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YOU COUGH. 25c, 50c. $1. All Druggists.
Sweet as Cream.
J Hi. X 11
; v
All this week Vaudeville, Charles
iDlckson and company, the World's
jTrio, Four Lamonte, O'Rourke and
Burnett Trio, Finlay and Burke, and
tniany others.
Sunday, January 10, at '4- p. m. Y.
M. C. A. meeting, speaker, the Rev W.
jG. Ballantine, D.D.. of Springfield,
Mass, formerly president of Oberlln
Sunday, Jan 17, at 4 p. m. Y. M.
D. A. meeting, speaker, the Rev P. B.
; Stockdal of this city, pastor First
Methodist church. '
Sunday, Jan 24, at 4 p. m. Y, M.
C. A. meeting, speaker Brigadfer Alex
J Lamb of Wethersfield, divisional su-
perintendent Salvation Army.
Friday evening, Jan 8. Fay Davis
in- "White Washing Julia."
Tuesday evening, Jan 12. "Zig Zag
.-Alley." : - :. -H;,-,.-. - , - .
Wednesday evening, Jan 13. "Mar
gin's Human Slave."
Thursday Jan 14. -Al Leach and
he Three Rosebuds In "Girls Will be
'Girls." r.
r ' Friday, Jan 15. Archie Boyd in
if Joshua Whitcomb:" f
Saturday evening, JTan 16. David
tlHigging and Georgia Waldron in "His
List Dollar." '
sham In "MIss Elizabeth's Prisoner."
Thursday evening, Jan 21. Concert
iby Prof Derwin's Mandolin . orches
tra, assisted by. the Metropolitan quar,
,tet, the Young Troubadours and the
Harmony Banjo club. ' '-.' .
Monday evening, Jan 25. Maude
lAdams in "The Pretty Sister of Jose."
Thursday evening, Jan 2S.-j-Rogers
, Dramatists are apt to -build . .their
plays' around some Inanimate object.
The .-writer of melodrama chooses a
fire engine, a sawmill or a tank of
."'real'1 water." The author- of society
L-Jcomedies chooses as a rule something
aess sensational and more delicate.
-This is the case with "Whitewashing
; jJulia,:' which Fay Davis and mem-
loers'or onaries lTanraan's ijimpire
Hheater company will present at Poli's
Ithig evening. Mr Jones has built his
(dainty comedy around a puff-box, and
although the article itself does not ap
jfpear, and is only vaguely hinted at, it
Is the meau$ of causing a charming
ffouug woman no end of trouble and
furnishing her women friends a
ichanee to display any amount of mal
Jce, snobbishness and. hypocrisy, 'j..s
begins at a bazaar for charity and .of
fers nu excellent opportunity for Julia's
acquaintances to show their lack of
jtbat greatest of virtues. The play has
bad a successful run at the Garrlck
jtheater, New York, closing last Satur
day night, and the performance this
evening will be the same in all re
flects a during ijuat-run. Prices are
to, 50 . 75 cents, $1 and $1.50.
Patrons of vaudeville continue to re
gard the current show at the Jacques
fwith hfgh favor, and the audiences are
large enough : to 'prove that the show
Us altogether to their liking. Special
ppproval has been accorded the play
let which Charles Dickson and com
pany are presenting under the title of
Pressing Matter," and it is ranked
Bs one of the genuinely amusing com
ediettas of the vaudeville stage. All
he "other acts are good ones, njaklng
m attractive show throughout, ahd the
jelectrograph film showing the great
jwestern train robbery is one of the
finest moving - Views ever shown,
prices are IT), 20 and 30 cents; after
boons 10 and 20 cents, ladies 10. . Next
m eok Press Eldridge. .
Waterbury Military toand promenade
program to be given in City hall, Sat
urday evening, Jan 9,'A. J. Lallier, director:-
.. . . i .
Two-stet) "Down on the Farm."
J jWaltz-"My Pauline." ; .
j jTwo-step "WaMmere."
V Bchottische "Dainty Damsel.''
I Waltz "Impassion Dreams."
CTliree-step "Golden Arrow."
