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ThejTeams A.r$ Rounding Into
the Best ol Form.
' ,--,,
New Haven Is By All Odds the Best
Team In the League Hartford De
feated Springfield Last Night
Frank Warner Is Acting Strangely
In Regard to Waterbury Events
That Are Transpiring In the Polo
World!" " , V .
. ' ' ' i ":
Springfield, Nov 0. Hartford tools
the game from the home team last
Bight. Starkie played a brilliant game
at goal for the visitors. The scpre and
. ;Hartford. Positions. Springfield
Schofield first rush Curtiss
Wodtke, Grlffln second rush. I . .Gavin
Cotter . .v. . . . . center Mooney
Doherty .halfback Whiting
Starkie goal ...... Heffernan
Won by Caged by " Time.
1. Springfield Plercs 0:18
2. Hartford, Doherty 4:03
3. Hartford Wodtke 1:03
4. Hartford Schofield 0:38
5. Hartford Wodtke :..3:03
6. Springfield Mooney ...4:27
"7. Springfield Curtiss 0:27
8. Hartford Wodtke 0:31
9. Soringfleld Curtiss . 0:09
10. Hartford Wodtke 7:11.
11. Hartford Cotter ..0:08
12. Hartford Schofield ...3:48
13. Sprinsrfield Curtiss 7:09
14. Hartford Wodtke 2:47
15. Springfield Curtiss 3:37
10. Smingfield Mooney 0:4
Summary Score." Hartford 9. Spring
field 7; stops. Starkie 40, Heffernan 31;
rushes, Schofield 7, Wodtke 1, Griffin
1, Curtiss 4, Pieree 4: fouls., Cotter,
Doherty; referee,: j Leahy; ": timer,
Meriden here to-night. -
Eddie Sullivan's team in Portland
has Campbell, Spencer, McKay, Cam
eron and Kennoy.
The Waterbury team journeys over
the hills to Meriden to-morrow vght,
and what a joke it would be , 1 we
took "both "games. '
Pawtucket' Jias,' Higglns, Whatmo
and Coyle oii the rush line, with Mor
rison at center, Conway at halfback
and John Smith in goal.
Plymouth has a very strong team in
Cunningham. Lincoln, Miller, Janelle
and Mullen, a strong bidder for the
championship if Upton holds them to
gether. Tarrant and Walton worked hard to
keep the ball on Bath's ground, while
the defense of Wiley and Furbush
"was of a high standard, Wiley mak
ing a goal from the farther end of the
rink. Rockland Star.
Every person that goes to the rink
to-night should urge the local players
on in every way. One or two of them
were quite nervous Wednesday even
ing and- this was caused as much as
anything by the hisses which , were
used so unnecessarily. - Give the boys
a cheer now and then' and it will make
all the difference in the world.
Fred Jean, the big center of the lo
cal team. Is a totally different fellow
from what many believed. When he
played with Meriden h was thought
by many to be a rough, -ungentlemanly
chap who Would stop at nothing to
win the game. That is not the case,
however, for he Is one of the most
gentlemanly players in the circuit and
educated as well.
Plymouth's polo season opened
(Wednesday Jn a most auspicious man
ner. There were nearly 000 people In
attendance, and the home team start
ed its career by shutting out Pawtuck
et 5 to 0. It was the first game either
team had played, and under these cir
cumstances the game may be consul
ered very satisfactory. Plymouth had
decidedly the best of It all through,
and outplayed its opponents at every
As the teams look now. .New Haven
is a five to one winner. Evidently that
team was not pruned enough, .but
would not be fair, to. the management
to assault the make-up again. Man
ager Canavan deserves what he has
secured. Meriden and Hartford come
- next in line with -the chances In favor
of the former -city,- Springfield, comes
next and our own city brings up the
rear. A-bad beginning makes a tfbod
ending, eo they- say and, we hope it
la so. "' ' - -'
Meriden makes her first appearance
here to-night and the local polo fans
" Will be "sure of a red hot contest.' It
la tnn pir v in tha season for the Tuns
t get out their hammers on the make
up of the local team. Why not wait
and, give 'the. members of the team a
chance to get into the game. They
haore had virtually no practice to-
ge4b.ec and.no signaia nor team wort
amount -to Jhything has- been in-
Iged in' until this week. ' Just give
players a fair-show ana tiiea-lf
ley don't do well, the hammers, can
jp: right -merrily. v,, s,r
Frank Warner of Meriden, who Is
nder- contract with Waterbury, has
ot yet made his appearance in this.
