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usliii Underwear and Housekeeping
Linens and Domestics'
This will be a veritable 20th Century Sale, employino- all the modern methods of manufacturing and merchandising for the purpose of producing the besf goods for the least possible cost., January Sales have become a feature of our business which
py reason or the values secured Dy our customers in tne past are eageny waxcneu 101 anu uuuuuny iinciiueu uy gicaici uumcio ji.
'i'v nH
-1" 1
Ladles' "White
Hue quantities of snowy white underments fresh from the hands of of the operators have just arrived for this great annual sale. Never have we collected so large a stock or
nary values as we are this year. The spacious quarters on our second floor, given up to the sale of Underwear, will afford greater convenience than ever to the crowds who yearly
ever before will surely be on hand.
Children's and Misses'
Children's and Misses' Muslin
Drawers, hemstitched, sizes 1 to
S. This sale 10c.
Misses' anil Children's Night Gowns,
made double yoke, hamburg trim
med. This sale
Misses' Corset Covers, V neck, ham
burs, sizes L'S and iJ'J. This
sale -JUl:
Misses' Marguerite Corse t Covers, j
made of line cambric, draw string )
at waist line
and lace trimmed.
This1 sale 45c.
Hisses' Skirts
lace ruffle,
umbrella shape, with
all sizes. This sale l'Jc.
Ladies' Skirts, umbrella style, tucked '
ruffle, tnrclion lace trimmed, also
dust ruffle (as sliov- u in cutt 4'Jc.
Umbrella Style Skirts, with hem
stitclied. flounce and fabric dust
ruffle. 45c.
Skirts of Umbrella style, deep flounce,
torchon inserting and ruffle (as
shown in ( ut i title.
Umbrella Skirls, with tucked flounce.
deep hamburg ruffle and cambric
dust ruffle, OSc.
One of the New Cars Ran Off the
Track Yesterday.
The deputy coroner has at last made
a move in the mysterious tragedy of
the Cotton Hollow house by ordering
the arrest of the hostler, Mho gave
Ids name as Murray, but whose real
name is supposed to be William Fitz
patrick. The deputy coroner and De
tective Leets arrived in town yester
day morning on the 9:45 train and im
inediatelv moeeeded to the Cotton
Hollow house where they spent the
day examining the inmates of the
house. About :i:30 o'clock the coroner
ordered this man Fitzpatriek to be
placed under arrest. The arrest was
- made by Constable Butz, who brought
the man to the Naugatuck lock
up. On what charge - Fitz
patriek ' was arrested could not be
found out. Very little is known about
Fitzpatriek but it is said that he be
longs somewhere in New York state
and that h" wasr around here a few
weeks ago looking for work and hap
pened to go down there and was en
gaged as hostler. The woman who
It is now known went to the room with
Melberg on that fatal night was sub
jected to a strict cross-examination
and it is claimed that her testimony
threw enough light on the case to
justify the coroner in making the one
arrest already made. The constables
n-eru withdrawn vesterdav and the
place is agauj in charge of Proprietor!
Martin. It thought that some in
teresting developments will be made in
the case either to-night or to-morrow.,
One of the new cars on the Nauga
tuck Tine, yesterday afternoon abont 5
o'clock, ran off the end of the track
on Main street and smashed into the
pole bending the fender up in good
shape. No one was injured. - The cat
was in charge of Superintendent
Wells, who was trying to see how it
' Harry Ludlow spent Saturday in
New York city on business.
William J. Neary, who has been
taking an extended vacation, returned
home Saturday night.
Miss Maud Hoffman of Ansonia,
spent Sunday with friends In ttfwn.
Edward Finnerty of New Haven
spent Sunday at tue home -of Mrs
' James Grant of Oak street.
James Lynch, late of this town, but
now employed In Misawaka, Is visit
ing relatives in town. ; . '
Dr P. B. Turtle and wife" left to
day for Charlestown, on their way to
Florida, where they will spend the
At the tearing before the commis
sioners on leiettts and damages to
."propejrty holders on Main,.;Iaple. and
Oakstreets Saturday Borough Attor
ney" Sweeney brought the-case for the
B0rough to a close and Attorney Ken
nedy for the property holders started
his side. The commissioners meet
again Wednesday and it is to be hoped
y that the hearing will finish up this
' case as every time tne commissioners
meet it costs tne Dorougn a gooaiy
sum- , '' - t ' ' -
The board of warden and burgesses
trill meet to-morrow when some new
"ordinances will be .brought j before
them and the monthly reports wll also
skirts. rr
kJ i i A ' M
A ev six
Fine Cambric Skirts, made with three
insertings and ruffle of torchon
lace, also cambric dust ruffle, ,1.25
Tine Cambric Umbrella Skirts, deep
lawn flounce, trimmed with sev
eral insertings of pretty lace and
ruffle' to mutch. Snecial for this
sale S1.31).