Ifrwb-step "Laughing Water."
j M'altz "Same Old Crowd." 1
yFchottische Garden of Roses."
f'i Two-step "Anona." . ,
u Jiree-step "Uoiaen Lily."
Waltz ''Palms."
H'wo-step "uood-be. Eliza Jane..
Schottische "My Little Flo."
Waltz "Rose of Killarney."
wo-step "Greeting to Bangor." ... '
Those who have not tried the new
Ranee floor at the Jacques auditorium
Rluld avail themselves of the oppor
tunity on to-morrow evening. Leader
!Fnlton has selected two fine dance pro
cyanis for that occasion and there will
bu continuous music from 8:45 to 12
clock. The new dance floor is said
t b the finest In the state, which, to
gether with the fine concert and con
tinuous dance music furnished by the
Jband Is sure to prove a big attraction.
1 Dance program, T. m. iruiton, leaaer:
I fl'wo-step "New England's Finest"
l I Clark
Waltz "ThA Bower of Love". .Bratton
( Arranged by Fulton.
JPchottische "Dainty Damsel". Onorfrl
yrhree-step"Mazurka Russe". . . Ganne
DTwo-step "Jolly Tar" ... .... . fousa
Waltz "The Prino of I'ilscn". Luders
' v Arranged u.v i'uuuu,
two-step "The Gossips" . . .
Waltz "Popular Melodies". . . . .Beyer
Two-step r The Knockers" Fulton
Threenstep "Drawn Sabers". . . .Missa
Schottische "Birds In the Brook" . "
. Statuts
Two-step "Laughing Water". . Hager
Waltz "Wine, Woman and Song"
........ . . Strauss
Two-step 'SAnona" Grey
Waltz "The Charmer" . . . . Witmark
Arranged by. Fulton.
Encore program, , William H. Phoe
nix, director:
Two-step ''Heidelberg" Luders
Waltz "I Love You" Beyer
Schottsche "Ole Alabam" . .... Fulton
Three-step "Zangarra" ... .i.. Fulton
Two-step "Bachelor Maids" . . St Olair
Waltz "Message of the Violets"..
. .'. . . . .. Luders
Two-step "The Donkey Laugh''..,
........ .... Whitney
Popular Melodies ............. Mackia
Two-step "The Grotto" ...... Fulton
Three-step "La Carina". . . ... Young
Schottische "Vendetta" ..'... Fulton
Two-step "Hiawatha" ........ Moret
Waltz "The Boys in the Gallery
for Mine" ". Ohattaway
Two-step "From Obieago to 'Fris
co" .. 1 .. ... . ......... Fulton
Waltz "San Salvadore" . .V. . ; Fulton
Two-step "Last, But -Not Least"
...... Thalmer
Brass Moulder.
, Ladies' Aid odety.
Hibernian Rifles drill.
Court Shields, F. of A.
Speedwell lodge, K. of P.
Ladies' auxiliary, A. O. H.
Connecticut lodge Int O. O. F. ..;
Winona council, Jr O. U, A. M. y
Waterbury Progressive Firemen.
Waterbury lodfee, No 5, A. O. U. W.
Hawthorne lodge, Son of St George..
A. Von Humboldt lodge N.'B. O. P.
Townsend lodge, I. O. O. F., school
meeting. :
Fifth division, A. O. H. '
Plumbers and Steam Fitters.
'V Sheridan lodge, N. D. O. P.
; Stampers' Tcal, 207.
Ivory Workers' union.
Court B. R. Crosby, F. of A.
Electricians' union. -
St Ann's drum corps.
About Structure of Human Body
and Functions of Organs.
, Chinese medical literature Is copi
ous and its biblography has been
drawn up with the most, scrupulous
care; but the whole contents consist
of unreasoning commentaries on the
works of a few old masters, 'whose
texts, like those of other sacred - vol
umes of oriental literature, are , far
too. sacred to suffer thQ slightest in
novation. Those "masters" . of Chi
nese medicine were contemporaries
of Machaon and Podalirius, , who
dressed the wounds of the besiegers
of Troy. Direful would be' the al
most inevitable results of the explor
ation of any of the activities of the
human body by the Chinese practi
tioner! No Chinese representative
of the healing art has ever dissected
any portion of the human frame. Ac
cordingly, their Ideas of anatomy' and
physiology are matters of faith
confirmed by images which have been
reproduced dnrlng untold centuries.
