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- ; .
Tommy . Ryan? and Jack Root
'v Are Matched to fight.
Xhey Will Do Battle In Jim Gorbett's
: Club In Cincinnati It -Will Take
Place Between January 1 and Feb-
- ruary 15 Sharkey's Manager Want-
tU to Have Hiin Fight Pons the
' "Wrestler '"Mysterious" Billy Smith
Arrested For .Cruelty to Animals
-Buffalo's Lobster Fight.
Tommy Ryan, of Syracuse, and Jack
Root, of Chit-ago, will battle for the
middleweight championship some time
, between January 1 and February 15
at Convention hall, Cincinnati. James
J. Corbett is now arranging and will
manage the- bout. The articles-will
trail for twenty rounds at 158 pounds
at noon on the day of the bout. Tom
my Ryan came to .New York yesterday
. and signed the club articles prepared
by Corbett. Root, who is anxious t
. meet the middleweight champion, will
sign as soon as he receives the articles.
Corbett offers a $5,(RHl purse or a
percentage of the gross receipts. This
Is to be determined when Ryan and
Root meet to sign articles' and postal
forfeit. The men will fight according
to Marquis of Queensberry rules. Cor
bett will post $2.r.OO with Al Smith as
a guarantee that the bout will take
-place on the date that will be agreed
upon. Ryan and Root will also have
to post a forfeit of $1,250 each as a
guarantee of good faith.
The friends of the former champion
will be surprised to learn that he has
branched out as a promoter of lights.
Corbett. however, became interested
when Herman J. Witte, who repres
ented the stockholders of Convention
hall in Cincinnati, offered $15.MXt for
a twenty round bout between Corbett
and Jeffries. The champion spurned
this offer, even after Corbett declared
that he would add $5,000 to Mr Witte's
offer If Jeffries would consent to meet
him. Before Mr Witte returned to
. Cincinnati Jie had an understanding
with Corbett whereby the latter could
'Secure Convention hall .for a twenty
round bout between boxers of note, so
as to attract a good attendance. Ac
cording to arrangements Corbett is to
hand over 40 per cent of the gross
receipts. Maor Fleisciim'an has con
sented to issue a license for the bout
provided it takes place before Febru
ary 15.
Corbett believes that a fight between
Root and Ryan for the middleweight
?hatupionsihip of the world will be as
big an, attraction as a bout between
heavyweights. Ryan ir, the undisputed
champion, since McCoy can no longer
get down to, the middleweight limit
' 158 pounds. Root has. for a long time,
aspired to mix it up with Ryan for a
longer period than six rounds.
Ryan was asked yesterday if it was
possible for Root to make the stipulat
ed weight without jeopardizing his
chances. ,' ' " "
"Oh, I don't see why not." answered
Ryan. ""He will weigh in early in the
day and I believe that lie will -take
on some weight before the fight. Root
assured hie in Chicago a few days aao
that he could easily get down, to 158
pounds, aud if he weakens himself by
doing it. why,' then. I have a better
chance to win. Root Is a pretty husky
chap, let me telL you. The last time
we met. in a six round bout. Root
weighed 104 pounds. I can beat him,
though, if he weighed a ton."
settlements in. the vicinity of Buffalo.
A few days ago Leonard was pitted
against a really good mau. Art Simms,
of, Akron,- O. The tight taokiilace at
Erie," Fa, and there is the story of
the contest: "At the opening Leonard,
tried to ""rush" things, but be met the--Ohio
boy's list too frequently. In the
seventeenth .Leonard, was down three;
times, and the last time the bell came
before the count was finished. He
saved himself from a knockout in this
round by clinging. In the eighteenth
Joe was again down three times and
took the count each time. The nine
teenth and twentieth were tame, but
Leonard's face was like a 'piece of raw
beefsteak." Mr Leonard and the
Buffalo oracles will please disentangle
MctJoveru's name from the remains.
