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Arrival of the Sor.ora.
The P. M. Steamship Sonora arrived at San
Francisco on the 1st inst. The following is a
summary of the news brought by her :
The allied forces having advanced upon
Managua, Gen. alker ordered the garri
son at that place, amounting to 350 men, to
fall back immediately on Granada, in order
to allow the enemy to occupy the place.—
This they did, and it was the unanimous
trish of every American in Granada that
their apparent success wouid inspire them
with sufficient courage to attack Granada.
Such an attack could lie followed only by
one result—a disastrous defeat. The citi
zens, that is the persons not belonging to
the army, but engaged in trade and attend
ing to the civil business of the State formed
themselves into a company to assist in the
defense of the city and participate in the
glory of a victory. As (lie allied forces
would not advance, Walker, having been
reinforced with men and two mounted how
itzers, advanced to Masnya to give them
battle. The Americans entered 3d a.say a by
the way known as the Middle road. They
had scarcely appropriated to themselves a
place to spend t lie night when the enemy
began to shoot in the direction in which our
soldiers were encamped. Random shooting
was kept up for about two hours, but there
was not any of the Americans killed, al
though four were wounded, one only of
whom is dangerously so.
About daylight in the morning of Octo
ber 12th, the battle began. The American
forces were stationed on an eminence. 'Flic
enemy were seen in large numbers at a dis
tance of about five hundred yards. They
fired upon us with a large gnu, and it seemed
that it was too dark to determine their mo
tions accurately, but they were supposed to
be advancing under (lie cover of its fire. A
bomb from one of our howitzers fell with
nice precision in their midst. When the
smoke cleared away there was not one of
them in sight. The howitzers continued to
throw shots? until they got in sight of the
church on the upper plaza. The Frst Hides
were now in sight of the church ; a shell
was thrown in the plaza, and the word given
to charge. With three loud cheers and
the wildest enthusiasm the Hides ran down
the slope, followed steadily by the remain
der of the forces.
The enemy, unable to resist such a vigor
ous attack, ded in every direction. Compa
ny C, commanded by C’apt. Dolan, had the
good fortune to be first in. Two of the
General’s Aids, Mahon niul Gist, accom
panied them. The church and (he houses
surrounding were entered in a minute, and
when Gist returned and said “ General, the
l’laza is taken,” a loud shout of triumnli
tent the air.
A well organized company of sapp< rs and
miners were set to work to clear away the
houses towards the largo I’laza sufficiently
large to allow the passage of our guns.
Almost every house was full of the enemy.
They were driven steadily back from one to
the other, until they were at length all in
the large Plaza. The howitzers threw shell
info the houses, and the soldiers rushed in
and took possession. They thus fought all
day. The taking of this Plaza decided the
fate of Mnsayn.
Yl e had now advantage of a good posi
tion, and a vigorous assault of a few minutes
would have placed the whole city in our
hands. The soldier requested permission to
charge directly on the large church in the
center of the large IMaza, but Walker would
tint permit them to run the risk of losing
their lives.
About midnight General Walker received
intelligence that a large body of the enemy
Were moving out of Musnya, towards Gra
nada. At 3 o’clock on the morning of the
13th, the American soldiers started in pur
suit, Tito enemy was not overtaken until
they entered Granada. General Vclusso, a
Ban Salvadorian, who is eoinimtiider-in-eliief
Of the allies, heard of Gen. Walker’s ap
proach. lie despatched by a dill'cront road
about COO inert to attack Granada He
must have been under the impression it had
fcecn left wholly unprotected, and that it
would full easily into liis hands. The
forces despatched l»y tlie Allied (leneral
arrived about 1 o’clock on the ofternoon of
the 12lh and entered Uranadaby two parts.
They attempted to get into the I’la/.a, but
*cre repidseil with considerable loss. They
then got into houses and began to cut their
%ay into the center of the city. About 1
O’clock in till- afternoon the enemy rang
bells, and gave other demonstrations of
having been reinforced, flight came—the
Americans were on the edge of the large
jPlaZa-—the tiring gradually lessened, and
ftbotit 10 o'clock it almost entirely cen.-od.
At this time, in addition to our two killed,
*e had fi ft coil men disabled by wounds. —
The enemy had, to our knowledge, 100 men
There must have bean many killed bv our
shells in the large church and about it, of
the number of whom we could know noth
ing. There were only about lot) Americans
in Granada, and these, under Brig;. (Jen
Fry, held the city and fought against this
gre at odds for twenty-one hours.
