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To Men
It is rarely that at the commencement
of a season the things you are really going
to oieed are offered to you for half their
value "such chances generally come after
your wants are supplied and bargains at
that time require no great smartness.
r But here is a chance for reasonable
pride, both for ourselves and the men who
will wear this J underwear this summer;
satisfaction for us to be able to give such
values satisfaction for the buyers who
through - their own attention to current
opportunities , offered in advertisements
secured such absolute bargains.
50c Balbriggan and Jersey Ribbed Under
wear, drawers have double seat,
at 29c Each
Other Attractions for
? Men.
Men's Medium or Spring Weight
Merino Shlirtg and Double Seat-
el Drawers, natural or white,
all sizes up to 48 inch, regular
50c to 69e vaues, for Saturday 44c
Men's Spring Weight Natural
Wool Shirts and Drawers, the
proper garment to change with, s,
regular 89c valuer?forw8aturday 69(!
13oys Ecru and Blue Mercerized
Shirts and Drawers, ' sizes 24 to
34, Drawers are , double seated,
39c valeu, for, Saturday ; 24c
Boys' Knee Pants in a variety of"
blue and black cheviots,, fancy
Cashmere stripes and other neat
designs' in chevttots, regular 50c
and 75c values, for Saturday 45c
From the Stioe De
Ladies' Patent Oolt Button Shoes
with dull kid top or Patent Colt ,
Blueher with dull tops, hand,
sewed soles and Cuban heels;
two styles taken from"' our May
fair $3.00 line; special for Sat
urday " $2.48
Ladies' Fine. Russia Calf Blueher
Lace Oxfords with worked eye
lets and large ribbon laces, thin
flexible soles with Cuban heels. ;
special for Saturday , $1.93
Ladies' Tan and Black Vici Kid
Oxfords, withVthin 6r medium
soles, wlith low and v Cuban ,
heels, special for Saturday $1.39
Little Men's Fine Satin Calf .
LacP Shoes, with double clinch
ed fastened soles, guaranteed ' .
solid throughout, sizes 84 to
13, special for Saturday;';; : 79c
Cloak Department.
GO Sample Coats, the samples of a
manufacturer at one-third, off .from
cost of making. See south window.
2Tan Covert Coats, coJIarless effect,
lined with satin; Saturday, : $6.98
Ian Covert Coats notched -collar, -bishop
. sleeve, Saturday h., $7.75
Tan Covert Coats, collarless effect
strapped seams, mannish coat
sleeve, Saturday . $8.50
Norfolk Goats with belt bishop
. sleeve, tan and black Melton '
doth, Saturday . $8.50
Ladies' Box Coats of tan cove,rt
cloth, large flare sleeve lined
with satin, Saturday $10.50
Sample Coats made in several dif
ferent styles English covert cloth.
The Marion and Dlip Hip Corsets
in batiste and coutille.wlth toose
supporters attached, Saturday 50i
R. & G. Nursing Corsets in long
and short models, all sizes, Sat
urday 50c
P. N. Corset with dip hip, low
bust, straight front, ' $1.00 cor
set, special for' Saturday , 75c
The "Armorside" Corset, la per- '."
feet corset for stout figures,
guaranteed not to break on hips,
Saturday $1.00
Js'ew models in, P. F. Corsets with -hose
supporters attached, Sat
urday $1.00-$1.50
The "C, B. a la Spirite" Corsets,
new models - for . spring! and
summer in batiste and coutille,
of More Than
Children's Gtiinips
We have just opened our new line of
Children's Guimps, prettier and dain
tier than ever.
Several styles in Guimps, hem
stitched and Hamburg trimmed, 25c
Guimps in round, square and V-
- Shaped yoke, lace and Hamburg
trimmed, 50c
Fine Lawn Gulimp8 with hem
stitched medallions tJJCPdLfi r
collar and cuffs, hemstitched, . 7uc
Slieer Lawn Guimps with yoke
! of fine Haniburar ani lace insert--
Jngs, ' 98c, $1.25, $1.49, $1.9S
$1.50 Umbrellas For
Men's and Women's Umbrellas,
close rolling, steel rod, elegants
assortment of bone; pearl,' hom,"
gun- metal nd natural wood
handles, values' $1.25 and $1.50,
special price for this sale 98c
Ladies and Children's
Hosiery V
Ladies' Dropstitch Hose, new pat
terns, regular price 17c pair, for
Saturday 12c
Ladies' Tan Colored Hose, lace
pattern or,plafin, usual price 50c
pair, for Saturday 39c
Children's ' School Hose, wide or
narrow rib, value - 15c pair . for
.Saturday - ' ; lie
Ladies Underwear.
