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A - .A--
Oe.i&R 23,
Want to see. McKinley or Bryan elect
ed president of . our United States.
We're got a perfect fit for the presi
dential chair right here in our own
town; judging from the way he is try
ing to follow up cur former selectmen.
Well, he's what you can call the real
Lilley of our valley. Now If he could
be elected our next president he might
get his weather eye after the "trusts"
and might be able to scare THEM.
However, his first attempt at scare
doesn't seem to take much effect in
Waterbury; maybe there is too much
brass'in this neighborhood. Of course
if we land him in the coveted chair he
must talk facts and not insinuate, be
cause insinuations don't come from
great men. We want facts, and if you
take notice we generally give facts.
When we say we lend in selling good,
clean, nice tasting TEA or COFFEE,
it's a fact, something we can prove.
All -we ask is that vow-give 4,3 a trlal
and learn the facts. .Say. the real
facts of our nice sweet BtTTTER will
be found by eating it. Try some of
our 21c or 2Gc BUTTER at your earli
est convenience, from
Mrmany, Tel Can 169-2
Two Ways
To Chop. s-
One's the old-fashioned, slow,
: unsatisfactory way with chop
ping knife and tray the other's
the up-to-date, easy, labor sav
ing, food saving way with the
"Enterprise Food Chopper"
It chops all kinds of meat, raw
or cooked, and all kinds of
fruits and vegetables, into clean
' cut," uniform pieces, fine or
coarse, without mashing, and
with great rapidity.
TTnlike other choppers. It has
four cutters, including nut but
ter cutter a steel ring takes up
the -wear a flanged screw
makes it juice tight.
See them in our south win
doWj priced $1.25.
p; i,
90-93 Bank Strest.
'The Shop"
Nothing makes a room
more attractive than hav
ing it tastefully papered
and painted. Call and
see our endless variety
of choice designs -and
colors. Estimates fur
nished. No trouble to
show goods.
- The Lapalme-Hoffman Co
Beet Iron
and Wine.
;Wlirbulld you up. Ask for Burnham's
as it- has stood the test. -
t Hasty Jellicon, for a quick and ex
cellent- desert. - -
rIJaire Honey in the comb, 20c a box.
-.'.-"Jelly in glasses 5c and 10c. it -
-' Loose Jellies 5c a pound.
". Orange Marmalade, 20c.
Preserves of all kinds, 15c a jar.
" " M1nco Meat in bulk, 10c a pound.
Clam Chowder; 10c and 20c a can.
- 118 East Main Street.
Penn Merchandize Co
4 '
' ..-: '
140 IBANK.
Per Can 10c ?
3 For 25c
" Oiberv Canned -Vegetables, , all , new
f- -Backed coods. - and warranted first
quality. . " v......
. J" '.'. i f . t - p
' - TKR, ' " lb $1-00
... - - '
. ' C-tteloft aae South Mala St.
i i Tielebrators are'bereXor the purpose
of doing some work on the altars at
the Immaculate Conception and at St
Mary's convent. v. t ..
: On Friday evening of this week the.
Sacred Heart Drum corps, under the
guidance of Leader Kenney will give
an excellent concert in front of Pyth
ian hall, Waterville. ''
. XA11 candidates for the civil service
examination are reminded that the
time for receiving applications expires
to-day. Applications must be returned
to postofllce to-day.
William Pasternak has retired from
the firm of Pasternak Bros and moved
to Woonsocket,-R. I., where he has
opened a wholesale liquor store similar
to the Waterbury one.
Mrs M. A. Ogden, psychic and palm
ist, late of Bridgeport, in which place
she pursued her calling successfully
for five years, is now permanently lo
cated at 237 North Main street.
St Cecilia's falF was the scene of -a
jolly jcrofjil,. )apti.(iejtenti: pWflljiain
ilePr charmed the audience in his
popular song. Fred Pelletier was a
wonder in his baton swinging. To
pass a pleasant evening go to the fair.
To-night wil! be one of the best even
ings for meeting your friends there.
