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In a plovant little village, well known to you and
There lived a gentle, happy child, whose name
was Rosalie—
With fmatinc curls of golden light, and eye* of
starry Hue.
And heart, that in its playfulness, was ever kind
and true.
1 thought she was an angel-child, whom the pond
find had lent—
And that to cheer our pilgrimuge, in love she had
been sent—
For 'mid the darkeit, iaddest hours, her smile was
always bright,
A* if to cheer the aching heart with dreams of
Heaven born light.
And ever at the hush of eve. amid the gloaming
lLr gentle vo'Ce. with spirit tones, would chaunt
the nightfall hymn—
And when at last the drooping lid' clos< d o’er her
h. avy eyes.
Sure it rr amjtl* watch, d her rest, low bending
from the skies.
She sported 'in'd-t the birds and Cowers the whole
ol the live long d >v.
And thus in dr.amsol pleasant things, floated her
life away.
And never was she known to speak one word of
wrong or guile—
Her mission w as to cheer the earth, and bless our
hearts the while.
And one night, in her evening hymn, blended a
triumph tone—
She whispered with h»r good-night kiss. •• we'll
meet again, at Home"—
And when the morning sun arose a smile w as on
her face,
But the angel soul had pa»K d away, and left on
earth no trace.
Yes. calmly rose the stately sun, and gaily he
looki d down,
Nor dreamed that from our household chain that
link of light was gone,
Hut life and flop" were iu his beams, and soon a
paiu lie entiled, ,
And thoughts of Mirth had dried the tear" we
wept lor the gentle child.
I? it often in the silent eve I think of Rosalie,
And ask if in her Heavenly Home, a place is sav
ed lor me—
And the.'i here corn's in comfort sent, as if from
Heaven's blue dome,
Tl>; raemirv of that good-night kiss, “ we'il m et
•ga at 1
Incwevt in a lvAit.ROAii Car. — Tin? par
tita arc a lady of uncertain age, wit it it deci
ded expression of pain on her feat an oth
erwise quite pretty, her face lied up w th a
white haiidkcrch.cf, ami a little until, in
a fu'ill-colored sui tout, witli light lia,r, and
a decided!y woolly style of countenance. —
Lillie in at l lidgets fora while, and then turns
to llte dame.
“ Be you aithk anythin:/, nui’aui ?"
“ Yes, sir, I have a hud toothache, hntn !”
“ Oil, toothaeliO have ye—well, 1 know
millin' that'il do ye good.”
" What is it, air ; i am suffering very
much, and I should like to know ?”
“ Well, i forgit the name of it, Imt most
anyhody’il know. Be you going to Yoik."’
" Y- s, sir, I itm going to ,\i'”.v Yni'k "
“Cfii, well he ye—weil you know Broad
way? Ye*, well, you go up Broadway till
j i come to a cross street : 1 forgit the
ca :.e of the street, Imt you'll know when
yoj get there ; there's lots of people going
up tiuri down it. Well, you turn op tJii
street, and I forgit witich side, Imt you’ll
t:e; you’!! find a ’pothecary shop—you'll
know when you see it. There's a good
many shops about there, hut this is a large
one. Then you must ask for well, I forgit
the name—but it's a foiedtr. The potheea
ry he'll know. It Is dreadful strong —strong
as ginger, you must mix the powder—they’ll
mix it for you—then you must take—well I
forgit how much—about a tablespoon, or a
teacup, or u small bucket full—aujl put it
on tore— laying his hand on the j,t! of his
otumn'h —just ha hot as you can bear it.”
Hut, sir,” said the lady, “ J don’t see
tow that is to help a toothache.”
“ Oh, tooth,.(he you’ve got, well I forgit.
To be sure — yes, well — I t taught you said
oil ’tiath-dcfa." —JVcie litilfuril Veic'uy.
I NTKI.l IUENck uF A DkaF Mi'TE. — A ! Up !
of the Al be Sicard gave ti e following ex
traordinary answers :
“ Whut is gratitude ? ’
“ Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ’
•“ Wiiat is hope ?”
“ Hope is the blossom of happiness.”
\\ hut is the difference between hope
and desire ?”
Desire is a tree in leaf ; hope is a tree
in flower ; aud enjoyment is a tree in fruit.”
“ Whut is eternity ?”
“ A day without yesterday or to-morrow;
u line that inis no ends.”
“ What is time ?”
“ A line that has two ends ; a p.ath
which begins iu the cradle and ends in the
la God ?”
‘ The necessary Being, the Run of etcr
lilty, the Machinist of nature, the live of
justice, the Watchmaker of the universe,
the Soul of the world.”
" Does God reason ?”
“ Man reasons because he doubts; he
deliberates; he decides ; God is omuisceut ;
lie never doubts ; he therefore never reasons.”
