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If next Monday was election day
there "would be something doing In Wa
terbury. ' If the Japanese arid Russians had,
agreed td meet each other just half
way, how much more pleasant both
nations, would feel to-day.
If the trolley company would rim
their cars turough Baldwin street their
receipts would Increase at least one
third. V If Waterbury had even one pleasure
park for its citizens during the hot
summer days, how many .thousands of
people would be made .comfortable and
- happy,
If anybody tells you they have ex
perienced a colder and more severe
winter than the one we are just leav
ing behind us, just tell them they are
trifling with the truth.
It you want a. beautiful decorated
cover dish with one pound of Baking
Powder, call at our store.
it tou want good health and a long
Ufa. rirtnM- irnic intoxlcaune arjnKs;
j.. -I yiiy rfaa flvff.ft or COCOO.
' md see how happy you'll feel. .
v.'. If you want cheap, trashy, bad tast
ing Tea or Coffee, you can't get it at
Stir store, BUT
If you want good fresh roasted Cof
fee, with or without chicory, or some
clean new season, nice tasting Tea at
f,0 cents per pound and four bars of
excellent laundry Soap with ltf call at
Chelan's T Store.
1 1 ts i in inn. iiiii jLvm w w -
'7Y?e Shop
Carpats Taken Up, Cleaned
' Rensda and Laid.
155-J62 Grand St
Will be ' higher. Buy now.
Don't delay.
$5.85 Bbl
j With an empty barrel.
This price is subject to
change without notice. ' Your
.money back if flour is not sat
; isfactory in every way.
D. L Dickinson & Son
. or "West Mainland Judd Sts.
'Phone 120. '' .,,
' .-' ' . ' ' '
Protect Your i
: f
With a
Chest Protector
We have several different kinds, and
w sell none that we cannot honestly
recommend. Prices from 50c to $2-
i and either figure is a small price to
pay for Immunity from coughs and
fijolds, or perhaps pneumonia.
Cor Ecorlll and South, Mala Sts.
( Attention to Its
.Moderate in b rice, rentals.
ranging from $5 to $100.00 per
annum, according to size.
Secure, In fire ancf burglar
proof vaults, guarded day and
. nJght by watchmen.
. Location," central and -convenient.
West Main Street,
Waterbury, Connecticut.
We do all kinds of Watch,
Clock and Jewelry Repairing:,
Jand guarantee to give satis-
faction Give us a trial
The Gaffncy Jewelry Co
1904 FEBRUARY v 1904
HI. 10. mi. U. TSD&. FM. BIT.
'7'5 6;
T 9 10 11 12 13
71 IsTc?"!? 18 19 20
2T 22 23, 24 25 .26 27
2 12 9 1 ! '
Entertainments. Fairs and Sociables of
Local Interest
Feb. 24. "Shakespearean Recit
al" by Miss Louise Demmon, at 8.30
p. m.. in Friendly League Hall
Feb 25 Musical and dramatic - en
tertainment by leasrue members for
the benefit of the Friendly league in
I'TJenaiy league entertainment all.
Feb 27 American band prom.
: Feb 27. Smoker t by the Savage
Athletic club at their rooms.
Feb 27 Promenade by the Water
bury Military band at City hall.
Feb 2& Dance by lngeborg lodge,
No 22, O. of V., at Foresters' hall,
Bank street.
Mar 5 Entertainment and smoker
by Clock Case shop employes at
Turn hall. Jefferson street.
March 17 Drama, , "Robert . Em
met," entertainment and promenade
at City hall by A. O. II. .,
March 17 An assembly by the em
ployes of the Curran Dry Goods Co at
LeaTenworth hall. .
March 17 Leap year party, at Odd
Fellows' hall. -
March 17Trasbihgton Hill eighth
annual concert and promenade at the
Jacmiea auditorium. I . i ' '
'April 4 Sociable and clanc. by
Magnolia lodge, ' No 60, K. of P., at
Speedwell hall. ' ,
Apr 4-9 Fair given' by the " united
councils of the Knights of Columbus
at City hall.
April 6 Promenade and dance giv
en by French-Canadian institute , at
Jacques' Auditorium. : ; ';m
. April 7 Leap year dance and socia
ble at Leavenworth hall.
April S Sacred HeaTt drum corps
annual concert and ball at the audi
torium. April 14-15-16-18 First grand fair
by Division No 1, A. p. H., at Colum
bus hall. Nauga tuck. , ;
April 15 Lecture ' and literary : con
cert at A. M. Ziori church. Lecture by
Hon J. C. Dancy; subject, "The Best
Thing for the Negro to Do."
