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Cnrran Dry Goofls Co
As Usual, is
"Mailings Day For
lien. Women and
: . ( ' '
Five special values in thi depart
taaent: . , -. ...
50c- SHIRTS, 29c.
,51ens-cheviot, percale; Bedford cord
' and Madras Negligee Shirts,
gome have separate cuffs, others
attached and detached collars,
regular 50c values, for , Satnr
day - 290
s " . . 98c SHIRTS, 75c
2orart!reJine-ot summer Negligee
TnAifA. .Tvm -C Xr 1-C HaI.
Line, In, a choice selection of fan- - -cy
stripes and figures, plain or
plaited, all sizes, regular 98c. yal
i .txes,.or Saturday . 75c
CTg A all and medium weight .
merino -Shirts and Drawers, white
' or natural, sizes to 48 and 50, .....
regular 50c values, for Satur
day 42c
' 25cAND-39c UNDERWEAR, 19c
en'saucyersey-riljibed and plain
B&Hrrtggaa Shsrits, short or long
sleeves, wiOi Drawers double
seated to mateh, regular 25c and
0c values, for -Saturday 19c
J : i
BOTSv 25c VJUTJES, .12c.
ta this; lot are -Boys' Pants, "Waists,
Blouses and- Suspend era, regular
25c -values, for Saturday 12c
T - J! 1 . 1 TT t ji ' m
heavy weight, in all black, black
; with white feet or black with, split ;
eoles, also 'extra- sizes," plain or y
ribbed top,' Tegular prices 29c to
42c pair, for this sale - 22c
La dies' , black Uderskirtns, trimmed .
wlthrufQes or i pleating value
$L25'for ' Satardayy'.v 98c
Toadies' black Moreen Under, Skirts
, with' three ruffles, value - ' $U50, -
for Saturday " .'$L25
Ladies' black satee;:Pad;r.Skirtst
with hemstitched and tucked !
flounce, value $2, for Saturday $L62
Patent leather Belts In black,
green, red or blue,, usual price ' ?
19c,-for; Saturday; Ji". 10c
Black peau de soie Belts, with
oxidized silver buckles and back
pieces, . value 75c, , for Saturday 39c
Slack braided Girdles, with tassel
ends, regular price 75c, for Sat
y urday y 50c
2Tancy floral design. Waist Sets, reg
ular -price 52c set,' for Saturday 15c
.'.Oxidized atfd. : French gray ; silver
Hat Pins usual price 39, for
Saturday 25c
line of Brooches in oxidized or
French gray silver, brilliants or
mourning designs, 'usual price
y S9e and 50c, for Saturday 25c
'Stock Collars in silk or wash
goods, black, white and colors,
regular Tice 39c to 50c, f or Sat-
rcraaj . , . 23c
egant designs in Stock CJoTIatr.
plata colors or combinations, reg- .
ular price 75c, for Saturday 48c
) Jleavy Arabian Lace Stole Collars,
actual value $4, for Saturday $2.98
Xd3es Tlci kid Shoes in button and
lace, light or heavy soles, also
box calf lace Shoes, latest style
toe, special for Saturday $L98
nadies' dongola kid Shoes in but
ton and lace, also box calf lace
Shoes, special for Saturday $1.49
'Men's satin calf lace Shoes,'- cap
' toe,v special for Saturday $1.25
Boys and Youths satin calf School
Shoes, all sizes, special for Sat
urday; 9Sc
blisses lace School Shoes, Imitation
elt sole, all 6lzes up to 1, special 1
, for Saturday 73c
Infants' soft sole patent leather
Shoes with white kid tops, spe
. cial for Saturday 48c
Ladies' flannelette Night Gowns,
special 59c
Ladies' Night Gowns, Fruit of the
Loom muslin, regular price 69c,
special . 59c
Ladies' Marguerite Corset Covers, ;
trimmed with l&ce and Hamburg,
special. - . , 25c
Children's Nigit. Gowns, fleeced
; lined, with feet, special 25c
ladies' Tap Girdles, regular price
; 75c, special ' 50c
Cim Dry Goois Co
Here's a Pointer for uEarly Birds"
UR NEW SUITS are arriving daily and while it
may be a little to soon to mothball the Summer Suit, still
it's none to soon to make your.selection of a smart and
snappy Suit for Fall and Winter wear. The Single and
Double brdasted styles are both very attractive shapely
shoulders narrow collars and lapels all hand made.