■J'.'owERs. — How the universal heart of
iuau blesses the flowers ! They are wreathed
round the cradle, the marriage altar and
the tomb. The l'ersian in the fur east de
lights in their perfume, and writes his love
in nosegays ; while the Indian child of the
far west claps his hands with gl-e as lie
gathers the abundant blossoms—the ilhmiin
ated picture of the prunes. The Cupid of
the ancient Hindoos tipped his arrows with
flowers, and orange buds are the bridal
crown with ns a nation of yesterday. Flow
er,, garlanded the Grecian altar, and they
bung ill i'ptive wreaths before the Christian
All these have appropriate uses. Flow
ers should dis k the brow of the youthful
bride, for they are themselves a lovely type
of marriage. They should twine round the
tomb, for their perpetually renewed bounty
is a symbol of the resurrection. They should
festoon the altar, for the frag ranee and their
beauty ascend iu perpetual worship before
the Most High.— Lydia Maria Child.
Wanted. — A telescope through w hich the
*• reaction” against the Vigilance Committee
cun Be witnessed ; that phenomenon having
lor four months foiled the efforts of the na
ked eve. Jt is believed thut a good price can
t-<v obtained for such an instrument from the
Jlev Dr Scott. To tsccunf'its efficacy, it
m |f i be forwarded via Philadelphia.—
Life’s Vicissitudes.
An Mwkwnrd youth left “ Jersey” many
year* ago. The best use his father could
put him to was to help make the family
shoes in winter time. By long years of in
dustry, temperance, and economy, his for
tune is now counted by millions. And still,
dreadful of human vicissitudes he ha* dona
ted a property to the city authorities,
providing that its income shall be given to
the ]>oor so long as there are none of his
family and name to apply for a night’i lodg
ing or a loaf of bread.
Twenty yeaTs ago, a fatherles* boy was
placed in n third or fourth rate country
store, “for his victuals and clothes.” His
cherry face and laughing countenance, his
accommodating disposition, and the alacrity
with wh'cli he served his customers, soon
advanced him to a better store, at a dollar
a week <xtrn, which he regularly placed in
the hands of his mother, to aid her, by
marketing for others, to support her little
family. To-day he ships cargoes for his own
vessels, hut embarks in no enterprise without
lir-t con-tilting that mother still.
The Son of on “ apple woman,” we know
to be one of the richest men in the United
States, and who accumulated his wealth by
his own activity and enterprise ; not by
speculation, but by legitimate commerce—
by honorable mercantile competition.
“ A nice young man,” ten years ago,
worth fifty thousand dollars, married a
young Indy of refinement and superior edu
cation. Now, with that same wife ai.d five
small children in a country village beyond
the Miss 8-nppi, he teaches u writing school
for his daily bread.
Let us now go nrournl to times long past,
and see how history teaches the sunn lesson.
In 1777, Mi. Ha-tugs received an hum
ble petition from the Great Mongol for aid
against his enemies—ten years later, and
Mr. Hastings is on his knees in the House
of Lords, and was obliged to give bail that
lie would not run away.
In 177S, Lord North was lVime Minister
of lingland, the Counsellor of Kings—ten
years lat.r it is recorded, “ Lord North was
lead O'! O 1 ' \V“sf emt-ter Abbcv : y O'!' of
his lianghtet-.”
1 i 1 777. > re w i a -i i ■, ><• it w■ r r
at a cotmtrv t.ven — -<u v*:i :• ; at - r h- *n
a lad >>h, a i iit’oii I, ■ k j. 1 r of the pi' r .
b 1 777, Dr. I* v.cut to the '.alien of
the ll-tiisi ot t oiueov- to I, 1 . Hi' Mi Pitt".*
p eeli, and was tun.id <ut— ti l: vim e'er
and Dr. U. rose in la.- place ,n tic lion • of
I.w:d-, to defend a di'nyiihhi, while Mr. I’itt
stood in the bar be.lctv to hear liirrt.
By tlies'’examples, let young men learn
tliiWattention, diligent, persevering, loving
attention to almost any of the useful callings
of liiiimin life, guarantee success, whether in
a Monarchy or a Republic, whether under
Kings or Presidents. That to he good at
any one thing is of itself elevating and aids
to higher success. That what gives endu
ring success, is not family name, nor wealth,
nor accident, nor position, nor even genius
itself, but it is the steady, energetic follow
ing up of any culling in the love of its na
ture and in the belief of its importance.—
And more, without this faith and affection
no man has ever vet succeeded in any credit
able occupation, nor do we believe ever will.
For the most part, it may be set down a* a
very general truth, that the great stimulus,
which i- essential to the successful pursuit
of any w orldly calling, is the wmt of money!
the v< rv thing which young men think the
greati st calamity.—AVt/t York Sun.
Rn i t ar-.y Soi.n.—'Two gentlemen front
New York, one of whom tiad been in Cali
fornia nearly a year, and the other just ar
rived, were accidentally overheard in the
following conversation at the Sutter House,
Sacramento. The new comer was lamenting
li's creul't on, and his fnllv in leaving an
abundance at home, and especially two beau
t fit! daughter who were ju-t budding into
W'ciiun’iuod—when he asked the other if he
lied ri family.
“ Yes, s'r. 1 have. I have * wife nml
six children in New York—and 1 never saw
one of them.”
After this the couple Rat a few moments
in s lence, and the interrogator again com
menced :
“ Were vou ever blind, sir ?”
“ No, sir.”
“ Did you marry a w idow, sir ?”
“ No, sir.”
Another lapse of silence.
“ DM I understand you to say, sir, that
you had a wife arid six children living in
New York, and had never seen one of them ?”
