by Governor
Johnson during the late sessiou ot the Legis
lature und it a fact wertbv of cote, that
'A. .. -.4
of the bills so vetoed but one, that reluting
to the Fire Department of Sacramento, be
came a law:
Feb. 29th. —An act “entitled an act to
amend an act, entitled an act concerning the
office of Treasurer of State."
Feb. 29th—An act to define the term of
office of the District Judge ot the loth Ju
dicial District, and to lix his salary.
March loth.—An act to incorporate the
town of Eureka.
March 15th.—An act amendatory of an
act concerning Corporations.
March 19th.— An act authorizing the
Sheriff of Alameda county to proceed and
collect the delinquent taxes assessed for the
years 1854 and '55
March 19th. —An act concerning the col
lection of taxes now due in the county of
March 22d. —An act supplementary to an
net entitled “an act concerning the office of
Reporter,” passed April 12th, 1850.
March 22d. —An act amendatory of and
supplementary to the act to incorporate the
city of Marysville, approved Mayo, 1855.
April 1st. —An act to regulate the Fire
Department of Sacramento.
April 2d.—An act authorizing the Super
visors of the county of San Joaquin to issue
bonds to provide for the payment of the
funded indebtedness of the county, and to
create a fund to provide for the payment ot
the principal and interest ot the same.
April 10th.- An act to provide for the
payment of T. F. \\ . l’rice, for services ren
dered and money expended and supplies tur
nished to the volunteers in an expedition
under his command against the hostile In
dians in the northern portion of the counties
of Yolo and Napa, during the year l -51.
April 21st.—An act appropriating money
for the benefit of the Orphan Asylum ol
San Francisco and San Rafael.
April 21st.-—An act. for the relief of heirs
of estates, in which funds were lost, through
a robbery committed in June last, upon
Thomas (A Rrunton, ut that time Dublic
Administrator of Tuolumne county.
April 21st. —An act to incorporate the
town of Martinez.
April 21st.—An act io provide for tin
publication of of this State, us com
piled v.Uu digested by \V. II. U. Wood.
April 21st. —An act to incorporate the
town of Monterey.
Thus it will be seen that the Governor
vetoed sixteen bills, most of which were ob
jeetep to on Constitutional grounds.
The foi.i.owinu calculation of the lV.-tal anil
Express charges of the last two Legislatures, we
take from the State Tribune:
We present below the amount paid the Post < >!
lice ami Expresses this year, as compared with
that of last. We find (lie follow iag amounts paid
at the
session or 1S55.
Wells, Fargo A Co $17,soil H
Post Office 2,071 IN
Pad lie Express l.i on 71
Adams & Co 4,7111 98
Total $21>,2tit» I'd
session or 1850.
Pacific Express Co SI.fill) 00
Post Office a If*8 .".I
Wells, Fargo & Co 1.794 88
Wines & Co : !> t
Langton & Co 2!I2 dil
Total $7,891 Ut
Session of 18,V) $29,2(10 fid
Session of 1N,’>0 7,894 91
Saving this year $21.87- n_
— .. • -
Twenty Thousand head of cattle tit last
accounts were wending their way through
Los Angelos comity to the northward.
—— • ® *
Louisiana Si.aye Laws.—A man mimed
Hunter L. been lined $1,000, and forfeited
six slaves, ill New Orleans, for selling them
in such ti manner as to separate mother and
child, contrary to the laws of Louisiana.
A Deeu Wei.l.—The artesian well in Los
Angeles city has been bored to the depth
of six hundred mid sixty li et, and (lie work
men are progressing ut the rate of three
feet per day. The tube tills to within tw en
ty feet of the surface.
Earthquake.—On the 14th instant a se
vere shock of an earthquake was experienced
at tlie Monte, in Los Angeles county.
Fire.—On Tuesday night it lire occurred
an Carroltoii, on the North fork ol the
American river, which burned the house of
Mrs. Madden and the store of Schwutz &
Do. adjoining. Loss, 11,500.
ItiHsoluiiun of C«»itur(Ju-rsStij».
N’OTICK is hereby given (hat the copartnership
heretofore existing between Antonio 11 ue<-r
midC. Sehoch in Ranching and trading at
Strader's old Ferry, is this day dissolved by mu
tual consent. ,1. C. Sehoch is hereby unthorized
to collect all debts due the firm.
.). c. scut ten.
The business will be coiulubted as heretofore i-y
the itiuli i vugiicd. J. 0. bCllUClI.
May 2d. I Soli. 15-31.*
Groceries, Liquors, Segars, S.r.
UTE call the attention of our numerous friends
anil the public to our extensive Spring stock
which we have received and are daily receiving,
making it the largest and most varied ussortun ut
North of San Francisco, consisting in part of
Those desirous of purchasing at Wholesale, we
invite their attention to our establishment, being
satisfied that we are able *> suit them in any and
all Goods, at prices much lower than any other
llouae in Weaverville. 1). M. EDER A Co,
Fire Proof Building, .Main street.