Paul Pons, the French' wrestler, and
.T, J. Rooney. "the giant gripman," will
not meet on' the mat at the Chicago
Coliseum December 10. as has been
announced. Owing to Rdoney's ilis-
satisfnvtion with certain percentage
demands, George S. Wood, who has
managed the arrangements, has de
clared the match cancelled.
' : .. V 'V
Meriden Defeated Hartforii Last
: Night in a Hustling Game. !
Scrantou, Penn, Dec 5. Professor
M. J. Dwver won smother wrestling
match last night, throwing Frank Her-
rii-k. of Providence. R. I., in two
straight falls of thirty-seven and twen
ty-live minutes respectively. The bout
took place at the Scrantou Bicycle club
Dumpy Williams Playefl On the Meri
den Team Manager Miller Is 'Af ten
Cunningham Kid Conway Said toj
Have Received a Fortune to. Play in'.
Lewiston New Haven Is Cpming:
Here To-jiight For , a Thrashing'
. Jean Jacques is Selling 'Cages in
Hartford. Dec 5. Of all the surpris
es that the Hartford team has run up
against this, season, the one . of last
might wins the prize. Meriden was
here and, of course, everybody looked
for an easy victory, but there Is 'where
the surprise came in. Meriden start
ed in to win and' win she did with
the greatest of case. In the first per
iod her players made so many goals
that Hartford" nearly had a cat fit aud
it took flip heart out of her players,
and thus she lost. Dumpy Williams
played with the Meriden team and he
proved a mascot for the taileuders. The
score and summaiy: '
Cadets and Elms Could Xot Agree as
to Terms.
Representatives of the Cadets and
Elm foot ball teams had a conference
in the Democrat office last evening,
but failed to arrange a game. The
Cadets want to play for $100 a side,
while the Elms were willing to play for
fun or for any amount as high as $50
a side. They made the claim that be
iug a small organization, with no back
crs. nor no money m t lie treasury, that
they were not able to raise $100' just
at present. The representative of the
Cadets was firm, however, and said
that unless the Elms could post $100,
tuarautee to post it. he could make
no match, anu. sum lie. it me ipivu
ow in 'my possession is not put up
nd covered to-night. I leel confident
there will be no game as, in all prob
ability, if the match is not made to-
ight. the matter will be dropped..
This." he said, "is not oHiclal, but
it "is hit opinion of the matter.' With
that the conference came, to an end.
Before leaving, the -Elms wished the
lemoerat to announce that, they are
willintr to play the" Cadets for the
port there is in the game, or for any
mount un to . iney are wining
to have the game free to the public
or they will allow the Cadets to take
all the gate receipts. They will play
next Saturday or n. week from Satur
day, at the convenience ot tne cauets.
The Elms seem to mean, business, ai-
t hough a little shy of funds, and if
the' Cadets really want a game, it iooks
as though it were up to them now.
Scolield . .
Wodtke . . .
Dohertv . .
Starkie" . .
. first rush . ,
second rush
. . center . .
, . halfback . ,
. . . goal . . .
. . . . Lewis
'; ".Russell
. . . Hayes
. . Cusick
. -l have a great scheme, Tom," said
Barney Reich, the able gentleman who
now manages the sailor's affairs, "f
tnjnk it's funny some of these wise
managers didn't tumble to it before.
1 Brady, Madden and Williams must be
dead slow."
"Well,- let's hear it," said the sailor,
showing some impatience.
"Why, it's this," said Reich, with an
air of mystery. "While you are wait
ing for a chance at Jeffries, fight the
champion of France."
-. Reich stood back and gazed at the
Bailor to note the effect of the proposal.
"Certainly I'll fight the champion of
France," said Sharkey, with custom
ary bravery; "but where will I fight
- him?".
"Why," responded Reich, "fight him
in our new club over in you know.
"Yes. yes. that's all right.'-' respond
ed the sailor, "buti where is the ehani-
' pion of France?".