and the fans and the local man
agement;are at a; loss to know what:
is the reason; Manager Parsons has"
been to Meriden several times to get
the player to come over with him but
he has failed each time. It is said
that the last time' that Parsons went
after .him Warner promised to' come
right-over that day. Manager Par
sons decided to wait for him but when
he went to Warner's store to get him,
he was informed that the player had
gone to, New York.- It is said that
Warner does not want to start "in
to play until he finds some one. to, take
(' his place in the store,, r Probably he
will be;.here later. ' '' ' - : ' .; '
The . champion Brockton polo .team
; won lt third straight game Wednes
day evening, when their old rival for
first honors went down before them
In Lawrence. - The ..loss of the game
'tot Lawrence is accounted for by the
playing of Bortomley, and his poor
7 work" was caused by a very lams hand
which he suffered early ; in the game,
causing him to be hardly, able tor hold
his vgtkk. -J 33efor ,,th nde3
Cashman,. Brockton's,.? goal jtemL, hit
tb 5med afiJ Bbo'mte.Tas;rHcpit
' tetel fjontnrth6r;seTvejt -jRefgre
. BtfeH iJooes "en tashaiaij. ,f rooa. the
fldb&- tiit, this, act; .'and the gam i?oa
Uitwd -witli fottr.tont ttIett
B$aM' ausl Qarjiher jth'e ?f tusns, ki
sr ardinas tte local tajcft una uVeet-
China Dejures America to Plead
. jBostbn,'!xiv TheUnlted States
gunboat Vicksburg, which sailed from"
here yesterday afternoon for China is
anchored at quarantine on account of
ihejsea?y weather outsider fT !
Paris, Nov The China yellow
book, issued to-day, contains an ae:
count of the events that .occurred from
July, 189y, to October, '..1900,. includ
ing the diary of M. Plchon,'1, French
minister to China, of the siege of Pe
kiii, a resume of the negotiations,
most of the details of which, however,
are already fully known, and a quan
tity of correspondence showing that
the revolution was foreseen by M.
Pichon at the beginning of the year.
Pekin, Nov 6. via Shanghai, Nov 0.
Four of the leading officials of Pao-Tlng-Fu,
Including . Ting Yang, the
acting viceroy of Pe-Chl-Li, and Gen
eral Kusl Hing, were executed No
vember 5 under the sentence imposed
by the tribunal of the allies. Re
newed reports of the death of the em
press dowager are 1n" circulation, but
they lack verification and are dis
credited. WASHINGTON, N.v. 9. Tk Cl
um sTrumut, through iti mluisttr, U
QUftaveriug to sec'arc the icf unce of tht
UuiUd States toward causing the othtr
pewers to modify their demtiuds for th
puuiabiUKUt ot Chius oCciala cooccrsed
ia tk Boxer outbreak. Thara is- littla
prospect that this government will com
ply with tho Chiuase petition. The atti
tude of the United Status is not due, how
evur, to any desire to hart wholesale pun
ishments infiicted so mucb as to the feel
ing that the powers are bst able to de
termine wkut punitive programme should
be adopted ano to disiUL-licatien on tba
part of the United Statts te act as Chi
na' special pleader in the congress of na
tieai. The Vaited States will act imUrfere
with the actiem of t the powers in
execating Chinese eBcials at Pas-tiag-ft
ckJ other places in the vicinity of Peking
where the uest herrlhle ostrafea were
persetrated foreigaen. These aca
tcacei have heea carried eat idepBleat
ly f the pewen, ant the United States
has had me purt la then. They are the
result of military eeeratiaat ia which the
American trps did net participate. The
overBinent, however, regrets that sen
tences of death are being imposed by in
dividual natioas and net by agreement
ameng all the aatione concars'-..