Good generous Trousers. There's a dash and swing to every suit
that will make a man v
Glad fle's Inside of It '
Large range in prices. We start at $8.50 and run along by easy
steps up to 22. 50. Every price a fair .onej with the guarantee of
'money back if you want it" attached to every suit.
The Fin Co.
Corner- Oonk and Grand Streets.
." for kinds of weather,
, A new line Black -Chiffon Hats, uu
trtmmed. for earlv fall wear: fine
shapes; prices right; come and see the
new goods.
' NA11 Summer Hats, trimmed and un
burnned, for most; any price to close.
-ost not con'sidercd after this date.
Now is your time to get, suited In
early fall-goods or summer, trimmed
and untrhramed, Hats. "
K Dougherty
Men's Working Shirts, made of the
best twilled shirting, in Diacs.
and white strines. sinsle or
double breasted, warranted not 'J
i to rip; if this shirt fails to give '
good satisfaction money will be
! returned; it is the regular 50c
r shirt, now on sale for
; 14? bouth Main su
Shoes : For tha ; Big and. Little
I Fellows.
Little Gents' Satin Calf Shoes, sizes
i 8 to 13, at 69c. . . .
Our Washington School Snoe at 98c,
is ftrictly solid leather.
The fall "Fiteu" $3.50 Shoe just ar-
: rived; oorae and see. them in our
window. . '. -. -;
Holczer's Standard Shoe House
199 South Main St near Grand.
rinRoom house
In good repair, and large lot, on
Cherry street worth at least $4,000,
but can be bought for $3,500 if taken
this week. Don't lose this chance for
a bargain. , ', '
; W. F. Jarrettf
Real Estate, Room 1. 109 Bank street
: In cleaning up our' stock, of
Liquors, we find 4 or 5 dozen
pints of various brands of
To close out this lot we will
sell it at "' -
50c per Bottle.
' 11 1 n hi 1 m m j 11 1
Woodruff Grocery Co.
People's Market
v 21 Phoenlx Avenue.
Squabs, Broilers, Spring Ducks, .
Fowl, Native Spring Lamb,
Green Corn, Lima Beans, Tomatoes,
Celery, Parsley, 'Head Lettuce,
Spinach, Peppers, Turnips,
Caultflo-werj Sweet Potatoes;, .
Canton Butter, Fresh Eggs, Sage But
v; ter and -Cream. . . ; ,
r;to look at the bargains offered in
at this store. ; ; A specialty made of
Fine Wedding Rings. You can al
ways get your Watch, Clock or Jewel
ry Repairing and Engraving dne here.
With J, H. Devereaux & Co i s
- -of-
Consisting of driving, business and
farm animals, among them some nice
drivers. Also a fine lot of wagons,
consisting of runabouts of all, styles,
arid carriages J and business i wagons,
new and second-hand harness, whips,
blankets, etc. , , t
$25 worth of stamps with this
1 lb best Tea ............ GOc
1 . lb Magee Baking Powder, 45c
1 lb Coffee ................ 35c
Bag Flour 70c
$25 worth of stamps.
$1 worth of stamps with 5 V
lbs. best Corned Beef .... 40c
$1 worth of stamps with 2
lbs Frankforts 24c
$1 worth of stamps with 2
lbs Fat Pork ........... 25c
161-163 SOUTH MAIN STREET. . .
Special Sale of
Wc have reduced the price 20 per cent
on 55 Couches. This gives you an op
portunity to purchase a first-class Couch
for a small price. Don't fail to see our
Popmtstlon of XCMtarla. Reported to
H-ve Boon Sla.nsterd.
SOFIA, Bulgaria, Sept 18. The for
eign office here has received reliable in
formation that the Turks have de
destroyed the town of Kastoxia, thirty
six miles south of Monastlr, and have
massacred the population.
, The report of the massacre comes
from sources admitting of little doubt
though the details are lacking. It has
been received with the gravest concern
by the officials here. vv.'.