A large assortment of fine White
Shirts, trimmed with tine lace and
embroideries at prices special for
this sale.
Ladies' Umbrella Drawers. good
quality muslin, with tucked cam
bric .ruffle "like cut." . This sale
17c a pair.
Ladies' Muslin Drawers, made with
tucks and hamburg ruffle. This
sale ll)c a pair.
j Ladies' Umbrella Drawers, made of
neavy jinismi. wini in'mMia-nni
ruffle, also lace trimmed. This
sale 2c :'- pair.
Ladies' Muslin Drawers with cluster
of tucks and torchon lace ruffle.
This sale .lc.
Ladies Umbrella Drawers, with deep
hamburg ruffle and clusters of line
tucks. This sale aoc.
It is expected that a large crowd will
attend the concert and dance to be
given by the ushers and stage hands of
Columbus hall at Columbus hall to
night. There were eight knights of the
road in the room reserved for them
at the police station Saturday night.
According to all accounts it seems
to be the intention of the different
heads of the factories around town to
let anybody who lias been in their em
ploy and who was mixed up in the
case at the Cotton Hollow house get
There was no session of the borough
court this morning.
The French brothers of Union City
have been engaged to act as watch
men at the old Naugatuck hotel. It
seems to be the general opinion
around town that someone is trying
to burn down the hotel. Saturday
night, so the writer was informed, the
watchman on his rounds, discovered
two gallons of kerosene placed in the
The borough workmen were busily
engaged to-day cleaning up the cross
walks around town.
Buchanan. Mich.. 5Iay 22.
Genesee Pure Food Co.. Le Roy, N. Y.:
Gentlemen: My mammn has been
a great coffee drinker and lias found it
very injurious. Having used several
packages of your GKAIN-O, the drink
that takes the place of coffee, she
finds it miidi better for herself and for
us children to drink. She lias given
up coffee drinking entirely. We use a
package of Grain-O every week. 1
am ten years old.
lours respectfullv.
California's rait SUtpments.
SAN FliANCISCO, Dec. 31. The
New Year's edition of the San Francis o
Chronicle gives a comprehensive sum
mary of California's commerce duvias
the past year, Considerable space is
given to the growing trade with the Phil
ippines. The orange and lemon shipments
from California for the year amountm!
to 22 carloads. The product of raisins
was 75,000,000 pounds and prunes 12'J,
00,000 pounds.
ConereMman Cnmminirs I. aid Vp.
NEW YORK, Dec. 31. Congressman
Amos J. Cummings, who since Christ
mas has been on a. wheeling trip through
Connecticut, fell from his bicycle near
New Haven and fractured his right leg
at the ankle. Mr. Cummings" has not
been in the best of health recently, and
he took this outdoor trip to see if it
would not improve his condition.
. American Paintings Bought.
PARIS, Dec. 31. The Luxembourg
museum has just purchased several pic
tures that were displayed In the foreign
sections of the Paris exposition. Among
these are Mr. Walter MacEwenTs ,4A
Sunday In Holland" and Mr. Hum
phreys Johnson's "Portrait'' of a j Wo
man," both from the United States sec
tion. - - '
She Whipped the Editor,
1 CARBONDALB. Ills., Dee. 31 El
tiert E. Waller, editor and publisher, of
th,Ava Advertiser, was whipped with
arawhide by Mrs. John Connor for an
Alleged insult which appeared in tie last
I ; Willnr'a nnnor . i
Read every item carefully.
will find the description accurate ana
Several different styles of Ladies'
Cambric Umbrella Drawers, trim
med with iusertings of Val., Medici
and Torchon Laces, with ruffle to
match. This sale 4'Jc.
Ladies' Cambric Umbrtlla Drawers,
with eight-inch flounce and pretty
Scotch embroidery. This sale,
OS) cents.
