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IPa-rt III
The d)en1ure of Ibe Han
som Cabs
D BURY RICH had greatly
I distinguished himself in
wars. He it was who took
the chieftain ' prisoner
with his own hand. His
gallantry was universally applauded,
and when he came home prostrated by
an ugly saber cut and a protracted Jun
gle fever society was prepared to wel
come the lieutenant as a celebrity of
minor luster. But his was a character
remarkable for unaffected modesty. Ad
venture was dear to his heart, but he
cared little for adulation, and he wait
ed at foreign watering places and in
Aiders until the fame f his exploits
had run through its nine days' vitality
and begun to be forgotten. He arrived
in Loudon at last, in the early season,
with as little observation as he could
desire, and as he was" an orphan arid
had none but distant relatives who
lived in the provinces it was almost
as a' foreigner that he installed him
self in the capital of the country for
Which he had shed his blood.
On the day following his arrival he
dined , alone at a military club. He
shook hands with a. few old comrades
and received their warm congratula
tions,' but as one and all had some en
gagement for the" evening he found
himself left entirely to his own re
sources. He was in dress, for he had
entertained the notion of visiting a
theater. But the great city was new
to him. He had gone from a provin
cial school to a military college and
thence direct to the eastern empire,
and he promised himself a variety of
delights in this world for exploration.
Swinging his cane, he took his way
westward. It was a mild evening, al
ready dark, and now and then threat
ened rain. The succession of faces in
the lamplight stirred the lieutenant's
Imagination, and it seemed to him as
if he could walk forever in that stim
ulating city atmosphere and surround
ed by the mystery of 4,000,000 private
lives. He glanced at the: houses and
iMf U . A!
MM ' ' 1 " JsSks' k
marveled wnac was passing behind
those warmly" lighted windows. He
looked into face after face and saw
them each intent upon some unknown
Interest, criminal or kindly.
"They talk of war," he thought, "but
this is the great battlefield of. man
kind." And then he began to wonder that
he should walk so long In this compli
cated scene and not chance upon so
much as the shadow of an adventure
for himself. '
"All in good time," he reflected. "I
am still a stranger and perhaps wear
a strange air. But I must be drawn
Into the eddy before long." 4
The night was already well advanced
. when a plump of cold rain fell sudden
ly out of the darkness. Brackenbury
paused under some trees, and as he did
so, he caught sight of a. hansom cab
man making him a sign that he was
disengaged. The circumstance fell in
so happily to the occasion that he at
once raised his cane in answer and had
soon ensconced himself in the London
gondola. .
IWhere tosir?" asked the driver..
"Where you please," said uracicen
bury. And Immediately, at a pace of sur
prising swiftness, the hansom drove off
through the rain into a maze of villas.
One villa was, so like another, each
with its front garden, and there was so
little to distinguish the deserted lamp
lit streets and crescents through which
the flying hansom took its way that
Brackenbury soon lost all. idea of di
rection. He would have, been tempted
to believe that the cabman was amus
ing himself by driving him round and
round and in and out about a small
quarter, but there was something busi
nesslike in the speed which convinced
him of the contrary. The man had an
object in view. He was hastening to
ward a definite end. and Brackenbury
was at once astonished at the fellow's
skill in picking a way through such a
labyrinth and a little concerned to im
agine what was the occasion , of his
hurry. He had heard tales of grangers
faring ill in London. Did the drivei
belong to some bloody and treacherous
association, and was he himself being
whirled to a murderous death?
The thought had scarcely presented
itself when the cab ." swung sharply
round a corner and pulled up before
the garden gate of a villa in a long and
wide road. The house was brilliantly
lighted up. Another hansom had just
driven away, and Brackenbury could"
see a gentleman beinc admitted at tht
front . door and received ; by several
liveried servants. He was surprised
that the cabman should have stopped
so immediately in front of a house
where a reception was being held, but
he did not doubt it was the result of
accident, and sat placidly smoking
where he was until he heard the trap
thrown open over his head."
"Herewe are, sir," said the driver.
"Here!" repeated Brackenbury.
"You told me to take you where I
pleased, sir," returned the man, with a
Chuckle, "and here we are." 1 x
It struck Brackenbury that the voice
was wonderfully smooth and courteous
for a man in so inferior a position. He
remembered the speed at which he had
been driven, and now it occurred to
him that the hansom was more luxuri
ously appointed than the common run
of public conveyances.
"I must ask you to explain," said he.