“ Yes, sir—I so stated it.”
Another and a longer pause of sifance.—
Then tic* interrogator again inqured :
“ How can it be, sir, that you never saw
one of them ?”
“ Why,” wu« the response, “one nf them
was born after I left.”
“ Oli ! alt !" and a general laugh fol
After tbat the firi«t N*-w Yorker was es
pec'allv distinguished ns “ the man who has
six children and never saw one of them.”
Foot tvo ms Honsr.— *' I engaged,” snvs
a traveller, “ a chai«e at Galway, to conduct
me some few miles into the country, and had
not t rocceded.far, when it pulled np at the
foot of a hill, nml the driver coming to the
door opened it.
“ Wlmt are you at, man ; this isn’t where
1 ordered you to stop," said I.
“Whist, yeur honor, whist I” ejaculated
Paddy, “ Pm only desaving the baste. If
I bang the door lie’ll think you’re out, ami’ll
cut up the hill like a divil.’ ”
—» - . ...-in
Ilni.I.OWAY’s Ol.NTMKNT AND Plt.I.S.—Skill
diseases cannot be cured by lotions and em
brocations. A detergent capable of reach
ill,; and neutralizing the sources of irritation
that lie under the superficial integuments
can alone eradicate these unsightly disorders.
Holloway’s Ointment, when rubbed upon
the surface, quickly disappears. It dives
down to the nucleus of the malady, and re
duces outward inflamution by extinguishing
its elements. The cures it accomplishes in
cases of scrofula, eryspelas, suit, rheum, mer
curial eruptions, blotches, boils, ringworm,
scald head, and other affections of the skin
uml glands, are therefore ns complete ns
they are rapid. The operation of the Pills
upon the internal organs is of the same
thorough ehwacter.
IP. F., is Sole Agent for the fol
_J. lowing Newspapers, published in Califor
nia. Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands :
Sacramento Union: San Joaquin Republican.
Stockton; Marysville Herald: Nevada Journal;
Columbia Gazette: Grass Valley Telegraph:
Shasta Courier; Umpire Argus. Cnloiua: Moun
tain Democrat. Plaeerville; Amador Sentinel
Jackson; Yreka Union; Weaverville Democrat
Petaluma Journal; San Jose Telegraph; t'alifor
nia Farmer. Sacramento City; Southern Califor
Ilian, Los Angeles; San Diego Herald: Orego
nian, Portland, O. T.: Oregon Statesman. W. T
Pioneer and Democrat, Olympia, Puget Sound
Polynesian. Honolulu.
TIONS solicited for the atiove named Papers.
Files of the principal Papers of California ami
Oregon may be found at this office.
Advertising in tlie Atlantic
h, p. F. has now completed his arrangements
for the forwarding of advertisements to all tin
principal largest circulating Journals and News
pa jars published in the Atlantic States.
All so disposed, are invited to call on him and
leave their orders.
Ind'a Rubber Combs.
Ladies’ Back Combs.
Pocket Cutlery,
Iimvie Knives,
Razors A- Razor Strops.]
Tooth,Nail.Hair Brsh sj
Indian Bt ads.
Ex Lato Arrivaljs.
PORTE MONAiES, Playing Cards ; Horn
.1 Dresssiiig Combs ;
Shell Dressing Combs, Pass Books,
Shot Pouches,
Percussion Caps.
Gold and Silver I.aces,
Gold and Silver Stars,
Gold Scales,
< fold Bags,
Gauiith :>>,
Buck Gloves.
Elastic Belts,
| Dt-ss Buttons,
T,< tti r Paper,
Ladies'Collars.Cutts.Acj TafTita. A Satin Ribbons,
i Velvet Ribbons,
j Bonnet Silks a id Satins,
! Artificial Flowers,
! F’eathers.
I Plain ai d Fig. Cap Nets,
| Blonde LaeesA 1'dg'm.s,
; I,ace M tts and <. loves,
Silk and Lis I Gloves.
■ Cravats A Hat.dki rcb’fs.
] N ek To
[ S w'iij Silk.
! Ertibro dr'jASkIIi
lb. ins. A bo,
-soMnn ot o' Fulie, i
SI k
' V
»' (V
M bite Goods.
Linen Camhrcs,
Linen Lawns,
[.allies’ Corsets,
Ilosii ry.
Woollen Yarn.
Woollen Coats.
Kn'tt'ng Cotton.
/, p'iv r \\ ool.
S', V ,g ( 'l.flllf.
Vnr. I all's The. ad
l'le.|., I |
A i any- a d v ir d
Tt it.m i'Ls, and So all VV- - ■’ 1 . -',,'r eh
-i Id -I the lowi “f onirfs/ r-iI •
jcyE«, t< p y
S. I * cir v -* r : S.icrn'
ijo.:». r > i in.
just Ri:ci:ivi;i>,
110 and 112 Cl ay street. Sail Francisco
800 cases Papi r Hangings. French and Ameri
can. every variety ;
8000 rolls French and Aincr'can Ilordi rs ;
8011 ps Tapistry Velvet Carpet;
825 ps Tapestry Brussels Carpi t ;
it80 ps Three Ply Carpi t ;
SOU ps Superfine Digrain Carpets ;
8511 ps Extra Fine Ingrain Carpi ts ;
200 ps Cotton and Wool Carpets *
125 ps Sta : r Carpets, assorti d ;
275 ps Bay State Druggets ;
800 ps Oil Cloths, assorti it:
1-5 ps Silk Damask and Brocatidle ;
600 ps Cotton and Worsted Damask ;
4000 pair Window Shades ;
375 pair Lace Curtains ;
750 pair Muslin Curtains ;
8000 Cornices and Curtain Pa ds ;
826 dozen Malts, assorted ;
Stair Rods. Table Covers. Gimps, Fringes.Ac..