Ladies' Fine Nainsook Drawers, with
clusters of tucks and fine beading
lace trimmed. This salt' OUc.
Fine Cambric and Nainsook Drawers,
made' with three insertings of
l'oint de l'aris and Kow Knot lace,
ruffle of deep lace. This sale USc.
Short Skirts.
Ladies' Short Skirts, made with clus
ters of tucks and cambric ruffle.
This sale 25c.
Short Cambric Skirts, made with Val.
insertings and ruffle of lace, 45c.
Umbrella Short Skirts, deep hem
stitched flounce. This sale 4'Jc.
Umbrella Short Skirts, tucked flounce,
with Hamburg inserting. This
sale die.
Short Cambric Umbrella Skirts, with
Hamburg and inserting, also with
tucked flounce and torchon insert
ing and ruffle. This sale 95c.
Extra Size Underwear.
Wo make a specialty of extra size
Underwtar for Ladies, and carry a
complete line always in stock of the
plainest to highest priced goods.
The following are a. few special val
ues in that line for this sale:
Extra size Umbrella Drawers, with
deep cambric ruffle, 45c.
Extra size Drawers, umbrella style,
torchon lace ruffle, ti!)c.
Extra size , Cambric Skirts, umbrella
style, with tucked flounce, also
cambric dust ruffle, USc.
Extra size Gowns, extra wide and long
hamburg trimmed tucked oke,
Extra size Corset Covers V shape neck
of hamburg, size 40, 48 and 50, 4Sc.
Corset Covers.
Muslin Corset Covers, high neck, same
as cut. This sale Sc.
Death of One of Watertown's Elderly
Residents An Accident Yesterday.
Mrs Samuel Dayton, one of our old
est residents, died at her home on
the Watertown road last night, after
an illness of only a rew days. Mrs
Dayton was one of the best known
ladies in this section. Her death will
be mourned by many, especially those
who knew her best. The date of the
funeral and other announcements will
be made later.
The Misses McDonald entertained
Miss Renehan, of Union City, over Sun
day. Patrick Flynn has taken a position
with the trolley company for a short
Poultry men should not forget the
coming poultry show. A regular meet
ing of the Naugatuck Valley Poultry
association will be held this evening.
Mr Sweeney, one of the East side's
oldest citizens, died at his residence
last evening. Mr Sweeney had been
ailing for some time, and had been
so weak of late that he was unable
to leave his bed. He leaves a large
family to mourn ids loss. Funeral no
tice will be announced later.
Professor Turner's lecture at St
John's church to-morrow evening prom
ises to be an interesting entertainment.
He takes for his subject, "St Anthony
of Padua," which will be very instruc-
j tive. Admission will lie the same to
all, 10 cents. Tickets can be procured
I of the children.
A Hebrew from Waterbury met with
a very serious accident near tne
(iucnville factory on Saturday. He
lad a busintss wagon loaded with
Hess wagon well loaded down with
scrap iron and was going along at
quite a rapid rate, when one of the
wlunds collapsed. Somehow lie man
aged to get back to Waterbury.
Mrs Jordan, formerly Miss Marion
Mulcahy, is a guest at the residence of
James Dunnigan.
Some of the business places here
will close to-morrow for a holiday.
Don't forget the regular meeti"g of
the Watertown fire department.
Hoy Kidnaped.
HOUGHTON, Mich., Dec. 31. The
5-year-old sou of Mrs. Raymond Thierby
of Dollar Bay has been kidnaped, evi
dently in the hope of securing a ransom
It is believed the boy was taken by a well
known character in the copper region,
and the sheriff, with n large posse of in
dignant citizens, is scouring the country
hoping to catch him before he fjets be
yond the state line. It is thought he is
.1 : nnrl,i.
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
1 i
- S 1 I . ROYAL 6AK1NQ t
tne goods just, as lepieseruej.
Corset Covers, with V shaped neck,
lace and hamburg trimmed. This
sale 14c.
Marguerite Corset Covers, trimmed
with hamburg. torchon and val
lace, made with draw string at
waist line, also with fitted belt.
This sale 22c.
Marguerite Corset Covers, torchon in
serting, made if tine' nainsook,
lucked back, trimmed with in
sertings of val and point de paris
lace, long and short effect. This
sale 4'Jc'
A line of higher grade. Corset Covers,
including those witli all over lace and
all over hamburgs, at special
prices during this sale.
