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Demands Of Men Will Be Dis
cussed By Directors
the eyes of a great many oil two
points. These were the Importance to
the general manager If he succeeds in
crushing us and the money it means
to the counsel as long a& the strike
continues. Should Manager Sewell
come out of this difficulty with our
scalps dangling at his waist, he would
Weil Will Probably Geb "What They aVe tne refusal of some of the biggest
fWaat There as Company Will Not wni be considered only "an ordinary
human being. As we said yesterday.
Piazza In Rear of Place Saturat- Waterbury's Representative
ed With Oil
Became Too Personal.
Discovered Just in Time and the Blaze
Extinguished Investigation Now
Under Way Man Who Wrecked the
Forest House in Court To-Day.
Invite Another Strike Nothing New
in Strike Clrclies in. This City Strik-
era Issue Daily Statement It Has :
Bristol. April 8. An aDDarent at-
Colonel Burpee is not anxious, evident- tempt to burn the Ashland house on
ly, to close the affair, for fees are just Laurel street ifi this town was fijis
as acceptable to him as peace and trated last night by the prompt work
more profitable, of course. President of Captain Belden of the noliee. He
Sormetbing to Say About Manager Mahon told us that if he, had not had found a piazza in thJrear of the
ktyi' lnnPTr Rmark3 to Presi- to ea' W1"- a lawyer when Here, ne House saturated with oil and blazing,
bewells Saucy Remarks to rei would haye aeme& tlie gtrlke ln a The fire wag , extinguisned witn little
dent Barrett. . Jiffy. He said lawyers do more-to ere- damage to the property. An investi
; 1 - . ate and. prolong strikes than any other gation has been begun to determine if
To-morrow the board of directors or element he runs across, onaccouat of possible - the guilty person. The Ash
Che trolley company will be presented .technicalities they bring up, which land house has been a subject of much
with -the demands of the Bridgeport laymen would never think about or ask local discussion recently oh account of
men and It Is presumed mat lmmeoi- tor.
ate action will be taken, or will be ta- "We have refrained up to this time
ken verv soon in view of the long time to give out in our statement the re-
iho iruvn ,havft hop. wnitlnsr to set their mark made by Manager Sewell to Pres- Bristol, - April 8. John Manson of
claims before the' directors, almost Went Barrett on the day our men were Forestville who was arrested yesterday
opposition or errorts to procure a
quor license for the place.
arrested in connection with the Water-
ville assaults. Unable to control his
exultation at the sight of our men
being taken to the police station, the
general manager jumped out of a car
riage and followed in their ' wake.
three months'. Attention will conse
quenty be concenltrated on that end of
the trolley llmie for some time. Vari
ous opinions have been expressed as to
what action the company will take but
it is agreed by all that in view of the ,rHn, p0w0 T?owotf .
experience the company has had in the Now you have ot somGthing good for
local situation, there will be no strike. Tur daiiy statement. Go over and get
xne situation is ramer complex m your men out President Barrett re-
Bridgepont There are two barns plied that the men would be taken care
. iabout which the affairs of the men are of. . 'You'll have to get yourself out
centered. The men belonging to the next.' exclaimed the general manager,
Stratford -avenue banrhave no partic- hotly. Wasn't that dignified on the
ular. grievance; that is, the situation part of the manager of a corporation
. (there is said to need a general toning like tQe Connecticut Kailway and
tip. In the barn on Barmfm jivphhp Lighting Co? That action was too ob-
after he had smashed window glass
and furnishings in the "Forest house,
was arraigned- in court this . morning,
but the case was continued until after
noon to allow of an examination of the
man by physicians to determine' as to
his sanity. ,
Books and Manuscripts Disposed of
for $22,817. ' V
New York, April 8. At the conclud
ing sale of the library of the late Peter
Marle,482 books and manuscripts were'
disposed of, bringing $22,817. The
final total for the two days' sale (964
lots) was $34,828. A Napoleon album
brought $1,775, the highest price of
the day. ; It contained an "Ode to Na-
time ?aU strike, breakers, s About- 'ten ZZl1! and of his mother, wife, brothers, and
years ago when the old horse car was JZ "JtZr rt autographs of Napoleon, Charles Bona-
A I . . ... -r j j i
ptn. it!, doseyuiue, ivxurac ana otiiei B, ine
whole mounterbn heavy cardboard, in
a large oblong folio volume, bound , in
tho men, are clamoring for reforms.'
l here la a look of retribution on the af
fairs in thait part of the contention.
J he men employed there were at on'
noxious for us to comment further
upon if.