"Do you mean to turn me out into the
rain? My good man, I suspect the
choice is mine." f
; "The choice Is certainly yours," re-
plied the driver, 'out when I ten you
all I believe I know how a gentleman
of your figure will decide. There is a
gentleman's party in this house. Ij do
not . know whether the master be a
stranger to London and without ac
quaintances of his own or whether he
Is a man of odd notions. But certainly
I was hired to kidnap single gentlemen
in evening dress, as many as I pleased,
big military officers by preference. You
have simply to go in and say that Mr.
Morris invited you."
"Are you Mr. Morris?" inquired the
lieutenant. -
"Oh, no," replied the cabman. "Mr.
Morris is the Derson of the house."
"it is not a common way or collecting
guests," said , Brackenbury, "but an
eccentric man might very well Indulge
the whim without any Intention to
offend. And suppose that I refuse Mr.
Morris' invitation" he went on, "what
"My orders are to drive you back
where I took you from," replied the
man, "and set out to look for others up
to midnight. Those who have no fancy
for such an adventure, Mr. Morris said,
jvere not the sniesfrs far htm." .
These words decided the lieutenant
on the spot ,
"After all," he reflected as he de
scended from the hansom, "I have not
had long to wait for my adventure."
He had hardly found footing on the
sidewalk and was still feeling in his
pocket for the fare, when the cab
swung about and drove off by the way
it came at the former breakneck ve
locity. Brackenbury shouted after the
man, who .paid no heed and continued
to drive away, but the sound of his
voice was overheard in the house, the
door was again thrown open, emitting
a flood of light upon the garden, and a
servant ran down to meet him, holding
an umbrella.
"The cabman has been paid," ob
served the servant in a very civil tone,
and he proceeded to escort Bracken
bury along the path and up the steps.
In the hall several other attendants re
lieved him of his hat, cane and paletot,
gave him a ticket with a number in
return and politely hurried him up a
stair adorned with tropical flowers to
the door of an apartment on the first
story. Here a grave butler inquired
bis name and, announcing "Lieutenant
Brackenbury Rich," ushered him into
the drawing room of the house.
. A young man, slender and singularly
handsome,' came forward and greeted
him with an air at once courtly and af
f ectionate, Hundreds of candles of the
finest wax lighted up a room that was
perfumed, like the staircase, with a
profusion of rare and beautiful flower
ing shrubs. A side table was loaded
with tempting viands. Several serv
ants went to and fro with fruits and
goblets of champagne. The company
was perhaps sixteen in number, all
men, few beyond the prime of life and,
with hardly ant exception, of a dashing
and capable exterior. They were di.
vided into two groups, one about a rou
lette board and the other surrounding
a table at which one of their number
held a bank of baccarat. , V ,
"I see," thought Brackenbury. "I am
in a private gambling saloon, and the
cabman was a tout." y
His eye had embraced the details,
and his mind formed the conclusion
while his host was still holding him
by the hand, and to him his looks re
turned from this rapid survey. At 'a
second view Mr. Morris surprised him
still more than on the first. The. easy;
elegarice of his manners, the distincr
tIpn,aicriiabiHty and courage that ap
peared' upon his features, fitted very ill
with the lieutenant's preconceptions on
the subject of the proprietor of a hell,
and the tone, of his conversation
seemed to mark him out for a man of
position and merit. Brackenbury found
be had an Instinctive liking for his en
tertainer, and, though he chlded him
self for the iweaknejs, he was unable
to resist a sort of friendly attraction
for Mr. Morris' person and character. 1
' -VI have heard of you, Lieutenant
Rich," said Mr, Morris, lowering his
tone, "and believe me I am gratified to
make your acquaintance. Ycur looks
accord, with the reputation that has
preceded you from India. And if you
will forget for. awhile the irregularity
of your presentation In my "house I
shall feel it not only an honor, -but a
genuine pleasure besides. A man who
makes a mouthful" of barbarian cava
Hers," he added, with a laugh, "should
not be appalled by a breach of eti
quette, however serious.' '
And he led him toward the sideboard
and pressed him to partake of some re
freshment. -
"Upon my word," the lieutenant re
flected, "this is one of the pleasantest
fellows, and, I do not doubt, one of the
most agreeable societies In London."