Sets of Underwear.
We make a specialty of Underwear in
"all pieces to match." ranging in
prices from 2.50 upwards.
The Curran
Dry Goods Co.
White Muslin Under
wear Night. Gowns.
Ladies' Fine Muslin Ciowns, with
tucked yoke, trimmed with cam
bric ruffle, same as the above cut.
This sale 29c.
Ladies' Fine Muslin Gowns, with
1 round or square yokes, lace trim-
ined. This sale 39c.
New York: to Lend tlie Cities In Xoisy
NEW YORK. Dec. 31 From East-
port, Me., to Los Angeles, Oil., separat
ed by three hours in time, the twentieth
century's arrival will be followed across
the continent from east to west by a
wave of noise never heard before. Ev
ery big city in the land will join in tha
mighty chorus, and New York will make
the most noise of all.
The center of New York's welcome to
the new century will he City Hall park.
Today will find the great plaza gay with
hunting and the buildings swathed in
lings. Tonight 4.500 electric bulbs of a
dozen hues will make the park a fairy
land and outline the city hall in lines of
twinkling light. There will be stream
ers of electric lights from pole to pole
and a great legend in electricity, "Wel
come. Twentieth Century!'' There will
also be a celebration beginning at 10
o'clock by the city officials, the pro
gramme of which has not yet been made
The big band will strike up promptly
at 10 and play for two hours. The Peo
ple's Choral union, 1,000 strong, will siug
several choruses, as will the United Ger
man Singing societies, 500 more.
J. A. Chonler Is Now Legully Free.
NEW YORK, Dec. 31. John Arm
strong Chuuler. the millionaire and for
mer husband of Amelia Rives, the au
thoress, now the Princess Troubetskey,
who ran away from Bloonviugdale asylum
at White Plains. N. Y.. on Nav. 2.S last
after having been a patient there for six
years, is now practically a free man.
According to a rule laid down by the
state commission in lunacy, where a pa
tient has been absent from an institu
tion for 30 days he is marked "down"
as discharged, and he can only be re
turned to the asylum under a new com
mitment of the court. Dr. Lyon, super
intendent of Bloouiingdule asylum, said:
"Mr. Chanler, being a lawyer, is proba
bly conversant with this provision, and
for that reason since his escape he has
evaded us."
Portrait of Chief Justice Marshall.
CHICAGO, Dec. 81. Though lost and
forgotten for nearly a quarter of a cen
tury, an authentic portrait of Chief Jus
tice Marshall of the United States su
preme court has been discovered. For 22
rears the portrait has hung in the home
of H. M. Underwood, Waukegan, Ills.,
and not until Adolph Moses, an attorney,
began the agitation for an observance by
the legal profession of Feb. 4 as John
Marshall day was the location of the long
lost portrait discovered. The discovery
of the portrait is rendered the more valu
able because of the fact that so few real
ly authentic portraits of the great jurist
are extant. The newly discovered picture
it done in oils hy .E. L. Hammond, cue
of the leading artists early in' the cen
W. v .. '
Night Gowns, made of tine muslin
yokes, trimmed with clusters of
tucks and hamburg, or torchon
inserting (same as cut). This
s:ile 45c.
Nightgowns made of heavy muslin,
with tucked yoke, hamburg trim
med and coat effect. This sale 4Sc.
Night: Gowns in empire style, yoke and
reveres of hamburg. a very pretty
style. This sale 5Uc.
Ladies' Plain Muslin Gown with hem
stitched ruffle, excellent material.
This sale 50c.
Scouting Parties Cap tureMany
Insurgents In Luzon.
Grant Trying to Cateli Alejnndrino.
Camp of Filipino Leader Itaided.
Commission tt Employ Six Hun
dred American Teachers,
MANILA, Dec. 31. Many reports
have just reached Manila of capture ot
insurgents as the result of scouting
throughout, Luzon. The Americans in
this work sustained no casualties. A de
tachment of the Fourth regiment cap
tured 00 in the province of Cuvite.
General Wheaton repo.rts having cap
tured and burned Gremorio's camp in the
peninsula, near San Antonio.
General Funston reports that five in
surgents were killed and several captured
near Gaysnn.
