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139 East Main Street.
Reliable Goods at Lower Prices Than. Any Other
House in Waterbury s J J s '
For All Day Saturday
A list of Prices which are a Fitting Wind
of Bargains offered this
Lot of men's fine Percale Shirts,
with 2 collars and cuffs, also
fine Madras and Cheviot Neg
ligee, all worth 50 to 75c
25c each.
Lot of men's all silk Tecks,
String Ties, Four - in - hands,
Button on Tecks, all 25c Ties;
For Saturday 10c each.
1 gross men's all silk button on
Bows, regular 12 l-2c each;
For Saturday 5c each. ,; -t
1 gross men's Suspenders, good
strong braces, value IQc; For
Saturday 10c each.
Silk Twist, in colors, only Ic a
Hump Hook and Eyes, Ic a
One dozen Dress Stays for lc.
New Shirt Waist and Blouse Sets,
value 25c; Saturday 10c a set
Velveteen Binding, colors only,
5c from 15c,
Remnants Black Velveteen 1-4
to 1-2 yard long, value 12 l-2c
to 25c; 10c each.
(Copyright, 1W4, by Daily Story Pub. Co.)
IT CERTAINLY seemed a very long
distance to the branch, and the
night was very black a veritable Ink
blot over the face of the earth.
Several different times Constantina
paused, hesitated,, started to go back;
then finally pursued her way In trepi
dation. The excitement , which had
luoyed her up since morning threat
ened to ooze suddenly in a burst of
fiervous tears. Still, she persevered.
When but a few yards from the tryst,
she sat down weakly on the edge of a
stump and fumbled fretfully among
jthe laces at her bosom for the hidden
Japer. She drew it out with unsteady
fingers, and as best she could, by the
ale road-light' in the 'distance,
igllmpsed for the hundredth time the
pvords written msiae:
,'"If possible, meet me at the branch
io-night at nine. Must see you.
The writing was a, scrawling disguise,
tut to Constantina a solution was not
Ihe 'most difficult thing in the world.
Uler husband's open admiration of Cary
iFleming; their habitual absence from
the house together; lastly, the palpable
unease that had marked the actions of
tioth through the whole of the past day
r well, that much was sufficient, per
e: ,
She consulted her watch and found
that there still remained ten minutes
before nine o'clock. The time dragged
horribly; a thousand curious noises
Biade her start and tremble, while in
numerable grotesque shadows danced
eerie-like in and about the thick
shrubbed, woods. ,
, Finally, she straightened herself,
" rtucked the slip of paper hastily in her
belt and rose, picking her way cau
tiously through the bushes to the shel
ter of a dense clump of trees that stood
little back from the branch.
She had not long to wait. A moment
only, and she recognized the quick,
swinging stride that could not belong
toanyone In the world but hex hus
iband. She shrank back involutarily,
overcome by a wild sense of terror lest
fee should discover her there In the
role of eavesdropper; lest but no.
She strained her eyes tensely through
.the dark, but no Cary Fleming was
ifhere. Surely She shifted her posi
tion a trifle, her foot faltered uncer
tainly, then came down with an omi
nous crash on a heap of dead twigs. A
Silence of fearful constraint followed.
t! ti tl
rnDuii omDanv
and Saturday
Men's fine white cambric hem
stitched Handkerchiefs, regu-
- Iar price 12 I-2c; Saturday 5c
250 pair rolled gold Cuff But
, tons, regular price 50 to 75c;
Saturday 10c a pair.
Jack Tar Soap, the best thing in
the market to clean a man's
hands, regular price 5c; Satur
day 3c a cake.
Pillow Tops, regular price 15c;
7c, 4 for 25c.
3 f
Children's Waists, 12 l-2c from
Ladies' Turnover Collars, 2 for
5c, from 10c each.
Ladies' Linen Collars lc each.
Lot of handsome Belt Buckles,
regular price 25c; Saturday
10c each. .
Constantina grow rigid. She -turned
with a sudden mad desire to escape,
however, wherever. But "a strong arm
Intercepted her.
"So it is you!" .
"Yes, I." She faced him coldly.
"I thought as much:;' I saw you leave
the house, and I followed you here."