Their osteology teaches that the skull
is formed! of one bone; so is the pel
vis; the- number of ribs varies with
the Individual, and at the Junction of
the arm with the forearm is placed a
suTital patella, ; According to Chi
nese splanchnology, the small intes-r
tines communicate with the cavity of
the heart, while the colon, after de
scribing 10 circumvolutions, termin
ates, by opening into the lung. .
- The heart (governs the vital r prot
cesses In operation with - the cavity
of the stomach it supplies all Ideas
and all the pleasurable sensations.
The liver is the habitat of the soul;
and it is from this gland Ithat all, no
ble and generous sentiments ' eman
ate. The gall bladder is the recep
tacle of courage; its ascent in the
body is the cause of a fit of anger.
They have, an idea of the continuous
motion! of the blood; but it seems ,to
be the product of an imagination
more riotously ' oriental than even
that which created the other Items of
their physiologic knowledge.
They do not know the pulmonary
Circulation; they, naturally, know
nothing of the valves in the veins;
they do not even appear to have quite
grasped the motor function ' of the
heart Itself; but i they nevertheless
profess to differentiate no less than
74 varieties of pulse simultaneously
recognizable on the person of a single
In Its ultimate structure the body
is composed of five elements : . Fire,
water, earth, wood and metal. Each
of , these elements is In harmonious
rapport with the corresponding mem
bers of the series of five planets, five
metals, five solid viscera, five colors
and Ave tastes. All diseases origin
ate from disturbances of the primary
and essential quintic harm6nies of
these correlations. American - Medi
cine. V . "
;- Wheat. "
Wheat is the oldest grain in cultiva
tion. It came originally from the cen
ter of Tibet,5 where it still exists as a
grass with small mealy seeds.
Flowery Title. . '- '
The shah of Persia, among his many
splendid titles, is "The Rose - of De
lights," "The' Branch of Honor," and
"The Mirror of Virtue."
Lived and Died I'oKcther.
Mary a,nd Isabella McOall, of Chester,
Pa., were affectionate sisters. They died
within a few days of ach other, and It
was learned that the will of each gave
her entire property to the other. . Their
property will be distributed as if they
tad died intestate.
Y. M. C. I. Elected Officers at. Meeting
Last Evening. ' ..' ' '-.s.
John Landes ofV Church street is in
New York to-day on business'.
George D. Blssell of Carroll street
Is confined, to the house by sickness.
The dance given by the Second divis
ion A. O. H.. ,at Columbus hall, last
nighty was a success in every way. a
large crowd was present and a good
time enjoyed by all. . : ;
Some of the employes of the rubber
factories are to enjoy a sleigh ride to
Lake Quassapaug to-morrow, night.
They will go over in Linskey's 'bus.
The firemen's physical culture class
will meet to-night In the hose house on
Water street. ' v ' , . "
Miss Emma Cheney has returned
from a trip to England, wiiere she
spent some weekg visiting relatives.
To-night .one of the fastest wrestling
matches that has been seen hereabouts
will take place In. the Gem opera house
between Max Gordon of this town and
Benjamin Herman of Bridgeport. Both
are fast men and thoroughly under
stand the game of wrestling. The pre
liminary will be between young Pere
garde of Waterbury and Frank' Speh
of Derby. Speh. holds the title of
lightweight champion of the state, but
he will have his hands full with the
Brass city boy, who comes backed up
by a large number, who say he can
give a good account of, himself.
The cement walk extending from St
Michael's church to the north " end of
the Congregational church ' which has
leen dangerousto pedestrians owing to
its smooth surface, and on which some
people have 'received serious injury
from falls, is now in a little safer con
dition than heretofore. Yesterday af
ternoon workmen spent considerable
itlme In putting acid on the walk and
it Ig now; in ..a. safer condition.