The population of Kastoria was about
10,000, and the massacre of such a
number in one place, if the report is
true, exceeds anything which has yet
occurred in Macedonia. "At the present
critical moment, when popular feeling
is intense, the effect of the report of
such, stupendous slaughter may be-most
Hay Ocenvy HaeeAaiil. ';
, LONDON, Sept 18. It is announced
here - that Russia and ; Austria; have
made fresh proposals to the other pow
ers which if , carried out will, it is
hoped, restore order-in the Balkans. It
is proposed that Austria and Russia
occupy Macedonia
Never see you any more. Gone fsr
ever. Tough toes once more. Step on
them, stand on them or kick them with
out squirming That's the story that
our Corn Cure has to tell. Only 10c.
By maU 12c. Fitzpatrick's Pbaxnracy,
Wan and East Main sts. 'Phone 63-4.
.TE are showing the largest
' Une of . ' '
. '. ........
For School Work in the - city-
Our special is a box of eight
colors in pans and two Camel
Hair Brushes, complete for
25c. ' , . '
' Devoe's Colors aretronger
and go farther, than any , other!
Tie ZiglatzM-Marks Co
110-116 South Main Street.
188-190 Sonth Main SL 2 ENTRANCES 1 . 3840 Grand Strait
Real Estate and Rents
As I said in my "ad" of last night
that the West Side Hill house would
be gone twenty-four hours after the
"ad", appeared. It has gone. - i ; 4
Now I have an eight room house on
the Pearl Lake road tor rent, $14. The
paper hangers and painters have Just
got out of it and it is In the pink of
The lady , who owns . the house on
Central avenue that I have been "ad
vertising at $5,700, came in yesterday
and. told me to put the price up to
$6,009. I asked her to wait for two
weeks, before she did'that She agreed.
The price now is $5,700. On the first
day of October it will be $6,000. The
same thing happened to that Vine
street house I advertised' I offered
it at $4,600,' and no one took it; I of
fered it at $4,800 and I sold it "Wednes
day; the new owner is going to place
it in my hands again and the price will
be $5,000.1 You had better buy this
Central avenue house at $5,700 NOW.
(Opposite Center street)'
i Fire, Accident and Life Insurance,
For men.
Is the greatest shoe ' on earth
. foT the man who has bunions, or
needs an extra wide shoe. They
are made in vicl kid, heavy
soles, lace and congress, hand-
fcewed. They cost
, - $3.50 -
but they're worth $5 when you
consider how easy they are. -
Women's extra wide Shoes, in
vici kid, button and lace. . large
ankle, sizes 4 to 9, at $1.08.
Women's vici kid Shoes, in
sizes 1, IV2 and 2, a big variety,
SL50 to $3. - .
73-75 Ban Street
gt tZ
A supper will be given in the lec
ture room of the Third Congregational
church next Thursday night-
Miss Ethel Wood, daughter of At
torney Porter L. Wood, left this week
for Mount Holyoke college.
Mrs James Stewart of Bridgeport
is the guest of Mrs Gilbert Henderson
of Alder street
John Henderson, Jr, and Attorney
Arthur Henderson left ? Wednesday
night on a trip up the Hudson and to
Maine and Nova Scotia. -
George Regan's bay gelding,
George R., won second money in
the 3 minute class race at the annual
fairiof the Orange Agricultural society
on Wednesday.
The attendance at the carnival and
bazaar of the Brooklyn Athletic club
is becoming larger and larger as the
closing night grows near. The bazaar
will end to-morrow . night For . the
last two nights arrangements have
been made for a banner time. The
committee requests that , all combina
tion tickets shall be turned in by 10
o'clock to-morrow njght Air tickets
not returned by that time will not be
counted. :
This is the season of the year when
repairs should be made to doors and
windows of houses. If there are any
broken panes of glass have , them re
moved and new ones put i in their
places. If any . windows are minus a
pane of glass or two put in new ones
at once- All these things should be
done now before the cold weather sets
In. Fine glass and the best of I ltty
can be secured at A. C Walter's -ar-macy.
SIom Postal Fravutl Iaietxnextla.
WASBINGTON, Sept 18. The- grand
Juxy of th suprerae court of the Dis
trict of Oeiumbia has returned three
new in&ictmeirtS'for-postal .frauds. ' The
names are withiield until the arrests
shall have -been made. It is learned that
the three indictments are against two
Individuals, one of whom was already
bnder-lndlctment The other Individual
has not heretofore been 'indicted. -
Furniture Store
Because you can find a large selec-
tlon of anything and everytliing In
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perienced salesmen to guide y-ou as
to the best way to furnish , and Jn
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the Haapsra-Selhw ! rto); Co
Waterbnry's Best Fnraltare Stare.
