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Just About
one v-flar flisroH his month our
. Wf rp TiT-rkinc nverfimA ailfV- AS. We VXX-
..." ilerstand ,it, lidn't get one cent extra
pay; yet they wont right .along doing
their duty day. and night, and now w
find the 1xard from -which they take
ibelr orders "working overtime day and
;ight trying to see ; some loopnole
whereby ' they can recompense mem
by giving them the grand bounce or
pntting them on uneasy street. &n
gad" 'Us (i great country where it Sets
overcrowded with politicians, vvou.
there Is a screw loose somewhere ana
We are afraid, that some members r
certain .boards actually don't
what acuf of good Tea or Coffee J a.
If you 'drink the quality wo- sel l you 11
find it a great brain tonic. It also
acts on the nerves; if ypu have wo
roueli nerve your Tea and Coffee vv 1 u
get you down to normal condition. 11
your nerves are twisted wc guarantee
what we selt will straighten them out
In good old fashion O. K. shape. A nar.
more couia anyone wish
week -we gire four bars of first Quality
i m ui. TvrMind or Otu
warranted good, quality 50c lea. uur
27c-KGtter,i8.;as tisual, the kind which
els you to eat extra
-J-l m,2L. , fnr. h duality
jweaa Hna uuv-i ""v--";"-. , TCi,rt
Of our UOiree inquire vi " x
drinks it Nuf sed from
Phelan's T Store.
k " . . ': 1 ;,t. . , .
42 East Main street Telephone.
New England
' SecurItles, values change with the
. day, but Time one mtist always hare,
and to carry proper time and not be
subject to changes properly pre-arranged
necessitates the ownership of
timekeeper that will regulate one's
'affairs. Here Is where . we ring' the
lell and your - attention directed
; The ' r
New. England latch Co
Everything ? now in the
line of covering including
TjcKings, Velvets, Cordu
roy, Velours, DamasKs, etc.,
is here ready for your in
spection. WorK done now
means a saving to you.
Estimates furnished.
we lapalnie-Hoffiiian Co
158-162 Grand St7
: Electric I Carpet ; Cleatiing.
ui ram
may be beneficient,. but most people
do not coxnt It, especially in the form
: of headache. Xtigent's Headache row
dier are compounded carefully and are
jcertain to give you relief.' Our. rem
edies may all be relied on for safeness
nd purity. '
Cor ScotIII and South Mala St.
Invites Special -
Attention to its
Moderate; in rice, rentals
' ranging. from; $5' to $1 00.00 per
annum, according to size. ..' .
Secure, in fire and burglar
proof, vaults, guarded - day and
night by watchmen. .
. Location, central and con
venient; r V ,
West Main Street,
Waterbury, Connecticut.
We Wish You a Happy and
New Year.
Don't forget us when ypu want any
Watch, Clock, Jewelry Repairing or
Engraving done.
19Q4 FEBRUARY 1904 1
sin. ira. iris. tid. nnia. m. lit. i
1 2 3 4 5 T
78 ? To 11 12 13
T4l5"To77 18 "190
2T2 324 25" 2f3 27
28 29 TT 1 1
Entertainments. Fairs and Sociables of
Locai Interest
Jan 29-Feb 8 St Thomas's church
Jan 3Q;Feb 6 Mammoth carnival
given by Speedwell lodge, No 10, K. of
P.. at the auditorium.
Feb 4 Concert and ball given by
the united German Catholic societies
at Concordia hall.
Feb 4 First ' grand sociable and
entertainment by the Loop the T--oop
Outinj? club at Hamilton hall.
Feb 5 Grand reunion of Miss Nellye
Reed's dancing classes at Leavenworth
Feb- 5 reap year party by Compan
ion Court Minerva. I. O. F at Column
bus hall, Naugatuck.
Feb GMId'wlnter reception and
dance of Prof J. S. Sullivan's dancing
classes at Columbus hall, Naugatuck. .
Feb 9, 10. 11, 12, 13, 15 Carnival by
Company G. O. N. G.. at City hall.
v Feb 10 Leap year dance given by
Ladles' Aid society of American King
Co a Leavenworth hall.
Feb 11 Hayseed reception given by
the Oakville Hayseed society, at St
Mary Magdalene's hall, Oakville.