Ladies' , Medium Weight Vests,
long, or short sleeves, value 35c,
for Saturday . 25c
Ladies' Medium Weight Pants,
knee or ankle length, value; 35c,
for Saturday ' 25c
Ladies' Light Weight Vests, low
neck and sleeveless, regular
. price 17c, , for Saturday ' 12c
v Ladies Neckwear
Wash Stocks, new styles in plain
colors or ' combinations, values
33c to -39c, for Saturday 25 c
Salk Stocks, plain colors and 1
combinations of silk and lace,
value 75c, for Saturday 48c
Large Silk Bows with white nich
ing or collar top, usual price
25c, for Saturday 48c
Ladies Handkerchiefs
Ladles' Plain White or Ooored
Border handkerchiefs, regular
price 8c, for Saturday 4c
Ladies' Plain Hemstitch Handker
chiefs, all linen, value 10c, for
Saturday - 7c
. v
Ladies' EmbroSdered Scalloped
Edge Handkerchiefs, usual price
15c, for Saturday 11c
Ladies Belts
i f,-
Embroidered Lawn or Duck Belts,
plain colors or combinations,
value 37c, for Saturday 25c
Wide Crush Leather Belts, black,
whlite and 'colors, usual price
50c, for Saturday 39c
Black Silk Belts," with oxidized
back pieces and uckbles, value
50c, for Saturday S9c
Our Twelve-Dollar
are great sellers. They are elegantly tailored and they
are Suits you don't meet every day. Why, Sir, there are
no suits in town that can touch them under $15.00.
Our Twelve Dollar Suits
come in single or double' breasted styles collars hug
the neclf closely, trousers roomy at the hip and not a
single KinK omitted. Come, see the Suits.
The Kinne:anPhillips Co.,
Corner Bank arid Grand Streets.
Father and mother went to
while the daughter
and Benny won the race , with a 'pair
v of our special $2.50 Patent Colt Shoes -on
hisyfeet. ; The jewel tip and dull
Holczer's Standard Shoe House
Have you seen the "Open Work
Rhubarb Pie Hats" that are being
made in our work rooms under the eye
of the typesetters of a near-by office?
They consist of a large lace Hat with
deep lace edge of a very pretty design
and most becoming to the young ladies
of fashion.
Look for them at .
and nowhere else. '' ,
Will Jrade
A three-family house with a
large building , lot for a farm
with or without buildings.
, - . ".
Real Estate-Agent
177 Bank St. Waterbury, Ct.
Ladies' never have you had an op
portunity like the present to choose,
from such a grand collection of style
mid value by any of our competitors.
All of our hats are made in our own
workroom. ; This enables us to own
our goods at the lowest possible cost.
We do save you. as a rule, 50 per
cent as elsewhere. ' Come down t
lower Bank street-'and s?e our win
dow display, as -it will pay you to
come from a far distance to look, over
our styles and prices. Be sure and
look for -'
Freedman's Bargain illsnry,
Hats, trimmed while you wait. -. ;
recently wrote a poem of ten verses,
expressing the pleasure of a kiss on a
sleighride. Thei'e are many young peo
ple who enjov that plesant pastime in
the front parlor, with the light turned
low, beside a nice comfortable fire,
CHARCOAL, and don't even mention
it. Buy the bag of Charcoal with the
black disc on. For sale at all dealers
in first class groceries. .' .
SEASON 1904.
, Gentlemen's Suits made to
measure and made to fit.
Ladies Suits and Jackets made
to measure and made to fit.
Prices reasonable ; 500 samples
to choose from.
John Eccles,
The Dull
is the time to get your Plumbing
overhauled. We can do it in the
best manner and at Lowest Prices.