General Smith wires that the procla
mat ion of the governor general has had
good results in his district.
Near Moriones Saturday a dozen in
surgents were killed and eight wounded.
General Grant telegraphs that he has
detachments covering the lower portions
of Mount Arayat in the hope of catching
Alejandrino. He says that last r riday
a detachment ot the ! orty-nrst infant -y
raided the camp of the insurgent leadei
and secured some of his papers.
Near Aliaja yesterday Captain Men
doza. with 80 men of Saudico's com
maiul, surrendered.
Detachments of the Eleventh and
Ninth cavalry killed 12 insurgents and
destroyed several camps iu the Cauii
fines district.
The Philippine commission has added
io the pending school hill a provision foi
the emnlovnient of 000 American teacu
ers at salaries ranging from 510 to ,1UU
per mouth. .
American Skinned Alive.
WEST SUPERIOR. Wis., Dec. 31.
In a letter written from the Philippines
just before the recent election to his rela
tives in this city Captain Harry W. New
ton says that at the time the encroach
ments' of the natives were worse than
they had been at any time during the
year previous. As one instance of their
ferocity he writes: "Just the other day
they jumped a detachment of our Twenty-fourth,
numbering -i'-' men, and cap
tured 10 of them. One of them was
found terribly mutilated, showing signs
of being skinned while yet alive."
- 13np:land'H Dark Ontlook.
LONDON. Dec. 31. AH the religious
denominations arranged for "end of the
century services," some of which were
held yesterday, and others will be held
today. At Westminster abbey Archdea
con Frederick W. Fcrrar, preaching yes
terday, took a very gloomy view of the
future. He said he thought it by no
i means improbable that early, in the com
ing century England would have to meet
a combination of European powers. Re
ferring to the "serious trade competition
of Germany and the United States," he
appealed to England to rouse herself.
Alluding o the national curse of intalP
perance, he said that the Rev. Chovies
Sheldon had told him that he hjtd seen
nmi-tt rtfiTiit-pniipss in E;
" '"ap liwujjL4ug.wn cou
1 1 i i . la
!UJJia in one
litry, the Unit-1
tue5, in a VBUSTn'
ever have we
nd with the
Night Gowns in empire style, yoke of
torchon lace, reveres, neck and
sleeves, trimmed in same. This
sale (JOc.
Ten styles of fine Muslin and Cambric
Gowns, made in empire, surplice,
round and high neck, trimmed
with hamburg, val or torchon lace,
at 75c each. As good as any dol
lar line we have ever shown.
Ladies' Dainty Nainsoon Gowns with
square yoke back and front, trim
med with line hamburg and rib
bon. Special for this sa!u DSc.
Empire Gowns, made of fine cambric,
yoke of fine lace insertion, bret
telles trimmed with insertion and
edge to ma tcli, as shown in the above
cut. This sale 95c.
Cambric and Nainsook Gowns, with
round ribbon trimmed yoke, made
of tine lace and hamburg insert
ings, extra length. This sale 9Sc.
A beautiful assortment of fine lace
Gowns. in cluny Duchess, l'oint de
l'aris, l'oint de Esporte and
Modieci laces. All for this sale
priced special.
Ladies' Muslin Chemises,
lace trim-
med. This sale 21c.
Chemises with hamburg yoke and
trimmed with hamburg, made of
splendid material, 45c.
Fine Nainsook Marguerite Chemise,
trimmed with dainty hamburg
and ribbon. For this sale 75c.
Marguerite Chemises, round yoke of
l'oint. de l'aris lace, made with
trimmed skirt. A special value
at 9Sc.
Marguerite Chemises, with round yoke
of lace insertings, ribbon trimmed,
deep flounce with insertings to
match j oke, $1.25.
Housekeeping- Linens
and Domestics.
Every one knows there is economy
m buying- this class of goods at our
January Sale. Many of the following
items are priced in this list lor less
than the manufacturer can produce
the goods for, but we do this accord
ing lo our custom of giving patrons of
this sale all tluy expect and a little
more, each year, so as to keep ever
in their mind our January Sales.
A Smallpox Stricken Town.