Wholesale and It' tail, by
3'i-3m. ID* amt 112 Clay st.. San Francisco.
for I S.Mi - *57.
1 of Real Estate and Personal Property w'thin
the County of Trinity, is hen I v directed t" the
provisions of the Publ’i- Revenue Act of the State
of California, requiring them t" furnish statements
of the same to the County Assessor: specifying
the exact boundaries of the Real Estate; with the
buildings and improvements thereon ; tin-ether
with the value of all Personal Property, including
goods and chatties of every description : all Cash,
Monied Stock. Notes. Bonds. Mortgage*. Ac.. Ac.,
whether owni d. or In Id in trust for others,
f&T" It any person shall be uu’lty of civiiier a
false list of property, under the oath required l y
law. sueli person shall be liable to inditi-mi'iit for
perjury, and the property shall be liable to three
times the usual tax.
ptf Th e assessment of all property of persons
refusing to give a list, will be doubled by the
Board of Equalization. Blank statements may be
had oil application at this office.
Particular attention is directed to the following
section of the Revenue Act: •• Each male inhabi
tant of this State, over tw enty-one years of ago
and under fifty years of age shall pay to the
County Assessor a Poll Tax of Three Dollars for
the use of the State and County ; and to enforce
tlie collection of the same, the County Assessor
may seize so much of any and every species of
property, in possession of the person refusing to
jiav. as will be sufficient to pay such Poll Tax
with the costs of seizure and sale, and he may sell
the same, upon giving a verbal notice One Hour
previous to such sale.” D. W. POTTER,
County Assessor.
Office on Court Street, Weaverville.
May 10, 1858. lfi-tf.
J. >V. SI I.LI \ AN’S
Great Pacific Emporium,
Post Office Buildings, corner Clay and Kearny
streets. San Francisco.
flMIE Proprietor lias, after long and arduous
I labor, ami serious expense, succeeded in or
ganizing arrangements with Steamers, Liners.
Expresses, Agencies, and Mails, in ililh-relit coun
ties, far and near, by which he is enabled to sup
ply a greater variety and amount of the best
than any other establishment on the Pacific.
Agents and Dealers
Are respectfully informed that owing to the am
pie resources of the establishment, and the gin nt
economy of its management, the Proprietor is at
all times happy and ready to execute their de
mands at the LOWEST PRICES.
llihnbohlt Shaving saloon,
Main Street, Weaverville.
rpifE UNDERSIGNED announces that his Es
1 tnblisliment. so long know n to the public, lias
recently undergone thorough repairs and altera
tions, ami been titled up in a style of elegance un
surpassed by any similar house in Northern Cali
fornia. It has been his aim to make it an agree
able and delightful resort for gentlemen desirous
of undergoing tousorial operations, or to employ
water as a detergent agent.
His arrangements for Bathing are hard to boat.
The proprietor scarcely deems it necessary to sav
much in reference to its superiority, to those w ho
have already honored him with their patronage,
except to assure them that it is very much im
proved in every respect.
No pain* will bo spajed to make his Kaloou a
pleasant place of resort.