Weaverville, May 3, 185ti. 1 A tC.
IVLING now in the receipt of our Spring stock
1 ) of Lade s Goods, We now oiler tie* most com
plete assortment ever for sale in this place, con
sisting iu part, of
D. M. EDEK t. Co. Main St.
WcswenTlly M»y 3, 1S56. IS tf.
*• f • *
x i :\\ advertisemts.
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
is hortl»y given that the partnership
_ heretofore existing between 1>. M. Edcr aiul
1*. M. E di r, > this day dissolvid by mutual cnn-
M'lit. 1’. M. Eider is hereby author.zed to collect
all debts due to the tirm.
Weaverville, May 2. 18.">C.
iilE undersigned having purchased the interest
under the name as heretofore.
l.i. 1). M. EDEll & Co.
superior to anything done
D. M. EDEU A t o.
ISotl. 15-tf.
Notice ! Notice ! Notice !
\S 1 am to leave Weaverville on the loth iu-t.
for the Static, those indebted to the firm ol
!>. M. Etler A Co. will please to tall at the store
and make immediate sellU nielli to avoid < \pense.
1*. M. EDER.
Weaverville, May !>. lS.Mi. lo tt.
UAV1NG purchu-vd a
. heavy stockof Domes
tics at present ion rates,
wo are enabled to oiler still
greater indneements than
heretofore, in the way of
Those having House Li
nings to sow, call at our
Establishment. EH )l" 11
II At ;s made at S.tu Eran
eiseo rates. llOSl'l con
stantly on hand.and made
to order t' V It I 1 K ES, I hick
l’ants, and
11 I I) 1 N (i S K 1 11 T S ,
Sow ■ 1 on the Machine,
in the country.
Weaverville, May IS,
main ntiu i.t. ... wi:tvniiNiu.i:.
Sit its on hum! A s« in !
riWIlS Saloon has lately nial re one a thorough
I repair, and been greatly improved. The
having been entirely is titled. canto*. Kl i| t,. gj V o
sntisfaetiou to those who may .'.Am us w ith their
patronage. An excellent P.Yl. 1.1AIID T A ELK lias
also recently been ue Ted to (he list of amusements
and attraction- of this Saloon.
i h<- proprietors being ever grateful for the lib
er. " bestowed upon them by their friends, would
rc.-p, -Uully say that tiny will lie most happy at
.ill times to wo.i upon them, whenever they can
make it coincident to call.
Weaver, April 19, IMG. lit If.
For Sale.
f PlIE Mi'-eriber being ib-irons of visiting the
I Allan tie Slates, oilers for sab* one halt interest
in the Saloon known as Eddy's Hilliard Saloon.
To any pi i on ih * irons of milking an iuvi tuient.
no better opportuuilv can be olli-nd.
Weaver. April 2(1, IMG, 11 tf.
pAllll N. I'llOST would r. peelliiliy in
v * form the publie that they can uiwavs lie found
at tln-ir old stand on Mailt street, directly oppo
site the Independence Hotel, where tiev are al
ways prepared to execute every description of
\\ oi k In their line of bn ines ■*, w ilh promptne
and in the most skii.i.i i i. manmui.
done at Hie shortest notice. They have ttl.-o oil
hand a large and well selected msortmenl of
which they will sell at reasonable rates:.
'I hunk fill to the public, for their past patronage,
they would respectfully solicit a eoiitiniiue.ee of
their favors.
and Blacksmith.-' sleek generally, alway ; on hand
and for sale.
Weaver, Feb. 2d, I s' :'*. f>.
“ S H A n H S JJ
0 O W L. I N G S A L O O N !
MAIN HTHKKT, - - - Wl.AV: 1 VII.I.K,
■ p n at all hour, for hi Iri
Will !.t
Weaver. April f>lh. I s.Ki.
and pa
11 tf.
rpil !•: suliscrilK r 1>< - 1 n\»* t»» re turn his ilnuik ■*
I In the rcKiilnit »»r Trinil\ <'<». I* r lln*ir lil»* r
al pnlronaRp lit Titol’ure, and inlonn liu m Unit It -
lias nrcully lilted up a mite of Uooiu nuar tin*
rol lin' of
for the pm po-e of takin*. DAC l IH!II1 < >T I’ 1 A.
that -lmll eompare tiivnraidy w ith any taken in
the State, and at I’EDI’CEI) 1'J> I< ITS.
Having s cun d the t rvic ol Mr. llai nhart,
an eminent A.Hi t, lale from
he feels no lit.sitation la assuring Id ■ Irii mb and
the public generally. Hint In- will • >• - enabled to
give t.\ i tin. - it: > r t ion.
i’ietures taken i i\ Cloud;/ Weather its writ
as in /air.
Children taken in fair weather, between the
hours ol'll a. in. and It p. M. I.ailie -liotild bear
in iniml that dark ill* o s take the la st in Da
. f1 View of Mining Claims, Chimes, Ac*, ta
ken at short notice and on favorable terms.