We are still selling the Stamford
Ranges and Furnaces.
Good large Refrigerator, suitable
for Grocery Store, Fish Market or
Restaurant, for sale at a bargain.
221 Bank St.
Telenhone 403-L
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
Cor East Main andJSpring Sts,
Opposite Poll's Theater.
Prompt attention, best service, mod
erate charges. An up-to-date undertak
ing establishment, open night and day.
Telephone 323-5. Ambulance on calL
received JUj
I5c per BettlB- $1.50 p?r Doz.
Woodruff Grocery Go.
K Dougiierty
ents v Underwear
. AT 25c EACH.
At 25c each Gents' Balbrggan Shirts
j?nd Drawers; the drawers are dou
ble seated; the regular price 39c, our
price 25c.
At 25c each Gents' blue .iersey ribbed
Shirts and; Drawers, the drawers
double seated, regular price 39c, our
' price 25c.
At 29c each Boys' Negligee Gingham
; Shirts all sizes from 12 to 14, regu
lar price 49c, our price 29c- I
14S" bouth Main st.
People's Market
i - V f
21 Phoenix Avenue.
' Capons,
Philadelphia Roasting Chickens,
Fowl. Squabs,
Asparagus, Cucumbers, , Radishes,
Parsley, Spinach,. Beets,
Wax and Green Reans,
Termuda Potatoes,
Fresh Eggs, Canton Rutter,
v Sage .Cream.
Keep your clothes clean, neat anfl
fresh looking. It
Gents' Wear, Dyed, Cleaned. Pressed'
yvume ouirg 1.50 to $2 00
Coate ... .75 to $iqq
Pants .75 to $1.00
Vests .35 to 50
Overcoats . $1.00 to $1.50
Pressed and Scoured.
Whole Suits 5100
Coats 50
Pants . 40
Vests 2"
Overcoats , 75
The French Dye Works,
M. Sochin, Prop, 172 East Main st
I- ' ...
the most complete line of
BIU3 Flame Oil Sfovs.
We just received a big im
port of Stransky steel ware.
Sole agents for Magee Grand,
Magee Champion. Magee Cot
tage and Magee Conorett. We
will be pleased - to show you
our line.
The Barlow Bros, Co
3 Ci"Jj a
You are now getting your
cameras ready to do some
work again, and perhaps a few
suggestions right here may
save you a great deal of trouble
and expense.
. Cramer and Hammer Plates,
Argo Developing Paper.
Cyko Developing Paper.
Rotograph Bromide Paper.
, Brown Print,
Sun Spot Blue Print. ,
Water Tone Platinum.
Disco Printing Out Paper.
Ansco Films. x
Mitchell's Developers.
Not made by a trust and sold
at Anti-Trust Prices.
The Ziglatzki-Marks Co
110-116 South Main Streac
Time Economy
Tou can't imagine a simpler,
quicker, cleaner way of start
ing the fire than the simple
operation of lighting a gas
range, "strike a 'match and turn
a lever" that's all
Gas' Ranges $8 to $12
, Easy Payments.
$2 Down.
$2 Per Month.
Tile United Gas iniorovamant Co,
Sea Them In Our Window.
Lots of Morris Chairs have been
sold in this town at $12, and not
so good a chair. There's only a
dozen of them, and at such a low
price they, will surely be sold
quickly. Your choice of coverings
in the cushions. Best spring seats.
. Our warerooins are tilled to
overflowing with the handsomest
new f uvniturft to be f 6und in the
elate. If; you need any new pieces
come and -look the stocks over It
will pay you. for prices ara really
away down.
Connecticut's Largest Furniture Store.
116-120 Bank Street.
Young Menfs I
$3 Shoes now
They're hand sewed, in Vicl
Kid and Valour Calf, medium M
oalf toes. In sizes 4 to 51,&
only. That's why you can buy
theni for $1.50 a pair. It's like
buying two pairs for the price
of one.
j. t mle i m
73-75 Bofc Strest.
1-; '.5ff, Kl
' :'f f A
Patrick Kelly is visiting friends in
A special meeting of the St
Thomas Cadets A. A. will be held in
the Lyceum on Sunday at , 1250
o'clock. As business of importance
will be transacted every member is
requested to attend.