Feb 11 Sociable by the Soeiete of
Artisans ' Canadien Fraucals at
Franco-American hall.
Feb 12 loth anniversary of the
Brooklyn Athletic club at their hall.
Feb 12 Entertainment and dance
by W. A. C. at town ball. Watertown.
Feb 16 Branyah Social club, mas
querade and ball, at Carter's hall, Wa
tervllle. March 17 Dramatic entertainment
and promenade at City hall by A. O.
March, 17 "Washington Hill eighth
annual concert and promenade at the
Jacques auditorium.
Apr 4-9 Fair given by the united
councils of the Knights of Columbus
at City hall. x
. April 14-15-10-18 First grand fair
by Division No 1, A. O. H., at Colum
bus hall. Naugatuck. N
April 25-30 At City hall, A. O. H,
union fair, to raise funds to erect
monument In St Joseph's cemetery.
The . aldermen ' will . meet to-night.
The board of . health will meet atr5
o'clock this afternoon. 1" , K ''
' The K. of . C, ' fair committee will
meet to-night. i , ;.';
The Credit Clothing Co has moved
from 10 Exchange place to 63 East
Main street.
Grand Knight E. J. Finn, of Sheri
dan Council, K. of C, is in receipt of
a check of $1,000 from the national
treasurer, the amount of insurance on
the late James Greaney.
The entertainment to-morrow even
ing at St Thomas's church fair ; will
be selections' by Frank Phelps and
Mrs Sadie Hollywood Rellly. The re
cent fame acquired by these two tal
ented artists is, sufficient guarantee
that those who visit City hall Tues
day night 'will be amply repaid," for
beyond all doubt they will see some
thing worth seeing. The winners of
Saturday night'si door prizes were:
Bessie Syden, silver cup, No 1083;
John Creen, Irving's Sketch Book, No
2206; , wrist bag, 2202; Adolplms
Gruder, gold belt buckle. 1206; ' 1
chatenlaine wratch, No 1572.
The annual flipper of Trinity par
ish will be given in the Parish house
on Wednesday and Thursday even
ings of this week and the manage
ment is sparing no pains to make it
not only equal but even better than
nil its previous efforts in this dic
tion. Turkey supper will be served
from 5.30 to 8 o'clock each evening.
Instead of a grab-bag, this year Sim
ple Simon will fish in mother's pail
and will perform feats with the hook
and line which will make disciples of
Iznak -Walton envy his phenomenal
success. There will be a leap year
table iu charge of George E. Boyd
and Roger S. Wotkyns. These and
other features will serve to round out
the social amenities of an entertain
ment which deserves to be well pa
tronized. Edward, the eight years old son of
Mr and Mrs Edward Flynn, of 232
South Main street, fell from the sec
ond story landing in the rear of . his
home yesterday noon, a distance of
about 25 feet, striking upon a pile of
boxes. He was -picked up . and car
ried into the house where l)r Belle
mare made an examination of his in
juries, but inasmuch as he has not
yet regained consciousness it is out
of the question to tell how seriously
ho is hurt or what the outcome of .the
accident will be. The boy was play
ing on the veranda when he slipped
on the icy boards and was hurled to
the bottom. His father, who is a lino
type operator at the Democrat office,
said this afternoon that a few min
utes before the boy fell he was amus
ing himself in the house with the rest
of the family.
After their regular meeting this
evening the members of Brass City
lodge, N. E. O. P. will hold an open
meeting ,to which they have invited
their friends and rthe members of the
sister lodges of the N. E. O. 1. A
pleasing entertainment has been ar
ranged and a social session ends the
evening. The grand secretary, F. D.
Grinuell of New Haven, Grand Treas
urer F. D. Drew: of Ansonia. Supreme
Guide Frank E. Hill, Supreme Repre
sentative Dr Hitchcock of Ansonia and
many deputies are expected to be pres
ent as well a the grand sentinel P.
McDonald and deputies of Water
bury. A famous quartet fromi Anson
ia will accompany the grand treasurer
and all who attend will be well re
paid for their attendance. New. Eng
land order dances will prevail, al
though the popular ones of the day
will not be - slighted. Refreshments
will be served.