"Right in this city." said Reich.
. "What's bis name? asked Sharkey.
"Paul Pons,". was the reply. "Didn't
you see. his. picture in the papers? He's
. a -big fellow. Torn, but you can lick
hiru. and 1 11 bet $37,000 on the side.'
A look of awful disgust overspread
the sailer's usually engaging counte
nance, and he looked long and search
Ingly at his new manager before an
sVering: - v : - -
'"Say; Barney, Pons ain't' no fighter.
. lie's a rassler. Next thing' I know
you'Jl be" wanting me to fight a bull
Ring off, Barney, ring-off.-. You've got
the wrong, number. '
The pugilist, ' ."Mysterious Billy
Smith and his trainer, James Kelly,
- who liave-their training quarters- at
- College point, were' arraigned, u the
i-iusning ponce, court yesterday,
charged with cruelty to animals, on
Smith's part and on Kelley s with in
terferriug with an officer in the dis
charge of his duty."-. Edward Phillips,
of Manhattan, is the complainant. On
Sunday last Smith, and Ji is ' trainer
": - drove to Whitestone Landing, L. -I
from their training . quarters..- Y- At,
. W hltestone, just prior to their return
Smith,' who bad- imbibed gather too
freely In greVting his friends, abused
his dog, and Mr Phillips requested him
to stop. Smith turned on Phillips, and
berated him soundly, until. Mr Phil
lips Called Police Oflicen Devoe. ' The
. latter "Was 'set upon by Kelly.' Both
nieii were locked up. , In court yester
day they-were released on. bail .fur
. . . nlshed by the hotel man with whom
Y ' Smith boards. They are to apjear for
.-r trial next Friday. Mr Phillips re
fuses to drop the .case. -It was a few
. years ago-in Boston- that Smith re-
. oeiven .the sobriquet of the "Mysteri
,:ous" one; he had just landed from the
'. - British provinces. , and , solicited
. match from. Captain "Cook: " He was
nlwiut to beTsierned when : Ptontnin
Cook askd. "What name, shall I xi
down?"- "on." replied smith, make it
"' 'Billy... Smith; that s as good - as any
, fother one, am t nr, au ngnt,': re
.Y" torted Cook, "we Nl you 'M ysterions
' .-. KUly smitUi'.' and thus tne tighter has
remained ever since. yj , 4 "
,J " Buffalo lias , a boxer j: named ? Joe1
T6nar'd who.' Is 'known there as the"
LTi2Talo.; Terry McGpyern," Great
" bare been predicted for- -Leon
- v -oracle of ..the Buffalo spotting
wt, they basing -their opinions
, tanner in wnich Leon
iTB jrftrlos lobaters.
Won by. Caged by. Time.
1. 'Meriden Lewis'.. ..... . .0:00
J. Hartford Cotter .. . . . ..::05
8. Meriden Russell .. .... :15
4. Meriden Russell 1:05
5. Meriden Russell 1:15
0. Meriden : Lewis '. . ... .. . . :'M
7. Meriden Russell :20
H. Hartford Wodtke 1:55
Lim!t. .
9. Hartford Cotter . . ....... .2:20
10. Meriden Russell 4:20
11. Meriden Russell 3:30
12. Hartford Wodtke 3:00
13. Hartford Colter 1:40
J4- Meriden Russell.. .4:35
15. Meriden Russell 5:45
10. Hartford Scolield .. .. .... :30
17. Hartford Scofield .. .. :..1:00
IS..- Hartford Wodtke .... ...1:25
19. "Hartford Wodtke 2:00
The. Argus of Portland says the Lew
iston team made a' ridiculous- showing
at, Bath -.."'-.-.' - -. ;
Manager Miller returned last even
ing from, jjls trip to Providence, where
he-ha4 a consultation-, with- George-l-
Cuiiuinghaui . iij regard to coining
to Meriden to play polo. He also tried
to get Conway, but the latter left for
-Maine with Fred Doe, who had prom
ised him $75 a. week and four weeks'
pay or $300 in advance as soon as he
reached Lewiston. - Conway took tb
chance with Doe. Cunningham told
Mr Miller that he would like to come
to Meriden and' that if he could ar
range matters with his employers he
would do so. He said he ; would ' let
Mr Miller know one way or the other
to-day. With Cunningham and . Wil
liams in the team it ought -to be able
to. hold Its own with -any of them.
