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Call jn and let us
some of those mark
R. R. HARDER & CO., 105
I .An" Old
TTTTTVTTTTTVI"! I ' f 1 V T'f I 1 1 I J
By William.
. -
JEHOLD her, single In the field, '
Yon solitary Highland lass!
Reaping and singing by herself;
Stop here, or gently pass! ;..y
Alone she cuts and. binds the
'And sings a melancholy strain; - j
O listen! for the vale profound
Is overflowing with the sound.
No nightingale did ever chant
More welcome notes to weary bands
Of travelers In some shady haunt.
Among Arabian sands: . , '
A voice so thrilling ne'er was heard
In spring time from the cuckoo bird,
Breaking the silence of the seas
Among the farthest Hebrides.
Ey President ELIOT ' of , Harvard
I'tt"'1 t
lOMEN will never compete with men's colleges, in atlv
M Wi&J i
letics. I see 'absolutely no ..POSSIBILITY of that
' ever taking jplace. The women do not seek, competi
.. tion and it would-be of .no' benefit to them.
5 Women were . not originally, intended for such vio
lent exercise as man, and some of
strain the;;::. - lor women to put
j There , mav b? vomeii living
eucY h str;:4''ge r,d. unnatural way
ir.-jt.noua jior " them' to put the shot, but for . the
majority" of women it' would be enough to HURT
THEM ?V;Ti LIFE." Boating," also, is bad for
v;oiiien. V!"oca's colleges do not have crews to any great extent,
but the women who do go into it will not last long in their athletic
li-V:' V'-' en's, athletics are a,' good, thing IN" MODERATION,
but for riiem to trv to do all; that-their brothers do is a mistake.
.... . ..... ... .... .......... ...... .
3man at
She Knew the, Whole Thing Was a Cheat, Didn't Want Anu of the Goods
.Advertised, Wouldn't. Make a Fool of Herself , Yet in the End Suc
cumbed to the Temptation Against Which No Woman Is Proof.
Well, I'm glad of it!" exclaimed the
little-woman, as she gotout ot the jam
and straightened her hat and borrowed
two pins to make repairs to her dress.
"I might have known better than - to
come to this sale. This bargain-counter
business is all a cheat, and I'll : be
glad to know that all these women are
sure to be swindled. Just look at 'em,
will .yon? They ..are, almost tearing
the clothes off each other to i get at
those stockings. . ': . ;
I didn't intend to buy any not to e.
I know all about 50-cent stockings
marked down to 17 cents. They, are
simply 15-cent . stockings marked up
to 17, just as my husband says. , They
are not fast colors, and they have
been kicking around the store for the
last year. I simply wanted to look
at 'em and see " ...
Here the little woman paused, drew
a long breath, and dashed at an open
ing in the crowd. It closed up before
1 she. could reach it, however,' and she
was .flung back again.
"I wasn't trying to get in there," she
explained to herself, as she 'leaned
against a pillar to recover her breatft.
I know all. ah'Tir-thst?' .tr:?t W!1,- v "'t
i ' ' -
show you aBsr
downs in will (
S and 0
, . -
LJttle to IBwy..
Suits and Reefers at $1.68.
Wan) or it e
I 1 f. I f f f fl f f 1 !1
Wordsworth ...
: Will"no one tell mte what she sings?'
Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow. ,
-For old. unhappy, farofC. things,
- And battles long ago;
Or is it some more humble lay,
Familiar matter of today?
Some natural sorrow. loss or pain,
That has been, or may be again?
Whate'er the theme, the maiden sang
As if her song could have no end
ing; I saw her singing at her work
And o'er her sickle bending: . 4
I listened motionless and still;
And. as I mounted up. the hill.
The music in my heart I bore,
Long after It was heard no more. ':
the things -that they go into must
the shot is PEE-
wha are" made- in.
that , it is notj
Bargain Sale.
I wouldn't give it to a tramp to wash
his -l feet " wiUu A friend " of ; mine
bought some a few days ago and. it
gave her a skin disease and made' her
lookji fright My toilet soap costs 30
cents a cake, and my husband would
divorce me if I used anything cheap-i
erl There are two ladies whose hus
bands allow them S200 a month pin
money, ahd yet they are ready .. to
scratch each other's eyes out over
three-cent cakes of toilet soap! There's
a sign of pins at three cents a paper.