wHefepartookJ of ; some champagne,
which hejfouiid excellent, and, observ
ing that many of the company were al
ready smoking, he lighted one of his
own Manillas, and strolled up to the
roulette board, where he sometimes"
made a stake and sometimes looked
smilingly on the fortune of others. It
was while he was thus idling that he
became aware of a sharp scrutiny to
which the whole of the guests were
subjected. Mr. Morris went here and
there, ostensibly busied on hospitable
concerns, but he had ever a shrewd
glance at disposal. Not a man of the
party escaped his sudden, searching
looks. He took stock of the bearing of
heavy losers, he valued the amount of
the stakes, he paused behind couples
who were deep in conversation, and, in
a word, there was hardly a characteris
tic of any one present but he seemed
to catch and make a note of it. Brack
enbury began to wonder if this were
Indeed a gambling hell ; it had so much
the air of a, private inquisition. He
followed Mr.' Morris in all his move
ments, and, although the man had a
ready smile, he seemed to perceive, as
it were under a mask, a haggard, care
worn and preoccupied spirit. The fel
lows around him laughed and made
their game, but , Brackenbury had lost
interest in the guests.
"This Morris," thought he, "is no
Idler In the room. Some deep purpose
Inspires him. Let it be mine to fathom
it," ' 1 . '
, Reason Why.
Bertie You don't call on Miss Love
lets any more. Have you got over your
love-for her?
Algie No; her father has, got over
his gout Cleveland Plain Dealer,
Gladys Young was fond of fishing".
So ehe fished from morn till night;
But, to tell the truth about It,
Gladys never had a bite.
Hat awry and cheeks like roses.
Empty basket on her arm.
Told the giggling lads an3 lassies
Ko wee flahes came to harm.
"Where'a your fish?" they cried in. chorus,
"Lovely day!" and "Stream so etui!"
Gladys blushed; "I caught but one fish.
And he's climbing up the hill."
-Florenc!a A. Lewis in New York Her
aid. '
"Are you not glad to see the warm
weather approaching?"
"I don't know," answered Mr. Sirius
Barker. "It merely means that we will
quit worrying about the coal bin and
start in to study the refrigerator."
Washinsrton Star.
With a Rush.
"Blood will tell."
"Why, yes. Telltale blushes an
nothing but blood." Philadelphia Eul
letln. , .. t
Room 36, 51 Leavenworth st
FRENEY & JACKSON, Room 30, 51
Leavenworth st. From 43 E. Main st
Room 25, Lewis building. Bank st.
43 East Main st.
r veterinary surgeon.
tea 25 Johnson. Tel.
Citizens Bank building. ,
43 East Main st ;
J. H. GRAY & CO,
235 North Main street.
Funeral Undertakers. Telephone day
or night
11 Spring street.
Up-to-date Sign Work.
FRANK DE FEO, formerly with Reid
& Hughes, 70 Bank st. Telephone.
JAMES H. CLINE, Prlchard building,
corner Bank and Grand sts.
Over Jones, Morgan & Co'B.
' Closings Stock Quotations. '
Money on call steady At 6$ per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, 5594 Pr cent.
Sterling exchange barely steady, with ac
tual business in bankers' bills at 14.8650
4.8675 for demand and at 4.83W4.8375 tor
60 day bills. Posted ratee, $4 MM and
4.87&. Commercial bills, $4.824.83.
"Bar silver, 49&c. Mexican dollars. 88o.
Government bonds steady. Railroad
bonds lrreg-ular. Closing; prices: 1
Atchison 79 Ontario & West 98
C..C..C. & St. L. 88 Paclflo Mall 82
Ches. & Ohio.... 4ii People's Gas ... 1014
Del. & Hudson. 163Vi Reading; SSMi
Erie 834 -Rock Island .... 41
Gen. Electric... 1824 St. Paul 160
Lackawanna.... 246 Sugrar Refinery. 122
Lad... ........... 24 Texas Facinc .. 82
Louis. & Nash.. 115 Union Pacirto ., 88
Manhattan Con.137 Wabash pref. .. 44
Missouri Pac..;.l West. Union ... SC
N. Y. Central... 1S0
Nw Yorlc Markets.
FLOUR Firm and held hlg-her: Minne
sota patents, $3.904.20; winter stralgrhts,
$8.5003.60;. winter patents. $3.704..
WHEAT Firm and higher on small
northwest receipts, foreign buyinar and
cold weather in Kansas; May, 787o.;
July, 7676 13-Mc.
RYE Firm; state, 67g61c. o. 1. f., New
York: No. 2 western, 69c., f. o. b., afloat.