FANCY CASES always on hand.
\V< a . * i'. March ■. I *■'*■'>. 7*if.
( 'ikjiai !lHT>lli|» IM)U(T.
rrtJiE titith rsigned. having formed a Copartner
I ship for li t* purpose of transac ting tin* Duild
ing and < 'outl acting business, desire to assure tin
public, in soliciting their patronage, that all bus
iness entrusted to them shall be executed in tin
best manner and upon liberal terms. They have
taken the stand formerly occupied by Harris A
Johnson, on the North side of Court s I reel, in I In
town of Weaverville, ami will be ready at all
t imes to accommodate persons wishing to contract
for the building of bridges, Brick or Frame Hou
ses, and Carpenter Work generally.
LOVE Sf 111! A V.
Weaver, April 12,1856. HMf.
X(*w Fiio-I*roof Hi'ick BtiihliiiK,
(Adjoining the Independence Hotel,)
WIIOl.KSAi.K AM * Ml AIL lll'.Ai.l. IKS IN
I>i*y-liuods, riotliintr, Hoots A. Shot s, Ac.
M" AVENG had experience ill Merchandising, es
pecially in the town, for nearly three year.-,
we assure the public that our m w stock of Goods
| u • |, ,.,-i.. ,E is til" cholct st and I. • I in thit mar
ket. being selected with reference to the wants ol
this community.
We cheerfully invite the Ladies and < icntli men
of Weaverville and vicinity tu call and examine
mo- De wly selected stock of
consisting of
boots a shoes, hats,
(T1 EERY, Ac. Ac.
us we can assure them that tie y w ill Hurl our goods
suited to their taste and necessities, uud at very
LOW Pit B E.-.
()ne of our firm lias already left for the Atlantic
States, to purchase goods for this market, and to
supply a branch house al the city of San Francis
co. A. CANTOLO MTU & Co.
Weaver. March 6.185*. f t*.
11. .1. Beaman. W. 1*
B. W. Winston, R, S.
K. But lor, F. 8.
.1. Finley.
.1 nn. IB ndrick. 1. 8.
,1. l\ Burch. ('Imp.
Trinity liOtU'c, No. ’-IT. F. \. )!.,
"I TOLD their regular eonnnunicut'oiis at their
J I Hall, in Weaverville, outlie last Moml.iy of
each mouth.
Kit- Hour of meeting, (i o'clock. IV M.
J. 8. 1T1'/ER, W. M.
John C. Bcrch, Sec'y.
r Sons of Temperance,
I ss* * Meet at their Hall every l'KII
*- JL* ' ' KVEN1NG. at 7 4 o'clock.
Officers for present term :
;ii>a V
J. M. Estes. W. A.
.1 antes Baker, A. R. S.
8. N. Wilcox, T.
James Matthews, A. C.
J. (leger. (>. S.
(’. F. 1 .vmi. J'. W. 1».
Millinery and Drcss-JYIaking.
ra £i ;ts*a> :xt> m. a» n
A \ ' (M 1.0 respect fully announce to the lailii s of
Weaverville ami vicinity, that she is now
permanently located in this place, ami is prepar
'd to receive orders for
of every description.. Rooms at the house ol Mr.
l.evi Reynolds, opposite 1 reiiehtown.
Weaver. March in. 1 -nti. BAm.
• N IJ A I) 13 N”
is now opened for the season.
Weaver, April It), lsili.
Bridge Notice.
r I'’1111 undersigned w ; V, apply at the May Term
t of tae Board ol Supervisor.-, fora renewal of
License to k« • .. . I oil Brid • aero - Trinity riv
cr, at the* Grass Valiev Ranch."
April 2(1, 1856. 1 l ihv*.
N'OTH'E is lierchy given toull per.-ons(not en
gaged in mining thereon.) who are trespass
ing on the premises of the umh'l'sigued. generally
known ns Howe's Garden < 'lulm." ill Wi a
ven ille. to call and make some arrangement lor
the use and occupancy of the Mime, or else \ acute
said premises, null thereby sotuewhilt curtail the
fees of the legal fratcruilv.
8. 8. lit*) E) ,
Weaver, April .*»th, l.'i.Wi. II tf.
(T AM E onto the premises of the subscriber, on
or about Hie Ills t of Api ; |. a brow n Mare Mule,
with a Spanish lu atul on the left side of the neck,
and blind i,i the right eye. R, CALK.
•• Grass Vail y Ranch. '*
April 2ti, 1.-56. I 1 5w *.
K EEP constantly on hand and for sale, the fol
. lowing assortment ol Syrups:
\ YN11.I.A,
tlKGE \T.
Weaver. April dill, 1850. II If.
'■ - A N FHANCI S< '< >.
I’rrlttlt* From N. Yorl;.
(1 ASICS of N\*w ly Uj itinc} < simrra l’ants.
_yt ’as.s of riaiu uiu! I line v Sntinntt I'unts.