Many ol the women and children were
placed for safety in the large parochial
church, and a few sought th • protection of
the house of the American Minister. Hut
the American Hag was no protection. Grave
bum and Mississippi rifles were ull that saved
them. Among those who thus lost their
lives was a Mr. \\ heeler, who had been
tent hero to distribute Bibles by the Bible 1
Sooicty of New York, the Ucv. Mr. Kergu
j 0 „ "ml a Mr. Lawless, who had been a
merchant Tor some years
About 8 o’Cio. 111 tlie "‘ormng on the
13th, the anniversary : ,f
lie tirst look uj'tuiadn, Gen. \\ a kcr iiml Ins
force were within guu-k' l0t ul 1 ' ,l '/ "‘J
# torch. Oil a slight eminem..? 0 tho i> -a.
fhe enemy had erected a barrier ami p. Uh
g cannon. There must have been a force ot
80(>, at least, defending this spot, and they
4 id certainly defend it with a spirit of di --
Deration. Our men advanced to within lift)
yards yj' Litem under a most gulling cro.-s
tire. At this point so intense was the tire
that they were stopped for about twenty
seconds. At this juncture, (Jen. Walker
bimsell appeared at their head. The sight
pf him made them invincible.
They charged like enraged lions, and the
gneniy lied in cvrey direction, leaving their
canon on the field. They then rushed into
the city, attacking the places in which the
» '
enemy had fortified themselves, and in less
than three quarters of ait hour the whole
opposing forces Were seeking for safety by
hiding in the bushes and endeavoring to es
cape from the city by every available source.
The number of the enemy killed in Gra
nada is truly astonishing. In many of the
houses they lay piled up in dozens ; they
arc laying on the streets, on the door steps,
and in the out-houses. They were killed in
large numbers in the bushes. IJungo loads
were killed while they were endeavoring to
escape by the lake, and intelligence is every
hour arriving of where tens and twenties of
bodies have been discovered in the yards.—
The guard-house is already nearly full of
prisoners, and others who have been endeav
oring to escape are being while wo write,
continually brought in. There were not
more than ten Americans killed altogether.
Seven of those were killed by running from
their positions too soon after they heard of
the arrival of the troops from Masnya.
There are probably 15 or 'JO wounded.—
Among the wounded we regret to nnnounce
.John Tabor, proprietor of J'J Xicttnigucnse,
whose leg had been broken above the knee
by a musket ball, and Major A. Dillis. \Ye
have not had time to collect a list of all the
killed and wounded. The victories of Ma
snya and (iranada have put a period to the
war in Nicaragua. Those who attacked
(iranada were not natives of this country.
They boasted during the night that they
were San Salvadorians and Gtiatemnlinns,
and that being such, we might as well lay
down our arms at once as they were uncon
We blush to add that there were white
men among them whose voice indicated that
the United States of North America had
been disgraced by giving them nativity.-
The march to Masaya, spending the night
without sleep, fighting all day until morn
ing, marching back ami gaining such a
splendid victory at (Iranada, is probably the
greatest test of American endurance ami
bravery that has ever occurred in the coun
ItoMKsTie IxTKi.uur.N’cn.— Tt is reported
at Washington that the Administration will
shortly make a demand upon New Granada,
for fall and ample satisfaction for the out
rages committed upon Americans at Pana
ma during the riot, and that our Naval
officers have been enjoined to exercise great
er vigilance for the protection of our citizens
in that quarter.
A construction and a freight train, on
the Michigan Southern Railroad, came in
collision on the 27th September, near the
New Albany and Salem crossing. Right
laborers and a passenger from New York,
name unknown, w ere killed, and t\\ ciity-eight
laborers were wounded by the disaster.
Several alarming riots have occurred in
Baltimore, growing out of the excited state
of the ]itildie mind on politico! matters. The
most serious disturbance was caused by a
report that a gang of New York rowdies
had been imported by tne Democrats to
participate in the election of October 1 t.
The headquarters of the Empire Club w as
a special object of hostility. It appears,
however, that the a .-si liny parties were re
pulsed. One man was shot iu*the melee,
and several others were wounded.
A riot has occurred in Louisville, Ken
tucky. A Fremont and a Fillmore mealing
was held at the same time. A general light
took place. The Louisville partizan papers
aeeu -e each other of promoting the riot.