CORN Stronger on rains, a large de
crease on passage and covering-; May, (1
3c; July. 49$49e. . - - . ,
OATS Higher with corn; track, 'white,
state, 8745c; track, white, western, 87
PORK Firm; mess, $1818.50; family,
$19.60. -. "
LARD Firm; prime western steam,
BUTTER Steady; state dairy, 1826c;
extra creamery, 27c.
CHEESE Firm; state, full cream, fan
cy, small, colored, fall made, 16c; small,
white, fall made. 14c ; large, colored, fall
nadel414c ; large, white, fall made,
EGB-Unsettled : state and Pennsylva
nia. lSffll&c. ; western, storage packed,
16c. - . a,. .
SUGAR Raw firm; fair refining, 3 l-16c;
centrifugal. 96 test, 3c. ; refined steady;
crushed, 5.S5c. ; powdered. 4.85c. . ;
MOLASSES Firm; New Orleans, 81
RICE Firm;' domestic, 47c; Japan,
nominal. ' i .
TAlLQW Steady; city, 6c; country,
HAY Firm ; shipping, 5570c; good to
choice, 95c.$1.10.
Live StocJc Market.
CATTLE Market steady ; choice,
6.60; prime, $5.15kT6.2d; good, $1
veai caives, w.our.zo.
HOGS Market steady; prime heavies,
17.60; mediums, $7.657.60: heavy Yorkers,
l7.407.45; light do;, $7.307.35; pigs, $7.20
7.30: roughs, $57. . , -
SHEEP AND LAMBS Market slow;
best wethers, $6.605.70; culls and' com
mon, $2.503.50; choice lambs, 96.50.80.
.Money I Eveythiitr. .
"Yes,' said D'Auber,; the artist, pat
ronizingly, "I'm selling my canvases
now at my own prices."
"You don't-say?" replied Sharpley,
whose works had not yet caught on..
"Yes, indeed. I suppose you'd give
a good deal to, be a great artist?"
"No, indeed. I'd rather be you."-
Philadelphia Prass.
Facts Abont Radium.
Scientists say thai radium, - al
though valued at $1,000,000 a pound,
is so rare and precious that it would
be impossible to- procure 16 ounces
of it, even at that figure.- With the
discovery of radium chemists are
forced to abandon the atomic theory
and must reconstruct their ideas of
electricity. Albany Journal ,
Uelfirht of Pigeon's Fllht.
The German Ornithological society
has been conducting experiments with
pigeons and finds that when liberated
at a heigat of 9,000 feet down to as-little
as 2,700 feet they drop rapidly to a
much lower region of the atmosphere.
Scier"' t f
Las removed his office to
63 Center Street ;
Fourth Semi Annual Promenade.
Scorcher Club.
Leavenworth Halll.':'
Baincang will commence pronrptfly
at 9 'cock. Concert at S:30. Tick
ets,, 50 cents each .person. , 4-15-2
The Butchers' . union " will hol.i an
important meeting fiin Carpenters" hall
Sunday anorning at 10 o'cock. Every
member is. requested-to be present.
Singing Birds and Goldfish at F. GRAB
BER'S Bird Store, 164 S. Main st
Horseshoers, 16 Brown st
r 287 Bank Street
' ' T .S03 Bank street
nighest prices paid for Cast-off Cloth
Ing. Send postal; will call.
' '; 24 Abbott avenue.
Repairing, cleaning and pressing la
, dies' and gents' garments. ,
138 South Main, street
Patents. Caveats' ami ," Preliminary
Examinations, etc. JAMES A. PEAS
LEY, 51 Leavenworth street
Why put up Wood Fences when Iron
can be put tip for less money? Three
feet high, per foot 50c. Jobbing neat
ly and promptly done. Ridyard, 86
East Main. Telephone s ,
W. M. DOYLE, r;
25 Jefferson street.
Waterbury Italian Band. Music for all
occasions.' Frank DeFeo.'Mgr, Tel.
' Kerr Jersey Lnws.
TRENTON, N. J., April 15. Govern
or"'5 Murphy - baa ' signed the': primary
election billr the bill codifying railroad
laws of the state, the bill prohibiting
spitting in railroad cars and the gen
eral game revision law.' The governor
vetoed the bills permitting the erection
of bridges across the Delaware at Car
pentersrllle and Martin's creek.
v Ladies' Tailored Garments t
tt Is not necessary to go -to New
Tcrk for the latest creations and new
est designs in tailored suits and riding
habits Order tailor-made, suits of .
F, BUCK, 270 North Main St,
T am better prepared than ever to
please my large number of customers.