Meriden Journal. ': ' '.'-
One of the best drawing cards in this
section Would be tha Lewiston team
of the-Maine league, .which is under
Fred Doe's management. Doe man
aged the Norwich base ball team last
yeai It has been suggested that the
Meriden owners buy out Doe and his
whole Lewiston aggregation, if-such
a thing was possible. . It would mean
the expenditure of a lot of money; but
it would undoubtedly be a money mak
ing scheme. Doe has had hard plough
ing in Maine and might be willing to
mix up in Connectivut sport again.
Morning Record.. Doe is on the Na
tional league's black list and the league
would have to rescind Ms action if
Meriden desu-es to do anything with
Doe. Btsldes Hipson "belongs to Wa
terbury and would not be allowed by
Waterbury to play here if the Lew
iston team did break up. Meriden
Score Meriden 10. Hartford 0;
rushes. Lewis J. Scofield S. Wodtke 3,
tie 1: foul. Williams; referee, Lahey;
timer, Lyons.
Won. Lost. P. C
New Haven . . . . . . .12
Hartford U
Waterbury . . ...... .10
Springfield '. . . 9
Meriden 4
Tuesday -Meriden ai; Hartford.
Wednesday Springfield at Meriden,
New Haven, at Waterbury.
Thursday Hartf ord at Springfield.
Friday Springfield at Xew Haven,
Meriden at Waterbury.
Saturday Waterbury at Meriden,
New Haven at Hartford.
That's -what the kidneys are when theyTe: sick,
wnat maxes the Kidneys sick? A simple .tiling - ,
They have too much to do. - : ' '
Must keep tip their work, they never rest. ', ' ' ;;
They can't be blamed for kicking. ; ' -
Ji-ver nave your kidneys kick ? . -
Ever1 have a had back, a lame, a weak or aching one?
Know it's the same thing ? . ..,
The back aches because' the kidneys are blocked. " ' ' .
Help the kidneys with the work "keep them moving.
And the back will ache no more
There is proof that DO AN'S KIDNEY PILLS do this. .
And it's proof that can be proven.
It's the experienc3 of Water bury citizens.
Read, the case in point; -
' . , ... Mrs E. Tiernan of No 72 Pleasant -jp
street, says: "I Wad rheumatism in
if. my lower limbs, feet and back. 1 took
- A every kind of medicine when the at-
' tacks came on. but I never received g
33 much good. Being always on the out- .
' 5- look for sumething to help me, when 15;
4.' was syi.ed with the last severe spell I ;
; went to Lake's drug store and got a
box of Doan's Kidney Pills. They re-
lieved me at once.' ;j;
All Druggist tesp DOAN'S Kidney Pills.
Remember the name DOAISTS and take ho substitute,
Price 50 cents per box. Foster-Milburn' Co.. Buffalo, N.
Y. Sole Agents.
A Little Help
Before Christmas . to . make
your rnoney go around.. . We
have the - " '
One in a box
S w eaters Bis and liltI
6 in a box
GoKestofitaIlases- ,
Harvard "Grad" Thinks Football Rules
Should Be Amended.
Cambridge. Mass. Dec 5. In a Com
munication to the Harvard urimson.
H. C Leeds of Boston proposes
elm nu-es in the football rules. Mr
Leeds was graduated from Harvard
in '77. and while in college played the
old came of Rugby. Since graduatiu
hn has taken a deep interest 111 root-
ball, and has followed the development
of thu modern name witli a great deal
of interest. He suggests the follow
ine chances:
1. After a touchdown there snail oe
no'pujit out. but the goal shall be tried
!it the difficult atlttle.