The Halifax Iternrtler, of the 2"th Sept.,
thus relates the following circumstances:
“ We are sorry to learn that on the even
ing of Tuesday hi t, a party of the officers
of the I'uited States corvette Cyane were
grossly insulted whilst passing through
some of our streets. They were followed up
by a crowd who very emphatically advised
them to go two Grcytown, and shouted out
various insulting expressions and opprobri
ous epithets after them. One of the iu-ult
ed party, we understand, expressed a willing
ness to give n licking to the best man in the
crowd, but the individuals who composed
the latter preferred, it seems, limiting thetn
solvess to giving the foreigners a piece of
their mind ”
The steamer Niagara, of the Collingwood
Line, was burned near Port Washington,
on Lake Michigan, at, 1 r. «., September
:14th. M'lie passenger li t was burned on
the boat, and the names and exact number
of the victims are not known, though un
doubtedly seventy persona perished by the
flames and by drowning.
The yellow fever prevails at Brooklyn, N
Y. There have also been several cases of
fever at Fort Hamilton and Bellevue Hos
Mr. Fabin, editor of the Charleston (K
C.,j M i'atrfi, has been killed in a duel with
Mr. McGrath
On Oct. 4th, $.0,000 California Vs sold
at 71 a 74.
PoniTicAt,. —The New York Tribune
states that it. has authentic information that
the lion. James Buchanan lately offered to
the lion. Millard Fillmore the emba-sy to
England, as an inducement to withdraw
from his (Fillmore’s) present position ns a
Presidential candidate ; and learns that
this proposal was mildly and decorou-ly
declined by the distinguished Fillmore
with the suggestion that perhaps after
the 14th of October the distinguished
Buchanan might be ready to receive a simi
lar oiler.
The New York Jhvnl.l says that the
Fillmore party in Pennsylvania and New
Jersey contemplate uniting upon an electoral
ticket to defeat Buchanan, purposing, nfti r
the result is made known, to buy off a .suffi
cient number of electors to throw the elec
tion into the House of Representatives.
The Democrats of Ni vv York city have
nominated Fernando Wood for Mayor.
The Municipal Reformers have immimited
James B. Whiting for .Mayor. The Amer
icans, in the Third and Eighth Wards, have
yominated, respectively, J. Phillips l’hauiix
ami , ‘!'<»punj Knapp for Congress.
\ FillmoiJ convention was held at Man
chester, N. 11 , on ike mi of October which
nominated a State electoral ticket.
President Pierce Ins been making an
eastern tour. He was at Concord, N. IF,
on the "Jd of October.
A Fillmore electoral ticket was nomi
nated Oct. Jd, at Detroit, Michigan.
Anson Burlingame has been re-nominated
for Congress bv both the American and
Republican Conventions m the Stb District
of .Massachusetts,
lSlXGlIAMl'TOX. Oct. 3.
Henry Bennett was, to-day, re-nominated
for Congress by the Republicans of the 21st
Auuxv. Oct. 4.
Ernstns Corning was nominated for Con
gress by the Democrats this afternoon.
Kansas.- —We have news front Kansas to
the 20th Sept. The Territory was some
what more tranquil, (ion. lame reached
Nebraska City on the l St h September.—
The border was cleared against the Free
State men going or retnrnimr. The election
takes place on the 1st of October,
A letter fo the Iknucrnt says that the
Free State prisoners have been examined
before Judge Cato, and committed for trial
at the April term of the Court.
Accounts from Lecompton, 20th Septem
ber, represent the Territory as perfectly
Warrants have been i.--vied for the arrest
of Stringfcllow, Sheriff Jones,l£’ .1 other pro
slavery leaders.
Sr. Loris, Oct. 3.
Gov. Geary has issued a proclamation for
the Sheriff’s of different counties in Kansas
to open the polls on Monday, Oct. (>th, for
the election of a deligate to Congress and
members of the Legislature.
St. Lons. Oct. 4.
A letter to the licpulltcrrn from Gov.
Geary, dated the 20th September, says that
United States troops will bo stationed at
points where troubles are anticipated during
the coming election, and that any interfe
rence with the legitimate exercise of suffrage,
will be punished with the utmost severity.
Mr. Whitlield is the pro .slavery candidate
for Congress.