I don't want any, you know, but I'd
just like
She made a jump and followed a
cash girl into the press. Tbat is, she
managed to squeeze ahead of an old
lady ' with gold glasses and a young '
woman with a Roman nose and take 1
them ; by surprise. ; They recovered
after a moment, however, and crowded
her against a dumpy woman with such
force that she .was glad to get back to
the corset counter alive.
"Never again in all my life will 1
make a fool of myself by attending an
other bargain sale! " she gasped, as the
tears came to her eyes. "I didn't want
those pins, as I said to myself, but I
had a curiosity to see them. They
are Just what I thought they were
brass crowbars, with points so dull
you couldn't stick 'em Into pumpKin
pie. Think of a lady using three-cent
pins around her house, when the cheap
est second girl or ' cook would ; be
ashamed to ask for anything under
seven! There's a lawyer's wife with
a 100 dress and a ' $25 hat, and yet
she's got her elbows into everybody's
ribs in her mad desire to buy five pa
pers of pins at a saving of four cents
a paper. I'm going home, I am. I
; just dropped in to see the women make
idiots , of v themselves. When ybu
catch me " ;
At that instant, says the Cincinnati
Commercial Tribune, her eye - caught
sight of a sign: "Corset covers for
seven ' cents," and with a push and a
jam and a rush she made her way Into
the crowd and finally reached ' the
counter and ordered two. ; She was a
wreck from hat to shoes, and had
broken her parasol and lost, her shop
'.plTjgJkag. but she l?rl found a. mat bar-
1-1. . v v ' a
' - ' ...
How to Vse and Take Care of a
.;v. House Broom,' .
. When using a broom don't sweep
with, your back use your arms. Sweep
in one direction . ' wita long, " light
strokes. Sweep the carpet -with - the
pile, not against it Don't wait to
sweep a room ; until It is dirty and
To keep on using an old, stubby,
wornout broom is the poorest kind of
economy, says the Louisville Courier
Journal. Not only does it wear the
carpets, but it takes double the 'time
and strength to do the sweeping.
When buying brooms get good, firm
ones, but as light in weight as possi
ble. If one has a -large house it saves
time to keep a broom and dustpan on
each , floor in order to obviate carrying
the outfit up and down stairs each
time it is needed. ' "
! When not in use keep the . broom
hung'up.' The cellarway, where It is
cool and damp, is a good place. If
there is no ring to h,ang the broom by,
bore a hole through the handle or cut
a. notch , around the. upper part of the
handle and tie a string around it.
Every broom should have an occasion
al bath in salt water; not only to keep
'the broem corn in good condition, but
to dispose of the accumulated dust and
microbes. On' this account new brooms
are to be specially commended, as they
jean be taken apart. - The top of the
broom is . covered with tin, which
screws on ; to ' the handle. In : the , top
of the broom is a tube of metal, into
which water or. a disinfecting fluid
can be poured to moisten the, broom. "
A broom cover to slip over the broorc
when brushing down' the -walls " or
sweeping a dusty' piazza will be found
a great convenience. , Sew up, ba '
shaped! canton flannel and make a nar
row hem. .; WoT two buttonholes ar.
'inch and a half below, one on each
Bid of the seam. Stitch an inch wide'
casing on , the underside, and .run a
stout tape through , the buttonholes.
When ready to use slip the bag over
the broom, draw up the tapes anil tie
securely. A 'lightweight lliwiupl is easi
'ly washed.; Keep " several', unbleafhi.!
for the walls and colored for tle p;rch,
find when soiled., vr:isii thju.
How Ito Watii Black Sat::i.
Take the white of an eg, foui- ounces
of honey t and a wincglassf ul ' of ' gin.
Blend these ingredients thoroughly and
then wash the satin with the "mixture,
jUsing a rather hard little brush Next
irinse .it well in cold water, ' leave it to
drain-and while still quite damp iron
on the wrong side. ; -
How to Sterilise Drinking: Water.
. ' Here is the latest recipe for sterilizing
drinking 'water and killing off the ty
phoid germ: Put four drops of tincture
of iodine in half a gallon of water 'and
permit it to stand at least half an hour.