Henry Dilliber, aged 07 years, died
last night at the residence of Henry
Brown, City Mills. Mr Dilliber has
been an employe of the Waterbury
Manufacturing Co for the past four
teen years. The funeral service will
be held at 7:45 this evening. Rev Dr
Davenport olhclatiug. The remains
will be taken to Chicopee, Mass, for
burial in charge of Undertaker Bur
rail. The superior court, civil side, re
sumed business to-day, with Judge
George W. Wheeler on the bench. The
castf of George A. Houghton, trustee,
against his sister, Susan B. Prior, was
heard. Attorneys Caruiody and Gil- j
lette appeared for the plaintiff, and J
Judge Cole for the defendant. The
suit is to. recover $990 for rent of a
farm on the Middlebury road which
the defendant has occupied for some
ime. The defense was a general de
The huge tree that stood at the en
trance to St Anne's rectory on South
Main street has been removed and the
change makes a big improvement in
the looks of the place. While the cut
ting down of shade trees is not a popu
lar business, still there are different
places about town where public ne
cessity and convenience require such
action and the spot in question was
one of them, for the giant almost
tilled the gateway and was a hind
rance to travel on the sidewalk, too.
"Warrior Gap" is an Interesting
story. The first chapters appeared in
Saturday's paper.
After a short delay, the work of put
ting down the asphalt on West Main
street has been resumed, and will be
pushed until the job is completed. A
few of the boys about town are think
ing of asking permission to give a
dance there some evening before it
is opened to public ' travel. It would
pay, too, and if some of those institu
tions that are trying to make a little
money for charitable purposes had the
use of it for an evening or two and
charge 10 cents a head for the privi
lege of waltzing ori the smooth surface
they would realize a nice sum out of
the venture.
The funeral of Mrs Margaret Shug-
rue will take place to-morrow morn
ing at 9:30 o'clock from the family
residence, 1)84 Baldwin street, with a
mass of requiem at St Francis Xav-
ier's: church and interment in St Jor
seph's cemetery. Mrs Shugrue was a
daughter of Mrs James Dillon and
was a devout member of St Patrick's
parish' until the formation of the par
ish of St Francis Xavier and since
that time she has been an attendant
at the latter church, being present at
the celebration of mass last Sunday.
Besides her husband. Jeremiah Shug
rue, she leaves three girls and two
boys, Lizzie, Lauretta, Rosella, Joseph
and John.
Rev James Smith, a missionary
priest, stationed on the Island of St
Christopher. British West Indies, is
in town, visiting his uncle,- Michael
Donahue ' of Spring street, and his
cousin. Dr M. J. Donahue. It is In
teresting to hear from 'him how pub
lic sentiment throughout the ' Whole
croup of the West Indies applauds the
ii policy of the United States in relation
;to Cuba and Port6 Rico: and how
they would all be more than willing
to belong to our government. The
cause of this feeling lies in their sys
tem of taxation which is made to ex
tend over everything, even over mat
ters of every-day comfort and necessi
ty which no one in this country ever
dreams of taxing. .
v Mrs Cordelia Trudean, who had her
husband. Cleophus, in .the city court
4 few days ago charged with non-sup
port and assault, has entered suit for
divorce, alleging intolerable .cruelty.
She also asks the custody of her six
minor children apd for an' allowance
pending the hearing of the suit. The
trouble i between these people is said
to have arisen over a change of relig
ious faith in the wife. Her husband's
counsel. Judge Lowe, claims that she
has given up -the Catholic faith for the
Baptist religion and that she insists
upon taking the ' children . to ' church
with her." The husband does not ob
ject 'tc his. wife ' going to whatever
church she pleases, but he will not al
low, her to Interfere with the religious
training of the children.
' P. S. Bergin, somof Undertaker. Mar
tin Berglri, -who for the past few weeks
lias been r suffering' from a mild at-
taek'of typhoid fever, was about town
to-day looking as bright and cheerful
as ever.1 Mr Bersln was taken sick in
IrSpriligneld Afass, WrfcerefibenhTfir btfeAJ
working for some time past'and was
advised by his physician to .enter -the
hospital - at. t that place. When" '--he
heard this his thoughts flew back to
one whom he" felt could do more .for
him than the most skillful trained'
nurse' 'In the country, and within a
few hours after learning 'the nature
of the sickness' that bad hold of him he
was under the care of his mother at
theiold home oa , Walnut street, who
watched over him with as much solici
tude as she did . when he was a baby
in arms and soon had him restored to
his usual good health and spirits. - A
cot in ajanely 'ward hi a-public hospi
tal 'with -a-, 'professional attendant i.to
minister foone's. needs Is all r-lgbt In
its own way, tmtjslt-- is a cold 'affair
enough eamparedwith the., cosiest
roowfn ''ob, fetKfw' father's : house,
where hisiaotihrrIf she be in the
flesli,t is are t&'rssuine the" role of
matron," .jjur "
Be 'sure and read the new and Inter
esting serial, "'Warrior Gap," now run
ning !a the Democrat. v-
, Frederick Loiselle and ,MIss Delia
Louise "Lavlgne w?re married yester
day at St Anne's church by the Rev;
Father Senesac. , . -. .,- .-- :-: .- .--.':-:;-
The board of public works wiirhold
anr-:adjourned meeting to-night at 8
o'clock in the mayor's office to discuss
the- water question and to transact
any other business that may demand,
attention. ' , ' - '"
The funeral of Mrs'Anastatia Law
lor will take place to-morrow morning
at 8:30 o'clock from her late home on
Lounsbury street, with a mass of
requiem at St Francis Xavler's church
and Interment In St Joseph's ceme
tery. . ..'. ;
V Contractor' Henry Kellner has com
menced operations on the sewer in Rye
street and expects to finish the job by
Thursday or Friday of this week, when
he will start on the sewer on Hill
street froin North Main street to Sum
mer street. :;. .