For.mnx News.—The arrival of the Afri
ca, at New York, luings three days later
intelligence from Europe. The English
journals are lilted with the detads of the
coronation ol the (V.ar.
A number of persons belonging to the
Mariana Society have been arrested in Paris
mi a charge of conspiring to assassinate the
Emperor on his return from Uiariitz.
I Captain Penny, commander ot the ship
“ Lady Franklin,” had returned with her to
Aberdeen from the Arctic regions, and re
ports that when he was in Hogarth’s Sound,
he was told by the Esquimaux that some of
their companions had seen a long way off in
a North-westerly direction, a circular white
tent erected on the ice. The E.-quimaux
had taken from it, on their first visit some
bright metal, and in their second visit some
“moons.” Afterwards they had seen two
white men in the tent. It was reported
among the natives that these and other
white men had perished from hunger. So
far as Captain Penny can judge he thinks
that this may refer to the same party from
whom Dr Ilae obtained the silver spoons,
etc*., which identified the. while men with Sir
John Franklin mid his party.
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COLLECTION'S made, and a general Express
bu.-iness attended to. SIGHT DRAFTS at
par on
Adrian. Mich,
Alton, HI.
Anderson, 1ml.
Ann Arbor, Midi.
Auburn. N. Y.
Untile Creek. Mich,
lleloit, Wis.
IlelviJere, 111.
Hitiglui niton. N. Y.
Illooiiiington, 111.
Huston, Mass,
ltllllalo, N. Y.
DurlingSon, Iowa,
Cambridge. 1ml.
Canandaigua. N. Y.
(’hlctigo. 111.
Cincinnati. Ohio,
Cleveland. < )hio,
Columbus, ()hio,
Corning. N. Y.
Crawlordsville. Tiul.
Davenport, Iowa,
Day ton, Ohio,
I>eiaw are. (thio,
Detroit, Midi.
Dowigiac. Midi,
Dubuque. Iowa,
I >uukii U. N. Y.
Elgin, III.
Elkhart, lid.
Elmira. N. Y.
Elyra, Ohio,
Erie, l’a.
Foml du Lae. Wis.
Fort Wayne, 1ml.
Freeport, 111,
Freeiriont, Ohio,
(laleiia. III.
(ieneva, N. \ .
tlreen (’aslle, !ml.
Hamilton, tthin,
liidianapolis. Ind.
Jackson, Midi.
Jancsv ille, Wis.
Kalamazoo. Midi.
KclIOsllU, Wis.
Kenton, tlliio,
Keokuk, low a.
La Fay»tie, I ml.
I .a Salle, I ml.
Ie-wiston. N. Y.
Lookpovt, N. Y.
Louisville, Ky.
Madison, Wis.
Mauslield. (thio,
;Marshall. Mieh.
iMicliiguu City, Ittd.
iMiddletovvti. Ohio,
Milwaukee. Wis.
:Monroe, Midi.
)Mt. Vernon. Ollier,
I New ark. O.
New York. N. Y.
.Niagara Falls, N. Y,
1 Niles. Midi.
INorwalk. O.
•( >1 iei-1 in. ().
tswego. N. Y,
; twego, N. Y.
,1’ainesvillo, 0.
U’eoria. 111.
Il’ern. 111.
jl’eru, lnd.
il’hiladdphia, l’a,
jl’iqua. O.
'i’ontiac. Mieh.
Si’ottsville, l’a.
I’rovideuee, R. I.
'Quincy, 111..
Racine, IVis.
'(Reading, l’a.
.'Richmond. lnd.
,Rochester, N. Y,
I Rockford, III.
jlloek Island, ill.
; sandnsky. 11.
Islieboygan, AVis.
'Sidllev, O.
‘('ilver Creek. N. Y.
■hiiith Heml, hub
I-'pringlicld. HI.
(■'pringlicld. t >.
pi. Souls. Mo.
'■-hmiiigtoii. Conn.
Sy raeuse, N. Y.
I IN riv Haute, lnd.
; rilllin, O.
j Toledo. O.
; I'roy. (>.
ii rhantii t >.
jl'tica, N, Y.
(Waukegan. 111.
: .Vestlh 1,1, N. Y.
A i Libel ty, (>.
; A inchesti r, lnd.
' N i:ia. I >.
j i psilanti. Miidi.
I 'InliCM ille, O.
Montri'al, Toronto, St. Catharines,
Quebec, Loudon, Chatham,
Hamilton, E run third.