At a meeting of the Y. M. G. I., held
last evening, the following officers for
the ensuing year were elected:; Presk
dent, W. H. Kehoe;7 vice-president,
Morris Condon; treasurer, Elmer P
Deegan; flanncial ; secretary, Joseph
Neal; recording secretary,1 Thomas
Smith; librarian, Frank ' Brennan;
board of trustees, M. J. Duigan, George
P. Hayes, William P. J. Kiely, Joseph
EL Martin.
Private. Leap. Year Ball to Be Given by
Entre Nous.
John Cull en, who has been the guest
of Mrs Mary Oullen for the past two
weeks, has returned to his home in
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Clark Welton, who has been spend
ing the past few days with his parents
on Maple street, returned to his studies
at Starrs college yesterday.
B't&nk Smith shot an owl vest Arris v
on the corner of Chapel and Main Main
srreet. , xn owl was about 2 years old.
The Pin shop, pool team will meet
the Berbecker & . Rowland's pool team
at Blackman's pool room this evening
at 8 o'clock. ' '
There Is to be a private Leap year
ball given by the Entre Nous club next
Friday evening, January 15. This is
looked forward to with great pleasure
by the young people of the village.
There will be a prayer service at
Grace M. . B. church this evening at 8
o'clock. 1
There is a number of tickets being
sold for the sociable and dance to be
given by the Eu F. Du rand company,
No 11, U. R. K. P.., at Speedwell hall,
January 19. : .'
The Waterville Decorating Co has
completed . the work on Richard Fa r
ixw's house on Orchard street," and Mr
Farrow expects to move in the last of
thig week.
Planted Naila in Garden.
When Capt. Cook first- visited the
Island of Tahiti, the natives were using
nails ' made of wood, bone, and other
equally hard substances: When they
first saw iron nails they fancied them to
be shoots of some very hard wood, and
desirous of securing such a'valuable com
modity, they planted them in their gar
dens, in order to raise more. . .
OleyIner the Invr. '
"Why did you let him get away from
you?" thundered the chief,
"He er took a mean advantage of
me," replied the green detective. "He
ran across the grass in the park and "
. Well?"-
"Well, there was a sign there, 'Keep
off the grass.'." Philadelphia Press.
Royal Jeireler.
J Princess Louise - of Schleswlg-Hol-stein
' spends much of her time making
beautiful enameled brooches and other
ornaments, and some of her work has
been on view in art exhibitions. "
Turk lull Women.
Turkish women gain control of their
private fortunes only when they wed.
After-marriage they can dispose of one
third of their property without asking
the consent of their husbands.
Klng'i Visits to Ireland.'
: The king has paid seven visits to Ire
land. His majesty made his first speech
In Ireland at the age of 12, when pre
senting new colors to the royal Hi
bernian school.
Tramps Have a ' Harder Time Than
Hei el 0 fore to Obtain Shelter
Before a tramp can be put Into the
lockup for a night's lodging he must
receive a permit from the first select
man of. the town, having to walk a
mile to obtain, it. Up to the present
time these men had been' put in' the
place by simply asking the janitor,
but they - were coming on too thick,
and the town officials decided to try
a new scheme .
" The special town meeting is being
held at the town hall to-day . . '
A number from here expect to
attend the social "and dance to be giv
en in Bethlehem on ' next Thursday
evening. ::. .vr;;Y'"'-";-;-
The' mission services were held at
St.- John's Church as usual las't even
ing. -The Rev. Father Casey, the mis
sionary, preached an eloquent sermon
on Death. ' Services will be held '- at
7.30 this evening. ' ;.' "
Last Wednesday a young fellow
employed by Jesse Smith hired a
horse and sleigh from Mrs. McLeary's
livery stables. When he was 'return
ing down the post office , hill, ; at
point near the ;brick store the sleigh
s wagged to one side breaking It. bad
ly, but thes driver escaped injury.
When he arrived with the sleigh It
cost him ten dollars to settle the dam
age. Now he is kicking, and thinks
the , town ought to pay the money, as
the piece of road where the accident
occurred is a tyery treacherous one,
and more of them are likely to occur;
James Collins .4 had the misfortune
to sprain his ankle while alighting
from the 630 train last evening. Dr.