But for the p'resence of mind of the
pastor of the colored church on Pearl
street Sunday; evening there would,
have been ispipU- imUe-congregation,
An oil heater exploded and caught fire,
but before much commotion was creat
ed the pastor caught the blazing stove,
in his hands and threw it out an open
window. . -
The funeral of Mrs Bridget O'Keefe
was largely attended from her late
home. 44 James street, at 8:30 this
morning to St Patrick's church where
a solemn high mass of requiem was
celebrated by the Rev Father Glee
son. The pall-bearers were John
Shannahan. John Kenny. Thomas
O'Keefe and Matthew O'Keefe, the
last two, grandsons of the deceased.
The interment was In Calvary ceme
tery. A handsome portrait of the Jeffer
son base ball team, the champion am
ateur "team of Waterbury and the winner-of
the city championship, is on ex
hibition in E. J. Finn's window on
East Main street. The team was com
posed of the following players: - Sla-
vin and McLoughliu, catchers; Law-
lor, pitcher; Fox, first base; Burgess,
second base; Kenney, third base: Gal
way, shortstop: Ray, right field; O'Con-
lell, left field; Reed, center field;
Byrnes, substitute.
The Hammer club-has plans under
way for a cross country run from
here to Cheshire next Sunday. Alder
man Kane, an officer who has passed
through all the degrees in the organi
zation, has challenged Town Clerk
Brett, another official of high rank In
the club, to compete with him in the
race and offers to post any part of
$100 that he will reach Cheshire ahead
of him. Mr Brett is still undecided
as to what he will do in the premises
and while he has not accepted the
challenge. It cannot be said that he
has refused to take it up. He is in
quiring about town to-day bow much
of a sprinter Kane is, anyway, and if
he does not learn that he is too fleet
footed the bet will be closed to-night,
and next Sunday will witness the best
time ever made between Waterbury
and Cheshire by human beings. It
will be a game of go-as-you-please and
what-way-you-please, so long as you
do not put a foot on the high road.
iVlr-s iV!. A. Ogderi,
' . . The Well-Known
For" the. .past five years located at
Bridgeport is permanently located at
327 North Main street, . Waterbury,
second floor.- -
Waterbury's Popular Store.
If It has already outlived its day9 of
Why wait any longer to buy a new
one when you can choose from reli
able makes here at these prices.
Ingrains. 35c to 69c a yard.
Brussels, 55c to SI. 25 a yard.
Velvets, 85c to $1.25 a yard.
Everything in Fnrnitnre. -
:You can find exactly what you are
looking for here and at much lower
prices than other stores ask. ,. We are
satisfied with small profits as you will
agree when you see these values. -
White Enamel Bedsteads.
From $4 to S12.50
Bedroom Suits, three pieces,
$15 $17.75 $21 $23.50,
$26.75-and upwards.
Dining Tables from $4.50 up
wards. Parlor Rockers, $2.75 to $15.
TLo entire Building. ' Six floors.
27-29 CENTER ST.
Walkings Shoes
Should be and are a little stouter at
this season. ' We are showing a fine
line, of . ' . ' ' ,.
rraMi 'cli'rta In thi. lnt l llllilf-
graceful lines. ' Their stoutness Trill
make'TUbbers . unnecessary in wet
weather. " Eqjvgly goojfcPr work or
dress oeeasionArKjCanrftttre surpassed
for -perfectkmoef t agish. - Every
variety or suacag;.iier.ec
Little price fcojxowytoodness.