April 25-30 At City hall, A. O. H.
union fair, to raise funds to erect
monument in St Joseph's cemetery. .
enr NEWS
A ghl was born to' Mr and Mrs
Roger "Walsh of Hopkins street a few
days ago. . itftiB
' A, certificate of incorporation;; has
been filed by ' the :,Waterbury Cigar
Co, -capital $2,000. ' '; , .., . ' , ;
There will b a month's mlni mass
at St Patrick's! church to-morrow
morning at 7 o'clock for the late'
Owen McKeon. . '
Christian Hauser is the - president,
treasurer and seieretary of the recent
ly organized Waterbury Realty and
Investment Co, capital' $30,000.. , ,
Mayor Elton signed the-' amended
application of the Cheshire Street
Hallway Co for the extension of the
service from East Main street to the
town boundary y esterday afternoon.
David Sheehy of Baldwin street is
the happiest man in the fifth ward.
His pool team went to Thomaston
Monday evening to try measures with '
Martin's team of that place, and Shee
hy's defeated them about thirty points,
-je game was the attraction of , all
Thomaston for the evening. v
Their appetite for strong drink
brought Oliver II. Terrell and John
Sloane before Judge Peasley in the
city court to-day. They were f,ound
by Ofllcer Hlckey iln , the rear of a sa
loon on .Bank sreet, sleeping on an
ash pile. Each was fined $5 and
costs and put on probation sixty, days.
List of letters remianlng unclaimed
in the post office.'-: Miss Nellie An
drews (2), Mrs Lawrence Agnevy' Pat
rick Brown, Mrs Abby" It. Bickweil,
Chas H. Bennitt, Mrs C. A. Barnes,
Miss Edna Barbar, Richard Conway,
Miss Lizzie Duffy, A. N. Fowler,, Jas
Herbert, John P. Mannix, Clarence P.
IcArthur, Howard Michael, Miss Ma
mie Ryan, T. W. Toft, Wilbur, Van
Fleet. At the meeting of the Waterbury
Women's club yesterday afternoon
the president. Mrs Otis S. Northrop,
made a few remarks relative to tlie
death of the late Mrs E. A.' Smith.
After the transaction of the regular
business Edward Sanger of Naugu
tuck, 'accompanied! by Mrs S. W .
Chapman, sang "The Charm Cup"
ana "Sing Me to Sleep," The liter
ary subject was 'The Colonial 'Pe
riod." Miss Kathefine B. Hamilton
read a paper on that period entitled
"FurMture and Costumes," prepared
by Mrs CMlman C. Kill. Mrs U. De
Hart Gulick read! a paper on "Art
and Architecture," and Mrs Ger
trude E. Cooke spoke ou literature in
colonial times. .
The local municipal lighting plant
was In full blast last night and showed
up the City hall annex to better ad
vantage than ever before. The gas
was turned off and even then pedes
trians stopped and stared at the un
usual brilliancy inside ' the building
and Inquired what It all meant. It is
the best practical demonstration Wa
terbury lias ever had of how foolish
It is to be paying big money for what
can be had in much better shape for
an outlay of a few dollars. It a
mystery how difficult it is to make peo
ple see that they have been and still
are standing in their own light on this
matter. While It Is true that the law
prohibits the city from lighting the
streets with a plant of Its own, the
coast is clear in the City hall, the sev
eral school buildings and fire houses,
and probably after people have an op
portunity to see how it can be made
to work in .such places they might get
together upon the question of carry
ing it farther an keep up the agitation
for the repeal of. the law which , pro
hibits them from lighting their . own
Children are calhi fciiinifl nrm 1nil
by teachers for no more reason thaii
mat tneir eyes are not as the. eyes of
other children. Perhaps they do not
see aa well as they should, cannot
study long without pain, and eventual
ly, if too much driven, become soured
in disposition. Parents, you take a
grave responsibility upon yoor-shoul-
a minatlong free., tlpson Jewelry, . Co
tfrtHHTsi:..' . . f . -- "-
' The City hall annex' is receiving a
new coat of paint, something it needed
" Mr and Mrs Charles Babin, of Field
street, left to-day on an extended trip
to the south.
A daughter was born to : Mr .and
Mrs John Geraghty of 98G South Maiii
street on Monday.
There will be something doing In
Naugatuck to-morrow night. About
400 members of the Waterbury aerio
of Eagles will Tislt the place for the
purpose of instituting a branch of the
order in that town and the boy have
planned to give them a rousing re
ception. They will leave here on trol
ley cars, starting from the -siding oppo
site the City hall at 7 o'clock, rue cms
will be ready ten or fifteen minutes be
fore that time. : '
Tuesday and
, bottle Guckenheimer 1
Whiskey . , r $ hOQ
I bottle Imported Port '. ; 75
1 bottle Imported Sherry '75
Total $2.50
Four Days' Sale, Combination
Reg-ular price charged (after Wed
nsdnv. ,Fetriiarv 24.