Constantina flushed" furiously under
cover of the darkness. Her hand went
to her belt in a gesture of swift indig
nation. The paper was gone.
1 "This, then; is the meaning of it all."
He thrust the folded bit of paper to
ward her. .-'"....,-..
"I I lost it," she said, dazedly.v
"And I luckily no one else found
it, down there He pointed sternly
toward the stump on which she had
'sat' V- . v., -,
"But it It la'nt mine," she insisted,
trying to extricate herself from his
"Don't," he commanded harshly,
"you are to come home now, and with
me. Whatever is to be said can be said
ifterwards." He looked down at her
witU wrath-black eyes. His face bore
a white, set look.
Constantina was shaking like a leaf.
Oh, what a fool she had been; what a
consummate, unthinking fool! Even
supposing he were guilty, and perhaps,
after all, he was not, but even supposing
he were, she might have known that
the woman the wife must inevitably
suffer the brunt In the case of detec
tion. Perhaps, after all, he was not guilty!
Th.e words recurred again and again
to her bewildered brain as they trudged
in silence through the black dark and
brambles. K
"Dick," she ventured presently,
"you must give me back that paper;
then, I have a confession to make."
"I should rather think so," he
sneered, diving into his pocket with
considerable 111 grace. "But first," he
held the paper away from her extend
ed flngera for a second, "you must
promise me to destroy the infamous
thing and at once."
Constantina gulped. "I promise,"
she acquiesced, receiving it tremulous
ly, "I will burn it as soon as I get to
my room." - - '
"And the confession how about
that?" He spoke dryly.
"You'll not be angry, dear?"
"I don't exactly see how I'm to avoid
"But-7-but St Isn't what you imagine
at all, Dick. Not a bit. Of course I
can understand what you think and
why you think it but you mustn't oh,
you . mustn't Let me explain." She
paused, all out of breath and clung to
him in an agony of entreaty.
He regarded her gravely by the
lights that glimmered softly from the
grounds beyond. "Certalnlyi I am
Up to the Galaxy
Week. ,r
rn. '-Ci
anxious for an explanation,"- he re
plied, stiffly. "Undoubtedly, I should
be more than relieved to have this -mystery
cleared up." L ' '
Constantina caught i her breath in a
little choking way, and broke directly
Into the subject "I found it the pa
per," she said, speaking' rapidly, "on
the front Veranda, after everybody had
gone this morning. I thought I was
sure that it was meant, had been meant
for you and that and that it was
written by that detestable little cat,
Cary Fleming. Oh, I hate her and I'm
glad; glad, glad she's; going away!"' ,
"And so you stooped to petty jeal
ousy to petty suspicion to. a petty
intention to eavesdrop to" H8
shrugged and laughed in a cutting lit
tle fashion that sent the . blood racing
to Constantina's face and lips. She
shivered piteously in the cool wind
that had suddenly sprung up.
"Oh, Dick," she cried, remorsefully,
"I ought not, I know, but it was all be
cause I loved you so, and I was mad
half-crazed to think" She burst into
nervous sobbing. , ,
"Couldn't you forgive me?" she
asked after awhile, looking up at him
through tear-bright eyes.
"Why, as to that, I suppose so. I
am only too glad to be assured that, it
is nothing worse. You can see . for
yourself that I might. perfectly, well
have believed otherwise. There's one
provision -1 wish to make, however,.
This subject must not again be al-,
luded to between us. It must never
be known to anyone that you have mis
trusted me so grossly. You must never
doubt ' me again, Constantina. Do you
agree?" "
"To everything," she answered in a
low voice. "Dear, dearest, I've been a
foolish, unforgivable little fool," she
hurried on, "but I do want you to say
just once that you forgive me."
"Well, then, I forgive you," he re
cited with an indulgent little laugh.
i Constantina lifted her lips to his,
suddenly; he bent suddenly and kissed
They passed silently through the low
iron gate, up the wide gravel path and
onto the veranda where the rest were
assembled for the evening's pastimes.