The programme of punishments par
tially agreed ea by the foreiga ministers
in Peking has caused a thrill of terror ia
Chinese official circles, aad the Chinese
ministers at the several capitals ef the
powers are endeavoring te have the list
reduced. The latest iaferatatiea received
at the state dcparttaeat aheut the pani
tive arraagemeats is that the aamcs ef
Goneral Tung Fah-Siang and Vieerey Yu
Msicn have been added to the list. Yu
Hsien is the eflclal who was reported to
have committed suiqide by shallowing
gold leaf, but who is now believed to be
alive and ia hiding.
Li Huks Ck( lalro.
LONDON, Nev. . "Li Hang Chang
telegraphs," gays the Shanghai corre
spondent of The Daily xpress, "that he
desp'irs of a settlement and it is useless
to .xpect the Chinese ceart to consent to
the execution of Yu Hsien or Tung Fu
Hsiang. Me oVecIares that it is eqaally
vaia te attempt te induce the powers to
moderate their demands aad that there
fore the court is preparing for a further
flight to the province of fcze-chuan with
au imperial army of 14,000."
rmu AJreaUioa Ia Cklcu.
BERLIN, Kev. .. The papers con
tinue te. print letters from German sol
diers in China shewing the terrible atroci
ties committed by German troops. A
latter printed yesterday describes the
capture of a certain village: "Bayonets
were axed, aud our lieutenant was com
manded to shoot dov.'n or bayonet every
body in sight. Louring the night many
Chinese were killed, including a woman
and a child."
lVill Adapt Uaraanl System.
LONDON, Nov. 0 The Daily Mail
this morning makes the following an
nouncement: "The -postal - department
commission which Las been inquiring into
the subject will shortly report after sofue
months of deliberation in favor of the
earliest possible adoption of Marconi's
system of wireless telegraphy by the
postal - authorities. The commission is
also arranging as to terms for the acqui
sition of the Marconi patents and nego
tiating with France and Germany regard-.
msr their attitude toward Marconi's .in
ventions. This evidently means ,a, com
plete revolution in the' telegraphic sys
tem." ' ' " ''
to From Saw Irmm Field.
: CLEVELAND, Nov. . The steamer
Iroquois has arrived at Ashtabula with
a cargo of 2,4i$ tons ef brawn hematite
iron era from the new Mieaipiceten f eld
aorta of Lake Superior In Canada. This
la the trst cargo frem that I eld brought
to a United States pert, and it will prob
ably be seat to oaa of ths valley far
aaces. Tho Mlchipiceten fold has, it Is
said, a practically inexhaustible sapply.
The vein of ore oxtoadt male than half
a into a mountain, and one knoll is
sahl.to contaia 0,0v;ooq .tons.
"' . V" laak to lFlsa,
CONCOBD, W. H., Nov. 9. A man
whom tho oeatts of New York have de
sided to be Maximlliiia Schlenbein, bet
tor-known as Max Shinburn-. who escap
ed, S3 years ago from the' New-Hump
shire state prison., where ha had been
committed for tsa years for robbery ef a
bank at Walpalo, last , night re-entered
the New Hampshire prison to serve the
remainder ef his sentence. Shlnburn .ar
rived from Plattsburg, N. Y., in the cus
tody of Shoria" V. 8. Tuttle of Keene.
.UaiiaaaaMlta Haa Crown.