"This morning's local paper , stated
that one of the strike breakers was ar-
Mr Cross Scored the County Health
Officers and Cited Cases of Lock
jaw from Vaccination The Discus
sion Was on the Acceptance of the
Committee's Report, Which Was
Unfavorable to the Bill to Repeal
the Law Report Was Rejected.
Hartford, April 8. The house at 11
o'clock this morning took, up the dis
cussion of the repeal of tthe compulsory
vaccination law, which was reported
unf aAorably by the committee on
health and safety yesterday.
Dr Pratt of East Hartford spoke in
favor of the ; report of . the committee
rejecting the appeal. Mr Cross of Wa-
terbury launcned into some personal
remarKs . at the expense of . tne last
speaker and ; the chairman sharply
called Mr Cross to order. Mr Cross at
tacked the methods of the county
health officers in compelling vaccina
tion in factories. , He read a.number of
cases of death from lockjaw.-which he
said were caused by vaccination. "I
want to attack the infallibility of the
committee that reports the rejection of
this bill. One of that committee had
the manhood to stand up here and say
he was against compulsory vaccina
tion," Mr Griswold of Guilford said there
was a strong public sentiment againsj:
vaccination. ;
Af ll?r a two hours' debate the oppon
ents of ' compulsory vaccin'aition car
ried the day, rejecting the report of the
I y '
Governor Chamberlain Does
Not Like Two Norwalks
Mux MX. HUSBAND. Are FIHinfi- Places of thn Strilr-
. ' u WMW . WW
New York Woman Thnht'n. w mgr iracKmen
TTn Aii-ftr. TTI - T j
I:. ns m a oommuni- New York Aprll 8.Norslett Whita- I SLEEP IN BUNKS IN THE CARET
canuu xrie&eiueu in legislature xo- er is in tne Roosevelt hospital suffer-
ing from bullet
P:llo . a , an(1 ln the abdomen, inflicted, his wife Everything Is Quiet ait Lowell To-Daf
. .v. VJ. xuiiiiis oas, uy ner under the Impression that
Would Add Two Meinb ers to the ?,e was a . burglar. The wife declares
t-iij. that she was in bed when her husband
Legislature and Increase States- Ex- cam6 home early t Jda WhS S
penses. calle to him he did not respond, and,
HMfn,, ... c I convinced that he was a burglar, sha
Hatfpid, April 8.-Governor Cham- took a revolver from under a pillow
Derlain has vetoed the measure incor- and firT nvWat htm xnn wi,i
porating the new town of South Nor- ker cried out in in" Eh0
X. i'uv.W V4.
National Mule. Splnniara at Boston;
Endorse Action of Lowell Cotton ,
OperativeisW1eavie!ria . on ; Strike at
Fitchburg ito tihie Number of 250.
walk. The communication of the eov- flpr Tnlcffllro anil siallvf n
ernor gives the following reasons for Mr Whitnto, txt w -m
the veto of the resolution:
" "That all acts passed should be for
the welfare of the people affected with
out infringement upon the rights of
"That the resolution would add two
members to the house . of representa
tives and increase the state expense.
- "That Nor walk is now the eighth
town of the state, having a population
of 20,000, and that under the act it
would be about the twentieth.
"That the proposed act provides two
town official boards, all of whose duties
can be performed as well, and With
greater economy, by one board.
"That the almshouse and town farm
are sufficient far the present town.
"That the proposed division of
moneys collected from past due taxes
seems inequitable. .
"The proposed, boundary line is it
regular and indefinite.
"It locates within the proposed town
of South Norwalk -a, large amount of
property that should naturally remain
in the old town.
"Being familiar with ithis territory
I feel that this nrooosed boiindarv
line is unfair to the people in the north-
New Haven, April 8. The gangs of
Italian track workmen who were
brought here last nltrht to take tim
Mrs Whitaker was arrested. The Plflces of the striking trackmen of the
coroner has taken her husband's ante- eyv York, New - Haven & Hartford
mortem. . ,, railroad in this city were rrnt to wnrir.
to-day with the railroad detectives and
a few police officers from the city force
as guards. No trouble was reported
early in the day, the heavy rain ner-
The Degree of Honor meetg 'M-nfght , -ps Prevnang ; strike sympathizer
ln the Grand Army hall. from congregating in the neighborhood
Mrs D. J. McCarthy of North Main f J?6 D6W workmen-'
street is visiting friends in Albany, N? JSifJS1 f ? Car8
Y. specially fitted for them with bunks.
Joseph (Brennan of South Elm street Z? 5 JS?fS? a"
CO"0 V.WAJI..iJLiJ.Ulit 1 Villi IlililLIlT
. n r r""f" w"s his arrest with one of our men
rnoro Tno vT ZJ?Ti?l?- Z seems t( us tnat ifc cannot always be
SrJThL o wfT hey flUlt accidental on the part of this paper in
?iS?LIit:mwk Publishing misstatements like this. It
vrv!, uv 're maae so i9 a falaohnod thnt the strike brpaker
warm and lively for' thenn and. fur
thermore, the conditions against which
.; the old men struck were so positively
unpleasant that the-strike breakers did
not remalnt very long in the company's
was with one of our men. Everybody
evidently doesn't feel as we do that
'fair play is good play.