By the end of that time it will be as
harmless as distilled water. Many per
sons have not the facilities for making
distilled water. Boiling it also entails
a certain amount of trouble. In either
(case the water is' flat and unpleasant to
the taste. The few drops of iodine im
part practically no taste to the amount
of water they, sterilise, and at the same
time they answer every medicinal' pur
pose. - -
. For Infants "and Children. .
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the '
Signature of
Very nice, pleasant furnished
rooms, on 50 Linden St, with
bath. Inquire 280-282, North
Main street.
If Your Old PIumberGannof
Corns, Try Us. . .
, Wc don't want to deprive him
cfa job, but wish to assist thoss
who have trouble with their
plumbing. J will give you the
service of the highest paid men
in the trade. II you are thinking
about buying a stove asX about
the STAMFORD, it will pay you
to inquire, every one praises it
that has used it. We do roofing
and conductor work.
T' .-1;
The Lion That Trighiened
Little Gladys.
r--' . ; ' . hi nm I J "
V ITTLB Gladys, had a tremendous
1 ; Imagination, and she both amus
" ed and alarmed the family by
her. big stories. One day she rushed in
from the garden and told her mother a
breathless tale about a 'lion who had
taken possession of her summer house.
"Are you sure it's a lion, Gladys?"
asked! her mother. i
' "Oh, yes, mamma. He's a great big
fellow.";:;!--- ' ' "
"Well, we'll go right out and see
him," said her mother.
Little Gladys acted as if somewhat
confused, but she followed her mother
out Into the yard. As they neared the
summer house she said: "I guess it
wasn't a lipn, mother. I guess it was a
tiger." ' -. . - '
"Well, we'll see if we can drive him
oft then," said her mother bravely and
continued on her way. As they came
still' nearer the summer house Gladys
pulled her mother back by the dress.'
"I guess it -wasn't a tiger. " I guess it
was a monkey. Yes, it was a monkey
But this did ' not influence Gladys
mother,- for she at once expressed a de
sire to see the monkey and marched
directly to the summer house. There
on the stepssat a big gray cat. vGladys'
mother turned around and eyed her lit
tle daughter reproachfully. The little
girl blushed a rosy red, arid then, pull
ing herself together, she said, "Ij know
it's only a cat, mamma, but it has such
big. whiskers it looks Just like papa."
New York Times.
; How to Malt Marking Iak. - '
I Dissolve, separately one ounce 9f nl-'
trate - of silver with one ounce and a
half of ., good .washing soda. Mix the
solutions and collect and wash the pre
cipitate in a filter J -While still moist
rub it in up in a marble or stone mor
tar with three 'drams of tartaric acid.
Add two, ounces of distilled water. Mix
lx drams of white sugar-, and ten
(drams of powdered gum arabic, half
en ounce of archil and enough water to
knake up six ounces.
How -to Make Tomato , Toast. -
Cook t6gether two cupfuls of canned
tomatoes and two small onions chopped
fine for three-quarters of an hour; sea
son with salt and pepper,. add two" lev
el tablespoenf ula of butter and one-half
cupful of milk. Pour over slices of
toasted brppd. ,
Bears the 7he ou Hav8 Iways
A jug the. children dance around
in gleeful anticipation. , -
The Great Spread for 'Daily Bread.
The syrup of delight morning, noon or night.
' A syrup that is not only delicious, but a valuable
health-maker and body builder. Contains all the
y goodness of corn -the most nutritive cereal
lk ' grown. Prepared particularly for table and home .
uses. Put up in airtight, friction-top tins -which pn
. tect its . purity, making, it particularly preferable to
the dusty, uncleanly barrel syrups, ioc, 25c and 50c.'
n At all grocers.
7r 77 TH
lis me n
If pa
Horse Shoeing
1 u
- ' mil IK FIRST CLS3 S3I?3
ii. - ' , .'- ..
; r "--at- - :
' 1 ' . .. :
iCo Meadow Streat.
York and Chicago.
I -
among discriminating : Cigar smokers
. rho appreciate , the pleasure of
contrast, to smoke a
betheen cigars. The rare
Turkish flavor of the Mogul
gives the final touch to the
enjoyment of smoking.
Woolen Mills Tailors.
A Million Yards of
Scotch Woolens.
$0.9 :
Satisfaction Fully Guaranteed.