Special a;ul Gnin al lK;;osils Hfct ivt tl.
(i < > I, I > I> IT S T
(>m« T. In now lire Proof UuiUIiug, 2 doors
ubovo tho Iiuti’Uciidt noo Hotel.
Weaver, Oct. 2.1, Ls’iii. 40-tf.
iiii>GKvi i j ill i:xi*im:ss!
connecting with
RHODES L. Co.'s l.M'ltl'.SS
to all part-* id’the Mhinlie States and Europe, by
even Sloanier. Dr. l’iper leaves Wravcrvilte ev
en TI IISDAY ami SATEKDAY morning, for
ami will give pnrlieular allentlnn to tin* carrying
and delivery of RITTERS, I’ \ ('K At; ES.TREAS-
I lil Ac. DR A I TS purchased upon any Hank
inir I louse in the State.
( clleelioNs nuole. and all business in the E*-
pres> lim* earefnllv attended to.
•'e<, , (,hi Dust bought. J. J. i’ll’ER.
WeaviT, Sept. 25, lH.Vi,
Tilt* Piteilic I’.xpi’csH Com puny,
To all parts oC the Northern ami Southern Mines,
and to the Atlantic Stales and Europe
Will run a regular ami reliable Express from
r E X X S Y T, V A N I A 15 A II,
.1 AC K A S 8 15 A II.
Colled mm nuole, orders received, ami packa
ges forwarded with
I'ltMiinlncHs uml l)is]ml<li.
Always on hand,
Highest price paid for
augl 1 If S. W. EAVELEY, Agt.
A M I U i( > r l A' I M<]S
At II e n cl e e ’ s Rooms in the
M Ui.MIU.A !{1 II.DIMi.
Mr. III.NDI.E begs leave to inform the Indies
ami Li' iitlcinon of \Y«n\•rviMu kixI vicinity
liiil In* liu.s lilted up ItoniiiH in the jdacu iihov
no ntiOiu <1. wh i!• he is pri'parf-il to take Ambro
type in the lim-I tyle, tie* excepting Fan Frau
1Leo, N. V. city, or uii.v other place, as he has
operated ill both those ('itii-s, and having had I I
years , xpi rii ne • in tlm Nit of taking I .ike nesses,
III- lei Is safe ill stating that there is no one ill (his
Illiy who can excel him in the Art, am! solic
it' ei -p ' tioii fit his work from all. I’ietures pat
up w ith or without colors. Those put up with
the \ nrnisli wumiiited to stand a hundred years.
I’,c tun s taken in from one to ti n seconds, and
equally as line in tlm darkest rainy day. as 1ft the
clearest sunshine. He forfcil.v llflv dollars that
lie can lake a line picture in tho darkest day.—
IE. prir s are the mine im in Marysville, nod ns
low a- any good operator can alb rii to take them
in this country ; ami rest assured that when yon
get a picture from those o,. lators that put down
piims to ev en less than they arc ill the cities,you
are getting a very inferior at tide that being their
only un til or im uus of procuring patronage.
All Liken, s-es wat rnnti (I In give satisfaction,
or retaken without extra charge.
E. II. 11ENDEE, Artist.
Weaver, Oct. 25, 1 slid. tO-tf,
To the Public.
r I Mill undersigned lake-, this method to warn tlir
I public, ami especially all Hotel Keepers a
gainst trusting one Mat. K. Smith, a printer by
trade, who recently 1, ft this place very suddenly
ami mu xp i ledly for parts unknown, without
paying me his board bill and borrowed money.
I bis graceless scamp not satisfied in run away
w ithout pay ing his board bill, came In me a few
minutes previous to I, aving and leijnested the
lo in of some nmiiey, which he |iromlsed In return
in ti I teen minutes, and as soon ns lie got the mon
ey into his hands and got out of sight, sloped,
and has not been seen since. IE W. WILSON.
Weaver, Get. 23, ls',ti. tU-lvr,

£^eer» 0
l>y tlio next Steamer, will Had
for the vovage, by taking from one to three of
1 * 1 H H
I >U. BOl UN F’S
which extract CAl.OMFI. and MFIIC1 UY in all
if* forms. 1 Ut tN. /INt’. i.K \H. etc., etc., and all
lNSlDlttlS HKIGS and 1’OISONS from the hu
man system, ami speedily run'
Neuralgia. Still .1 oints, Fever and Agne, Jaundice,
Indolent ITcers, Swellings. Tumors. Chronic
and Acnte Pifflcultlcs of the ltlndder,
Kidneys, and all old atleetions of tho
SKXl'Al. ORGANS, and are
also the most
El XnilOl'S HATH
ever administered, imparting permanent warmth
and animation to the system.