2. If on a punt or kick-off the ball
hits tile goal post and rebounds into
the field it should be- counted as though
it had gone over the line, tuns eliminat
ing the chances of big gains and fluke
ilia vs.
3. The cantain should nave me elec
tion of whether he will take a penalty
imnosed on the opponents or a gain
that he has made. The referee should
not blow. 'his whistle when a foul 1
made, but wait until the ball is
downed, and -then notify the captains
and ask the side that has gained which
it will take, the decision or the dis
t:.nce naiued. regardless of length or
scores. - .
4. If there Is a case of holding or
eff-side play on the kick-off the cap
tain of the eleven receiving the kick
off shall have the say whether the
game shall go on without penalty or
have the kick made over. ,
New Haven here to-night. .' ; . t .
And to think that Meriden walloped
Hartford.- the team that has been kick
ing so much against her. . Tom Cotter
must have thought a whole lot of things
after that battle was over last night.
If Meriden gets Cunningham, look
out for trouble from that team, for
with Russell, Cunningham, Williams.
Hayes and Cusick the Meridens should
make it interesting for all the teams.
A few nights ago Manager Miller, of
the Meriden team said he would give
$100 to secure two fast players for his
team. Some of the Pawtucket boys
ought to land" all right. Pawtucket
Manager Parsons of the Wraterburv
polo team was in Boston yesterday.
He reports good business in the Na
tional league with the exception of
Mwiden, where the management
seems to be in a dream. Pawtucket
Times. .
William E.. Bransfleld, who caught
for the Wprcesters last season and for
the Brocktons at-one time during it,
career in the Xew England league, is
having his troubles ' in Worcester at
present, owing to his inability to get
Into the Bartenders uuion. ; tie ap
plied for admission and was turned
down. The ivorcester papers claim
ttnit the cry that turned , him down
was that be made a lot of money
ulavinsr ball during the summer and
should not be given a position where
he 'could make money during tne win
ter.'". Those that oppose him claim
that there are men in Worcester who
rely on bartending for a. living and
that those men should be protected
by the union.. The position of the ball
nhpeer is nnheld by the Telegram,
which says that the fact of his having
a mother and two sisters to support
did not- seem to enter vthe case. The
proprietor, who -wishes to hire Brans
field Is willing to do so. as the union
does hot compel all the men to be
mi ion men. but BriTnsneld refused, as
he did not belong to the union.
-Tlarvey Parker chuckled when he
"read .that Jeffries wanU to -wrestle
'Pons, and immediately began negotia
tions for alnatch with the big fellow.
Manager Brady was communicated
with "yesterday and an answer is es
Dected oou. It is believed by Parker
that shemld Jeffries go to Brockton .the
theater.' would be' packed and he is
willing to wager any amount that lie
cnu make the champion look like a
weakling; In a game on the mat at
cateh-ajS-cateh-can.'-- , " .
"Wills Point, , Tex. Decv5. J.- -H.
'Smith's racing stable, four miles west
of here, were Durnea at a ociocKyes
terday morning. .The fire destroyed a
large 'number; iof rjtee . horses;": among
rthetu . Beatlfaee ; John Horelin,. Cecil,.
Terainler, Addfe H., Air Line.-Amelia
T.; Nellie B., Daisy Osborne Elsie M.,
Texas Belle. Edith CUne. Nora 8., Jea
le -F.t it auo'iubla and Amelia. - - -
Jacques has sold polo cages. to Doe,
or to his representative. What a com
ic opera could be written around that
sale. There must have been several
twisters up in Lewiston before that
sale was consummated.
"Hoe got a pliim in Cunningham.
Now look out for Lewiston." Herald.