Poring the opening days of this safe all
Purchaser of SLIT OVERCOAT,
will receive a handsome pair of
' - $6.00 TROUSERi. made , "
- from fine Worsted or
' same material "
. as suit
161 Broadway;
fine vrnmr wo -k
We know that you want the best
laundry work to be had. i ; ; "e know
that if you will compare our work with
that of. all other local laucJries yon
will agree with - us when' w .clalin
great superiority. We ask you to make
the comparison, as we know it will
suit in mutual benefit. Don't make
er. Monday a blue day by do'nsr t"
wafshlne at home. You can't afford
We will waii al1 your clothes and iron
the bddiDg and table linen -7 8c
pnrod. .
Home Steam Laundry
A. J. COONEY. ProVr.
A good Crayon for 98c at the Boston
Installment Go's. - Pictures, Crayons
and astcls - a specialty. Repairing
frames ' at reasonable price. Tele
phone 155-5. Prompt attention always.
, , E. M. BECMAN. Mr,"
' 127 North 31m St
Peopled Market
21 Phoenix Avenue.
Broilers, Squabs, Ducks, ' Philadelphia
Roasting v Chickens. Geese, Fowl,
Guinea Hens, Deerf oot Farm and New
port Sausage.
Celery, Cranberries, Lettuce, Squash,
Spinach, ' Turnips, Brussels Sprouts,
Sage Cream, Canton Butter.
10 for 15 cents
Cork Tips or Hun
LSaVc the Coupons
19 THE
Greatest Thcdrlcnl Psp:?
All persons lntrested In tbs bessen
Ingsln the
Amusement Yohld.
Cannot afford to be without It.
For Sale by all Newsdealers In all parts
of the world
4Cor South Main anC Jrana ets.
B JScovill Mauufacturtug Co (P4. '
' 6 -Cor Bridge and Malll sta.
7 Exchange Place.
12 Kocers & Bro (P.) .
13 Cor East Main and Niagara sts.
14 Cor East Main ana Wolcott rosd.
IB Cor Cor High and Wats ut sts.
16 Cor Eact Main and Cherry sts.
17 Cor East Main and Cole st.
21 Cor North Elm and Kingsbury fits
25 Burton street engine house.
24 -Waterbury Manufacturing Co fFji
26 Cor North Main and North sts. '
2 Cor Buckingham anAOooke ats.
27 -Cor Grove and Prefyet stu '
28 Cor Hillside avenuw mnd Pins cti
29 Cor Ludlow and N. Willow sts,
31 Cor Bank and Grand sts. .
82 Cor Riverside and Bank sts.
84 Cor-W. Main and Watertowa rd.
85 Conn R'y & Lfg Co. car b'se Cl
R6 Waterbury Brass Co (P
87 Cor Cedar and Meadow sts.
88 Cor Grand and Field sta.
42 Cot Sopth Main and Clay sta.
43 New England Watch ,Co (P)
45 Benedict & Bnrnham Mf g Co. TS
4.Waterbnry Buckle Co. (P) ; .
47 Cor R. Main and Washington tti
Bl Cor Baldwin and stiver Sta. 1
B2 Cor Franklin n Union st.
B3Waterbury Clock Co, case t&s.CTi
54rrCor Clay and Mill "
prt Cnt JAhfriy n Elver sts.
f57 No R hoRe hons.
fiCor Baldwin imd Stnte sts. '
R2 Tor roolIttle alley end DnhHn ei
72 Cor Was Main and Willow rts
73 North Willow tf, oor HITlsfda.
74fnf Johnson and Waterrlll ;
J4? Wolwrt mf. heyontT TTnwar.
jR24or Vjt Mil In and WTtoo Ctsi
812-rTbe Pistt Bto Co. CP) 4;
piWiTTnTn-mond WhcMa f!f. fPV
21rt-w-Tor Vnrh Mfn and Rmr
JKlT-Tnr l?onT TTf!l .T.d. WjiM tg.
272 Grftw. bt Central TToTrn J'
R11-l. N. TJ. TeTephni Co bnlldias fl1'
R12 rvr Bank nnfi Mesdnw sts.
Tnndo!ph A Clowes (P)
814 Plum & Afwooff fP) .'-',
R1VATnrfean Ring Co. fp '
R1-LWr! TJght Ststton fPV
Rifu-TTolnv. Booth & Haydens (FJ
821 No 4 TToe Honse. .
823 Cr Wflhlnrfon v Pnrtr tt7
825 Tor Pltno-m st Wstihtnirton ar
871--ritT L"tnhr Coal Co. (p)
12 Tracy won
4MPtiU & .Tnhnnnn ffcr Co (pi
RB? Co iwtn and T)ts sts.
fPi Private.