E.''J.:"'iF!NN "
ir Exchange Place
Trnied Hats,
': We'might" dilate on these, to the eS'
tent of the entire page, but why occu-
by space when all is said tliat can.be
said? When we tell you : we have all'
the - .-....'.- . ,- ..
Fall Shapes,
There are none missing, and the new
ones will 'be shown as soon as. pro
duced.' I. CHASE,
oaaoa ,-o o
Big Sale of
C arne t
At old prices, OUR ENTIRE STOCK
' We have just received a notice that
Carpets have- been . further advanced
in. price by the manufacturers, taking
effect October 15th: Notwithstanding
PRICES to our customers as long as
our present stock lasts. - Carpets have
been advanced in price four times
since last January by the makers, and
when you consider that we are offer
ing the goods as low as we ever have
sold them, you must concede that we
are helping you to save money. We
early foresaw the inevitable raise in
prices and by timely buying we are
able to protect your interests as well
as our own.
Another Bargain
We have secured
more of those All Wool
Smyrna Rugs, sizes
30x6O, they sell at
$159. See South Win
153 a . main sr.
" Cloaks.
Regarding the warm weather . of
this Kali wewill otter for THIS
WEEK all lour Children's Winter
Wear: Cloaks, Bonnets, Jackets,
Bootees, Mitteusaiid with a discount
of -o per cent. Cloaks from 75c and
and upward Bonnets from lsc up
ward. Mittens, from 5c upward.
Our Domestic Saxony 8c a skein.
Two Rooms In
Milford Building,
Center street, for office or building
purposes. Also, t
One tenement, four room's. ' '. (
. One tenement, five rooms. ' I 1
AH modern improvements. ,
J. W. Gaffney,
Rooster Says.... ... T:
Elected president your sugar will cost
you xiouble the- price you are paying
now, and he gives the following rea
sons for saying so: f ','
Inil89S we eonsv.med. 4,4T-1.150.500
pounds of sugar. tTCe only raised S04,
031.CS0 pounds; This compelled U3 to
go into foreign countries and purchase
3,070,11 IS.8S0 pounds of sugar that we
paid for with gold dollars. Nothing
else would be accepted. We all know
that one gold dollar is equal to two
silver dollars of the brand of William
J. Bryan. If this reasoning is not
sound, will 'some democrat .let me
know and I will sell milk for 5 cents
a-quart all winter. ..
-NHW '
10 pieces Colored Serges, special 12c
1 case of fancy Plaids and
Checks, value for 20c. .special loe
10 pieces 42-inch Novelty .Mixed
Dress Goods, several designs,
special 2oe
4S-inch handsome fall Cheviots,
value 75c, special 49c
1 case tine silk finish Henriettas,
real value 3ic. special 2oe
1 case 40-inch all wool silk finish
German Henriettas, value 05c,
special 49c
54-inch All Wool Homespun,
light and Oxford shades, value
$1, special three days C5c
S pieces All Wool Colored Ven
etian Cloth, value 75e, special 49c
20 handsome French Novelty
' Robe Dress Patterns, no two
alike, cheap at $3 to 520. spe-.
cial ' $4.00 to $9.9S
42-inch wide Heavy Serges, value
jyc. sepcial - 25c
40-inch, fine Henrietta, the 39c
quality, 25e
40-inch All Wool silk finish Ger
man Henriettas, real value
(J5c, special , 49e
40-inch Ail Wool Surah and Storm
Serges, value 75c, for three
days 50e
48-inch All Wool heavy clay fin
ish English Serge Suitings, val
ue $1.25, special S9c
52-iuch heavy Pebbje Suiting,
cheap at $1.50, for three days $1.00
Cr epons.
Special offering of high, class
mohair blister.'Black Crepons,
, real value $2.50 to $3.50 yard,
for three days $1.50 to $2.00
Fancy gured Silk for vvaists
and trimming. 39c
10 pieces plain Taffeta and Japan -.
Silks,, the latter 24 Inches, all
'- all ilk, . - - 49c
24-inch Brocaded Evening Shades
of Dress Silks, value 75c, spe
cial - -50c
2C-iuch best Taffeta Dress Silk,
all shades, special C9c
24-inch very rich heavy Black
and Colored Satins, value $1,
special v. 75c
24-inch heavy Gross Grain Dress
Silks, wear guaranteed, value
$1.49, special $1.00.