('iisr.s of I«itit*u Ihifli ninl (’ottoimd” 1‘uuls.
( u-t nl' Dliuk riotli frock mid 1m iio : s (‘oui -.
Cd't' of tit •him < )vcrnlls and .1 mii|»ns
('‘uses, of 1 i v 1 1 1. jjrcy l' lumicl O vtTbliiitn.
Cases of linen Clu ck Hurls.
( asps of w liiIt* I.. II. Skirts.
( V« of ”i*ey and while Merino Shirts and
< ist of i i lion and Wool S< . !. .
Dale- o| I line and Scarlet 1 tin like Is.
In addition t«» the nhovewe lm\e a iva! vani
ty of (jootls in onr line lui nuineron In in* ntion.
H'leeted l»\ one of (In 1 linn now in New Vork,
which will he sold al tic lowest market iatr , hy
the | aeklige or single do/t u ; to \s h ’» h wo invite
tic early attention of hnv. c.
,ii.NMNtis a ijukwstkk,
Omnite store, No. 72 Dath iv tree!,
up.llLKl-. # >m. Sun I ranri ro.
Di ttos ttiul ft.t-iHi iiics.
11 1 ltutti ry SI
OFFER lor nale, ex.
anil ” Ih-porti r,*’
Tartaric Acid,
t 11 for oil,
Bay Rum.
Jamaica Ginger,
(’alabra Licorice,
IT. sli Hops in hales,
“ “ “ papers,
halide Putin i.
Adhesive Plaster,
Stilpli. Morphine,
Shaker's Herbs,
(til Bergamot,
(til (>r , annul,
(til Lemon,
Oil Rose,
Oil Sassafras,
., Sail I runi i eo.
*■ I taring ,” “ Tornado,
Jayne's Medicines,
t'l.n t'eiihi r Medicines,
■ and Sac aparilla,
'I or, u ad's Sui'Miparillr
Bnll's Sar-apal i I la,
Shaker's Sarsaparilla,
Mex. Mustang Linam
Lyon's Flea Pnwd, r.
Brown’s L- .1 linger,
Barry '1 l ioopln i on a,
I inglass,
White Wav,
Yellow Wax,
lip -nut Salts,
Iri- li Mo
together with a lull a -i rtin- ut
of Drugs and M dicim . roiupn-.ne every
l'ei|iiired hy I In trad
ntii h
IfEltLNG fON A Go.
E) ;-im. ‘Wholesale Druggist-. Sail 1 rinmi.-en.
Ready Made Clothing Warehouse.
IV o. !>!> It n II('I') MrcH,
8 \N I' RANGISro.
I mid Fiirni hing Goods. Also, every variety
of Hats, Bools and Brogan: , I would invite conn
Irv nn reliant' visiting Bun Enineiseo. to cull uml
examine my large sloi k oft llothing, Ac.
I have on hand and con-tuntly arriving, the
largo t assort men t of every variety and style ol
< lathing, of any house in the State. My stock
amounts to over two hi m>i:i:i> tiioi ham, doi.i.aii.s.
Tim goods are rmiuiifaetiireil under my own hi
per vision; are made from the best material, and
in the most durable manner. Persons buying my
clothing, will linil large and saleable size .
Persons may rely upon llmliug every article
they wish in my stock. My pries will b. us t.ow,
li not t.ow i n, than tin y can hr- found elsewhere
in the market. I guarantee each article 1 sell.
Please call and examine my stock.
San brand co, April 1st, 1850. 11-ilm
n n*. iE m
’ I M! IS excellent and • dubriom her i-rage i - man-
I u ictured of PI R13 WHITE WINES and JA
MA 1< A G1NGKR 1HB >'Y, and is wurranted supe
rior to any Ginger Wine ever nib red to the pub
lie. The manufacturer of this Wine has -par d
no expense in getting the best of material . and
can now oiler an article which the euost abstemi
ous and temperate person can u-e with the most
liem tieial etfects. It i- particularly recommended
to LADIES us a Stimulating and tr iigth. iung
tonic, und particularly adapted to the climate ol
California. .Manufactured and sold by
,\. UAU11ILU,
143 Washington street, 8,an Francisco.
Sold only to the jobbing trade in cases and kegs.
\lho tor sale, Cordial* and Syrups, especially ex
tra Raspherr 7 S/rap- to.12. iGa.
Checks at Pur on V/1 ' i ,*3 FARGO
& CO.
E x p r 1: s s .
\ \"T1 run n daily KXI’KFSS from Weavervilk
\ > to Shasta, connecting; with
To all part* (>f
Calit'orniii, Omron. tho Atlantic
States ami Knropc.
11 Ti lls mill SMALL I'ACKAtrLS forwarded
W avei-ville tv.tv Monday. Wednesday,
I' riihn; and sha*tu. Tuesday. Thursduv, and
Particular a l taut ion p r .1 to i! ■ i ■ ■ ■ at ion
f COLD Dl'ST to the l nil 1 s , i. . I’,ramdi
atul the various A i\ < > ; .