Variel attended . him. . . ; ,
Edson B. Lockwood started har
vesting his Ice yesterday. He reports
it to' be about 12 inches in thickness.
. , ----- -
About 8 o'clock last evening, neaT
Stough ton's machine shop, ' a trolley
car ran into the sleigh of William Zieg
ler, a farmer of Bethiehem, who was
on his way home. The driver received
slight injuries and his sleigh was some
what damaged. Mr Zeigler was, how
ever, soen able to resume his course.
The Rev Mr Lutz, pastor of the Con
gregational church, has gone to
Stroudsburg, Pa, to visit his wife, who
has been there at the home of her par
ents since last "summer. He does not
intend to return before the latter part
of next week,
J.. D. Kennedy, the village black
smith, is confined to his bed with
typhoid fever. Over two weeks-ago
he caught a severe cold and since then
had not been feeling well. Monday ..-t
Kennedy wa unable to resume his
work and Dr Variell of Watertown was
called in. The latter said he feared
the patient wa's threatened with ty
phoid fever and on his next visit de
clared that the symptoms had devel
oped and that the fever was imminent.
Mrs Missell of Main street has gone
on a visit to Ansonia. .
Leroy, the infant son of Mr -and Mrs
Clarence D. Yale, is reported to be on
the sick list. .
In the lobster palaces and fashiona
ble restaurants, one sees dozens ' of
persons eating baked, stuffed peppers
nowadays, where formerly peppers were
not on the bills in any form. "New
York uses now," says a produce com
mission . merchant In a recently pub
lished interview, "twenty times ' as
many peppers as it did twenty years
ago. The - city's consumption of pep
pel's amounts to thousands of barrels
annually. Then we get green peppers
now from a much wider range of terri
tory than formerly, and "we have them
practically the year around.
"We get peppers in winter from
Cuba, and we ; get a few from Porto
Rico. We naturally think of the pep
per as a homely sort of a domestic
product, but those early peppers that
we get from Cuba come In small crates,
as carefully packed as peaches would
be, and they bring a liigh price. They
go principally to hotels : and restau
rants. - ''';''Y' - ?' ' ' ' '
"We get early peppers from Florida,
too, and later some from Virginia,
around Norfolk, and then,, as the sea
son advances, we begin to get peppers
from New Jersey, which Is really the
great source of our pepper supply.
There are sections of Jersey In which
produce farmers make a specialty - of
peppers, plant them by tlje acre and
raise great crops of them.
"The enormous increased local con
sumption of peppers in recent years is
due in considerable measure to in
creased demand from packers. Peppers
are now more extensively, used than
ever before in the preparation of coudi
ments and sauces, and there are New
York packers of pickles and preserves
who would think nothing of buying
peppers in hundred barrel lots. But
the great increase in demand comes in
still greater measure from the vastly
increased foreign population of the
a-nfl. from the Italians especially.
who', great consumers of all fruits and
vegetables, take, witn me Test or me
green- things they buy, quantities of
peppers eating more or less of . the
sweet peppers as they "would fruit.
"So the homely pppper, once famil
iar to us In its stuffed and pickled
form, and known to .ua as ,-a thing of
rpamlnr but of limited sale has come
to cut quite a figure as an item in the
city's wholesale produce trade,"-New
York Commercial.
WANTED Those who don't go home
to dinner to try one of our dinners.
A cold dinner I3 bad ' for ' digestion , and a
good hot on will cost you no more. Think
of a full course dinner for 20c, or 6 for $1.00.
5c and 10c lunches our specialty. Avary's
Restaurant, 236 South Main, opposite Union.
FOR RENT Seven rooms, second floof,
382 Mill Street, all improvements. In
quire Edward McMahon, 378 Mill St.
SAMUEL' W. CHAPMAN. Real Estate.
Rents collected and property cared for.
$4,500, to loan on first-class security. Fire,
Life and Plate Glass. Insurance. Notary
Public. JoJ West Porter street. 1-7-3
LOST Brown hunting dog. .Finder will
be rewarded by returning same to 67
James street. ;;; hr 1-7-3 ' ;
MADAM AlbertI, the celebrated palmist,
is in the city for a short time. Par
lors at 235 East Main, corner North Elm
street. Charges this week, 25c and 50c.