Wf*TcrrUl*, Noj, 17 ; 1856, nlVM
Southeast cor. of Sansome and Commercial Sts. opp. S' Nicholas Hotel, San Fiancisco,
Vro efl'rcting Hie most extraordinary Cures of Fever ami KU'', Intermittent anil other I'evers,
Jam,(Fee. l»i«. u-s of the l.iv. r. Kidneys, the Genital and Uri: y Organs, all Se.tuul Disorders, I ar-
Neuralgia. inebuling Tic Dolormix. Stiff Joints, and ar iDo employed with astonishing sue
cess in DISIIASFS OF I UK KVK. Also. all Indo < I'lcers. Tumors. swellings. Abces
s( s. f'ancer of the Wornh. all other alleetions ot the Womb, ati 1 ’uncerens AliecCions generally. and
Scrofula. Tlu sc Baths n_*< m to he Nature’s own chosen medi lor eth oting cures where all other
in* ans would fail without them :and prove hevond the possihil doubt, to all who take t mm, the
iniquity of Medical practice which poisons the human system b tdminR’ering t>* it calomel, arsenic,
lead, zinc, iron, antimony, quinine, io<iide of potassa, and H v 'c hosi ot deadly drugs which re
main in the system, and are EXTRACTED BY THESE BATI
During nearly fifteen years I have never given even a solita: dose <: oil or salts, much less any
POISONOUS DRUGS, or herbs, and have never seen a case ii hich t,icy were requisite if W ater
Treatment was employed. When w ill the people cease to be sn i simpletons as to hire men to 1 < m-
S( )N and BLEED them, while they also retain on their statute *oks/laws against poisoning, maim
ing and bleeding CATTLE? Are the members of the human t nil/ i( ' ss worthy of protection than
animals ? 1 assert in the face of the entire State and tin* wor 1 at large, that uere never was, is
not now, and never will fn\ a case in which calomel, crude inerci: yi { I* 11 / 1110 ’ arsenic,lead, zinc. iron,
antimony, iodine, or any other POISON, should have been, or !*■ ap linistered to tin* human system,
or in which bleeding, cupping and leeching was required ; and fiH '• hundreds o. thousands
till premature gravi s through an ill-timed or over-dose of salts < ,e P , ‘°l , h' punier on
these things, and if the poor and deluded victims of medical r.i desire health. 1 pledge the
honor of one manat least, that I Will so employ NATURE'S AG '•LIES ot Good hood. Air, Pure
Water, Exercise. Clothing, the Electro-Chemical Baths, and the keeping and Waking Hours, that
without a particle of NASTY and POISONOUS medicine* 1 will ’ UI * ,,U5M ‘ l ! le l >0 " , rq V f t,M ' ir *** m
terns that if there he any strength left they shall speedily got p< tly well in body, with minds so
expand' d to the perception ot natural philosophy, as thereafti 0 ca,,sc ‘ 1 * ,e 1,1 1° ” ( ‘t their laces a
gainst all professional rogues or fools, and awake them to a ! »wledge of the evils ot entrusting
tlnir own vital interest to the keeping of others whom* interest u f c *vcr he antagonist!'’ to their own.
Address, by letter or personally, Dr. BOURNE, Water Cure hyjic'an, San-orno street, opposite
St. Nicholas Hotel, San Francisco, importer into this State of I’HiSl and ()NL\ apparatus tor
giving these' delightful and beneficial Electro-Chemical Baths, d whose experience in their use war
rants him isi speaking of them in the terms he employs. The require great caution in administer
ing them, and Dr. Bourne never entrusts that duty to others, ,1S avoiding all danger.
So many lying and forged certificates, and PRETEND ' 0(1 l °rial r« commendations are pub
lished, that those truthful statements of facts w. icli Dr. lh r »« could oiler, are withheld, rather
than any should suppose* shoy were merely “ got p.’’
7Vr*( ’uU'Ultations without charge, and charge very mod R p G>r the benefit < conferred.
>-fT(4i;iCK CURE-SURE CURE—(if curable.)—in tbe !, -dto of I)r. BOURNE.
. *
il: 'Ki
I'iU.Nl.hK \lAllJi tlKF l.Nft’l"ITL'1 K,
Havin'.! every facility fur Ui- -ci«-nt> lie administration of Water Treatment, niters the advantages
(.1 t!Fs natural' rational, and most etFicacitms mode ot curing dt 't o «< s. to in . all i -. in ciliter acute or
chronic .. r milt ring. and especially to those laboring uiuler ti.c KLINOLS I'.l hLOlrs bib
< Al.tlMEi.. and Drug treatment generally.
'Ih, re niv iin nans' ons or p(dsoii(>us mecicinrs to swallow or pay for.' Dr Tb tl f.’NT. docs no! ad
nFni-F i' any wh ■ t• ■ v• r. nor bleed, cup or leech ; so it is riot only the liKtsT but Clll.Ai’L.S I system
for f( storatio i to health.
ar in < liron'c or Acute Rheumatism, Diarrhoea, Fever and Agm*. IsthmusFt vi ADI. Nervous
and S'-xual di-iirih iv -in tact, in all eases, the WATER ( l III. is ol LNLtjfhALEED VALLE*
Apply p. isonully, or address by Utter, as above.
ptsr I* A K T I C U L A U NOT! C F!
'I’h ■ • Ri|.- : an.‘ Diyycr Indian ! Turkish, or Fyypiian • Steam liaths,' the invention of barbaric
nFt.d.s with alltlieir KVII. (’(tN.-KQFENCKS to Weak l.niiL's. l’alpilatinj? Hearts, and debilitated
II. n stive and Null'; live Cr>! ans. ore not \Vat< r (lure, and hear no none relation to that .glorious sys
t( rn than docs a horse to a in (l In rrinir. notwithstanding all the false representations to that effect.
Dr. I.(11 KM. is the l'ionc( r and only Water t.'ure I’liysicinn on the I’ueifi- - (’oast, and is daily dem
onstrating his skill in his art with the higln st success- curing those whom the medical fraternity had
placed almost beyond the roiitimsol hope : such being the general character of the eases demand
ing and receit in " t' lit t' at his hands. I.et them coutiuue to come and be HEALED, and converted
t-> this wist ratal better way. sepiO-iiuda.
Dr. Partira’s Great itanan Ktmedy !
r riant nil' 1 fptnh/ cure of I twite* of a Pri
vate Mi tne -nti niiif‘1' /"•«' long ftamling -irit/i
out Hill/ injur// to tin ri/ett • 01 change if iliit !