U Id.I S. !' A11 (1 (1 A CO. aaujto for sale
all the |>rltieipnl Cities in :Untie States.
c » a a"
auidit at the lii ;he*t market
market ji'Mes.
t"d t/> our cart* will he
VU laisiat s entrust<
i’komiti.v and i*jTji!'n.jifT executed.
F. W. Tl\K? & CO.
4k. E. RAY NTS &■ CO'S.
O V ® H IS 5* «!•?.-¥) ,,
I- O It
l nioii ant! IlnnthttMi Hay.
oowKcrtMi ivmi
ROW!’ A CO.’S I'Nl'UKss. WC \VI K.
ami run PACIFIC I'M'Ill >s CO., S1I \ ST V
11.1. mil a weekly Kyptv- to Month Canon
Ci’-ek. North 1 oi k. I rinily. 1- ■ I lit. Id .
I• o'. Coy's liar. Canadian liar, Limit Ranch
South Fork. Trinity. New River, Uoopu \ all v
mil 1’nlon.
I hronidl the I*.mine 1 \pre. ( <>. to all parts id
alii..ruin and Otva.on. and semi nnmthli to the
A (Untie States and Kurope. Treasure receivi I
or hipment, t'ollietioas made, and alt Inisim s
ittendeil to yvitli promptness and dispatch.
\. I'. It A VMS A CO.
Winn erville. March IV is,Ml. ,s tf
r 1 1 ><; i :\ 11 ,1 ,i: i \ 1 *R ! SS !
eo'ini'etlnif «itli the
I'ACII K I \» Ilf’S
o all parts of I lie at hint e St .: | ., I,,
on rv Steamer. Mr..lo-linl aye- .n . I ,
r> Til SI* \Y and SAT I IIP \ V , .
I. CM IS’ft i\. , 'l’i inil v River.)
I: VTI.S’ It Weil.
(Mil I IS’ Mll.l s,
UHHi I It CRI’lilt,
Mild! CRI'iliR. and
RIlMil-iV'll. Id'.'.
and will i\i pare, i it 1 11* a 11 'til onto the ear. \ inr
and dclivi rv of I.LTTLRS I’ \( K At 1 F Til C \S
1 it I' ■ A n. I * I' \ I' TS pimdia ed npoa an \ Link
ill;: I loti e in I lie Seilc.
('iilleetions m ole, am| nil Luvie".-i in the IX
pl't ss line I'ari'fiilly nil 'Mill'll to.
'•<*' Hold I 'tot I oiivlil. li. (I. losl.l N'.
\l raver, March 1. 1 sfiti.
* vF.
o’d 1 i , -
. . ss.-Sd-e-
Tlt»* I’ticilic Id\press <'onipatt ty,
’To all pari o| the N nr I hem and S ,u I lam Min
At.d to tlm Atlantic Slot' and Iniropr
\YI i.KI.y .
Will mil a |emlar and ref .Id C ,. iVoin
op,!■;<;<i\ t;i i,ell,
1' K N N S V I, \ A N I V !’, A K
(f AN ON CTFV, „r
.1 A C K A X S r. A i:
Collections made, ordi rs ri rei\ed, ; .1 p.n ! i
gos forvv a ml, d with
i'loiiipln -s tusil !)isp;*,tc!».
AI \vn\ s on 1 1 ie!.
I . VI li T ST \ TliS I’AI’ldlS.
11i;,1 11 I priee p ii.| IVr
mini I tl S. w. It WILLY, \ t.
Micriir’M s'tt'c.
Y virtllP of llli I to IMP (III M It’ll
) til out of il I Ion. I> iii' I ( oiiit til i! 'tli,
now tilt' 1)11 1 .Inti i in! hiMrirl, in tunl I'or (lie Co.
ol 11 iinilmltll, "ii ii J ip 1 iiicnl i«• 11 «I - i tl I! j t • i 'in. on
i}i 1 c*i ' i ’ 1 or of
W. C. M t: iin , i| 11. .1. Mm I. mid n -.iiii,’ I .1. I!.
I* i, Ii and I-a if W. II in pile Id. Idr Hit mini of* (i \t»
I lioilut It cl « 'Mil. I -1 .:' I !
jiid iii' in. ai d mi' i I h» dal ■ oi jud • menl. and
oik* liuiidn tl mid • nine dol lai -and Iwcnty
ccnC, co.-dM mid «l. i wltli uc,
cm in j in* it si«l c t»h 1 h , lifivon, and al.-n I. \ v ir
In. t»l a I \ v. In n ltdtnt . In wit : on tin* <*th clay
ol l» c nil r. IL I, innc1 1 • hy Win. laiwo
Slier.II’ <d I r nily < 'o. on altm linic-nl in llii din •
j- a il. I will cm tlm (Itli <3«t $ of ■>§;& } , A . I >.
IS.M>, nl ill'' i tniil ll"ii • clooi 1 , in Trinity c >•.