She did not stop longer than a mln
u, but hurried up the broad length of
stairs and gained the shelter of her
own room. She went first to the long
cheval mirror and stood for some time
regarding herself critically. Her eyes
were very, very gray and eloquently
bright, and her cheeks were beautiful
ly pink and fresh. The pile of hair that
tumbled picturesquely over her .fore
head, stood somewhat awry, but none
the less golden and splendid. Her heart
was beating tumultuously xmder the
fluff of lace above it; below, the cloud
like ruffles of her gown hung snagged
and dripping with dew.
She smiled; then laughed. It was a
curiously happy little laugh, full of re
lief and gladness and love. Suddenly
she thought of the paper. She must
burn It immediately; She had promised
Dick that she would do so. She walked
over to the open fireplace. A blue and
red mass of coals huddled sleepily In
the grate.
Constantina opened her palm slowly,
and eyed the crumpled scrap of paper
with deprecative eyes. "I wonder "
she mused, unfolding it mechanically,
"I wonder who could have written it,
anyway and to whom it was written?
No one else came there. Perhaps I
can trace a resemblance." She
smoothed out the creases with careful
fingers and read:
'Impossible for me to get to the
branch before 9:30. Wait for me.
, ' :; - v;.;';' "c." .
An in&tant her lashs flickered; the
paper slipped from her nerveless fin
gers and lay unheeded on the floor.
Minutes passed. Presently, she stooped,
quite calmly, and picked it up and laid
It on the coals. f She watched it curl
and blacken and sift to ashes. Then
she turned away and went downstairs
to rejoin her guests.
Smart Pennsylvania , Animal Raises
Its Foot as It -Runs Bunnie
to Ground.
Lewis D. Hollenbach, of Jordan, Pa.,
hasJ a little pig that he is willing to pit
against the foxiest hound in eastern
Pennsylvania as a rabbit hunter.
,. Knowing that there was a rabbit hid
den in a thorn bush in the meadow the
other day Hollenbach released piggy
from the sty and, leading the way to
the meadow, the little grunter followed
as closely and attentively as a dog would
have done. Near the bush the pig
stopped, pointed like a hound and
grunted as if he were greatly excited,
when out of a bush darted a rabbit and
made a dash for a ledge of rocks half a
;mlle away, j
; Then came the oddest chase ever wit
Ineesed -in that -vicinity. -Piggy, with
snout 'close to theground? took upTlftfl
trail and closely followed the scent now
leading his master across the meadow
at a lively gait Imagine Hollenbach's
isurprise when, at a large pile of rocks,
the pig halted, . raised one of his fore
paws and grunted with satisfaction, ex
actly in front of the hole in which Mr.
Rabbit had taken refuge. .
Hollenbach now says: "I'll train that
little porker for an all-around hunter
yet, It only I can keep down hia-w eight,
and by careful feeding curb his appetite.
If a pig can hunt rabbits successfully,
why can he not also take up the trail of
ithe deer in Poc'ono mountains and lead
me to the spot "where a good' shot will
bring down the finest of game? I'll try
lilm at it, sure's you're born."
.,; - ,; Faience -Ware.;
' At the Hotel Drouot, in Paris, a short
time ago, a dish of Old Rouen faience
with blue and . red decorations brought
f 1,181.' A hollow dish of old Rouen
with blue decoration V in the Chinese
style realized $253, and another deco
rated with blue cupids, brought $243.
- :' Kerosene Cleans Zinc. ; -The
piece of zinc under the kitchen
stove sometimes gets Into a condition
where soap and water will not clean it.
A cloth saturated- with kerosene will
remove every particle of dirt and leave
the zinc shining.
4 Knew His Business.
Mrs. Piatt (angrily) Oh, you think
you know a lot, don't you?
Mr. Piatt (calmly) Well, I ought to,
my dear. I've been in the real estate
business ten years. Cincinnati En
quirer. ' ' -
V A Soda Water Fiend.
A woman, of Bethany, Kan., bought
and used 2,600 soda tickets at; one drug
store last summer. Her average con
sumption of the drink during the sea
son must have been 15 glasses a day.
Cholera in Turkey. "
Only 6,550 deaths from cholera in the
Turkish empire were reported for the
year ending February 22 last, but ex
perts believe the real number was three
times as large. '"
Curious Chinese Custom.
When a Chinese girl marries, she must
wait four months before etiquette allows
her to pay her first visit to her mother.
Her Definition.