. I . also wish to'' state , that those
sales are Indefinite, thererore wouiu
adyise thex shrewd buyer ifi purchase
ntw whil thoe inducemehta re of
fering. We have still a few left of
Pepper bottling Mmiitation you can
have for r irty cents. ,
Warehouse, 223 South Main St.
'Phone 103-3. . ..; .
Broadway Welcomes
the Old Reliable.
Having leased our store to thet old and re
liable firm of Austin & Woodruff, ' Decorators,
we have fitted up for ourselves the neatest
cosiest suit of offices for our Undertaking busi
ness to be found in Connecticut, next door
below Turmbull's, 135 Broadway, where we
were 10 years ago. We always felt at home in
this little corner, and these cold days and
evenings our friends will be welcome to call
and warm their shins at out cheerful fire.
ipriarty & Callalian
135 Broadway, next below Turnbull's.
Telephone Store 355-3j House 354.
John Moriartv," l pra
Jos. G. Moriarty, i
Practical Em-
Sugar Cured: HAMS
8 and 9c lb
8C lb
12c lb
Castle's Corner.
Avere saved we -would, go oiit of busi
ness. We cannot ave your sole foi?
all the time, but we can anl will sell
yoji slioes that "will -wear for a long
time.- If you are looking for a grood
sole just try a pair of our Itox Calf
Enamel Shoes, Sadies' or men's, at
"They Are. good. oiTes."
Oc b
if m(p ' j
H. a. Finn
17 Exchange Place . .
'., . .
.We ' zly eMGr.eeiuTradl bg V Styxsafi&u
y ' i...... .' . . ' : . . '. ,. ' S
' !
'-;.' ;':.; V.;. ;' "
We have place4 on sale' in
our store a lirte of Children's
Caps, to be sold at the extreme
ly low, price of (
' ; ' 25e '-v
, These are ' specially big val
ues and we recommend them
to your attention.
I. c
Thursday, Bargains In
Kitchen Dept.
Granite Wear
At 14c eachLarge lip Saucepans.
At 20CExtra large lip Saucepans.
At 9c Milk Pans. , ' , -
At 29c Large Coffee and Tea
- Pots. "- .: 'x , .' '
At 40c-Double' Rice Boilers.
Nickle Plated Tea and Coffee
Pots. -
Manufactlirers' line of samples,
39c to $1.50. 200 in the . lot,
some ' slightly imperfect, ni'cket
on copper, porcelain lined, silver
plated inside, spoon covers, tops
and rims.
Jin Ware.
At 24c Extra heavy double Boil
ers. ' - -..'
At 33c-r-MeIon Moulds.
At 2c -Fancy Pie and Cake Pans.
At 25c Kettle Steamers, 'extra
X- .r .-'';... . . .
vpanesBWarB. ,
At 9c Large Dust Pans.
At ioc Sugar. Boxes.
At 6c Tea and Coffee Caddies.
At 39c Large Cake Boxes.
At 59c Large Flour Bins.
Mailhiot's Nev; Store
Ladies' Dressing
At a great , reduction" to make
room for our Spring Goods.
A full: assortment, prices
were 50c to $1.33. Now .
37 I-2c to $1.
' to look at the bargains offered In
at tliis store. A specialty mad ot
Fine Wedding Ring lou can al;
ways get your Watcft. Clock or Jewel
ry Repalrtnjf and EngravlnjE dne here,
With J, H. Deyereaux & Co.
This Rooster Says
To i. the, : city government, be
fore you buy any more parks
please buy seats' for the parts
that you have now.
That if - you want-eggs ;for:25c
a dozen, youwill have 'to?pray
. ' : iC - IT
FEB. 24. This date twenty-three veart ago
' work was begun on the Panama Canal. St.
. Mathias's day. 1
story . ;
Bound in Cloth
given to, every
Advertiser '
to the amount of 25c
Money ;
Spent in Advertising
May bring! you re- '
turns 100 fold.
If; you have any
doubts about
it try a small
4dv in our t . -ifenny-a-Wod
Perhaps you have lost
somethings or have
a room or a y
Tenement to Rent.
Give it publicity through
the Columns of the
Democrat and
the rest will be easy
and we give you :
Ne w England
combine accurate timekeeping,
stylish shapes and designs, the
best methods of construction
and: the acme of simplicity;
Features that are satisfying
to a the user and a certainty
that in the matter of price no
equal can be found For sale
by all Jewelers.
New England Watch Co
Martin Bergii's Sons
Corner Scovill and South MalnStiv .
-" '' ' -' '-- . J
' Night calls answered Dy Thomas F,
Bergin, 75 South Elm street, or tele
phone to 333-2, Martin Bergln, 102
.Walnut street. " , ,
Hack Stables,
Union Street. ; t
First class Hackstand Coaches for
funerals and "weddings.