In two a | lie- Incurs o| IR ii. in. mid I p. m. ol ml
lay. i v|itn" lt» pnl»l a■ c:»1«*. lo Mm Iii In I l»idd .
lor cash, a 11 llif 1 1 ; I j l, lillf. ini'i'i I •• lalo and
<• I.i in Ol tin 1 slid I . Ii A ll< in |- i l<l, which limy
had al I hr tiinc ol I i» • levy a ton aid, in i.inl lo
I lit* ll.inc li known as thf Murnt Hum h, in Trini
ty I on lily, a in I a!! improvement • Me i * n I lie ante
l»t in t n 'I rinili i r. in aid ('oimtv■.’* lo a1i !'\
■ i imi (iimnt, co t i■ - 1 i i .i,.ii ud'ruin in
U iv st unci cost.i. bill' d April I I. IKhI.
I’. NIJII.I I I’, Sherill’.
Hy d A. W a I " v !deputy.
II A It I) VV A i; K,
X i* oil a li. cl S t ool.
\\ . \\ . I I N M s < «».,
wi t Him. Mils i. M-.xT noon to mim.h’h non t .
U r 1-1 ate now receivin'.'; ami will ho p tilwu),- on
Imnd, a pen. id usrorliiii'iit of I lut'd war", of
tlie Is- i ipmlily. consisting of
err , n Huronr .isn uoiisi: ,va
shovhlh, s u: nu is, .ni.rn.'.
e/iisKLS, /’/.. i a rs, n. i v m / s.
locks, in iis, sen/ ii -
sqijhi. .s’,
l.(Hl I'll I/A,S'.
HM.n:u ••
IHJH IX, urn I'll. 17.
/;/;/ /.• HI MHS.
re i n mi L’s
unixnsn M.s,
I rues 1 7 /' S I If
li II r “
II iMi
si.ru i: /1 nns.
ri/1 1 ■ Aa
BLACKSMITH’S furnished with the i • . i;
l-|, Iron and Steel of every S!7.e, for e 1 tl (. Il
W. W. T1NNIN A (
W.'uv. r, April I’d, 18,'iii. 1 tf.
IlliirUsiii i I !is Atlt'iiOoii !
'I’lll. iil.-ei'ilier ott, ts for ra! i. i im:oyts hi-
I Ulacksinitli Shop and stand, near l'hellin'
.Mills, Trinity Co. Tin . hop lias tuo lorgcs, the
North of Csacniiiiouto, 1.00 hit ind- of Coni under
rite iter, uml a m il i siuhlislied rim ot custom.
Tin: whole or part "ill lie .-old oa such terms as
otter a rare chance for mi indn-triou' wutltnian to
establish hims. il at once in a profltuble Imslni ss.
l or lurthcr |iut ticul.u s, apply on the pretni*. a,
to J. UhlUAN’f^
or, to MAT K. SMITH, • Jouiuul M . aver.
April 'iV, lUSi.
x;a i
Trim i \ t'
• Mil l,
r v ... v, ;itiT dnw ii
I n d»>\\ ii - .1 ( T*
iniiIit r.u*< * hiii>\vii ;i-
Sheriff’s Sale.
13 v virtue oi in I v Union in ii," uinrt .' imti-
I ) ini Hilt of Hu linn. Di-tri. t Cm.;i ol the loth
Judicial District, in and fur Trinity Comity on ,i
Judgment rend red therein, on tin* 2 tth \hi\ ,.f
March. A. D. lf-nCi. against James Dixon. W.’lty
nn. !>. Murphy. 1!. Kynn, D. Met!raff. T. Feiinet,-
-y. J. I-’. Wt eks, John liurper, M. Malone, - Mu
lone, 1>. Twoev. J. Murklie. 1>. McCarty. Tot. O'-
Neil. M.(! i itii!h. I’. Spellman. J. Lumlie.T. • 'ouch,
and John O'Keefe, end in favor of L. W. I.udwig,
1!. Dnmiolly. II. <)v. nuulo. S. Kyle, T. Kayo
dinghy. J. D. I.udwig and U. Conroy, for the
sum of two luindr d and fifty dollars, principal,
and three hundred and lortv-six M-100 didlars,
costs of suit, amounting to lice hundred and nine
ty six Nl-100 fia.) didlars, I have levied up
on and d the follow dig dt serilied property, to
wit: "One flume, known as the Sidney fiuicli
l-'lume, being situated on the east side of S du, y
ti'i leh. below the junction of Sidney and McXeu
10 (I'nleh.
\lso. the mining claim of Dixon A Co., situa
1 d on Sidney Flat, and adjoining the claim know n
■ the Itrown claim, non owned by Hunker A Co.
Ms-,. the niiuin . elalm of I!van. MctSratf A Co.
-itu.it ;.po-;te •• Ilappy JackV* flume, and ud
jo 'i" Dixon A Co's elalm. cm the upper side.