27-ineh heavy all silk Satlri Duch-. - . :
ess arid warranted- -to--weaT
' Taffeta, value $1.50, special $1.00
Braid -
Rich Silk Braid, value ;25c,' ; ; 15c
Heavy Silk Braid, pretty de- '
; signs, colorings and combina- '
tions, 25c
Rich Silk Applique Braid Trim
ming, value ,75c, . 49e
Fine Silk AUovers In rich de- 4
signs, two days' special 9Sc
Handsome All Silk and Spangled
trimmed AUovers. value 52. $1.50
A full line of Jet Silk and. A p.-,
pi! cue Re vers, FBddfctts.- Bol
eros, etc. all at lowest priceV
3S-inch Liberty Silk, value 75c, 40e
. i ' '' . t A
142-14414C-I4S SOUTH l MAIN; CST.
v " Opposite Scovill Streets '
Opposite Waterbury , National Bank.
we are selling for that price.
m unlined and represent the best glove value in town ; for tl
I $i.oo the pair, sizes as large as.io.; 1, :i " U
Heavy Cap aoves.suta also a-1
mestic. walking gioyein shades 'of tin or brown .V
1 .
:theipair. : ''
- t -i r AJarget Iirieof working gloves at coc, 7cc and
AodthpaMlc1 - ; J
' "fexK"
n Burniture
III South Wain Street,
Of Waterbury and Vic-
-.- inity .
Thajiking.,you'f or past liberal patro
nage, we Wisn-TO siate mui
now prepared for fall trade, with a
new and ' up-to-date line of materials
for our Custdn Tailoring Department.
Ask rvouir friends about us, if you have
not already patronisted us. AbqTfe alk
iome'eariy, before the bus'y-eason and
leave your orders. .We had to disap
point many last season who came late.
Bargains to; Winter
Underwear .
Men's Hehvy ' Jersey Ribbed
Fleeced Lined -Shirts and Drawers, in
plain- blue or brown stripe, 50c the
garment. .. ; '. '' ; ' ,
isham : wson
Ha it 3 ? : 'Pa? i
11 and 117 SOtfTH .TM$ ST.
ire Y$u Going To BWt Saw 'ftaa ?
If so it will pay"you to loot afr our
Do yoii .want a STEAil .BOILER,
quire -about u wjnehester.
. ' . 22i -bank: STREET.
Telephone,-103-4. '' ' . ' .
r 5 : " VX
With a Dollar
They come. silk lined or
' ' ;' ' J1 ,
The quality, the patterns,
the tailoring and the: general
style of the garments we ,of-
fef -in.: SuitSx for $12.00 ;are ;
such as find favor . in most
- 1 - - f ' t
storekeepers eyes in the $ir;
piles. But We have learned
long ago that it pays to -not
only :do;as -well as some one
else but to do better.
& CO..
Start In Time.
If you -want to outfit ancl beau-!. ,
., tify yourh6me,'forthe Winter, $v.
' to niakfc.some' alteiaitiafiijd iiiaii4.1
h ti'ons an- Ox f nrnluire tine,jmaket
n tuemtH-aminm oCwhat is. ueed-j;
. ed -and-ook-; through- our stock'; '
HOW.- ' ; -;'- '
v EYeryt&iDg For fiousekeeplng. !
'GO-CARTS Splendid line to
select from. .
Branches. Night calls District
Office, No 5 East Main street.
Telephone, C05-3.
. (ii.: AppieDaum. :. uioro.;
Well known, as first class trimmers,
are prepai-ed : to do the most artistic
work at reasonable prices. ,
123 South. Main street.- near Nugenrsr
Drug Store. N. ' B. Mourning r.
Goods a speelalty.
27 and 29 Canal St, WaterbtirTV 'T
Mannfactorers f '- "
. IN PAPER AND ' TVINB" -': -i
from. . ' ''-' - ..'
Take U arid see how easily "yon get
the big shoe Btore. r :-.. ' .', , -
1 i ELxplatitl o ti
For five years an elevator has con
nected (Dodge's shoe store and Upson,
Singleton's clothing store Thta," hai
been used by- manybut now gives way '
to something better. .Yoa' caa now
walk Into l!., S. & Co' frouk. Baolc
street and -straight ahead down- art
easy stairway and you -.are-ia Dodge -no
be-tjnyStoe.tf5g.'';l . .-;
Bank strt'stalrway '.Jn;TJ S.' &. Co'.
M 1
; It

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