San Francisco,
JP*t~All tfle " Homeward Hound" who are suf
fering from liheunmtism. Paralysis, or any other
affection, should arrange to remain in Sail Fran
cisco several days, or a week or more, before the
day of sailing, that they might bo able to free
themselves from their difficulties prior to d< part
tire, as many very many severe eases of Rheuma
tism, iVo.. Ac., are POSIT IV Fl.\ Cl ItKD in from
t>NI.\ ONF to TWO WFKkS.
See large advertisement in another part of
this paper, tor additional information.
San Francisco, Oct, 21, 1 Mi It. 40.
R. W. WILSON, Proprietor.
f UllIS well known Hotel, situated on Main m
I St.. \\ enverville. having been relltted. j,. iJL
ami a number of large, well-ventilated bed-rooms
added to it. is now opened, by It. W. Mil sox.
The Sleeping apartments ami Table being un
der the personal supervision of
M US. \Y 1 I,SON,
all who may tin or this House with their patron
age may feel eontideiit of having the lies! the mar
ket atlords. as well as every attention to make
them eomloi lalde, on terms to suit the times.
Weaver, June 'JS, Is. ti. "2 7 !f.
tuutnmu nm.
Dr. H. 1C. CHAUNCEY, Proprietor
f pill'. Proprietor lm\ imr jut completed
ti I urge mul cmmnoifemis Hotel, will
hereafter Ini prepared in accommodate IVlMa
those who may favor liim willi their patronage
in iv manner ln> trusts will please them.
Ii is n pleasant ili ii ■ l'i i>ni tin' town nf Weaver
In this Hotel, mnf pnrlii'iilnr iitleiiliim will he
(mill to hooping n supply of refreshments) on finml
for Irnnsient visitors.
The table nml sleepinif ilepnrtinent are under
the enre mul ilireetimi of Mns. (it ii.roitn, a Indy
well < | ii ii I i tli-il to make everythin); pleasant and
agreeable to those who may visit tliis Hotel.
C'liniiiicevvi lie. .Inly II’, I Mil. 2>Vtf.
No. II anil 111 K. Street, between Seeoiul &, Tlilril,
HACIt A >1 II A I’ O .
l-ilorn 11 ions.
f MI I IS House is tin i nl h I v new f re proof build
I iug. (iienl in eouinioihitioiis lor families.
Ol’KN A 1,1. N Hit IT. o’?
Meals, .Ml els. I .oil • ine- . fill ct u . Stages leave
this llonso every morning, for all parts of the
Sacramento, July 12, IPSO, 2. r > If.
AI A Cl N < ) I ;t A.
MAIN STni.Ilf,
r jtni: I’Kmsia-t
n i:a\ krvm.i.i:.
• hi
1'TKl'MMlfK>f'’ llf'ff,MNt:
I'lTTlD I'l*
IN \ SlTKRIOR 1.10,
w a mi a ST.- tin: i n i»i:usir; s i:i >
Of mif.ic p \Tl!()NAfii:.
\\ ITU l.\ KUV Assn: ANCK
S. I). KKKinr.lt A. r«.
A caver, Nov. I, In,77. 41 tf.
No. 52 J Street, between 2cl and 3d,
S \ l It A !>I K A To.
Ii I i A 1C M ( V>.,
\SSAS i:i;S Of rjoi.l) AND OliKS of every
ili rcrlption. are now prcfftircd to execute bus
iness entrusted to them promptly, ami on the most
reasonaMe terms. l)ur nisavs have been tlior
minty tested at American amt l.’iii opean Mints, unit
we gunriintcc their correctness, anil will pay all
differences iirising tVom the same.
Through recent improvements we are enabled
to make ri turns for lb posits within six hours.
1 . S. Mint ('nin sent to our patrons in the coun
try by return Impress. Ailvanees ininte on De
posits. bars discounted at San KnmrUcn rates.