: WASHINGTON, Nov. 8.The popula
tes of the state of Massachusetts by
couutiss and miner civil divisions as officially-announced
by the -census- bureau is
2,05,34S as compared with a population
in 18S0 of 2,2a,48, showing an increase
or auv.au, or m.a per cent. Jber the
preceding decade it was 25.5 per cent
This rata of inerease has baea exceeded
but obco ia'' ths history of the state
namely, from lsds to 1U0, ,wben the
population iaeroassd . per- cent. -
nellef For Satlora att Metattla. -i
vTAiraTN, Nev. . To guard,
agalast ths sJrsets of prolonged exposure
ia the. Philippines the navy departmest
seadiag oat another draft of VO men
to relievo-sailors 'ea ths ships bow it
TKaaila. These mea leave on the Bui" ale
oa -tho lst-prsr.,' meetlig ths Hartford
a -ths" 4 AUisnoS at Trfaidad and' sx
Rangiag same of ths landsmen on those
skips for tk Caias erricd: - :.--
1 rri r- v T .
Thi M Y Htrt'Alwars Boiytf
.M "
eeara the - . ,A
Chatter Thatls'Haarjj'Fronithe
Training Camps.
An Undeserved Attack on the Smart
est Little Brighter That Ever Wore
a-. GloveT-Jim. Corbett Buys Out
Cousldlne's Interest Another Chi
cago Club to Be Organized 3harley
McKeever Arrives Home From Lon
don. Edward McBride, the Buffalo ref
eree, pauses in his regular occupation
of making bad decisions to throw some
mud at the Gans-McGovern match. He
presents a novel reason for believing
that the. contest will not be honestly
fought. Here it is:
"Sam Harris, manager or MeGovern,
and Al.Herford, manager of Gans, are
old time friends, and the financial
part of it will never be given out to
the public. Herford Is a Hebrew,
Harris is a Hebrew, and Lou House
man, manager of Tattersall's club in
Chicago, where the fight will take
place, Is a Hebrew, and there are
many who claim that the match is al
ready cooked up. Not one of the
three mentioned, however, has ever
been accused of crookedness, but it
certainly looks suspicious to match
Gans and MeGovern, once virtually
sparring partners, when a man like
Erne, the champion of the world, is
ready and willing to fight MeGovern
for that title. At that. Erne believes
that Gans will win out. I don't, for
Harris knows very well what he is
doing when he makes matches for Mr
MeGovern of Brooklyn."
The phenomenal referee fails to add
that MeGovern is an Irishman, Gans
a negro and Slier, who will referee, an
Englishman. The spectators, and
there will be many thousands, will in
clude all nationalities.
It was left for the Infantile Intellect
of Edward McBride to attempt to foist
the intolerable, rubbish above quoted
on the sporting public. Here is Terry
MeGovern, ) man who has fought in
a manner to leave not a shadow of ba
sis for suspicion, attacked by this dod-
derincr Buffalonian on the ground of
racial prejudice! Because McGovern's
manager is a Hebrew, the fighter,
therefore, must be dishonest. The at
tack Is all the more disgraceful because
McBride does not believe what ' he
writes. ' He does it out of revenge be
cause Buffalo's exploded phenomenon.
Frank Erne, was rejected by Harris
in favor of Gans'. There was sound
business reasons for taking on Gans.
Erne was so ignominiously beaten bv
MeGovern that few, except a few Buf
falo people, would care to see them In
another bout. Gans and MeGovern
have never met. Despite Erne's de
cision over Gans. It is a well known
fact that up to the time the Buffalo
man batted Gans in the eye. the ne
gro had all the better of the fight.
Harris, shrewd manager, takes on the
hardest game, knowing that -It will
yield the best financial results.
trans ana MeGovern never were
sparring partners. When MeGovern
trainer for Palmer fully a dozen fight-
erg preparing for various bouts used
the same training quarters as the
ehamnion. Gans was among them. He
and MeGovern had n set to one day.
and Gans claims to have had the best
ot the argument.
James J. Corbett is said to be the
sole proprietor of the resort that has
been conducted under his name for the
past three years. Up to a few days
ago John. Uonsidine was part owner.