A little twisted. He got Higgins aud
Conway, but with them he strength
ened his team. Cunningham is still
running a correspondence school.
Brockton Times. 1 -
Gee-, what prices they do pay up in
Maine 011 paper; $75 a week and $300
in advance for Kfd Conway! Why the
Kid must have had a tit when he' heard
the figures. But, for all that, there
might be some "angels" in Maine who
have more money than they know
what to do with.
Every fan in the city to-night should
get out and witness the game between
New Haven and Waterburv. It will
be a red hot contest from beginning to
end. W aterbury desires to retrieve
her record because of the ignominious
defeat "by Springfield, and she will try
hard to make it interesting for New
Haven. , .
It is reported in the southeastern
cities that Doe Is after Russell. If Rus
sell is anxious to take a chance , in
Maine with Doe or anybody else there
Is -no law that can compel him to stay
here, and that:' applies to any player
in the Meriden team or any other play-,
er In .the National league. But most
of the players are too foxy to make
any such move. Meriden Journal. ,
Now that football Is over Bridgeport
may take a look in at polo. But for
some reason or: other the fans down
here have not had the slightest inter
est In the spoit this season? I fancy
much of this is due to the disappoint
ment felt over repeated failures to: lo
cate a team. People have become dis
gusted and do not want to hear a word
said about the game. Bridgeport Post.
The Auditorium will,, no doubt, be
crowded to-night to witness- the; game
between New Haven and Waterbury.
The people of New Haven believe that
their .team "can-, outplay any -five jnen
In the league, and Just because her
team lias held the lead for a few days.
To-night the -Wftterbury players -will
fully demonstrate the fact' that New
Haven is-not in it a little bit. We
will beat that team just as sure as
the night comes. . . '
T Things are-, not going quite as
smoothly as they, might' in the, 'Na
tional league this, season.; There are
only-five clubs in- it and one of them,
Meriden,- is shaky; The -other Jour,
however. are all drawing' pretty Well.
Hartford and New Haven Jiave . the
call in playing- strength. . Sprlngneld
is trying it again and Is doing well.
BIdgeport post. , You . forget Brother
Cballeriger..that "Waterbury la, playing
nrettv fast . polo, that she is In-the
third place ahead of Springfield; that
he Is drawing good crowds and that
Bridgeport couldnt afford to build a
jrluk. - - , -, , ' , . , - - .
C.uban Convention Considers Coustitu
- tion.
HAVANA, Dec. 5. The Cuban con
stitutional convention resumed its sit
tings yesterday with nn air of business.
The first thing done was to defeat over
whelmingly the motion of Senoi- Gual
berto Gomez to discuss General Wood's
address at the opening of the conveu
tion. Thfcs action will probably close
the incident.
Three complete constitutions were sub
mitted by General Rivera, . Senor de
Quesada and the colored general Morua
respectively. These will be printed and
distributed among the delegates, who
will discuss them later.
General Rivera's proposed constitution
provides for a president, a senate, a
house of reoresenta lives, a governor for
each of the six. provinces, a legislative
body for each province and for one lnenir
ber of the house of representatives for
every 30,000 inhabitants. With vlection
by popular vote. His scheme calls also
for the election -of three -electors in each
municipal district, whose duty it shall
be to elect a legislative body of 11 for
the-province in which they reside. Th'.s
legislative body shall elect the governor
and four members of the senate. Final
ly the "six legislatures shall meet and
choose the president,., who must be a na
tive Cuban. Candidates for senatorial
honors must haveuincomes of at least
$1,500 a year. .. ." '
General Rivera's - idea is to have the
power vested in the. central government,
and the convention, virtually pledged it
self to one state government at "Mon
day's secret session. -,.
Senor de Quesada's proposal would
centralize the government in a president,
senate and house of representatives elect
ed by the people, su,frae. being restrict
ed to educational -qiialificatijons.
General Morua ollered for approval, the
constittition of the United States with
the exception that any one who fought in
the war might be chosen president. His
proposal, leaves the question of an .army
and navy to be decided by congress.