ST. PAUL. Dec. 31. Of the 25,000 in
habitants of Winona 1,000 are being
treated for smallpox. Health Commis
sioner Dr. Justus O'Hage of this city,
who had established quarantine against
Winona, raised it yesterday, having been
salisUeu tnat tne new neaitu ooard rorm
ed -fit Winona has taken proper measures
to guard against the spread of the di.s-
so great a variety. N
patonize this sale, am
SIELwSOIbT 1900-1901
The Greater New York Fur M
Watch this space for the
latest styles.
j The extreme mild
! weather of the month
! of October cut off the
j purchases and the re
i orders down to half the
! normal trade, conse
! quently we have a great
line or our own manu
factured FUR JACK
MINGS, of which you
can save money by buy
ing this month any of
these garments above.
We also have an Near
seal Skin Jaciftt, lined
with Skinuer's best
quality satin, guaran
teed to wear for two
years. Regular price
SoO.00, for month of
November only $35.00.
STYLE NO. 1 1 4.
Fur Garments that may be slightly out of stylo wjll be caifui'y titer-.
ed to fit the wearer perfectly and conform fully to the prevailing laihSonj. i
We are dyeing and dressing all kiuds of Fur." . f ,
. i " .
iiitj uiGttier new 1UI& -Tur ia?.
A. ICatz &- Co, Props. 49 Center St, Waterl) ;"-e, U-n.. '
The Smith Premier Typewriter git
New York Office 337 Broadway;
" Hartford Office
been able to offer such extraor
following items larger crowds than
Domestics, SheetingsJ
I bale yard wide Unbleached Shcctiua
worth 7c. January sale o'.-JjC I
10 pieces 9-4 Bleached Sheeting, worti
25c. January sale ISc. - "
5 pieces 00-inch Bleached Pillow Cass
Muslin, worth 10c.
January siiie
Musht! ' ;
7 lie. i
20 pieces Fruit of the Loom
worth 10c. January sale
10 pieces yard wide Cambric, .wortn,
l'-3,tc January salt' be.
worm oc. January sale liifcc .1
Sc. January sale 5c
10 pieces o.S-inch Bleached ' Daniasl
worth oDc. January sale
5 pieces OS-inch Bleached Dauia
worth 75e. January sale 09c.
20 doz
jzeUyMl Linen Napkins, worth .
January sale 75c. ArNi
50 dozen All Linen Huct - Towcia. :
worth 12c. January sale 3 lor ,
25 cents.
20 dozen large size Bleached Turkish. .
Towels, worth 12c January.
sale 10c. '
100 pieces Sanitary Diaper, worth &()C(.".
January sale 42c. i
2 dozen Turkey Kod Cloths, 2 and 3
yds long; worth ifi, January salo
59c. . 4
5 dozen iredium Sized Bed ' Spreads, r -lfT
wort li 59c. January sale 39c. ; -yZ I v
1 case Extra Large Heavy Spreads,'. ' .
worth !fl.50. January sale 9Sc h "V .
1 i- 'i
Flannels. . v
1 case Cream Domet Flannel, wortr. t . S
5c. January sale 3c. - h
50 pieces Light and Dark Outings.
worth Sc. January sale 5c. ; t
o pieces Cream Wool Baby 1' lannc', '
worth 25c. January sale VScT't '3'
100 pieces liglit and Dark Calicos
worth 5c. January sale 3c
20 pieces Fine 1'trcales, worth 12t
January sale Sc. '
50 pair 10-4 Fleece Blankets, worth C!'f;
January sale Mc. '
5 dozen Satin Covered Comf orta hi .
worth $1.25. January sale boc,
White Goods,
10 pieces White Crossba1 A'msL
worth Sc. January sa.e :.; .
5 pieces 40-inch HemstitjiiC.l i.
worth 25c. January sjUe-, C
Lived In Three Ceiti5ri e. '
UTICA. N Y., Lec. 31. Abni'iat. it.
Elmer will witness for tiro seen.1 Ur-i---the
birth of a new century am: au.'u
the distinction of having "iireu n ? i
centuries. Mr. Elmer wa- i jxn u W.i-
,- tltrl-imer colllltv. Jan. --Lav. - '
and on his next-birthday he -.
rears old. He is iu gov? ' '"-
lv affliction being bliudac.-s."i." i- T V
able to walk about his I'.CJiie a-.J'v!
rod appetite. '.'
Watch this
the latest
Vf.V . ;:-
STYLE NO. 1 1 2
s V .''..., .
WITT20 OTHER TYt'n'Yi-.irrHg
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