The residents of South Wilson
street would like to have the water
main in that street extended; They
think that they should be given city
water and 'thus get some jeturn from
the city for the taxes which hey pay.
The members of the Brooklyn
Athletic club handball team are prac
ticing hard and are rounding into first
class shape for the championship
matches vith the Washington Hill A.
C. The first games was played last
Sunday at the W. H. A. C. court, and
the W. II. A C won . The second
games will be played on next Sunday
morning and ' the Brooklyn team 'ex
pects to reverse the tables.
Good paint, no matter what it costs,
is worth itg price in comparison with
poor paint at any price. We carry
Harrison- Town and Country paints.
There can be nothing better. Costs
$1.65 a gallon, worth double any paint
that costs 25c 'a, gallon less. A. C.
Walker, the druggist.
Connecticut Inventors Perfect Many
Useful and Necessary Articles.
Washington, April 22. James J,
Burk of Hartford has invented and he
has been granted a patent on a reduc
ing valve. There is a tube having an
intermediate valve chamber, and pro
vided with an unobstructed extension
on each side of the valve chamber. A
diaphragm chamber having flexible
diaphragm covering is located at-each
end of the tube. Chambered caps are
removably secured to the chambers
and serve to connect the diaphragms
thereto. There is a spring bearing
against one of the diaphragms, with
means for regulating the tension of
the same. A high pressure pipe con
nects with the valve chamber, and a
low pressure pipe counects with the
tube. A valve rod passes through the
tube and valve chamber and Is secured
to the diaphragm. A valve on this rod
co-operates with a part of the valve
Letters patent have been granted to
Oliver r. D. Cornell, also of Hartford,
on an improved gas burner. This
burner has a valve for controlling the
flow of gas to the burner and a valve
lever for operating the same. A spring
is provided for normally holding the
valve in a closed position. There is a
thermostatic bar operatively arranged
with relation to the burner, and means
intermediate of the thermostatic bar,
and a pin for moving the latter and
permitting the engagement of. the lever
and pin moving means.
.T6s?eph E. Lewis, another Hartford
inventor, has just receivf d a patent on
a feed water heater. This heater has
a heating chamber and a series of
pipes enclosed in the chamber. A pair
of headers connect the ends of these
pipes. Each of these : headers has a
partition by which it is divided into
separate compartments. The pipes
connect a compartment at one end of
one of the headers to the opposite end
of the other header. Mr Lewis has as
Rigtwd""fcis invention to the Whitlock.
Coil Pipe 'Co. of the same place. '
Fred Goodrich of New Britain has
invented patented and assigned to the
Tablin Manufacturing po of that city,
a bottle stopper and opener. This Is
an expansible bottle stopper, having a
nut provided with an open handle,
broad at the top and with two separate
inclined projections at the Junction of
the handle and the nut, with a 'bolt
space between these two projections.
The threaded end of the bolt Is riveted
down to prevent the nut from being
detached. 1
Henry C. Voight, also of New Brit-
ain, has been granted a patent on a
lock and latch, which he has assigned
to the Russell & Erwin Co. The in
vention is described as having two
plates arranged to be secured to oppo
site sides of a door.v A knob is can-ied
by each of these plates, these knobs
being, in allignment, and a latch slide
carried by one of the plates. There
are two roll-hacks coacting with this
slide, one being operated by each of
the knobs. Means are provided to lock
one of the knobs against rotatibn, and
a key controlled mechanism is located
on the same side of the "locked knob
for retracing the latch slide indepen
dently of, either knob.
Frank P.,Pfleghar of New Haven is
the inventor of a new and improved
curtain fastener, which he has patent
ed and assigned to the English & Mer
siek Co of his city, This fastener com
prises a plate and a post, the plate
made with a chamber opening through
the plate. ' The post is formed with
holes in opposite sides with plungers
projecting through these holes and ex
tending beyond the outer surface of
the post. These plungers are secured
to The ends of a coiled spring seated
within the chamber. This spring fur
nishes the power to operate the cur
tain. . "
Yernon C. Tasker secured the only
patent' to a Bridgeport inventor this
week. He has invented. patentOfi and
assigned to the American 'Ordna ne'e Co
an auxiliary barrel for breach-loading
guns. The invention consists of means
for supporting a sub-caliber gun in a
piece of ordnance. There is an adapter
or ring having two branches provided
with a mortise. A plate rests in this
mortise and is secured to one branch
and is loose in the other. There Is a
wedge held by a screw to one branch
of the adapter and bearing against the
other branch.. This invention is de
signed for use in target 'practice.