VIso, the etaim of 1 1 i'i r and others, nituatvif
on Sidney Flat, near i ad of Ludwig & Co’»-
ibime. mid between tii of Cosgrove A. Hun -
noil, and those of ''let'aiu , Co.
VI •*. itn eli'ii- \ i nay. Malone and ota
11 on .In. y ir.it, .i.; nilajj tho lower end of
Um per >V C. .. t h- m, together with all and uln-
I'uhir i‘ . a1 1 1.u 1 1■ oetie. - and hereditaments, wat
er re. - ai. I mil-r privilege- - , thereunto belong
ill;- or in nu\ w so ayipurtaiulti!','’ the above des
cribed properly b dug in Trinity County, and on
or near Sidney Flat, and tak a as the property of
the ul'or. i:.l Defendants, and w ill expo at pub
lie sale, to the hie.b--it bidder, for ca ll, at the
elninis nbove described, iu tho t wn of Weu
i. r\ iile. oi W I'cliic'scla y, flue I ItSi day
of May, l. I). at 1 o'clock, p. m., the
above d l ib, .1 property, to satisfy said Judg
ln nt rsl cos' . unit accruing cost .—Dated, IV cu
verville, \pril 2d, 183th
F. NKIiLHTT. Slieritf.
Dy J. A. \Va i'sox. Deputy.
Sheriff's Sale.
IN h virtue of an F\eent!on to me directed, iss.ii—
J ed out of tin- lion. District Court of the 9tli
• *■ 1 1i t| Di triet. in and for Shasta County, State
of t 'aliibi'nia, mi a iiidgmeiit rendered therein on
the ltd day of \pril, A D. I Sat!, against D. I.li
ter ;. S (iilman \ IF Farle, John lloiiinsoii,
\ Water- and and W. .1. (Iri'iin, and in favor of
II.-ary lb , m Tho Hall. Id 11 is Flowers, Wm.
!'• i" u o.i. I hid -on, Wm. Mien and S. H. I'lli 1 -
I p-. l.,r the um of six humlr d and twelve dol
lar , I ns costs in ca-e of Fathrop and oth
ers, vs. Ha on irul otheiI liave levied upou
a I d Hie follow no: d -erd. d property to
wit : A tin. no and water line. Saw lull, togeth
i’ v- ’'' 1 ' d ii u!ar. the In r d I tautent- and
p. e i a | i| i,. '.cli.iieiii -.or in nnv wise
: .1 id..a ( Tty M 11 and
\\ v, irul r o 1 rd 'i in 11 cot <1 r* • .'die -
in Itoi'U D page 1102. Said
y ii water from t 'anon Creek
c 'an., i I ' l l , a. .1 thence roll
id Ci I, .. a tow nter the
I,. \ d -1 o one Hum ' an I
(be Si. I,oil's Wnti'l* Co. No.
Ii., id .1 in II i oi.ler's otllee. Trinity Co.
It....I. H. p ■ \ss i d itnni and race coalmen.;
In -' !o\ (' ,a a I' . a id ro i-li'iicl.'d so us to
ee II el a port io:| ef I lie w .Iter of sil'.ll < 'reek along
i.'i lie I n ol -a d I 'r . I., -aid property being sit
u.ili I ..it ('.iin 111 ('lei k. in Trinity County. Stale
.1 i Ii|..ini- a, and will expo-e I" sale at I'uldio
\uei ..a |o die Iii be | bidder, for t 'ASII at ll.e
• '"iiri ii a- dooi on Siittiiihiv, lint :w T
V. t). IW.’lt!, In twei n II. limit' of In ok loch,
e. in. , d I loci, p.m 1'ie iilnn e de crilH'd prop
I'l'tv. to ill l. - ml iod'Oii' .it, cist mind accruing
. . . Da! I \p 1 m '.Hi ifl,
FH. ' I TUT | Sheri!!'.
. Hy I. A. W >. i -o\. I b puty .
noSTI’ONFMKNT. Dy i id t uftliH Court the
I u' .o • I is p . Ip.. I u .til the I'.it Ii do )
ol' !M;n \.l). |M.»0.
I.. NIi;,!.FIT Slu rial
llv J. \ Wal-i.ll, Deputy.
Vpr'lll is:,I',.
I”: ■ v cut I'Totico.
• I ' ' . i ■ John IF llol iusoii In the Di ■-
I ' th Ii il L» trh t Could
Trinity <'«».