IT M V Kit IIAS KAII. Kit —IT I'SNMiT !• All, TO Ct ltK !
rp Ills invaluable sp. edie. lirst intr*'«luc. «1 into
I I’isu some litty years since, soon became so well
known as n i'Kiitais rriiK, that in every town at"I
elty not only on the Continent t >111 also in (>reat
liritiun, the ileniaml lor it was so great, its m,’fit*
so astounding. that in less tlmn one year from its
introduction it hail supplanted all other remedies.
The Mi (Heal Kaenlty of the different cities of Fu
rope wi re conipelli d to acktlowli dge its wonder
fill mastery over disease, 1‘roprietors of other
medicines. j< alotts of its sway, \ ainly endeavored
to stay its progress. I,ike grass Indore the mow
er, their i tl'nrts fell to the ground : and like tire
on the prairies,sweeping all before it, its onward
march hi ennis triumphant, it stood forth upon
its merits ; a d seeming public saw, tried and were
convincid of its magical virtues. The massive
fortune acquired hy 1 >r. I’areira. from the sale of
it during the six yi ars he prepared it, alone Imre
witness to it- miraculous merits. At the death
id tile Doctor, the reiope was bequeathed to his
son, who lately introduced the remedy into the
I nitial Stales. The number of Cl'IiFS it has al
ia ady made is astonishing. Thousands and tens
of thousand can l» nr testimony to its efficacy.
All "bo use it, IT W11,1, <T It K, with a safety,
speed and certainty that no other medicine has
ever possi ssi l|.
lvcsort to no Quack Nostrum*! l*sc a remedy
that ha-b en tried for the last titty years, and
was never known to tail.
Jtewaiv of t 'ounterfeits. - The extensive sale of
this wo: ih rlitl tin d r ne has already caused some
person or p remits to pal in oil upon the unsm-peet
iug a epunoie compound closi ly resembling the
original, lb part cttlar to buy none without the
wr.ttcn signature ot FAliKIliA, M. D., oil the
outside w rapper of each bottle. All others are
counts rteil, and tin r compounder* w ill be pun
ished with the utmost rigor of the law.
Him i -Three Dollars per lluttle. For sale liv
D. iial ■cock, sole Agent for California, Oregon
and the .Sandwich Islands, to w hom u11 orders
must be addi'cs-cd. D. ISAliCOCK,
Wholesale Druggist,
77 Davis st., between Clay and Washington,
San Francisco.
Also, for sale by Druggists generally through
out the states.
DAVISON A IIA It li IS. Agents, Weavervillc.
W. 11. (iatlitf, Agent for.Siskiyou county.
Child A Worthen, Hlueercillc,
li.ee, Collin A Co., Marysville,
li. K. Starkweather, Stockton.
If. Shurtletl, Shasta Drug Store, Shasta.
W. II. Ill'llut‘r, Sonora.
Justin (Jutes, Jr., Sacramento.
Dr. II. W. Carr, Dowuievillc.
Dr. John Dark, Nevada.
Dr. W. Gatlill, Vreka.
Dr. J. li. Winston, Dos Angeles.
Whaley A Morse, San Diego.
(Jeorge D. Story, Hot Hand, 0. T,
.July Ub Db*>4.
V. "ms
i; 2: a t 1 t i i) i: is tii i'
rpHK ingratitude of man to liis follow mail in so
I often met with in life that testimonials,
prompted by the liner feelings of the heart, are
oasis in the life of those who saerifioo their best
days in philanthropic devotion to the alleviation
of the ills of frail mortality. Kmpiriclsm floods
the columns of our press with fraudulent and tic
titious letters, singing pieans to the worth of their
own egotistical charlatanism, liolow we append
a letter from a worthy man who, a brief period
since, seemed destined to ‘*shuflie oil" this mortal
coil;"’ who looked forward to his dissolution w ith
that pleasure w hich only those weighed down by
the heavy hand of disease can. Contrary to hope,
the ability of a skillful physician has restored him
to his former health, ltelieved from his terrible
situation, and inpelled by gratitude, lie makes
known his ease and remedial agent, and Ids state
ment is authenticated by a Notary Public. The
demands of society imperiously command its pub
licity, and it is given more to warn the unwary
than to sound the praise of a physician of whom
scores of like cases can he cited :
The undersigned desirous of acquainting those
who may be unfortunate enough to be similarly
idliu b d. where a permanent relief of their suffer
ings may be obtained, feels it his duly thus pub
licly to express ins .most gratitude to Jb\
L. J. C/.apkay for the pci ij.anetit 1 '"'overy ol bi
health. Horne down by the di.-ttc : 'if symptoms
incident to tin* vicious practice of uucotiti 'diab. '
passion in youth; depressed in body and mind*
unable to perform even tin* most trilling duly im
posed upon the daily avocations of life; I sought
the advice of many physicians, who at first re
garded my disease as of trilling importance- but
alas! after a few weeks, and in several instances
months, of their treatment, f found to my unut
terable horror that instead of relief, the sy mptoms
became more alarming in their torture; and,
being told by one that my dis use being princi
pally confined to the brain medicines would lie of
little consequence. I despaired of ever regaining
my health, strength and energy; and as a last p.-
sort, mid with hut a faint hope", called upon Dr.