Sacramento, Nov. l.lbSti. 41-itni.
r | Mil! s uloeri In i - mill Stork holders of the Trill
ily <'minty ('anal are hereby untitled that a
meeting of the Stockholders will be held on Sat
urday eve. Nov. 7. ut tlie \Veavei vilie Theater, for
tlie purpose ol'ilciinn a Hoard of Trustees.
Come [Tejsiriif to make nor.il and judicious selec
timis. gentlemen. VM. M. LOWK, Chalr’u.
S I). Kickiiikh. Pi i ii tury.
Weaver, Nov. I. 18.KI. Jl-2vv.
for Trinity County liavinn tieen placed in my
hands for collection, all persons therein assessed
are hereby liotilied that all Taxes contained in
said Assessment not paid tiy the lirst day of De
cember next will ill) collected with costs.
E. NKIH.KTT, Sheriff,
Ki Officio Tax Collector.
Weaver, Nov. I, |s.7«, ll-tf.
(1 \ M K into tie 1 premises of the undersigned
, J two mules, one branded lignin-N on the left
neck and left hip, with Spanish brand, and blind
in tlie rigid i y 'J'lie other, a bay rliouc marc
mule, lirnndell liailv U on the right hip.
't lie owners can hav e tlie same by calling, pro
ving properly and paying charges.
f1 1 ass Valiev. Nov. 1, 18.70
>4*1 i«i*.
1 fAVINO purchased the interest of Davison A
I I Harris, in their Drug and Honk Store, 1 shall
hereafter conduct tlie business, expecting to meet
u share id' public patronage.
Ily tli" terms of rale, all accounts due the late
linn of Davison A Harris are mine, and w ill be
collected by me. Alt early sett lenient is request
ed. 'If. W. ANDERSON.
Weaver, Aug. 2, DM!.
2- tf.
x 7
I «
oioosi: ho i wr.r.N n i cm : ::
THE Wood furnishes the materia! of every \.ca\ff
muscle, gland mid lilire in the human framer
When pure, it secures health to every organ : wheif
Corrupt, it necessarily produces disease. Hollo
nay'' Pills operate directly upon the element's of
the stream of life, neutralizing the principle of
disease, and tints radically curing the innhuly,
whether loenti d in the nerves, tin 1 stomach, tlm
liver, the howcls. the muscles, the skin, the brain,-
or any other part of (he systi m.
t'SKII TlinorullOft THK WOlit.t)! 1
Holloway's Pills are equally eRlcucioiw in com
plaints common to the whole human race, and in
disorders peculiar to certain climates and locali
AT. VltMtNli nisoninnis,
Dy-pepsin, and dermic- aient of the fiver, tho
source of infirmity and sntVei'.ng. and tlie cause
of innumerable deaths, yield to llm'o curatives,
in all cases, however aggruv at- d. aeting as a mild
purgative, alterative and tonic : they relieve the
nonets, purify the fluids, and invigorate the iys
tent and the constitution at the same time.
When all stimulants fail, the renovating and
bracing properties of these Pills give llrimnss to
the shaking nerves and enfeebled muscles of thu
victim of general d- bilily.
I'Rt.lVATK I'KM.lf.ES.
All irregularities and ailments inc'ifent to tho
delicate and sensitive organs of the se\ are re
moved or prevented In a few doses of these mild,
hut infallible alteratives. No mother win* re
regards her ow n or her children's health should
fail to have them within In i i- ;u h.
The London *• l.ane t," the l.ondon Midical
lleview," and the most eminent of tin faculty > f
(•rent Kritinn, Prance mid G- n lauy. have eulo
gized the Pills and their inventor.
llulloic n/'* I'ills mi' tin■ 1 1 t n m <■ ’v hi."icu in lb9
U'orlilJ'or tin follviviinj rfi*. "oi * .
Asthma. Diarrhien, 1 1 tion,
Howel Compl'ts, Dropsy, fnllueiiza.
Coughs, Debility. 1 11 Hut n i n: 1 1 ion.
Cold's, fever and Ague. Inward \\ 'kns,
Chest Diseases, lYuiule ('onipl't . (.i\ er Ceinpl'sy
Costiveuess, D\ -pepsin. lleaduehes,
Lowness of Spirits, Piles,
Stone and Gravel, Secondary Symptoms,
Venereal Allectluiis, Worms of all kinds.