"What is a flirtation?". he asked.
"Attention without intention," shs
replied. Cincinnati Enquirer. -
Curious Circumstance.
An English auctioneer was compelled,
to sell the furniture of his own house
hold In lieu of a debt.- ,
Coal in Japan.
The chief source of wealth of Japan
is her coal, 'of which 9,000,000 tons were
mined in 1901. ,
. The Word Cossack.
Cossack (Kosak) is a word of Asiatic
origin, meaning a , highwayman on
- J0
There's a mockin bird a-s-ningin' on a twig
across the street,
An' a jiff-time sort o' feelin' la a.ticklln' of
my feet, --.. , '
An' the grass ia green an tender's anythin'
you ever seen,
An' the creek down In the medder's a blue
ribbon edged with green.
An the earth's damp an' perfumer, like a
million kinds o' blooms
Was a-butln into beta' with a million
. sweet perfumes!
An' the bee's, a-doln' business .with , the
blossoms as of yore.
An' the hummln' bird's a-hummln1 Just the
same's he was before.
An you alrost think they wasn't any
winter-time at all
When you see the grass a-springin an' you
hear the mock-birds call;
An' you see th' little children troopn down
the village street.
An' you hear their happy laughter, an' the
patter of their feetl
Ain't the world just like a Jewel ev'ry
morn In wrapped in mist.
Like a . gem in cotton-battin that some
maiden's lips had kissed
'Cause a lover sent it to her? Just a soft
rose-tinted wrap.
Opal tinted in some places? Don't It
. sorter make a chap
Feel that he's been born all over when the
world wakes up in spring,
An a bird lights right beside him and hops
on a twig to sing?
An the laughin of the children, Jolly little
: boys an' girls!
In their roundabouts an aprons an their
i tousled golden curls, , " -
With their wee hands full of blossoms, full
' o violets and such . .
There ain't never any danger you can love
, ,a child too much!
Sort o' feel that this world's their world,
an 'f I grumble, or I doubt
That they's Joy in simply livin' they'll rise
up an put me out.
J. M. Lewis, in Houston Post.
At ten years old, or somewhat later,
Tom Smith resolved to be Diotator;
But at fifteen was quite content
With being one day President
At twenty all his mind was set
On Cong-ress or the Cabinet.
At thirty, having grown much wiser.
He tried to run for Supervisor;
He had (and paid for) an ovation, .
But. failed to get fhe nomination, '
'Twas then, with politics disgusted
With temper "riled" and wallet
"busted'.' -He
sought the post of an Inspector
Of Customs from the Ptort Collector. .
He's sixty now, and one can wagor
That he will die a simple gager.
Oliver Bolllvar, in Youth's Companion.
A Brussels expert, M. Paul Otlet, esti
mates that from the invention of print
ing in the middle of the fifteenth century
to January, 1900, 12,163,000 hooks have
been issued. ' He also estimates . that
about 200,000 books are now annually
Family Life in France.
Family life in France has greatly Im
proved in recent decades. It is less cus
tomary than formerly to have daughters
brought up entirely in convents, or to
send the children to live with their
nurse in her country home.'
Care of Finger Nails.
When the finger nails are obstinately
grimy, a little kerosene on the nail
brush will whiten the nails thoroughly.
Afterward rub a Httle glycerin or vas
ellne Jnto the nails, so they. ;will , not
bebrittle.. , . ,-. :-r --a
Not His Own.
"What's the matter. Bill? You look
tired out".
"Throat trouble." '
' "You don't talk that way."
"Oh, it Isn't my . throat. It's the
throats of the chumps who tell me 1
look tired out and ask me what's th
matter," Philadelphia Press.
Discovery in Electricity.
Sir Hiram Maxim and others are said
to have found, that non-magnetic met
als may be separated by rapidly draw
ing a series of electro-magnets past the
metallic dust. Copper, for example, is
attracted by the electric current set up.
. Reward of Gratitude. .
A good deed is never Jost; he who
sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he
who plants kindness gathers love; pleas
ure bestowed upon a grateful mind was
never sterile, but generally gratitude
begets reward. Basil.