L. J. < zapkay, who. afti r examining my case,
prescribed some Heine w hich almost instantly
relieved me ol th* dull pain and dizziness in my
head. Kncourugid by this result, I resolved to
pine** myself imniediat. ly under his cure, and by
a strict ids dieuce to all bis directions and advice
my head became clear, my ideas collected, the
constant pain in my back and groins, the weak
ness of my limbs, tin* nervous reaetion of my
whole body on tin* slightest alarm of excitement'
the misanthropy and evil forebodings; the sell
distrust und want of confidence in other's; tin* in
capability to study and want of resolution; the
frightful, exciting, ami at times pleasurable
dreams at night, followed by involuntary dis
charges. have all disappeared;' and in lint in two
months after having consulted the Doctor, I f. It
as if inspired by a new life that life which, hut
a short time ugo, I contemplated to end by my
own hand. J :
With a view to guard the unfortunate front fal
ling into the snares of iueompetentquaeks I deem
it my duty to olh r this testimony to tins merit
and skill of Dr. Caapkay, and unmeud hen to
all who may stand in need of medical advice,
laeiig assuri d by my own experience. Hint once
under hi- cute u radical und permanent ( ., tr .,
be effected. H. l'\ llLLMOU!!.
State of California, 1 minty of San Francisco,. -
Subscribed und sworn before mo, this 17th day of
April, a. 0. lbflti, *
(Signed) JOHN MIDDLETON, [i.. H .]
Notary 1’ublio.
Dr. 1, J. L'zai'K av’s Medical and Surgical
Institute is at the corner of Montgomery and Sac
ramento streets, San Francisco, 1 'ul. The Doctor
oilers tree consultation; and asks no remuneration
unless he effects a cure. n27-3m
O ness, Nervous Debility, Low Spirits. L»s~i-
tude, Weakness of the Limlw and Hack, Indispo
sitii.ii and Incapacity for Labor and Study. Dull-
,|, vs of Apprehension, Loss of Memory, Aversion
to Society. Love of Solitude, Timidity. Stdf-Dis
tni-r. D'i/.ziness, Headache, Involuntary Dis
charges. l'uins in the Side. Affections of the Kyes,
pimples on the face, Sexual and other infirmities
in man. are cured without fail by the jus-f ly Cele
brated Physician and Surgeon, L. J. CZAl’KAV,
His method of curing diseases is new, (unknown
to others.) and hence his great success. All con
sultations, by letter or otherwise, free. Address
L. J. CZAPKAY.M. D.. San Francisco, Califot
niu n2i-Jm
DH. h . J. CZAPKAYfl
Qrand Medical and Surgical Institute,
aumokt UAi.i. nui.wxo,
Corner of Montgomery and Sacramento street*,
Attending and resident physician. L. J. CZAP
KAY. M. 1>.. late in the Hungarian Revolutionary
War, Chief Physician to the 20th Regiment of
lionveds, Chief Surgeon to the Military Hospital
of l’esth. Hungary, and Late Lecturer on Diseas
es of Women and Children. n27-3tn
I K AY, late of the Hungarian Army, and chief
Physician of the Hospital of Pesth. has established
in ihi‘ city of San Francisco n MEDICAL INKTI-
Ti’TE for tlm treatment, of diseases of the Brain-'
Lungs, Liver, Stomach. Kidneys, and (Jenito,
Urinary Organs. These last diseases the Doctor
has been induced to add in consequence of the
daily evidence of the evils consequent upon tho
malpractice generally pursued by advertising em
pirics, whose conduct exemplifies the truth that
‘■Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thous
ands mourn.”
The Doctor's thorough knowledge of the prin
ciples of Physiology and Pathology, and the mo
dus operandi of the agents embraced in our Mn
t> ri.i Med'ea. is a guarantee of the assurance that
all will he treated in accordance with the estab
lished principles of Medical Science, and tho im
provements made therein. The gradual accumu
lation of valuable information - ’...ly of
Hippocfete" . . on of such agents as
limn proved inert, hive left the regular prnc
i (dinner the means wherewith to combat success
fully the ills to which llesli is heir. Especially is
this true in reference to that branch of the Science
lo wh'eh cupidity lias invited charlatanry, much
to the ib tri incut of the unfortunate and credulous.
I With a view to count-raet the evils which flow
from this somt •. the Doctor is nppv to give the
gimrnnt )f a safe, spin dv. ami effectual cure, to
all who imiy seek his assistance, and complete im
iniimity from evil after consequence*.
It often happens Hint the abuse of instinctive
passion leads to fearful consequences, unless the 1
an! of the phvs'eian is made available to arrest
these certain and ruinous results. Among the
symptoms arising from ties cause, the following
tuny b(M':oini'rnl .I: Confusion of id 'ns, loss of
memory d “trnction of tli" n "rvnim • <jnilit*rinm.
tiniiddv and head iehe. loss „f mental power, par
tial and comtil do il uiientiii; tli-se oflentimes ter
minating ill d' nth. For the amelioration of these
sy ttipfotns, and the avoidance of so fearful a con
sequeticc, tie* Doctor offers his services, and guar
ani ie« in all eases perfect satisfaction.