*,* Sold at the Mutiufaefnries of Prole--or Hol
loway, so Maiden I,nne. N. 1 ork, and 1 .' I I Strand 1 ,
London, by all respeet.ible Dniygi is and Di al
ers in Medicine throughout the 1 nitid States and
the civilized world, in boxes at els.. tl'JT els.,
and SI each.
■T. <r There is a consideraWe living I y taking
the larger sizes.
N. It. Directions fer Hie gnidnnve oi [iitieril
in every disorder mtixed to each box.
August it, Is,Mi. 2:1 tf.
< r
1 VI N't ■' pureliased >
heavy stuck of I f • n■ *s”
ties at pres ml low rat s,
we are etlilliled to oll'er si ill
greater ludueeuimU liiau
heretofore, in tile way of
Those having lion -m Li -
lilngs to sew, call at oar
Establishment. fl,' >1’ II
It MTS mad" at S i i t Y \ i
risen rates. HOST! ona
stunt ly on liand. and mad >
to order. 1 1 A UP 1 ITS. Du- '..
Pants, and
n l f) l N (i S K l H T S
Sewed on tin- Machine, superior In nnvlhing donut
in the country. D< M. I DM It .V Co.
Wouvcrville, May !l, I -f. lb-If.
'['*11 M above ITane'i. situat-d miles from
* Weuven ille,on Trinity Iiii er. and on
main road from Weuven ille to I lay fork, former
ly know n as Dutton's Kanvli. is offered for sale, -
It contains three hundred and twenty acres, mm
hundred of which is under a lii-li slat- of cultiva
tion. also, one hundred and tin tv of w hieli Is fenc
ed for pasture. t in re lifts ju t I riveted a
large u'iiiI Commodious 1'iihl'lc House and Hull
llooin, al-o, a large darn „nd fori,til haio just
completed ft is ifunted lour miles he'lour
the mouth ot Wenvi t Creek, and in one of tlm
best milling ba alilies in California. The Hmicli
may be bad with or without tin 'toi l, and crops,
for further particulars, enquire of
or JO.M.PII t HANK, on the Haneh,
Steiner’s Itumdl, Out. II, IK'.tl, ;i' tf.
Segftrs and Tobacco.
None hut the elioie- t artiele oH'- r- d ill this
Main street, (b. tween IlmSf. Charles
and Independence Hotels,) Went m ille.
HIGHEST 1*11 It li l’AII) EOU GOl I' 1 i r
July IH, Iboti. jp; tf.
l)is*o!utioil nl' Co}:orJ»scvii!}».
f 1 1 11 M ('oparIner-hip In i .-.‘of- -re - v no- l ■ l« - p
I the under.'igli*d is (Tris dnv di'-olved l-\ mutu
al consent, ALT!\. I.t IVM.
Weaver, Oct. (i, isbti. ;;H-tf.
W I N l«:s !
KIIKuiiV <v
together with a " net'll) a ortnnot el tine Mrench'
Cognaea and dome: lie liquor', at Dm most ren-
Honalde prices by II. UOCIvKU.
Weaver, Align t fl, 1 s.'2fl-lf.
t. iii:i:di:ls,
WATCHMAKER and jeweller
West sitlo of Miiiu streot, Weaver,
Has for sale an - '"ii-Ive assortment of
bin: VSTI’INS, T 1 ','; ACT LETS, and
JEW I * .iiV of ever, desvription,
CLOCKS, inr.,
AT UK VSOX UO t. Ti;|!M ..
1 artier,mr attention given fo the repairing of
Spceinicna neatly set. and ail kinds of Califor
ilia Jewelry maniiTueturi d to order, no. l.N tf
Mountain lUnikd.
( X K W K 1 II K - 1' It II O K II |- | III I xo , )
On Court St. at tho head of Main,
iver to
keep siip[d'n d with us good Hi - f ;i' Cali- -IV-sSWim
fnriiiii iilloi.l . Also. Ml'TTON. PtM.'K. COIINKD
and all other things usually befit in a Market, in
their season. We invite tlm pul e generally to
cull and see, LOOMIS, III SfliOKT A CO.
Weaver, August lb, lS.'ni, ,10-tf.
Butter! Butter!
|.i U M S II Jill. lllVEU lil'TTMIt, for sale by
Weaver, Align, t fl, lsbil. rj U,
" t-V > Lit l Il f. L,
rplilz Hufiscrilp i s now occupy tlx ir
I Market, whicli tlx v will « ml* :iv»*r

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