How about having your eyeg exam
ined? It ' costs' nothing"-' and the
chances are " you need a. change of
glasses. , All our work guarantecd--anyway,
ask your friend what kind of
work we do. The Upson Jewelry Co,
opticians. ... .:
The" Talma club will give a, private
dauce in Leavenworth hall to-night.
..The Tru-j Blue Whist Club will play
whist to-night at the Mulcahy Memor
ial hall.
John Shea was appointed adminis
tor on the estate of the late Patrick
Shea to-day.
A son was born this morning to Mr
and Mrs M. J. Donnelly, of Baldwin
The board of education will hold its
regular monthly meeting this evening
at 7.30 o'clock. v
The Loop tve Loop Outing club
will give an entertainment and dance
at Hamilton hall on Thursday night.
A meeting of the Veteran Firemen's
association will be held to-night at 8
o'clock in the Master Builders' nail,
62 Bank street.
A reception and dance will be given
by Brass City lodge, N. E. O. v., in
the Knights of Columbus hall to
night. In the probate court to-day William
B. Brooks was appointed administra
tor on the estate of the late John
A month's mind mass will be cele
brated at 8 o'clock at the Sacred
Heart church for the late Matthew
Connor to-morrow morning.
Father Slocuni and J. H. Mulville
left this afternoon for a few weeks'
vacation in Florida. They were ac
companied! by Father s Kennedy, of
New Haven
Have you a block, house, store or
tenement, or room to rent. Try the
Democrat penny-a-word column. You
get a cloth vbound book with every 25
cent advertisement. Three days for a
F. J. Kingsbury has been quite ill
with a severe cold at his home on
Prospect street for the past three
weeks, but is . now able to be about
the house and expects to return to
business in a week.
The Chemical Hose company re
sponded to a still alarm at 9:02 last
night. A fire in the. chimney or Mrs
Katfreriue K. Wheeler's, residence, 95
West Main, street, opposite the engine
house, wrag quickly extinguished.
The fire department made a -record
during the month of January. It re
sponded to twenty-two calls. This
is the largest number of calls which
the fire department )-as answered in
any one month since its organization.
AJnew aerie of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles will be soon organized in
Naugatuck. A preliminary meeting
of those persons who have : signified
their desire to join was held in the
rubber borough yesterday. , The meet
Ing was attended by a number of
Eagles from this city. ' ..,
Therewas a hearing in New Haven
this afternoon before Referee Newton
on the bankruptcy petition of Elias
Siderman, an alleged insolvent cloth
ier on Bank street. An attachment
for $150 served upon Siderman's store
last week was the cause of his peti
tioning the bankruptcy court
Mayor Elton ; ' arrived P" home
yesterday after a ' ten days' ; va
cation spent at " Saulbury, N.' C. : To
a Democrat reporter his honor sa id
this morning that he enjoyed the lit
tle relaxation and felt relieved from
the cold which affected him before
leaving. The weather was a triflechilly
south and sleighriding was very much
in evidence. ' ' ? ' ' " -
At a meeting of the board of health
Saturday afternoon a board of exam
iners for plumbers was appointed as
follows: Dr C. S. Rodman, A. I.
Chatfleld, M. J. Daily, T. D. Barlow,
W. A. Woods and George H. Whit
lock.. Now the public may expect to
hear some interesting sessions i be
tween this new commission and appli
cants who want to work at the plumb
ing business. V :
Mrs John Deintz of North Main
street, who left town a couple of
weeks ago, after writing a letter to
her sister stating that he was going
to drown herself, changed her mind
and took a spin on the cars insteau.
She returned from New York Satur
day night and called upon her sister,
Mrs Port of West Main street. This
sets at rest the suspicion regarding
the safety of the woman.
At the concert given by the Dorscht
lodge orchestra"" in New Haven last
night, a composition, ' entitled "The
Cradle Song." of which Hans Saro, of
this city is the composer, was played
,and was accorded a flattering . recep
tion. The New Haven Journal and
Courier says: "A dainty number Avas
the Cradle song, by Hans Saro, the
composer being noticed in one of the
boxes. The composition was one of
the sweetest ever played by the or
chestra and was listened to with great
pleasure. The general impression was
that Herr Saro, who is a Waterbury
musician, should favor the public with
more such music."