1. 1 Dy- ,i eiy Diarrlnea, Rhuemntio Affection*,
and other diseases incident to litis climate, assu
rance is given of speedy relief. All consultation®
by letter or othe • ft . Address to
Medical Iri'-fitute. Armory Hull Building, enr
nerot i ramenio and Montgomery streets Kan
i raticiseo. n27-3m
ETITn I .'.—Dr. t'Z APi\ A Y would call at ten
tiiat to tlm following maladies, in the treatnmn
of wlticlt he guarantees a curt: Diseases of th<
Hra'tt. fcch as lijiileps . Apoplexy, Rushing o
blood to tii' head. Inflammation of its differen
tissues, partial and complete paralysis and insani
tv. in 1 till fit nett..mil derangements, such as Log
of AH iii-ay. Aver-ioti I i So iety, Misanthropy
Tiiii'iliiv. Nervous Excitement from slight cause!
. ■ 1 f-«listni-f. giddiness, headache, ringing In th
■ ars. conlii'ioi: of id.- a-, love of solitude, optica
illusions. disturbed sleep and incapacity for IhIio
and study. AI.-o in diseases of the Lungs and ai
passages, such us 1 uhereiilar disease or Cousumji
tion, Pneumonia, or inflommiition of llic Lungi
I’d uriiies ..r Pleurisy. Asthma, humoral or spat
modic. Bronchitis, Laryngitis, and ail forms t
Catarrhal ali'ections. Also, diseases of the LiVei
Congestions of the Liver, Abcesses of the Live]
f ull’llii in the Oali. Bladder and Piiern. .Taundics
ami those i>i ' ases which impair its functions, sue
as Panama lever. Bilious lever, and iutcrinittin
fever, and the eonsequenens which these (lisoi
ders leave behind. Also diseases of the Stomncl
such as Gastritis or inflammation of the lloweli
Dyspepsia in all its forms which destroy the app»
tile and digestion. Flatulence. Dysentery and If
nrrhrea. Also diseases of the Kidneys and othe
I rinary Organs, such as Diabetes, or an cxecssiv
flow of urine, Albuminuria, commonly known a
Bright's disease. In this complaint the physieia
and patient do not oftentimes suspect the prei
eneo ol the disease until too late. The most coir
moil symptoms are general indisposition, wit
dropsical swellings. Calculi in the Kidneys, Urc
thra, or Bladder, and all other disorders of th
urinary organs. Also diseases of the Womb am
its appendages, such ns irregularities of the Men
scs, when excessive, defective, suppressed, or ir
regular. I’rolupsus, or falling of the Womb. Ste
rilitv, Ovarean Dropsy, and other diseases of th
parts. In the treatment of the above disease!
the Doctor has many lew remedies, and gnu ran
tees a perfect cure in all eases, or the money wil
be returned. All oonsultatsons,by letter or oih
cruise, free. Address
n27 :tm Dll. L. J. CZAPKAY, San Francisco
, I NFS,-. DR. ( ZA PK AY. late lecturer on c
eaof women and ehlldren, and Chief Surgt
i., the At ''lary Hospital ol Pe.slh, Hungary, woi
call pun,'. ' uD< .'.'Bon i i >pennaiorrhiea or Lo
Weakness, i . re is not ill the catalogue of I
man maladies one more (o be deprecated I)
this, as well because oi (."csent distress, as the
Innate result-.. The t me of i'.'C system under
influence is cither impaired orentii. , Vi’"“ , roy
and a ela-s of symptoms superinduced that tin
man lor tie'iierfonuant!''of any of the ordini
duties of life. The infurles done to the physl
part ol man are tmlv lamentable, Imf tij{fj
" hen compared to those of the censorium i
great nervous centre, and to the nervous syst
generally. This disease which is too often ci
sequent upon that solitary vice, self-almse,
i olves pathological conditions beyond the to
prehension of the uninitiated, hut which are w
understood by the regular practitioner. Amo
the symptoms most conspicuous are the foliowi
- Luvo ol solitude, aversion to business and
ei' ty, di-ires-ing tim'dity, nervous 'e.xcitemi
b'oin slight causes, loss of memory, confusion
ideas, inability to reason correctly, low spii
ami he—itude. dullness of apprehensson, and n
antlii'opy. '1 best being functional dcrangcmci
tu'e often tho harbingers of horrid organic lcsli
of the brain, which produces fatuity, demeni
and death.
l or the cure of this and of nil kindred dise.v
Dr. C/apkay lift- established his Institute uiu
all may rely with perfect confidence upon tl
skill which long experience and thorough de>
tion to his profession lias given. Those who s
f. r should call without delay, and use the met
by which they may recuperate and live. Allct
Bultutioiiri, by If?tter or ot!ior\vi«c, free,
1 Fi rs t
M'\>« * ! *'iRS of Fire-Proof Doorsn
,, V f IUl ‘k Vaults, Grating, Balconi
Railing. Ay,, Ac.
All klmU of lllavksmllhlng done to order
Second hand SHUTTERS constantly on ha
uiiil lor sale at LO W RATES. 3
<7* Particular attention paid to Country
N. 1!.- Oregon Street is in front ofthe Gust
FImise. North side of “ Merchant's Exchange’
San Erancisco. July 2fi, 1«56. l!7-3m

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