Consldlne started for Chicago yester
day morning, where he Is interested
In a theatrical venture. Before leav
ing for the west he transferred his In
terest In the business to James J. Cor
bett, for a consideration said to run
into the thousands. It was after the
partnership that existed between Cor
bett and John Considine had been dis
solved that George Considine Issued a
statement alleging that the Corbett
McCoy fight was a fake.
It is reported that there is to be a
fighting club war In Chicago this win
ter. Opposition to the Tattersall's
club is reported to have sprung up,
and a series of fights, startiug wit!i
Tommy. Ryan and Joe Walcott, is pro
posed. If the club can get Ryan into
the ring with Y alcott it will have per
formed a miracle sufficient, for its con
Charles McKeeVer of Philadelphia,
the welterweight puglllsr, was a pas
senger on the Germanic, which arrived
at Quarantine last night. McKeever
won fresh laurels while in England By
defeating Dido Plumb, the English
hariipion. In a contest which -' took
place at the National Sporting club.
Throws Down the Gauntlet
John Little, of Brockton. '
Manager James S. Carroll has sent
a defl to the managers of the Brock
ton wrestler. Little, that ought to
make them come to time or keep quiet.
He. offers to match Kelly against Lit
tle. for; $500 a eide, and he has sent
on that statement to Brockton. He
has also forwarded a set of articles
for .Little" to sign and : When "they are
returned signed-, life- will '"dt- once send
on. $100 as a . forfeit. 'This money,
however, must be deposited In a-bank
in Brockton, -as-the Waterbary man
agement does, not intend to take any
more: chances with the purse disap
pearingv " The match must be for $500
a siae, Hs the gate receipts do not
amount to . niucli iif fer expenses" are
paid. . The men must wrestle ' at , 140
pounds, -and if the Brockton , man is
in earnest he can find plenty of mon
ey to win on the result.
l The schedule for-the" Brit "week'of.
the polo season -is 'follows:-- i . - .!';
j Frldajr?iirihgflel4'.aiCNew jHavtih;:
Iepidenat Waterbury.- - -.
f!ew Haven at Hartford. ..'.-(.
Tho Kind m Raw Mwvs jjy.
... - . , , i . f :. . - i
J2very College Team Has. One or More
i u- ; -Cripples.- . .' hi'.
' Following the decision of the Meri
den High school authorities not to al
low Waterbury High school to play
any ringers in "the final championship
game at Yale field next ' Saturday
morning in the Connecticut Intersehol
astlc league, Manager Hal Bralriard,
of the local eleven, went to New Ha
ven this morning and consulted with
the advisory board of athletics at' Yale.
Manager B. "VV Hixon of the Yale uni
versity foot ball team, assured Mana
ger Brainard tnat tne ruies or tne
league. would be strictly enforce ana
Waterbury would have to play a le
gitimate team or the game would be
declared forfeited to Meriden.Manager
bTixon extended an invitation to the
whole Meriden team to remain in New
Haven Saturday afternoon and wit
ness the Yale-Indian game free of ex
pense. The offer was accepted and
the Meriden boys will witness this im
portant foot ball battle. Tickets for
the game Saturday morning were
placed on sale yesterday afternoon.
That Meriden does not intend to be
hoodwinked by Waterbury Saturday is
apparent from action taken to-day.
Besides Manager Brainard going to
New Haven, another man was sent to
Waterbury with, instructions to look
up ths pedigree of all the Waterbury
players and ascertain how many of
them are attending school. Particular
Investigation was to be made concern
ing one young man about 20 years old,
who is said to be taking an elaborate
study of music and ' gymnastics, and
who, it is alleged, attends school only
one period each day.- The Meriden
man sent to investigate is captain J.
J. Landrlgan, of the Meriden police
department, and he went under unof
ficial directions' from Mayor E. E.