1-7-6 ;
FOR RENT Six-room flat. Phoenix
avenue. Improvements. $17, E.
L. Tyrrell, room 37, Odd Fellows' building.
1-7-3 '
fflO RENT Front room, first floor, fur
Xr nished. Suitable for one or two gen
tlemen. ' Apply at Democrat office.
.';y- -v. . v.y 1-6-6
mo RENT Store , to rent, , corner of
-L South and Rye, with or without tene
ment. Also tenemenf of 5 ' rooms. Im
provements. Apply to Martin ' Flannery,
852 South Main. - 1-6-3
LOST Black and hlte shepherd dog,
five months old. Return to James
Claffey, 37 South Elm street.
; 4 . : ;
rpOUND-r-Gold pin, last Thursday. Own-i-
. can have same by proving property.
Apply 109 Bishop street. 1-6-3
YEN ETTA, the Palmist and Clairvoyant,
located at 140 North Main street, Is
giving satisfaction to- many callers every
day. (Vll remain a while longer, i 1-4-tf ,
OLD ; gas apd electric fixtures made to
look like new at half regular cost.
Waterbury Electric Plating and Chandelier
Co., Morlarty's building, East Main street.
Work guaranteed, called for and delivered.
Telephone 243-15. - 1 1-9-tf
HAVE Just fitted up-to-date Chandelier
works.-5 Air kinds of brassware refin
ished. . Flat Irons . polished. ' C. W. Mes
ser, Phoenix Avenue.
bat Cour. Deo. 80, 1603.
Estat of Giaclmo Zerilla. late of Water
bury In said district, deceased. .
' The Court of Probate for the District of
Waterbury hath limited and allowed six
months from the date hereof, for the creditors
of said (State to exhibit their claims for set
tlement. Those who neglect to present their
accounts properly attested, within said time
will be debarred a recovery. AU persons in
debted to said estate are . requested to make
immediate payment to.
Peppina Zerilla, Administratrix. 1
: t .... 1-8-8 '
We extend our: heartfelt thanks to
those who assisted us during our re
cent bereavement.
Admission 25 c.
- Gat ISxpIoaien Kill Two. ,
MONTAGUE, Mass., Jan. 8. A gas
explosion , in the millinery store of
Cleary Bros.; killed at least two peo
ple, caused the injury of . five others
and started a . fire that destroyed the
building, with a loss of $25,000. Four
persons who are thought to have been
In the store when the explosion occur
red are missing, and it is feared that
their bodies will be found in the ruins.
Those known to have lost their lives
are James Cleary, one of . the propiie
torsand Miss Nettie Clapp, the book
keeper. Flying timbers struck Gordon
McKay, who was passing the store at
the time, dangerously injuring him
about the head and shoulders. Others
received minor injuries by the collaps
ing f the walls. The explosion is said
to have been caused by the clogging of
a gas pipe.
Crash on Brooklyn "I' Kills Three.
NEW YORK, Jan. 8 Carelessness
caused another wreck on the Kings
County Elevated railroad. Three lives
were lost,, and a score of persons were
badly injured. Whether the careless
ness was wholly on the part of the men
handling the trains or. shared by the
officials in permitting construction ." of
the track, switches and signal appa
ratus alleged to be faulty a jury will
determine. - The accident happened f
near tne -loop yaras, . in l'itkin ave
nue, East New York, where a five car
train crashed into a motor train.'
Wallaroo Only Lost Four . Men.
SYDNEY, . N. S. W., Jan. 8. The
British; crUiser'Wallaroo has 'arrived
here. . It appears that the signals were
tnlsread .and tbar nnly four were .-killed j
and three Injured by the explosion of
the ship's boilers. ' . ,
WANTED Customers to buy at a dis
count of 25 per cent, entire stock
bedding, furniture, carpets. In Old Rink
building, 196 Bank. J. G. Twining. 1-7-3
ANTED Table boarders' at 40 Center
street. First floor. 1-6-tf
WANTED Horse to keep for board,
during -winter. Address Boston In
stallment Co., 127 North Elm street.