Hugh L. Thompson of Waterbury
has been granted a patent on an anti
septic attachment for telephones. It
comprises a wire disk which Is pro
vided with means for suspending it
over and upon a telephone mouth
piece. This disk is combined with a
divided case containing layers of ab
sorbent material saturated with a
disinfectant or germicide. -
St Louis. April 22. According to a
statement issued by the department of
concessions of the world's fair, it will
cost $20 for the total admissions to all
the attractions on the pike. The total
cost for the Chicago midway was $35.
Yow May Eat
Pastry, pork, cabbage, sinkers and
many other hard things to digest if
you take one or two of Fitzpatrick's
digestive tablets. They are a won
derful help to digestion. - 50 cents
for a large box. Fitzpatrick's phar
macy, corner East Main and Wall
streets. Telephone 08.4.
Waterbury StocK Company to Presen
a New Drama.
Oscar Eagle of the "Mrs Wiggs In
the Cabbage Patch" Co was in town
Sunday. The company Is now playing
at the Empire theater in Boston, re-'
hearsing the Waterbury Stock Co.
This company will present Mr Eagle's
dramatized version of Watts Phil
lip's story, "A Roadside Marriage," at
Poli's theater May 10, 1904. He ex
pressed himself as very well satisfied
with the progress the company had
made under the direction of W. H.
Benham, and will himself give them
another work-out in a few weeks. Mr
Eagle said it was more like 'rehearsing
a professional company than an ama
teur organization, as this: piece has
only been played five weeks on tho
road and only in the west. ,
Mr Eagle is very anxious that east
ern people should get a good first im
pression of the piece, and has inter
ested himself in this particular pro
duction with the end in view of giving
a smooth professional production. Mr
Eagle has not been in Waterbury be
fore since he was here with Viola
Allen in "The Christian," the produc
tion of which was, under his personal
charge. Mr Eagle has in his career as
a stage director made the production
of 108 pieces, andjs one of the most
famous directors on this side of the
water. .
His. name alone will assure the Wa
terbury Stock Co a crowded house.
The rehearsal Sunday was held at the
Jacques opera house on account of
the "Ben Hur," company, which was
setting up their scenery and props at
Poli's theater. 1 .
While in town Mr Eagle stopped at
the Connecticuti ' :
Over 80,000 Liable for Cummutation
Tax in This State.
Adjutant General Cole has certified
to State Treasurer Gallup the number
of persons in each town of the state
liable to military duty. On or before
November 10 next the treasurers of the
several towns must pay Into the state
treasurv th mllit
of $2 for each person on the list. The
total number liable to military duty Is
82,504, divided among the towns a
Hartford county Hartford, 7,906;
Avon 116; Berlin, 282;. Bloomfleld, 88;
Bristol, 5G6; Burlington, 99; Canton,
267; East Granby, 81; East Hartford,
321; East Windsor, 297; Enfield, 571;
Farmington. 244; Glastonbury, 465;
Granby, 159; Hartland, 58; Manches
ter, 900; Marlborough, 33; New Britain,
2,288; Newlngton, 89; Plain ville, 192;
Rocky Hill, 95; Simsbury, 151; South
ington, 540; South Windsor, 209; Suf
fleld, 483; West Hartford, 289; Weth
ersfield, 111; Windsor, 389; Windsor
.muv;.b, 01 1 ; iouu, j.,yo,
New Haven county New Haven,
12,383; Beacon Falls. 76; Bethany, 63;
Branford, 382; ' Cheshire. 171; Derby,
723; East Haven, 1S rf3uilford, 1J3;
Hamden, 402; Madison, 92; Merfden,
3,136; Middlebury, 90; Milford, 278;
Naugatuck, 1,393: North Branford, 81;,
North Haven 170: Orantrp 71 2r Or'
ford, 109; Prospect, 29; Seymour, 250;
Southbury, 152; Waulngford, 1,005;
Waterbury, 4,817; Wolcott, 43; WTood
bridge, 74; Ansonia, 1,672; total, 27,
537. (
New London county New London,
1,560; Norwich-1,819; Bozrah. 90; Col
chester, ISTfTiast Lyme, 16G; Frank
lin, 71; Griswold, 326; Groton, 475;
Lebanon, 130; Ledyard. Ill; Lisbon,
61; Lyme. 68; Montville. 271; North
Stonington, 117; Old Lyme, 85; Pres
ton, 104; Salem. 48; Sprague. 171;
Stonington, 546; Voluntown, 62; Water
ford, 182; total, 6.414. ,
,' Fairfield county Bridgeport, 7,594 J
Bethel, 292; Brookfield, 67; Darien,
268; Danbury, 1,396; Easton, 53; Fair
field, 272; Greenwich, 1,372; Hunting
ton, 566; Monroe, 64: New Canaan,
202; New Fairfield, 53; Newtown. 247;
Norwalk, 1.485; Redding, 88; Ridge
field, 183; Sherman, 59: Stamford. 1.