West, whose son is quarterback of the
Meriden eleven. It is a pretty certain
thing that if the Meriden High school
authorities would allow ringers to ue
played Merfden could wipe up the face
of the earth with any sciiooi team in
Connecticut. The case of Arthur.But
ler is an example. He only left school
October 10, and would willingly have
attended school one period each day if
he had been allowed to remain on the
team, but Captain Hyatt refused to
allow him to play -unless he continued
as a regular pupil at the school. Meri
den Journal.
Fred Bauby Is gaining a reputation
all over the country as a great foot
ball player. Before the college sea
son opened, he received several fine
offers from different Institutions of
learning to play on tbelf elevens. This
week he received a telegram from
Troy, N. Y., asking him to play with
the Mlllerton eleven of that place to
day, and accordingly Fred left for
that place yesterday This is the
hardest game Mlllerton plays this
year and she wanted to have the
strongest eleven possible in the field.
Cambridge, Nov .9. -The long-feared
inevitable slump has visited the Har
vard university elevenat last, foretold
by Wednesday's listless playing. -A
practice period yesterday of forty min
utes of the poorest, most discouraging
play seen on Soldiers' field this season,
enabled the 'varsity to score but once
on a fluke. The second eleven h(ld the
"varsity once for 'downs, threatened
their line continually and nearly
scored by a close try for goal from the
Philadelphia, Noy 9. The Pennsyl
vania team will enter the game with
Lafaye on Saturday in rather poor
snape. Tbe Harvard game left eight
of the regulars in' an injured condi
tion, and though all of them, with the
execptlon of three, are to be In the
game, their injuries will probably pre
vent them from playing up to form.
McCloskey, Graves -and Hare are the
three who may nof be well enough to
play against Lafayete. Captain Hare
was out yesterday, and though limping
badly he said that he felt well and
hoped to get into the game. Graves's
knee was so bad that he could not prac
tice. Tale will Insist on thirty-minute
halves in the. game with the Carlisle
Indians at New Haven to-morrow. As
the red men are noted for their en
durance, Yale may find that her hands
are quite full because of this point. If
Hale is unable to play on the New
Haven eleven there may be trouble,
as he 13 almost the only back capable
of making an impression on the In
dians' solid rush line. The Yale
coaches believe that their team. will be
put to such a severe test that they will
be able to pick out flaws that have
hitherto been hidden.
Ithaca, Nov 9. Cornell now has two
Important contests ahead before she
closes the season, and Is making every
preparation to win both of thesa games.
On the 17th she meets Lafayette, and
on Thanksgiving day the University
of Pennsylvania. Trainer Moakley
and the coaches realize that the La
fayette game wUl be a hard one, and
so Cornell will run no chances of being
overtrained for that, contest. Accord
ingly the, work has been rather light
for this week, and 'yesterday the men
lined up for a hard seijfcumage game
for the first time since the Princeton
game. The field was very slippery.
Easton, Nov 9. Admirers of .the La
fayette football team were downcast
last night when It. was ascertained that
an accident to Half Back Launt, which
occurred yesterday afternoon' and .was
thought to be. slight, is Of a more seri
ous nature and Will probably throw
him out of the game for the rest of
the season. His Jaw 'was broken by
collision, and-It will ; be necessary to
train in another man for, his position.
Pressure is being brought to bear on
Slatterly, who has (juit football; to
come to the' rescue so that Lafayette
may be able to' put up' a. good game
against Pennsylvania on Saturday.
New York, Nov 9. The regular prac
tice games at Columbia were resumed
yesterday, but the . 'varsity was' so
broken up that' the. makeshift team
had its hands full to defeat the scrub.
Van Hoevenberg, Wolff, Coffin and
Captain Morley were the' only men
who played against Princeton to ap
pear, in the line-up. Slocovitch played
with' the scrubs yesterday, and will
lend his services in developing the
team now that he "cannot play himself.