' Train orders Trill recelre prompt at
tention. Telephone. 603-4.
; Kangatiick Deliiery Friday. ,'
Wednesday and Thursday.
H worth of stamps with . . . . . .
i'Z worth of stamps with
$1 worth of stanipa with
$20 worth of stamps ,wdln this
10-lb Tail Lanl
2 lbs Butter 56c
:i lb Milk Oracker . ... . . .2oc
1 lb Baking Powder ...... 4"c
1 lb Coffee . 35c
$20 worth of stamps.
$6 .worth of stamps with this
Package Tepper .10c
Large box Mus-tarct . .20c
.2 lbs Lard ... v. .24c
2 bars Pride Hoap .-,...10c
Bottle Ammonia. . . . '. . ..10c
74 c
JfQ worth1 of ( s ta mps, .
$1 worth of Stamps Ftee, 'Wcdass Jay to
l to addition to the
lai-iaa south
We open our new woolens for spring and
summer to-day in our tailoring department.
Look in our north window and : you can
see what the correct styles will be: for ttie
cqming season. CalllomMr. N . F. Fonn,
manager of this department and let him
show you our new stock.
55 to 96 South Main St.
Joiics, Morgan
TOU caii Use an Ex
y tra Pair Trous
ers for these Pri-
' ces'Surel;;r:.';; '
. , ' : .. 1 ..... i ' .1 .!-.-. ,
N ' ' -
1, ' - . ." . .; : I- .'. : ' .-, . . -, .. - .....
$2.00 Hair Line Cassimeres ,! - - $1.45
3.00 Fancy Worsteds .... . - 1.95
4.00 " , " . 2.95
5.00 Fancy Cheviots aud Worsteds - 3.95
6.00 ": f ' " - ; 4.95
7.50 and 9.00 Fancy, Worsteds - ' 5.95
Jones, Morgan
. Uveryt department rich In good values and ready to meet your demands!
, ,,.1 , . -. .
Reliable merchandise only and at consistent low prices. We mean to merit!
a continuance of your custom ky giy
each of our many' lines. New stocks, f
you, but the old Boston Furniture Co's
Hi '-
We Are Complete Homefurnishers and Give Good, Hon
est Values Every Business Day in the Year.'
.' ; ; .', Cntk llln CnAuill nrl Rrnnlr Ctra K V
.;: ouuill iwciiif uiiuiiii anu uivun uuooioi
Headquarters for Athletic, '
, 0000i
1 1-2 lb - 20c pet plr
3-4 lb - - '23c per pair
' JTr lb " 25c per pair
l , JJ-2lb- - 30cperpalf
qV 2 lb ' - . 35c per pair
3 2 1-2 lb - r . 40c per pair'
; Wateriille Deltrery Friday.
. i 41 worth Granuiated Sugnr
50c worth' Oranulated Sugar
-2rc worth Cut X.oiaf Sugar,
$12 worth of stamps .with thia
order: 1 ; '"'."''''..'" ''
1 4b Tea ...i 1. . V. .60c
1 lb Coffee ....35c
2 cans lni'iatoeg 25c
i 2 cans Salmon . ........ .. .30c
. ' t.50
$12 woj-th ot stamps. '
$4 .worth of stamps with this
order: . .
2- lbg Seeded Radslns :25c
' Package Comurta ......., 10c
1 lb Rice . . ......... . ... . .; . 10c
Package Ginger f . . ........ 10c
$4 worth of stamp.
every 50c Ptrrchaer-o MraU or Fish.
ngpha number.
main street
: , s 97 to 103 BanK St.
& Company.
& Company;
ing you the BEST, possible values la
new style new surprisesjin' store wf
METHODS of invariable excellencei
and Sporting Good
Boxing Gloves 75c pair u
MriKing Bags S1.00 u
Exercisers 25c u;
; See our line of jerseys
and sweaters.
The D. R Wilson-Gb
V 13, 15 and 17 Broadway .
Suddenly, like a thunder storm ! in
a clear sky; (after weeks which with
storm aud cold were dttll with all of
us) - there came to ' the Big Shoe
StorS last Saturday " night'"' an aTA
lanche of buyers. They surged , in
and .out and taxed our ability to
wait on , them.1 To-day (Monday)
figures up the biggest day-timd
trade since Christmas. ' Whyt
Wherefore? ; r
Attractive Windows
And" New Styles . : : ,
lii V Waterbury Boys," "Jenness Mil
ler," "Xancy Dodge," "Waterbury
Girls,", and Women's $2.00 - Boots
(Spring' stock) are '- -
unceasingly for the past 8. weeks,
ana now reapea
Monday's BhSpmnt laclndo Girls
land Children's "LAttle Spartan'' an5
"Dodge's Daisy" linesail siaes. Try,
,.. , 1

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