"Up to this writing we have not been
approached by Charles Frohman, Jean
committee cn public healh and safety, em portion o fthe town of Norwalk.
wmcn was againsic tne repeal vt me "xne AVishes of the neoTvl of vr.
vaccinartloih law.vAt 1 o'clock the pre- walk should hav fonsirirHMi t -.m
I . . . a. i m uu vi.vaoc Ul taLlllll I mi m -
vious auiesittoa was oallted! for and on convinced that a lar Trminrff-ir Rtrvok frnm 6ia nnn io Kru Aiie. ooara or arbitration will moofr
- . - I i C" VJ tUU I v j-vjvvv M.m,JKJJ V iX 111 CI I 1 a . , -
lu-munuw vo investigate tne strike ana
s and
inn i w i.jn , villi u m 11 na uu wilj. iiu i i i . 11 . r-r m j - .
" " ,'-ua" m vi tames ana a-car which is usert u n
Holy Cross college. kitchen.
-uivuuvu IU UO 1 C IUB
At the meeting of Mad River new men make the train their 11 via"
grange to-morrow night a circle of place for the present. At the office of
twelve will be initiated into the mys- the general superintendent to-day it'
teries of the order. was reported that ",'a fair force of"
Misg. Julia Brennan, the talented trackmen" M-as at work and that evJ
harpist, will play at St -John's church erytmng was going on smoothly.
at Dotn tne morning and evening ser-
Ann aw T7t J. ' d jm .
V --(, r.UMIUT 1 1 1 I 1 f 1 IT
w.uuu.xj,. Jowell Mass. Aiiril TW.n..,..
Mayor P. B.. Flanders of Ware, Mas trace of last nighty disturbance to-day
will speak at Concordia hall to-mor- when the Lawrence hosiery mill open-''
row night. His subject will be on the ed as usual. The ring spinners wept to
economic questions of the dayy work with the other operatives number-
There will be a meeting of the Theta ing about 3,000 in, all. Some Greeks
chapter of the Theta Sigma on Thurs- had gathered near the mill gate, but
day night at tbei home of Edward Police twere on hand to prevent anr
O'Brifen oin North WiUows.teet. , trouble, but there was no demonstra-r
A o7-H fici. jt a I tlOll.
employ. Then a large force of outsiders, Jacques or other noted theatrical men
meatfly from New Jersey, were rtmftm relative to tvurchasinir our convriehted
mpo town, and the greater part of these title, 'Shoulder to Shoulder.' One . of Faris 1663. fil collected ed tion
,men form the bulk of the men who our committee suggests that if such a $570 ' . I edition,
are now clamoring for reforms In the drama is constructed, two parts be Liturev manuscrint of'-th fiftPPnj,
conaiuons under which ; they became given to Manager, Sewell and Colonel century on .100 leaves of vellum with
Mke. breakers. ten year ago. Burpee, in which the former will have f fourteen full page miniatures $350
linna rnaTa 10 11 rr mn or m n rni. 1 . -
irospei or st J onn, Flemish, manu
script of the fifteenth century on eighty
green levant morocco, emblematically the closest vote of .jthie session the com- people of Norwalk believe that divis
tooled, by Thierry. , . '
'Other items of interest brought the
following prices: . . '
Walton and Cotton's "Complete An
gler," London, 1836, two volumes, ex
tended to six by the insertion of 350
extra plates, $1,200.
La Fontaine's "Contes et Nouvelles,"
:om- people of Norwalk believe that divis- with the secretarv of state yesterdav -mouow to investigate the strife
The Ion is inimical to their interests: by the Novelty Manufacturing Co of Jh, ?lsPute leading to, it Agent
mitteie'is rewrt . was rejected'.
vo'tie stood 109 aigainsit the committee '1 believe that a free, full expression this city,
and for -the. report of the committee. lue-uaiiot dox dj tne electors of Nor- Miss Nellie Havden of Washington
immeaivaiDaiy arcerwaraa itne Dili ror " vl meir town street, stenographer in the office of Su-
- ir 4 1 n . n r i tt i 1 v 2 1
leading operatives have been summon--
ed to city hall to-morrow at 11 o'clock,.-'
the repfaail of the vaeciniation law was
recommit! tied ito the committee by a
vote of 101 itb 97. A further fight is
now. expected, . a. ,v t .