Quarter Back Sykeg- will not-piay any
more, this year -on aoeount of hls law
work. -He only consented to .play in
'the big games after much persuasion,
and broke training yesterday. A large
cigar am it. 'ine team, o.oncnes and
substitutes will leave to-day for Buffalo,-
where they will meet the Uni
versity of Buffalo to-morrow; i ..
f-menlQyercoats at prices that
will riot be" duplicated for many a
day-a We're in the mood now to
quote prices that are ridiculously low. We
have chosen Saturday for the day, -and if
you are fortunate enough to be here to
morrow you'll save from 35 to 55 percent
on most anything your heart desires. No
use for us to tell you the cwhys and
wherefores" it would consume to much
space. Let it suffice to quote the plain
facts; and here they are.
Saturday In fa's Overcoat
420 Men's Grey Oxford and Irish Frieze
Overcoats with plain or fancy linning, French
Facing and Velvet Collar, tailored like a well
made Overcoat should be tailored. Never meant
to sell less than ?0.50 and will positively be
sold at that price after Saturday night for alt
day Saturday at
MBr hats
50 dozen Men's Soft and Stiff Hats, in all
latest blocks, such as the Dunlap, Knox and
Stetson shapes, best of felt and trimmings. A
regular $2.50 hat for sale at
' ljf fjj
9 9 - i o
Out of high priced district. Look fo
evening until 9 o'clock. Saturday tin
Princeton, Nov 9. After considering
carefully the condition of football af
fairs at Princeton the coaches have
taken the first stop in their attempt to
build up a strong eleven for the con
test with Yale on November 17. They
have cancelled the game with Dart
mouth, which was to have been played
here on Saturday. Word was sent to
the management at Hanover tnat
Princeton desired to cancel xue maicu
and a favorable reply was received.
Training for the Yale game will not
be interrupted from now on. Nearly
all the players are still sun-ering irom
the bumps and bruises received in me
Columbia came, but their condition is
greatly improved over Wednesday and
a snort line-up was muuigeu iu.
New Haven, Nov 9. Johnson, the
former pitcher of the Connecticut base
ball league, made things lively at the
Yale football practice yesterday after
noon by a series of brilliant runs, the
longest of which netted the second
eleven just fifty yards. Johnson began
football late this season. Had he
started in earlier he may have been
a leading candidate for the 'varsity.
He is playing quarter. Richard Shel
don will probably be a sub on Satur
day when the Indians meet Yale. He
was played on the second elevenNjgaiu
yesterday afternoon. Richardson was
used at right guard. Hale is a cripple
and Sharpe has water on theknee.
Hyde, the other kicker, is off his game.
Dupee has always been a clever punt
er. He was One of the best last sea
son. His work yesterday was first
Crack Teams Will Enter Long-Dis-
tance Bike Contest in December.
W. C. Stinson, fthe pace follower,
has entered for the six-day bicycle race
in Madison Square Garden, which will
start on December 10, with Frank Wal
ler as his partner. Several first class
riders, such as Charles Miller, the six-
day champion, and Louis Giniru, the
Pittsburg rider, also have entered.
McFarland and Cooper, the Ameri
can sprinters, will return this week on
the. steamship St Louis, accompanied
by four teams of foreigners, who will
enter In the forthcoming tussle in the
Garden. The European delegation will
comprise Gougoltz. and Simar, Muller
and La Poute. Kaser and Ryser, Fish
er and Chevalier and Fredericks.
The following is the schedule for the
bowling league series at the Y. M. C.
A. for November and Dec-ember:
November 5 Stars ys business and
professional men.
November 7 Independents vs btars.
November 12 Lobsters vs Juniors.
November 10 Defenders vs business
and professionals.
November 19-Stars va Lobsters.
November 23 Independents vs De
fenders.' ''' - ; - ' '
; -November 26 Juniors vs business
and professionals. - -". ,r -'
November 30-rLobst,ers vs. Independ
ents, v - " ; ,, j v.;
; December 3 Defenders vs Stars.
: December . 10 Business, and . profes
sionals vs Lobsters. ,. , '.. - - .-
. December 14r-Defenders vs Juniors..
December 17 Stars vs Juniors.
December 21 tlndependents vs busi
ness and professionals.