, 10-23-tf .
y ANTED Agent to canvass' for Pl3
tures, Crayons and goods on the In
Etallment plan. Inquire 127 North Elm
street, evenings., E. Berman,, . 10-23-tf
"VW ANTED Anyone looking for an over-
' coat, and to save money at the same
time, to call and inspect our misfits. Also
our line of second-hand overcoats, many
worn a short time only. Wm, Possner, 303
Bank street. 9-29-tf .
WANTED At once, to Invest pri
vately any amount from $1 to $10,
000 on personal property, household ; furni
ture, pianbs, machinery. . etc. All com
munications strlstly confidential. J. E.
Hubar & Co., 142 South Main street, one
flight up. . - 12-2&-tf
WANTED Everybody who owns a dog
, , that is of any value to his owner to
ca.l on Youmans, 251 South Main Street
and have name, residence and registered
number marked von collar. Collar alone
will not protect your pets, 9-12-tf ,
WANTED -To sell the . best made
Watches," Chains, Rings, 'or any
other jewelry at the lowest prices. All
work warranted as represented or money
refunded. Repairing in all its branches.
Work called for and ' delivered free of
charge. B. Ruby,: 172 South Main Street
WANTED Old soldiers and widows of
soldiers to know that I secure pen
sions without delay. Pension vouchers ex
ecuted. George Robbins, 63 Center street.
(Post 49, G. A. R.) Insurance notary
public. - , .' 12-31-ly ,
7t7ANTED, for U. S. Army, able bodied,
! T unmarried men. between ages of 21
and 35, citizens of United States of good
pharacter ' and temperate habits, who can
speak, read and write English. For infor
mation apply RECRUITING OFFICER, 890
Chapel street, New Haven, 66 State street.
Hartford, 1022 Main street, Bridgeport; or
199 Bank street, Waterbury, 1'7-tf
Every advertiser In the Democrat's
Penny-a-Word Column from this date
to the amount of 25c or, more will be
given a book fifee of charge - ;
H. S. GULLIVER, M. A. (Yale).
61 Walnut street.
'II stop your cough, bet'eher .dollar.
10c everywhere.
.i . i ii, j m
Matinees Every Day. '
Another Big Comedy Star . '
And His Company in ,
A Pressing Matter
. The -World's Trio, Four Lamonts,
O'Rourke and Burnett Trio, Finlay
and Burke, and many others.
Prices 10,r 20, 30c. Matineeg 10 and
20e, ladles 10c. ; ,
Special Matinee Thursday.
A. H. Woods Presents the Stirring Sen
sation, QUEEN OF THE
In Six Acts and Nineteen Scenes.
Prices 25c, 33c, 50c, 75c ; Matinee
15c and 25. Sale of. seats Tuesday,
.Jan 5. .'i : . - .- i
Charles Frohman Presents Henry Ar
thur Jones's Best Comedy,
Supported by menbers of the Em
pire Theater Stock company... includ
ing Guy Standing. ' . :
Prices 25, 50, 75c, $1, ?.1.50. Sa?e of
seats Thursday, January 7.
Teacher of Dancing and Deportment,
will start a beginners' class Tuesday
evening, January 5, 1904, in her new
hall, 110 Bank street Special terms.
"4 private and 6 class" lessons, $5;
12 class lessons $4. Glide waltz, two
step, schottische and three-steps taught
perfectly in 12 class or 6 private les
sons. Open every evening from 7 to
11. Class every Wednesday evening
in Knights of Columbus hall. Special
rate to club of ten pupils-.
g Julia
FOR SALE, at 25 percent discount, en
tire stock blankets, comfortables,
heating stoves and ranges, in Old Rink
building, 196 Bank. ' J. G. Twining. 1-7-3
TpOR SALE Just what you are looking;
for in the suburbs of Waterbury. Any
where from five to twenty acres of land,
with good house and barn, near trolley lire,'
Address, "Bargain," Democrat office.