116-120 Bank Stmt.
' " Thev:
' Convenient . t
' Modem, Method-
Gas Ranges are sold by
The UnitedGas Improvement Co.
, If your FurGarments. Muffs,
etc, need attention, bring them
in before the rush begins and
they will be put in order so
that you will be all prepared
for the approaching cold snap.
Frost and snow conditions
have appeared, out west and
are due east next moon. Any
article in the Fur line made to
order at reasonable prices and
all work guaranteed.
South Main St
Took the Waters at 'Carlsbad; But
' Didn't Go to Rome. .
Rt Rev Bishop Tierney ,of the Ro
man OathoMc diocese of Hartford re
turned home from Europe last evening
and was : apparently in excellent
health when seen toy a reporter last
night at the episcopal residence on
Farmington avenue, says the Courant
The bishop said that be had nothing
particular to communicate, as lie went
abroad simply ' for a vacation and for
the benefit of his health; there was
nothing of an official character in his
trip. He and Bishop Hrkins of Prov
idence went abroad together and re
turned together, sailing on the City of
New York on July 8 and sailing from
Liverpool on the Soxonia on Septem
ber ,8. ; Bishop Tleraiey came directly
home and his brother bishop went to
ProvJdence. They took thecoedlcinal
treatment . of the 'waters at : Carlsbad,
the -regular coarse-of treatment which
Bishop Tlemey said, he was satisfied
bad benefited hint, although there was
nothing particular the matter with
him;' he was simply rather tired out
with -the work of the-diocese. iHe lost
ten pounds in weight while away,
which be did not object to, as he had
gained 1 m-och in flesh the past , few
years and felt much better now with
reduced tvoirdmiols. V
Bishop- Tierney said that be did not
go to Rome, nor even 4to Italy, , as be
had nothing to", call him there. They
knew before they left pi&t the boly
father . was very 111 and on the way
over received two or t3ree messages
regarding Pope Leo XIII by the Mar
coni system, through the courtesy : of
the- steamship- officials, who kinly com
municated . the message to , him , and
Bishop Harkias before -bulletining
them on tbe jpteataship. , They were
urns able to get the news first Per
haps hvtwo or' three years he would
make his official trip to Rome, which
e very 'Wshop is required to make ev
ery ten years. Annual reports of the
daocese-were made to thepope, but per
sonal visits were not required oftener
than every ten years, unless specially
ordered. - ' ';;' v.y-V:.V, vv
While abroad, Bishop Tierney . said,
he took the opportutttty to visit places
and institutions . where : young , men
from the diocese were being educated
for the priesthood, in ; France, Ger
many, Austria, Poland and other coun
tries. . Two young men from northern
Italy met him away from there. He
had no business in Rome and specially
avoided going there, as he did not der
sire to get into the crowds. : -v; l
.The reporter asked the bishop if
there was anything in : the rumor
which was afloat whi!e be wad abroad,
and which was xn4radicted, that
there was to be a, division of tne dio
cese. , . T know notiirag aibout it" was
the reply, "I know absolutely nothing
about-dt and -havent veu neard about
it", . The bishop added that although
he. had not power to divide "tire "diocese
himself, it was extremely ; improbable
that anything of that kmd would occur
without his previous knowledge. Pre
vious to 1870,. the diocese of HSurtford
included Rhode Island, which was set
off during the bishopric of Bishop Mc-
Farland. The bishop said he didn't
know of any reason why the present
diocese should be divided, and the
priets in the. diocese , would simply
laugh at the .rumor. He dld not know
from where the ' rumor originated, its
object or indeed anything about it
. "There's no place like home,"" said
the bishop, tand'--I'n jetadT'-Vto. reach
Hartford. I went away' quietly and
came back quietly. I was not expect
ed." here until 8 o'clock this evening,
and came home quietly about 5 oclock,
"I have had ' several priests call on me
this evening, ; was pleased to feee them
and am now getting ready to retire,
and will to-morrow take up again the
work of the diocese, which has not
been neglected during my absence." ;
Interesting Items Boiled Down for the
Benefit of Our Busy .Readers,
A veranda tn the rear of Henry
Stone's block In Winsted collapsed yes
terday. It fell two stories, but for
tunately nobody was on or under it at
the, time.. ' , : - - '
The Danlelson .Worsted Co com
mence, Wednesday, running, the plant
night and day, employing two sets of
help. William Fog of Skowhegan, Me,
will have x charge of the night force. ! c
The Hartford Rubber Works Co
has' announced the withdrawal , of all
previous quotations for rubber goods,
the announcement saying that it is
necessary to advance prices on account
of the steady increase in the cost of
crude materials. , :K;:Mt:: ,';V.,:V
; The storm did inestimable damage
to the apple crop In Bristol. The crop
was a promising one, the, only fruit
which has matured In any quantity.