: . A Parisian Fad. 1
Small birds set with brilliants are
popular as ornaments : with Parisian
dames. 1 "
aster Ope
46 Center Street, Waterbury, Conn.
G. J. COREY, Pres. S. S. LAPOINTE, Vice Pres,
"World's Largest Tailors' ' From Mills to Man Direct
"Come and See Us1
WE WISH to Inform the gentlemen of Waterbury
and vicinity that we are ready to take their
x measure for a $35 Suit of Clothes or Overcoat
for $15; Jailor Made Garments at less than Ready Made Prices
The smartest styles of Spring Goods ever shown in Water
bury. Dress Well, Look Well and Feel Well.
Every Suit Guaranteed to Fit,
Democrat Readers will be Furnished with a Solid Gold Fountain Pen.
For eight of these coupons and 00 cents we will furnish, for a time,
Democrat readers with a solid gold, fully warranted fountain pen, pol
ished barrel, rubber cap, screw section, beautiful delivery, worth $1.50.
Perfect satisfaction guaranteed. You will wonder how you ever got along
without it. Agencies where the pens can be obtained: Apothecaries' Hall
Co, Bank and South Main streets; Brooklyn drug store, 756 Bank street;
Cannon & .Tones, 354 West Main street; N. A. TJpham, 410 North Main
street: Cx. II. Burpee & Co, 854 South Main street; J. B. Ebbs, (the drug
gist), East 'Main and Cherry streets.
Learn to Dance
at Miss Nellye T. Reed's private Danc
ing Academy, 110 Bank street. Spe
cial attention to private pupils; New
beginners' clasg starting Friday even
ing, March 24. Terms, 12 lessons $4;
4 private and 6 class lessons $5.
. Large class In Knights of Columbus
hall every Wednesday evening. Terms
same as in private hall. Pupils re
ceived any time. Door admission 25c,
as usual.: 1
Notice, to Contractors.
. f.; - " - ' '
Sealed proposals for laying -water
mains in ,
(A) Prospect road and Dublia
street , from East Mountain main re
servoir to Silver street, end In Sliver
street from Dublin street to East Main
street, including! the connection to the
present main in East Main street;
(B) All of the 12 inch trunk line
from East Main street at Silver street
through East Main, Niagara, Wolcott,
Oak, Walnut Farm. West Farm,
Rock, Hill, Crown, Bisnop and Pin
streets to Cook street;
(C) Pine street, from Cooke street
to Columbia boulevard, Columbia
boulevard from Pin street to Demor
est street also in Roseland avenue,
Hewlett street Randolph . kvenue,
Clowes terrace. Euclid avenue and
Demorest street .
Will be received by the Board of
Public Works until 7:30 o'clock p. m.,
Tuesday, May 3, 1904.
Each proposal shall be signed by
the bidder or bidders and accompan
ied by(a certified check miade payable
to the order of the Comptroller of the
City of Waterbury, -as security . for
the execution of the contract within
the time specified in the proposal in
case the bid is accepted. The amount
of the said checks must be as follows:
For contract (A) $600 (B) $500, (C)
$350. : .... , 'I , . .
Separate proposals land check must
ibe submitted for each contract "
The engineer's approximate esti
mate of quantities is a follow:
(A) 8.050 feet of 14 inch main and
appurtenances. 2.600 feet of 12 inch
main and appurtenances,, 50 feet of
10 inch' main and appurtenances
(B) 11,357 feet of 12 inch; main and
appurtenances. ',
(C) 3,550 feet of 10 inch main and
appurtenances, ; 1,000 feet of 8 inch
main and lappurtenances, 6,000 feet of
G Inch main and appurtenances.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids if deemed for the
interest of the city.'
Form of contract and specifications
may be seenand blank form of pro
posals and bond may bo obtained,
with all available information, by in
tending bidders applying in person, at
No 9 Leavenworth street.
By orden of the Board of Tubllc
Works. ' v-
R, A. CAIRNS, City Engineer.
April 12, 1904. 4-13-22-29
Notice to Contractors.
U Sealoda proposals for the construe
tion of a gate house and inlet chamber
at the main reservoir on East Moun
tain,1 according to plans and specifi
cations on .file in the office of the
Bureau of Engineering, will be re
ceived by the Board of Public Works
until 7:30 p. m May 3, 1904, at which
hour they will be publicly opened and
read. . .' . , , 4 r .