First - Annual - Sociable
Given by the
At Leavenworth Hall,
Wednesday Evening, April 15, 1D03V
Concert - and - Reception
Young Man's Catholic Literary
At Leavenworth Hall,
Friday Evening, April 17th, 1903
Music by Lalller's Orchestra. Prof
Bouffard, Prompter.
Tickets dmlttlnff gentlemen and la?
dies, 50 ee-nts. 4-13-15
" Why be troubled with a leaking roof
when you can get a new cne reasonably
by seeing CHARLES F. MILLER, car
penter and builder.H Shop,' 46 Benedict
street; house? and 'phone,- 179 Walnut
street; call, 148. 1 ;
The Board of ' Comundssioners ' of
Public Works of the City of Water
bury, at a .meeting of staid board hli
Aprdi 7, 1903, . made , assessments for
sewer, purposes n property and prop
erty, , owners . On North Willow , streeit,
from Ludlow, street to PJaza avenue;
on Willard street,-from Putnam street
westerly 280 feet; on Walnut street,
from 70 feet north of Locust. street to
Oak sitreett on We,st Main street, from
the old city line to Starview avenue,
to the amKwmt set to their respective
names, as follows, to wit:
West Side: Alexander Pallas, $337.
50; Frederick B. Rice, , $171.60; Wil
liam Redther, $75.00. ; rM
William R. Price, $380.55. North
Side: William McGrath, $37.50; Ed
mund A. Major, $06.75; Margaret L.
Smith, $127.29; Martha P. Hull, $69.75.
Michael Fleming, $60.00;' Jeremiaih
Slattery, $75.00; Charles F. Kellar,
$123.00; estate Thomas M. Fltzachery,
$173.70; Anna Doyle, $180.00.' South
Side: Thomas B. Walker. $174.07; Em
ma C. Ives $218.68; Thomas Fleming,
$75.00; Etmll C. Stein mian. $84.00; . Da
vid Johns. $75.00; Eimil C. Stfinman,
$75.00r William Waters. $112.50.' -
' ! SIDE.
: Samuel Root, $135.75; Mary B. Col
ley, $73.72 ; Charles A. ColJey, , $61 .28 ;
Charles A. Colley, Corneliia A. f Colly,
$112.98: R. R. Stannard, $83.55; Alex
ander Giidnard, $04.50; Ella " Adams,
$99.00; Wallace E. Peek, $74.25; Loren
R. Carterx$13S.00; Susan L. Hurlburt,
$150.00: George O. Robblns, $159.00;
Susan II. Cairns. Anna Cairns, $120.00;
Robert A. Cairns, $120.00. South
Side: City of Waterbury, $50.04; Lil
lian M. Hart, $210.00; Watson M. Hurl
burt, trustee, $151.69; Walter J. War
rick. $76.20: Margaret Poster, $76.20;
Mary F. Schneider, $75.75; Loren R.
Carter. $75.76; estate Ellen M. Connor,
The above assessments bpwme due
and payable on April 20. 1903, at te
office of Mie Collector of Tttps. Wil
liam E. Thoms. Cftv hall buildlnsr.
4-13-14-15 ' City Clerk,'
POOL ROOM FOR SALE The pool tables and
fixtures in the pool room located at 754
West Main street. The right party can also rent
the premises at a reasonable, figure if he so de
sires. A good chance for a good bargain. Ap
ply to 0. P. Hart, on the premises or at 1013
West Main street ' 4-15-3
LOST Yesterday afternoon between East Main
f street and Washington School, by way of Sil
ver street through St. Joseph's cemetery and
Washington street, part of an umbrella handle
with monogram of owner on it. Suitable re
ward for return of same to this office. 1 4-15-1 (
"YVrANTED-'-The people of Waterbury to know
, V V that there are an average of 125 poli
cies issued per day by The Burial League of the
United States. Examine it without delay and
see John Moriarty, General Agent $1.50 a year
secures you. 4-14-6
ANTED Customers for full size Enamel
Beds. Onlv S1.00. . Cnnehr STX7 anil
upwards. Very low rent. Low prices. In old
rink, m Bank. J. C. Twining & Co. 4-14-3
WANTED Position by drug clerk. Seven
years' experience i thoroughly competent
references first class. Address ft. Smith, Box
795, City. 4-14-tf
TO RENT Tenement, five rooms, 44 Stone
streets second floor i modern improve
ments. Inquire Ann Finley, 4-14-2
WANTED, Immediately Shorthand, Bookkeep
" ing. Typewriting pupils j$t filled sit
nations with Baird Machine Co., Henry Weyand,
and recently 15 others. Monroe's Business
College, 151 Bank Street. . 4-13-3
Whole houao of 8 rooms, with four
acres of land, for only $10 per month,
or can sell you a small house with
three-quarters of an acre of land for
$S00. Small amount down. , r
42 Bank Street Take elevator,
Ninety acres, Bristol; a big farm;
everything first class; with 10 rooms In
house, at $3,C00. Trade or sell. Twen
ty acres with buildings, 1 i Water
town, : ; $1,300; $200 down. Thirty
acres. Southington, at $3,000, ; ,wlth
buildings. Trade or sell. , -
C, S. Lang, Room 12, 151 Bank St
v : - M A.KEJ2S OP
VVire and Metal Goods.