Senor Zayas offered a- clause providing
that a judicial body higher than the su
preme court should be elected by popular
vote and providing that any oftteral re
moved from office should have the right
of appeal to this body.
Senor Ferrara submitted a general ed
ucational scheme. -
Defeated by Only One-Bird in Fiftj
Bird Match.
Tod Sloaue's ability as a marksman
is second only to his ability as a jock
ey. Yesterday - the famous race-rider
met Phil Daly,. Jr. in a tiny-bird match
for $o0li a side: Tlie match was shot
at interstate park, Oueens, L. I., yes
terday, and although Tod failed to
win he made a remarkably good show
ing, Daly beating him only one bird.
Experts at the traps said that the
match not only was one of the closest.
but one of the best of the season. Some)
yars ago "Snapper" Garrison was
famous as a jockey, a shot and a piano
player. Varied as the. "Snapper's" ac
complishments were, Sloane threatens
to leave him in the shade.
The. match was shot in a pouring
rain -which beat ill the faces of the
shooters and drenched them to the
skin. A faster lot of blue rock pig
eons could not, have been found. 1 he
moment the traps were sprung they
were away like the wind, and almost
ill were straight drivers. Sloane was
first at the scratch. His third bird
carried both barrels over the lifty-yard
boundary and dropped .dead just put
Miilo His thirteenth was a clean miss.
His .nineteenth died just out and hfs
twentieth was a miss.
On the second round Sloane hit his
twenty-seveiitli bird hard, but he car
ried it out. His. thirty-second was
fast and a clean miss. His thirty-sixtii
bird was a right, driver, but carried
both loads over the line. His forty
fourth was a clear miss.
' Daly lost his second, ninth, twentieth
and t'wenty-lifth shots, all four birds
being wry fast and the rain making
it almost impossible to see them. His
forty-second - was. knocked down, but
arose and flew over the boundary, w
to fall' dead, -His forty-fourth was a
fast driver and he missed. His for-ty-fith"
carried two loads over the
boundary betore tailing ueuu.
To-morrow Sloane anu J-miy
compete in the Interstate park handi
cap. ..'.'
Porto Rlco'a House ot Delegates Re
ceives Valuable instructions.
SAN JUAN, Porto Rico, Dec. 5. The
Porto Rican house of delegates was har
moniously organized, Senor Manuel F.
Rossy being elected speaker. While in
joint session with the executive council
the two bodies adopted a resolution to
cable greetings to President McKinley. .
Governor Allen's message, consisting of
3,000 words, was well received. After
congratulating the people of Porto Rico
cn the meeting of their first legislative
assembly the governor points out that the
finances of the "island are in a satisfac
tory condition, showing a balance of $1,
583,49(5. The receipts from May to Octo
ber inclusive were $1,041,006. The sum
of $209,608, the balance- due from . the
customs, will be used to refund the chief
revenue customs which cease in 1002.
The governor recommends an equitable
system of taxation, 'including excise, in
heritance tax, and a direct tax upon real
estate, together with a general valuation
of all property and the abolition of mu
nicipal taxes. - '"
He announces that there are now 800
schools in the island, an increase of 184
during the Jast year, and recommends
that this number be augmented and that
increased appropriations be made for
elementary education.
The reorganization of the judiciary and
the jury system is also recommended, and
an argument is made in favor of simpler
forms of municipal government, .the sug
gestion . being that municipalities be di
vided into three classes, according to the
population of the towns.
Governor Alleu asks for a repeal of the
order giving alcaldes judicial power and
recommends the establishment of boards
of supervisors similar to those in Massa
chusetts. He praises the insular police,
but thinks the force should be increased
for all towns having populations under
!0,0U0. More roads are recommended.
The message advises that the United
States congress be petitioned to. deepen,
widen and clear San Juan harbor.