539; Stratford. 282; Trumbull, 126;
Weston, 77; Westport, 240; Wilton,
19; total. 16,854.
Windham county Brooklyn. 154;
Ashford. 95: Canterbury, 105; Chaplin,
59; Eastford, 65; Hampton, 82; Killing
ly, 604; Pla infield, 477; Pomfret, 136;
Putnam. 428: Scotland. 40; Sterling,
152: Thompson. 359: Windham, 698;
Woodstock. 213; total, 3,06S.
Middlesex county Middletown, 1.
061; Haddam. 191; Chatham, 253;
Chester, 147: Clinton, 104; Cromwell,
215; Durham. 93fEast Haddam, 194;
Essex. 289: Kililngworth, 40: Middle
field 85: Old Saybrook.' 109; Portland,
211 : ' Sa ybrook, 219; Westbrook, 91;
total. 3.302. . ,
Litchfield county Litchfield. 307;
Barkhamsted, 67: Bethlehem, 44;
Bridgewater, 64; Canaan. 80: Cole
brook. 62; Cornwall. 108: Goshen, 102;
Harwinton. 96; Kent. '118: Morris,' 72;
New Hartford, 170; New Milford. 402;
North Canaan. 200; Norfolk, 13S: Ply
mouth. ,406; Roxbury, 68; Salisbury,
253; Sharon. 175: Thomaston, 375; Tpr
rington. 1.055; Warren. 40: Washing-,
ton 176; Watertown, 271; Winchester,
861; Woodbury. 148: total. .5,860.
Tolland county Tolland. 69; An
doven 33 Bolton. 37; Columbia, 66;
Coventry, 161; Ellington, 152; Hebron,
65: Mansfield. 230; Somers, 142: Stafv
ford. 414: Union. 33: Vernon. 852; Wll
lington, 77; total, 2,331.
Washington, April 22. Colonel Red
field Duryee, formerly of . Waterbury,
died at his home In Washington Wed
nesday evening . Colonel Duryee was.
a native of New York, but during the
civil war-was in the Sixth Connecticut
Volunteer regiment and was the col
onel of the regiment at the close of the
war. He served during the entire war
with distinction and was honorably
mustered out of fhe service at the end.
Soon after the close of the "war he was
amxinted to a place in the war de
partment, and held his legal residence
in Hartford.
For over thirty years Colonel Duryee
has been a trusted and faithful em
ploye of the war department. For a
brief time he left the service of the
government to accept a position with
the Baltimore and Ohio railroad to es
tablish a card record division.
The funeral occurred this morning
at the Arlington cemetery. Colonel
Duryee left three daughters and one
brother, who Is a clerk in the war de
partment. Hiram lodge,, F. and. A.. M., per
formed the funeral rite. Congressman
George L. LOley was present at the fu
neral, representing Harmony lodge of
Waterbury. The older residents of
WTaterbury remember Redfield Duryee
as a clerk In the dry goods store of
Orrin Slate in the building now occu
pied by Kelly, the baker, in Irving

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