It u| ' 1 11 Mm ii Jilino' tin* Aflhtuvlt ninl
oi' tl uld J. 11* Rubin
ii|" M i . i i ; i t . if,* liis plOlh'I'tV Mini
i * - t«* *i* »! t"i : i ti t (!• ihjuv»it from Iii i
• Icl.i , |}*;i| liil |. ;.ii«»it* p'h tip|»\uiniion in lu n«;-
1 •'! *!.iii 'u ii ’i i !i atut • in nrli ru-*' m »l
I * < • \ i«!««I. It i nrdi'ml 11 1 a * the creditor* of I *
ulWn ,iid John II. Kniiiii imi, pctltiniH i', Ini mid
;»| »| »• a I I m |'o i in :t I I !»: 11 • 1 1 t i ill VVca V«TV i I lc ,
in iI" <'minty of TimiiIi \. M.»l • of ('alitnriiia. "*i
| litii dat ot \. I). IHoO at IO
o"rln< K ,\3. tin n and Uktc to kIionn tan » ,
il any tin v ln»\f, why an a i;• nun lit of the intat'*
of the !'d I oil M. II. K’oldn "'1, |)(‘ti t ionor, hIioiiKI
lot lie inadc. and In* In di• tVoiu his d< Id**,
a<ul th*- ( h rh of Ihi than I h Imthy ordcrid to
; i\- iiotiic t l th t ider to (In* Httid d'cditoiH of
flic . if | h iTioiicr, 1 v ptthlIdling tin* mtrm in a
in \n ; ip. i piihli In d in aid < ‘ounty, for 30 ilin u ,
and if < hinhy I iiit lit r ordiTcd that till pron‘» d
ii lot Urn i* covi iy of d< upuiiad Huid pi ti
tiourr he . lay oil.
(.'.Mu uiidu’ my bund tlilrJ, 71 Ii day of April
A. I). ix'd! ,1. S. JMTZKIt, *
IMHtrict Ji lntli Judicial District.
ST AT I: OFfAhlldUMA, ( Q
(‘mini \ el 'I i nit v i f, If. J. *
mu, < h rlv nl tlm I 1 * tili't Court in and for t' ••
Cminlv ami tale af»»i« a'd. lurohy certify tl *
h i ,i ■ a line copy o| tlm ord 'l 1 ill tin* inalt'r
ei Jehu II. Ii 'ni ' u. now on nr id in my oMir*
U iiii' 111 \ hard and m u! of Miitl l ; ‘ '
1 bti 1 \pril, 11 tii 1
II. J. SKAMA.V Cloi’v
April 12, I - *1
r ii- olv ciH INMtlirc.
IN t In* mat b i"i lioi.ei't 1 c. imir.I I: i 1 Ii • I)
triet I '..lit 11,1 the l.Mil Judicial District. Tile -
ty i '.unity.
ii appi .liio; IV, m i' 1 ,i,ling ihi Afkilav'l ai d
I.. • tni- amt tie 1 p, tilioli oi seal Hols It S.El‘.i*l.-
-lit. u| : (|,j.le atioii to e (i- In- prop. I'ty UUU ,
,1 lob 1 , ilihn .. ami I"' discharged from Ins
i|, |,ti that ,."! pel l i.okt'h iipplicalinu Is ill to -
,,.. i, tb n , i mile iii -ueli dimm)* inad< uml
, ,1, |t ;■ nrih'i'id that the cri'ditors of
I,., |*i,t, 11 ; liriiinmd.pi tiUoner. lie uml ap
, i. • .[• » .at 1 hamborit, in Wem er* iile, at
1 1,, i miy ol'I i inity, ritute of Culifornia, mi the
Ivthili’.v nl' !Nla',, A. I>. IS.10, at in o'
, ! \ M. He ii a,el tm n- lo show ( a Use, il liny
they have, why an u -iguineiit ol the estate ol tlm
aid Kola i t .-i, JJruiimnl, p, titiom r, should not l,n
d lie i And
the Clerk of tlila Court i hereby ordered lo gi' o
notice of thin old r lotliesiiid er. ditors of tho
aid pctitioni r, by publ !. ng the mine in a new --
piipi r pie i • il'ie a.d i eiinty . for thirty days.
A;.,I ,t ..- i. iiiy
i-i ■ b v r . (
t i ■ I.
I, , d Ibis, Till (I IV of April, A.
11 ( i i i 11 /!.u. Dh»t. Judge.
11 ; i . ,.i< i .I Uml all piooet d
v \ of d M upliiust buid pcll-
H ' H ' 1, II. J. Sea
l ( it 1 1, ii ft >v * .said, hire
fctTATK nl‘ CAl.irOlLVIA, (
( 'di \ ry i;. I’;.in. i i
uuilt, l i- » k nl 111 I 'fit
y , Il ly ll.e II 1 ..g to In a true copy of Hie
old, i in .d and o\ on i.ic in my olllc., lit tho
above entitled cun.-e.
\\ itin my hand and seal of gaiu Dint.
i„ a. Corn t, heie to affixed. Done at offieu in
Wuai crvtlle, April I till, A. lb tfioti.
tl. J. SHAMAN, Clerk.
It. G. Stcabt, Deputy .
April 12, 1860. l-'-tw.
County yciip Wanted.
r pin. high’ -1 price will be oaW ' orl ; vt Thou-
J sand DoU-U" 1,mity Couuty Scrip.
o iuiauto of any and all issues, and h i any a-
Uiouul bought. Apply lo JC'LH' C. L'Vj CH.
ril 20, 1£3«,
VTara April
\ v tr.

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