December 2-1 Def enders vs Lobsters.
Day- Sale
' If the bargain you purchase is not
satisfactory, return the clothes and
you shall have your money back,
for the asking.
5o. Main St
r yellow sign and awning. Open every
til 11 o'clock.
Waterbury Ladies Defeat the Hart
ford Representatives Yesterday.
A team from the Ladies' Golf cjub
of Hartford came to Waterbury yester
day and was defeated by a Waterbury
team of ladies. After the game the
visitors were entertained at the house
of Mrs J. Hobart Bronson. The fol
lowing was the scores:
Dr Conkey 5
Miss Dickinson O
Miss Benedict 7
Mrs J. H. Bronson 0
Hartford. "
Miss Whltmore 0
Miss Storrs 5
Miss Brainard 0
Mrs Bulkeley ..... , 3
The following is the schedule of
November 10 Nationals vs Colts,
8:30 p. m.; Monitors vs Nonpareils, 9.
November 15 Brass Citys vs Owls,
November 17 Terrors vg Olympias,
8:30; Hustlers vs Nationals 9.
November 22 Colts vs Monitors,
-November 24 Owls vs nustlers,
S:30; Nonpareils vs Brass Citys, 9.
November 29 Olympias vs Hustlers,
December 1 Monitors vs Nationals,
8:30; Terrors vs Nonpareils, 9.
December 6 Colts vs Olympias,
9:10. ,
December 8 Owls vs Nationals,
S:30; Brass Citys vs nustlers. 9.
December 13 Terrors vs Colts. 9:10.
December 15 Monitors vs Brass
Citys, 8:30; Olymnias vs Nonpareils, 9.
December 20 Nationals vs Terrors.
December 22 Colts vs Hustlers,
8:30: Owls vs Olvmpias. 9. -
December 27 Brass Citys vs Na
tionals, 11:10.
December 29 Monitors vs Terrors,
8:30; Nonpareils vs Owls, 9.
Builders of the Valkyries Get Contract
for Sir Thomas Llpton's Boat.
Glasgow, Nov 9. The contract to
build Shamrock II.; has been "placed
with, D. and W. Henderson, the build
ers of the three Valkyries.
Shamrock II. is to be completed by
March 31, and the first trial contest
will take place on the Clyde .about
April 15. Possibly both Shamrocks
will be sent to the United States to
be tested in American waters.
' Chicago, .Nov 9. President Johnson
of the American league, with several
other magnates, started yesterday for
the east, where the base ball situation
will , be gorib over carefully and the
final decision made regarding the cit
ies wnich will be taken into the fold.
Manning went alopg to see for himself
what- advantages Washington has to"
offer over Kansas City. When the
party returns next weK a mfet'ng of
all the magnates will be held In this
city and the action of the-committee
ratified. ; . --,
And Select One of Those '
Handsome -
': V"'7'V
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and then you will be sure of
the fit.
Election is over and they
are going fast now.
Right before election we
bought at our - own price
several lines more than we
then had room for. Now they
are ordered in and you can
get a fit this week.
89-91 Bank St.
: OF : .
Winter Gloves and Sweaters
For Men and boys now awaits your
inspection. Remember we make a
specialty of driving and working
gloves. Ask to see the boys' wool
sweaters we are selling at 98c.
Hattarj ani Furnish art.
115 and 117 SOUTH MAIN ST
Made to your drder. Make, ma
terial, style and price right.
Successor to ; iS
Software Tailoring Co
Over Chase's Millinery Store, -a
Entrance next to Lake's Drue Store S
Do You Know
That we do credit business and can
arrange terms of payment to your
satisfaction. Look for our large ad
vertisements occasionally. .
32 Center Street. Open Evenings. .
23c lb. 4 1-2 lbs for $1.00.
Boston Butter House
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White Sponge has no equal:
. also .
Feed, Hay and Grain,
i "The BocX That's Dranl" '.
I Now on draught la all the lcadinff
.cafcB and hotels,

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