I', O. Freight and Express. Address
Oakvlile, Coca. Telegrapn Addrtw
Waterbury. Cono, Hti York Otlica
aU Howard fitreab.
Mrs A. Carter, No S3 North Elm street, says: MI am subject ta
attacks of kidney disease and rheumatism.' Sometimes the latter
centers in my back, and sometimes it is so painful in all parts of
my body that it almost sets me crazy. I had a very severe attack
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was' greatly benefited and relieved. This to me was a great deal,
and I have no hesitation In recommending such a valuable prepara
tion as Doan's Kidney Pills." , ' ' .
Doan 's Kid ney Pi lis are
for Sale at drug stores,
or will be sent By mail on
receipt of priced 50c.
Foster-Mi Ibiirn Go,; Sole
Agents, Buffalo, N. Y.
' There i3 no reason why you or your family should LOOK SHAB
BY. Your neighbor, wb dcrajws no larger salary than' you, always
Tliat.ls 'because foe buys his own clothes and his family's clothe
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The Manhattan ClotWng & Cloak Go.
We are showing' a, brand new line of '
Men and Women's Clothing
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from last year, We are upstairs that makes our' expenses very
small, and consequently; we can sell our goods at low prices
Manhattan Clothing & Cloak Co.
Chas. Vinoburg. Proprietor ,
199 Bam St., Prictatd BM. ' ' ; ' Boom, 3, Op one Flight
Made of the Crop of 1900
The Man Who Suokes The
Is a Lover of Fine Tobacco
P. D. G R
New Haven, Conn.
LOST Prayer Book, around Center on way to
Brooklyn. Return to Democrat. 4-14-2
LOST Child's shoe. No. 8. Finder please re
turn to No. 3 East Clay street. 4-13-3
OR RENT 9,000 square feet of floor space,
up stairs, inquire Jonn moriarty. 4-9-6
DO YOU want a man to repair your bicycles,
typewriters, sewing machines, cash register,
go-cart or violin, or any old thing? If so go to
C. W. Messer. 39 Phoenix Ave. 4-ll-6m
FOR SALE Brophy property, corner Lafayette
and Washington avenue. 4-11-6
T nr neniT r.i-.. - . j j.
u vn ruii jturatic rouin, new ciean ana ory,
I fifty per cent 'less than any other storage
in the city. Inquire John Moriarty. 4-9-6
WANTED Outside salesmen to work from our,
wagon. C. F. Adams Co., 201 East Mala
street 4-13-6
WANTED Position as Housekeeper in Widow
"Widow," P. 0. Box 955, Waterbury, Conn.
ANTED Tenement, 4 or 5 rooms, convenient
to tenter, t- r. Democrat office. 4-2-tr
TO RENT Furnished rooms, 50 Linden stree!
inquire at L C. (Crooner's, 280 North Main
street y 9-4-tf
WANTED Old soldiers and widows of soldiers
to know that I secure pensions without de
lay. Pension vouchers executed. George Rob
bins, 63 Center street (Post 49, G. A."R. In
surance, notary public. . 12-31-ly
Dr. D. J. Maloney
has : re-opened his offices ; In the Citi
zens' Bank .building. North Slain
street. .
Diseases of the Eye
Office hours 9-11 a. m.; 2-4 aai
7-8:30 p. m. ; ? ' - :':r -
;Hi4go DeWitt,
Eyesight Specialist, 63 East MainSt
eamort burn or Itch, or sight becomes clouded
or eyes weak or watery. If you have any
defect don't delay, but come and see me and
have your eyes properly fitted. EXAMINATION
FREE. . '
$316ol(l Glasses $1.00 ,
N. B. I make a specialty of perscripiioa
nd optical repairs.
WW m
I 1
A V H Nifn

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