At the masses yesterday at the Im
maculate Conception church. Father
Slocum said that those who wish .to
donate children'? cribs, to the day
nursery connected with the parish,
have an opportunity to do so now
and have them dedicated to the mem
ory of the deceased friends or to them
selves. Six haATe already been spok
en for, but there is room for more
and is it thought, that all will be tak
en in a short time. The cost is so
small and affords a splendid chance
to help along a good work. Father
Slocuni also announced that it will
take about .$1,000 to furnish the nur
sery . with beds, chairs, tables and
other thlugs and that contributions to
this part of the equipment will be ap
preciated. The mammoth carnival of Speed
well lodge. i. of P., was opened in the
auditorium on Saturday night, and
was attended by nearly 2,000 persons.
The carnival was formally opened by
the acting mayor, Alderman Ralph N.
Blakeslee. who declared that it was a
great pleasure to him to say a few
words in favor of any enterprise
which was being conducted by an or
ganization that was doing so much
good iu the city as ' the Knights of
Pytnias. The alderman's remarks
were greeted with much applause.
There are so many fine attractions at
the fair that, it would take a dozen
newspapers to enumerate all of them.
The wonderful and daring loop the
loop rider may be seen, aud so may
Anne, the pretty young lady who im
personates! Galatea. Cora Beckwith,
wlio appears in a marvelous diving
act, attracted crowds on the opening
night. There are a number of other
special features. Dancing-, will be
held each night. The Italian band has
been engaged to furnish music.
Leave all job printing orders at the
Democrat office, such as tickets, win
dow hangers, bills, badges, programs,
door checks, and in fact anything and
everything that can be printed, from
ne letter up to a full sheet poster.
The Woman's
Home Companion
- a ;
A first-class household magazine.
It is free to every subscriber that
pays In advance. Subscribers that
avail themselves of this offer can
pay monthly, quarterly or yearly,
in advance. ;
A $2.75 Book to every subscriber to
the Democrat who pays one year,
$5.00, In advance.
The Book contains 1,000 pages and
more than 5,000 Receipts as well as
hundreds of illustrations.
Every advertiser in the Democrat's
Penny-a-Word Column from this date
to the amount of 25c or more will be
given a book free of 'charge.,
One - Dollar
$2.25 WORTH;
We cannot guarantee this
sale for any length of time, as
we have only a, few dozen of
each left.
I Bottle Hennessy's Brandy, $125
I Bottle Hefmitage Whiskey, 1.00
One - Dollar
Warehouse, 223 , South" Slain St
'Phone 103-3. v: ".
Promptly Attended to.
John Moriariv, ;. 1 Prabce1rf m"
JOS. C. M0riarty,Sf Broadway.
, -Telephone, u 2.-.;
Night calls answered - over the store
No. 163.
For Saturday;
Prime Rib Roasts
13c lb
Fresh, Shoulders
.-(.." 8c lb
tegs Lamb
IGc lb
Fancy Fowls
13 tolclb
Castle's Corner,
Have you an extra pair to give re
lief to the feet by changing off?
Our Prices for Shoes
are so low that you c&n he the pos
sessor of many pairs. Not of shop
worn or out of date footwear, hut of
stylish, well made, handsome shoes.
17 Exchange Place
We givo "Green Trading Stamps."
Mourning Hat and- Bonnet
Department. .
Although we have not been
sa ing much about it, we have
by no means been neglecting
our '
We have, all the -correct
styles in Mourning Millinery,
and as usual the prices are attractive.
Tlio filler & Peck Go
Inventory has, shown us. that we
rtave too. many fancy silks, hence
these great-' reductions. . o
At 49c a yard, value from 75c to
$1. Fancy strip.ed taffeta, dot
ted pongee, checked taffeta, and
Louisine; ' also i line of - Avliite
fancy silks in all thenev weaves.
These silks are the kind you
usually pay from 75c to" $1.;. For
this sale they are yours for 49c
a yard. .- 4 -:; ;;'
At 59c a yard, value from $1.00 to
$1.25. Checked and striped taf
fetas, fancy plaids, brocaded Se
lons, in fancy, colors and line of
fine French - white fancy silks.
These silks are good value ' at
their , regular price, $ i . to $1.25
a yard. For this sale, 59c a yd.