",a wuiMuimy majority perintendent Tinker of the , public
schools, has gone on a vacation, to be
spent m rsew York and Washington
to ja.il yesterday in default of a bond
were relea sied laisit evening, friends
having been found to give bail. .
The name' of the man who went to
Until quite recently the old ihand"? 11686 lines: 'There is nothing ito arbi-
, were given-the easy'run and no one trate' and Colonel Burpee to enter
complained against that This white UP 6taSe r8110 loua1 exciaim as tne
otai rule of . the '.management n. curtain descends, -There is no strike.'
leared to'lio an nnnrrifnm. v,, tt I Tableau.
x- mi 11 i it Lt'lJ: VHtT. 11 J V -
ever, It was evidently satisfactory to
all and it' was looked upon -as5 a, pro
. motion to be, placed .among ' the old
hands on the -easy runs. '
But recently this order of tilings was
reversed. 5 ' The new bands' were "given
. the runs nf tfoa rt i.o.., 1.
every raau ' .eppp work for the ti-olley company a week
rc1'nJ5."'or a and himself, Frank Brennan,
!imSMfl?A??y ' off wk if the i3 Frank Veiling. He is' said to be a
Hnl ? i rea?Justmtof the machinist by trade. Whatever his reg-
ns and a number of other things uiar' business may have been, before
nu ch as a whole amount to, far more he went to work for the trolley com-
.i BumPer and importance to pany he was employed by Otto Bock,
, vhat thelocal men struck a gaiiist. who keeps a saloon on the corner of
ihe sitrlke of ten years ago is still Scovill and Spring streets, delivering
.vuBu, ana xne peopie in gener- beer and collecting for It. .He was dis
l do not wish for a repetition of it. charged by Mr Bock, who tells a verj
Violence miarkd' frf- fm
. lire oun l, 1 xj. irrx a oivij auvuu t xia
4trs or tne severest nature. There
is a great difference between the pub
lic of Bridgeport and the public of
vvatarbury. The neo-nlp in fho Port ..... ,
vity are not as phlegmatic as the peo- TX , ,
pie in this city are. Strikes are not H BrMmaM aDid Dr T- F- Kane-
euch a norely tliere as they are here " nomiiniaitfioini by Govei-nor Cham-
and the people are -more . independent derlain yesterday of Henry H. Bridg-
fl.nd hteterogenous. . They do not seem 'main of Norfolk as a member of tne
to be so much under the heels of ruth- barte board of charities adds another
less politics -as they are here, and this to ,tn'e 1$s't of reappointmemits, made by
Is evidenced in their petition to tlie governor. Mr Bridgman is now
legislature for the appointment of some prsien of the board and has taken a
or ner attorney, as judge of their city prominent part in its work Mnce his
court otner man Judge Comley. They coniniection with it He i one of the
ro ero ruwy aware before they present- hlcading clizeins of the town of Norfolk
Fuuuu mit it xomd be turn- ffl to! known throughout the
wj uotvh eventually, but they were also STOte.
o.vtj lu,c it w,a tne tirst step toward ur lnomas F. Kane of Hartford
The two Quinn boys who were bound tenth centuiT-' fifty-eight- leaves each
over to the superior conrt and taken decorated with a mlniatnre, JG3D.,- .
Kingr' Action Offices Him Now an
AboInte Monarch.
BELGRADE, April SE. King Alexan
fiverellum leaves, sixteen full pasre tier's -arbitrary action has caused con-
miniatures, $500. , . . , . " H siderable; excitement here, and it is
Book of hpure,;;FIemish'manuscript f far':d6itrbanoes mayi, result He is- people of Norwalk and to a majority
execuiea rowara tne , end- or tne nf- suea two proclamations, the first de- v 118 great 'suDstanaai interests.'
would be an
against it.
"Division would mean a loss of pres
tige, as one of the large towns of the
state; :would make Norwalk an inland
town; would give to South Norwalk
no advantage which -It does not now
poM.8; would tend to destroy, rather T her.
Identical and mutual.
- "In my judgment the proposed divis
ion would, work great injustice to the
Boston, April 8. -The National Mula
Spinners' association, in session here'
for the semi-annual convention, to-day
Daniel M. Davis was in Bridgeport !,0 -"?aim?USly to endorse the po
x n iTierres ae la JMessa. . manu
script of the early part of tbe seven
teenth century, .$41.
Antlphonale. manuscript 'of the eigh
teenth century, thirty large paintings
and. many initials. $975.