Deserted and Robbed,
YOUNGSTOWN, O., Dec. 5. Mrs.
Helen Taylor, , 19 years old, who was
married in New? York a few days ago,
has been deserted here by her ausband,
Theodore Taylor. Mrs. Taylor alleges
he also relieved her of $150, all her sav
ings. Taylor .represented to . his wife
that he was to manage a .store here.
Mrs. Taylor says the. money taken' was
the' result of ten years? - sbvfng. Her
maiden-name, was Helen Krause.
Six Day Champion Prepared For the
Struggle at Madison Square Garden.
New York, Dec '5. Charley Miller,
the six day champion of the world,
who has been training in Chicago for.
next week's team race '.at Madison
SqraVe Garden, arrived in this city last
night. Tile -"Flying-Dutchman" is in
line cundition ,-auiiiVwill need -only a
daily work out to keep him in shape
for the struggle. . His partner in the
coming affair, Bobbie Walthour, the
sontheru crack, will reach town to-day
ainl the pair will do their training with
the foreigners at Ambrose park.
Yesterday's inclement weather did
not interfere with the preparation- of
the European pedallers quartered at
Ambrose park. On the contrary, some
of the best impromptu contests seen
there since their arrival- took place.
The men rode 011 the home trainers
used by Charley Murphy in exhibitions.
There are two machines witli a dial
attached, and the different riders could
not resist the temptation to race. One
of the .best contests was between
Gougoltz, the Frenchman; and Kaser,
the stolid German. They turned out
about twenty miles at an even gait,
when Gougoltz began' to increase his
speed and shoot ahead. Kaser's part
ner, Ryser, excitedly called his coun
tryman's attention to the Frenchman's
tactics, aud the Teuton thereupou
started to hit it up himself. The other
men surrounded the machrnes urging
on the two men until tweuty-five miles.
when the men stopped. It was a hot
tussle-' - and Gougoltz got the verdict
by a slight margin.
Entries close to-day for the amateur
indoor championship and' handicap
which takes place on Saturday night
at the Gardeu. These two events pre
cede the two match, races. In one
Michael aud Stiusou will battle for lif
teen miles behind motors, and in the
ether Toni Cooper and "Major" Tay
lor, the tyo- fleetest sprinters in the
country, will settle the question of su
premacy in a niarjii beat race.
Captain Rhodes Will Be the Skipper
'. of the New Defender.
Pjintnin Urias Rhodes will be skip
per of the new defender of the Ameri
ca s cub. W. tsutier uuncan, oi,
was selected bv the syndicate as man
ager uf the new yacht, yesterday au
iiiiih1 that be. had chosen Captain
Rhodes to 'handle the tiller against Sir
. . a, .1. 11
Thomas lipton s suamroi-i .
tnin Rhodes was skipper of the old
Defender when she tried oui tue-ew
Columbia prior to the hit? national
races last year, and his' 'handling of
the Jtioat was considered equal to that
of Columbia's skippey, captain can.
Glasgow, Dec 5. Discussing the
America's cup challenger yesterday .-
George rL. .Watson, the designer of . the
Shamrock 11, said: - ."mere is not a
liit nf truth in the reports that the
new boat will embody striking novel
ties. A cup challenger is scarcely" the
kind of a boat a designer would choose
for experiments. The Shamrock it
will be like some of the other big boats
in existence. Whatever novelties there
are will be in construction details."
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Hattsri ail Fatrala'iaci '
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Toronto: ' Ont, Dec 5. Several
changes were suggested in the condi
tions of the race for the Canada cup at
a meeting of the challenge committee
of the Royal Canadian Yacht club
Monday night. - The most, important
was a clause that a referee be appoint
ed to watch the construction of the
yachts. Points of construction must
be referred to. the referee, his decision
to be final in all cases. Another change
Is that the races take place on Lake
Michigan. Two boats will be built in
Toronto, and Hamilton may turn out
another trial challenger.
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