Yesterday thousands of bushels of fine
apples were on the ground, trees' are
leveled and the crop Is good for nothing
but cider. ':, ' ' "''-.V'
' The state board of education has en
gaged Hartwell, Richardson & Driver
of Boston . as architects of the new
state normal school at Danbury. The
firm was the . architect of the New Ha
ven normal school, which is considered
a handsome and well adapted building
for the purpose.; TJ board of educa
tion expects to have the new buildin
started this fall and to open the school
about September 1, 1904.
, Special Policeman Harry Mount was
shot by an unknown man that be had
under arrest aboqt 1 o'clock this morn
ing while he was on Myrtle street, New
Britain. Thgnpliceman found a man
asleep in a railroad car and he arrest
ed him. He was on the way to the
station bouse with him and had got as
far em. the msJIable Iron works when
the' prisoner resisted. The men had a
scuffle and the unknown man fired
three shots at the policeman. But one
shot took effect and the wound Is not
Thomas Mack of South Coventry
made a speech ; in the Hartford .public
library yesterday afternoon. ; His ad
dress was cut short by the arrival of
Policeman Doran, who went over from
the station house in response to a tele
phone call for a policeman. Mack is
about. 45 yearg old and is crazy. - He
was . very dirty and he would ha?e
been a bargain for a rag peddler, as he
had fully a half bushel of rags in his
pockets. His pockets were of the or
dinary sie, but he had a good many of
them, as he wore four pairs of trou
sers and two coats. In eneh pocket
were found pieces of cloth, small bags
sewed up, spools : of thread, tobacco
pounches. etc? , . . l:;
Watentown Man Game Here With $28,
OnlV HlA 410 Thla MAmlnir
Daniel Fly mi came from Wa-tertown
yesterday with $26 in his inside pocket
and got drunk. It was thirty yean
since last he was In that condition. He
could not, account for, his conduct in
the city court to-day nor tell how he
got Into Thomas MulhoUand's com
pany. Both were arrested early thii '
morning by Officer Brickel in the rear "
of . D. B. Wilson's house on Central :
avenue. Before that Lorrarri
a milk peddfer, saw them' dodging
around houses on Central avenue. Mul
holland had nothing too say for him- ,
self, but J'lyajn.; made quite a little
speech. He said it was thirty years
smee-he was in court -and he could not
tell how he -came to be there this morn
tog. , He left Wtertown , yesterday
with $26, and when asked by the pros
ecutor If he had any of it left, he said '
he did not know. .,He brought on? a
bffl, ; however, and opening . it doubt-
funy as though he preferred to remain . c
la-Ignorance of fts denomination rath- :
er than know the sad rtalnta that It
was a small. one. h a fnmui a Mm t
dent amazement hat It was " a1 $10 .
note. ; '. ? riAs fi t ''
"Gosh, there's ten anyway," he ' cx
claianed in joy as he began to search
for more. He dived into every tpock-,
et Je had. and he seemed to have -more
than the average man, v bat all .
h could produce was two half dollars. .
t "Will you let me go for that?" he
asked, but he; was given no answer, y
He was fined $20 and costs and hla
conipanion Mulholland was' fined $10
and costs and sentenced to thirty days
in JaiL r The charge against them wag '
intoxication ; and trespass. Muihol
land waa given sixty days' proba Hon.
Edward Higgins was charged with
assaulting a colored boy named John -
TT 1a mi Amnio 1 ' ' T j u-a .
Hale had no place to sleep that night
and he crept into Cann's billiard
room on Bank street Soon after Hig '
gins crept in and made things warm
for Htele., Hade got out and he was -foHowed
by a gang of seven or eight.