At 59c, .value $1.00 .'Fancy figur
ed , satin foulards-, silk, in new
styles. This silk 'has' a deep,
rich satin finish and, is the make
(Cheney Bros.) and grade you
find priced at $1.00 a yard. For
this sale, 59c- a yard. .
At 61 c a yard, value' $1.00. 1 Fine,
fancy colored Louisine silks and
'''27 inch Peau de Crepes. These
silks -sell at $r.oo a yard. For
this sale, 61c a yard. v
Yard wide black silks at 40 per
; cent less than usual.
36 inch black taffeta, at 69c, 79c,
89c and 98c a yard,,
regular prices.
i Look in the south window of old
Judson Store. t
Pa il h lot's New Store
,?-:':"-;-; STAMPS.
Opportunity at a Closing Out
For the next 10 days Ave
shall give with every com
fortable sold r; .TIMES the
amount of STAMPS. Also on
$1.00 pair Blankets and upward.-
; ; . ; - . " V .
to look at the bargains offered In
at tb! store. A specialty mad of
Fine Wedding Rinss. You can al
ways set your Watch. Clock or Jewel
ry Repairing and Engraving dene here.
With J. H. Devereaux & Co.
This Rooster Says
To the city government, be
fore you buy any more parks
please buy seats for the pari s
that you have now. .
That if. you want eggs for 25c
a dozen; you .will -have, to pray
for a January thaw.
Of 119 better way to correct the errors
of an over zealous buyer than by 4 'Price"
That's why you'll find. Black Suits of
which we bought too many that were
formerly 18, 20 and 22, in this sale for
15.' :.
Stouts, short stouts, long stouts and
regulars are here along with many fancy
suits, all at one price.
: : : V ' $15,00
Come To-night and bring the Cash;
8S to 96 South Main St.
Jones, Morgan
F you have not availed, yourself of the oppor
tunity offered of buying reliable merchandise
that we offer during this ten days sale do so
at once. The values will appeal to you, taKe ad
vantage of the sale to purchase a suit, overcoat or
odd trousers. .
Ken's Overcoats at $8.50 ; The 12 and 15 Kind
Men's Overcoats at 14.50. The ,20 and; 18 Kind
Men's Suits at 6.85. ' The 12 and 10 Kind
Men's Suit at 9.75. The 15 and 13. 50 Kind
200 pairs Hair Line Wool Trousers, value $2.00 For 1.25 .
300 pairs Men's Fine Trousers, the 3.50 Kind 1.95
Men's 3.50 Shoes . How 2.45
Corduroy Lined Leather Goats, the 6.00 Kind 3.98
Jones, Morgan & Company.
We Are Headquarters for E
v Needed to Furnish Your Home, j
We are exclusive House Furnishers. . - w '
s We can show you at any time the best lines of - i
Furniture, Garpsts, Crockery, Stoves, Ranges, Pictures;
f Lamps, Rugs, Etc. j l
We allow no house to undersell us or make easier terms,
no matter what they advertise. . ' . .
Cash or Credit. South Main, Scoyili and Brook Streets.
Headquarters for Athletic
.... 1 1
20c per pair
23c per pair
25c per pair
30c per pair
35c per pair
40c per pair
, EMBALMER. . . . . . .
Residence, 247 Grove street Tele
phone at store and house.
Corner Soovill and South Main Sts.
Night calls answered by Thomas F.
Bcrgin, 75 South Elm street, or tele
phone to 333-2, Martin Bergin, 102
Walnut street.
Hack Stables,
Union Street.
First class Hacks vnd Coaches for
funerals and ."weddings.
Train orders -will receive prompt at
tention. Telephone, 03-4
p 1-2 lb
Jf U I-21b -
" 97 to 103 BanK St
& Conipany;
and Sporting Goods
Boxinp Cloves - 7Zr niifin
Striliing Bags
25c "iip.
See our line j of jerseys
and sweaters.
The D, B, Wilson Go
13, 15 and 17 Broadway
in town!
Of Boys'
You have the best Besti
We Know we Have
the: '. ' .. -j' "
Make a Treaty.
You Pay $1.25 or:i.50
12 to 2 and 2y2 to 5, and we'll fit thai
boy with a pair of
- . i . f . . :
No cut off vamps, no moulded, count
ers, no shoddy insoles a combinatlor
of -wear, fit and sy tie. Let's ' uego

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