A collection of oyer 100 miniatures,
painted on vellum.' $950. , ;
,, St Simon's "Memoires." Paris. lS5f.
creeing a suspension of the constitu
tion adopted bri. April 19, 1901.' reneal-
ing objectionable laws passed thereun
der by the retiring councilors of . state,
dissolving the skupshtiha and re-enact
ing the laws as they existed previous
to the constitution of 1901. The second
proclamation restores this constitution
to its former validity
King Alexander by his coup d'etat
last night at the reception to the offi
cers of the Grand lodge and grand en
campment of Odd Fellows by Pequon-
were about 300
parts of the state.
; The 'barber ishops will be closed x all
day on Good Friday, but to make up
for the holiday and: give their custom
ers a chance to be shaved the barbers
will keep their ishiopsi open to-morrow
jpaght until 11 o'clock.
sltion of the Lowell cotton mill oper-
atives who are idle because of n shnt.
down of the mills to avert a strike and'
to support financially the Lowell handsr'
; Fitchburg, Mass, April 8.The power;
was not started at the Parkhill cotton,
mills hefe ' to-day on account of the
strike of 250 weavers and twenty loom
fixers In mill C of the corporation, the
weavers in mills A, and B having been
twenty volumes, with .443 added plates, removed the whole of the. nineteen
Itadical senators whom he
nominated as a reward for their
sent to his marrying Queen Draga and
replaced them by Liberals and Pro
gressists and neutrals. The senate now
contains no Radicals. The new govern-
ment is now Conservative and military,
General Bogioevics . being appointed
president of the state council and Gen
eral Belimarkovitch president of the
Old Time Republican Dead.
; TO WANDA, Pa., April S. Judson
Holcomb, tho first Republican to be
elected to the state legislature from
Bradford county, is dead here, aged
eighty-four years. In 1854 he was
elected to the , legislature as a. Whig
and was re-elected as a Republican on
the formation of that party. He served senate.
as Index clerk of the house of repre
sentatives at Washington from 1863 to
1894. He was one of the founders and
for twenty years the editor of the
Bradford Republican.
Pleasant street, died this mornintr. Tho
Woman Who Was Running Woman's funeral wjll be held to-morrow after-
- Smoking Parlors. "T f wim ferment in
: new St Joseph's cemetery.
New York, April 8. Four davs of , Tho,
S?th woa x smoking parlor in reported last night, by Dr Hawkes, the
f hTare Jrx Ttd --most t0 attending physician, as being much im-
much for Mrs Jacob. H. Vanderbilt. . ' mwvpri Tha r. t
The culminating trouble came when in in
.himself a man claiming to be a member of the "before he will be able to return to his
eir con- X. M. o. A. called upon Mrs Vander- duties v '
out with
AaJ. 7 . . J 1 .1 1 . I - I
Timothy, the 14-months-old son of monTi1:
MnSJKffiiX0? tamers, 50 employes of the dye hou.e.
0 from the finishing department 12
drawers in, 30 quillers and 20 car in
spectors. . In all 1.200 mill employes
are now out of work. The weavers of
mill C objected to uoing; work left un
finished in the other mills by the orig
inal strikers. . -
a written protest - His ap
pearance was the climax to a series of
protests from societies and individfials.
which Mrs Vanderbilt saya ha dis
tressed her almost beyond endurance.
They have said such unjust thincs."
she said. "It is inspired, I am sure.
by the desire to force me out of thi3
business, ; which I have taken ud for
T - " . - ' I puijuoc vi. i.1 iiitu Hr ix Villi;, i
In vword, the king has effectually connect this ,Y. M. C. A. protest with
Resideiits of-. Mill Plain are singing
the praises of Superintendent Reiley of
the street department for the excellent
job he has done on the Ward bridee
on the Meriden road. They say that iooi in regard to a resolution concern-
Not Yet Ready to Vote on IncorporS
'i 'V-v; :n tlom.', .
At a meeting of the prug Clerks' uii
ion last night there was a short discus-
muzzled the opposition by placing his
own nominees in all possible ; offices,
including the Judiciary and the muni
cipal administration. He is now virtu
ally an absolute ruler.
what I have heard about the feeling of
certain persons toward my venture
here." - ',
Clonlns Stock Quotations.
Money on call steady at 0 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, 5(J?6 per cent.