They pushed' hhn down a flight of'
steps and . near the Fourth .National
bank they knocked him down. : Ho "
Mdd the arcused did not strike him '
and consequently HIggins was dit- '
charged.. - " . t
James Shannahan "of Railroad Hill
street was charged with keeping a, col-
larless, registered' dog. ;. Officer Allen
was the .mplainant 5 Shannahan :
denied nothing. He said the dog .did
have a collar, but It was very difdcult r
to keep a collar on it as its nck is
larger than Its head. - He washavinar
a harness collar made for it on 'that co
conut ' If that collar won't do th.e
will be nothing left but to Lispose c t
the dog. The jQlnimum fl'e was iai
posed, $1 and costs, frorji' which aa '
appeal was taken. . : .' . ' .
: 1 L
--. ' . "EAST LTNJE.. - .-. r
" : .
Produced at Pythiary?-Hall Under Dl- .
: rectlon of Jea-j, Ingraham.
'East Lynne, ' or the Elopement!" a V
society drama f rbfi the pen of Mrs '
Henry Woods, was-produced at Pytli-'
ian hall last nigh by a local compary ;
of amateurs. The play, which wts ;'
given forf the betefit of the WaterTJ'io t
baseball; team, was' staged 'and p. '1 -.
duced' under' -the personal direction "of 1 "
Jean . f ingraham. Nothwithstanding
the Inclement weather the production "
of . the drama attracted a ' large audi- "
ence ; which -was delighted, with . the
clever manner in which the amateur :
portrayed . their respective parts. They
showed appreciation of the company's
work by liberally . applauding the vari
ous cllmaxee.-1:' ,ivt:' V.:"-;:.;.-V'
Each part in the production was ex
cellently enacted. . There were , no -weak
characters.5 There was no flaw
nor.'bieraislr spoil the harmony. -Elach
' actor and ' actress had received .
special instructions in his or her part
from Director ; Ingraham, s who , knows
just what is necessary. Consequent- .
ly the play was smoothly and finely" '
performed, not." even the little details
being neglected. ''KJ'T;. '
To Jean Ingraham, a name noted ia
local amateur theatrical circles, is due
the greater credit for the successful .
perxormance . lasx evemng. rvr mauj,
nights he has labored long and earn- '
estly, anoulding things into shape, now ;
well he succeeded was shown last
night It was another brilliant suc
cess added to his long list Jean not j
only managed the production, but also ,
.enacted the role of Lord Mt Severn.
It suffices to say that his work was of
the usual ' excellent nature. - ;
, His wife, Josephine Moore Ingra- ,
ham, portrayed the difficult ' roles of
Lady Isabel and Madam Vine. A wo
man of versatile qualities Is required ;
for this role. It is a difficult one for
an amateur. Mrs Ingraham was more
than equal to, the : occasion however,
and rose above n amateur in the por
trayal of the part Whether as the
charming, bewitching lover or the sad,
grief -stricken woman,' deserted- by her -false
lover, she was always pleasing.
Thomas McMahon scored a big hit v
as Archibald Oarlyle. , The . public ,
win anxiously await to see more of .
Mm In amateur productions of the f u- .
tare. Nell Kott as Sir Francis Levi
son performed his part ably and cred
itably. His work bordered on the ,
professional. ? Daniel Lynch furnished
much amusement as J ohn Dill.
M3ss Sarah Barker was decidedly '
pleasing as Cornelia Carlyle. Her
tnts with Sir Francis were highly
Miss Effie Oalklns gave promise of ,
possessing much ability as an actress. .
She is pretty of form, lithe and win
some, has a , ; pleasing manner and
makes herself a favorite with the au
dience (from the beginning.
The part of Barbara Hare could noil
have been In more capital hands , than ,
those of Miss Bertha Fenton, whose
sweetness gave a wholesome relish to
the part ';- y :-
Miss Florence Barlow , had little ta
do as Susannel but did that little very
well. . ' : ' " ' V '
; One of the most pleasing characters ,
of the evening wis Jeannette Barlow
In the role of Little wniie.
As a whole the production was a de
cided success and the manageroeut! .
should feel proud of Its efforts; After
the play dancing was enjoyed until 13
o'clock.; y :,y.y "':'' 'y ':.:
' Director Ingraham announced that!
the company wohld produce "Kath
leen Mavourneen" In the near future
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ubout their men's . bunion shoes and
women's shoes.

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