Each proposal must be accompanied
by a certified check for $200, drawn
payable to the order of the Comptrol
ler of the city of Waterbury, as a
guarantee that the bidder to whom the
contract is awarded will execute the
contract with satisfactory surety with
in the time specified in his proposal1.
In case of his failure to do so the
check shall become the property of the
?The right Is reserved to reject any
or all bids. '
Proposals must be made on blanks
furnished by the Board, and no bids
will be considered unless prepared in
strict conformity to this notice.
The contract and specification may
be seen and proposal, blanks and all
available Information may be obtained
by intending bidders applying in per
son at the office of the City Engineer,
No. 9 Leavenworth street.
, By order of the Board,
R. A. CAIRNS, City Engineer.
April 11, 1904. v , 4-13-22-29.
TramB leave Meadow street station
for Boston. Hartford and way stations
t 7: 00 and 8:33 a ,m.; 1238, B30. 8.-0T
fr. te. . -
Trains arriTe at Meadow street jsta
lion from Boston. Hartford and way
stations at 8:05, 11:40 a. m.: 1:45, 620
snd 7:38 p. m. , '
Trains leave Meadow street statlo
for New York. Fishklll Landing, DatS
btiry and Way stationssat 8:13 a: is
and 1:50 and 624 p. m.
Trains arrive at Meadow street sta
tion from New York, Fishklll Landing,
uanDury and way stations at 838 a.
in.; 12.34 nnd 8.-04 p. m.
Leave fcreadow street station at 8:33,
10. "05 sr. m.; 2:00, 5:05 ei5d 7:00 p. m.
Arrive at Meadow street station at
D:50. :11:3a a. m.; 4:50. 6:50 and 80
p. m.
Trains leave Bank street station fot
New York. Bridgeport, New Hvn
and other, places south at 6:35. 7:55. '
10:52 a. m.; 1:40, 8:05, 4:40, 6:13 and
tO0 p. m.
Trains Arrive at Bank street stnHon
from New. York Bridgeport. New TTn
Tn ;nnA wny stations nt 7:14. R:23.
a.m rt.KQ m ' K-Ort fl.9n
6:48, 8:48 p. m.: 12:39 a. m.
Trn'n Jenv B.mk: street "tfirlon fr .
TVlnsted ana" way stations at 8:25,
10:59 a. m.t 8:41. 5:22 (Watervllle on
lyV 6:48 and 8:48 p. m.
Trains arrive at Bank street station
from Wlnatccl nnd way stations nt Bu15
7:55, 10:52 a. m.; 8:05, 5:47 (Water
Tilled 6:15 p. m.
Trains leave Bank street station fot
Wntertown nnd way stations st 6:45.
8:28, 11 :03 a. m.; 1:30, 3:45 5:10, 6:12,
6:53. 8:53 and 11:20 p. m.
Trains arrive nt Bank street station
from Wstertown and way stations t
6:40, 7:47, 10:81 . m.: 1:00, 2:53, 4:30.
5:52, 6 : 7:45, 11:16 p. ni.
Leave Bank street station for New
Ai-t Rrlflffenort and New ffoi
HIII.l. JV.IfU v.av, u,vi. VUV
7K)5, 830 a. m.; 10, B:13 and 8:00 p.
. Arrive at Bank street station from
(few York, Brldeeport nnd Nw Hnvea
at 9:53 , a. h-.; 1:13. 7:52 9;S5 p. rn.
Ieave bnnk street station for Wafer-
Own uu nnj eiauuiiu a( u:ia a. m.
ind S3 Pi m.
Atnve at Bank street station from
H7atertown and way stations at tf3
u m. and 4:58 p. ra.
Trains leave Dublin street station for
Bllddletown and way stations at 9. -05
a. m. and 6:15 p. m.
Trains arrive at Dublin street station
from Middletown and way stations at
7:50 a. ra. and 3:58 p. ra. ;
ST"k . ..
ixains reave uu Dum sttapi station
tor New Haven by way of Cheshire at
7:00, 8:43, 11:10 a. m.. 1:50, 4:01 p. m.