' , . StGNALS.
1. One . stroke calls annerlntendr
to the City halL
1-1. Two strokes, fire ont. reralL
1.1-t..' -Tbw. strokes. 12 tnJBp m
M-1-1-1-1-1-1-: 1. Tn strokes nni
will tndicnte a ireneral alarm and wUl
call the entire force fntn nrfc
Train, losv. THajkI.iw sfrmit statlcn
for Boston, Hartford and way stations
at 7.-00 and ft:SS a .m.; 12:33, S0, SfA
trains arnre at .Meaaow sxreei Bis
Won from Boston. Hartford and wet
tatlons at 8:03, 11:40 a. in.; 1:45, 6
and 78 p. m. '
Trains leave Meadow afreet fstatltss
for New York." Fishkili Landing. Dss
bury and way stations at 8:13 a: xz
and li50 and 6:24 p. m.
Trains arrive at Meadow street ft
Hon from New York. Fishkili LsndtB?,
Danbnry and way stations at f3 c
m.; 12.34 nd R-04 p. ni.
Iave Meadow street station at -"
10.-08 a. m.; 2O0, 6KKS aud 78) p. ta.
Arrive at Meadow street station t.
SM). 11 30 a. ra.; 40. 6X0 BX 0
p. to.
Trains htave Dublin street station f:?
Bliddletown and way stations st C4
a. m. and fi:15 p. m. . j
Trains arrive at Dublin street station,
from MIddletown and way stations L'i
70 a. m. and 88 p. tn. -..v
Trains leave Dublin srreet static
for New Haven by way of Cheshire tl
7:00. 8:43, 11:10 a. m 1:50, 4m p, ca.
Trains arrive at Dublin street sts
tlon from New Haven by way cS
Cheshire at 023 a. to. 15, 8( CK,
7:45 p. m - -
Leave pnbHn street station for Kits
Haven by way of Cheshire at 753 &
m.i 15:50 p. m.
Arrive at Dublin street station freia
New Haven by way of CbesMr af
Trntna lnv Tnk fref nfjirfAn tot
New York. Bridgeport 4 New Ha vert
vi ; ofhpr plns sonth at fljSR. . 7:R5
io k2 a. m.; 1:40, 3:05, 4:40. 6:15 and
P0 p. m. 'r::i '
. Tralni srHve'at T?nk street stnffnn
from ,Nw." York Brldarennrt. New TT.
ran rfl trnv tHone nt 714 S23.
p-ns 10 S a. m'.: 3:40. 5:20. 6:3oV
8;48 p. tn.: 12:39 a. m ,
TVMn, 1ere niTik tTt nfntfnn fW
llnet and .wv sfstinns:, at 8:2.V
10:K9 a. m.: 3:41. 5:22 (Waterrllle on
y R-4S nrl 8:48 p m.
Tmlns arrive nt Bank' street sntlftn
f-T wintwl and wht tfltVms nt
7:55. 10:52 a. m.: SK)5, 15:47 (Water
tni 0:15 p. m. ; ;
Trnlfls laTe Hank street station for
8:28. 11:03 a. m : 1:30. 3:t"5 !:10. C;12,
6 sat: 853 and llfio n. m. . .
Trfltn nrrlve at Bank street station
fm Wotormn nnd WV Offtffnn nt
f,:40. 7:47, 10:31 a. m.: lrfV), 2:59, 4:30.
5:52, 6:H. 7:45. 11:10 p. m. (
Le.ive Bank street station for New
VvV. ,n'!'Errifrt nnd N"w
7:05. 8:50 a. m.: 10. 5:13 and 8:00 i.
m. r - -
Arrive at Bnnk street PtatTon from
f,Vrr ynrk. BHdnort nnd Nw HdVea
flt 0:53 a. n; 1:13. 72 i'A.?.S p. ta. ...
Tiave Vnk street station for Wafer
town and way stations at 9:58 a. m.
and S:03 o. m.
Arrive at Bank trtreet station frsw
Watertown nnd way stations at i$:Z2
m. m. and 4:58 n. m. " "

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