Sterling exchange heavy, with actual
business in bankers' bills at $4.E626
4.86875 for demand and at $4.8362504.83875
J wiuo ago iney auu m vxi'e or uie rew new ap- ar saver, 4ac. Mexican dollars,
larotfo as one man and overthrew the Pointmtots made by Governor Cham 88c" Government bonds steadj'. Raii-
party in power because they deemed It lrlato. His nominaition closely fol'ows Atotd8 8tead1"i Cosins, pii0 : on ,
vjotime to do so; here the people rejection as , a membef of the 00::' fnc0?.: g
(w ere knocked abouit bv the nolitipinc! beard of schood Tistfnv. - rel. & Hudson. 16s ppn;'. a... kv
vl . iKtny unxii itney did not know
WljiprA "UlioTT Tl'OTO of ,omt i i, M ,
. A V. I l.. 1,UU' II I Iin.f. T (III. .
lowing election they were rendered so VViUJ1' "LAYING CHECKERS.
spiritless aind depressed that thev elect. Arlr. t
tlie candidates of that party soft House Where, President Was
Is evident that the people of Bridge- . Born Police Raided It. ,
, pooit wlU not leave the management of New York. Pril 8. The house in
ft ti-cOey strike, if such unfotumat! ?ast Twentieth street in which Prpsi.
oecurs, as long hanging fire as the lo- "Roosevelt was bdrn and in which
vai one is.
Republican Senators Acrree to Stand
by Former Caucus Action.
Aiaut x , . x., Apru a. Alter a
protracted conference of three hours
last night the Republican members of
the senate decided not to recede from
Siuscagee, I. T., April 8. It Is re
ported here that Colonel F. Churchill
of Connecticut, will succeed J. George
Wright as . Inspector of Indian Terri
tory. Two years ago Inspector
Wriglit's health began to fail. He
went to Chicago last summer for treat
ment He had an attack of typhoid
fever there and it has left him in such
after he fixes the approaches to the
bridge they will send him the hand
somest bouquet that can be found In
that district. . v - "
The funeral of William Thompson
took place this morning from the fam
ily residence on Pleasant street with
a mass of requiem at the Immaculate
Conception church by. the Rev Father
Brennan and interment in St Joseph's
cemetery. The bearers were Dermis
J. Delaney, William Mullhall, D. J.
Allman, . James Thompson, J. , Thomp
son and J. A. Thompson. "
ing the , Incorporation of the union,
which was introduced! at the last meet-
Ing by President C. F. Carpenter. Last,
niffht In the absence of President. Ciir-
penter, Press Agent Joseph A. . Sundial'
spoke in favor of the resolution. It'
was, . however, voted to lay the matte
over until the next meeting in order to
give the members more time to lookj
into the -subject Press A,gent Sundln
said to-day that he considered It thoj
-best thing to do to incorporate the unW
ion. There would be many - benefit
from so doing.. He thought that th
At a special meeting of the Hamilton resolution would be passed without
hall association last night in Prichard doubt at the next meeting. If the Drug
hall bids for the construction of the Clerks' union votes to incornor 1 1 u it
new ijmii 10 ue uuui Dy ine associauon 1 win oe tine nrst union an this cltt
e 34 Reading 57
en; Electric... is; nock Island 43
Lackawanna.... 343 St. Paul 181
"Lead..., 25 Sugar Refinery .118
Louis. & Nash.. 117 . Texas Pacific .. 854
maiinaiian Jon 161 union Pacific
Missouri Pac....l07W Wabash pref.
KkX, Cejitral.131 West. Union .
New York Markets.
FLOUR Neglected, but steady; Minne-
-1 1, . ,. "viu auu ju wuicn j xjvju rt iegieciea, Dut steady;
naa lived eight generations of hisfath- J?!811?. 3.854.20; winter sti
The local experience ot the company f,r 8 family has been ted by the po- STVw" ' 52;80310:
f win oe one reason for nre- ' " c.iuiuiuieu mat a pool
venting a strike ln Bridgeport The ?m been opened there. After
ccmpany may.be able to Maud for a U? delays In gaining entrance, the
me a losV in W district of it iSes ifZ , men a
. but it cannot stand a loss on its tS g S?. f checkers- '
cipal and largest ten-itory , .Its yo"r move'" said of the
izz! ndr1 connoh?. s headed by
t Ike situation to-day. and evldentiy "You're off, my friend "'replied the
1 one are expected, at least for some captain, "it's everybody's To t !
time Colonel Burpee, who seems to sidewalk with you" the
u tue source or all official Information The men took the hint and filed with
on the matter from the company's side, alacrity. -
had nothing to impart for publication. The tablet recording that President
Neither had Attorney O'Neill, counsel Roosevelt was born there Is set in the
aituwu sioKers ana otners. wan or tne nrst noor hall.
v e aon t expect to have anything
to say," said Mr O'Neill, "until the
cases ome to court that is, providing
ihey ever get there."