Trains arrive at Dublin street stv
Hon from New Haven by way ot
Cheshire at 933 a. m.; 1:05, 320, v
1:45 p. m.
Leave Dublin street station for New
Haven by way of Cheshire at 750 a.
in.: d:ou p. u.
Arrive at Dublin street station from
New Haven by way of Cheshire ai
i:50 a. sn.; 8:50 p. m.
Cor South MnTn nnfl .irnnrf ntH.
5 Scovlll Manufacturing Co (PJt
; 6 Cor Bridge nnd .MagUl sts.
7 Exchange Place.
12 Rogers & Bro iVA
13 Cor East Main and Niaeara sts.
15 Cor Cor High and Walnut sts.
16 Cor Eact Main and Cherry sts.
17-Cor East Main and Cole sts.
, 21 Cor North Elm and Kingsbury sts
23- tBurton street engine house.
24- trWmterbury Manufacturing Co (P
9N-T!nF- Korth Xfafn and ftfnvTV. ca . .
26 Cor Buckingham-and Cooke sts.
27 Cor Grove and Prospect sts.
28 Cor Hillside avenue anA Pine sta.
29 Cor Lndlow and N. Willow sts.
$1 Cor Bank and Grand sts.
82 Cor Riverside and Bank sts.
54 Cor W. -Main and Watertown rd 1
85 Conn R'y & L'f g Co. car n'se (P
86 Waterbury Brass Co (P)
87 Cor Cedar and Meadow sts.
88 Cor Grand and Field sts-.
42 Cor South Main and Clay sts '
" 43 New England Watch Co (P)
45 Benedict & Burnham Mf g Co. (PJ
46 Waterbury Buckle Co. (P)
. 47-T-Jor p. iviam ana wHsmcgtoi sts.
51 Cor, Baldwin and River fets.
52 Cor Franklin nnfl Union Bit.
tMHaici uuijf v.v-rv vv, Laos
54 Cor Clay and Mill .
50 Cor Liberty rrnd River sts.
57 No 5 bose houe.
8 Cor Baldwin fl"nd Stwie stf .
2 Cor Doollttle alley and Dublin sfi
72 Cor West Main and Willow sts.
73 North Willow st, cor Hillside.
74 Cor Johnson and Waterville fts.
J42 Wolcott st. beyond Howard.
163 Cor East Main and Welton sts.
173 East Main street, opposite Poll's.
812 The Piatt Bros Co. (P)
1RTTnmmond Brickie Co. (PV
214. Waterbury Clock f!o nsvt fac (Pi
21 fl Cor North Main and Grove sts.
251 Cor Rounfl Hill and Ward sts.
fCl .function Cooke pnd N. Main sts.
263 Cor Abbott nnd Phoenix avenues.
272 Grove, bet Central & Holmes avs.
811 -S. N. E. Telephone r?o btrUdlag;
812 Cor Bank -an Meadow sts.
813 Randolph ft Clowes (P) .
814PIume & Atwoofl fP)
81R American Rlne Co. CP)
RlRElectrlc Light Station (P)
818 Holmes. Booth & Haydens (PJ
82i No 4 Hose House.
823 Cor Washington ave & Porter stfc
824 Cor Charles and Porter sts.
825 Cor Simons st & Washington atfl
871City Lumber & Coal Co. (P)
412 Tracy Bro8 CP) , , .
432-Cor Liberty and S. Mafn sts.
51 Steele & Johnson Mfg Co. (pj k;
682 Cor Baldwin and Eye sta.
(P) Private.
, SIGNALS. ,' -
2. One stroke calls superintendent
Co the City hall.
1-1. Two strokes. Are out recall.
1-1-1. Three strokes. 12 m. 9 n. m.
1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1. Ten strokes quieS
isrill Indicato a general alarm and will
Mil the entire force Into service.
The Democrat subscription is $3
per year and if paid In advance a dis
count of 10 per cent is allowed. Or
those preferring to take advantage of
our magazine offer can have . the
Woman's Home Companion, a maga
zine that ranks with the best sent
to their, address free of charge. Bills
are sent to subscribers at the begin
ning of the term, so that those Vvho
T"S9h can take advantage of the oiler.
i ... ' : . -

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