.-- - " - ' 1-5-5 :
EOR ,SALEWhen looking for Pianajt,
bargains ' don't miss calling at ou
Nwarerooms.' A call will convince you thai
manufacturers' prices prevail on all pianos
sold, at C. H. (' Percy & Co's, 145 Bank
Street. V Open evenings. "
' - V.- "- ..- ' . 12-14-tf
IQ YOU want a truss? If So go to Water,
yj burv Drup- Co.. corner, F.aRt Main anri
Spring streets, and get the advice of an elj
perienced truss man, who has sold hu
cireds of trusses to satisfied customers.
-y.' 7-9-tf
IOR ' SALE Special offer in suburban,
- : ;homes, ' if taken soon. . One in the)!
western part of the city, on the trolley line,
which contains all that goes with an up-to-tj
date residence, and 1 will sell it for $1,000'.
less than cost. Small amount down. Look
this up. Also tenement and business prop-j
erty paying 10 and 12per cent. This is not'
a by-word but a reality. J. E. Sandiford,
Real Estate and Insurance, . 109 Bank Sv
Telephone call 182. . - 9-U-tf
EOR SALE My home. No 66 Kellogg '
Street, near Hillside Avenue. ' Tn'
house is practically new. finished., through
out in liard woods, four fireplaces, fine oak
mantels, three bath rooms, two of which
have Tennessee marble walnscottlngs, til
uoors ana up to aate iixtures, ceiftngs ana
side walls burlaped. ; On account of leaving'
town 1 will sell at a bargain, small pay-(
ment down, if desired 5 per cent Interest on,
balance. . The location Is one of the very,
best in the city, which will be seen by a;
visit to the place. - A fine ; home for any',
one who buys It. ' Do not let this eppor-,
tunity go by if you are looking for a home.'
For further information write me at Fulton,
. . . ; -. 9-29-tf
. ; -
( A Poultry Farm
is a safe place to Invest your money1
and labor if you understand the poul
try business. What other business
can you invest your money Nin and geti
the 'same returns for the amount in
vested. six acres with 5-roonx
house and barn for $1,000.
42 Bank Street.
:, Take elevator.
Property for sale; 12-room house, barai
with ,7 stalls, large lot; Just the place'
for someone in the trucking, contra-- i,
Ing or any business where a number '
of horsesare kept. Price right If sold;
at once.
W. F Jarrett,
Real Estate. Insurance. 109 Bank St
on the market to-day. The best real
dence In' the best central location at
right price for sale In Waterbury la 61 J
Holmes avenue. See : me; : sucj
chances do not last. '
Ileal Estate Man. Odd Fellows Bldfc
Two Choice Rooms, 2nd Coof, Tietnev
: Block. Inquire at
Tierney's Real Estate Office.
: 167 BANK.
A Well Placed Real Estate UWgz?z
combines , safety and profit, and it
founded on earth from which' al?
wealth is derived. ' Look where tot!
will you will find that it Is the speeu
lator who suffers, while the investor Irt
real estate generally prospers an 1
meets his obligations promptly.
I have been placing money "on. real
estate for the past twenty years, an
have not lost a single penny for either
lender or borrower. lf you hare money"
to loan, or want to borrow, come anh
see me at No 11 East Main street, r
L. R. Carte i
.We have a few choice lots left oit
Mill" Plain property; they are fine lots,
high and dry, and we sell them '
prices to suit, the purchaser, and oa
easy terms. To any purchaser paying
eash we will build.
These lots are ' situated at the June
tion of the Merlden and Woodtic road
and aTe on the route of the proposed
trolley to Merlden.
For free tickets to the property in
quire at -
B. J.
109 Bank street.
Room 12.
Bonds and S toe ks
Local Investments
:a Specialty. : : : :
63 North Main Street.
The oldest and most popular Teaehe
of Dancing in this city, makes the an
nouncement that on Tuesday evening,
Decrmber 15, he will start his fifth no 1
beginners' class of the season. All tho-3
wishing to join will please call at his.
rooms, 6 and 7 Meigs block, Baric
street. Open daily.
On Saturday afternoon, December
12, at 8 o'clock, I will start a beginners'
class for children. Frice 25c per lesson.

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