Philadelphia, April 8. Mrs Yetta
Brownstein, aged 30 years, and her two
Tho ctr!i-. ..i.-. .:. . ou icua were Durnea
uAfi hl VriTA ? rAW"l've cmmittee is- to ueatn to-day in their home. Two
noon ? e foIlowin statement this after- other members of the family are In 2
"VvKtT' ntti. - hospital in a critical condition due to
JJg ' K ht5 d,ay of our strike; burns. The fire was caused by the
Sr.7 " reZk Petiole of overturning of an oil stove.
vll mo pn or our ooay; ev
erybody ready and willing to continue
tlie struggle to the end; the company
.Inst as arrogant a ever and just as
heedless of the public inconvenience
This practically tells the situation at
this writing,
New York, April 8. Rose Qulun,
who has been on trial for the murder
of her three days' old child, was ad
judged guilty of murder in the second
"Our statement of yesterday opened degree by a jury to-day.
WHEAT Quiet, hut ntcnrHer nn fo,r
?obl'!,SabHa ,an(l foreign buying; May, 78
78 l-18c.; July; 7575 lM6c.
RYE Dull;. state. 5761c. c. 1. ., New
T?ffe0 A2 western, 5c, f. o. b.( afloat.
CORN A shade higher on the wheat
strength and with cables; May. 50(g61o.
xATfePyu and nominal: track, white,
cioio Attn, nr ,UU '
46c. . '
PORK Steady; mess, $1818.50; family,
LARD Nominal ; prime western, steam,
nominal. (
BUTTER Firm; state dairy, 1727c:
extra creamery, 29c.
CHEESE Firm; new, state, full cream,
fancy, small, colored, fall made. 15c:
small, white, fall made, 14c. ; large, col
ored, fall made. 1414c; large, white,
fall made, 144iS)14c.
.JSJ?08-Strong; state and Pennsylvania,
15loJ4c. ; western, storage packed, 15ic.
SUGAR Raw nominal; fair refining,
lc. ; centrifugal, m test, 3ttc. : refined
nominal; crushed. 5.30c; powdered, 4.80c.
MOLASSES-Steady; New Orleans, 31
40C- . -1
RICE Dull; domestic, 4i47c; Japan
nominal. TALLOW Quiet; city, hc.; country, 5
HAY Quiet; shipping, 5570c. ; rood to
choice, 90c.Jl.05.
L1t Stock Market. '
CATTLE Market steady; choice, 5.30
5.40; prime $o.l5(S)5.25; srood, H05.10; veal
calves, 7ir7.60. ,
H?MarkeJt, Bteady; prime heavies,
i. 10, meuiums, $ -oascn .o ; heavy
Yorkers. $7.507.55;. light do., i7.307.35;
piers, 7.2O7.30; roughs. $6(Q;7.10. . ,
SHEEP - AND LAMBS-Market slow:
beat wethers, $5.605.75; culls and com
mon, $2.503.50; choice lambs, 77.23.
TnDlT PQIIAlia ntifAti A a.' I . . . .
v.m , Jv""". mongage condition that he cannot resume work
iua uui, wmcu imposes a rax or 4 mills here.
on all classes of. mortgages except'
mose exempted by statutes
This action was rather unexpected in
view of "the fact that Governor Odell
had announced in his message that he
believed all the revenue necessary
could be raised by a simple tax of 2
mills for recording future mortgages.
Of the twenty-eight Republican sena
tors elected twenty-three were present.
During the afternoon Governor Odell
had conferred with Senators Raines.
Green and Malby and Assemblymen
Nixon and Rogers and Lieutenant Gov
ernor Hlggins. The fact that the three
senators present at this conference
voted to uphold the former caucus ac
tion is significant, although' no definite
Information as to what plan Governor
Odell actually favors or agreed upon
wnu tnem could be obtained.
were received. - The contract will be
awarded at a meeting to be held at the
same place next Wednesday night. , It
is understood that in a short time a
handsome $10,000 building will soon be
erected on the site of the association,
close to Grange hall. ., -.
One swallow does not necessarily
.. vvuu uiiie in .uu state
At the meeting last night the secre
tary was Instructed to write to Secr-i
tary.I. P. Kellogg of the commltteo
which was appointed by tie Waters
bury Pharmaceutical association to con-'1
siider the clerks' proposition for short
er hours, and request a definite an-'
swer in regard! to the proposition. I
is . four months since the union asked
Springfield, 111, April 8. The most
exciting city election ever held in this
city resulted in the election of Harry make a spring, but one swallow of the
ti. Uevereaux, democrat, mayor, by TToiimnnn tsi-awItut fin'u. "Unr-t"
1.500 oTPr AViiiiflm .t. Rutiov r0nr,H. "rr, '-," ..." . r,rri rir: T..um"J" as
. ThP mnta ow' por.iw vrxu.m. uue c-oiuiueut tnat xne prierors tnat the number of
work during a week shall be reduced!
This met with'
this, mrl'
of ithe proprietors and the clerks com-.
promisea Dy mitcUg tns proposition'
sixty-eight lnstif.id of sixty -'lve hour.
The proprietors appointed a roipmit
tee to confer with a cora-n'ttee from
the clerks in regard to this proDOsit'OTi
attorney and the republicans the rest flo-. nt th ohrr nrhnfno
of the cit and townlhip tickets, with bined with the strength of the rampant to sixty-five hours
the exception of city attorney, and
or two supervisors.
ty attorney, and one animal which is Its emblem. Bottled considerable opposition upon
Will Not Use Up State Cheese.
NEW YORK, April 8. According to
resolutions passed by District No. 1 of
the central body of the Retail Liquor
Dealers' association, all products of the
New York state farmers will be ta
booed by the hotels, restaurants and
saloons ln the district bounded by
Broadway, Fulton street and the East
river after May 1. This district is one
of the largest consumers of farmers'
products in the central association. It
contains about 200 saloons, and about
half of these have restaurants.
New Haven, April 8. Walter Hick-
ey of Bridgeport died at the New Ha
ven hospital to-day, where he had
been taken after being found on
railroad tracks in Milford, with
let wound m his abdomen. The medi
cal examiner'
Hickey came to his death by
at the brewery in handsome packages
for the home table. SA11 orders will be
promptly filled. Telephone 310 or
100-32. ' . , , .
The members of the Gaelic football
team are requested to be present at a
- uJa. meeting to be held in the Hibernian about a mont.i nsro but is vet the n-r
" t! i hal1 to-nighfc-Final" steps.will be taken prietors have not taken anV action a
a bul- to make arrangements, to play the New to aranitinsr or refusinc w J. ' '
rr ,, e Britain team Good Friday. Members The clerks now want to
tn bf i teWl11 17 tbat of the team will be fitted out in their they are goInobm,M? bat
i to his death by his own T nl,.Tna ni naaiax n "re gom to jo about It.
tamford. April 8. The strike of the
thirty Jxackrnen employed by the N.
Y., N. "H. & H. railroad ended to-day.
The men applied for reinstatement,
waiving their rights for an increase of
ten per cent In wages, and they return
ed to work. ; .
new uniforms and also assigned to
their places on the field. The meeting
will start at 8:15 p. m. Anv member
failing to attend is taking his chances
Bridgeport, April 8. In the city court
this morning the cases of the state
against Mark ;'!Ducky" .Holmes. John
McMahon, Harry Thompson and Milton
Reed were continued until April lo.
They were implicated in the death of
Joseph btearkes, Avho died from la-1 WANTED Boy.
Juries received in a boxing bout. cl-at office.
If arrl mnix Seek Yucatan Bonds.
MONTEREY, Mexico, April 8.-It is
rumored here that the Harriman inter
ests are negotiating for the purchase of
the . consolidated railroads of Yucatan
with a capital of about $35,000,000. The
consolidated roads traverse the produc
tive Penequin districts.
Particulars at Demo-
St Louis April 8. Comnlet
of losing his place on the team for this returns show that St Louis went demo
season. era tic by a plurality of over IS 000
The last of a series of athletic con- witk "I?0" one-half the registered vote
tesits which have been held at the Y. cast which is i about 122,000. Five re
M. C. A. gymnasium during the past Puf"cans andone independent candi-
six months took place last night The ""V "e,iru l ine nousG of dele?
evemtts wnere the fence , vault and the
quartfer-mile potato race. They re
sulted as follows: Fence vault, Brown
first, Martus second, Warner and.
Wheeler tied for third place; qiiarter-
ml!e potato race, Mantua flnst, Brown
secoind, Warner third, Wheeler fourth.
During the six months Warnei siecured j
the highest number of points and will
receive a gold medal, while a silver
medal will be Martins' reward for fin
ishing in second place. Waaner, who
finished third, will receive a bronze
gates. The other 22 member
are democrats. The democrats elected
their six candidates for the city coun
cil. The republican and - democratic'
nominees for the board of education
were elected and the democratic iiomi- "
nee for inspector of weights and ineas-
Columbia, S. C, April 8. Thfe trlat
of former Lieutenant-GovernoiT Till
man, charged with the murder X't Edi
tor ionzajes, was to-day continued ua-
kii nt'Ai j uiy. i

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